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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  June 23, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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news at noon come on your side. adrianna: family and friends of -- john gonzalez is there were many are taking a trip down memory lane here -- emery lane. -- memmory lane. respect toty kind in jim graham who died and his love ones encouraging guests to wear his signature attire, his bow tie. he was known for always wearing di
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the portrait outside of his former office. he was known for so much more while in this building from 1995 until 2015. 60 feet from where the office was. you can see the body of the formal councilmember lying in repose. event, thee the ceremony until 5:00 this evening. it is open to the public and the funeral will be tomorrow. close to where he lived in d.c. he was the ward 1 councilmember four times and the executive director of the women's clinic and spent time with the metro board. most remember him as a champion for tenants right and the lgbt community and latinos in the city. two openly gay elected officials, he was one of them,
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one of the last line of old liberal lions, you knew where he lined up when dealing with homelessness, people in poverty, marion barry leaned on him quite a bit where jim was the champion. officials,e to the his former colleagues, dignitaries, special guests will be delivering remarks and his body will lie in repose until 5:00 at the atrium at city hall and funeral services saturday at all souls unitarian church on harvard street in northwest and a public viewing at 10:00 with the religious service following. reporting live in northwest washington, john gonzalez. adrianna: thank you. the health care showdown is heating up on capitol hill. republicans against their own parties
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and repeal obamacare are demanding negotiations to make fixes. kenneth moton has the latest. >> let the negotiations begin, strong opposition to the senate bill to replace obamacare. a republican bill facing critics from within. >> i did not run on obamacare like or replacing it with more government programs. >> republicans cannot lose two boats and four conservatives are hard-nosed, some worry it reveals too much and others say it does not do enough. >> it does not deserve knee-jerk reaction. >> it in this is the requirements that everyone must have health insurance and has tax credits to help american by coverage and rolls back the obamacare expansion of medicaid but leaves in place protections for people with pre-existing conditions. a bill sparking prot
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airport, giving senators something to think about as they review the bill. >> there is 52 of us, all of us have leverage, time will tell. >> the president is confident. >> very complicated situation from a standpoint that you do something that is good for one group and bad for another, it is a narrow path. i think we will get there. negotiations and the analysis from the congressional budget office that is looming, gop leaders trying to get the bill passed by the july 4 recess. adrianna: turning to the weather, a swampy start but the sunshine is out. still a chance for wet weather later on. that cochran is tracking and has a look at the forecast. warm withny and temperatures now
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into the mid-80's already and factoring in higher dew points. it feels like 95 degrees in the metro and 92 in quantico. towards leesburg, mid-80's. a very mild and a little bit uncomfortable afternoon. a mixture of clouds and sometimes right now with a few developing to our west where we could be tracking thunderstorms later today, under a marginal risk for severe weather but not until later tonight where we are anticipating some steadier rainfall. what is left of tropical depressions in the up with a cold front that will bring all of the steady rainfall into western pennsylvania. some flash flood watch is in effect and three inches to four inches in parts of kentucky and tennessee. d.c. area under the zone for heavier rainfall late tonight and the early half of saturday. enjoy the
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mid-80's to low-90's for daytime highs and may be nearing a you thunder after 2:00 this afternoon. heavy rain holds off until later tonight and the extended forecast coming up. adrianna: thank you for the update. feeling coast is still the effects of tropical depression cindy with a tornado touching down in alabama causing widespread damage and injuring several people. right now, still the fear of flash flooding. here is a closer look at the devastation. , a rough night of wild weather across the south. fairfield, it in was really big. cameconfirmed ef2 tornado through the town outside of birmingham and terrorize families and destroy businesses. and theple were hurt only thing left standing here are these two shelves. >> lasted two minutes or three minutes and was gone. >> you can see the winds froa
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coverage with violent winds cutting through power lines to more than 1000 people without power. what is left as cindy is not going away quietly across the south. the strong wind and high tide added to the heavy rain were more than enough to flood this highway. because the pensacola, this waterspout was standing less than one mile from shore. authorities telling some families that they still need to leave their homes for higher ground. more than one foot of rain is soaking parts of mississippi, leaving people in this neighborhood nearly underwater. >> the water is up three feet, four feet further than yesterday. adrianna: right now, an investigation to figure out what caused this fatal accident on fairfax county parkway. one person died and two others were injured after the crash on braddock road.
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morning. two vehicles were involved and the road has since reopened. all lanes are back open on new york avenue in northeast, one person killed in this accident and two others injured. three cars involved at least, one of them went up in flames. the fire was quickly extinguished and one person removed from the car during the accident but no word on the cause. riders,anges for metro starting sunday, they adjust operating hours and raise fares. rail riders will see an increase of tencent 220 five cents. metro buses by $.25 and airport buses by $.50. metro will close three minutes earlier during the week and now stay up in one hour later on fridays and saturdays, closing at 1:00 a.m. your side, even on the rails and get alerts about met
12:09 pm unraveling the french airport attack, why investigators say it could have been worse and an update on conditions of the victim. plus -- >> why didn't you stop? >> i did nothing. tell me that? adrianna: what got this grandmother in trouble with the law? tonight on 2020, closer look at the death of the uva student otto warmbeir. but first a check of the traffic. be heavy onng to 395 on occasion northbound but right now things clearing up but it works of north of edsel towards duke street on the right shoulder which adds to a few delays on occasion for the northbound ride. 395
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street bridge into the district is heavy at times but most legal jake -- mostly good shape. slow on the capital of weight over the american legion bridge up into maryland pass george washington parkway and you see the volume spots are ready far from our are usual rush-hour but it is friday afternoon. the top side of the beltway at connecticut avenue, a few delays but not bad. that is all from the traffic center.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. adrianna: the fbi has unveiled new details and a stabbing now considered an act of terror at
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hospital may give an update on the condition of the off-duty officers who was stabbed. we have the latest. of severinga matter his made her artery and nerve. >> the lieutenant recovering after the attempt on his life wednesday morning at 9:45 a chaotic scene at bishop international airport in wind, michigan. 911 calls pouring in. >> an officer down with a stabbing. >> the eye -- the fbi saying this canadian citizen originally from tunisia/his throat. >> he went up to the officer and stabbed him and continued to exclaim allah and made a statement something to the effect of you have guilt people in syria, iraq, guinness dan, and we are all going to die. >> they are looking at his movements up to the attack and said he entered
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states legally through new york. >> we think he attempted -- we have information that he attempted to buy a firearm and was unsuccessful in that attempt in the united states. >> the fbi says he purchased a 12 inch survival knife, similar to this one and ambushed the officer outside of the tsa checkpoint. >> i put my foot in his ankle. and healthy down. -- held it down. >> cut in short death cutting short what could've been more violence. not on the radar of u.s. or canadian authorities and now believe he acted alone. cosby, a two bill spokesperson said he plans to hold a series of town for --tings to educate people town hall meetings to educate people about sexual assault and we hear from major who now says there is no need for a second
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money because the man has already suffered the loss of his career and earnings over the past 11 years. it is done, settled. adrianna: the questions because the accuser who testified that the 79-year-old gave her a drug rendering her incapable of stopping the alleged assault, describing her as well coached. and 81 euro grandmother -- 81-year-old grandmother taking police on a slow speed chase in texas. >> do not do it. do not do it. stop the car. adrianna: she took off but did not put the pedal to the metal, never making it over 20 miles per hour. she stopped and officers
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holes in her tires and took her into custody and charged her with evading arrest. this is what greeted a massachusetts state police trooper and he pulled the car over in the hov lane, not the brightest of ideas. inving without a passenger these lanes during certain times will get you a ticket any manikin did not will be trooper. the driver was cited, nice try but we can see through that. sometimes tempting after a long day. adrianna: then you get the ticket. molly: not worth it. adrianna: today started off questionably and now -- not bad, some sunshine but clouds returning this afternoon and a chance for a few thunderstorms. annapolis, md, not that at 84 degrees. it is pretty hot. stay hydrated this afternoon and take frequent ea
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the d.c. area. the satellite and radar, more rain coming up with tropical depression cindy meeting up with a cold front bringing in steadier rainfall to parts of western pennsylvania and west virginia, getting our chance for heavier rainfall late tonight. today, noticing a few more cloud -- more cloud cover after lunch and some thunder not out of the question. watch the skies with temperatures in the upper-80's to low-90's with peak wind gust 20 mile per hour. you can see by the time you head home from work, starting friday night plans, not bad, mostly cloudy. overnight, after midnight, the yellow starting to show up, that is heavy rainfall moving into the region. overnight tonight into early saturday morning but if you have the nationals tickets for this weekend, not
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by sunday and feeling much better. the comfortable weather sticks with us into the early half of the week with upper-70's on tuesday and lots of sunshine. back to you. adrianna: thank you. happening tonight on abc 7, 2020 looks into the investigation of virginia student otto warmbier days after returning to the u.s. from north korea. bob woodruff joins us with a preview. how are you? >> good. adrianna: thank you for joining us. will we get any sort of details or enlightenment or insight into to while heed to ot was held captive in north korea? >> a lot of information has been put together, doctors look at his condition when he came back and sadly when he passed away not long ago. they cannot tell exactly what happened inside north korea.
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was a lack of oxygen in his brain. had brain injury, the brain shrunk because the cells were detained but they do not know why he was denied oxygen, so many ways this can happen, from being suffocated to having something on the top of his head and other injuries. there was no shattered bones and on hiss on the -- wounds body but the answer will not be found out until somebody can get information from north korea, those who witnessed it or participated. adrianna: today, north korea said that they are the biggest victim of this thing, all smear campaign and denied torturing or being cruel to otto. whotalk to kenneth nay was detained, is he
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insight into what happened during that time? >> he did, he was in there for two years. an american prisoner held the most. the most time spent in a prison so he knows about it as he was put in one of the camps designed for the foreigners but the only foreigner there. he went and worked eight hours per day in hard labor until he was allowed to leave. lot of he understands a what otto went through and you will hear some words from kenneth bay who is probably the best witness to what is happening inside the camps. adrianna: you talk to otto's friends, what did they have to say? >> he was a remarkable man. he was a leader in his high school, his high school friends said he was brilliant,
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them and was humbled. travel, he went to cuba, ecuador, and onto north korea which ended in this way. he was a man that was popular. he was a great athlete. a good friend to so many and you will hear that about otto warmbier. adrianna: thank you for your time, that special airs tonight on abc 7. thank you again. coming up at noon, you have heard of the funky monkey but how this guerrilla gets down is something you have to see.
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prince george's county's own markelle fultz was taken number one overall to the philadelphia 76ers. >> with the first pick in the draft, the philadelphia 76ers select markelle fultz from the university of washington. adrianna: the former dematha high school star is the first prince george's county native to go number one, averaging more than 20 points and six assists per game in his one season in college. a wet start but it has cleared up, how long will things stay this way? we have a look at the weekend forecast coming up.
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adrianna: that may be a kiddie pool but this guerrilla is not kidding around when it comes to dance moves. earned the how he title of dancing gorilla. he came to the dallas zoo from the calgary zoo where he was known for his monkey business. the moves are going viral. having a good time. molly: probably a lot of time -- people have to see that. adrianna: should we find a place to slice round this weekend? molly: steady rain by late tonight
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>> you know how they say "time is money"? well, for one of our contestants today, the next 30 minutes may be worth a cool $1 million. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire"? [cheers and applause] today's contestant is all about planning extravagant events, so i can't even imagine what his viewing party will be like after he wins a million dollars. from los angeles, california, please welcome pierce minor. [cheers and applause] how you doing, man? good to meet you. >> likewise. >> what's up, pierce, how you doing, man? >> what's up? i'm good. >> welcome to "millionaire." >> thank you. >> you ready to go today? >> i'm ready to go. >> so you're a big planner? >> i am a big planner. >> and i hear you planned a pretty e


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