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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> when i opened that door, i've never in my life seen smoke like that. horace: awakened and chased out by fire. straight ahead, rescues and challenges firefighters face as a fire ripped through an apartment. plus -- a traffic headache on the beltway, inner loop lanes after an accident involving a tractor-trailer and boat along the shoulder. for theuple of no's senate health care plan are climbing. >> now, abc 7 news at 6:00 am on your side. chaotic and terrifying scene as fire engulfed a d.c. of apartment building. thank you for joining us. i'm horace holmes.
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d.c. firefighters are still on the scene, dousing the blaze. they rescued several residents, some of whom jump from the windows to escape the flames. ryan hughes joins us from the scene. ryan: a very scary morning. 15 hours later, firefighters are still here putting out hotspots. the building is still smoldering. nearires started somewhere the third and fourth floors and took off. it happened at possibly the worst possible time, so many people sound asleep. amazingly, everyone made it out alive. moments as firefighters used ladders and scramble to rescue dozens of small children and residents trapped inside of the apartments. >> i was screaming help, help. ryan: she woke up just
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before 3 a.m. to thick smoke. outside, a wall of flames quickly spreading and engulfing the building on peabody street in northwest. >> when i opened that door, i've never in my life seen smoke like that and had that smell. ryan: tina gardner ran out the basement with her five-year-old daughter, but she could hear desperate cries for help. >> they were saying, we need help. we were telling them there are people still in there. >> we had people hanging out windows, from the second floor. they jumped and firefighters caught them. ryan: mayor muriel bowser toured the damage after the roof collapsed. more than 200 people are displaced but thankful to be alive. any families lost everything. >> it was the scariest thing i've ever gone through, and i'm just so fo
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fortunate. one person and five firefighters were taken to the hospital, but they will be ok. investigators have not been able to get inside the building to determine the exact cause. they hope to gain more information tomorrow or monday. live in northwest, ryan hughes, abc 7 news. horace: r thank you,yan. -- thank you,ryan. the district and red cross sheltering residence at the emory center. they said this is one of the biggest fires they have seen in years. >> and the national capital region, this is one of the most significant responses we have had in the past 10 years. horace: they said the best way you can help is by giving a monetary donation so they can give it to family members to spend on things they need. for more, go to breaking news, a tra
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virginia. a tractor-trailer jackknifed, halting traffic on the inner loop at the i-95 interchange in springfield. just before 4 p.m. this afternoon, a pickup truck telling a boat went on to the median and two men were re-securing it to the trailer. the tractor-trailer drifted into the median, hitting the boat and then the men. both were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. sun pushing through the clouds after rain this morning, turning into a breezy but beautiful day. alex liggitt has the first forecast. alex: a little on the warm side, but more comfortable humidity filtering and behind the cold front.
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enough to see the breeze, the rain was out of here this money. beautiful conditions right now. this is a live look, just patchy clouds across the region, the temperatures currently in the mid-80's. upper 80's to the south of d.c., 89 quantico, 84 frederick. the high pressure continues to usher in the dry air mass the next couple days. yeah really forecast for the evening, 85, mid-80's, dropping into the 70's tonight. to head out, and a great day tomorrow for the end of the weekend. right now, looks like a beautiful day to get out to nats park, mid-80's. 6:00, a toddler is dead and another in critical condition after being found in a
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a family member found the two-year-old boy unconscious this morning. officials are investigating this as a possible drowning with questions of how they got into the pool unanswered, but remaining under investigation. new information about the murder suicide in hyattsville. prince george's county police shedding light on the victims and a possible motive. investigators say that a 20-year-old shot and killed a 29-year-old friday morning after an argument at their apartment. urratt was reportedly in a relationship with his mother. after shooting him, he was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound full stop shaky support from the health care plan. five republicans have publicly come out against the proposal and at least three more are said to be wavering. we have new details of th
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reporter: americans voicing anger and frustration at the latest version of health care reform. >> i know health care is on your mind. reporter: packing town halls this weekend. >> i'm here because of the medicaid cuts and how it will affect my four-year-old daughter. >> is heartbreaking. >> i'm 104 girls who had breast four girls'm one of who had breast cancer. republicansnate technically do not need any democratic support, with a slim majority. >> we will get it done even if we don't have help from the democrats. reporter: but support from the gop is falling short. now at least five republican senator say they are not on board. >> this is not the answer. reporter: nevada senator dean heller disputing claims
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it also has deep cuts to medicaid, and nearly 40% of the nation's children. >> i'm very fearful. the protections for disabilities of pre-existing conditions are going away. reporter: the hold out senators worry the bill does not go far enough, but at least four moderates worry that the cuts go too far. democrats are driving that point home. >> it's a simple and clear message -- if you are young and healthy, you are fine for stop if you are poor, older, or sicker, you are screwed. horace: hackers hit the british parliament. british authorities say the were accounts of members disabled to prevent further intrusions. it is not clear how many accounts were compromised. >> it's a warning to everybody, whether in politics or elsewhe
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security,or cyber including safer codewords. horace: the cyber attack comes a month after a read somewhere attack on the national health service. coming up, paying respects. bowties as people packed a d.c. church to say goodbye to an influential district leader. and cooling down. if the new chillers installed in metro stations are finally working. but first come here is a look at monday's "g.m. w." >> monday, the sizzling summer heat is here. ways to protect your electric bill and keeping your home cool. >> the newest cosmetic craze for men. >> and traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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horace: it is finally feeling cooler inside of two d.c. metro stations. coolers at the station are finally working. years of leaking pipes prevented metro from running the cooling to the metro stations at dupont circle and farragut north. fares willours and be adjusted. rail riders will see a fare to $.20.of about $.10 bus rides are going up about $.20. metro will also close 30 minutes earlier during the week, at 11:30, staying open an hour later on fridays and saturdays. 7 on your side, even on the rails. get alerts about metro on ur
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/text. a picture-perfect day today. stormwatch 7 meteorologist alex liggitt explains the forecast, next.
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horace: we continue to follow breaking news on the beltway in virginia. a tractor-trailer hit a boat as two men were working to secure it to a pickup truck parked on the median of the inner loop. the tractor-trailer than jackknifed. this happened just before 4 p.m. the people on the side of the road were taken to the hospital with injuries, the drivers of the tractor-trailer were not injure
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councilmember jim graham. graham died last week at the age of 71. he was one of just two openly gay members in the council's history. he led the largest gay men's health clinic during the height of the aids crisis. >> he was very lighthearted, always happy, and he related to everyday people. and that is what you need in your elected officials. horace: many of those attending 'sday wore bowties in graham honor. 15 people confirmed dead after a massive landslide in southwest china, more than 100 missing and feared dead. most people were still asleep at the time. the remote location of the village and th
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wiped out major roadways is making rescue operations extremely difficult. happening a little too often across the area, trees snapping and falling. this fell onto a car in alexandria. there was nobody inside at the time, which is good news. nobody was hurt. this happened on alabama avenue. the police say it is still not clear why the tree came down. it was not the weather, that's for sure. alex: we had some gusty wind earlier today, 38 miles per hour, but that is not typically strong enough. i was working in the yard and one wind gust came through at about 10 a.m., and i thought it was pretty strong, but after that, nothing. horace: beautiful day. look at the skies. alex: the one place i would rather be, right there. horace: how about here? alex:
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here, of course, but belle haven country club, beautiful. get ready for the tee time tomorrow, tomorrow is a carbon copy of today. blue skies, perfect conditions. we are currently in the mid-80's. the dew point back in the 50's. that will be the same tomorrow as well, very comfortable. roanoke, a, 84 little cooler to the north and west, 76 indianapolis. we remain in the mid-80's the next couple hours. very comfortable and warm across the region, a great night to get out and enjoy the outdoors. onight a little cooler, 60 to 69, lower humidity, and the wind diminishing. the capital barbecue battle going on right now, until 9:00 tonight. tomorrow, another repeat,
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come in the 70's pride or to the event, getting into the mid-80's by the afternoon. plenty of sunshine and low humidity. just a perfect end to the weekend. will next week, this continue, averages about five degrees below average. tuesday even cooler. 70's tuesday. there is a possibility of a stray afternoon shower or storm. we are watching a little weak disturbance, but not a lot of moisture to work with. we startday, and then going the other way towards the end of next week and into the weekend, back up near 90 degrees thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. a storm chance on saturday. looking ahead, the fourth of july finally on the 10 day outlook, of course we have a threat of storms. that said. every year on the fourth of july. horace: it always turns o
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talk about. horace: let's talk about a million or. erin: i wonder what fultz is doing to celebrate this weekend. he has huge aspirations for his new team in philly. and ryan zimmerman continues to stay hot.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the nationals making their final push before the all-star break, continuing their three-game series with the reds. joe ross on the mound for the nats. washington got on the board early and did not stop. ry
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field gap, all the way to the wall. trea turner scores, so does brian goodwin. 2-0 nats. daniel murphy3-0, with a shot down the line, bases-loaded. three runs score. 6-0 nats. right now they are up rig, 13-1 in the sixth inning. orioles on the road facing the rays. top third, adam jones deep to center. it's the top of the wall, out of here, solo shot, number 13 for jones. thegame is tied at 3-3 in seventh. d.c. united broke out of a winless drought, and they have to keep the good times rolling tonight in philadelphia. this is a huge match for united, which could be looking at a playoff spot by the end of the night if they are successful in atlanta and columbus. ben o
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victory over atlanta could be the spark the team needs. a little extra effort or rebound, it does not matter, we have to find a way to score. likewe go through a rut this defensively, sometimes it takes a rebound, a little extra effort to snap out of it. watch d.c. united in philadelphia tonight, the game starting at 7:00. that is when the coverage begins on our sister station, news channel 8. is finished, and sometimes we forget a lot of these players are very young, still teenagers. markelle fultz who went number one thursday night to the sixers was introduced to the local media in philly today. fultz has big goals moving forward. >> my goal is to be the best ever to play.
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hard every day. wherever that takes me, that is my goal. , a chancelast night to show off pitching arms. they should stick to their day jobs. arst up, the lakers' ball, rainbow toss, reached home plate. everybody is talking about the phoenix suns' draft pick. well, a bitme -- outside. by outside i mean that he almost hit the photographer. apparently baseball was not his thing. but basketball will be. spirit, the washington play tonight. i was telling horace the reason they throw off to the side, it's where you step. easier said than done.
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horace: can you make it better than this? erin: it is beautiful outside. alex: i can try. i think tomorrow, and luckily i don't think any of us are working tomorrow. horace: all right. erin: we are all winning right now. alex: temperatures in the mid-80's. a beautiful end to the weekend, a great start to the work week as well. about 10 degrees below average tuesday, 83 wednesday, and then summer returns. thursday, friday, into the weekend, near 90 degrees. storm chances saturday, monday, and the fourth of july as well. erin:
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tomorrow. horace: thank you for joining us.
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tonight, president trump turning up the heat on his own party to replace obamacare. can they get the votes? plus, what president trump is now saying about russia's meddling in the u.s. election. buried alive. the deadly landslide, swallowing an entire village. destroying more than 40 homes. government hack. the cyber strike on british parliament, leading to an e-mail shutdown. are they now selling pass words? breaking news. armed standoff. suspects taking over a home after shooting at police. residents told to stay safe behind locked doors. nowhere to run. the customers trapped in a store, coming face-to-face with a massive tornado. and 911 lesson.


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