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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> i was screaming help, and still no alarms. horace: stories of survival after a d.c. apartment complex goes up in flames. smoke spot it from the roof of a d.c. hotel. what firefighters say happened. and change is in the air wheit
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what rail and bus riders need to know to not get thrown off track. news at 11:00, on your side. with a massiven apartment fire that forced more than 200 people from their beds and homes in the middle of the night. five d.c. firefighters were treated for minor injuries. what causednot know the fire, but they are watching for hotspots. we are at the rolling terrace apartments with more. it has been about 20 hours since this fire started, instill some smoldering in the corner of that apartment building. the are having to secure area for fire investigators, who still need to get inside and find out what started this blaze. dangers in
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trapped some people inside of the rolling terrace apartments early saturday morning. >> it was terrible because everything was burning up stairs. it was spreading around. reporter: this person and her two daughters lived on the first floor. they were lucky. >> the floor was about to fall down. reporter: red cross is providing shelter for families on nearby georgia avenue. many families are latino immigrants. d.c. family says they should seek help no matter their immigration status. >> inside here it's better because you see your friends and family members and you are able to rest here for the night. reporter: she has a message for firefighters. to save us,the best and i thank them. they tried their best. they saved us all from the fire. ayporter: the red cross
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the community center at 7 a.m., and then at 8 a.m. representatives of the city will come by and tell the residence with the hotel options will be that the city will subsidize. this morning's fire was so large that crews from montgomery county and prince george's county had to help. mayor muriel bowser toured the damage. that we are talking about property damage and not loss of life is remarkable. horace: they urge anyone affected by the fire to call 211 or go to the emory community center. the red cross says this is one of their most significant responses in the past decade in the area. the fire displaced more people than they have ever responded to since the march 2008
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mount pleasant. smoke pouring from the roof of a downtown d.c. hotel. d.c. fire officials say the fire on the first floor of the westin hotel kitchen got into the ductwork, sending smoke to the roof. andhotel was evacuated firefighters quickly got the fire under control. nobody was injured. a tragic scene in sterling. a pair of 2-year-olds found unconscious in a pool on acorn court. the boy is in critical condition, the girl did not survive. officials are looking into how this drowning happened. in update on the accident that shut down the inner loop the beltway near the mixing bowl. it turned deadly just before 4 p.m. near the i-95 springfield interchange. a box truck hit a boat and two men who were in
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trying to secure the boat to a pickup truck. they were taken to the hospital after they were struck. one man has died, the other has life-threatening injuries. the box truck driver was initially charged with reckless driving. all lanes of the bentley reopened -- all lanes of the beltway have reopened. despite some early rain, we had a beautiful day. tomorrow we shaping up to be even better. we get a first look at the forecast with meteorologist alex liggitt. alex: it was warm for a little while today. near 90 degrees, but right now the radar is sweeping clear and temps are dropping. degrees at the moment at reagan national. we will drop into the 60's even downtown, 71 reston and fredericksburg, annapolis 73, woodbridge
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boundary to the east. showers developing to the south of richmond. we will stay dry overnight. i think we will see temperatures drop into the lower 60's in the outlying suburbs, upper 60's, near 70 in town, but low humidity, cooler than the last couple days. highest tomorrow near 85 degrees. not quite as warm. the ever high is 87 degrees. plenty of sunshine and the key will be low humidity. just how long will it hang out and how cool we will get, about 10 degrees cooler than average starting the work week. i will let you know which of those days coming up. horace: thank you, alex. we are just hours away from big changes for metro rail and bus riders. they are operating -- adjusting operating hours, fares, and bus routes. tim ba
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tim: this is one of those metro stories that affects everyone. this metro station on the weekend will stay open an hour later, but now for some of the bad news. metro has dozens of train stations and thousands of bus stops. each one is about to see major changes. fares are increasing, hours are changing. >> increasing? people will be insane over it. tim: metro rail stations will close 30 minutes earlier during the week but stay open an hour later on the weekend. >> i think the later they stay open on the weekend, it helps people get home. tim: train and bus fares will increase roughly $.10 to $.25. >> it is not cheap for some people. it can be a big expense for people. tim: several bus lines are shutting down, such as the j5
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silver spring, which hundreds of riders depend on to go to work. and metro officials say this is not about cost. this is about safety. tim barber, abc 7 news. horace: 7 on your side when you are riding rails. get alerts about metro on your phone by signing up at /text. shaky support tonight for the senate republicans health care plan. five republicans have publicly come out against the proposal, and at least three more are said to be wavering. the congressional budget office will release its estimate on the financial impact early next week. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he wants a vote by the july for recess. in ahere, for the second row, president trump appeared to it knowledge russian interference in last year's election. in tweets today he accused the obama administration of not doing enough to stop it.
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reported the u.s. has intelligence vladimir putin directed the meddling to help donald trump in hurt hillary clinton. a judge ordering the first daughter and white house advisor in aa trump to testify trademark lawsuit involving an italian shoemaker, saying that trump stole a design. the judge says that she must answer questions in the deposition before october. trump denies any involvement with the design of the shoe. the virginia republican party has chosen a primary over the convention to nominate its candidate next year. party leaders were split on deciding a primary or convention. kaine, is running for a sixth term. >> he was very lighthearted, always happy, and he related to everyday people.
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elected officials. horace: hundreds attended the funeral for former d.c. council member jim graham, who died at the age of 71. one of just two openly gay members of the council, he was elected in 1979. before that, he led the largest gay men's health clinic. those attending the service wore bowties in his honor. a fiery scene after a plane crashes into a day care in florida. it was caught on video. plus, picking up the pieces after destructive storms sweep across the country, next
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horace: surveillance video captures the moment a small plane crashed into an empty day care center in florida. one person died. the plane went down after takeoff. butrson is in the hospital, the authorities have not said if the deceased person was in the plain or on the ground. an
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an f-16 jet in ohio. a tech sergeant has been released from the hospital. and a copilot were injured when the thunderbird jet flipped over after landing. gonzales is in good condition, expected to be released at any time. if theot clear thunderbirds will perform tomorrow at the dayton air show. the pentagon said that a tornado that hit an air force base in nebraska damaged two of four doomsday airplanes. the blue and white 747's are designed to survive a nuclear attack, and the secretary of defense often uses them flying abroad. the tornado also damaged eight air force reconnaissance aircraft. severe storms left a path of destruction this weekend. ,n greensboro, north carolina some. neighborhoods were cut off by fallen trees in
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falling on homes. the storms were part of the remnants of tropical storm cindy. a sweet smell emanating from downtown d.c. ahh. i can smell it just looking at it. the capital barbecue battle. teams are judged on the barbecue chicken, ribs, pork shoulder, and brisket. a two-time winner says the key to a big win is small recipe tweaks. >> we have a consistent formula and it stays the same, very minor tweaks. competition barbecue is a game of inches. very small tweaks over a long time. horace: if you missed out today, the barbecue battle is also tomorrow with live music. that begins at 11 a.m.
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do anything, just outside. alex: you will need the sun tomorrow and suntan lotion. low humidity. it will be nice. a good day to work tomorrow morning. now, highs in the upper 80's, near 90 degrees, falling back to 80 degrees at nationals park. 66 in the outlying suburbs, upper marlboro at 66, 67 great falls. if you are at the beaches this weekend, you lucked out. that will continue into early next week. the beach looks good all the way through next week. looking forward to the fourth of july weekend, 71 dulles, 68 gaithersburg, 66 warrenton, 77 quantico. lowe's bottom out in the 60's across the region. tomorrow
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early and often. plenty of sunshine in the morning, starting in the mid-70's at 8 a.m., getting near 80 degrees by lunchtime. the appetite is 87. the highest tomorrow will be in the mid-80's. low humidity is the key tomorrow. the dew point will back in the mid-50's. a bit of a breeze as well. a longionals are hosting stretch, the cubs coming to town early next week, monday through thursday. the first three games look great. just go to the park if you get the chance. beautiful conditions. the only possibility is a stray shower tuesday. otherwise, it will be dry. the opportunity for rain will be in the mountains. another event going on next week at wolf trap, tuesday lionel richie coming toow
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very comfortable. a little cool heading home, mid 60's later, but very comfortable. otherwise, the summerlike heat is creeping back in. next thursday, all the way into the weekend, temperatures back around 90 degrees. saturday there is a chance of a couple storms. i think that is the best possibility. a little unsettled closer towards the fourth of july. still a lot of questions to be answered in the forecast, but we have nine more days to figure that out. what are we doing tomorrow, we have gone down the list -- beach, pool. erin: perfect weather for the nationals homestand. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the nationals lineup is really good. today was another example. hits today.has five washington gets all the board right away in the first, a liner to the centerfield gap come all the way to the wall. trea turner scores and brian goodwin. more offense, daniel murphy with a shot down the right-field line with the bases loaded. three runs score. the nats scored six in the inning. 6-0. the fund is not stop. for thinning, michael a taylor launches one deep to center, gone, his first of two homers on the day. they blow the reds, 18-3. dusty
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he sees in the offense. coach baker: michael taylor had an outstanding game. he got a big double to clear the bases, got us on the board early with a double and two r.b.i.'d. matt wieters got a couple big hits. it's good to see our offense going up and down the lineup. erin: sure is fun to watch. the orioles on the road, taking on the rays. top third, adam jones, deep center, off-the-wall, solo shot, number 13 for jones. fast in the seventh come the game tied at 3-3. mark trumbo with a shot to left center, seth smith and manny machado score. the orioles score two more and win 8-3. d.c. united got a much-needed win over atlanta wednesday. they hoped to keep the momentum going tonight in philadelphia. 31st
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pass, the left-footed boot finding the back of the net. union take the lead. the best chance for united on the penalty kick, 78th minute. blake, bleich -- andre lake wins the battle. d.c. united falls on the road, 1-0. you create enough chances to get out of here with something, and we do not make the play is. it's ok, we will get back. we have a lot of games and we will build off the second half. of the topnight, two picks in the draft had a chance to show off their pitching arms. let's say they should stick to their day job. first up, the lakers' ball, rainbow toss, reaches home plate. the one that everyone is talking about on social media, the phoenix suns'
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jackson. his throw home, a bit outside. almost hit the cameramen. baseball probably not his thing. man took his city disdain for lebron james to the next level. a tattoo of lebron james' crying face. that's a little extreme. you don't like the guy, you really need a tattoo? i guess he thinks he is a crybaby. he is a big fan of michael jordan. finally, the washington spirit beat portland tonight. i would ever do that whole tattoo thing like that. horace: especially not lebron james crying.
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horace: we want to wish our colleagues at abc 7 and news channel 8 congratulations. a big night, and we collected a bunch of awards tonight. >> the ugliest dog, 2017, furball! horace: speaking of wins, the ugliest dog
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the neapolitan mastiff ended up with the title.
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horace: a spectacular light show to help open the 73-story wilshire grand center, the tallest building west of the mississippi. unlike other high-rises, the building does not have a flat roof, so you cannot land helicopters. was able to grand open because of its fire suppression technology. erin:


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