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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 30, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, new fallout from the president's twitter attack aimed at cable tv hosts. how the white house is defending the message and how lawmakers are condemning the tweets as the hosts delay their vacation to respond. we're live in washington. overnight the new travel ban goes into effect. one state already filing a court challenge. what it all mean force travelers. a police shoot-out broadcast live. see the suspect take to facebook during the encounter with officers. and a scary sight for an 11-year-old. a large animal crashing into his bedroom while he slept. >> that's hard to explain but it soups almost like a cannon bursts through and hit like straight past my ear. >> the smashed out window claw marks on the wall and the amazing story this kid has to
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and we do say good morning, everybody, on this friday. we start with the president facing growing backlash for that twitter attack that's sparking allegations of sexism. >> the uproars overschadding his agenda as hope fades for the leaders trying to pass their health care bill today. the president is meeting with the south korean president to address the north korean nuclear threat all while the white house is on the defensive over the president's hosts. >> mika bre skin -- brzezinski was supposed to be on vacation but want to respond. >> reporter: good morning. happy friday. instead of talking about policy or national security, we're talking abo t
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tweets some are calling the latest example of president trump's cyberbullying. this morning they're the tweets heard around the world. the president launching a personal attack on msnbc host mika brzezinski assaulting her appearance and intellect in a pair of venomous tweets calling her low i.q. crazy mika saying her and joe visited him and she was bleeding badly from a face-lift. i said, no. the string of insults came after brzezinski criticized the president mocking him for having, quote, teensie hands. >> nothing makes a man feel better than making a fake cover of a magazine about himself lying every day and destroying the country. >> the president has been attacked mercilessly on personal accounts by people on that program. >> reporter: the white house defending the attack but in person president trump not willing to defend his own tweets. >> mr. president, do you regret your tweets this morning at all? >> reporter: still, democrats
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pouncing. >> stop the disrespect. >> i call him the cyberbully in chief. >> reporter: republicans piling on to the bipartisan condemnation. >> look, what we're trying to do is improve the tone and civility of the debate and this obviously doesn't help do that. >> reporter: the tweets also reigniting the controversy over trump's attitudes towards women. >> i think it's so blatantly sexist, i don't know that there is a question about it. >> reporter: even drawing criticism from one woman whose vote he needs to get the senate's health care bill passed. >> it clearly was inappropriate. it is beneath the dignity of the office. >> reporter: and mika and her co-host and fiance joe were supposed to be away on vacation but postponed to respond to the president's tweets so we'll see what they have to say in just a couple of hours. kendis and diane. >> many will be tuning in to watch that one. all right, janai norman live from washington, thanks, janai. the stage is set for president trump's first meeting with vladimir putin since taking office. the two leaders are scheduled to si
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next week on the sidelines of the g-20 summit in germany but the white house is not saying whether the president plans to bring russian election meddling up. overnight a scaled down version of the president's travel ban went that effect impacting people from six predominantly muslim counts but the partial ban is already facing its first legal challenge since the supreme court cleared way. abc's maggie rulli with more. >> reporter: president trump's travel ban is now in effect. anyone from these six muslim majority countries can no longer enter the u.s. unless they meet certain requirements. >> american public could have legitimate concerns about their safety when we open our doors. >> reporter: the airports remain calm. quite a different scene from last january. [ chanting ] >> reporter: when the president's initial executive order caught travelers off guard leaving many stranded. under the new guidelines if someone from a restricted country wants a visa they have to prove a
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relationship to someone in the u.s. the administration defines that as a parent, spouse, child, son or daughter-in-law or siblings. >> it's just very frustrating to know that the federal government can just redefine the concept of family. >> reporter: rama issa plans to get married this fall now wonders whether her family in syria will be allowed to come. >> i was raised by my grandparents. the idea i wouldn't be able to have them at my wedding is heartbreaking. >> reporter: the definition of a bona fide relationship continues to change and, diane and kendis, hawaii has already challenged the new ban demanding to clarify exactly what counts as a close relationship. >> maggie, thank you. a bill that would take federal funds from sanctuary cities is on the way to the senate. it was passed yesterday mostly along party lines and the house okayed another immigration bill known as kate's law that punishes deporeees who enter the country
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democrats called both feel-good legislation that makes congress appear tough on crime. americans are expected to set new travel records over the long independence day weekend. aaa says 44.2 million people will travel at least 50 miles from home. in part because of low gas prices, most are traveling by car like these drivers on the george washington bridge here between new york and new jersey. a live look at this early morning hours and nearly 3.5 million of us are flying to our holiday getaways. an increase of nearly 5% over last year. now, unfortunately, some travelers are running into nasty weather. this hailstorm pounded omaha, nebraska, shattering car windshields, windows and skylights. let's take a closer look at your forecast. >> good morning, severe weather threat for today. this is going to be a large area stretching from the great lakes all the way back down into the midwest and also into the south plains. notice the red shaded areas
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and also very heavy rain creating travel disruptions. the second zone here into oklahoma, arkansas and missouri where there can also be large hail and isolated tornadoes, more big delays on the way. i'm justin povick with your accuweather forecast. >> and decreasing winds and higher humidity are helping crews battle more than two dozen active large fires burning in the west. new brush fires erupted in the hills west of los angeles. this one burned dangerously close to hopes in malibu until crews were finally able to surround it. and it will be a long wildfire season. officials warn six years of drought has left more than 100 million dead trees. well, still ahead right here the new concerns about the popular fidget spinners and catching fire. plus, a gunfight on social media. what investigators are saying about this shoot-out with police that was streamed live on facebook.
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for nearly a week. they've finally been discovered but they're still not home yet. the new video of their tearful rescue.
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you're looking at a dramatic police chase that started in louisville, kentucky and ended with the suspect tearing through a feel and ran over a police spike strip and eventually crisised. robert ellis is wanted in a string of purse snatchings at area gas stations. one of the texas police officers wounded in a contractout with two suspects is not expected to survive. the officers were on a routine pa feel in san antonio when two men opened fire on them. the second officer is critically injured but is expected to recover. one suspect was
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police in los angeles say a homicide suspect live streamed on facebook as he traded gunfire with a s.w.a.t. team. the live stream captured him shouting and pointing a gun at one point he yelling that officers are about to kill me. his words. now the suspect eventually shot and hit a s.w.a.t. officer and police, of course, fired back shooting the suspect. both are expected to recover. president trump has made good on a promise that he made earlier this year to send in the feds to chicago to try to combat the city's crime rate and gun violence there. nearly two dozen additional atf agents are now helping to hunt down gun traffickers using cutting-edge ballistics technology. now, last year feds examined data from 11,000 bullets and shell casings from chicago. that's about as many submissions from new york and los angeles combined. fire officials are investigating after a deadly explosion at a florida power plant. two workers were killed. four others critically injured by that blast in
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happened as routine maintenance was being performed on a tank inside a power plant. the waste inside that tank was more than 1,000 degrees. fidget spinners appear to share something else with recent fads like hoverboards. they're catching fire. there have been two reports in the past month of the gadget bursting into flames while charging. one was in michigan. the other in alabama. the company that made the spinners is unknown. the consumer product safety commision is investigating both cases. when we come back venus williams involved in a deadly car crash. see who bliss say is at fault. an animal burst into a kid's window in the middle of the night. what he says he saw. afi sure had a lot on my mind. my 30-year marriage... 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital,
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my challenge is to be in sync with my body, myself, my life. it all starts with a healthy routine. begin the activia two week probiotic challenge by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics everyday. take the activia probiotic challenge! this man had a sinking feeling when he couldn't find
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workout at the gym. as you can see it was swallowed up by this 20 foot deep ten foot wide sinkhole. city officials say they don't know what caused the collapse. he thought it had had towed. the good news, it wasn't towed. >> looking on the bright side. motion roadways intact if you are heading out. millions of you will hit wet roads and flooding. almost the entire eastern half of the country will be stormy. if you're flying airport delays are possible in detroit, atlanta, and charlotte. in florida a fatal traffic collision involving venus williams. williams collided with another car near her home in palm beach gardens three weeks ago. now police say it's actually her fault. abc's gio benitez has the latest. >> reporter: venus williams under the spotlight but not for the usual reasons. according to police the 37-year-old tennis star is being blamed for a traffic accident where a passenger in the other car ultimately died. here's the map from the police report
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beach gardens three weeks ago the report says williams cut across in front of a car. that car t-boning williams, 78-year-old passenger jerome barson was rushed to the hospital for head trauma and died two weeks later. his wife who was driving survived. the police report says williams advised she did not see the other car and also says that she is at fault for the accident. williams' spokesperson saying she entered the intersection on a green light. this is an unfortunate accident and venus expresses her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one. and in the report police do not believe venus williams was distracted or even under the influence of alcohol so right now no charges and no sigh takes for williams but police are still investigating. gio benitez, abc news, new york. a woman who invested thousands of dollars with martin shkreli says she felt betrayed. shkreli is accused of running an $11 billion ponzi scheme. yesterday on day one of testimony in his trial in new
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invested $300,000 with him in 2012. it then took a year for her to recover that money. she eventually did get a profit, though, almost $3 million. now to a rescue playing out right now inside a mexican canyon where a san diego father and his two daughters have been stranded since last saturday. it took rescue crews a full day to reach the family in baja california after spotting them from a helicopter tuesday. they had already run out of food, water and insulin for the father. now, this morning they're still making their way out where a medical team is waiting for them at a base camp. a new report shows american women are having fewer babies and having them increasingly later in life. the cdc says the national fertility rate has hit a record low. the overall u.s. birth rate remains below replacement. that's what's considered enough to keep the population stable. and to ensure enough young people are entering the workforce to support an aging population. speaking of babies a mother from indiana has given birth
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a 16-pound baby boy. not so little waylon cole was born may 1st via c-section. at seven weeks he tips the scale at 17 pounds, 7 ounces. in case you're wondering the size of an average 6-month-old. the heaviest baby on record still stands at 22 pounds, a baby boy born in ohio back in 1879. >> he's held on to that record for awhile. but waylon sure tried. now to a close call for a quid in anchorage, alaska, awakened in the middle of the night by a bear in his bedroom. 11-year-old zach landis said he was sound asleep when the bear came crashing through his window sending glass everywhere. when he saw the bear trying to claw its way back out he made a run for it and woke up his parents as he explained to alaska dispatch news. >> they didn't really believe me at first which i can totally understand because it's not every day your son comes up and says there's a bear in your room. >> but he was adamant. he said,
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my room. i saw it climb out the window like the size of daddy. >> i wonder if daddy took that as an insult or compliment. >> zach said it landed so close to his bed he could have reached out and touched him. fortunately the bear left on its own and zach walked away without a scratch but, man, it's going to be rough to get zach to sleep at night. >> forget about monsters under the bed. up next in "the pulse," one very hot day. see where it reached 129 degrees. >> plus, the big, big news overnight from jay-z. and on our facebook page rob lowe explains his run-in with bigfoot. yes, he's for real on
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♪ feeling hot hot hot ♪ feeling hot hot hot >> can you tell it's the holiday weekend already? yeah, we're feeling hot starting with a scorcher for the record book. still dancing and the music is going away. >> an iranian city scored a blistering 129 degrees yesterday. >> wow. >> hot, hot, hot, indeed, the highest temperature recorded in iran and one of the highest for the whole planet. >> so by the way the hottest temperature ever recorded in the u.s. was a mere 134 in death valley, california, back in 1913. >> oh, wow.
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>> it was hot, hot, hot. should we keep it going the whole time. >> i would love it. >> hot tracks on jay-z's -- >> that's true. it looks like it will be hot, hot, hot. the highly anticipated album "4:44" has a particular song on it that's already getting a lot of buzz. >> it's the title track and it appears to be a 4:44 apology expressing regret among other things for cheating in a relationship. >> rumors that jay-z's alleged infidels swirled last year when beyonce released the song "sorry" and there was a witch hunt for becky with the good hair. this adds more fuel to the fire. >> the search is on by the beyhive as to who was becky with the good hair. a classical orchestra had to deal with a rough crowd in turkey. >> because during a concert a labrador decided to get in on the action just strolled on to the stage to join the musicians. the band plays on. so the dog
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sit and take a listen. >> there was some snickering in the crowd. apparently the lab wasn't too impressed with their version of men doleson's symphony number 4. he eventually let out a yawn but he did keep his eyes open throughout. >> he was feeling relaxed, the soothing sounds of the orchestra. conductor sort of turns to the dog for a second and the crowd applauds but the man with the violin sort of looks down at him and the dog just decides to sit right next to him. nuzzle up. >>president trump's travel ban going into effect overnight. we spoke to some travelers in our area... hear how their being effected next. and record breaking numbers preparing to travel for their july-fourth holiday. this is a live look outside... this morning we're preparing you with everything you need to know before you head out the door. good morning washington. toss to eileen
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- code orange air quality alert today - heat wave rolls on through much of next week (90+ each day) - storm chances highest tomorrow - slight drop in humidity late weekend/early next week today: mostly sunny. hot and humid. isolated pm t-storm; mainly in the mountains. highs: 89-93 winds: sw 5-15+ mph tonight: mostly cloudy. warm and very muggy. lows: 71-75 winds: sw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly cloudy morning becoming partly sunny. pm thunderstorms likely. very humid. highs: 87-90 winds: sw 5-15+ mph breaking news just into our newsroom,
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police are on the scene of a stabbing. this is at revolution darts and billiards in springfield virginia. fairfax county police say the call came in just after two this morning. right now theirs no word on a victim or victims in the stabbing. stay tuned to good morning washington for updates. thousands preparing to be on the move for the july 4th holiday weekend. "triple a" -- already predicting a record number of drivers, on the roads. in the washington metro area alone --- one-point-one-millio n people will be leaving their homes --- that's about 16-percent of washingtonians - more than ever! the vast majority --- 87-percent to be precise --- will be traveling by car. the rest will be flying --- riding the rails or using other modes of transit. triple a credits this surge of july 4th vacationers to the strong economy --- cheap gas and a good weather forecast.
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millions also expected to celebrate indepencence day here in the district. security is on high alert as a number of festivities are planned. security checks are set up from the washington monument to the lincoln memorial. officials say there is no credible threat..but add if you see something -- say something. today metro looking to get back to normal after a chaotic thursday. yesterday was rider appreciation day for metro --- but instead of celebration there was protest. demonstrators took to the "columbia heights" metro station... to protest the recent fare hikes, and service cuts. this --- hours after metro workers took to the streets to say thank you... for going through about a year of safetrack maintence. they were met with a mixed response. many riders expressed the same sentiments. others said they understand the process will take some time.
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it's xx and we're just getting started. - code orange air quality - code orange air quality alert today - heat wave rolls on through much of next week (90+ each day) - storm chances highest tomorrow - slight drop in humidity late weekend/early next week today: mostly sunny. hot and humid. isolated pm t-storm; mainly in the mountains. highs: 89-93 winds: sw 5-15+ mph tonight: mostly cloudy. warm and very muggy. lows: 71-75 winds: sw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly cloudy morning becoming partly sunny. pm thunderstorms likely. very humid. highs: 87-90 winds: sw 5-15+ mph right now
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