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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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shootout on public transit. alison: no escape. terrified bus passengers watch as gunmen blocked the door. >> i don't see any reason why somebody would do that. alison: hateful notes close to home, disturbing messages. nancy: his son lost part of his leg to an explosion. >>
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worse. nancy: a year later, the revelation about the device's intent. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. [gunshots] alison: can you believe this shocking new footage? this is a shoot out on board a bus near baltimore boulevard. nancy: the man with two guns injured an officer and a bystander before being killed by officers. alison: michelle marsh has the stunning new video. michelle: it's hard to believe. the word tonight is the police were justified when they fired back, killing the 35-year-old. the police say they fired after the gun man started shooting, hitting a police officer and a bystander. >> officer down, officer down. michelle: this video is from inside the mta bus.
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hands. he robbed two people before boarding the bus. officers pulled the bus over to find him, and that is when shots rang out. >> it was like watching a for a movie in my backyard. michelle: body camera footage showed officers firing back. an officer was injured, and so was a passenger in the crossfire. everybody else escaped the bus without injury. alison: just incredible, thank you. breaking in prince george's county -- a deadly shooting in district heights. the police say that a man was shot to death on pennsylvania avenue. no arrests have been made, but stay with abc seven and for updates. breaking news from australia tonight. authorities have charged a top catholic official with multiple counts of sexual assault. this is a cardinal, who handles the vatican's finances and is a top
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he has denied previous allegations against him and has been ordered to appear in court by july 18. health care battle, anger over republican efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. centerstage on capitol hill today, the police arresting 40 protesters were blocking always. today wasr the bill below 20%, according to a poll. said there will be no vote until after the fourth of july recess. alison: protesters raising voices outside of the trump hotel in d.c. tonight, while inside the president had the first campaign event of the 2020 election. $35,000 per paying plate or more. tim barber was outside with the protesters and the messages they were trying to send. tim? tim:
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drive for the president, up pennsylvania avenue entering through the side door at his hotel. moved tocontroversial hold fundraiser at the hotel, but both of the protesters were focused on health careful cap president trump's motorcade rolled past protesters lining the hotel that bears his name. donors hundreds of attended a glamorous fundraiser for the presidents reelection campaign, just five months after he was sworn in. the price tag? $35,000 per plate. not allowed inside, but outside protesters shouted about issues from the border wall to the president's controversial health care bill that would cut medicaid. >> the only reason i've maintained my independence is i've been on medicaid. >> when health care is under attack, what do we do? tim:
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this seven-year-old uses medicaid for help with a neurological disorder that prevents her from walking, talking, and chewing. legislators on capitol hill were supposed to vote on the health care measure this week, but that has been delayed. we will let you know when they do vote. live in northwest washington, tim barber, abc 7 news. nancy: this just into the newsroom, the naacp expressing opposition to prince george's county public school's ceo kevin maxwell. the civil rights group once the contract renewal stop. grade-tampering and suggested max be placed on administrative leave until the investigation is done. alison: a muslim woman finds disturbing signs on her door and she says this has been going on for mo
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into the case and a muslim civil rights organization is expressing concern. anna-lysa gayle spoke with the woman, who said she will not allow hate to push her away. >> in april, they were sticky notes with all of these notes about how we should keep the kids quiet. anna-lysa: since april, this muslim mother of four says she has been experiencing harassment. notes have been popping up on her door every month. "keep those children under control. if not you will be hearing from me personally." >> i don't see any reasons why someone would post death threats on our door. anna-lysa: in addition to satanic symbols. who feared for her family's safety did not want to be identified. do you believe this is because of your religion? >> definitely, because it's
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only thing that is different from other people. anna-lysa: she recently reported the disturbing images to the police and the council on islamic american relations. care is calling on federal authorities to look into her case. >> we don't want to have to be living in fear. my kids were born here. we work and pay our taxes. we just want to live in peace. we are not going anywhere. police say they have seen a 57% increase in anti-muslim incidents. anybody with information should call the police at crime solvers. the number is on our website at anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. alison: happening tomorrow, parts of president trump's travel ban will take effect. the administration has new guidelines about how to implement it. get bands immigration from six muslim-majority countries, but the supreme court ruling
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into the u.s. nancy: finding out more about security measures on international flights to the united states. only security adding new policies including more intensive screenings to u.s.-bound flights. airlines are expected to tighten security around airplanes and passenger areas, but you should not expect major disruptions. there are no plans to expand the laptop ban. a 13 euro girl was killed after she was struck by a vre train. sky track 7 flying over the scene this afternoon. she was hiking with family and walking on a bridge when the train came and she could not get out of the way. named, buts not been she was a student at lake braddock secondary school. vre is working on restoring service and says it will give an update tomorrow. alison: safetrack may be over, but metro closures will continue for stop the red line will shut down between grosven
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weekends in aur row. this is starting july 15. shuttles will run between the stations. metro is testing a method of waterproofing. >> why didn't they do it when safetrack was being done? that's the way i feel. why do we have to pay? they're going to closes down for a month? alison: the project will also involve changes during the week. between july 10 and august 11, the red line trains will singletrack between friendship heights and medical center during the evenings. steve: stormwatch 7 first forecast this wednesday evening, open the windows and let the fresh air in. inside the beltway, lower 70's, and heading further to the west and we are in the 50's. overnight temperatures, 67 degrees, 69 degrees early tomorrow morning.
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82 degrees. highs near 90. more on the rest of the weekend and the holiday forecast coming up. nancy: renewed efforts to find who is responsible for this scene. last year, a young man in central park stepped on an explosive and lost part of his leg. tonight his father tells abc 7 it's time the case was taken seriously. jeff goldberg has that story. >> it's been a long year. jeff: kevin's life changed forever when his son connor stepped on a bag of explosives while climbing rocks with a friend in new york's central park. the bag detonated and connor, now 19, lost his left leg below the knee. >> i watched him try to walk first time around. it is much more difficult.
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from the public to help solve the crime, increasing the reward to $40,000. >> the reason we are here today is leads have slow down. investigators believe the bag was placed in the park several days before the explosion, but they do not know who did it or why. initially the police said homemade fireworks were to blame, but now they say the bag was filled with a compound used in multiple terrorist attacks. >> we don't believe this was a terrorist attack. jeff: kevin appreciates that the police are no longer blaming this on fireworks. >> i wish this tone would have been in place last year when it happened. jeff: his focus remains on connor and his recovery. >> has positive attitude has really enabled him to make progress. jeff:
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goldberg, abc 7 news. nancy: if you love starbucks, fecal bacteria was found in drinks. the findings ahead. alison: and a terrifying scene. remember this blimp crash? the ceo of the company is not ruling out the chance it was shot down.
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alison: new details tonight, remember this blimp crash near the u.s. open? fabricb now says its caught fire because a collapsed over the burners, but the ceo of the bullet maker says it may be something more sinister. part of the document, this 911 call. own. shot that [beep] d >> we will send a squad right over. alison: the caller said he never really intended to shoot the blimp.
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panel tear before the crash. he was free for serious injuries. nobody on the ground was hurt. nancy: police attempting to catch an attempted rape suspect in wheaton. a woman was walking alone when she was attacked. she was able to fight her attacker off. the responding officer noticed a drop of blood left tied. >> i looked behind me all the time now. people think i'm paranoid, but that was smart of her to do that. for the detective, give him a medal. nancy: the crime lab traced it to a local homeless man who has prior arrest son a long list of charges. deliveredday, abc 7 to get well wishes to house majority whip steve scalise's office. he was shot at the baseball practice earlier this month. we brought this banner that we had at the nationals park during the charity game. people could see the message
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today we brought the banner right into his office. scalise is still in the hospital, but he has been released from icu. nancy: extreme fire danger to the west after weeks of record-breaking heat. burning right are now, thousands of firefighters putting their lives on the line. entire towns have been evacuated. the biggest fires in southern utah, where more than a dozen buildings have burned. investigators trying to figure out what caused this six alarm fire. this is an apartment building under construction. nobody was living there, but the fire was so bad there are concerns the building could collapse. train traffic was shut down and bus routes were d toward, but nobody was seriously hurt. alison: incredible images tonight of tornados in iowa.
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watches and warnings. forecasters say there is the potential of large hail and damaging wind. at this time, no injuries have been reported. great white shark's becoming a common site off the coast of kate can't. -- cape code. is probablyy it tied to the booming grey seal population, a major source of food for the great white sharks. one great white shark showed up along the eastern shore of virginia last weekend. nancy: keep an eye out for that. this is not news that you want to hear about your morning coffee, a bbc investigation found bacteria from feces in starbucks i strengths. samples in theed u.k. and found three out of 10 samples tested positive for the bacteria. starbucks is conducting its own investigation, saying that it takes hygiene seriously. alison: ok.
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coffee from there today. moving on. alison: how about this dog. this is jake, who was also a water boy. he delivers a basket of water to the umpire at a minor-league baseball game in indiana. jake brings the refreshment, then sits and waits to bring the basket back. nancy: he is a good dog. he is a perreault, has been doing this -- he is a pro, been doing it for several years. alison: does not get any cuter. maybe it does. look at this video from the vancouver aquarium. pup a few weeks old was found swimming alone in the wild. he was rescued and is now under 24-hour care. the good news is he looks like he is healthy. think he is enjoying that. steve:
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aw, now that is how you lead into the weather. right now, 73 degrees at reagan national airport. if you are looking for cooler temperatures, head to the west. oakland, maryland, 55 degrees. tonight is the final might to open the windows, turn the ac all. enjoy the nice cold temperatures. bigger changes are on the way into the day tomorrow. stormwatch 7 satellite and radar, not a lot going on right now. a few clouds along the mason-dixon line, dry overnight. keep the windows open. no need to worry about rain. 62 early tomorrow morning, fairfax 62, 60 woodbridge, upper 50's manassas. , dry tomorrow morning, beautiful sunrise, a few showers popping up. freshly updated, winchester, woodstock, harrisonburg, i-81 about 3 p.m. tomro
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out. a dry rush-hour commute tomorrow evening. the day planner, the heat and humidity crank up, near 90 degrees the high, above average this time of year. in terms of the heat index factors, 95 is what it will feel like saturday. sunday a little hotter, closer to 100. the fourth of july long holiday forecast, blue 90's saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday. confident we will get the fireworks in with no problems tuesday night. we keep the wet weather going next week. several days 90 degrees or better. alison: steve, thank you. up next, a heartwarming story. it starts with a guy who walks six miles a day to get to in from work. nancy: this week his life ch
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nancy: this is a great story. threeday, justin walks mouse to work in the texas heat and every night three miles home. alison: that changed when andy gave him a ride. inspired by a story, he said about raising money to purchase justin a car of his own. [cheers] >> this is your car. >> we had a lot of people in the community who donated. alison: isn't that great? and there was enough money left over from the donations to pay his insurance for the next year of oile him two years changes and a $500 gas card. nancy: that is quite the package. wonderful to see that smile. such a great community. alison: love it. robert: hey, tyh
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nats gave me a good feeling tonight. z2e2gz z1a2z y2e2gy y1a2y
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z2e2hz z1a2z y2e2hy y1a2y >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. nats-cubs, the national hoping to take a second victory in this four-game series.
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with a slow delivery. if they do makes quick work of it, solo shot to left, gone. one of three national summers tonight. stephen strasburg took care of the rest. putting down cub after cub, 13 strikeouts. nats win 8-4. they finish their four set with the cubs tomorrow afternoon. potomac, a beautiful site. sergeant first class brian greene has been serving in afghanistan. he was reunited with his family, son, daughter. surprised on the 18th hole. he was caddying for fowler during the pro-am. nothing but joy when they found out. >> there have been lots of birthdays and things like that i have not had him here for, and i'm just happy he is back for good this time. >>
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stories, and it brings tears. to be here in person and get that feaeling and seeing these guys happy is cool. robert: awesome stuff.
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steve: we are turning up the heat and humidity. we have been waiting for it all week long. 90'sgrees tomorrow, lower friday. saturday and sunday, the fireworks display, a big one tuesday evening at the national mall. fingers crossed the thunderstorms did out of the way during the afternoon and early evening. should clear out nicely, but a hot stretch of days ahead. alison: jimmy kimmel's next. nancy: have a good night.
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♪ this show is brought to you by the russian government. we are absolutely loving the classified secrets. keep them coming. thank you, comrade trump. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, justin theroux and snoop dogg. and now, hold fast. here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi there. thank you very much. very nice. welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host.


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