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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 30, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now." president trump scaled back version of the travel ban has taken effect after a prolonged legal battle. and already there's one legal challenge. we'll have the latest. and the president sparking condemnation with a pair of tweets about the hosts of "morning joe." republicans and democrats blasting the president for this. the white house comes to his defense. and new this half hour in "the skinny," jay-z's apology to beyonce. >> his album has now dropped. and we now know that 444 is more than just the name of his new album. but first, our boy band karaoke. forget about jay-z. jeff from 98 degrees is in the how long, auditioning a couple new
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kendis and i are going to grab the mic without drinks and belt it out. we'll see who takes home the karaoke crown on this friday, june 30th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> going down, gibson. >> you have no idea the chops that i have. he will decide who is the better karaoke, karaoker? and we'll do it sober. >> that will be a first. let's start with the president's travel ban. the executive order aimed at six mostly muslim nations took effect hours ago. and already there's a challenge. >> that challenge is from the state of hawaii looking for clarification of who can be excluded from entering the u.s. and there are also questions this morning about how many people this ban will actually affect. here's maggie rulli. >> reporter: president trump's travel ban is now in effect. anyone from the six muslim
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enter the u.s. unless they meet certain requirements. >> american public could have legitimate concerns about their safety when we open our doors. >> reporter: the airports remain calm, quite a different scene from last january. when the president's initial executive order caught travelers off guard, leaving many stranded. under the new guide line, if someone from a restricted country wants a visa, they have to prove a bona fide relationship to someone in the u.s. the administration describes that as a parent, spouse, child, son or daughter-in-law or siblings. >> it's frustrating to know that the federal government can redefine the concept of family. >> reporter: rama esa plans to get married this fall but worries whether her family in syria will be allowed to come to her wedding. >> i was raised by my grandparents. the idea that i wouldn't be able to have them at my wedding is heartbreaking.
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bona fide relationship continues to change. diane and kendis, hawaii has already challenged the new ban, demanding to clarify exactly what counts as a close relationship. >> all right, maggie, thanks. president trump is sparking bipartisan condemnation and fresh calls for civility after a crude twitter rant against two news anchors. the president attacked mika brzezinski, claiming she has a low iq and that when he saw her at the mar-a-lago resort she was bleeding from a face-lift. he also insulted brzezinski's co-host, joe scarborough. it was of prompted by brzezinski's criticism of the white house. >> it clearly was inappropriate and not something that he should have done. it is beneath the dignity of the office. >> i think that the president has been attke
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members of that program. and i think he has been very clear that when he gets attacked, he's going to hit back. >> before the election, first lady melania trump vowed to fight cyber bullying, but yesterday her spokesperson said this, as the thirst -- first lady has stated publicly in the past, with her husband gets attacked, he will punch back ten times harder. north korea is high on the agenda, i should say, as the president meets again with south korea's new leader. president moon dined with the first family at the white house last night. president trump later tweeted that it was a very good meeting in which they also discussed a new trade deal. moon pledged to stand firmly with the president to see that north korea's nuclear program is dismantled. the white house is also taking action by putting pressure on china to rein in north korea. they black listed a small chinese bank, cutting off access to financial programs. they are accused of laundering money to north korea for nuclear and ballistic missile systems. and tampa authorities are
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cause of a deadly power plant explosion. yesterday's blast left two workers were dead, four others suffered critical injuries. crews were performing routine maintenance on a tank at the time of the explosion. waste could reach up to 1,000 degrees. and police in florida are investigating a deadly traffic accident involving tennis star venus williams. she is blamed for a collision three weeks ago near her home that ended up killing a 78 year old passenger in the other car. so far she has not been charged or issued a citation, she expresses her deepest condolences to the victim's family. more than two dozen wildfires are still burning in the west. this one threatening homes in malibu. now fire crews are getting some help from decreased winds and higher humidity, but it's still
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joins us. >> thanks and good morning to you. as we go throughout the daytime hours and right into the weekend, fire danger concerns continue out west over the interior where it's locally breezy. wroor -- we're talking about hot temperatures. it will be dry. and low relative humidity values. severe weather, more so for today and into tonight throughout portions of the great lakes and into the south plains. here there could be isolated tornados. kendis? diane? >> our thanks to justin there. and devastating predictions about the economic hardships from climate change. in a groundbreaking new study, scientists find that the poorest counties in the south will suffer the greatest effects from global warming. >> researchers say those spots will lose about 13% in income while richer countie
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americans are expected to hit the road on this fourth of july holiday weekend. >> and the state of oklahoma is trying to inject a little humor into its calls for road safety. so the oklahoma department of transportation tweeted out an image of one of its road signs as it throws serious sass, warning them about the dangers of reckless driving. >> some of the creative reads, leave the speed driving to the pros, you're no steve mcqueen. and don't make me tell your father. >> at least they're trying. >> we've got a challenge. throwing down the gauntlet. you let us know what your road sign should be. >> exactly. let us know on facebook. coming up on "the skinny," the overnight bombshell from jay-z. >> the rap star's new album is out and everyone is talking about lyrics meant for his wife. question is, what's he apologizing for? and also ahead, diane thinks she can beat me in a singing competition.
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so we brought back jack from 98 degrees to help us out on a couple of numbers. first, let's take a look at the temperatures. it's got to be 98 degrees somewhere today. "world news now" weather, brought to you by lysol. brought to you by lysol. ♪ you don't even want to know protection detergent alone doesn't kill bacteria but adding new lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria with 0% bleach. lysol. what it takes to protect.
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you're looking at a dramatic car chase that started in louisville, kentucky yesterday. it led police down a series of city and country roads. the suspect managed to go across a field even with deflated tires. after running over a police spike strip. he was finally cornered and caught. robert ellis is wanted in a string of purse snatchings at area gas stations. a man and his two daughters are now in the hands of rescuers who are leading them out of a mexican canyon where they've been stranded since last saturday. this morning we're seeing the first video from the rescue crews. the family had set out on a hiking trip in devil's peak and got lost. a helicopter found the
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finally reached them on wednesday evening. they'd already run out of food, water and insulin for the father. >> they got home stabilized with electrolytes, insulin and food and water. it's going well, but it's going slow. he's getting fatigued as he goes, and they're just stopping and letting him rest. >> the family's still trying to make their way out of the canyon this morning. a medical team is waiting for them to arrive out of the base camp. and federal fishofficials a warning travelers that the zika virus is still a threat. while cases have dropped sharply from last year's peak, zika has not disappeared from latin america and the caribbean. they are urging women who are pregnant or trying to conceive not to let their guard down. a quick-thinking good samaritan in knoxville, tennessee is praised for saving a baby deer.
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rob hersh jumped to the rescue. he saw a fawn struggling in the ft. louden lake. they spotted what they thought was a log-in the water. he wrapped the fawn in a life jacket and pulled it to safety. >> i wonder how he got in the middle of the pond. >> the rescuer's name is hersh, which is german for "deer." >> oh, how about that? all right. when we come back, the moment you have all been waiting for. karaoke battle, me and this guy. >> i drink your milk shake. >> and we're going to be helped out. >> jeff timmons is already here. he's in position, with our fake disco ball in the background. he's got the guns out. >> do you have your earplugs in for kendis's singing? >> i'm ready to go. let's go. >> you will be so impressed. >> sign me up. >> we'll be back. so impressed. >> sign my up. >> we'll be back. up. >>
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>> we'll be back.
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♪ you are my everything >> yeah. >> this is the one my daughter was in. >> my baby. >> i didn't know that was your daughter! we're learning all kinds of new things about you. jeff timmons is here, he's been hanging out with us all morning. >> last half hour, you were treated to some of the incredible moves from his las vegas review. "men of the strip." look at those. >> smack. >> unfortunately, i was -- i was doing one of them. in the other half hour. >> so we of course know jeff from his days of breaking hearts in 98 degrees. and we couldn't let the lashay brothers get here in time or justin, but we're stepping in.
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the band here with you. >> i feel confident. >> our karaoke lounge. a crowd, a team for jeff, a karaoke duet. >> shall we -- >> let's go. >> ready? music please? ♪ >> a real pro could go without music. >> that's right. ♪ could it be you and me ♪ like it was before ♪ could it be you and me ♪ like it was before ♪ neither less or more ♪ cause when i close my eyes ♪ at night i realize ♪ that no one else ♪ could ever take your place ♪ i still can feel ♪ and it's so unreal ♪ when you're touchin' me ♪ kissin' endlessly ♪ it's just a place in the sun ♪ where our lives begun
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♪ yes i miss you oh, baby ♪ you're my sunshine after the rain ♪ ♪ you're the cure against my fear and my pain ♪ >> are your ears bleeding? ♪ because i'm losin' my mind when you're not around ♪ ♪ so ♪ it's all ♪ it's all because of you >> perfect! >> woo! >> that was good. >> that was amazing. >> you are hired. >> that was average. >> all right. >> hired? >> you're hired. >> yes! >> i kind of feel like she started out slow and tapered off. >> i thought she had a strong. what do you think, out? >> take that, gibson! >> what do you think, crowd? [cheers and applause] >> applause. applausometer. >> are you ready to be impressed? let's do it. shall we? ♪ >> this is a tough one. >> yeah.
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he's is startin' to, he's getting emotional. >> yeah. ♪ i do parenthesis ♪ cherish you parenthesis ♪ for the rest of my life ♪ ♪ you don't have to think twice ♪ ♪ i will love you still ♪ from the depths of my soul ♪ it's beyond my control ♪ i've waited so long >> thank the lord. ♪ to say this to you >> no, no. ♪ if you ask me, do i love you this much ♪ >> you do. >> no, we don't, we don't. ♪ we do >> we don't, we don't. [ applause ] >> yes, yes, yes. i'll pay you later. >> you don't have to do that. you don't, okay? >> yes. >> i love it. >> all right, so. >> you have to pick, who do yo
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>> i mean, come on. >> who's better? >> let's do it apollo style. you guys make noise for the one. first, let's go with diane, make some noise. [cheers and applause] >> put on your megaphone. >> and second, kendis? >> boo, boo, boo, boo. >> we have a tie. >> come on. >> it's going to be three of us? >> let's sing it out. ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, >> oh, man. ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh. >> this is the wrong group! ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, ♪ the right stuff ♪ first time was a great time ♪ second time was a blast ♪ third time now i hope
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lasts ♪ ♪ i can see it in your walk ♪ i can tell the way you talk ♪ i can see it in everything you do ♪ ♪ hear it in your thoughts ♪ you got the right stuff ♪ baby >> oh! the bridge! the bridge! >> who cued this music? ♪ all i needed was you >> it's a kendis solo. ♪ oh, girl, so right ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, >> you know this part. >> everybody, come on, you know the moves. ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, ♪ the right stuff ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, ♪ the right stuff ♪ first kiss was a sweet kiss ♪ second kiss had a twist >> you were awesome.
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♪ >> this is it? >> that's right. we have an a little jay-z coming in. we have a special skinny for you and 98 degrees. >> we're starting off with the breaking skinny news. we're hearing now, jay z released his anticipated album, "444", and there's a particular song already getting buzz. >> i heard about this. you guys teased about it earlier. is it a makeup song or something like that? >> he's hoping it will be a makeup song. the title song appears to be a 4:44 apology expressing his regret for cheating in a hypothetical relationship. >> with a hypothetical b
3:56 am
>> infidelity rumors swirled last year. and it ignited a witch hunt for becky with the good hair. this new album adds more fuel to the fire. who do you think becky with the good hair is? >> i don't know. it's got to be somebody special. if you're going to have infidelity on somebody like beyonce, it's got to be amazing. >> it's got to be class-a weave, indian style. >> what's the 444 reference? >> because it's 4:44. and four is an important number for beyonce and jay z. >> oh, okay, i got you. >> he took a long time to apologize. but he's going to have to keep it going for about four years. >> yeah, i think so, too. next, something you might be interested in for hard rock live. we're talking about the best soccer player in the world. >> besides cristiano renaldo. >> messi. and then there's other guy, christine?
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messi, just for you, kendis. he is officially off the marquettmarket, sorry to say. he's tying the knot with his childhood sweetheart in their native argentina. >> this guy, this lame old guy, cristiano renaldo. >> what is he doing, photo shopping pool pictures? what's going on? >> everybody's going to face tune. portuguese super star, looking rather out of shape these days. would it kill him to have a salad once in a while? >> i would love to see him perform in your show, jeff. >> i don't think he's affordable. >> we do want to say congratulations to cristiano. he is the father of twins. how cool is that? more beautiful babies to grace this world. >> but he's not married. >> more beautiful portuguese babies. >> jeff thank you. >> i'm just going to
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thank you
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making news in america this morning, new fallout from the president's twitter attack aimed at cable tv hosts. how the white house is defending the message and how lawmakers are condemning the tweets as the hosts delay their vacation to respond. we're live in washington. overnight the new travel ban goes into effect. one state already filing a court challenge. what it all mean force travelers. a police shoot-out broadcast live. see the suspect take to facebook during the encounter with officers. and a scary sight for an 11-year-old. a large animal crashing into his bedroom while he slept. >> that's hard to explain but it soups almost like a cannon bursts through and hit like straight past my ear. >> the smashed out window claw marks on the wall and the amazing story this kid has to


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