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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  June 21, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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right now. a clean up effort underway in
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of this. a massive steam pipe explosion, less than 2 blocks from camden yards. several people were injured, and its still unclear what caused this in the first place. tim barber has more. happening today. a reston teen
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with a baseball bat while walking back to her mosque, will be laid to rest. last night-- mourners held a vigil for nabra hassanen at dupont circle. police say the 17 year old was attacked in a case of road rage early sunday morning. 22 year old darwin martinez torres is now charged with murder. many of the mourners say expressed frustration with the police investigation. a funeral for nabra will be held this afternoon at 1:30. an online donation drive has raised more than 300-thousand dollars to cover those costs. another vigil for the teen will be held tonight in reston. now to a case that shocked the nation. a black man - shot to death in his car by a police officer. the aftermath, streamed live on facebook. last week - officer jeronimo yanez was acquitted of all charges... prompting marches in the streets.
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new dash cam video showing what happened, after the officer pulled castile over, saying he looked like a burglary suspect. we want to warn you that this video is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers. yanez was found not guilty of second-degree manslaughter. the police department fired him after the trial. you'll find the entire 10-minute dash-cam video... it includes hearing what the police officer told his colleagues after the shooting... right now on wjla dot com. just search "castile." the family of michael brown has reached a settlement in their wrongful death lawsuit against the city of ferguson, missouri. brown was fatally shot by ferguson police officer darren wilson in august 2014. an investigation by the justice department into the incident brought no
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he acted in self-defense. details of the settlement were not made public. however, the original lawsuit shows the brown family was seeking punitive and compensatory damages in excess of 75-thousand dollars, plus attorney's fees. this morning-- republicans are celebrating a huge political victory in georgia's hotly contested 6th district. the white house and much of the country closely watched tuesday's special election-- considered a referendum for president trump. abc's janai norman has more. happening now-- as the gop celebrates one
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as the gop celebrates one victory-- its preparing for another battle on healthcare. majority leader mitch mcconnell says he plans to release a "discussion draft" of senate republicans' health care bill on thrusday. so far-- only a handful of republican senators are working on the bill. one of the lawmakers left in the dark is longtime senator john mccain. and he doesn't sound too happy about it. senator mcconnell says he hopes to send the final bill to the congressional budget office this week.
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on the matter before the fourth of july recess. a tropical storm triggers a state of emergency. coming up-- our stormwatch 7 weather team is tracking the path of tropical storm cindy.
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newly formed tropical storm cindy takes aim at land. the storm is bringing rain from eastern texas to the panhandle of florida... tropical storm warnings are in effect for those states with 6-9" of rain possible. in louisiana - crews are bracing levees... and in some cases building new ones - to protect against flooding. - happy first day of summer - longest amount of daylight - hottest day of the next 10 tomorrow (90+) - impacts from t.s. cindy this weekend - nice early next week (lower humidity!) today:- partly cloudy. hot, but relatively comfortable humidity. stray pm shower possible. highs: 86-90
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tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. isolated shower. warm. lows: 64-71 winds: w 5 mph thursday: partly cloudy. hot and humid. isolated pm thunderstorm. highs: 90-94 winds: wsw 5-10 mph coming up--
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foiled in belgium. more on the fiery incident.. that left one man dead.
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two years all with a two year agreement.
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rhetoric. here's what's happening behind the headlines. last week's shooting spree is a wake-up call to the political left to end its violent and violence-inducing rhetoric and behavior. some have falsely claimed it's evenly spread across the political spectrum. not even close. it's not just fringe groups like move on, democratic underground and daily kos. kathy griffin's severed head shenanigans supposedly offended cnn co-host anderson cooper. but a few years ago cooper used a vulgar term to describe the tea party. another cnn employee called donald trmp
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the huffington post called for trump's execution. msnbc's rachel maddow called for trump to be "taken out". a taxpayer-funded play features a trump look-alike getting murdered. noam chomsky is a revered liberal icon. weeks ago, he called the republican party the "most dangerous organization in human history." not soviet socialists or chinese communists. not the nazis, khmer rouge or isis. such delusional talk should have his family consider institutionalizing him. chomsky's writings are featured on college campuses. last week's shooter was the second bernie sanders supporter who attempted a murder-spree in recent weeks. this should give sanders pause. same for elizabeth warren. yes, they should hold trump and the gop accountable. this makes for a vibrant democracy. but their calls for a resistance is a dog-whistle that incites their unhinged followers.
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the headlines dot net. i'm mark hyman. developing now.. simpson field in alexandria's del ray neighborhood is back open.. after last week's horrifying ambush. neighbors filled the stands last night for a little league game. it took place nearly a week after six people were shot, including congressman steve scalise. his condition is improving. a pre-game ceremony last night honored first responders for saving lives by bringing down the shooter. in the dugout where lawmakers hid from flying bullets,
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stand, as a testament to a new beginning. we have the fundraising results of the congressional baseball game that took place the night after the ambush. organizers say the game took in a record one-and-a-half million dollars. that's three times more than last year's game. some of the money raised will support those injured in the attack.. which happened as republicans were practicing for the game. meanwhile in the southwest - the heat is so extreme right now that just being outside- is dangerous. dozens of flights had to be canceled in phoenix... because of concern the high temperatures could affect plane's tires. temperatures in many areas -- approaching 120-degrees. this next story is something that you "don't" want to have happen while you're driving down a highway! take a look. zakary wyatt and swade moyers were driving down highway 114 near lubbock, texas. suddenly, a snake crawled out of the
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they were terrified. the snake turned out to be a non-venomous bull snake. after what seemed like forever, the snake finally slid off the hood. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen - happy first day of summer - longest amount of daylight - hottest day of the next 10 tomorrow (90+) - impacts from t.s. cindy this weekend - nice early next week (lower humidity!) today:- partly cloudy. hot, but relatively comfortable humidity. stray pm shower possible. highs: 86-90 winds: sw 5-10 mph tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. isolated shower. warm. lows: 64-71 winds: w 5 mph thursday: partly cloudy. hot and humid. isolated pm
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highs: 90-94 winds: wsw 5-10 mph
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belgian soldiers shot and killed a man - seconds after they say he set off a small explosion at a rail station yesterday. authorities say the man was also wearing an explosive belt at the time, but they've yet to confirm whether that belt was real or not. either way, the incident sent commuters scrambling. no one else was hurt... belgium has been on
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suicide bombers killed more than 30-people on a brussels sub turning to hollywood where three time oscar-winner daniel day-lewis is calling it a career. the 60-year-old says his upcoming film, "phantom thread" will be his last. the acclaimed "method" actor didn't give a reason. day-lewis did "semi-retire" from film 20 years ago... to apprentice as a shoemaker. he's most known for films -- "gangs of new york" and "there will be blood." there is much more ahead on good morning washington. suzanne kennedy.. what are you working on for 5 am?
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the loving. the living. discover the hive smart home and do more of what you love. hive. let's get living maryland politics. a new name in the running to be maryland's next governor. prince george's county executive rushern baker is announcing his candidacy for the democratic nomination. baker released a video just minutes ago - take a listen. baker has two events already planned for today - one this morning in


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