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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> we got to him in the nick of time. two-year-old locked in a hot car and the guys right there in the right place at the right time to save him. alison: broken ribs and severed nerves. the lawyer representing takata airbags finishes speaking with abc 7 about the scandal. jonathan:
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stranded swimmer is pulled out. news at 11:00 starts now with breaking news. jonathan: a late-breaking statement from the white house that says syria may be preparing for another chemical attack against its own civilians. the activity right now similar to the ones before that killed dozens of people and led to a u.s. missile strike. tonight's statement says if another mass murder happens, there will be "a heavy price." asy with abc 7 and we monitor that situation. alison: now, only on 7 -- >> i feared the worst. alison: a toddler locked in a hot car in a store parking lot. jonathan: fire investigators discovered him at the scene and took fast action. alison: tim barber has how this happened. tim: the firefighters
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car. they knocked on the window. when they did not get a response, they smashed it. >> there was no response. i was fearing the worst. rushedre investigators to save a 2-year-old locked in a hot car. the partners were buying equipment at this home depot in northeast washington thursday when a store employee page them for help. >> we got to him in the nick of time. tim: it was 88 degrees as the sun beat down on the glass and hot air balloon from the vents. >> we were tapping on the windows trying to get his attention. >> i said let's get him out of there. tim: they used a baton to shatter the window and pull him to safety. >> we checked him out and he was ok and i felt relieved. tim: mpd arrest at the dad, who showed up minutes later. >> 20, 30 seconds, whatever the case may be, do not le
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is being charged with first-degree cruelty to children. tim barber, abc 7 news. this just in from new orleans --the police have arrested one of the men suspect it may brutal attack on a pair of tourists. the men were from boston, walking back to their hotel saturday night when the attack happened. they robbed the victims and took off. one of the victims is still in critical condition, the other has been released. the police say there is more surveillance video of this attack. an officer stabbed in an apparent terror attack is now out of the hospital. he received 50 stitches. he is resting at home. the suspect in this case is in custody. new developments, millions are driving cars with airbags that may not be safe. takata issued the largest recall in autom
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protection. speaks with abc 7 lawyer representing dozens of victims who were injured because of those airbags. jeff goldberg has reaction to the filing. >>, broken ribs broken hands. jeff: when kevin dean mentions some of the injuries suffered by his clients behind the wheel, his anger builds. >> over the last two years, delay and withhold information. jeff: he represents 39 people badly injured by takata airbags as well as the family of three people who were killed. takata's faulty airbag inflator's can explode under certain conditions, sending shrapnel flying. for an estimated 15 deaths and nearly 200 injuries and has led to the recall of tens of millions of vehicles. in u.s.est auto recall history. the recall is being handled by 19 d
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takata says proceeds from the bank sharply and sale will go towards -- from the bankruptcy and sale will go towards the recall, including the $1 billion settlement with the u.s. government. he expected the bankruptcy filing, but does not like it. >> it is cowardly to shirk your responsibility when you sell potentially and knowingly a bad product on the market. takata's chairman said his lotsny caused problems for of people and he apologized from the bottom of his heart. roughly 65% of the vehicles impacted by the recall still have not been fixed. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. alison: have you seen this video? this is a scary scene on the roadways. this happened on k street in northwest, atv's in motorbikes
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of traffic. grouplice believe the then went to the national harbor last night after leaving the city witnesses say there were up to 100 riders. law enforcement is issuing a warning. >> this will not be tolerated. for those who engage, you are not safe. alison: the crowd was caught on camera, so the police are looking for footage or more footage to catch them before anyone gets hurt. just in, a sixth republican senator coming out against the latest efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. maine senator susan collins says she will vote no unless changes are made to the senate bill. a new report by the congressional budget office found that compared to obamacare, 15 million more americans will be uninsured next year under the senate plan. that number climbs to 22 million by 2
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billion in deficit reduction over the next decade. >> this is 1/6 of the economy. we need a legitimate public hearing. liftthink it is a heavy between cruz, rand paul, and susan collins. they: the white house slams report, saying the cbo has a history of inaccuracies. you can read the entire report at alison: meanwhile, new developments involving president trump's controversial travel man. tonight, both sides are claiming victory. the supreme court is allowing parts of the ban to go into effect. it will apply to those seeking to enter the country from six majority muslim countries who do not have any connection to the u.
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employment, and education. the ban is expected to go into effect thursday. >> very good, thank you. the president's power to uphold national security, but he needs to do so in a way that does not discriminate against people simply because of their nation of origin or religion. alison: the white house called the decision unanimous. the breakdown of the court vote is not public. the justices will hear full arguments on the ban in october. opponents gathered outside of the supreme court, viewing this as racist, calling this a muslim ban. critics and some supporters say that it is to begin with and will lead to more confusion at the airports. jonathan: justices set to hear a case next term involving
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a colorado baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding. arguments could happen s soon as this fall. the first forecast from stormwatch 7, the temperature slowly cooling down this monday evening, 75 degrees right now at reagan national. moving through the night, inside the capital beltway, nighttime 66, a bit cooler in the 50's off to the north and west. the highest tomorrow just a tiny bit cooler than today. 70'sg it into the upper daytime highs, chance of clouds and showers. this weekend, if you like it hot index nearthe heat 100, and you will love what's on the way. more on that coming up. jonathan: a new guilty plea in the deadly shooting rampage that terrorized prince george's and montgomery counties last year. guilty to shooting his estranged wi,
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captured. plea means there will be no painful trial for the family members. alison: wildfire still raging in the west, 21 large fires spanning seven states. in arizona, more than 50 not a people have been forced to evacuate. utah, firefighters are bringing in planes and helicopters to fight walls of flames, some 100 feet high. all of this made worse by extreme heat and strong wind. jonathan: a former pharmacy executive was hauled off to prison. this is in connection with the deadly meningitis out right in 2012 where 76 people died. the man was convicted of fraud and racketeering, but cleared of murder. prosecutors say he had directed drug production in unsanitary and dangerous ways to make money. alison:
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another former pharmaceutical executive made headlines for raising the price of an hiv drug by 5000%. that's not why he is facing charges. he is going on trial for fraud and racketeering. many potential jurors had to be excused after telling the judge they cannot be impartial. jonathan: these young men were handcuffed by the national park police selling water. then i come job opportunity from all of this, coming up. alison: stranded and surrounded. new video of an amazing rescue.
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feeling that the current had on me was like the start of a roller coaster. jonathan: a dangerous river rescue in northern california. the chopper help the person stranded on a rock, surrounded by a raging river.
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with a basket. the victim is doing fine and says he will volunteer for the search and rescue team. alison: that's a good way to give back. home,two young men featured in a viral twitter post getting a once in a lifetime chance. they were detained by park police for selling water without a permit. jonathan: now they are getting job offers because of that tweet. raymond is training .hem for their new summer jobs he learned about them through this viral post, which showed them being detained by the police for selling water on the national mall without a permit. it got a lot of people upset. >> i love seeing young people working for themselves. anna-lysa: days after they were handcuffed, he is teaching
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information technology. he reached out to their parents. we are bringing in the in his iphone screen replacement technicians. anna-lysa: they will be provided training for i.t. certification. >> i feel like i'm progressing in finding a new way to hustle. >> i just want to thank the guy who took the picture. without him, none of these opportunities would have been possible. anna-lysa: bell started the hope in 2009 to combat the high unemployment rate and other issues in the community. he plans to reach out to the other young men in that viral video. live from the national mall, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. the purpley on 7, line is in limbo. with it, two apartme b
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administration lost the property because of the plan for -- once the property because of the plan. now there is overgrown grass, piles of debris. residents say the parking lot is now a makeshift mechanics shop. >> i don't want it to go downhill. this is our home. as long as we can keep up the appearances so that it is not congenial and willing to go along. alison: one woman said she did not hear back from the mta, so she reached out to the montgomery county councilman's office. mta is promising to send a crew to cut the grass and replace the trash from all three properties this week. jonathan: nintendo's rebooting the classic super nintendo console. remember this, from the 1990's? this is
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games. all of this will be available sometime this fall, right before the holiday season. humongous,m small to look at this lobster. this was found inside of checked luggage at austin's logan airport over the weekend. he weighs 20 pounds. actively, you can bring a live lobster on the plane, but it has to be in a spillproof container. no word on what happened to this guy. jonathan: you imagine carrying that in a plastic bag? alison: now a viral mistake involving the redskins. apparently somebody at the nfl things that they play in washington state. the nfl shop was selling a redskins decal with washington state in the background. d.c. or maryland.
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jonathan: it appears the items are no longer available. we reached out, but have not heard back. alison: could not have been a meteorologist. steve: not at all. 84 degrees earlier at reagan national, feeling great. both humidity, comfortable dew point, lots of sunshine. now 75 degrees, 69 centreville and haymarket. widen the view, if you are looking for really cool air, elkins, west virginia, 53 degrees. stormwatch 7 satellite and radar, this will not amount to a lot. mainly dry later tonight. the bigger story will be tomorrow. the frontal system will bring a chance of showers late in the afternoon, early evening. should not amount to a whole lot, but be forewarned, may be enough to slow
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the early evening rush-hour commute. 55 to 65 is the range later tonight, early tomorrow morning. 58 in the northern and western suburbs, in the 60's downtown d.c. 57 colombia, upper marlboro near 60 degrees in the morning. middle to upper 50's manassas and woodbridge. the futurecast, freshly updated, clearing skies briefly, then a chance of showers as we head through the late afternoon tomorrow. once again, not expecting this to amount to a whole lot. dodge a few raindrops during the rush-hour commute. we get all of this out of here, high pressure across the mid-atlantic. once this high pressure moves off the coast, the winds turned out of the south and southwest. instead of highs tomorrow in the upper 70's, like tomorrow, we are talking lower to middle
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middle to upper 90's. if you love summer, it is on its way towards the end of the week. heat index the values, by friday looking at feels like temperatures of 95 degrees. we crank up the heat and humidity even more saturday, upper 90's, near 100. sunday, back into the lower 90's. going to the beach this weekend, a lot going on for the fourth of july holidays. with aees saturday, 84 chance of thunderstorms sunday. it will not be a washout. not quite picture-perfect. we will keep you updated through the week. the 10 day outlook him 83 tomorrow ,90 thursday, middle 90's friday. chance of thunderstorms saturday and sunday. the fourth of july, 88 degrees. fingers crossed for keeping the thunderstorms out of here for the big fireworks displays the na
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this video is heartwarming. a sea of young teenagers and a 93-year-old veteran and a cap and gown graduating. jonathan: he does
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tonight? robert:
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. cubs tonight.nd it was all cubs the first eight innings, but the nationals
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down one. two runners still on, but davis gets ryan zimmerman swinging. contreras completes the save, the cubs win, 5-4. this,e been anticipating the nba m.v.p. was announced on it. it comes as no surprise, russell westbrook of the oklahoma city thunder took home the hardware, very deserving, beating out kawain's james harden and leonard. serena williams, one of the greatest athletes of all time, clapping back on twitter. in an interview with john mcenroe, with
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she would be ranked 700 and the world if she played the men. serena responded, "i add door and respect you, but please keep me out of statements that are not actually based. respect me and my privacy as am trying to have a baby. good day, sir." malcolm
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does your bed do that? right now save on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed. alison: if he could be him the shade, it's nice. and tomorrowmidity will be even better. not a washout. upper 70's. cooler than today. heat and humidity is back thursday and friday into the weekend. back near the 90's. jonathan: jimmy kimmel's next. alison: have a good night.
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♪ bombs bursting through air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the sky ♪ that the flag waved again ♪ ♪ give us our daily bread ♪ la la la of the free ♪ the brave [ cheers and applause ] dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- keri russell, from "animal kingdom," scott speedman, and comedi


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