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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  June 28, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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announcer: now, abc 7 news at noon, on your side. developing right now at noon, to railroad workers killed when they were hit by an amtrak train approaching union station last night. the victims worked for csx. none of the train passengers or crew were hurt. we are standing by for a press conference where the ntsb will give us new details. first, we have team coverage with john gonzalez and sam sweeney. has snarled traffic up and down the east
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11:30 last night. train service just resuming in the last 2.5 hours or so. here's what we can tell you. to workers were working on the tracks last night around 11:20 when they were hit by an amtrak train coming from new york city and washington's union station. behind that train was a csx freight train. the amtrak train stopped just down the tracks but the csx train stop at the scene -- a stop at the scene where the two workers were killed. ntsb at the scene, shutting down corridor. northeast these things will happen in an instant. it takes a long time to unravel.
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industrial ballet. we will look at a lot of things in great detail. >> they will look at surveillance in the area and take data recorders from each of the strands to figure out what exactly went wrong there last night. chaos meantime, it was here at union station all morning long. john gonzalez has been inside talking with passengers and getting a feel for what's happening there. we are still seeing the ripple effects here in inside of union station. plenty of delays and long lines. take a look at the one right outside of gate f. a number of folks in line and the line wraps around almost out to the main atrium. thousands of commuters frustrated and right now, we will talk to the ntsb at the press conference to get new information. >> our mission is
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and prevent it from happening again by making appropriate recommendations. before i go any further on behalf of the ntsb, i would like to offer our condolences to the family and friends of those who were injured or who were killed in this tragic accident. i would like to express our appreciation's to the excellent efforts of the washington metropolitan police department and other first responders. --were grateful for the >> [inaudible] speak up. we can hear you. -- can't hear you. >> we were grateful for the invaluable police work to secure the scene to preserve and collect all relevant evidence. in addition, we appreciate the good work of the federal railroad administration, which responded to the scene and is
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the ntsb arrived on scene last night soon after the accident occurred. just before 11:30 p.m. the assistant investigator in charge with the investigation through the night. -- led the investigation through the night and will be joined tonight by mr. ted turpin. mr. turpin is a senior investigator with decades of experience and extensive investigative experience. will lead a multidisciplinary team of ntsb experts in the following areas. tracks, to assess the condition of the tracks from operations, to look at the operational aspects of both involved trains and dispatchers, human factors, which typically looks at the issues regarding human performance, mechanical
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, to investigate the function of the involved mechanical systems and recorders to gather and review available data recorders, cameras and other personal electronic devices. if needed come other specialists will be called in as well. critical physical evidence will be collected and sent to either the ntsb lab were an outside -- for an outside contractor lab for inspection. we have few definitive facts at this stage. what i am able to say and share with you at this point, we know that last night, sometime before 11:30 p.m., the csx freight baltimoreed out of was approaching union station win an alert was conveyed to dispatch, prompting the train to stop and the crew to disembark in order to check the status of the train prior to continuing.
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members -- two crew members crossed onto an access track on which amtrak was operating passenger trains. a southbound amtrak train number both csxboston struck employees, causing fatal injuries. at this time, we don't have information regarding -- leading us to believe that any other rail employee or passenger was injured. emergency responders were notified and arrived on scene to secure the scene. and offer assistance. representatives from csx and amtrak are unseen and are fully cooperating with the ntsb investigation. -- are on the scene. her investigators will continue to document the scene, including the tracks and involved trains. they will be speaking with witnesses and rail personnel and our investigators will gather all available evidence.
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earlier, our mission here is to understand not only what happened, but why it happened, so similar events can be prevented in future. the investigation process is necessarily complex. we don't determine the probable cause of the next and while on on scene -- accident while the scene or in the initial phase of the investigation, nor do we speculate on what the causes of the accident were at this point. our investigators have been on the scene since last night and will remain on the scene as needed to further investigation. at 9:30 -- we are right outside of where that press conference is going on. right over there at gate d where the ntsb is informing us on the latest -- take a look.
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still dealing with plenty of delays. some east coast commuters were stuck on trains others here at union station for over four hours. destinations varying from trying to get home to family from work or broadway plays. "hamlet" at 2:00. -- "hamilton" at 2:00. that was amtrak passengers felt the brunt come all train services suspended between bc in philadelphia for over eight hours. -- d.c. and philadelphia for over eight hours. >> they said i would not be able y 10:20. m incorrectonitors were
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, they were showing i amtrak trains were on time when in reality, they were canceled. >> they never told us when we first got here that there was any delay. >> now, we are being told that there's major delays. >> a big impact for thousands of travel plans. everyone joined compassion for those directly affected today. >> our hearts go out to the families that are impacted by this tragic act. service was restored at around 9:00 this morning. trains are moving on a restricted speed limit. officials with amtrak warning customers that they can expect residual delays for the rest of the day. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. stay with abc seven news as new information continues to come out. get those up
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social media and on our abc 7 news app. a picture-perfect day, but the heat is coming. doug hill is here with a look at your forecast. gorgeous,s just sunshine and low humidity and come verbal temperatures. well below the average is for this time of june. our average high this time of june is in the upper 80's. with that comes increasing amounts of humidity 73 in annapolis, 78 in warrenton and quantico. 76 in fredericksburg. humidity levels. in check. we will top out around 82. -- humidity levels stay in check. sunshine and very light wind and very dry. a great night of whether at the ballpark. -- weather at the ballpark.
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we will wake up to 66 in the city. the heat and humidity come to the weekend. back into the 90's. we will talk about the next 10 days in just a couple of minutes. adrianna: coming up next -- >> it looked like somebody dropped a nuclear bomb. >> the firefight in california. evacuations underway. firefighters hoping to get the upper hand on this. eric: it is going to be a heavy ride in a couple of spots this afternoon. 66 looking westbound near west moreland street. eastbound delays still have been towards sycamore street from an earlier crash that has wrapped up. watch out for volume through falls church. 95 in virginia northbound, bunching up here. nothing too bad.
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far. -- southbound ride looking good so far. this is just below the 270 spur. heavy volume on the westbound freeway. this is part of 395 south. this will be works in between maine avenue and the 14th street bridge area. the left lane is shut down. solid delays below the first street tunnel. eastbound site or northbound into this first street tunnel area, looking good at the moment. we will be back with mor
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adrianna: a day after republican lawmakers decided to the vote on
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a new poll shows they are not too sure about the plan on the table or how gop senators are handling it. >> now that republican leaders have pulled the senate health care bill -- >> it will not be on the bill this week. >> the number of gop senators publicly announcing their opposition has doubled. now, there's at least nine defectors. republicans can afford to lose no more than two. >> tinkering around the edges will not be sufficient to secure my vote. >> it may be an uphill battle. the senate bill is supported by just 17% of americans. faithful, republican support for this version still lacks at 35%. the supreme court upheld the legislation individual mandate requiring americans to sign up or
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they want legislators to change it so it does more. as president trump and senate republicans make edits to the bill -- >> we will talk and we will see what we can do. >> the question now becomes, how far will republicans push for campaign promises -- >> we will be up to immediately repeal and replace obamacare. >> versus setting a new course. >> this will be great if we get it done. if we don't get it done, it will be something that we are not going to like and that's ok. pulled his members they can either work together as a conference or work with democrats. several wildfires are burning out west and the latest one is burning in southern california near san bernardino. the firefight against these fires have been so difficult because it is spreading very quickly. hundreds o
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been scorched. at this hour, the flames are threatening several communities. literallye was covering mountains and it spreads all the way across. >> we've lived here for 15 years now. we've never seen the fire this close. adrianna: the mark fire is only about 15% contained. investigators have not yet determined a cause for that fire. it is dry out west. they are not getting a lot of rain. low humidity. just a breeding ground for these wildfires. doug: absolutely. summer is not a good time for rain out there. it will get worse, i'm afraid. low humidity and blue skies. it's all going to change. it will get hot and humid again. this is a live look at the boardwalk in delaware. a light breeze coming off the ocean. in the direct sunshine, it is hot. people a
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midday already. the weather at the beaches through the holiday week and will be just fine. ocean city will go to a low as 58 degrees this morning. 51 in baltimore. -- ocean city woke up to a low of 58 degrees this morning. 51 in baltimore. enjoy this. tomorrow, still pretty comfortable in the morning. heat and humidity build in. we are looking great across the eastern half of the country with everybody expecting below average temperatures today. our high come 83. evening, we will continue the clear skies and sunshine. temperatures about 80 degrees at 7:00. dropping into the 70's by tomorrow morning. 50's to low 60's for the lows. 66 in the city. tomorrow, we will hit 90 in the afternoon. plenty of
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the mountains. nothing locally. an isolated shower way out west in the mountains. nothing locally. starting saturday and sunday, we will call for a 30% chance of thunderstorms both afternoons. highs 90-93. monday, isolated thunderstorm. looking ahead to the fourth of ,uly for the outdoor activities it will be hot and humid. a lot of sunshine. highs about 92, feeling more like 95 or 96. we cannot rule out isolated afternoon thunderstorms. we will see daily thunderstorm chances here with us as we head through wednesday and thursday. isolated. temperatures just about where they should be. high of 90-91. that is only two degrees above average. pretty much what summers are like. nothing extreme.
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the fourth of july. doug: we are looking good for the fireworks. --ianna: next at noon, crews it's hard to buy a car in the district. back theto push
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on your: back with a 7 side consumer alert -- new cars are unaffordable for most americans according to a survey from median income household can only afford an average priced car -- c.
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$100,000. the top metro areas for kara portability also include san francisco, boston and minneapolis. affordability also include san francisco, boston and minette was. passednia senators legislation that would let bars and stay open until past 4:00 a.m. some are rallying against that idea. opponents believe it will increase tragedies involving drunk drivers on the roads. that bill now goes to the state assembly for a vote next week. we got a sneak peek at the new bible museum that is expected to open later this year. the 430,000 square foot building is still under construction just two blocks from the national mall. it'll connect visitors to the bible through technology like never before. the museum is scheduled to open in november. a 3-d printer at helping change the lives of a three-year-old boy in new york. isaac cr
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uz's arm stopped doctor had as specific arm and made by a 3-d printer. >> having them use prosthetics that are cheaper and disposable dust they break it, great, we make another one. there's no big deal. they will be more comfortable with a prosthetic. adrianna: the 3-d prosthetic now costs less than $150.
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adrianna: one of the world's most iconic buildings is putting on a show right now. this in the opera house displayed indigenous art every sunset in a light show that lasts seven minutes. it launched as a reminder of australia's rich history. very cool. doug: that would be cool to see in person. here, you will enjoy the sunshine and low humidity. clear skies tonight. we drop down to about 66. tomorrow, a bit more humid. 90 degrees. fourth of july weekend when nothing but heat and humidity here with daily thunderstorm chances saturday, sunday and maybe late tuesday. adrianna: thank you for joining us this midday. be sure to watch abc seven news at 4:00. you will have a great day
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>> today, on this stage, one lucky player will begin their journey toward a possible $1 million prize, and you'll be there with them for every second of the drama. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] let's do it. our first contestant is a web developer by day, an artist by night, and his art? it's quite unique. from deerfield, illinois, please welcome steve gadlin. [cheers and applause] >> "who wants to be a millionaire." >> what's up, steve? what's up? >> how are you doing, chris? >> good, good. ♪ now, i--welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> i don't know you, but i know i know you from somewhere. >> yes, probably. >> were you on "shark tank"? >> i was on "shark tank." >> okay, love that show... >> thank you.


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