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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 30, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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have broken the law. two were yet callcritically in a shootout. they were on a routine patrol when bullets suddenly started flying. >> reporter: that gun fight and chaos. erupting in downtown san antonio. the pair of officers were on routine patrol. police say when they tried to stop two men, one of them began blasting away at the officers. >> as soon as they stepped out of the vehicle the one suspect opened fire. striking one officer in the head, facial area. >> reporter: the other officer reportedly returning fire and risking his own life to save his partner's. >> he was pulling his partner out of the line of fire once he was hit. >> reporter: one gunman killed by police, the other taken into custody. the sheriff saying that gunfight lasted just seconds but left both of those officers in critical condition. the governor of texas tweeting out his thoughts and prayers for
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>> our thanks to matt gutman. a tennessee officer has been suspended after a suspect committed suicide in a squad car. wilson was handcuffed but investigators say the cuffs were too loose. he managed to get free and shoot himself with a gun officer hinton overlooked during a search. hinton is not facing criminal charges. and police outside philadelphia are looking for the shooter who killed a young woman in an apairnts road rage incident. 18 year old bianca robinson was shot. her car and a red pickup truck were trying to get into the same lane. the driver of the pickup pulled out a gun and shot her in the head. now north carolina where police there say a man trying to haul in a shark from pier was bitten in the arm. witnesses say he had waded into the water to help land the shark wh i
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and bit down. the man wasn't seriously hurt, and the shark did get away. authorities in california are investigating these images from near san francisco's golden gate bridge in which a boater appears to have hit a humpback whale. officials are concerned that the boaters and surfers are getting too close to the giant mammals and are warning boerts that they must respect the fact that these are wild animals after all. next week is national bikini day. there is something some ladies want to sink their teeth into. >> behold, the pizza bikini. or the pizzakini. it ago the pepperini? >> they will fit
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customized suit. it will cost you more than a couple of slices. the price? $10,000. $10,000. >> for the suit. >> for the suit. you don't get any free pizza with that, either. >> $10,000. jesus. >> i don't think the model is included in the deal. models don't eat pizza anyway, you know? >> that's true. they'll just look at them. coming up later we'll have our friday rewind. first, the deadly car crash that police say venus williams was responsible for. but what did she do to be at fault. and later a little something for everybody in the theater. the minions are back, and so is will ferrell and amy poeler. but first a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather, brought to you by car
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well, that was the scene at new york's jfk airport after a grease fire filled the terminal with smoke. it appeared to have started in a vent at the panda express. emergency crews quickly got it under control, but the fire triggered delays of up to two hours because of a backlog going through security. and commotion in santa rosa, california. it had nothing to do with an airplane. this hot air balloon carrying at least two passengers was forced to lan
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sears auto center. it touched down safely and no one was injured. the pilot was having wind issues. >> it seems we had a similar incident earlier this week where it landed on a house. >> it landed on a house. this guy made it to the sears parking lot. >> and then did some shopping. we're going to move to florida and a serious situation. police are investigating a deadly traffic accident involving tennis star venus williams. >> she collided with another car near her home three weeks ago. now police are finding that she is at fault. gio benitez has more. >> reporter: venus williams under the spotlight but not for the usual reasons. she is being blamed for a traffic accident where a passenger in the other car ultimately died. here's a map from the police report. at the intersection in palm beach gardens, florida, three weeks a the report says williams cut across in front of a car. that car t-boning williams,78 year old passenger jerome barson was
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head trauma and died. the police report says williams advised she did not see the other car and also says that she is at fault pofor the accident. williams' spokesperson saying she entered the intersection in a green light and expresses her deepest condolences to a family who lost a loved one. police do not believe she was distracted or under the influence of alcohol. so right now no charges and no citations for williams, but please are still investigating. gio benitez, abc news, new york. coming up, it's shaping up to be a pretty raunchy weekend at the box office. >> we'll tell you were critics are dealing will ferrell and amy poehler a losing hand. it's straight ahead.
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we blend in. >> absolutely. we look just like david did in that promo. >> david's doing hard news, and so are we. we're doing important business. it's like uncle sam threw up all over us. >> insomniac theater, and this weekend we start with despicable me. >> don't refer to yourself like that. at least n
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>> gru discloses that he has a twin brother. agnes tries to find a true unicorn, and gru tries to steal back the biggest diamond. >> ooh. >> dance fight! ♪ >> that looks fun. see if he wants to come on the show. >> come on. >> got some moves. >> the '80s references, while we love them, they're apparently not impressing the critics. critici critics are give depictable me three a tepid 63%.
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or d minus. one says it's overstuffed with a confusing plot, dated jokes and a lack of attention to its biggest stars, even the minions deserve better than this. and matt goldberg says there has to be a better way to entertain small children. kids deserve better than this. >> so even kids. >> so the minions, but it's the even kids part that you're really. >> exactly. next to something for the grown-ups. >> okay. >> it's called "in the house." will ferrell and amy poehler have blown through their daughter's college fund and are looking for a quick way to raise cash. though team up with their neighbor to launch an underground casino in his home. >> i'm very wary to go into business with you. however, we need the money. what's in it for you. >> full disclosure, the b
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foreclosed on my home. >> oh, frank. >> this money would help me get it back. that's why reena left me. >> that's not why she left you. you started gambling on golf and developed an online porn addiction. >> it is not scoring a royal flush and hasn't registered a score yet on rotten tomatoes. but john louie says it's like watching a sear eegs of funny viral videos and you might ask yourself would you like it as much if the clip was more than an hour long? and lee mapash says there's nothing clearly classic happening here, but this is an easy kill for a dependable number of laughs. >> it has to be at least that, it has snl alums will ferrell and amy poehler. >> this being a big american holiday, should we dance it out to a big american song? classic 98 degrees? >> yeah. >> let's do it.
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♪ happy fourth, happy friday. we have finally made it, and it was a busy week in the headlines. >> of course, we made room for the news, and we made room for a lot of fun. let's take a look at all of it in our friday rewind. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: an army of firefighters battling flames, torching an area the size of washington, d.c. more than 1500 people forced to evacuate. that wind turning small fires into infernos. >> reporter: underground rail chaos. hundreds of passengers flee a train derailment in dark t
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filled with smoke. >> the train bucked forward, it bucked backwards, two of the cars derailed. they scraped the side of the wall. >> reporter: people knocking out windows to get air and get out. >> reporter: thousands of computers around the world frozen. >> you can't read any e-mails. you can't read any files. basically your computer becomes a brick. >> reporter: an ominous message taking over their screens. your files are no longer accessible. send $300 worth of bitcoin. >> right now the attacks continue. but researchers may have discovered a kind of kill switch that could stop or at least slow its spread. >> health care is working along very well. >> reporter: that signature promise of his first term to repeal and replace obamacare is stalled on capitol il. >> as of this moment, there is no indication that they are any closer to getting a health care bill that will pass the senate. >> reporter: good to be alive. a bus plowing right into this man as he walks in
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knocking him to the ground, debris flying every your. >> simon smith in reading, england. watch him dust himself off. >> of course he does. >> no one believed he actually got hit until they saw the footage. >> were you a fan of 98 degrees, the boy band? >> yeah. >> awesome. ♪ i do, cherish you ♪ for the rest of my life ♪ you don't have to think twice ♪ ♪ i've waited so long ♪ to say this to you ♪ ooh ooh >> so sorry. >> we forget sometimes that we're actually on camera when these things happen. >> so we're dressed like this because of a big day that is happening, coming up. it is world ufo day on sunday. >> yeah, stars and stripes for that one, absolutely always. there's something else happening next week. it's national fried chicken
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this morning on "world news now." president trump's twitter attack. >> he's drawing bipartisan outrage after lashing out at the hosts of "morning joe." those hosts are now postponing a vacation to respond to home this morning. this as parts of the president's travel ban go into effect. and more severe weather on tap for today and pour thofor t getting an early start to the holiday weekend, see where the storms are to hit. and concert crasher. this dog proves to be a social media sensation. ♪ the hardest thing i'll ever have to do ♪ ♪ to look you in the eye >> actually t would b


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