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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kimberly: straight ahead, pain and picking up the pieces after the peabody street apartment fire. what is next for investigators and affected families. >> he was the complete package, anything that you could want from a coach. kimberly: honoring the life and legacy of a local football
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killed in a terrible crash on the beltway. and relief on the rails. andtrack officially ends brings big changes with it. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. kimberly: tuna, a family worst fear is realized. good evening. i'm kimberly suiters. rolling terrace apartment buildings sits gutted. investigators found a gruesome discovery, but they still have not found the cause of the fire. ryan hughes is live in northwest with the latest. 36an: kimberly, more than hours later, you can still hear the smoke alarms going off in the building. the police still remain on the scene. the man's body was found on the third floor early this morning as his family was waiting outside. it was a heartbreaking moment.
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so many families are trying to figure out how to move forward. motta and his kids walked up the street to try to get a glimpse of their burned-out apartment and salvage anything they can. >> everything. ryan: he was turned away. the apartment building is still too dangerous. d.c. police blocked the road as the flames tore through the complex early saturday morning. worst fears came true. they waited outside of the burned building for their loved one. around noon, investigators found the man's body on the third floor come in the room where they believe the fire started. >> this is the only room they cannot get out of. ryan: 200 people have been displaced. the flames forced
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jump out windows as firefighters carried young kids down the ladder's. 45 families have been put up in local hotels. many others are staying with family members and they may never be up to return home. the red cross says they are still helping those who lost everything. bythe very best way is providing financial support to the american red cross. ryan: mayor muriel bowser released a statement -- "i was deeply saddened to hear the news and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims family and friends. yesterday's fire was a terrible tragedy for the district and the community. we will work with everyone affected and get residents back on their feet as quickly as possible." investigators will be back out tomorrow morning to continue to try to figure out what caused the fire. live in northwest, ryan hughes, abc 7 news. kimberly: to follow the very latest of
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apartment fire, survivor stories, and how to help, go to our website, picturesque start to summer 2017. the low humidity hanging around a little longer. a first look the forecast with meteorologist josh knight. the lowr us with humidity, the dry air, that means temperatures tonight will drop into the 50's in some places. right now we are near 71 degrees montgomery county, rockville. iswill be a good night if it not too late for you to open the windows and let the fresh air inside. on the big board, we are looking at a few clouds, but that is about it. most of us have clear skies. dry air in clear skies together, allowing for us to see the nice, crisp temperatures take over. there is quite a bit of green showing up on the map. these are temperatures that have dropped into the low 60's. warrenton
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in the metro, we hang onto the warmth a bit longer, 76 d.c., 70 quantico, mid 60's fredericksburg. tomorrow morning, about 63 degrees the average across the region, but some places as low as 54. we bounce back quickly, 75 by 10 a.m., 82 the high. the humidity is still low. by the end of the week, back to feeling like summer, and bringing thunderstorms. i will give you the timing and about 10 minutes. kimberly: a fairfax county community is mourning the loss of a football coach. scholz, his brother, and if you were involved in the terrible accident on the beltway yesterday near the mixing bowl. his nephew is still in the hospital tonight. players and fans are finding ways to remember their coach. >> bring the intensity! >>
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anything you could want from a coach. melissa: inspiring on and off the field, this senior is still in shock from the news. >> my phone started blowing up with football group chat. hard to copper hand. melissa: schultz, his brother, and nephew were stopped in the median of 495 to re-pitch a boat when they were struck by a pickup truck -- when they were struck by a box truck. the football team met last night and today. >> last night we came here to the field to kind of tell stories and reminisce. thessa: schultz had been football coach for six years, was a alum, and a special ed teacher. the players painted a tribute to
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>> he turned this program around for medicine football, from being kind of not good at all to being a stay contender last year. it was a pretty big deal around here. >> it will be very different without him, but all the more motivation and we will definitely play in his honor. melissa: the driver of the box truck has been charged with reckless driving and the investigation is ongoing. kimberly: happening tomorrow, a hearing in prince george's county concerning the murder of a man's wife last may. he was accused of killing a good samaritan the next day while trying to steal a car, then accused of killing a woman while trying to carjack her vehicle and aspen hill. there when, i was the police moved in and arrested him in a parking lot directly behind us. tordil
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tomorrow is the final day of the u.s. supreme court's current term. the justices are expected to issue several rulings in several cases from including the fate of president trump's travel ban. reporter: president trump has a lot riding on what happens as the supreme court wraps up its term. the justices are expected to issue a decision this week on whether they will allow the administration to immediately enforce the 90-day travel ban from six majority muslim countries. the travel ban generated intense protests when it was first enforced in february before multiple courts shut it down. >> the supreme court could lift the lower court orders and allow the travel ban to go into effect or decide to leave the court orders in effect. that is essentially the death of the travel ban. reporter: or a third option, shelving a decision until next term. the other big news involves
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justice anthony kennedy, who could possibly announce his retirement from the court monday. so far justice kennedy has not indicated any retirement plans, but his departure would allow conservatives to take firm control of the court, creating a legacy for president trump. >> he has been the swing vote on the court for more than a decade, holding up affirmative action and other hot button issues. if he goes, this court is up for grabs. reporter: justice kennedy will be 81 in july. very big week for republican efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. tomorrow the congressional budget office will release its analysis of the senate will. five republican senators bunkley oppose the measure and more are on the fence. majority leader mitch mcconnell bypushing for a vote friday. there were different protests in d.c. this weekend, the freedom of speech
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nationalist richard spencer. it was counterprotest at by the d.c. united against hate rally. corey stewart attended a rally against violence. at a rally near d.c. police headquarters. metro, it is officially the end of the line for safetrack. after tonight, there will be no more safetrack surges, meaning rush-hour parking restrictions that were involved during safetrack will be enforced against owning tomorrow. today metro started its new hours, higher fares, and bus routes. there is a full breakdown at 7 on your side when you are on the rails. get alerts about metro on your phone. we hope there are not any after all this work. you may want to sign up just in case at a crowd of motorcyclist and atv's
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northwest a little before 8 p.m. d.c. police a the first -- they were first spotted your suit with avenue and southern avenue in southeast. no injuries or accidents were reported. visitors to the world war ii memorial will notice empty fountains. the national park service drained them so they could replace the old lights. the pools are said to be refilled by friday. coming up next, tragedy yet sea. the search for survivors after a boat sank. try toing red, the nats sweep cincinnati before the reigning champs come to town. >> it does not have to be the answer. kimberly: still ahead, new beginnings for an inju
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at this hour, nearly 30 people are missing after this boat packed with
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capsized near colombia. authorities have recovered nine bodies. some 170 people were on board the boat. fishermen race to get people off the boat and out of the water. 7 on your side with continuing coverage of the takata airbag situation. the airbag maker will file for bankruptcy tomorrow. solds are expected to be to a rival company for nearly $2 billion. takata as been unable to withstand the fallout from lawsuits and penalties because of faulty airbag inflator's which can explode, sending shrapnel into passengers. at least 16 people have died worldwide because of that issue. is ins prime minister d.c. for his first meeting with president trump. a crowd of well-wishers greeted him as he arrived at joint base sanders. the president will
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base andrews. the president will host him tomorrow. later this week, the white house will welcome the new prime minister of south korea. an officer apparently kicks this wild boar. the wild boar did not like that much, sending it into a frenzy. the officer and an elderly bike rider were injured. authorities eventually captured the animal. and there they go, spacex successfully launching two 10kets this weekend, sending next gen satellites into orbit for iridium-based communications. they launched a satellite into orbit from the kennedy space center. cases, the rocket
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that's incredible. kimberly: barbecue, you love it? josh: i love it, the weather for it, barely feels like summer. kimberly: and it is so wonderful when they had this all things barbecue. today was beautiful. it really was the perfect day to be outside doing anything. days feelingt few a lot like today, if anything a little cooler. almost a little fall feel. dry, itthe air is so has a little brisk feeling. still warm at reagan national comes 76, but many places in the lower 60's. this is the magic number, talking about the dew point. that measures the moisture in the air. the lower the number, the lower the humidity, the lower the moisture. these numbers do not say how it really feels as far as warm and cool, but 40's
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with that also allows is the air to cool very efficiently. clear skies, dry air allows tomorrow morning to start off cooler. the last several mornings we've been in the 70's. tomorrow morning we will be in the 50's and 60's. clear skies across the region, cloud cover further to the south, but not much around here. we stay clear, changing to study skies tomorrow. not too much moving through. when that starts to changes tuesday as the cold front gets closer. that moves in during the day come extra cloud cover, and a slim chance of a shower. most of us are dry. don't need to bother with the umbrella, just a be shocked if we get a sprinkle. wednesday, sunny skies, high-pressure overhead. we are good until the high pressure moves into the ocean, which is when things heat up all acrossnight, 55 to 65 the
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humid and cooler in the morning. a beautiful lunchtime, right near 80 degrees, lots of sunshine. that is about as warm as we get all day, topping out near 82, mostly sunny, a comfortable. the humidity stays in check right through wednesday. comfy the first half of the week. there's to an friday that starts to move up. same thing with a temperatures. wednesday, below average, thursday and friday warming backup. we stay hot into the weekend, low 90's. with the extra heat and humidity, also a chance of scattered thunderstorms. 30% chance friday and saturday, 40% chance sunday. no particular day a washout, but starting to feel and look a lot more like summer. early look at fourth of july, near 90, partly cloudy skies. kimberly: josh's wife went to the nats game today. ro
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josh: she said it was a little hot. robert: the nats on the other hand were eyes cold. we will tell you what happened, next.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought. to you by your local toyota dealers robert: nats-reds, tanner roark on the bump, had a bumpy ride. off the gloveht, of bryce harper. two reds score. nats down big, 5-0. continues toylor sizzle, his third home run of
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nats down 6-2. the fifth, ain shot down the right-field line. the defender on his horse. he is out at the plate. nats cannot get the sweet, 6-2. hoops, mystics on the road facing the sky. closing seconds of the first, the pass from the corner, hits as the clock expires. mystics lead to big at the half. third quarter, mystic still with a big lead, 73-53. hawkins, the floater is good at the buzzer. 3.e mystics role, 97-6 tonight, right here on abc seven, abc 7 "sports sunday." lake lewis talks redskins. i go one-on-one with the dematha head coach mike jones. that is right after the news. and a big week for golf fans.
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woods kicks off at the tpc aven
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>> we are not giving up, ok? kimberly: it is a summer for series.
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up at number one. the $69 million opening is lower than each of the previous films. the movie is a hit overseas, earning nearly $200 million worldwide. stayed at second place for its fourth week. 3" rounded out the top three. a marine injured on the battlefield will not stop fighting. a chulawrence becoming vista police officer come outside of san diego. he called it one of his greatest moment in his life. he was injured in iraq during an ied explosion. he was determined not only to learn to walk and run again but to learn how to box and push forward with a new dream to become a police officer. >> he is the most able-bodied person i've ever met. he has been challenged in his
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gone to the highest levels. he is inspiring. >> just keep putting an effort, make a plan, achieve your goals. kimberly: lawrence said he was motivated after being rejected because of his physical limitations by the orange county sheriff's department. congratulations. we have been following the story for about a week -- idaho's largest sequoia tree weighs about 8000 pounds. it was uprooted carefully and move to a new location. tube toe using rolling move it. it was grown from a seed by a famous naturalist more than a century ago. it had to be moved to make way for a hospital expansion. well worth the trouble.
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