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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  June 29, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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happening today--
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on as president trump's controversial travel ban on six majority muslim countries, draws closer. the ban goes into effect at 8 o-clock tonight. the trump administration has set new criteria for visa applicants from those countries, requiring a close family or business tie. an order from the supreme court order partially reinstated the ban earlier this week, after it was blocked by lower courts. this travel ban comes just as the department of homeland security cracks down on the security surrounding all international flights, coming into the u-s. d-h-s officials are demanding that airlines make changes or risk an electronics ban. abc's janai norman has more. 5-8 20-23 49-51 52-53 1:31 trt=1:44 oc=soc right now--
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investigators are still looking into a deadly accident that we brought you as breaking news this time yesterday. two c-s-x workers were struck and killed by the train tuesday night as they checked on an issue with their own train. the incident shut down all service between union station and philadelphia for hours. the n-t-s-b is still interviewing witnesses. the names of the victims have not been released. meanwhile-- v-r-e train service is back to normal this morning following another fatal acci
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police say a 13-year old girl was struck and killed while walking on a railroad bridge. investigators say she was hiking with her family and couldn't get out of the way in time. the girl hasn't been named- but she was a student at lake braddock secondary school. turning to metro now-- safetrack may be over -- but station closures will continue into the summer. the red line will shut down between grosvenor-strathm ore and friendship heights for four weekends in a row starting july 15th. shuttles will run between the stations. metro says it will use the time to test a method of waterproofing. developing now-- protesters, raising their voices outside the trump hotel in d-c. while inside, the president held his first campaign event of the 20-20 election. these donors -- paying 35-thousand dollars a plate or more! tim barber- has more. an update on last year's incident in which a fairfax
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in which a fairfax teen stepped on a bag of exo
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connor golden lost part of his leg in new york city last july fourth. police initially said the bag contained homemade fireworks. but they now say it was filled with a compound used in terrorist attacks in manchester, paris, and brussels. they said yesterday, there's no evidence this incident was a terrorist act. but they increased the reward to 40-thousand dollars. golden's father tell us, it's about time the case was taken seriously. connor golden is an oakton high school graduate. he's now 19, and a music major at the university of miami. his dad says connor's positive attitude has helped in his recovery. coming up-- new details about a deadly shootout onboard a baltimore bus. what police are saying about the gunfight that left one person dead.
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derecho today - much warmer today; humidity a touch higher - hot & humid tomorrow through the weekend - storm chances increasing this weekend - hot 4th of july today: partly cloudy and warmer. a touch more
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highs: 87-93 winds: s 5-15 mph tonight: clear to partly cloudy. warm and muggy. lows: 67-72 winds: s 5-10 mph friday: partly cloudy. still warm. more humid. highs: 89-93 winds: sw 5-15 mph
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coming up-- a youtube stunt goes horribly
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a youtube stunt goes horribly wrong. why police say a woman was trying to do when she opened fire on her boyfriend at point blank range. plus, an s-u-v runs a man down in a crowded parking lot. now both the driver and the victim are facing criminal charges. we'll tell why.. coming up.
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on a bus in dundalk, maryland, near baltimore. it happened june seventh. police say 35-year-old blaine erb had a gun in each hand, when he opened fire on officers. police shot and killed him. police shot and killed him. and prosecutors have now ruled.. the officers' actions were justified. police say erb robbed two people before boarding. officers pulled the bus over to find him. and that's when shots rang out. two women suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the shooting.. a police officer and
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the officer.. but it's not clear whose gunfire hit the bystander. police say erb had a long criminal history in maryland and other states.. with charges including robbery and assault. developing now.. montgomery county police are investigating the case of a muslim woman who's been receiving threatening messages. the woman, who does not want to be identified, lives in an apartment building in silver spring. since april, notes have been popping up on her door. one of them says, "keep those children under control. if not, you'll be hearing from me personally." another note says.. "i will take your souls." the woman has also received notes with satanic symbols. along with police, the council on american-islamic relations, or cair.. is looking into the matter. an update now, today authorities now have all the suspects believed to be involved in that assault on two tourists at new orleans french quarter. th
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weekend and left one of the victims in critical condition. authorities credit this surveillence videos for leading to the arrests. today, four men are in custody. their ages all range from 18-to-21. they face charges on second degree murder.. authorities say those charges could be upgraded. in north carolina-- an attempted purse-snatching ends very badly for the would-be thief. police say the woman couldn't chase the man down because she was pregnant-- so she grabbed her keys and ran him over. this all unfolded in the parking lot of a walmart. police say the would-be thief escaped with minor injuries, but is facing other charges. the driver got her purse back-- but is also facing assault charges. guess who's 10-years-old today.. the i-phone! the revolutionary the i-phone! the revolutionary smartphone was first released to the public on june 29th, 2007. the i-phone was the first touch-screen phone. and it set the standard for mobile computing. in the past decade, apple has sold more than one billion i-phones. and there's a new
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the new i-phone eight is set to be released in september. there's new evidence that too much sitting is bad for your health.. even if you exercise regularly. researchers in britain and norway pooled results from numerous studies. and they found, the more people sat, the greater their risk of premature death. the researchers concluded, you need at least 60 minutes of moderately intense exercise daily, to counter that risk. they also suggest walking and standing as much as possible throughout the day. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen
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derecho today - much warmer today; humidity a touch higher - hot & humid tomorrow through the weekend - storm chances increasing this weekend - hot 4th of july today: partly cloudy and
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winds: s 5-15 mph tonight: clear to partly cloudy. warm and muggy. lows: 67-72 winds: s 5-10 mph friday: partly cloudy. still warm. more humid. highs: 89-93 winds: sw 5-15 mph
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coming up-- how much would you pay for a paperclip? well, you won't believe how much this one is selling for. we'll tell you, coming up. a 22-year
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havertys furniture helps even when life isn't.t are you sure you don't want me to call an exterminator? (muffled) aw, come on. it's just a raccoon that got in the attic. and there she is. oh, look. babies. [loud hissing.] darren! daddy! [crashing from above. loud and violent.] they're on the move! honey!?! what's going on? she's got me cornered. how big is she? make the call!
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havertys. life looks good. ♪ wrong. authorities say pedro ruiz gave a 50-caliber handgun to his girlfriend - monalisa perez and insisted she shoot it at a book he was holding thinking it would be enough to stop the bullet. the couple even
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already tested the stunt. well, that bullet would go through the book hitting and killing ruiz. his family says -- it was an attempt for more views. now today monalisa perez is in police custody. she faces a charge of reckless discharge of a firearm. remember this? a blimp- crashing and bursting into flames near the u-s open in wisconsin earlier this month. the n-t-s-b -- now says its fabric caught fire because it collapsed over the burners. the c-e-o of the blimp's maker- disputes that- saying it may be something more sinister. part of his argument? this 911 call. that caller- says he never intended to shoot the blimp. the pilot said he heard a panel tear before the crash. he was treated for serious injuries. no one on the ground was hurt.
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would you pay 185-dollars for a paper clip? how about a prada paper-clip? barney's is now selling this sterling silver "paper clip-shaped" money clip from prada. at 185 dollars, that's the equivalent of buying more than 13-thousand regular paper clips from office depot. as you might expect, social media is not impressed. one person wrote on twitter that for 185 bucks, the clip should be able to hold his or her life together. there is much more coming up at the top of the hour on good morning washington. sam sweeney.. what are you working on?
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vatican - facing criminal charges this morning. what he's accused of doing. plus more trouble overnight on the beltway. a multiple-car crash - claiming another life.


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