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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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that brings us to the instapoll question tonight. do you agree with the decision? head to to weigh in. jonathan: go to brianne carter who is live outside the supreme court breaking down the decision. this is a big one. brianne: indeed. tonight the supreme court justices saying they will take up the case in the fall. still the question of whether or not it will be a moot point with just really 90 days in the travel ban. so tonight, both sides of the issue planning victory. >> the highest court in the land partially reinstating the trump travel ban. in the opinion, the supreme court justice said travel from six mostly muslim countries to the u.s. will not be allowed for anyone who looks any bona fide relationship with a person or entity here in the united states. however, people who already have a relationship with someone or something would be allowed to travel to the u.s. >> if you are a student at a college or a university, if
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here and work. if you are invited to participate in an academic conference or some other meeting. any legitimate relationship with someone in this country the been a does not apply to you. >> president trump calling at it victory for national security. adding this gives him an important tool to protect the homeland. but tonight the aclu also claiming victory. adding this decision also would allow many refugees to come to the u.s. >> i think for most refugees they developed a relationship with some refugee organization. the process takes months or years. >> tonight the center for american islamic relations also weighing in. saying in part the ruling ignored anti-muslim big tri at the heart of the travel ban executive order and will embolden islamphobes.
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the department of homeland security saying they will work with the state and the justice department on this. we know both sides are expected to file briefs over the summer in this. the justices are expected to take it up in fall. jonathan: thanks. the travel ban was not the only decision made by the supreme court. they were busy. a big win for churches across the country. the supreme court ruled religious institutions should be eligible to receive funds for secular purposes, perhaps like building playgrounds. the court ruled they will hear the case around the owner of a colorado bakery who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple in to -- in 2012. the court saying it won't take up a case with a san diego order that requires gun owners to have a good reason to carry a concealed firearm outside of their home. a man behind a two-day killing spree last summer
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eulalio tordil charged with murdering his estranged wife and wounding another person in the parking lot of high point high school. the bloodshed spilled in the next day after he opened fire outside of westfield montgomery mall, killing one man and injuring two others. police say he drove to a giant in aspen hill and killed another woman sitting in her car. michelle: caught on camera. a swarm of a.t.v. and dirt bike riders barreling down k street. this is not the first time we have seen riders taking over the street in district and prince george's county. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live with a plea from so many who want it to end. sam? sam: the police talked about the video of the dirt bike or the a.t.v. riders going down the sidewalks saying what if someone walked out of the store at that point and got hit? there is a call to an end to this. police sa
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the person who shot this video they said it took five minutes for them all to pass. >> we believe the group may have participated in h street and continued to ride here. sam: videos of the group all over social media. in d.c. and the national harbor in maryland. the police warned riders. >> we will knocking on your door and coming for you shortly. >> they insisted they captured images and will turn them over to the police to identify and prosecute. police say some consider this fun. it could be anything. two years ago in d.c., a young journalis
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when a shooter on a dirt bike fired at a man on the bus stop and grabbed miltonias a human shield. she was killed. >> utilizing the aviation assets. sam: the police are stepping up enforcement but they won't chase drivers. >> we won't meet reckless behavior with our own reckless behavior. >> security here at the national harbor says there are instances in past where there have been dirt bikes and a.t.v.'s riding through here. but nothing like the massive number of a hundred or so that came through here last evening. reporting from prince george's county maryland, sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. the investigators have yet to release the name of a woman killed in a crash that brought the beltway to a stand still. the woman hit by a car after she got off a car to inspect
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there was a ripple effect around the region. >> i got here at 5:15. a faye tamty. jonathan: it happened on the inner loop near the van dorn exit. the backed up spread for seven miles across the wilson bridge to prince george's county. tears and tension. >> i think when there are four people crying in the room. jonathan: that was about jury duty. the jurors opening up the crucial moments moments in the l cosby deliberation. plus -- >> we are finished with everything.
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what had pilot urging passengers to pray? doug: the week started off feeling more like spring than summer but trust me. summer is coming back in a big way later in the week. i have the forecast coming up.
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michelle: new details in the bill cosby sex assault trial. a juror goes on to talk about the intense lib deliberation. lindsey mastis sat down with the juror and explained why he thinks that the case ended in a mistrial. >> is there something that could have happened differently to change the outcome? >> evidence. we all said it a million times in the room. if there is other evidence. more substantial evidence we'd have a better verdict. >> you can't say your opinion one way or another about where you fell? >> in my opinion i can. i thought he was guilty. >> the case came down to he said, she said with the look after evidence. jonathan:
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maker takata filed for bankruptcy protection in the united states and japan. the company's assets are expected to be sold to a rival company for $2 billion. takoma has been unable to withstand the fallout due to faulty air bag inflators. they can explode sending shrapnel in the cars. 16 people have been kill and 200 others hurt world wilde because of the issue -- worldwide because of the issue. michelle: snapchat is easing to relieve privacy concerns about the new snap map user. they can share the information on a map. they can control who sees the information, the privacy experts and parents say it puts children at risk. >> you as a parent want to know who your children's friends are.
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the privacy experts say talk to the kids about what information should and should not be made public. the deadly inferno. the search for what caused a massive fire at d.c. apartment complex. jonathan: someone in boston is missing out on a lobster dinner. thanks to the t.s.a. find out what he did to end up in cuffs instead of now at havertys furniture, it's our star spangled sale. now through july 10th,save up one-thousand dollars in bonus discounts to create your perfect home. plus, you'll get thirty-six month, no interest financing. hurry in and celebrate with big savings. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. the star spangled sale is on now at havertys. life looks good.
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♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. jonathan: right now investigators are digging into what caused a massive apartment fire on peabody street. i was horrible. it left one person dead and hundreds of others fleeing for their lives. michelle: ryan hughes is outside the building with an update on the investigation. >> they haven't said anything. ryan: frustration is mounting after scores of residents wait outside a burned building hoping to get in and salvage the belongings. >> let us in to recover the personal stuff like important documents. like passports. social security. green cards. >> chris and his family were sleeping on the first floor when the flames quickly
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morning on peabody street. >> we have several people hanging from windows. ryan: details a fire moment after a daring rescue. >> i got to the first floor. via the stores. there is heavy smoke on the first floor. >> a man's body was found in the rubble on the third floor sunday morning. investigators are still working to determine a cause as melanie galloway waits to get back inside. >> i have been on the phone trying to get prescriptions for children. >> but the city has not turned the building back over to the management company. the management company says engineers have been out and the building is structurally sound but it suffered damage from the flames and the water and the entire building will have to be renovated. >> residents have been put up in hotels and for now it's a holding pattern until the investigation is over. in northwest, ryan news, abc7
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speeding s.u.v. plows into a crowd of skateboarders. they were celebrating world skateboarding day. but only three people suffered minor injuries. the driver hit them and then raced off. >> six flags, a young girl plunges 25 feet from the air to the arm of a group of strangers. the this-year-old got stuck on the gondola ride and the rescuers say she is lucky to be alive. >> she didn't get caught. she would have been in a body cast. broken bones or worse. michelle: today the police said it was the teen's actions and not mechanical problems that caused her to slip under the metal restraining bar on the gondola. jonathan: wow! lucky they caught her. never good when you hear the
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flight to pray. that is exactly what happened on a flight from australia to malaysia. watch. okay. that is not the video i was hoping for. this shows the vibration. look at the cabin. it's vibrating. bang from the left engine. the cabin for whatever reason started to vibrate. that is when the pilot got on the loud speaker and told the passengers it would be a good idea for them to pray. this plane returned to australia, landed safely in perth. the passengers recorded the ordeal on their phones and no word what caused the shaking. i appears that one of the engines malfunctioned. everybody on board knew that. the twin engine jets are designed to operate on only one engine. michelle: i can't imagine that for two hours. jonathan: no. michelle: check this out. this will give you a taste for seafood dinner. monstrous 20-pound lobster found inside someone's checked
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international airport. jonathan: oh, that. michelle: yeah. for those who don't know. lobsters are allowed to be checked in. but they have to be in clear spill proof containers. so that is what did them in here. no word if the passengers were able to keep this big guy. when you see that you think to be center tail, to be center mac 'n' cheese. bisque. jonathan: for a month! hello, doug. nice day to enjoy crab outside. doug: it felt more like spring today. michelle: beautiful. low humidity. doug: going to feel like summer by the end of the month. july starts saturday. full summer mode by then. look at hagerstown. the view of the sky. more clouds in western maryland, in the western zone than the metro area. still pleasant. 78 degrees with the low humidity reading. absolutely delightful stuff. take a look at the numbers here on the almanac page. 84 and 68 the high and low. average is 87, 69.
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either. we will see a cooler trend tonight and tomorrow morning. at the moment it's 79. potomac and falls church. 81 at chevy chase. 84 in waldorf. 8 in downtown washington. 70's to the west. along with the dry air. that makes it comfortable. the sun angle is as high and direct as it ever is. if you are out in the sun, the air is dry and cool comparatively. the sun is intense. we will enjoy the cooler temperatures again tomorrow due to the cloudiness coming in. dew point making difference. in the low 40's. temperatures are 80. this area at the end of june. enjoy it. the temperatures will come up by midweek. much more by the end of the week. for this evening, we will see partly cloudy skies. the temperatures are pleasantly in the 70's. dropping to the 50's and the 60's overnight. the closest area of rain showers across the western p.a. they are developing ahead of a ou
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afternoon to give us period of clouds and showers. we start in the morning, it's cooler than we have been. 50's across most of the area. 60 downtown. forecast as we head through the day tomorrow. future cast. band of showers possible. midday to early afternoon. everything clears out. we are in great shape. we return to summer. not on wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday. it takes over with a lot of heat and humidity. a quick look at the next ten days. the temperatures will stay down. they will come up with the humidity levels for end of the week and the weekend. warm and humid for next week for the fourth. talk about what is happening on this day. 26 for nats park. erin? erin: thank you, doug. perfect weather for the baseball. the nats are hosting the defending world series champs. why the cubs are going to need to worry about this guy. michael a. taylor. sports is next. z2e2bz z1a2z
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erin: big night at nationals park. beautiful weather. this is the first of two meetings teen the nats and the cubs this season. one player that the cubs will have to worry about, deal with in the line-up this week is michael a. taylor. after ripping five hit
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the series against the reds, taylor is on pace to surpass 20 homers, 30 doubles and 15 stolen bases. defying the odds, he is on his way to making a name for himself at the big league level. >> sometimes you have got to be patient and let a guy get it. he has been fortunate enough with our patience, which a lot of people got on me for sticking with. >> he has been great. he helps me all the time with my swing and defense. he has been a huge supporter of mine. in the line-up and give me a chance. i'm happy about that. erin: hopefully he will stay hot. the wicken loans national take -- quicken loans national takes place at tpc potomac for the first time this year. rickie fowler headlines the field and is the vegas
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but don't expect to see tiger woods at the tournament this year as he continues to get treatment for pain medication. guy -- gio gonzalez is on the mound tonight. i spoke to gio at spring training and he told me that his goal this season is to make the all-star game. that still seems to be a possibility. hopefully he'll keep momentum going for the second half of the season. michelle: we're rooting for them. jonathan: all right, erin. thank you. michelle: weather on their side. doug: perfect weather at the ballpark. tomorrow a couple of showers in the forecast and beautiful weather for midweek. the heat and the humidity is cranking up late in the week. steve rudin will highlight that at 11:00. sneak peek at the weather possible for fourth of july. the big sparkly things that go up in the sky. jonathan: those things. doug: important to know the we. michelle: thank you. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. jonathan: thank you for watching this everything. see you back here tonight at 11:00. have a great night. get outside. enjoy!
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tonight, breaking news. this just in. the critical new numbers of the senate health care bill. how many americans could be left uninsured? and president trump declaring victory for his travel ban. the supreme court reinstating part of his executive order. raging wildfires in the west. nearly two dozen fires burning. homes in flames. hundreds of families evacuating. our reporter on the fire line. collision course. the new report. the captain of that massive cargo ship claiming the "uss fitzgerald" did not respond to warning signals moments before the deadly crash. and panic in the sky. the passenger plane violently shaking in midair. the possible engine damage caught on camera.


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