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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 28, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, president trump huddles at the white house with republicans as the party delays a vote for obamacare replacement. what the president said at that meeting and what happens next with the july 4th recess quickly approaching. breaking overnight, political unirs in venezuela turned violent. a helicopter launching an attack on the supreme court building. new details about who was in that helicopter. kids poisoned in a freak accident at a swimming pool. the chemical used in that water that sent them to the hospital. forget about rough weather. how loose change is being blamed for delaying a flight. a good wednesday morning.
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care bill coming to a halt after hitting a republican to delay legislation until congress returns from its july 4th recess. nine republican senators are now refusing to back the bill. but president trump insisted on twitter we're getting very close. >> that tweet came after the president invited all 52 republican senators to the white house to talk about where they go from here. abc's janai norman has the latest from washington. janai, good morning. >> reporter: diane and kendis, good morning to both of you. senate republican leaders are adamant this is only a delay. promising to make good on their pledge to repeal and replace obamacare but at this point unable to even get all of their own ranks on board. a major reversal from senate republicans. >> i expect to have the support to get it down and vote this week. >> reporter: abandoning all hope of passing a health care bill before the july 4th recess. >> consequently we will not be on the bill this week. but we're still working toward
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comfortable place. >> reporter: gop senators hung their heads in an east room meeting with the president when it became clear that the votes weren't there. >> it will be great if we get it done. if we don't it's just going to be something that we're not going to like and that's okay. >> reporter: the deal cut behind closed doors and drawn up in secrecy was immediately met with fury and the grim outlook from the nonpartisan congressional budget office isn't helping. that analysis revealing 22 million more americans would be uninsured in ten years under the senate bill. 15 million more uninsured next year alone. and nearly $800 billion cut from medicaid. democrats united in their opposition held pictures outside the capitol of the americans they say would suffer as a result of the bill. >> this is not a bill of just paper and pencil. this is not just abstract numbers, these are real people. >> reporter: republicans could only afford
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but there are nine gop senators who say they cannot support this bill. and now the republicans have postponed the vote on the bill until after the july 4th recess and gives republicans more time to work on a new version of the bill that right now conservatives say doesn't cut enough and moderates say cuts too deep. diane and kendis. >> yeah, it's a tough compromise to find. janai, the president speaks at an rnc dinner tonight and see if he mentions that. new this morning one of the president's other signature campaign promise, the border wall is moving ahead. prototypes for the president's proposed border wall with mexico expected to start going up in san diego later this summer. between four and eight companies will be involved. at the project's current pace it would take 15 years to build that wall. a longtime frump associate will testify next month before the house committee looking into russian election meddling. roger stone's attorney says the republican political operative has been maligned and wants to set the record straight. stone appeared to predict clinton campaign chairman john
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before wikileaks posted podesta's hacked e-mails but stone denies any collusion with russia. >> breaking overnight a police helicopter has fired grenades at venezuela's supreme court building. it's the latest development in the country's ongoing political and economic crisis. many government opponents plame the supreme court for enabling the abuses of power by the president there but mature dura it didn't succeed. tens of thousands computers were paralyzed and it originated in ukraine but hit hospitals and government offices and corporations here at home. abc's brian ross has the latest. >> reporter: the fast-moving cyberattack continues after freezing computers at hospitals in pennsylvania where surgerys had to be cancelled. >> he called me and said surgery was canceled because the computers were down. >> reporter: also down, computers at merck pharmaceutical in new jersey. even the company that
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cookies may have been hit. >> you can't read any e-mails or files. basically your computer becomes a brick. >> reporter: it first surfaced in ukraine shutting down grocery store, airports and banks. as it spread across the globe thousands offing its all received this message in english. your files are no longer accessible. nobody can recover your files without our description service. sent $300 worth of bitcoin. the attack bears great similarities to a similar computer kidnap and ransom scheme last month that hit british hospitals particularly hard. but that attack later linked to north korea was stopped when cybersecurity experts discovered a kind of kill switch. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to brian. one of the newest of the wildfires raging across several western states is now burning about 65 miles east of los angeles. it was sparked late tuesday and has quickly grown to
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thousand acres. as firefighters worked to keep the flames away from houses some residents were ordered out. they've since been allowed to return back home. in utah the nation's largest wildfire has now scorched 78 square miles. one state lawmaker says humans are to blame for creating conditions that are allowing this fire to spread rapidly. he says a lack of logging due to federal mismanagement and lawsuits from environmentalists have blocked the removal of dead trees giving the fire plenty of fuel. conservation groups say that's misleading. now for a look at your weather. the middle of the country will see potentially severe storms and threat stretches from the plains to the great lakes. tornadoes are also possible and this was the scene in boston. storms bringing a healthy dose of hail. one witness said about ten minutes later it was sunny again. checking temperatures for today, st
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78 degrees. it'll be seasonably warm across the southeast. 86 in atlanta. 90s in new mexico and texas, cool in seattle. well, still ahead right here why sarah palin is suing a newspaper. the aq-47 bandit now in custody. one of the most wanted bank robbers in the country. we'll break down his alleged crimes and how he was finally caught. why questions are being raised about this "time" magazine cover that hangs in president trump's golf clubs.
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officials now blaming a subway derailment on human error. they say crews didn't put away an extra piece of rail while repairing the tracks. dozens of people were injured and had to escape the dark and smoky tunnel in upper manhattan. officials hope to restore normal service later this morning. former vice presidential candidate sarah palin filed a defamation suit against "the new york times" accusing them of falsely linking her political action committee ads to the 2011 shooting of ven congresswoman gabby giffords. it came out after steve scalise was shot and "the times" issued a correction a day later. they're suing to fight it. they're having a tough time seating a jury in the trial of martin shkreli. he is bez known for jacking up the price of a drug more than 5,000%. 2300 jurors have been dismissed many calling him a snake, evil and the face of corporate greed. if
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to 20 years in prison. usa gymnastic as greed to adopt a dozen recommendations aimed at protecting young athletes from sexual abuse. the recommendations resulted from an independent review that found the organization's protocols to report abuse were confusing and not well enforced. the report said the culture emphasized performance over protection. it was commissioned amid allegations that usa gymnastics coaches and a former team doctor sexually abused underaged girls. this morning, health authorities in new mexico have confirmed three cases of the plague. the disease usually spread by fleas feeding on dead rodents is easily treated with antibiotics if caught early. the cdc says there are seven cases of plague on average every year in the u.s. usually in the southwest. there's good news if you plan on hitting the road this holiday weekend. gas buddy says you'll see the lowest july 4th gas prices in a dozen years.
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the website expects it to be $2.21 but warns there can be a big difference in prices even within the same city. the national average is $2.25. more than a quarter of the world's population hang out on facebook. at least once a month. it now has 2 billion active users. that's more than the population of any single country. the social network went from 1 billion to 2 billion in less than five years. "time" magazine wants the trump organization to stop displaying some fake news. >> so "the washington post" reports this magazine cover has been hanging in at least five trump golf resorts. it boasts about the success of the "apprentice." the only problem, it's not real. that wasn't the cover of the march 1st issue in 2009. >> this was the cover that week in 2009. that's kate winslet on the cover not the future president. >> so "sports illustrated" had fu
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to tinto a flamecker you'll need a spark. new emergen-c energy+ natural caffeine from green tea to focus your mind. 7 b vitamins plus vitamin c to fortify you. spark the energy within you every day. emergen-c energy+. emerge and see. hot air balloons flying overhead are picturesque as long as they stay overhead. this one landed on a house in kissimmee, florida. the pilot wasn't able to relight the torch so the balloon ran out of hot air. no one injured in that hard landing. checking morning road conditions there will be showers in florida and along the rest of the gulf coast. severe storms through the middle of the country. windy in the southwest.
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west coast. flying airport delays are possible though in kansas city and minneapolis. the fbi is confirming that a suspect in custody in nebraska is the man they've been hunting for nicknamed the ak-47 bandit. >> richard gathercole is accused of a string of armed bank robberies including one in chino, california, five years ago in which a police officer was shot and injured. authorities in california want to bring him back there to face an attempted murder charge which carries a sentence of 40 years to life in prison. five children in florida are recovering now from what's being called a freak accident during swimming lessons at a pool. abc's gio benitez has more. >> reporter: it's the troubling new headline out of florida. five children rushed to the hospital after apparently coming face-to-face with chlorine gas monday night during their swim lesson. the children suffering respiratory burn, stomach irritation and vomiting this what pool operators call a freak accident. >> i was really
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>> reporter: here's what they believe happened. the water pump stopped circulating water and chlorine built up in the pipe and when it started working again it released that chemical buildup as a small cloud of chlorine gas right into the water. then evaporating into the air. the kids breathing that in. the cdc says pool chemical injuries make up almost 5,000 hospital er visits each year. nearly half of the patients under 18. gio benitez, abc news, new york. well a warning now about this next story. the man you'll see somehow only suffered minor injuries. but it is tough to watch. he was crossing a street when this happened. take a look here. whoa. the security camera recording the entire incident, the man who was struck by the bus getting back to his feet after sliding down that sidewalk and then he walked into a pub that was right there. do you blame him after something like that, the guy deserves a drink. >> of course. >> or five. >> y
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and deserves to play the lotto after that. >> a sheriff's deputy in ohio must be embarrassed after he was ratted out by his own dash cam video. >> this is the view from the police cruiser. it shows the vehicle and the officer in a bit of a chase game. the vehicle actually starts rolling backward as the officer is conducting a traffic stop. deputy eventually picks up on what's going on and chases down the car, hops in and stops it before it reaches an intersection. >> there were no injuries involved other than the deputy's pride which i'd say took a little bit of a beating there. >> he's going to be nicknamed e brake for awhile. sorry, bud. up next in "the pulse," why spirit airlines is giving a baby years of free flights. the golden retriever with a very important job on the baseball field. don't forget to check out our facebook page for the record-breaking baby weighing in at 14 pounds at birth. that's on
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fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay. ageless. ♪ ♪ time to check "the pulse" and the little boy who's getting a big birthday gift from spirit airlines. >> his name is christoph and he was born during a flight from ft. lauderdale to phoenix. see him right there. now, the delivery happened so fast the plane didn't have time to make an on
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prior to delivery. they eventually landed in new orleans. the birth was handled by a period trig and a nurse who just happened to be passengers on board. >> as you can imagine there are some cheering and applause when everybody heard the baby cry. a spirit says christoph will be able to fly for free for years to come and he can bring a guest but the pediatrician on board said he hadn't delivered a baby in ten years. since he was in med school. >> so good. >> good refresher course. >> the good news he'll fly for free. the bad news is spirit is ranked every year as one of the worst airlines by many travelers. >> that's true but they didn't charge them any extra fees for the delivery in this case. >> which spirit does charge for everything. that was nice of them. so christoph arrived early. while passengers on a flight in china, well, they arrived late. >> that's because an elderly woman was boarding the plane when she decided to toss a bunch of coins at one of the jet
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wanted to ensure they would have good luck on the flight. instead, all 150 passengers were evacuated while mechanics then had to take apart that engine. >> okay, so apparently only one coin actually landed in the engine. but the pilot said that would have been enough to cause serious damage. the flight was delayed 5 1/2 hours. >> so not good luck. >> no, not at all. that poor woman. could you imagine the other 150 passengers sort of just like staring her down. >> throw them in a fountain next time. an adorable golden retriever is stealing hearts around the world. >> let me introduce you to jake, the diamond dog at your service. jake delivers water to umpires at major league baseball games and patiently waits for them as they finish their drink before walking away with the basket. >> so his appearance in ft. wayne, indiana, went viral and if you want to know where jake will be next just check out his
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one of those too. >> well, he's among the 2 billion people who use facebook. >> so cute. here's someone who could use a little bit of water. this adorable little guy decided that he wanted to cool down. >> so hot in the summer. >> he wanted water too. >> oh, no. >> he got a little bit of a surprise. >> think he'll ever do that again? it's all fun and games. >> mom at least sounded like she was laughing. >> next time he'd like a up with good morning washington. it's june 28th. your weather is coming up.. but first here are some top stories. senate lawmakers will return home for the holiday recess without voting on the gop's new proposal to repeal and replace the affordable care act. sources tell abc news that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has delayed the vote until after the recess becuase right now, he does not have enough votes to pass it. nine republicans and all senate democrats have come out against the plan.
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more about a cyber attack that has impacted computer systems around the world. ukraine and russia appear to be hit hardest. in the united states, it affected hospitals and private companies, including oreo and nabisco. impacted systems see a message pop up, demanding 300-dollars in bitcoin to regain access to computer files. international authorities are still investigating. good morning washington. toss to eileen - beautiful today! - 90s tomorrow through next week - hot & humid this weekend through the 4th of july today: mostly sunny. low humidity. very nice! highs: 79-84 winds: nw to sw 5-10 mph tonight: mainly clear and comfortable. lows: 58-66 winds: s 5 mph thursday: partly cloudy. hotter and a touch more humid. stray pm t-shower. highs: 88-91 winds: sw 10-15 g 20 mph
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breaking overnight. a fatal accident involving an amtrak
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dc. just after 11 o clock last night-- police say the train was completing its trip from new york to union station, when it struck two people on the tracks. it happened near new york avenue and 9th street, northeast. preliminary reports indicate the two pedestrians were killed, and that they were not amtrak employees. investigators are still trying to figure out how they
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we will have much more on this story and it's impact on the amtrak system this morning, coming up. a trial date is set for the former n-s-a contractor accused of leaking top secret documents. reality winner will head to trial in october. the 25-year-old pleaded not guilty in federal court tuesday. she is charged with leaking classified information about possible russian hacking to a news outlet. winner was arrested in georgia earlier this month-- but previously lived in columbia, maryland. if convicted, she could face a decade in prison. an update now about the u-s-a gymnastics program. major changes are coming- in the wake of a sex abuse scandal! now- an independent review is out with several reforms. among them - an abuse prevention training plan for parents and athletes. there will be consequences for failing to report abuse. and - monitoring athlete housing at the national team training center. a longtime team doctor is accused of abusing dozens of young girls, who were seeking treatment for injuries. that investigation led to the c-e-o's resignation.
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you're about to see record-low gas prices! it's just in time for the 4th of july weekend. one tracker is projecting a nationwide average of 2-21 a gallon. that's the lowest price for the holiday since 2005. it's also the first time in 17 years that gas prices will be lower on the fourth of july than they were on new year's day. it's xx and we're just getting started. vote delayed. strong opposition in the senate forces gop leadership to push back plans to vote on a new health care overhaul. what president trump is saying about the setback. good morning washington. - beautiful today! - 90s tomorrow through next week - hot & humid this weekend through the 4th of july today: mostly sunny. low humidity. very nice! highs: 79-84 winds
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and comfortable. lows: 58-66 winds: s 5 mph thursday: partly cloudy. hotter and a touch more humid. stray pm t-shower. highs: 88-91 winds: sw 10-15 g 20 mph happening now--


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