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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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visit] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> and unsettling health alert at a hospital close to home. >> songs and solidarity. >> this presents the spirit of her. >> thousands remember this young woman murdered. >>
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was sent away is next. announcer: now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. anchor: first at 11:00, in the face of tragedy, strength in numbers. anchor: thousands of people remembering a young women beaten to death near her mosque. nabra hassanen sin was just 17 and finishing her 7 -- sophomore year of high school. her murder made national headlines. anchor: anna-lysa gayle is interested tonight. anchor:-- in washington tonight. reporter: there is now a --eshift memorial in this there are the words i love you, written in chalk, a message by all those who attended. ♪ after friends and family m
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at her funeral, acf people filled in -- to watch. some nearby residents watched from balconies. >> i find myself in waves of grief, waves of anger. reporter: her brutal murder in the midst of rub it on has left fear in the -- ramadan in the muslim community. police say she is a victim of -- her classmates and principal will remember her as a positive light that will always shine. >> she touched our lives in a meaningful way. ofthis presents the spirit nabra. there are still
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speculations about this case. we talked to the chief of the fairfax county police department. still waitingre on results from a forensic examination to learn more about what happened sunday when they torreswin martinez attacked her. in reston, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7. anchor: earlier today, thousands attending the funeral for nabra hassanen. of crowd from all loves life, sharing a profound sadness for a life gone too soon. sister to me,a like a daughter to me. i cannot even imagine what her parents must be going through. >> it's really sad. it shouldn't have been to any community, anybody, any child. houston on what has finished her sophomore year this week. with abctay connected 7 and for breaking updates. moving on, possibl
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warning. this happened at largo medical center. here's what we were told. a piece of endoscopy equipment had a defect that may have prevented it from being properly disinfected. 23 patients are being contacted about the matter. doctors think the risk of illness is small, but patients are being asked to come in for screening. no details were given about an event. jonathan: the search is on for whoever through leach at -- bleach at men in front of the black whiskey nightclub. somebody through the reach out of a second-story window of the bar. it got into one of the victims i, and he was rushed to the hospital. sentencing after the so-called pizza date shooting. edgar wells went to the comet ping-pong and opened fire, thinking he would be freaking sex slaves he read about online. he has since
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apologized and is facing several years in prison. an emotional story of a family in flux. alison: two kids left without their mother after she was deported to el salvador. liliana cruz-mendez only a minor traffic conviction on her record, that was hardened by the governor. tim barber spoke to her husband and children tonight. >> is my mom, dad, and my sister. reporter: pictures, mother's day cards, and memories are all that's left of steve's mom in the u.s. liliana cruz-mendez's family speaking out after she was deported to violent el salvador. >> she isn't a criminal. reporter: but immigration officials sayreporter: cruz-mendez entered the u.s. illegally. in 2004, she was convicted of driving without a license. a few months ago when the government started cracking down on immigration, she was detained by ice during a check in. >> i need her. reporter:
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proper paperwork to work in the u.s., but that did not give him the power to stay -- save his wife. --ve's forty-year four-year-old sister is too young to understand is nothing the family can do to get their mom back. >> she's a good person. she didn't do anything that. reporter: in fairfax county, tim barber, abc 7 news. reporter: i met the lead desk with new information on the man accused of having a police officer today at an airport in flint, michigan. that man illegally entered -- legally entered through lake in new york. the fbi is confirming they are investigating this as an act of terror. the officer was stabbed in the back and neck. he is stable tonight. a 49-year-old man praised god inherent arabic while attacking him, as well as
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yelling about syria, iraq, and afghanistan. he is now in custody. the airport remains closed at this hour. nancy chen, abc 7. alison: thank you. back here at home and happening right now, investigating a deadly crash on the beltway. this is in greenbelt. one person was killed. two others were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. sky track 7 is over the senior kenilworth avenue. the crash is under investigation. jonathan: a guilty plea in a charity fraud case. the washington post reporting that john birch you guilty to investing $150,000. he's the former head of a d.c. charity for vietnam veterans. the money for unrelated meals and hotel stays. he's facing 18 months in prison and a $55,000 fine. sentencing is set for october. brian: here's your stormwatch 7 first forecast at 11:00. topics are heating up. thatou
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fascist leader. tomorrow, heat and humidity. temperatures in the low 90's. it will be steamy. tropical moisture from cindy combined with a cold front will come together to bring the potential for big rain friday night into saturday. upper 60's in the suburbs, low 70's downtown. the muddiness will be back. jonathan: thank you. d.c. police may be heading to court over arresting people in the inauguration day protest. the aclu filed complaints. the claim is that officers did not just attain rioters, they detained peaceful protesters. >> on that day, all of the felt like my police department, my government, had turned on me. it was being violent towards me. it was making me
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reason i could comprehend. itathan: the department says will investigate any allegations of misconduct. newon: we are following developments out of montgomery county, where police are turned to figure out how a mother of four ended up dead in a burning car over the weekend. andrea hawvermale was found saturday morning in sandy springs. she lived with her husband. neighbors say she's not the type to make enemies. investigators are calling her death suspicious. jonathan: an update on ambush shooting in alexandria one week ago. one week after the shots rang out, investigators are still searching for a motive. the 66-year-old shot five people a congressional baseball practice. he had more than 200 rounds of ammunition in a storage locker. he made a list with six members of congress on it, but the fbi doesn't believe that's a hit list. alison: mea
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has been upgraded to fair condition. u2 star bono met with staff members. he sent well wishes to all the victims. week after the ballpark ambush, another team took the field. this time, the congressional women's softball game held tonight, taking on new meeting -- meaning. reports, there was extra security. reporter: as always, it was members of congress first -- versus the members of the press to cover them. softball game was different. >> there's more heightened awareness of our vulnerability. reporter: after last week's shooting at the baseball practice, capitol police officers were everywhere. >> here with us, a true american hero. reporter: just like her injured coworker,
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officer krystal griner throughout the first -- thre w out the first page. he was just out of the hospital after being shot. >> i was diagnosed with breast cancer as i was 41 years old. reporter: congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz started this to raise money for young people with cancer. a crowd of well over 2000 came. >> it is our most successful year yet. the team as always, was bipartisan. >> steve scalise is a good friend of all of ours, and there are bigger things at work in our lives besides pieces of legislation and rhetoric. reporter: as for the game itself, it was a low-scoring now better. only three runners made it across this plate tonight. two of them played for the press team. the bad news babes d
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in southeast at the watkins recreation center, tom roussey, abc 7. alison: bad newspapers. a good name. until thet hours senate releases the new health care plan. still ahead, sorting through the big-ticket issues in it. jonathan: plus, they deliberated for days, but they could not reach a decision on bill cosby. now, those jurors are back in the spotlight because of a judge's order. alison:alison: you and your child probably has one. an importants --
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ory lease on the all-new 2018 chevy equinox for around $249 a month. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. z2e2hz z1a2z y2e2hy y1a2y alison: it was a tragedy in london. dozens of people killed in that high-rise apartment building fire. the british government says it has nearly 70 brand-new furnished apartments for the survivors. it is part of a luxury apartment complex less than two miles from the horrifying fire earlier this month. the exact cause and whether anyone is responsible, still undetermined. jonathan: right now, the gulf coast is under a tornado threat was tropical storm
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approaching land. alabama, louisiana, already under a state of emergency, hours before the storm makes landfall. authorities blamed the death of a 10-year-old boy on the storm, which is prompting leaders all across the south to issue warnings, and some to issue even evacuation's. >> we cannot stress enough the importance of avoiding high water. that's for everyone across the state. jonathan: more than half a foot of rain has already fallen in mississippi.hundreds of euros are underwater. emergency crews are preparing for more possible rescues tonight. alison: a big meeting between russia and the u.s. was called off. russia canceled the meeting aimed at resolving problems between the two countries. no word on why, but it does come after the u.s. expanded sanctions against russia over the ukraine crisis. chief homeland security jeh johnson says there's no doubt about russian tampering in the election.he says he believes it was vladimir putin himself who orchestrated the cyber att
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senators will unveil a new health care bill, and they want to vote on it next week. released.s have been for example, we don't know what will happen with obamacare taxes or things like planned parenthood or abortion. stay with abc seven. we will break down the bill as soon as we get it. jonathan: we will soon learn the names of the jurors in bill cosby's sexual assault trial. today, the judge ordered the public release of their identities, but told them to limit what they say. more than a dozen media organizations requested the names. the judge declared a mistrial had 52y after the jurors hours to delivering the case and they came back without a verdict.prosecutors say they will retry cosby. natalie 7 on your side consumer alert. there is a hidden hazard in those wildly popular fidget spinners.
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hear this morning. it says they can fall apart, and the small pieces can create a choking hazard.the consumer product safety commission is investigating several reports of injuries. jonathan: now to a story you first on seven. a postal carrier accused of .umping mail into a d.c. sewer christopher newton pleaded guilty to obstruction. it happened in northeast last spring. 15,000 pieces of mail dumped into a storm drain, including paychecks worth thousands of dollars. he is facing jail time and a fine with his sentence handed down in september. they still don't know why he did it. alison: we've been telling you about the scandals in uber for months. ceo resigns. travis: it without under presser -- he bowed under pressure to step down. this year, there has had a series
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sexual harassment's to the ceo parading a driver in the back of an uber, to another ceo talking about a party like culture. it's not good timing or optics. alison: in a statement, he said he loves uber more than anything in the world. there's no word on who will replace him. the countdown is on. in two months, nasa expects a total eclipse of the sun. jonathan: this is something that hasn't happened in about 100 years. a soliloquy it's happens every 18 months somewhere on the globe , but this one will be seen across the country. if you want to see it safely, you will need a pair of solar glasses. alison: you can find those around town. the next one will be in 40 years if you miss this one. you have to wait a while. [laughter] myself,f you are like we already have our places picked o
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pretty neat. don't look directly at the sun. tomorrow, the heat and humidity are back. it will be a code orange air quality day. heart or lung issues, the young, the old, don't the outside too much. avoid extended periods of time outdoors. we made it to 90 today. low 90's tomorrow. friday and saturday, in the mid-80's. that's partly due to the fact that we have moisture from tropical storm cindy coming our way, in addition to a cold front. temperatures tonight not cooling off too much. downtown, low 70's, probably a few 60's in the suburbs. scattered clouds. a stray sprinkle possible. you can see the circulation. this is cindy swirling. it is anticipated to make landfall tomorrow morning. heaviest lands of moisture on
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can see tornado watches and flood warnings. intoe eastern side alabama, even as far northeast as georgia. , gusting tenure 65. it will stay a tropical storm in the landfall tomorrow morning in southeastern texas, and work its way through arkansas, before taking a right turn on friday. it will fizzle out, but moisture will be funneled our way. late friday and saturday morning, we could get moisture here. i think by saturday afternoon, it clears out. it's not a washout for the weekend, but definitely showers friday and saturday as the system approaches. through that saturday morning rain potential, then we see afternoon sunshine. humidity drops back. mid-80's. sunday as well with low humidity. gorgeous all the way through most of next week. jonathan: thank you. he is
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already a millionaire. alison:alison: but george clooney is about to get a lot richer. he sold his brand of alcohol. the shocking price
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jonathan: some guys have all the luck. actor,oking, talented worth a bazillion dollars, and now worth of the zillion. george clooney is about to get a whole lot richer. alison: don't forget about thealison: babies now. the actor is selling his tequila brand. and the price is $1 billion. it is being bought by the company that owns johnny walker, smirnov, and iraq -- ciroc. jonathan: he launched the kos amigos rent with -- cas brand with two of his friends. alison: when i saw the picture, i didn't even know th
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announcer: and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin:
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become prince george's county's first overall pick in the nba draft tomorrow. the county already claims an amazing six number two picks. there is a lot of pressure that comes with being number one, but fultz seems ready for it. >> other people are going to have expectations, but at the end of the day, i have goals for myself, me and my families have goals and expectations. that's what i'm worried about. i'm not worried about what other people think it i'm happy, that's what matters. erin: meanwhile, matt scherzer had a no hitting -- no hitter against the marlins, but they broken up with a hard come back off of his glove. the marlins would tie the game at one, then bases loaded giancarlo stanton lines a single to left.the marlins scored the go-ahead run. miami beats scherzer
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and the next. -- nationals. d.c. united finally that's a much-needed win, 2-1 was the final. finally, the capitals ooooooh snap!!
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brian: it's going to be hot tomorrowbrian:, but the big thing is to watch the weekend. leftovers from tropical storm sydni -- cindy could bring decent rain. most of the rest of the afternoon -- we can should be dry. jonathan: thank you for watching. "jimmy kimmel" is coming next. alison: have a great night.
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tonight's "jimmy kimmel live" is brought to you by this very confused man our camera followed for no reason whatsoever. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- chadwick boseman. from "orphan black" tatiana maslany. and music from kyle featuring lil yachty. and now, moving on, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for visiting. thank you for


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