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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  June 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. autria: the head of prince george's county, with eyes on annapolis. why he says there is no better time to run the now. larry: plus, battle zone baltimore, roads closed this morning after a pipe explodes underneath the streets. larry: and it is officially here, the first day of summer. how it is looking today if you want to get outside. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] larry: first year following some breaking news. let's get to adriana hop's. -- hopkins. adrianna: prince philip was admitted to the hospital last night. a buckingham palace spokesperson
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cautionary. he appeared at an event yesterday and reportedly seem to be ok but he has had medical issues over the past two years and he recently retired from his position so we will be following this story for you throughout the morning. larry: let's get a check on the forecast with veronica johnson. vj? today, the summer solstice arrived early this morning at 12 oh in 20 or and we will hopefully have a day filled with lots of daylight and sunshine. this morning just a few clouds hanging there. 67 degrees is the temperature. north and west of d.c., northern and western maryland, there is more of a clear skies this morning. the low weather front has been 71ging around out here, degrees by early tomorrow morning. 60's now, mid 70's by friday and saturday morning, it's a warm morning
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with lower humidity. look at the soupy conditions for friday, humidity on the rise and a tropical will start interacting with the cold front by the end of the week and the first part of the weekend. today, enjoy the first day of summer, it will feel nice. 89 degrees, we will talk more about tropical storm cindy when it makes landfall. julie: well, a lot of green still on the map early this morning. inside the beltway we are starting to see the delays form back out toward seized capitol street. feeling theeally heat early this morning. to track conditions outside of federal census, so expect extra long waiting on the orange, blue, and silver line. closing the shady grove and rock hill stations. we had some
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baltimore because of a pipe explosion yesterday. there's still a portion of eutaw street closed off. keep in mind lumbar to still open. howard and green, use this workaround. that's the traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes but let's get the latest breaking news from adrianna hopkins. adrianna: the man in charge of prince george's county, making a run for the state house. return baker. -- pressure and baker. >> it's time to build a maryland and leave no one behind. adrianna: he has two events already planned for today. one in baltimore, another at national harbor and we will have more on his political history coming up at 6:30. right now, theng streets of baltimore covered in
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look at this video, a steam pipe explosion turning yesterday's evening rush into a war zone. sam sweeney is live there right now. this is an unbelievable site. beenthis could have catastrophic. it looks like a volcano went off herein downtown baltimore. steam still coming out, you can see the chunks of concrete on eutaw street, ripped into the air and removed. if we pan to the left you can see the dirt, the dust and the , thes covering the cars explosion so strong and powerful it knocked out windows on the marriott. guests were running into the hotel covered in blood. this happened just about one hour before the start of the orioles game at camden yards. we will pull up the map to give you an idea of where we are standing. you can imagine all the people in the streets before a sporting event. the mayor says it'
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no one happened to be in this particular area at this exact time of the explosion. steam were shooting into the air for an hour last night. there's a 60 mile pipeline around the city. this morning as they begin to clean up the pieces they are trying to figure out why all of this happened. as soon as we find it out we will let you know. sam sweeney, back to you guys and d.c. following breaking news from northeast d.c., a shooting investigation has now become a homicide investigation. a woman was shot just after midnight a few blocks from hg woodson high school. we have calls out to police and as soon as we hear more, we will let you know. larry: happening today -- autria: happening today, the funeral for the virginia teenager beaten to
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a road rage incident. memorials were held all over the country for nabra hassanen. she was beaten to death by darwin torres after she and a group that she was with got into a dispute with him. funeral services begin this afternoon in sterling. andresults are now in republicans will be holding onto a critical seat in the election. karen handel, squeaking out a win by just 5% to fill the vacancy left by the health and human services secretary. the message from both candidates in the early morning is one of unity. >> we need to lift up this nation so that we can find a more civil way to deal with our disagreements. >> 12,000 of you have provided a beacon of hope for people in georgia. larry:
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after you went to sleep, trump sounding off on twitter saying the fate news and money of the democrats equaled zero. we are now officially in summer and we are tracking the chance for some more summer storms.
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veronica: all right, on this first day of summer most of us are seeing sunshine ross the area, at least three quarters of it. we have one small area here in central virginia seeing some clouds this morning from an old weather front. but it's not going to stay there. a lot of the clouds should be pushing out of. 68 in joint race andrews. quite cool to the north and west . temperatures will be warming mid 80's later.
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to host the warm, putting us around where we were yesterday. nice, area feeling tomorrow we had a 91 degrees because of the higher humidity and we will get ready to break out the umbrella as the rain was in friday afternoon. by the weekend we will see moisture interacting from cindy. houston, texas towards the eastern gulf shores, under a tropical storm warning. we will talk about the moisture we could see over the weekend. julie? maryland,veling in heading towards the split, making your way towards surat throat. a portion of that is blocked near richardson road. that is where we find sky track 7. this crash investigation
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we were told it was a single car accident tying up the highway but the crew is on the scene doing their investigative work past woodyard road, so it remained shut down there until further notice. elsewhere,e right delays this morning because of track conditions outside at her center. back in the next 10 minutes and we will update your ride and 270. larry: breaking news from belgium, what are we learning how about the suspect in yesterday's train station attack
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. 6:15,: back here at security is ramped up at train stations across brussels after a man blew up an explosive device at the city's central station. shot and killed moments after detonating the device and fortunately no one else was hurt. gas containers and nails were found in his. the attacker was reportedly in morocco but was not wanted for terror offenses.
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alert since the subway bombing last month. uber.a shakeup at "the new yorkg times" that he has resigned. he faced many accusations of reading a sexist view -- environment and they began losing market share to the , over the last year. releasing a statement this morning saying that he loves the company more than anything in the world and that in his personal life he has accepted the request of the investors to step aside so that uber can go back to building rather than being distracted by another fight." larry? itry: ford has now announced got to the u.s., moving production to china
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shipping them back to the u.s. to sell. they said the move will not .ffect jobs in michigan so far no comment from the white house. autria: the fbi's expected to aboute new information the attack on skews -- steve scalise. for the first pitch there was a moving pregame ceremony in which they honored the first responders who saved lives during the gunbattle. going to forget what happened, but everyone wants to be here. congressman scully's is still in serious condition and will need for surgery as he continues his long road to recovery area larry: last week's congressional baseball game set a fundraising record, taking in $1.5 million. three times more than the take last year.
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happening today, d.c. fire and ems will introduce its newest member of the arson investigation team. she is a dog and her name is vandal. today she will demonstrate her abilities. since 1993, state farm has been a sponsor of the program. she is the fourth dog trained in the program to be used in d.c. autria: a bit of a mixup in the florida keys. a mama turtle on the beach to lay her eggs got turned around and took a dip in someone's pool. wildlife officials gave her a quick once over in situ is perfect a healthy. they put her in the ocean and center on her way. six: 18 right now, tropical storm cindy is bearing down on the south. it hasn't made landfall yet that it is already whipping up dangerous surf on the coast. most major airlines are letting you rebook your
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no cost. if you are flying any day this week and want to change her ticket, be sure to check the airline website. more problems for travelers, the could be even more cancellations in the southwest. flights are grounded because of extreme heat. we have been checking on that all night long. so far not -- no flight seven cancel the temperatures are supposed to be close to 119 degrees. they had the same number yesterday. that is? veronica: way high. with struck with -- with tropical storm cindy coming in land, there is likely to be more flight delays. if you're heading westbound? autria: that's not even phoenix. [laughter] we are seeing some changes, getting ready to do hurricane season. of season where every couple of days you have a little bit of something around the country.
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i being saturday. mentioned, impact as from tropical storm cindy. temperatures into the 90's for .eef time not looking like a miniature heatwave right now because of the cloud cover moving in friday and saturday. some of wet weather, the impact from tropical storm cindy, which we will talk more .bout in just a moment today, 89 is the hi, nice and comfortable, feeling more like 95 with the humidity. upper 80's on friday with afternoon evening showers and storms. that track as mentioned, tropical storm cindy off the gulf of mexico, due to make landfall somewhere around houston. as it makes its way in the end in the early morning hours tomorr
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the northeast and then eventually as a cold front comes in, by friday in the early morning hours it will be somewhere around eastern tennessee interacting with that cold front. look at those rainfall totals down south, likely to be flight delays through the area of louisiana, mississippi, alabama for the end of the week. rainfall here locally, somewhere around half of age from both systems. looking like a bit less than it did 24 hours ago. hopefully it will start to clear out as that cold front takes the moisture down to the south. sunday's forecast looking pretty nice. in frederick and mount airy. fredericksburg, lower humidity returning to the area. forecast for the remainder of the work week, could see an isolated shower with a chance for rain, from cindy, friday late through a good part of tu
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split, 50:50. julie: looking good on the roads between annandale and merryfield we do have problems coming out of clinton with a single car -- tying up a portion of woodyard road. we find sky track 7 about the scene of the investigation at this point. the road is still blocked off, no delays at this time. he can mind if you travel woodyard road that it locked. back to the map to update the ride and your commute this morning. towards 109, an 18 minute ride, all lanes are open. it's the same for those long 66. i know that you are talking about the sun glare? it could impact your commute. trying to get past this point here at fair oaks headed eastbound, that's the traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes with an update of a roads and rails. larry? larry:
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danger from your air conditioner. the message that fire ruse want you to hear as they name it
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. up on 6:25, when it comes to house fires most people don't think of air conditioners as the cause, but experts say that it happens more than you might think. >> this morning in our "gma" first look, this two alarm fire at an apartment complex in florida, cause not my kitchen fire or candle, but an air conditioner. when the temperature rises experts say that it could put a strain on air conditioners and, if not well maintained, they can become fire hazards. >> if they are overworked or overheated or there are electrical he did -- electrical issues it can catch nearby combustibles on fire. x there were 2800 reports of home structure fires last year, causing an average of 20 deaths, 100 40
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in property damage each year. at 70 m, a live demonstration of what can happen when your air conditioner catches on fire. with your gma first look, i'm david curley.
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. larry: breaking details at six: 30 about an accident in prince george's county. autria: a vestry and was hit and julie wright is monitoring this for us from the traffic center. julie: we know that one female victim was transported from the scene and is in critical condition at orting to authorities. this accident was on woodyard road between richardson and colonial. they are in the process of reopening this stretch of the highway. it's in residential areas of it is not too much traffic this morning so that will work in your favor your -- your favor. but future -- typically travel here you will -- you will want to avoid this until we get south of andrews air force. 270, we are on the brakes this morning
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20 one minute ride south of interstate 70 back towards 109. 66 right into that sunshine, on the brakes traveling from manassas towards fair oaks, heading towards 123, of 42 minute ride on the westside. back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride, loving that sunshine and there's more to come, right? right, a fewt's clouds across southern maryland on this summer solstice or june solstice, when the north pole of the earth is pointed towards the sun. we will talk more about that coming up, but check it out. today, 89. tomorrow, 91. only 190 degree day out of the next 10 as we get to kick off summer officially. taking a dip in the early part of next week, but today we hit 80 run 10:00 a.m.. just a few clouds coming to
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isolated shower kicking off on thursday with temperature starting off from 65 to 71. to be warmer around annapolis, ,d, spotty showers in the area quitethursday, really spotty for tomorrow, just calling for an isolated shower in the forecast for the afternoon and evening hours and then we will have another chance for showers and a thunderstorm on friday. look at that, tomorrow, 91 degrees. the only 90 out of the next 10. adrianna: breaking this morning, prince george's county executive rusher and baker is running for governor of maryland. isreleased --rushern baker running for governor of maryland. he already has campaign stops planned for today. baker has
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getting his start in the maryland house of delegates. he joins now the former naacp rossdent ben jealous and hoping to unseat the current republican governor, larry hogan. ralph jaffe has also announced his intention of running. now to a case that shock to the nation, a black man shot to death in his car by a police officer. the aftermath, streamed live on facebook. the officer was acquitted of all charges. now we are seeing new dashcam video showing what happened after he pulled casteel over, saying he looks like a burglary subject. we want to warn you that this video is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers. >> i have to tel
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don't pull it out. [screaming] ofry: he was found guilty second-degree manslaughter -- not guilty of second three-month that's secondary manslaughter. autria: a ferguson was very police officer shot michael ,rown to death three years ago setting off riots that destroyed part of the city. financial terms of the settlement between the family and the city were not disclosed. now, new developments this morning after the death of auto warm beer --otto warmbier. willause of his death remain a mystery, the family has rejected an autopsy. doctors said that he had suffered extensive brain damage. since the family objected to the autopsy, corners only performed the next kernel investigation into the body -- external investigation on the body. larry:
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cruise mendez has been deported to el salvador. she was arrested last summer. amidst the outcry, the governor pardoned her, but that wasn't enough to stop the deportation. mayor of d.c., muriel bowser, will team up to unveil a new mural, featuring 15 portraits of people who have made or are currently making a significant impact on the district. chosen to an online contest. you can see the work in its glory today at noon at the ben's chili bowl location in northwest. it is her lucky day, barbie. new ken dolls are on the market. we officially have men bond and dad bod
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tones. this comes after a diverse crop of barbies came out, increasing sales. where is -- that's not a dad bod. a little should have pet, nearing. whatever. morning, a big mess in charm city. the cleanup that is far from over. explosions
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larry: time for a check on the weather on this first day of summer. autria: and it's going to appeal like it? withica: get out the door short sleeves on, you won't have to deal with summer sticky at all today. it's ironic that it's the first day of summer, summer solstice, we will explain how that works at 6:50, but look how comfortable it will be. the humidity is low today on the humidity tracker. for friday and saturday, we will start to see the humidity dropping to the second half of the weekend as the cold front starts to come through the area
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for today, delightful, clouds across southern maryland, i think those will be pushing out of the area. low humidity,th even this evening, fine weather for getting out. 67 degrees to 70 by 7:00 a.m. and i think he will still be mostly clear but clouds will start moving in for the later part of the day. high of 91 degrees, tracking isolated showers on friday and coming up on saturday temperatures getting close to average. he have been talking about trop storm cindy over the last will of days. it has formed and will make landfall early tomorrow morning and when it does watch the moisture as it interacts with this cold front, giving us but we need for the half of the weekend. more on that coming up and 10. delaysstill looking at headed around town with metro. orange, blue, silver line, delays in each
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we heard from a producer who was stuck on one of those trains, waiting for it to move. extra delays mean extra patience needed this morning. coming northbound from edsall road, a 22 minute commute northbound on the interstate headed into the sunshine. on the outer loop out of college park, so far no accidents, but are alsoatch 7 wazers checking in with delays on 50 out of new carrollton towards the split. traveling three miles will cost you seven minutes worth of travel time. cell phone on kenilworth, a 26 minute ride travel almost eight miles. back in 10 minutes of your ride to the west. autria? in downtownss baltimore. sam sweeney is following this one. sam?
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sam: a steam-exploded yesterday just before the orioles game and 12 hours later the steam is still coming out of the ground. live report, coming up when we continue. suzanne? awayne: we are just hours from a funeral taking place here in sterling to mourn the death of a 17-year-old muslim stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith.
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ll after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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the loving. the living. discover the hive smart home and do more of what you love. hive. let's get living >> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. larry: people in fairfax county saying final goodbyes. autria: funeral set this morning for nabra hassanen, the muslim teenager murdered in fairfax county. suzanne sterling is live with the details. suzanne? suzanne: this will be a day of great sorrow for the mosque find me and the friends and family of nabra hassanen, the 17 euro woman killed as she was returning to a prayer service here at this mosque saturday night. killed in what fairfax county police are describing as a road rage injured -- incident. they say
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darwin torres, killed her late that night and dumped her body in a nearby pond. vigils were held across the country to show concern and mourn her death. yesterday we had an opportunity to talk with the imam of this church, to talk about how the fathers feeling in the wake of what happened. >> he doesn't want any other family to suffer losing a loved one. he wanted to make sure that we don't have this senseless crime committed again against young people. the funeral will be at 1:30 p.m. here at the adams center mosque on sugar land road. burial will be immediately following. and has been organized that will behead -- held at the lake in shopping center at washin
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just down the street from the school she attended. the police chief will be attending the event and it is designed to help this community tragic reporting live in sterling, suzanne kennedy. heading north this morning, the streets in downtown baltimore are covered in debris. larry: roads closed during an evening commute as the orioles got ready to play just locks away. sam sweeney is live this morning with a look at the enough it is still a long way from over. sam? sam: it was a steam type explosion but this morning it looks like a volcano went off. take a look, 12 hours after the explosion the steam continues to rise from the street. you can see the large chunks of concrete the blue off yesterday. tanning to the left you can see some of
6:48 am
cars that were badly damaged in the explosion. there were a lot of people in the area. the mayor says that it was a miracle that no one was in the exact spot when the explosion happened. take a look, the steam coming out for over an hour. at times this steam can reach over 1200 degrees. they were's writing the nearby buildings to keep the facades from melting. the blasts so powerful it let windows. we caught up with one witness, listen to have had he described it. boom, turned around and it was unbelievable, i will never forget it. it was like the 9/11 footage of the smoke coming at you and we took off running. i've never been more terrified of my life. >> what did you think? >> i thought it was a bomb, oh my god. scared me pretty good.
6:49 am
scary indeed. d.c. has the same system, there was a similar closure near the in 2004, two people were critically injured there. if this hour it remains unclear what caused the explosion. sam sweeney, back to you guys. live pictures from britain this morning, the queen of england speaking to parliament and outlining agenda.nt's this as her husband, 96-year-old prince philip's in the hospital being treated for an infection. a few months ago he said he was going to step away from a lot of his public appearances. he has had some medical problems and the past. one topic of the speech, brexit. she also announced a new commission for countering extremism. we will keep you up-to-date on that situation. autria? autria:
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breaking news this morning, the prince george's county executive, rushern baker, is running for governor of maryland. already a busy first day on the had his first, he official day as candidate at the lexington market. he's really just going to be making the rounds. he joins for other candidates who have thrown their hat in the race, including ben jealous and alex ross. also breaking overnight, republicans hanging onto a critical seat in the georgia election. the most expressed -- expensive congressional race ever. theaking out a win to fill vacancy left by tom price. after you went to speak -- to sleep, president trump said that all the fake news spent by democrats equaled zero. the election was right -- widely seen as a referendum on the
6:51 am
former councilman jim graham ally in state on friday and those attending are , aouraged to wear bowties part of his signature style. a longtime lgbt activist represented d.c.'s ward 144 terms beginning in 1998. he died last week at 71. larry: the school board is expected to expand the system nondiscrimination policy. including sexual orientation and gender identity. five of the eight school board change,supported the enough for the proposal to pass. it directs the superintendent not to change policy regarding transgender bathroom or locker room use. instead each will will be allowed to make its own decision on the issue area right now prince george's county kevin durant, still probably tasting that champagne. you can that that his m.v.p.
6:52 am
last night we got a chance to chat with his dad and get his opinion on the decision to leave oklahoma city. >> he was in a position to make his own decision. not a lot of people can do that. you know, you can talk about -- you can guess about his character or anything, but you can't speak about what he does at his job. top on percent in the world. he afforded himself the opportunity to go where he wanted to go. i know that people have their opinion, but he worked hard to get to where he is. tomorrow night is draft night and we are keeping an eye on another prince george's county native. markel maybe heading to the 76ers. he was a star for one season
6:53 am
good luck to him. all right, professor johnson is in the house this morning. i am borrowing the globe from doug hill. why so much daylight? really easy, imagine that you are the son and you are the outermost or furthest most point so on the june solstice, the at 23 point five degrees, meaning you have is longer time for the rays of the sun to reach the equator. it's at the furthest that it ever is. veronica: 23 degrees. -- autria: 23 degrees. veronica: all of a sudden the equator is further away from the sun than any other time of you. so, you have longer for those raise. 14onica: 14 hours -- autria: hours? veronica: around 15. and then a gets shorter and
6:54 am
today. veronica: but don't think of it that way, that makes it kind of sad. 89 degrees is what we are forecasting today. sunsets at 8:37. the temperatures will be topping out around 89 to 90 degrees. upper marlboro, 89. 94 high today, but it will feel nice for the low humidity. frederick, allce at 87 today. low humidity, day to get out, right? by the end of the week we the have to deal with humidity. cut of tropical in nature, in fact. it will be based on what's left from cindy. by ane been down on it inch and a half since the early part of june. that system should moving out of here. saturday
6:55 am
just fine. we will talk about that a news channel 8. julie? julie: what part of the globe do i need to stay at it sunny at all times? [laughter] on the capital beltway, delays on the inner loop coming ridef oxon hill, 50 minute towards the wilson bridge. also on 295 headed north towards ochocinco, the lanes are open and it is an 11 minute ride from the beltway towards southeast with an accident or did southbound on the right side. heads up coming inbound. that is the traffic watch, back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride. and of course right now my favorite time of the day, they good morning to bradley and kimber, to bloodhound puppies who are the jim w hats of the day.
6:56 am
got a little soft spot for the hounds there. don't forget, send us your photos if you want her pet to be our pet of the day. cute.ounds, that's so larry: kidd o'shea, heading outside, it's national selfie day. looking for people to jump into the frame with you there? kidd: that's correct. we are at the virginia where metro station. we've got a picture here and if somebody wants to stop by to take a picture with us here, take a look, we just go like that and take a picture. i have met a lot of people who have avoided me 100%. but i met one guy who took it average of two to three every day.
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>> i want to say like two or three. kidd: that's a nice average. do you post them or they just for yourself? >> i usually post them. they different? three in one day, is it different places? one at work, one at home, another at the metro? well, happy national selfie date. when people ask, where is my selfie stick, i say that when god gives you lanky arms like this, you don't need one. autria: that is true. [laughter] autria:
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♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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good morning, america. breaking news, state of emergency. the gulf coast bracing for tropical storm cindy. evacuations already under way. a foot of rain forecast and fears of life-threatening flash flooding. the national guard dispatched. and record-breaking heat scorching the southwest reaching 127 degrees. canceling flights. president trump and the republicans declaring victory in the high-stakes special election in georgia. holding off the democratic candidate in the most expensive house race ever. the congresswoman now making gop history. also breaking overnight, uber's ceo resigns pushed out by angry investors stepping down in the midst of major


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