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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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so it is difficult to discern. the sandy color is the crater. that is where the explosion was. this was steam. what blew out was like mud. it's blasterred. this was an unusual event. this was an explosive release of steam. those who survived it say it was mighty. >> boom! turned around and it was unbelievable. like the 9/11 footage of the smoke coming at you. >> we have it from a number of angles caught on camera. seconds after it happened. the windows blown out of the cars. debris, dust and sand, coating
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five people suffered minor injuries. the fire department using hoses to cool off nearby buildings. a crater left behind. >> this is a bomb, oh my god! scared me pretty good. brad: back live, the clean-up is underway. sweeping the debris up. hay heat the building and sterilize and use laundry. for investigation, this will happen to wait until they're excavated and what went wrong. rupture in one of the pipes that built up. it blew. right now utah street is closed. down the block, people filling in for another orioles game. the pipes like the one that
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heat and cool high-rise buildings. they range from a design flaw decades ago to geological shift in the area surrounding the pipe. happening now lams and louisiana are in a state of emergency. the storms are hammering the area. authorities blame the death of a 10-year-old boy on the storm. prompting people to warn people to stay alert. >> we have learned lessons and we have paid the ultimate price for not staying vigilant. >> the forecasters expect the storm to make landfall overnight. michelle: the f.b.i. is calling an attack on a police officer an act of terror. they identify the attacker as 50-year-old canadian man who yelled about the u.s. involve. in the middle east before stabbing the officer
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the suspected attacker has been arrested. right now the airport remains closed but is expected to reopen soon. jonathan: a week after the scene played out in alexandria , new information about the gunman who opened fire that wounded six people out there. the f.b.i. now says the gunman did not have any ties to terrorism. stephen tschida live at the headquarters to fill in the blanks here. stephen? >> the f.b.i. is saying no apparent link to terrorism. we learned about james hodgkinson's myriad of personal problems. but still a lot of unanswered questions. an abundance of information about the 66-year-old shooter james hodgkinson. but still, no clear motive for his targeting a republican congressional baseball team practice injuring five including the house majority whip. >> i
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struggling in all kind of different ways. the motive detailed the findings a week into the investigation. hodgkinson came to d.c. in march and living out of the vehicle. >> running out of money. he was not employed at the time of the event. he was looking for local employment. he was married for 30 years. that appears that that marriage was not going so well. >> the investigators found it contained 200 rounds of ammunition. he had an assault rifle and a handgun legally purchased. while on social media, he criticized the republicans, taken photographs of simpson field and a list with names of six minutes of congress on hi
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>> at this point it appears spontaneous. >> spontaneous even though hodgkinson showed up at simpson park with a handgun and assault rifle. we learned prior to coming to d.c., the neighbors in illinois had complained about him containing target practice on his property. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: three of the six people wounded in the shooting remain hospitalized but we are told that congressman steve scalise has been upgraded to fair condition. the capital police officer crystal griner also improving and today republican leaders again thanking the officers. >> we saw tremendous courage from the capital police from agent griner and bailey. they risked their lives. so there wasn't a worse tragedy. jonathan: no question. they sported the stickers in honor of steve scalise. securitys
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southeast. live pictures now where the congressional women's softball team getting ready for the charity game. we take you to the effect of the shooting and what it has on this game in ten minutes time. michelle: a final farewell for what teenager is killed for a case of road rage. hundreds backed in the adams center mosque to comfort the friends of nabra hassanen. a man beat the 17-year-old to death sunday morning as she and friends walked to the mosque. the man has been arrested. it looks like d.c. police are headed to court over their actions in the inauguration protest. they filed a lawsuit against the department and the city. they claim the officers didn't detain rioters but people protesters. the lawsuit says they used excessive force, manual rectal probe services and denied people food and toilets.
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allegation of misconduct. >> a police department turning to a fictional character to fight a real problem. yes, it involves a yeti. michelle: the postal worker who admitted to shoving day's worth of mail in a storm drain learns his fate in a story you saw first on abc7. doug: we will look the thunderstorms and have the latest official update on cindy's possible impact here. don't miss it. it's coming up next at 6:00.
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jonathan: "7 on your side" as a mailman caught dumping bags of mail in a sewer. he pled guilty in court. christopher newton didn't say why he threw people's mail away but he admitted dumping in a storm drain over two-week period. we are talking lots of mail. we were there last may when the mail was pulled out. some of the envelopes full of checks. now he faces up to six months in jail and 5,000 fine. again gave no reason as to why he did it. michelle: on capitol hill, jeh johnson was the latest to testify before the panel. he told them russia tried to hack in the election system of two dozen states. >> i was very concerned about what i was seeing. this was on my front
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throughout the pre-election period to encourage states to see the assistance. michelle: he said many states declined federal assistance and considered election security their issue. jonathan: for weeks we have warned about thieves targets cars in the area. if you leave something valuable in it, they will smash the window and take it. now the miami police department fighting back with a video that it hopes will go viral. watch. >> we understand it may be difficult sometimes to move the valuable items from inside the car. so we created the crack me system. not you, the system. keeping the robbers away and protecting cars with yeti. jonathan: he says look of yetis makes it difficult the bottom line is
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don't leave valuables inside. common sense. michelle: all right. just ahead, deputies go toe to toe with a lama? the bizarre scene that drew a
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michelle: new video shows teachers training for a worst case scenario. this course in colorado draws teachers from around the country. in addition to learning how to use firearms, they are also trained to treating gunshot wounds and other tactics to stop an active shooter. all this miles from aurora an columbine, scenes of two of the worst mass shootings in history. jonathan: a week after a gunman opened fire on congressional baseball practice, another team ready to take the field. michelle: this time is the congressional women's softball game. tom roussey is live in southeast washington, where security and precautions are top of mind out there. tom? tom: they are. this is a strong security presence. but also a strong fan presence. and
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the field right now. the first pitch still isn't for a while but they are getting ready there. on the right, in the darker color, the dark blue are the folks in congress. on the left in the pink, those are members of the press. the way the game works members of congress bipartisan republicans and democrats play on the same team and then they take on the press. this game has been going on since 2009. it raises money to fight against young people who get breast cancer. we talked to debbie wasserman schultz one of the organizers of this. from the beginning she said definitely in light of what happened last week at the republican baseball practice for the congressional baseball game this year definitely feels different. >> there is a tremendous resolve on part of the members and the supporters and the staff to dig in and face down evil. send a strong message of attack that one of us is an attack on all
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tom: this year is shaping up to be the best year ever. they have seen a surge in interest after what happened last week at the baseball practice for this game, which is totally different. this is the congressional women's softball game. they are expecting 2,000 fans tonight which a record -- which is a record. i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. a new discovery about your computer mouse could help in the war on terror. you heard me right. researchers in italy say they found a way that people move the mouse to answer a survey can predict if they are lying or telling the truth. they believe the information could develop a way to screen terrorists trying to enter a country using false identity. michelle: the u.s. navy is about to get bigger. the uss gerald ford will join the pleat -- the fleet last month. they can launch with fewer crew members than existing carriers and expected to be operational by 2020. jonathan: a new look tonight for d.c. icon. ben's chili bowl unv
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figures in the african-american community from harriet tubman, to the obamas, with averted of local and national celebrities in between. the mural had for years included a large picture of bill cosby. he is notably absent from the re design. michelle: now to must-see video for bizarre day in the life of two california deputies. see for yourself, that is a lama. wondering in the street. but it gets better. the deputies surround it and then it briefly struggles drawing a crowd of more lamas. eventually it will give up and lets the deputies lead it home. jonathan: he look happy. now look at this. not one, not two, but four different water spouts caught on video off the coast of mississippi. again all of this is the leading edge of the tropical storm cindy. one of those water spouts moved ashore in biloxi. damaging the trees, fences and the power lines. nobody was hurt. if a water spout makes landfall does
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tornado? doug: no. it's a water spout. michelle: interesting. is it odd to see four at the same time? doug: no. water spouts are their own creatures but it's common in tropical situations. cool to see them all at once. jonathan: big storm brewing down there. michelle: cindy. doug: for small circulation center, the effects are widespread. a lot of rain pushed east. 400 to 500 miles east of the center. that is how we may pick up moisture ourselves by friday. a lot of ground to cover. let's get busy to look, isn't that gorgeous. a live look at belle haven country club in alexandria. beautiful. 85. comfortable. gorgeous weather will continue this evening across the region. we have been tracking the storms. some old weather dude with white hair said at 4:00, they will stay north of the maryland-pennsylvania line. unless they move lines out 30 miles they are through frederick county, frederick county, baltimore county.
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d.c. united against atlanta united 7:30 at r.f.k. if you can't make it, watch it live on newschannel8. perfect weather at the stadium. well, for the next couple of days we see changes. the first is tonight. be quiet. a few clouds. be muggy late tonight. 72. tomorrow hot and a bit more humid. 91. plenty of sunshine. late tomorrow night through friday. friday night and saturday morning all of that time period will see the threat of rain and the thunderstorms increase steadily. due to two factors. one will be the approach of a cold front. number two, is this. tropical storm cindy. notice the circulation center. most of the action close to the center is on the western fringes. not normally the case. but the majority of the precipitation associated with it is way east. south of the florida panhandle. and even more pushing north through alabama. what will happen here with the storm of the top winds at 50 miles per hour. probably making landfall along the line between louisiana and texas t
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then it will track, accelerate northeast. wind speed around it will diminish. not the winds. it's the shield of the rain that proceeds it to combine with a rain from the cold front later friday and friday night to give our area rain. make a little bit of a breeze. but most of the moisture is pushed ahead of it. so the cold front moves through, we think late friday afternoon and friday night, overnight through saturday morning. we get most of the rain. most of the downpours. if it works out right that should push out of here mid-to-late morning saturday. clearing saturday afternoon and sunday. so, we will salvage a decent weekend. the story is the showers and the storms developing, ending saturday morning. sunshine, less humid on sunday. showers on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday looks good for the end of june beginning of july. with sunshine and a stretch of dry weather here. it will continue to keep up jut date on effects going -- update on effects of cindy. jonathan: breaking news in olney. skytrak7 over the scene
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announcer: and now, toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealer. robert: well, it almost happened. another no-hitter from max scherzer. the arm was on point but you need more than that. he was on fire. just blowing the ball by the marlins. slider was dropping right off the table. scherzer had a no of hitter through 7 1/3. it looked like he was well on his way. however, eighth inning, a.j. ellis would hit a comeback shot off the glove. you will see it right here. can't get it. then tray turner can't pick it up. infield single for the marlins. after miami tied the score on a wild pitch. john carlos stanton lines a base hit left. the go-ahead run would score. nats lose a heartbreaker on top of that. funnel 2-1. in soccer, d.c.-unit in action and a chance to turn things around. it's bad now. they only scored ten goals this sean,
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conference by the way. only four wins this season. head coach ben olson knows the problem is just not panicking. >> alarm bells are going off. we are looking to get better. both within the group and outside the group and bring help in. you know, from a play standpoint and effort and energy and commitment. that is all there. we need more quality right now. we obviously need to fix our attacking output. robert: they can do that tonight as they host atlanta united f.c. that's on newschannel8. coverage at 7:00 p.m. and kickoff at 7:30. the wizards become the 27th nba franchise to buy a g-league team. it's the d-league but now called the g-league. jonathan: okay. michelle: final check on weather. doug: brian is in for steve at 11:00. he will tell you then.
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tonight, breaking developments. the attack at an american airport. a police officer targeted from behind, stabbed in the neck. the fbi revealing a short time ago, they are now investigating this as an act of terror. also breaking late today, the verdict is in, after a fatal shooting, the suspect throwing away his gun. the officer then shooting again, touching off days of protests and violence. what the jury has now decided. the f-16 crash in houston. the highway shut down. fears over armed missiles onboard. entire neighbor s evacuated. a state of emergency tonight declared in louisiana. new orleans pounded, tropical storm cindy bearing down across the gulf. the storm surge taking the life of a 10-year-old boy. and your money tonight. if you're traveling for the july 4th holiday, the best day on the calendar for travel deals.


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