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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  June 22, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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, good morning washington. on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. tropical storm cindy is barely sure on the gulf coast and one death is already being claimed. under little boy has stirred up alone and police are asking for your help. >> the dod unveiling of placement for obamacare. the big questions this morning and the programs in the crosshairs. good morning. -- happyppy friday thursday. veronica johnson has the details on the forecast that we are starting with julie. we will start with veronica.
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when you step out the door, the humidity is up from yesterday. high temperatures today on the other side of 90 degrees. humidity,ncrease in you see sky conditions now. 76 degrees. it will cool down so the temperature by later today, what it will feel like -- we will see a weather for north of the area. we will have scattered clouds around the area with isolated showers. around the happening gulf coast, at his tropical storm cindy handful of hour ago. between the border of texas and louisiana. that is only through tropical moisture of a cold front that .ill fit our area lead tomorrow we will be sweating for sure by lunchtime. 88
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temperature today. tomorrow morning at this time, we will see rain in the area. will-mid-70's. and here's a rendering of the sky conditions for the early part of the day. by 9:00 a.m., pouring across the area. we talked more about the weekend in minutes. julie: good news for those coming inbound on 50 where we had a crash before 704 but the accident is now gone. average speeds are dropping down to 34 miles per hour. checking out the delays for those coming inbound on 52 was the capital beltway -- you can see delays are beginning back near enterprise drive, coming inbound towards the capital beltway so we are slow coming of of the way -- coming out billy this morning.
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the 11th street bridge. and we have wires down along the lawyers wrote and soapstone drive. back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride on 395. autria: a death investigation in texas. barrel totorm cindy shore. crews found a car half submerged in sand and inside, a body. another person was in the car was taken to the hospital. conditions made it very difficult for rescuers. turned upg boy is alone in montgomery county. larry: this it was found near the westfield montgomery mall sam sweeney is life. 1:45 this morning, that is where
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found this point. there are a number of homes along the area with an apartment -- with anpetus apartment building in the distance. take a look at the picture on your screen. he was wearing orange pajamas and he was barefoot and he was walking alone. montgomery county police are needing your help this morning. they're waiting to hear from their parents or someone in the who can tell them who he is. he is nonverbal and they believe he may be autistic. we are live outside westfield montgomery mall. back to you. >> breaking news from southwest hasinia, and amber alert been issued. this is a 4-year-old, kimberly, and she was likely
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of seen on the right side your screen and is unclear what relationship they have but she .as last seen in smith county be sure to call police immediately if you see them. again, they do say that kimberly long is in extreme danger. larry: all lies are on capitol hill as we see the health care bill. innow know what we could see the bill. the ap reporting it with -- reporting it will rollback taxes. it will give states freedom to will break down th
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the pizzaed after shooting. he shot, thinking he would be free sex slaves. he is now facing several years in prison. and an emotional tribute to teenager -- she was killed in what police believe is a road rage incident. her murderer was in the u.s. illegally. she would have finished sophomore year this week. larry: student science experiments are going up into space.
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but we do see left off. next, what police are saying after seeing a man stabbed in a crowded airport.
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autria: with the fourth of july around the corner, aaa expects a record-breaking number of travelers. record 44 .2 million people will travel 50 miles or more on the roads, skies and rail with 1.5 million more travelers than last year. 2017 will be the most traveled independence day ever. pump prices are at a historic low for this time of year. news if is lots of good yo
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it will be good weather. for monaco coming up at 6:50, i will have the forecast for next weekend -- fourth of july weekend -- with folks headed to the beach. on thefeel like summer summer solstice as we kick that off. 91 degrees was the forecast high . 73 degrees right now in annapolis, maryland. a very light wind with a few pockets of fog. today, humid conditions. tropical air and sunday, sunday will be absolutely delighted full but we have to get through friday late and saturday as tropical storms from cindy moved our way. 80's coming our way today. also, it will
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some ball. the baseball forecast will be coming up. find lanes are open traveling south at the wilson bridge. the metro checking in with delays on the yellow line. line headed towards mount vernon square, a train malfunction so already delays are creeping up. back on the road, the crash is inbound. stay to the left to get by. not too busy in manassas but we see traffic lunch up a bit in fair oaks. so making your way past 50 towards 123, a 33 minute ride overall. traffic watch. back in 10 minutes to update the
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no ♪ sooooo gassy girl. so gassy. if you're boyz ii men, you make anything sound good. it's what you do. if you want to save 15% percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. next! ♪ next! >> you are watching good morning washington, on your side. autria: we continue to follow breaking news from the gulf coast. tropical storm cindy made landfall an hour ago in texas.
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wind and is whipping up dangerous surf. larry: taking action to protect lgbt students and staff members. john is live with what this means. john: this issue has been argued for over eight or here in prince william county and the vote is in this morning. the school board has voted 5-3 to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. there is already a policy in place for schools, such as woodbridge high school here. protects students based on their race, ethnicity, religion and disabilities and now members of the lgbt community have been included.
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students but also staff here in prince william county. at least 500 people packed the board meeting for last night's vote. a vote that had been delayed last fall. three board members who voted against the change cited the blanket policy would allow students to use the bathroom based on theirs to gender -- down there identity. but the board did make it clear that it does not handle bathroom authority and should be handled by school principal's on a basis.-case many of these policies have gone undecided. woodbridge,ve in john gonzalez. autria: thank you. 6:17 right now.
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have arrested four people in connection with the failed bombing at a train station. a man little a bomb at a device blew up a but he did cause fire. as soon as we hear anything else, will let you know area larry: we're learning more about the suspect who stabbed a police officer at an airport in flint, michigan. a canadian man who crossed into stopped anlegally airport police officer several times in the neck. he referenced people being killed in the middle east moments before the attack. the officer is expected to be ok. i congressional start --
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congressional women's baseball team. -- you're are the first pitch, she was one of the people hurt during a shooting at the congressional baseball field last week. last night's game was jampacked with security. last week shooting actually led to an increase in sales. the congressional team is bipartisan, something team members say is important this year. >> we realize that steve scalise is a good friend of all the bars and there are bigger things at work in our lives besides pieces of legislation. autria: well over 2000 people attended the game. --the end of the game defeated members of congress. scherzer, a no-hitter going into the eighth inning.
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break that up. this is a base hit and breaks it up. tied again at 1. miami did rally to beat the nationals -- i hate this. a tough loss. 2-numeral one. tonight is the nba draft. and -- good become prince george's county top draft pick. folks could be -- he could be .eaded to play for the 76ers good for him. day for him.citing i didn't realize we had so many. autria: how will it be today? let me guess -- hot and humid? veronica: you win. all eyes are going to be in the gulf of mexico. timee likely at this
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seeing images of flooding. even in alabama and mississippi, here is a snapshot of 6:00 this evening where it is likely to be making its way from a tropical storm to a tropical depression. it will weaken as it moves to the north. by 6:00 p.m. later today it will eventually combined with a cold front dropping in to the eastern half of the country. areas like tennessee and kentucky make it rain out of the system. out of this locally will be friday night into early saturday morning as the storm system heads off the coast. late saturday, it does start to clear out. 90 degrees today. hot and humid. here's a look at saturday. 86 degrees in science by midday and then, as we have been
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back in town. the only time we have to watch is late friday with it could be a game delay if there are any storms. the julie: tuesday, a traps down to 78 degrees? on the roads this morning, we have had problems but most incidents have been cleared. had a crash involving a question and if you look closer in the distance, it will tie up south down 29 before university boulevard this is are we have a crash involved with a pedestrian. southbound lanes are currently closed. coming off of eastbound timber wood, you are forced to head south on 29 but it can go no further than timber wood. you will want to use an alternate to head back out to 495. star thinking of alternate routes. connecticut avenue
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avenue, depending on your travel. towards mounte vernon square, that is tied up with delays due to a trade malfunction outside of huntington. as we have a crash in the monument street ridge that was tying up the right side of the road. that is the traffic watch. autria: it is something that you would think only dogs would do but there is a new addition. my one water district is trying to get you to drink from the toilet. and a treasure hunt gone too far. arta top top is telling an dealer to come clean and put an end to an excursion that has killed two people.
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say hello to the new frozen dunkin' coffee. real dunkin' coffee, blended frozen, creamy smooth. a whole new way to enjoy your favorite coffee. try a small for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> you are watching good morning washington, on your side. morning's first look, people are literally dying to find hidden treasure. and now, new mexico's top cop wants that to d.
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in a chest of gold and jewels in the mountains. and the clues are in a poet. but now, a second person has died trying to find it. the artist says one of the points of the treasure hunt is to get people outdoors. he insists that the chest is not anywhere dangerous. he says he has given a lot of thought about ending the search but he is sure what that will accomplish area with your gma first look, i am clayton sandell. ♪
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z2e2hz z1a2z y2e2hy y1a2y >> now, "good morning washington" on your side. larry: breaking news. -- a submerged car. what can you tell us? julie: you live pictures east of 15
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a car that came off the boat ramp and got submerged in the water. this is the 1500 block of edwards ferry road. no word on injuries or if there's someone in the car that needs to be evacuated. it is just now happening. this portion of the area will it is blocked off until taking care of. accident activity at colesville road. follow police direction to get my. veronica: tropical storm cindy has made landfall around texas, louisiana. we continue to keep an eye on that as it tracks northward. comingmoisture for us late friday and early saturday morning. this will interact with a cold front. until then, the big story is a high heat and humidity. 91 degrees is the forecast temperature.
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with low 80's for the second half of the weekend and the early part of next week. maginnisof moisture, is out there this morning. we have a pocket of fog around southern fauquier county. the day-to-day, mighty conditions and humid conditions stay with us. 11:00 a.m. and we forecast 91 degrees today but it will feel like 95 degrees. so we will be sweating a little bit and tomorrow we deal with the rain. tomorrow andabout how foggy it will be, coming up. autria: good news out of britain. prince philip is not out of the hospital after being treated with an infection. two majorout on events but in may, he did say he was stepping back from public life.
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he has had 60 years of service and he said it is time to take it easy. larry: police are searching for the person who threw bleach at two men outside a bar. it happened early yesterday morning in front of an argument. someone threw bleach out of the second-story window and the bleach got into one of the victims eyes and sent into the hospital. in princehealth alert george's county. reports of unclean equipment used as a largo hospital. suzanne kennedy is live with more. we are not getting specifics from kaiser permanente as to what and when the procedures took place but if you had a procedure -- and and oscar b or colonoscopy done at this hospital, pay attention. it was the largo endoscopy unit where equipment was used. as the largoown center.
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illness is minimal but patients should be screened. they did release a statement saying in part "after discovering the defect and discovering subsequent analysis, we cannot guarantee that the sterilization process was fully effective. we are committed to ensuring this does not happen again." you believe you may be one of the 23 patients impacted by this health warning, call your doctor immediately. larry: thank you. busht on camera, a new york driver getting a harsh lesson on using the break. going in reverse after the driver put it in neutral and not park. it crashed into a church. nobody was hurt but it might have hurt the driver's career. it was just hurt her day driving solo.
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is helping many beat the heat by turning toilet water into drinking water. have been recycling wastewater and recently they set up a stand on hollywood scorching sidewalks to test out how people reacted. >> it is toilet water. do i look like a dog? >> i do have the next her bottle i do have an-- extra bottle to take home. i'm from georgia. we do not do things like this at home. autria: we do not do this anywhere. larry: ok. all right. the watergate hotel is embarking on another project. room to 14 is getting another makeover. that is where headquarters was for the nixon administration. from the abc tv show
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scandal has been hired as a consultant and she will create a one-of-a-kind accommodation for hotel guests. news thiseaking morning. sky track 7 is over a car submerged in the potomac. rescue crews have arrived on the scene and we will get yo
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at live looking pictures off edwards ferry road from sky track 7. a vehicle somehow became fully submerged in the potomac river. edwards ferry road is blocked off. you're looking at live pictures of the rescue team that has arrived at the scene. no word on how many people are in the vehicle or how it got this far into the river. what we do know is that the rescue team is there. for aam seven is hoping safe rescue but it will tie up a portion of edwards berry road. that is where police are setting up their investigation. keep you posted with details as they become available. we will show you what else is happening
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downtown silver spring, lanes are open southbound but on university boulevard at four corners, there is a crash off timber wood. eastbound timber wood is blocked. all traffic must turn. southbound 29 is blocked at the scene. northbound traffic can get it -- can get past the scene. go, start of why thinking about alternative routes. that is the traffic watch. back in 10 minutes to update your ride towards loudoun county. it will not be great if you suffer with lung issues today. limit your time at doors. -- tryget aaron's down to get your errands done early. maryland, st. mary's county, a portion of virginia and fairfax county and d.c.,
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because of high heat and humidity with stagnant air. 91 degrees is the forecast high today. we could see an isolated shower at the big story will be the heat. air-conditioning needs to be on for today. look at college park. 91 degrees. as we look towards the weekend, rain toward saturday. storms even friday late. right now, anytime on friday but sundaya saturday right now is looking much better. we continue to check on tropical storm cindy that did make landfall. gusting close to 50 miles per hour in louisiana. 175yette picking up over inches of rain already. larry: breaking news in montgomery county. sam sweeney is live. sam: police did find a boy walking in the westfield montgomery mall early this
6:42 am
parents but we have an update for you coming up after the break. larry: and tropical storm cindy, that storm
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>> you are watching good morning washington, on your side. arey: breaking news we following this morning, a submerged car and the potomac river in maryland. nowinitial indication right is that no one is inside but authorities are searching the area . edwards ferry road is blocked off. we will check in with julie wright for additional trouble spots this may be causing but these are ongoing live pictures now. breaking right now. a young boy turning up alone in montgomery county. near: display was found to the westfield montgomery mall where sam sweeney have the breaking details. he was found at 1:45 this morning on westlake drive. police to believe he has autism. but we have just learned that the boy's parents have been located and
6:46 am
reunited with him. we do continue to follow details on this. we'll get more information on how he got out of the house this morning and what he was doing along the road. once you get that information, we will pass that along but the good news is that he has been reunited with his parents. knows --reaking breaking news. and amber alert -- this child is in extreme danger. on the left side of your screen, kimberly long who is four years old. joele right, 26-year-old long. police are not sure the relationship they may have. police believe the suspect may be headed towards roanoke and 81998 maroon toyota tacoma with the tag you see on your screen. call police immediately if y
6:47 am
they say that kimberly is in extreme danger. larry: the prince william county school system has expanded the antidiscrimination policy. with a 5-3 vote. this in struck the superintendent not to change the policy on after muse. it will be decided on a case-by-case basis. autria: all lies are on capitol hill. in a few hours we will see the republican option to repeal and replace obamacare. gop senators want to vote on this next week. when we could see in the bills, itwill -- slowdown medicaid -- slowdown medicaid expansion. be sure to stay with abc seven. we
6:48 am
soon as we get it. larry: lawmakers continue their .attle thatresident still exists the wall -- mexico will pay for it. >> i love all people. rich or poor. but in those particular positions, i don't want a poor person. does that make sense? larry: that comment comes as the congressional black caucus refused to meet president over his issues they know they hurt lower income americans. autria: a pennsylvania doctor accused of having guns at the trump hotel has a hearing. he was arrested last month when prosecutors say he was armed in an assault rifle, a handgun and rounds of ammunition.
6:49 am
mental health evaluation. despitepotted in d.c. being ordered to stay away. -- when did you, and ping-pong and opened fire, thinking he would free sex slaves that he had read about in false news articles online. he is now facing several years in prison. larry: happening today, the funeral for a uva student who died after being detained in north korea. dozens of volunteers hung ribbons in his hometown. he was 22 years old. he was detained for nearly 115 years in north korea. life willation of the be held today. announcingica's
6:50 am
the d.c. mayor is announcing a solution to be loaded problem. the mayor will also highlight a four residents who request rat abatement services. autria: back to the big story. tropical storm cindy is battering the south. fears that the slow-moving storm could lead to days of flooding. we are live in mobile, alabama on the leading edge of tropical storm cindy. >> good morning. yes, you can see here that this is the area they were worried about. the low lands in the gulf state because the water is rapidly rising. cindy hit in louisiana and moves north. we are still getting some gusts the national and weather service is saying that even if you don't see the driving rain or heavy wind, there are life-threatening flash flood warnings. tropical storm
6:51 am
cindy, looming over the u.s. gulf coast. bringing with it heavy rain and the threat of flash flooding. rainfall in some spots over the next 24 hours, cindy has sent high wind and strong surf to the coastline from alabama to texas. >> we had lightning and thunder. bigger waves than this. >> state officials have taken steps to prepare for the worst. at least one victim was fatally struck by a log in the water. people fromstop heading to the beach. have been semi-praying to get some semi-exciting weather. i got my wish. >> the national weather service says heavy rain and the potential for flash flooding could impact areas as f n
6:52 am
right now, the big issue is the gulf state, driving rain across the area with heavy wind. to give you an idea, when you look at this water -- when we got here 1.5 hours ago, it was up to my ankle. i keep looking down to make sure it won't go over the edge of my boot. the wind is bringing it in across the gulf. you're not seeing this in every area, the driving rain and strong wind we see with tropical storms and with hurricanes. so they think that people might want to go out and be active today but they do say this is creeping water. it rings and water over the roadways. people are worried about. stay off the roads. stay away from the storm. even if it doesn't feel as dangerous as another tropical storm or a hurricane. it
6:53 am
soviet ok -- so be careful. autria: and you are giving us a behind-the-scenes that is should hit as late friday evening? veronica: early saturday. all of the guidance is showing the trend and it should be out of here by mid-a and early afternoon on saturday. it will feel tropical around here, even today. like that you painted nicely and say tropical instead uggy. veronica: there is no way around it. weekend show you this could next weekend. through midday but 86 degrees and 83 with low humidity on sunday. next weekend, 88-90 degrees. hot for
6:54 am
the fourth of july weekend. for us, rain back into the area. we do have a shower tomorrow for the isolated rush -- for the morning rush. butegrees by late morning 90-91 degrees today. look at tomorrow morning. , moving through the area but my 9:00 a.m., we do get a break. so maybe rain this time tomorrow. we will have more on the upcoming weekend coming up on newschannel 8. julie: we do have delays trying to get across the wilson bridge. -- kenilworthind avenue, tying up the right side of the beltway. keep that in mind as you head to rfk. about connecticut avenue pat sullivan wrote before the
6:55 am
that is coming up. we have a crash on timber wood before university boulevard. southbound lanes are really blocked. timberland road has been forced to travel south on 29. coming up, we update your ride on the road's. adrianna: good news. the amber alert that was issued overnight has been canceled. four-year-old kimberly long has been found safe. she wast sure where found but we will pass that along to you. again, the 4-year-old has been found safe. autria: great news. kidd: who doesn't have a favorite boy band. tonight, a show that could change lives forever. ♪ kidd: tonight, help with the search for the next boy band on abc'
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m a bunton -- baby spice from the spice girls -- here is what she is looking for. cracks i would love to find voice who can harmonize. i want to see fire in their belly. >> rita ora is the host. america ends and up having the opportunity to text in and go on the mobile lab and vote for their favorite toy. and slowly we will find the band. if you want to see two of the biggest boy bands of all time, and new kids on the block and boys to men, this sunday at the verizon under, we have tickets for you right now. : number seven wins. good luck to you. have a great time
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at the show. it sounds like it will be a unique show in the sense that they narrow it down for us and america gets to vote. ultimately, we could put together the next big boy band. will you get to say that you are a part of that? i think it could be fun. autria: one direction crumbled so we need a new one. kidd: selling a tequila company for the box. thatwas a private label was licensed in 2013 now, a multinational company is buying the brand and it could be a billion-dollar deal. congrats t
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>> drink up. you got it. good morning, america. breaking news, states of emergency. tropical storm cindy making landfall. lashing the gulf coast with up to a foot of rain, tornadoes and life-threatening flash floods trapping trucks in water. the storm already blamed for at least one death. the system's destructive path right now. also this morning, the big reveal. senate republicans finally set to share their plan to replace obamacare this morning after those secret closed door talks. and president trump making news back on the campaign trail and making waves overnight veering off script venting and this comment about who he wants leading his economic team. >> i love all people, rich, or poor, but in those particular positions i just don't want a poor p


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