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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 23, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," the obamacare overhaul. >> some republicans insist it will make insurance more affordable. but not all are on board. we'll have the reaction. and the cleanup has begun across the gulf coast region. cindy battered it with winds, rain and tornados. then taking a stand. these students were told they can't wear shorts to school, so they found a way around the rule. we're going to take a look at the dress code protest coming up. >> free the knee. and the cia scandal you weren't expecting. the agents alleged scam involving, wait for it, vending machines. we've had a similar epidemic here at abc with snacks going missing all the time. but now weav
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video evidence. it's a "world news now" who done it on this friday june 23rd. from abc news, this is "world news now." big investigation going on here now. >> brian ross is busy investigating a number of different things, we actually got him to tap in and figure out who was stealing from our vending machine. >> we will solve that mystery for you in a little bit. but we're going to start this half hour off with the latest reaction on republicans trying to replace obamacare. >> the new plan slashes medicated for the poor and offers tax cuts for higher-income americans. former president obama said the heart of the legislation was what he called fundamental meanness. and some republicans are failing to vote for it. >> republicans who crafted it said it will make insurance more affordable and are eager to put it to a vote next
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>> reporter: the senate republican health care bill, crafted in secrecy finally arrived on capitol hill, and it was met with fury. >> the government wants to kill me! >> reporter: angry protesters, many in wheelchairs, staking out mitch mcconnell's office, refusing to leave and dragged out, 43 people arrested. for weeks, the bill has been kept under lock and khey. few are racing to defend it. >> obviously it's a process that deserves debate. >> it's the best bill possible in very difficult circumstances. >> reporter: across the country, americans have flooded town halls, concerned they could lose their coverage if and when obamacare is repealed and replaced. >> well, what kind of insurance do you have? >> reporter: under the senate bill, americans will no longer be
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insurance. they could buy insurance with tax credits and some could end up paying a lot more for less. for instance, if you're a single person making $42,000 a year, you could not qualify for any tax credits to help purchase coverage. it also proposed major cuts to medicaid, rolling back obamacare's expansion. right now it covers one out of five americans. >> it puts medicaid on a more sustainable path. >> reporter: hardest hit, low income and elderly. >> yet again a tax bill disguised as a health care bill. >> reporter: the two other questions surround preexisting conditions. the senate bill would give states the ability to drop requirement that insurers cover essential treatments like maternity care and emergency room visits. and when it comes to the fight over
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preexisting conditions, the senate bill would not change the rules already set by obamacare. but this will likely be a major sticking point with house republicans. their bill allows states to opt out of requiring insurance companies to cover those preexisting conditions. last month, the president celebrated that bill but then privately called it mean. when asked if the senate version is kinder -- >> little negotiation, but it's going to be great. >> reporter: and right now this current bill isn't going anywhere. republicans can only afford to lose two votes, and right now at least four republican natters say they are not on board. conservatives like rand paul say it doesn't do enough to repeal obamacare while moderates like susan collins are objecting to a measure to defund planned parenthood. there is a lot to do if they hope to have this vote next week. mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. >> and many others are waiting to see what the budget offic
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after stringing the country along for week, president trump is finally admitting that he does mott hanot have tapes of h conversations with james comey. he tweeted, i have no idea whether there are tapes or recordings of my conversations with james comey, but i did not make and do not have any recordings. this comes after his cryptic tweet saying that comey better hope there are no tapes. it led to the appointment of a special prosecutor. lawmakers give the president until today to hand over any tapes that might exist. and now they're cleaning up in the gulf coast region from what was tropical storm cindy. it weakened to a tropical deprigs as it crossed land, but it brought heavy rain, winds and flooding. and even tornados. winds were clocked at
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per hour. and a tornado destroyed several buildings and businesses along interstate 20. >> it lasted about two or three minutes and was gone. >> we came out and there's all this destruction around here. >> the water had risen so high, it was fixing to get into our truck. >> the national weather service says about 12 inches has fallen in some spots along the gulf coast this week. >> cindy will cause problems today as well as into the weekend. >> justin povick is tracking that for us. >> tropical rainstorm cindy moving off to the north and ooi east. the rain continues to be a huge concern, and notice it making its move into the virginias as we venture into early saturday. so we're going to see that threat for heavy rain lift its way off to the north. still looking at very heavy downpours along interstate 40 but shifting north toward the greater ohio
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d diane, kendis? an investigation is under way in los angeles into a horrible set of circumstances that lete ld to the death of a 17-year-old boy. a deputy fired his gun at a pit bull that had already bitten another deputy and charging toward him. a bullet ricocheted off the ground and apparently struck and killed the teenager who had been helping restrain the dog. the pit bull was also euthanized. a horrible situation thayer. and south of minneapolis, the aclu is calling for an investigation into this video. they say it shows a drug task force agent pulling a suspect over and kneeing and punching him. prosecutors say it shows only the end of the intcident. they say the suspect tailgated and threatened them. a man is charged with trying to help isis. prosut
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husband and father was planning to go to syria. they say he helped a friend join the terror group. he's being held without bail and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. and iraq's prime minister is calling it a formal declaration of defeat by isis after the destruction of a historic mosque in mosul. iraq's government says isis militants blew up that mochx as they retreated from the area. it had towered over the area for 850 years and is where isis declared a caliphate three years ago. the lieder of the u.s. coalition calls it a crime against all of iraq. and a mississippi law seen as antilgbt is now in effect. it allows businesses and business owners and government employees to deny service to same-sex couples based on religious beliefs. the new decision reverses a lower court one. opponents plan to
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teenage boys have found a way to skirt the issue of not being able to wear shorts to school. >> the keyword, skirt. some of the guys wanted to wear shorts but school rules prohibit them from doing so. >> so a few dozen boys decided, well, fine, we'll wear skirts to school. the school is now considering a change in policy. >> and will allow the boys to wear skirts? >> they have not aye lelaborate. the girls are allowed to wear skirts year round. these kids say it's hot, summer and we should not have to wear pants. >> and we have taken it on for our own. i have taken it on our own. okay. so i've taken it on my own to free the knee. #free the knee. join the debate, join the movement. if women can free the knee, so
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>> that's the tease, bub. >> one of the students said the skirt was quite refreshing. >> oh, was it? i like it. >> because of the freeing of the knee part. >> i wanted to wear one of diane's skirts, but i couldn't fit. coming up, hitting the road this fourth of july, as a record number of people travel this holiday, the trip could be costing more than it has to. what you need to know about trimming those surging insurance premiums. and new guidelines for women under 50 considering getting a mammogram. why doctors are now urging some women to think twice and remember to find us on facebook,, and twitter,. >> you're watching "world news now." you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office?
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that's a florida photographer photographing a gator up close when it lunges at him. the gator bites down on the photographer's tripod. but luckily, the photographer moves quickly and did manage to get away. [000:14:19;00] >> no way. i think i'm good. many women are in the dark about heart disease. researchers found that nearly half of women in the u.s. don't know that heart disease is the number one killer among women. 400,000 women died from heart disease last year. that's higher than deaths in women from all types of cancer combined. in the meantime, america's obgyns are updating guidelines for bris cancer. they say women should talk to their doctor about the risk for ma'am gr mammograms before starting
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regular screenings. they say thi years old until at least 75 years old. many people will hit the roads. >> many are trying to save money by driving instead of flying. but think don't realize they may be trading in high airfares for high car insurance premiums. >> reporter: a record number of americans gearing up to travel this fourth of july. many planning to hit the road. the cost of car insurance up more than 30% in the last five years. >> oh, hello. >> reporter: you've seen the ads. >> this can't be happening. >> this can't be happening. >> reporter: but it turns out nearly 40% of drivers haven't shopped around for better rates in almost three years. so we hit the streets. when's the last time you shopped for car insurance? >> a long time ago. >> i've had my car insurance for about 14 years now. >> reporter: you don't remember the last time you shopped for car insurance. >> no. no. >> reporter: it's been a while. >> yeah.
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>> reporter: what do you think of car >> you don't want to now. >> reporter: using websites like nird w nerd wallet, you can shop around to find the best deal. plus cut 30% off your bill by installing a gps device like this offered by many insurers. it rewards you for being safe behind the wheel. families with teenagers on their plan can save up to 30% by having them take a driver's class and getting good grades in school. rebec rebecca jarvis. >> shy kie kind of reminded my flo from progressive. >> you can combine with your homeowners and save. coming up, how the nba draft is turning more and more into fashion week. yes. some stuck with the classic black. others added a dash more color.
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we will check out our nba rid >> and first, the big sick. how this bit irswetersweet tale bridging the cultural divide may be the rom come of the year. a blend of sea kelp, aloe and antioxidants that help bring your hair back to life. new herbal essences.
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let life in. a romantic comedy hitting theaters this weekend getting a
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lot o >> it involves a man from pakistan and his real-live romance with an american woman. >> i know you said you don't need me this day, but i think i'm just going to wait anyway. >> you guys broke up. i'm not sure why you're here. >> reporter: the big sick is a true story following a pakistani and a cross cultural girl friend who's in a coma. >> it's real life stuff that happened to me and my wife emily. >> reporter: why did the real emily not appear in the film? >> she's not an actress. >> i have to tell you something. i've been dating this girl. she's white. >> it's okay. we hate terrorists. >> reporter: i had not told his fairly traditional parents that i had a white girlfriend. they met when she heckled him at a stand-up show in chicago.
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>> you kmie comedians. >> i didn't heckle you. i just woo-hooed. >> the x-files is your favorite show? >> my parents are very happy and i have a lot of cousins with arranged marriage and think seem to be very happy. >> reporter: which you don't seem to regret. >> no. no. no. first of all, we wouldn't have got and movie out of it. a movie about a guy who listens to his parents. and there's really no conflict at all. >> reporter: i grew up in pakistan and had never shake and woman's hand when he showed up at grinnell college, iowa. >> the first time my parents met my wife, she was my wife. and you know what they did? they threw a big pakistani wedding. have sex with an immigrant. we're going through a tough time right now. >> reporter: you can't just be a
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funny guy. you've got to be the muslim right? >> i riley fit the pressure when i first started doing it, because i literally started at this end of 2001, so when i would get on stage, really had to address it. >> reporter: the real-life emily helped write the script. but zoe casan plays her. >> we haven't had sex yet. >> i'm not that kind of girl. >> reporter: did you fancy her a little bit as well? >> zoe? she's great. no comment on your question. i did ask emily not to be on set during the scenes where me and zoe had to make out. i asked emily to not be there. >> reporter: because you wanted to just enjoy it, right? >> will, i, no comment. no, i just felt like why am i turning red? >> reporter: los angeles. >> and as we told you, the
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critics are loving that movie. >> criticsre frank! and he's here. >> frank, the bun, is here. >> we're going to hang out with frank in the mix, coming up next. how are your teeth whiter than mine? your strips are slippy... ...mine are grippy. crest whitestrips stay in place. crest whitestrips professional effects... ...lock in the whitening for a whiter smile. these aren't going anywhere. these are. crest...
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...healthy, beautiful smiles for life. ♪ time now for "the mix." and frank is in the house, back by popular demand. we have to start with a story about the cia, very serious. 3,000 members of the agency have been fired because they stole from the vending machine. $3,000 worth of food. [000:25:34;00] >> they stole, not secrets. not anything major. m & ms. >> the cia found out, and now they're all gone. but here's the thing. we have a problem like this here at abc. so we decided we're going to launch our own investigation,
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and we found our culprit, ladies and gentlemen. >> frank! >> what? >> no way, i've been, i've been wapgt the doritos. >> the oreos. >> the oreos too? >> there he is with the doritos. >> oh, my gosh! >> he looks so innocent, too. >> he just got caught in the act. oh. what do you have to say for yourself? >> what did you do with the doritos? he just licked my arm. that's what he has to say for himself. >> we have an apb out for whoever is responsible. frank, you know, it was nice knowing you. >> polka time. da, da, da, politics and foreign wars, all the weather and all the scores, that's world news polka. around the world and up the street, "the skinny" is the
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when they yell, say it's news to me, that's the world news polka. stay warm! see you monday! this morning on "world news now," tropical depression cindy on the move. in the path of the storm. and the senate unveils their health care overhaul plan. we'll have the reaction from both sides of the aisle. and overnight, president trump making new comments about special counsel robert mueller. >> he's concerned about his relationship with former fbi director james comey, even calling it bothersome. and welcome freshman, the nba drafting some young'uns last night. and boy, were they dressed to impress.


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