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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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news at 11:00, on your side. alison: a firefighter and corrections officer both busted for prostitution at a local hotel. new details and how they are accused of arranging the meet ups. jonathan: sources are telling abc 7 cars
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driving very aggressively led to a deadly car crash in prince george's county. one of the cars hit another that was not involved, killing that person. sky track 7 is over the scene in accokeek. this happened on route 210 and pine lane. two cars were involved and one person is dead. the crash is under investigation. a lot of things we still don't know, whether the drivers have been arrested. soon as we get more information, we will pass it along. alison: breaking news when it comes to the presidents travel ban. tonight, part of the ban is in effect, stopping people from six muslim-majority countries from coming to the u.s. unless they have a specific connection here. moments before the ban took effect, hawaii filed a court challenge to stop it. there is no ruling on that right now, but at airports tonight, there are a lot of questions. >>
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iran come to visit? jonathan: anna-lysa gayle has been talking with passengers at dulles international airport. what have they said? anna-lysa: jonathan and alison , one thing has not changed since the travel ban was reinstated, people are divided on this issue. things are calm at dulles international airport, but back in january the travel ban was first implemented. after the revised travel ban was partially reinstated, some were speaking out. >> they are keeping people doubt that are a threat to the nation. anna-lysa: some are disappointed. >> i have a baby on the way. in irant my relatives come to get to know my forthcoming daughter? anna-lysa: travelers cannot enter in less they can prove they have siblings, children,
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>> students as well as people who have accepted job offers. anna-lysa: on the list of those not allowed in our distant relatives defined as grandparents. >> relations that are more distant. president trump said in statements of part of the travel ban or a victory for national security. still, many muslim americans feel they are being attacked. >> the level of concern has never been higher. 8 p.m., we have not seen any flights come in from any of the countries that are on the list of the travel ban, but we do know as farce the travel ban goes, it will stay in effect until the justices make a final decision in the fall. live from dulles international airport, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: we are keeping track of the challenge and how the ban
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is implemented at our airports. sign up for breaking news updates that aw at 11:00, specifics as firefighter is accused of trying to hire a prostitute. alison: and we are getting a look at the words he used what he was talking to an undercover,. jonathan: tim barber is live in college park. that is where this went down. we are told this all played out over at this hotel. according to the report, the detective told the suspects to sit down and get comfortable right before they were arrested. statet a firefighter and corrections officer are accused of trying to pick up a prostitute. undercover detectives put an ad on that told the johns to bring gifts. they were lured to this ontimore avenue red roof inn may 23. they were both charged during
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that one wrotes the undercover detective a message, asking if they were affiliated with law enforcement. the police say that he texted the undercover agent, out of the shower, ready when you are. when he arrived, he grabbed the undercover agent and $60 and got naked. both suspects are due back in court next month. live in prince george's county, tim barber, abc 7 news. alison: new tonight, a high school football coach arrested for inappropriate contact with a student. the police want to know if there are more victims. marvin brown jr. lived in upper marlboro and coached at north county high school in glen burnie. he texted a female student and touched her. jonathan: developing now -- chaos and gunfire in san antonio. two police officers critically wounded. this started as a routine patrol, officers trying to stop two
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shooting. one officer fired back, risking his life for his partner. >> he was pulling his partner out of the line of fire as he was hit. jonathan: one gun man was shot by the police, the other taken into custody. the motive is under investigation. alison: the question of the night -- did president trump go too far when he launched this tweet attack against "morning joe" host mika brzezinski. jonathan: you can vote in our poll at we are tracking reaction to the tweet that has been seen around the world. nancy chen joins us now. even republicans are saying enough with the tweets. nancy: there has been a lot of outrage over the tweets. republican lawmakers saying it has gone too far. that includes house speaker paul ryan and barbara comstock. she said the tweets went too
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briefing house press was almost entirely consumed by questions about the president's tweets. >> the president has been attacked mercilessly on personal accounts by members of that program. i don't think it is a surprise to anybody that he fights fire with fire. nancy: many brought up the comments from mrs. trump saying that she would fight cyber bullies. alison: a government accused of selling secret documents to china, kevin mallory of leesburg is out of jail tonight. a federal judge ordered him free on bond, that even though prosecutors are worried he could flee the country. mallory is charged with espionage. first stormwatch 7 forecast this thursday evening, quiet right now, just a few passing clouds not amounting to a hell lot. the dayt
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cranking up the heat and humidity one more time. daytime highs into the lower 90's. the heat index values will be in the middle 90's with a chance of showers late in the afternoon. heat slowly builds for the weekend. we are talking about the fourth of july. we could be dodging raindrops. more on that coming up. alison: steve, thank you. new drone footage of tornado damage in an iowa town. the cleanup is happening now. bad that awere so mobile home was ripped off its base. nobody was seriously hurtful stop families are working out to try to salvage what they can and cleanup. jonathan: venus williams in the spotlight for a tragic reason. the police say she is at fault for deadly car crash that took place in florida. the police report said she cut in front of a car, triggering a crash and the elderly man inside of the car come a pass
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spokesperson said she entered the intersection on a green light. accidentan unfortunate and venus expresses her condolences to the family of the loved ones. the police that she was not drunk or texting at the time of the crash. so far, no criminal charges have been issued. the police are still investigating. the legal battle over the washington redskins name, the justice department is giving up the fight. the department now says it believes the redskins would likely win an argument, citing a recent supreme court decision regarding an asian-american ban. twoon: the tale of today, rider metro appreciation day, but instead there was a protest, demonstrators at the columbia heights metro station to protest the fare hikes and service cuts, this after metro wor
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the streets to say thank you for going through a year of safetrack maintenance. they were met with mixed response. >> it's a way to show they really care. i think that is awesome. >> i don't care about coffee. i don't even like coffee. i just want to get on metro. alison: many expressed the same sentiments. others said they understood the process will take time. jonathan: medical marijuana is headed to maryland. chicago-based green thumb industries has purchased a downtown silver spring property to open a medical marijuana dispensary by years end. indicative say they will sell ils to asens, and op many as 150 people per day. people who live near the future shop are not happy. >> it surprising to be right kneeler -- right near. a lot of buildings in a school
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licenses onary marijuana shops. alison: at the center, a big top circus tent on the mall. among the features, collections of historic items come in exhibits about culture and migration. the festival runs through the fourth of july in july 6 through july 9. and it's all free. good stuff. jonathan: playing the lottery is simple. you want to win, of course, and they want you to win. >> there is nothing better than winners for us in our business. alison: how when the world has $67 million in prize money gone unclaimed just in our area? the i-team investigates what happens to that money. plus -- ♪ you have to stay awake for this story. a dog
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concert and steals the show.
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jonathan: $67 million is how much lottery winnings went unclaimed in our area in the last two years. alison: while the big games like mega millions and powerball grabbed headlines, often the smaller games, the scratch offs, those are the ones that make up most of the unclaimed cash. jonathan: chris papst has the story that you will see only here on 7. chris: january 13, 2016. this 7-eleven in bladensburg in prince of this county sells a winning powerball ticket worth $1 million. six months later, the deadline for redeeming the ticket expires. that prize became the first million-dollar winner in maryland history to go unclaimed. >> wow. >> they lost a lot of money. i would have claimed it. >> i would think
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the lottery would be checking. chris: an i-team investigation found that is not the case. the last two years in our region, $67 million has gone unclaimed. maryland accounts for the most. >> is a real shame. chris: gordon is the director of the maryland lottery. you want to pay out this money. >>. absolutely the biggest marketing tool we have is when her awareness for stop there is nothing better than winners for us. chris: records obtained by the i-team found of maryland's $64 million of winnings come instant games like scratch offs make up the biggest at 43%. where does the unclaimed money go? it goesand and d.c., back into the lottery as new prizes. in virginia it goes into the state's literary fund that supports education and teacher retirements. but the national council on problem gambling thin
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>> this is basically free money that the state lotteries could use for other purposes. chris: studies show about 6 million americans struggle with a gambling addiction, which cost taxpayers $7 million annually, mostly from crime driven by gambling. georgia, oklahoma, and tennessee dedicate a portion of unclaimed winnings to treat addiction. despite years of lobbying, virginia, d.c., and maryland do not. you think part of the unclaimed money should go back towards solving the problem it creates. >> that's the most important thing to address legalized gambling. it is a treatable disorder. with just a little money dedicated to the programs, we can improve outcomes for everyone. alison: nationally, some estimates suggest upwards of a billion dollars in lottery winnings go unclaimed every
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that has spawned its own industry. smartphone apps have emerged where lottery players can scan a barcode to see if they have won. jonathan: hopefully this person's all the story because there is a millionaire out there who does not know yet. maybe they know it and have not come forward, but the clock is ticking. the million dollar ticket was sold in a 7-eleven in richmond about seven months ago. the deadline is tomorrow at 5 p.m. after that, the ticket is worthless. a million dollars. please come forward. alison: a would-be thief in north carolina picking the wrong target. he tried to steal from a pregnant woman. >> he was running and she just flat hit him. alison: witnesses say the thief stole a purse from a parked suv. the
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was five months pregnant, said she chased him for a bit and then jumped back into the car. gear, came across the curb, and ran him over. i was not going to let him get away with it. thief: the suspected suffered minor injuries and he was charged with breaking and entering. the woman was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. a lot of people are talking about that tonight. many of us remember this well. it has been five years since a derecho moved through the area. jonathan: left millions of the dark. tonight, a celebration of the quick adjustment made to the brewing process five years ago as they launch this year's beer.on of derecho it is available in various locations throughout the
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been five years already. degreesthe record, 104 before the store move through in the evening. nothing like that out there right now. 81 atrees at dulles, reagan national, oakland, maryland at 64 degrees. the 24 hour temperature change anywhere between 11, 13 degrees more than yesterday at this time. a good indication of what's on the way tomorrow. heat and humidity continues to build as we move into the upcoming weekend. stormwatch 7 satellite and radar, quiet and dry, partly cloudy right now. early tomorrow morning, upper 60's, just around 70 degrees. if you are heading out the door at 8 a.m., 9 a.m., don't read about the jacket he does these temperatures will already be about 5, 10 degrees warmer. the futurecast from stormwatch
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immediate metro. tomorrow evening, to the west, macy's showers and isolated thunderstorms pop, mainly west of i-81. not expecting anything around here. the showers diminish quickly after sunset and a quiet night friday night. a better chance of storms saturday. the highest tomorrow into the lower 90's. the feels-like temperature's in the middle 90's. once again, warming things up as we move into the holiday weekend. 92 saturday, isolated showers and storms. sunday. monday will be nice, lower humidity, still 90 degrees. the fourth of july looking at a chance of showers. we will get though showers out of here before the fireworks evening, a09 tuesday great display that will last 17 minutes. the 10 day outlook shows temperatures holding near 90
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thunderstorms saturday, late in the day. moreiddle of next week, typical weather pattern for this time of year around the dmv. alison: steve, thanks. how do you get the best seats in the house at a classical musical concert for free? jonathan: it's easy -- crash the party, just like this dog. he wandered in the symphony. but the video is next.
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♪ alison: we just love this video. are you a fan of classical music? so is this dog. jonathan: this was in turkey. the labrador walks up to the first violinist, then sits down. the crowd loved it, applauding the whole time.
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at all. alison: he is looking around like, "what are you looking at?" willhan: it's funny, it hurt the first violinist wanted to reach out and pet him, but he cannot. about thethink concentration, you know the dog is there but you cannot miss a beat. sports, as if blowing another h-inning lead
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: a double dose of misery for the nationals today. not only did the bullpen blow the game, but they also lost speedster trea turner with a fractured wrist. bottom of the seventh, turner hit in the right wrist by a fastball. he stayed in the game another inning before he left. after the game x-rays revealed the break and there is no timetable for his return. more bad news, the nats led the game in the ninth, but the bullpen could not save it. a three-run double scored a pair.
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split the four-game series. ns national, a five under round this afternoon with the one-shot lead. scott had the shot of the day. out, the, 116 yards approach, past the pin, then rolls back for the eagle. two under par. the quicken loans defending champ billy hurley iii
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alison: the heat is on. steve: it is and we will feel it again tomorrow. lower 90's tomorrow, better chance of storms saturday afternoon. the fourth of july tuesday, a few showers and thunderstorms out before the fireworks.
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donald trump is a very nice person. i'm really rich. putin called me a genius. i know words, i have the best words. society loves me. i'm one of the smartest people in the world. i'm much richer than almost anybody. i've done an amazing job. people that know me like me. i've made billions and billions of dollars. i have so many websites, i have them all over the place. donald trump is maybe the best interview there is. i was the best golfer of all the rich people. i'm a smart person. i have a store that's worth more money than mitt romney. i think i'm much more humble than you would understand. happy birthday to me. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight - jamie foxx. nba champion draymond green. and music from trace adkins. and now, without further ado, here's jimmy kimmel!


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