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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  June 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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administration. jonathan: our instapoll -- nancy: do you agree with decision. go to chief political correspondent scott thuman is joining us to set the stage for an epic legal showdown. scott? scott: weep in mind this has been -- keep in mind this has been fought over for months in the lower court. people were curious if the supreme court would take it up. but we got the official word. it will go before the court when it takes up session october 2 and beyond. in the meantime, the supreme court also decided what should happen. the arguing and celebrating are in for repeat this summer. after a supreme court decision allowing the president to partly enforce his travel ban. what does it mean for those wanting to come t
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u.s. from the six named countries? they are allowed if the citizen can prove the traveler is of a close familial relation, if a company given a job to the person or if the university officially accepted them as a student. otherwise they won't be allowed in unless they have low pressure been granted a visa. >> one of our early presidents said the supreme court has given their opinion. now let's see them enforce it. in this case, trump got the opinion he wants to enforce. scott: attorney and professor points out the spin may be temporary until the court hears oral arguments in october. >> trump will say i told you it was the right thing to do. it was the ultraliberal judges on the west coast that tied it up. the other side will say you can't have a blank ban. scott: the court said the 12 o-day ban on refugees is allowe
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the aclu vowed to see him in court #nomuslimbanever. the president cheered it adding i can't allow people in our country who want to do us harm. many wondering if the government will be better around this time around to implement this plan. the department of homeland security, jonathan, issued a statement today saying it will be done professionally and with clear and public notice. jonathan: scott, the big question now, any grace period or the timetable when it will take effect or does it kick in now because of the stay from the supreme court? scott: it could happen quickly. the president stated last week if there were the decision of the supreme court he would like to see all that happened within 72 hours. so we shouldn't be shocked. clearly some of the department like customs and border, i.c.e., homeland security, some of the embassies have been prepping for this, so this could go into effect quickly. we haven't seen an official timeline. we will keep an eye on
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let you know when we do. jonathan: scott, thank you so much. other big news from the supreme court today. we will look at the decision allowing religious charitable groups to receive state funds. and court with religious objections after a baker did not want to bake a cake for a same-sex couple in colorado. and they don't take up a court case on firearms in san francisco. alison: the man who went on two-day shooting rampage across prince george's in montgomery county paralyzing the area pleaded guilty again today. this time to the murder that started it all. the shooting of his estranged wife. maryland bureau chief brad bell has the plea deal. brad: for two days, eulalio tordil was a one-man killing machine on a brutal crime spree. he shot people at montgomery mall and aspen hill sh
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at high point high school where tordil murdered his exstranged wife gladys and wounded a man who tried to protect her. >> this was a crime against the entire community. brad: tordil was ultimately cornered and captured by montgomery county police the next two after two additional murders. when confronted he gave up without a fight. today he did the same thing in prince george's county circuit court as he did in montgomery county. he pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder. prosecutors made no deal. angela alsobrooks said it means that gladys' daughters won't have to suffer through a trial. >> the worst nightmare would have to come to court and look at this man, testify and further victimize them. brad: he will be back in court july 7 for sentencing. he will be sentenced in prince george's county in september and he
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of consecutive terms of life without parole. his attorney saying he is looking forward to sentencing so he can explain that he is more than just a man who committed the horrible crimes. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: this is the conclusion to one case. to see abc7's original reporting head to our website and search tordil. nancy: all right. when it comes to the weather a near perfect if not a perfect start to the week. if you are thinking of dinner outside this is the day to do it. stormwatch7's commander-in-chief with the forecast. doug: gorgeous and gorgeous can be. chesapeake, maryland. the bay, look at the numbers. comfortable. reagan national airport bright sunshine and 84 degrees. across the rest of the region, comfortable readings. low 80's widespread. 779 in winchester. 80 in baltimore. with mostly clear skies we will drop 57 to 63
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a great wakeup tomorrow morning. through the day tomorrow, a little disturbance to bring us period of cloud and showers. we talk about that when the heat and the humidity returns and the next ten days in 12 minutes. john? that we look forward to it. thank you. preparing for the purple line. the maryland transit administration purchasing properties along the route. now they are empty and sitting in disrepair while the light rail system is in a legal limbo. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis with the problem. kevin? kevin: and jonathan, the state bought three properties alone in the silver spring neighborhood. this house is one of them. from the grass and weeds, large pass of dry dirt. plywood, covering holes in the ground. and then in the backyard beyond the chain linked fence there is a large pile of debris made up of wood and furniture. a few blocks from here, two three-story apartment buildings. the landscaping is also in a questionable
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has now become a makeshift mechanic shop for broken down cars. one woman says she contacted the maryland transit administration multiple times. but never heard back. she reached out to montgomery county councilman tom hucker's office which proved to be a wise move. m.t.a. promising to sent out a crew to cut the grass and remove trash from all three properties at some point this week. >> i just don't want it to go downhill. this is our home. this is where we live. if they can keep up the appearance so it's not trashy, we're willing to work with them. kevin: an unknown factor, the purple line on hold due to the civil lawsuit, will the properties be raised t
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way for the light rail system? live in silver spring, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: thank you. sergey kislyak, the russian ambassador at the center of the investigations in washington is stepping down. he will leave his post in d.c. and return to moscow after nearly a decade here. and antonoff is expected to be his successor. the president communicating with americans via twitter saying president obama did nothing about russia's hacking during the 2016 election season. saying the former president expected hillary clinton to win. the tweets said obama had collusion but there is no evidence of collusion with the trump campaign and russia. jonathan: coming up. say your prayers. that was the pilot's plea over the loud speaker on a scary flight. nancy: are scary. also this. >> i have been here since 5:15. it's just been dreadful.
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turned into a parking lot in the morning commute. the two accidents that shut it down. wait until you see how far traffic was backed up for. alison: also ahead, takata owes too much money to too many people. how bankruptcy could affect payouts to victims next in a "7 on your side" consumer alert.
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jonathan: a "7 on your side" consumer alert, embattled air bag maker takata filing bankruptcy in the u.s. and japan. alison: this is a stunning fall for takata. one of a titan of the auto parts industry. nancy: "7 on your side"'s kimberly suiters has what it means if you have a faulty air bag. kimberly: this is a $1.5 billion bankruptcy filing by takata. on page three, big numbers. estimated number of creditors, 50,000 to 100,000. estimates assets are less than $10 billion. estimated liability is $50 billion. do the quick math. there is not enough money to pay everyone who is harmed financially or physically. >> i apologize deeply from the bottom of my heart. >> the c.e.o. vowing to resign from the company the family founded 80 years ago. on the verge of collapse. under the weight of unprecedented global recall affecting 100 million
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inflators. there is a $1 billion criminal fine for u.s. wire fraud. takata admitted to manipulating key air bag installation. what does it mean for those killed by the air bag, like this high school senior or injured like corey who lost the use of his right eye. >> a millimeter from my brain. i could be six feet under the ground. >> for next few months, they will settle the dispute in the courts and there won't be enough money to compensate everyone. although money, they recommitted the product to the u.s. government to pay $125 million to compensation for the victims. for the u.s. drivers waiting for the air bag to be replace, they will likely pick up the anticipated $5 billion tab. so that is the rub. in last hour i spoke to an
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americans injured. he said this will slow the process and not diminish it. what will change is the automobile manufacturers have to pay out the claims without much financial help from takata. back to you. alison: that is stunning. thank you. jonathan: still the issue about what to do about the bags. the "7 on your side" team has been on top of the story since it broke. recognized with an emmy for the air bag investigation. if you want to see the original reporting done, go to and enter "sudden impact." this was a father's day gift you can't buy on the store or online. a father biking 1,400 miles to hear his daughter's beating heart again. he lost his daughter in a freak accident in cancun. on sunday he listened to the sound of his little girl's heart beating in the chest of a patient whose life she saved. >> made it a little bit easier we were helping someone
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need. >> she saved me. i can't repair. i wish i could. all i can do is send my love to his family. >> jack's alive and she's alive. it's her heart. jonathan: the father started the trip in madison, wisconsin. he stopped to listen to his daughter's heart, neurobaton rouge, louisiana. the next stop is florida where he will visit the medical center where his daughter donated the organs and then scattered the ashes in the ocean. alison: incredible. so moving. jonathan: so many people have donated the organs before. the connection they literally binds them; which is nice to see. jonathan: harry potter, the philosopher's stone. since 1997, there have been seven sequals and eight movies. a
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only 500 hardbacks were printed in the first run. if you are someone with a first edition, dig it out. they fetched up to $38,000. jonathan: wow! alison: j.k. rowling tweeted about it. this is cool. you will love this. hot dog maker oscar mayer isn't just delivering but it's meals on wheels. you can grab a wiener from the sky. the company -- jonathan: what? alison: the wiener cycle. and the wiener drone. they will join the wiener mobile, the wiener mini and the wiener rover to deliver the new hot dogs. catch the new addition and the hot dogs, where else? wiener, arkansas. nancy: i didn't know there was a town. alison: who knew? that is in the july 4th weekend. jonathan: destination to go. is that a wien
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nancy: the wiener drone. the future is now. there was a different ride going on in portland, oregon. it's blurred because thousands of people got together. take a ride naked. it's all for the world naked bike ride. the seven-mile protest against global dependency on fossil fuel. not everyone bared it all. you could be at a comfortable level. >> i fell in love with my body last time so i do it to be comfortable in my own skin. bodies are just bodies. it's okay to be around and be comfortable in your skin. nancy: it seems like it would hurt. but because of the protest the portland police didn't cite anyone. alison: comfortable is not a word i would think of when i see that. on a more
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firefighters bracing for strong winds as they fight fires in utah. one fire burning near the ski town of brian head that forced 1,500 people from the home and the cabins. more evacuations are ordered at this time. the fire burned more than 6 square miles and cost $7 million to fight it. jonathan: further out west hurricane in the pacific. hurricane dora is the first of the 2017 season in eastern pacific. right now dora's winds up to 85 miles per hour. that makes her a weak one. people are keeping an eye on the tropics, though. dora is not expected to make landfall, which is always good news when they stay out in the ocean. doug: headed the other way. it's headed due west. projections right now is it will weaken in the next several days. jonathan: perfect. doug: a good reminder. first one of the pacific season. we haven't had a hurricane yet. we had a tropical storm. keep an eye on it. nancy: we are spoiled today with the weather. doug: as good as it gets, the end of june. low
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tomorrow is cooler with shower spots. then wednesday a day like today. then the heat and the humidity comes back. big time. let's get you started here. we start with a time lapse from the national harbor. a beautiful sunrise. nothing but sunshine. fair weather clouds. take a look through the early afternoon. wind up now at the current view at the potomac. temperatures wise, you won't beat this. 79 in clifton. 82 in ashburn. 81 in springfield. 81 in largo. and through the evening for any outdoor plan this evening through the sunset and beyond it is just about ideal. it's mostly clear and warm but comfortably so with the temperatures dropping from the lower 80's to the 80 degree mark.
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there is a low pressure system across michigan that swings southwest. what will happen tomorrow is the system will spread east. the trough of the low pressure will come from the south of the system. and may set the stage for scattered showers over part of the area through the afternoon. close up on the satellite, cloudiness. that is it. we check out the future and the future cast we stay mostly clear and partly cloudy overnight. tomorrow we pick up cloudiness as the disturbance makes its way southeastern across the mountain. models place showers. they have steadier, a heavier rain. we will put it in a chance. 30% chance of scattered showers developing through the evening. we will clear out late tomorrow night and good to go to wednesday with another day of sunshine.
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the forecast for tomorrow, sunny and partly cloudy through the morning. mostly cloudy midday with a cloud and sprinkles. the weekend is hot and humid. you will be back in the pool. hot and humid low 90's with the afternoon thunderstorms. for the next ten days here is what we have. plenty of sunshine heading through wednesday, thursday, friday. friday is 94. maybe the afternoon thunderstorms. over the weekend just hot and humid. typical weather for the first weekend of july saturday and sunday. heat and humidity brace next week. still watching the fourth of july. for the moment, we will talk about the chance of storms but that is eight days out. nancy: thank you, doug. next at 4:00, new concerns about a social media app that is popular with teens. the new snapchat feature that lets people track the movement. jonathan: the last thing you want to hear from a prayer. "say your prayers." can real scare in the air that prompted the
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nancy: we have an alert for parents about the app snapchat. you need to know about the future called snap maps. abc's jesse palmer has more on the red flags it's raising. >> thanks to a new feature, snap map, not only can you see what your friends are doing. you can
4:25 pm
join the fun. but this morning many parents of the younger snapchat users are worried that the sharing has gone too far. putting their privacy at risk. >> it's one of the most popular social networks. >> you are prompted to opt in or stay in ghost mode, the default setting to see where others are. but they can't see you. according to snapchat it is impossible to share locations with someone who isn't your friend. you can select which friends see you and which don't. some fear this visibility makes the kids vulnerable. >> you as a parent want to know who the friends are or snapchat. they canning to the settings. >> it may be alarming for parents but location sharing isn't new.
4:26 pm
find my friends allow you to share the specific location with others. since this type of technology isn't going away anytime soon, experts suggest to talk to the kids about who you add on snapchat and be selective what the word "friend" means. when you update the app, make sure you are up to date on what it means for them. jonathan: that is jesse palmer. you give so much information without doing anything. nancy: there are so many and always a tracker on you. alison: young kids understand a lot of that stuff so much better than the parents. jonathan: they explain it to the parents. nancy: i'm watching you. next at 4:00, a busy day. in addition to the travel ban ruling supreme court gave a big victory to churches, especially in virginia. we will explain it ahead. jonathan: hopefully you didn't get stuck in this. backed up for miles. look at the wreck that caused it an
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happened. ten mile stretch. alison: witnesses say a pack of people on a.t.v. and motorcycles swarming k street on sunday afternoon. where the riders wreaked havoc when i join you at
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announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. scoring the republican healthcare bill. 22 million more americans uncovered by to 16 -- 2026. it would cut $120 there the deficit through the reduced spending. we will have more as the numbers come in. michelle: a rough start to the work week this morning on the beltway. i took some people more than five hours to get to work because of all of this. in some cases some folks ran out of gas. suzanne kennedy with two crashes that turned it into a parking lot. zeus you can see the inner loop of theb
4:31 pm
reopened after being closed for four hours at the height of the monday morning commute. taking place at 5:15 between exit 174 reasoned 173. this is the eisenhower connector. there were two accidents. one involved two vehicles and then a pedestrian was struck. that is the fatality from the accident. at the height of the situation there was a seven-mile backup that went through alexandria across the woodrow wilson bridge and to prince george's county. the roadway became a parking lot. some people were getting out of the cars, walking around, playing frisbee. detailing the vehicles. there were extensive delays. a lot of people dealing with a frustrating morning commute. >> timing is everything. i was supposed to leave last night. i'm sorry about what happened to the people
4:32 pm
this is what it is. >> i got here at 5:15. i'm thinking okay. you saw the emergency vehicle going down. turn on the news. a fatality. >> no worked if charges will be filed or the identity of the person killed this morning. in alexandria, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. >> don't get caught up in the backup. sign up for traffic alert at to find the best work around. delays on the red line, here is why. smoke. a worker took a fire extinguisher to the track with him. red line trains were single tracking around union station. they's ended but they are warning of the possible delays. jonathan: back now in the weather center with doug hill. if you didn't get out today in
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get out there. beautiful weather. >> gorgeous. low for the season. the next couple days the temperatures are fine but at the end of the week the heat and the humidity is coming back. give you a preview. this is summer in washington. right now a click of the button. numbers appear. very comfortable. 87 the average high for june. 82 in warrenton. 77 in annapolis. 78 in hagerstown. 77 and comfortable in winchester. overnight, the skies are clear. when you wake up tomorrow, the numbers range from the mid-50's in germantown, 61 in largo. 60 in waldorf. and la plata. 58 in fairfax. close to 63. we will give it period of cloudiness and possibly a few scattered showers. highs are only 78. that is ten degrees below average.
4:34 pm
week, we have a big change coming. gorgeous weather on wednesday. 83. we get through thursday and friday. the same high pressure bringing us beautiful weather. go out in the atlantic and return the hot and the humid, southerly and southwesterly winds. steamy out there. steve rudin will be back to look at the weekend. nancy: thank you. trying to open the emergency exit midflight is what the passengers say happened on a southwest flight from l.a. to houston. they had to divert because of an outburst. a passenger said the door would not open but another passenger wouldn't stop trying. >> sheer to off a piece of it. there was a -- she tore off a piece of it. we had been visiting corpus christi for four or five hours after that. >> off-duty officer with another man on board helped to hold back unruly passenger. jonathan:
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begin to violently shake. peek are freaking out. this is airs but a-33. pound for malaysia. it had to return to perth. but at some point the pilot got on and said everybody say your prayers. the passengers said they first heard a blast from the left engine and the entire cabin was shaking like a washing machine. because of the shaking and what the pilot had to say, the nerves were frayed. but they did land safely and got on another plane. michelle: you don't want to feel like you're in the gentle cycle on a flight. for sure. -you would rather stay on the ground -- who wouldn't after those two stories -- how about amtrak? they have a new c.e.o. who will led the railroad next month. nancy: a new contender in the race for the prince george's county execut
4:36 pm
was running today. rushern baker the current county executive already said he is running for governor. jonathan: washington, d.c. will issuing a nonneutral gender driver's driver's licens. michelle: chelsea manning took part in her first pride event as a free woman. the former u.s. army soldier was at the new york city pride march on sunday. she was sentenced for 35 years for leaking classified documents to wikileaks. former president obama commuted her sentence in january. a "7 on your side" consumer alert now. facebook is in talks to produce original tv quality shows. they andcated that it is willin
4:37 pm
will have production of $3 million, per episode. no binge watching here. >> security underway in the trial of martin shkreli. the former c.e.o. that became a pariah after raising the cost of life saving medication 5,000%. 34 years old and he has been vocal on the social media calling members of congress imbeciles. he told the "associated press" he is expected and can't wait for the trial to begin. >> right at us! >> for the win! jonathan: nex
4:38 pm
for the ages. the epic chip-in. but you have to see the reaction. you wouldn't expect this on a golf course. we have it for you. >> if you lose history, you lose perspective. hopefully we educated a family. a purple heart returned to the family and you won't believe where it was found. just ahead. michelle: autria godfrey has a look at what is coming up tomorrow morning on "good morning washington." autria: all right. thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington," d.c. becomes the first in the nation to issue transgender licenses. we are live at the d.m.v. with reaction to the landmark move. >> plus, should children get paid to do chores? how about chipping in for college? discover how to make your kid a money genius. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes
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nancy: i love this movie. "wonder woman" made box office history and pulled in more money worldwide. it has grossed $662 million.
4:42 pm
michelle: girl power there. serena williams would be 700 in the world on the men's tennis tour. not my words. that is the claim from john mcenroe. he said no question serena williams is the best female player ever. but he claims she wouldn't be able to compete on the same platform as men. for the record, he has seven grand slam titles and williams has 23. jonathan: i bet he is 100% wrong. michelle: i think you are 100% right. jonathan: the golf shot everyone is talking about. jordan spieth. young man, quiet type. but great golf. one playoff he needed a shot. if he doesn't make it he doesn't win. watch. >> he has done it again. >> you don't normally see it on a
4:43 pm
congrats to him. he got calm enough to walk over and shake his competitor's hands. coming up next, 99 years after the soldier awarded a purple heart, the family reunited with the medal. you won't believe where it was found. nancy: the supreme court opening up money for the oldest religious i
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nancy: new developments overseas. there may have been a factor if the flames spreading and they will stop using the paneling moving forward. jonathan: guilty of murder in second-d
4:47 pm
did kill the 2-year-old whose boston washed ashore on island. hay had to use computer generated picture to identify her. mccarthy is not eligible for parole for 50 years. nancy: mother of philando castile reached settlement in the death. michelle: the 32-year-old killed by a minnesota police officer in a traffic stop in july. the case made infamous when castile's fiancée aired it live on facebook. the travel ban is back. supreme court says part can be enforced. this comes on the last day of the 2017 ruling session. the revised version limiting travel from six middle east nations will be heard by the supreme court in
4:48 pm
nancy: abc7's nathan baca explains another case. nathan: this is a victory for churches, especially in virginia. they are one that banned the grant money. we visited a lutheran church in alexandria. there was one that said they couldn't apply money for the playground. this could go to the community projects but opponents say it takes away the separation of church and state. >> we are hoping to put solar
4:49 pm
the start support the refugees in the country. >> this is unfortunate. for the first time the supreme court mandated that some states start to fund churches. nathan: today's decision does not affect the churches in maryland and west virginia. reporting live from the supreme court, nathan baca, abc7 news. jonathan: high court rejected another appeal whether you have a right to carry a gun outside the home. the justices left in place from the lower court ruling that uphold san diego limit on permit for concealed weapons. california is tough laws when it comes to guns. in 2008, the court ruled that the second amendment applied to guns as self-defense in the home, not in public.
4:50 pm
larry: two tourists attacked walking down the street. we have shocking video to see. and a.t.v. and why police think it's the same group. and see the mistake on the redskins logo coming up. jonathan: see you then. the family reunited with a purple heart awarded. the corporal gassed with the division in france in 1918. the purple heart reunited, helped return the medal and found in a gift shoppe in upstate new york. >> this is the caption of why we do this.
4:51 pm
perspective. jonathan: in five years they returned 200 medals to the rightful owner. nancy: that is incredible. governor is stepping in amidst alleged grade fixing to boost graduation rates. he sent two letters to ask the school board to investigate wrongdoing. kevin maxwell says the allegation are false. michelle: the marion barry summer youth program starts today.
4:52 pm
scholarship program. they will select 25 summer job participants. my first job was working at my parent's restaurant. steve: what kind of a restaurant? i'm curious. michelle: west indians. >> i folded clothes at hollister. jonathan: i cleaned houses. steve: i worked at the gap. [laughter] let's talk about the weather. low humidity. comfortable temperatures. if you like heat and the humidity it's coming back. i promise. looking at the dulles international airport. this does stay dry and the temperatures are nearly perfect. it's upper 70's. winchester is 77 in luray. showing you th
4:53 pm
temperatures all over the 70's. clear to partly cloudy skies. the stormwatch7 satellite and the radar, not a lot going on out there. it's dry. get out and enjoy it. middle 60's and cooler north and west. tomorrow due to clouds a chance for showers. high pressure is moving off the coast. the winds will return south and west to crank up the heat and the humidity. there are bigger changes on the way. this weekend, lower 90's. to the pool. saturday and sunday. they may dodge shower and thunderstorms. ahead to the fourth of july. week from tomorrow. 88 degrees and a chance of
4:54 pm
jonathan: thanks. coming up next at 4:00 -- rising heat can lead to a shattered summer. you won't believe how many broken glass patio tables are
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fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs, 20 times faster than most people have. and the price is amazing too for $79.99 a month online for the first year you'll get our fastest triple play with hbo included for 2 years. leave cable's slower internet speeds behind. so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement.
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thanks for tnorfolk!around and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico®. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. john: andrew williams shows up what is left of the glass patio stable after it
4:57 pm
day of the year. >> i heard it and glass everywhere. >> exploded. john: mom christine are thankful the young children were not on the deck. >> nothing hit it. no animal jumped on it. no one was outside. my daughter was outside an hour beforehand. john: she googled the manufacturer, court-yard creations and found several homeowners reporting the same thing. >> it was off, the glass explodes. john: glass patio tables are light weight, affordable and easier to keep clean than metal tables like this one. but the tempered glass can come with a downside. no matter what brand. >> it's common in the industry. john: glass installer gary told our sister station that temperature changes appear to be the cause in most cases. the government has hundreds of complaints about tempered shower doors, desks and glass cabinets all breaking without warning. but gary says tempered glass is safe, as the demonstration shows. it shatters
4:58 pm
pieces but tempered glass will break into tiny pieces and less likely to cut you. a spokesperson tells us out of 10,000 patio tables sold each year, they receive two or three complaint of shattering. but the wilsons remain concerned. >> i still wouldn't think a table would explode because it's hot outside. john: again the manufacturers refund their money. how can you protect your family? while they insist glass tables are safe you might want to consider a wood or a metal table so you don't waste your money. john matarese, abc7 news. larry: at it again. two new incidents and a promised crackdown. eminent domain eyesore. neighbors vent frustration to abc7 about leftovers from the $5 billion purple line crisis. and lead in schools for a decade. "7 on your side" calling them out. again. and the news isn't much better. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00", on y
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alison: we begin tonight with this. caught on camera. a sea of people on a.t.v.'s and motor bikes weaverring through traffic, even up on the dividers in between the lanes. this is on k street northwest d.c. the same group, police believe, buzzed through national harbor this weekend as well. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live there. sam, what can police do about this? sam: well, alison police say they are making greater efforts to identify and lock up individuals who are involved in these groups. places like here at national harbor last evening, buzzing with dirt bikes and a.t.v.'s as traffic stopped. it's all over social media today. the a.t.v./dirt bike crowd seen here at the national harbor around 8:00. a group blowing past the int
5:00 pm
northwest. a witness said a motorcycle blocked traffic and it took five minutes for the rest to pass there were so many. prince george's police officials came to the national harbor to denounce the riders. >> this will not be tolerated. for those engaging in it we want you to know you are not safe. we are coming for you. sam: police say this is not sport. it's dangerous behavior that could hurt innocent people. >> everybody who is down here has a right to be safe. we understand that. we will be putting more and more resources in this. we will apprehend more and more people and bring them to justice. >> we followed police in the national harbor monitoring center where the cameras captured images they will turn over to the prince george's police. this is their worst experience. >> incident in the last couple of years. but what we see this time is a greater number. >> there is no official count, of course. but most observersa


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