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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  June 30, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> now "good morning washington ," on your side. autria: breaking at 6:00 a.m., a deadly night in northern virginia. police swarming or shopping center. the investigation going on right now. a major commuter artery shot down. the deadly crash in maryland and what the people were allegedly doing moments before that wreck. let the holiday rush begin. what you are seeing on a record-setting fourth of july getaway. so far, so good. julie wright will fill you in on what's happening. good morning to you. for larry smith. we have got most of the family here, just missing larry and eil een. a
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veronica: if you like the heat. a lot of folks like a little heat for their holiday. that's what you want when you are lying poolside. fireworks temperature 2000 degrees fahrenheit. all right. 92 degrees is where we are going today. not that hot. 92 with high humidity. that humidity will start to max out on saturday before taking a dip by sunday. you're going out to the quicken loans at their potomac -- you'l need to make sure you stay hydrated. the sun block. here we go for saturday, 90 degrees in d.c. 87 in annapolis. areas near the water will be much better but we are into this heat wave, day two tomorrow. on sunday, 91 the forecast. cooler temperatures to the south with rain moving in. look, our
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ver 2 1/2 inches. i will show you how much we can get with the systems coming up. julie: still looking at problems on the roads. we'll start off in montgomery county with the accident activity along columbia pike. offhbound on 20 now blocked -- on 29. northbound lanes are closed because of an accident. southbound everything is open coming from the icc headed back towards four corners. since this is against the rush-hour flow, there is not too much of a delay building northbound on 29. now, in virginia, that is a different story, major tie-ups. 95 northbound, major crash in the express lanes. are closed.nes with delays building out of dale city. northbound 95. fire and rescue equipment squeezing the left lane.
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potomac mills. that is our traffic watch. i will be back within the next 10 minutes. autria: back to that breaking news at 6:02. police swarming a shopping center in fairfax. dead afterne person an incident that happened while you were asleep. suzanne kennedy is live in springfield with the breaking details just coming in. good morning. suzanne: we are at the springfield plaza shopping center where the giant and the bye bye baby is located. the 7200 block of commerce street. crime scene technician still taking photos. this is behind what is called the revolution lounge. still labeled as fast eddie's. authorities overnight responding to a report of a stabbing here. one person was found in this alley between the giant and the revolution lounge. that person was transported to the hospital.
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authorities telling us the person that was taken to the hospital died of his injuries at the hospital. at the same time, fairfax county a burglary ind of the 6400 block of springfield plaza, just north of this shopping center. at that location, there was a second person who was also injured. authorities taking that person to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. authorities here at the scene not confirming that this is a stabbing. they are saying only this is a death investigation and it is in the early stages. now this area is cordoned off to the public. we will stay on top of the story and bring you more details. autria: thanks for the update. developing right now, police are looking for more victims after they arrested a high school football coach for inappropriate contact with his student.
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county high school in glen burnie. police say he texted a female student and also touched her inappropriately. thousands heading out for the july 4 holiday weekend, in fact, aaa predicting a record number of drivers will be out on the roads. in washington, 1.1 million people will leave their homes, about 16% of washingtonians, the most ever. the vast majority, 87%, will be traveling by car. the rest will be flying or using other modes of transit. aaa credits the surge of july 4 vacation is to the strong economy, cheap gas, and good weather. adrianna: we are waiting on a really are in challenge to clarify and slightly change the president's new travel than. effect aroundinto 8:00 last night and moments before, hawaii filed a motion to allow more exemptions. as of now, travel ban 2.0 stops peop f
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countries from coming to the u.s. unless they have a specific connection, such as close relatives, people who accepted a job, or admitted to college. autria: new this morning, msnbc morning joe hosts are back on the air. they are postponing a plan vacation to take on president donald trump. they were supposed to be off this morning but yesterday trump set twitter on fire after he went after host mika brzezinski: i.q.o -- calling her low and attacking her. . people on both sides of the n saidincluding paul rya that the tweets did nothing to bolster the air's ability they're trying to restore good the white house has its own take. the president's defense -- we have that moment at 6:45. this morning we are tracking and out of new laws on july 1. in d.c. the minimum wage is up to $12.50 an
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hour, on its way up to $15 by 2020. in maryland, the minimum wage tos up to $9.25 and new laws protect taxpayers from fraud. in virginia on saturday, starting saturday, women will be able to buy a year supply of birth control. there are actually two big changes to schools in this batch of new laws. the new requirements from virginia and maryland at 6:30. adrianna: breaking about next year's winter olympics. what could happen for the first time in decades. it's a deer in a dorm. we will show you what happens.
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want. as we get going into the afternoon hours. 90 for today. this morning, look at the temperature. the numbers are 5-10 degrees higher than yesterday. up.eratures way we are already into the 70's and by 8 a.m., upper 70's and close to 80 degrees by 9 a.m. this morning. now, look at every morning coming up, sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday all in the 70's. your highest temperature on sunday but even on saturday we are going to be close to it was such high levels of humidity. theou might expect, stagnant air, talked about this yesterday, i thought we will see some poor air quality. we have one forecast for today, code orange. you really need to take it easy if you have got asthma, heart or lung issues as well as the very young and very old. temperatures today will top out in the 90's. 92 in d.c. fredericksburg, through winchester, 86 for the high division. the next change fo
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going to be slight but i think it will be enough you will notice. that's going into sunday. the humidity will drop. right now we are forecasting a cold front to drop south of d.c. you can see the change in temperatures from philadelphia at 84 to 91 in d.c. that front parks around d.c. and excel. less of a chance for seeing rain. what are chances are up for next week. julie: right now you will find lanes are open traveling on route one from stafford to dale city and back up towards the capital beltway. i mention that because we have 95, a portion of it blocked off lanes.hofv lanes, -- hov we have one car overturned on the side. right at the ramp from the prince william parkway into express lanes northbound i-95. some emergency equipment is responding to the scene.
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the northbound side of 95 pushing everyone to the right. delays are stacking up quickly at dale city. from potomacbound mills pushing north headed up towards this accident, you do not want to commit to those hov lanes. stick with the main lines and route one. because this is already adding time to the inbound commute. trouble in montgomery county on 29's northbound. as you approach cherry hill road and randolph, the accident occurred northbound blocking both lanes. southbound, all lanes are open. we will keep a close eye on your ride out of jail city. "good morning washington"
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>> you are watching "good morning washington." autria: breaking news at 6:15, international watchdog investigators confirming the syrian government unleashed gas that.was the speculation for months, and hours ago the hague confirmed those suspicions. 90 people were killed and the investigation will turns toward
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favoring out who is responsible for ordering the attacks. are following more breaking news. this time about next year's winter lubitz. -- olympics. two countries might be getting more cozy with each other. they are open to a unified korean team for the 2018 games. that means north and south korea would be working together. both of those countries are still at war. this is the idea of the south korean president moon jae-lin who's currently in the district visiting president trump. moon had expressed an interest in softening his country's stance on the north. adrianna: people in the district tackling crime head on. the anc commissioner is holding a news conference about the rash of shootings in ward 8. this meeting was already in the books but just last night three people were shot in southeast.
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today's conference is expected to adjust. police say the will be ok. today's meeting gets underway at 11:00. we will let you know what happens. autria: this morning, legal battle now over. th washington redskins keeping their namee. the justice private has given up the fight to make them change it. the original argument was that the name was disparaging to native americans. the doj believes the redskins would win the argument. metro is trying to show his appreciation to riders. the last safe track surge end it last week and yesterday hundreds of staff members handed out thank you notes. they were met with mixed responses. >> gives a way to show that they really care. i think that is awesome. >> i don't like coffee. i want to be able to get on better after 12:00.
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rdiers expressed outrage about fare hikes and service cuts, but other say they understand the process of making metro more efficient. and think it will take some time. larry: thing autria: things are back to normal in a dorm in concordia university wisconsin. a deer got into the dormitory and ran to the halls. people were stunned. but the deer finally escaped. the animal appear to have minor injuries from the glass. we told you about this yesterday, june 29 marked five years since -- moved through our area. it left millions in the dark, including court city brewing. check it out, last night's celebration of the quick adjustments they made to the brewing process five years ago as they wash dishes addition of their beer. -- this year's edition of their beer. and right now
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caller number seven is getting their holiday started in style. "good morning washington" has 100 barbecue bucks. the number to call 703-528-7334. and caller number seven getting $100 in cold, hard cash. good luck. adrianna: 6:19. we're off to a good start this morning. veronica: this morning is probably going to be one of the cooler mornings we have.t said, it is still a little sticky out there. it will be a hot holiday weekend hopefully you have plans to go someplace where it will be cool. take a look at the 10 day trent. 92, right on cue. thanks a lot, eileen. we put that weather system in play. high temperature, 92 today. look at every day that policy the weekend. -- that follows.
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several days and away the heat to hit our area. there will be some days that will be more humid and others -- than other spirit fourth of july, different the humidity. next friday, back to 93. right now, a little sticky, 74 the temperature. and covered county, 71 degrees. andin manassas. we have a couple of weather makers. the otherurday and next week, wednesday and thursday. this is going to be our best chance to see more scattered thunderstorms moving to our area. aisside from that could or could be isolated storms, 92 today. feeling like 96. there is tuesday. 92 degrees with afternoon showers and homes. coming up in 10 minutes, i will give you the fourth of july fireworks forecast. on the roadside this morning. this time we start off in montgomery county. this is where we had the crash along 29, colesville road headed north towards
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sky track 7 above the scene. northbound 29 is still blocks at the exit for cherry hill road and randolph. but you can still make the exit ramp. there is a lot of response to this single vehicle crash. a lot of debris on the road. northbound 29 at the exit for charlie hill road and -- for cherry hill road. three cop cars. so, the northbound lanes are close. not too much of a delay but southbound all lanes are open. starting to see a rubbernecking delay trying to get past the scene and head towards four corners. we will pull up our maps. northbound 95 in the express lane near prince william parkway. this is a medevac chopper on the ground. blocking the express lanes of northbound 95. there is a backup beginning to form near dale city. however, we emergency equipment blocking the left lane in the main line. again,
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struggling from dale city headed towards woodbridge. a lot of people will use route one as the workaround. back within the tex -- the next 10 minutes. autria: why police now say venus willia
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>> you are watching "good morning washington." tennis superstar venus williams is under investigation for the death of a 78-year-old man. it all happened following a car crash that police say she caused. we have details in today's gma first look. tenni superstar venus williamss is having to explain her role in a car crash earlier hat ended up killing a 78-year-old man in the other vehicle. driving a toyota sequoia and had a green light when traffic forced her to stop in the middle of an intersection. another driver who witnessed the accident says venus's light turned
6:26 am
when she was able to drive forward, she stepped right in the way of an oncoming hyundai. the police report says it will's williams at fault. her attorney is telling abc, miss williams entered the intersection on a green light. this is an unfortunate accident and venus expresses her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one. coming up at 7:00, we will talk live to the victim's attorney.
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>> "good morning washington," on your side. autria: stay on top of two breaking news. and fairfax, a death investigation at a spring filled shopping center and that is not the only call police governance location. adrianna: a major commuter route is back open. the accident investigation a man start with multiple cars racing through traffic. we will update you on both of those. "good morning washington." it is friday. i'm adrianna hopkins in for larry smith. autria: i'm audretitria.
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holiday weekend. veronica johnson tracking at all. veronica: can we all relax, finally relax and take a breather? i hope so. because it is going to be hot enough. you will want to put the flip-flops on today. relax and go with the chill clothes. something to keep cool in. we're forecasting a heat wave starting today. the humidity will be a bit high today but nothing like where will be tomorrow. it is going to be downright soupy. we pull back on the humidity for sunday, monday and tuesday. as far as temperatures out the door, mid-70's. 77 degrees. 82 by late morning. yes, may be an isolated shower or thunderstorm in the mountains locations. we've got a chance coming our way tomorrow. it is the first of july tomorrow. we're ending june when a lot of heat and we start july the same way.
6:32 am
year is at 87 degrees. it will be a while before we are back into the upper 80's. but here's a look at tomorrow. 2:00, very scattered storms around howard county, montgomery county. and 2:00 in the afternoon. then notice more numerous storms by 4:00 saturday. we will talk more about the sunday time period and what you can expect during the big fireworks display. julie: seems like we have got a lot of things popping this morning on thers. roads. in like a recount we have the crash blocking northbound 29 at cherry hill road. 7 above the scene. this crash was involving an overturned vehicle. the tow truck on the scene. however, there is a lot of equipment that has responded to this crash. on the northbound side of 2 9. right now traffic is forced to the exit
6:33 am
and randolph road in montgomery county. back over to the maps and update the ride on 95. a mess coming northbound out of dale city. the problem is a crash in the hov lanes. a medevac helicopter was in the roadway. traffic northbound in the mainline is forced to the center and right with major tie ups out of dale city. look for bailout traffic on route one. i will be back within the next 10 minutes helping with the ride on the roads and the rails. now to john gonzalez live from equity. -- from -- john: this is a deadly collision. car parts are strewn all over this intersection. at this hour, route 210 open in both directions. they reopened the lanes about an hour ago. but this area was closed off fo r 8 hours
6:34 am
as police investigated this. take a look at the video that we captured, at least three vehicles being towed. witnesses tell prince george's county police that three or four cars were speeding and weaving in and out of traffic, appearing to be racing. one of those vehicles at 9:00 last night struck the minivan at this intersection of pond drive and 210. the driver of the van died at the hospital, the driver of the striking vehicle was also transported but suffering non-life-threatening injuries. both drivers, adult males county leaders and residents have been working to stop illegal racing on this road. in fact, this is the same intersection where 8 people were killed during a drag race in 2008. 55 is the speed limit here. witnesses telling police these cars were going much faster. adrianna: the time is
6:35 am
across the dmw. v. new laws going the books tomorrow. sam sweeney is breaking them down for us. laws, we were talking about minimum wage and now it is on to schools. if you're interested in the minimum wage laws, you can find more information on that at in maryland, all schools in the free state will now be required to keep the drug naloxone on hand, the drug meant to treat drug overdoses. your kids will now get open your dictionary took a beginning in elementary school. a virginia, a new law from delegate in hampton. she passed a bill that would instruct young drivers on how to handle traffic stop. she wanted all teams to know what appropriate action drivers should take and how to interact wi
6:36 am
autria: thanks. a medical marijuana shop is headed to downtown silver spring. chicago-based green thumb industry purchase a property there and plans to open a medical marijuana dispensary on the end of the year. executive sadie will sell 150juana creams and oils to customers a day. some people who live near that shop say they are not happy about it. >> it is a bit surprising that it'd be like right near a school. adrianna: maryland has handed out 102 her preliminary licenses for medical marijuana shops. autria: you might be wanted to do some shopping of that kind after a double dose of pain last night at nats park. hethe seventh, trey turner, stayed in the game but had to leave. x-
6:37 am
fractured. then that blown save in the ninth. the bullpen just giving the game away. nats lose 5-4. they split the series with the defending world series champs. right now it's our final giveaway for a trip to the e spys. airfare get round-trip and a two night hotel stay and tickets to the espys valued at $3000. be the seventh caller now at 703-528-7334. ourkidd o'shea is picking grand prize winner in 20 minutes. adrianna: mika brzezinski -- veronica johnson is tracking the track for storms. who will get hit the hardest tomorrow as when? she has got the answers.
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by lunchtime we will be sweating a little bit, at 87. and 92 the higher humidity will make it feel much worse. your chances of seeing rain fairly low. look at the yellow, that is where there could be some enhanced thunderstorms coming our way for the weekend. martinsburg, areas of northern maryland for saturday. robust.orms more we will talk about the timeline of when that rain will be moving to in 10 minutes. julie, how was it looking? julie: it is a busy ride for a friday morning for you guys are making me work hard today. we have some problems on 29 northbound blocked off at cherry hill road and randolph due to an overturned vehicle. sky track 7 is above the scene. starting to see the delays form northbound on 29 in the direction of the icc. southbound, all lanes open
6:42 am
trouble on 95 in the express lane. overturned vehicle. that guy is still there. delays building from dale city northbound i-95. route one, if you want to stick with that for an alternate routes. trumbo eastbound on 66 coming past pharaohs. -- past fair oaks. that is our traffic watch. i will be back in 10 minutes on the west side of town. adrianna: thanks. we're following breaking news out of fairfax county. autria: an active death investigation overnight. suzanne kennedy following this one. suzanne: well, it is not just a death investigation. they are also investigating a burglary at the spring hill plaza shopping mall. a live
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>> you are watching "good morning washington." autria: breaking now at 6:45, police swarming a shopping center in fairfax county. one person is dead. suzanne kennedy is live
6:46 am
and police were called offer multiple incidents there. suzanne: all of this taking place in the 2:00 hour. if you take a look behind me, this is one of the locations in the 6400 block of springfield plaza. authorities say initially on the other side of this shopping center at the revolution lounge, they were called for a stabbing. want to show you some pictures of that. on the other side of this plaza. that was it around 2:09 this morning, a response for a stabbing in the alleyway between the shopping center. 25 minutes later, they could they got a report of a burglary. at this location, they did find a person injured, non-life-threatening injuries. that person was transported to the hospital while the person on the other side was found in the alleyway and was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead. authorities are investigating whether these two incidents
6:47 am
related. it seems likely given the proximity. they are not certain if any of the other stores within the shopping center were burglarized. they are going to wait until people show up to see if there were any other incidents. this is an active crime scene investigation. we are awaiting a briefing from fairfax county police which is about to happen in 10 minutes. once we get additional information, we will pass it along to you. autria: thank you. now,nna: happening right the national park service is getting ready for the fourth of july celebration on the national mall. this afternoon, mayor bowser will provide an update on the city's preparation and discussing efforts to keep people safe and trying to ease traffic. and security will be tell you. authorities say there has been threat but they are still urging people to be cautious. >> our visitors play a key role in helping us with the security and safety of this event. again but bears repeating, if you see soth
6:48 am
say something. autria: if you are going to the national mall on the fourth of july, here are some things you are not allowed to take. alcohol, glass bottles, your own personal fireworks, no grills and no drones and you are bush leaguer pets at home. sam: we are following a developing story out of anne arundel county. high school football coach is under arrest. take a look at your screen. marvin brown, jr. is accused of inappropriate contact with a student. police say he texted a female student and touched her. brown coached at north county high school in glen burnie. police want to know if there are more victims. if you have any information regarding this case, you're asked to contact police. adrianna: thanks. developing right now, a montgomery county firefighter and a corrections officer caught trying top pick up a prostitute. detectives but an ad on back the detectives lured a firefighter and a
6:49 am
officer to the red roof inn with a message that said "bring gifts, and i will make it worth your while.:" the two are now facing multiple charges. autria: breaking overnight, while you are asleep, the german lawmakers were voted to legalize same-sex marriage. he comes days after chancellor angela merkel dropped her long-standing opposition to a free vote on the issue. that vote passed by a wide margin, 393-226. germany's has allowed same-sex couples to enter civil partnerships since 2001. that bill still has to pass germany's upper house and that is likely to happen next week. developing right now, it is the story everyone is talking about this morning. president trump's tweets taking aim at the host of morning joe on msnbc . the president launching a personal attack against mika brzezinski, calling her " low
6:50 am
appearance. the tweets comes after mika brzezinski criticize the president, mocking him for having "teensie hands." lawmakers from both sides are condemning his tweets while the white house is defending him. >> the president has been attacked mercilessly by mika brzezinski on that program. trying to do is improve the tone incivility of debate in this does not help do that. autria: the hosts of morning joe are expected to respond on air this morning. they were supposed to be on postponedbut they that and will be on morning joe in 10 minutes on msnbc. adrianna: ratings and ratings. former president obama's childhood home is open at the museum. pictures of the young barack obama hang on the wall. two of his books he said he lived in indonesia
6:51 am
6-10 starting in 1967 with his mother and stepfather. the first family visited the house yesterday during their trip to indonesia. very cool. the question this morning -- who wants to be a millionaire? right? all the hands. it turns out it might be you. there is aut there $1 million winning lottery ticket that was sold in the 7-eleven six-month ago in richmond. autria: i wish. adrianna: the money is unclaimed. the deadline to claim it, 5 p.m. or it's worth nothing. sam: do you think it is somebody that is chosen not to, i don't want to deal with this? adrianna: don't play. veronica: it is $1 million? no, i don't. sam: it could ruin people's lives. kidd: it could ruin people's lives. autria: then you give it away to church. veronica: it is not a full million.
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kidd: i would like to see how i would deal with this. if it ruins my life but i will give it a try. veronica: we can experiment. we're point to start seeing the radar filled with storms over the next couple days but not today. you know, more so i think coming tomorrow with a weather front will start dropping to our area. one to show you where the storms are today. you can take a look down to our south to the carolinas. western carolina, not of the outer banks as of yet. georgia getting some more rain. atlantic wet. figure storms of firing to missouri coming towards st. louis and toward kansas city this morning. makes sure you call ahead if you are flying out of town. locally, we have a storm threat for tomorrow starting at 2:00 in the afternoon. just the daytime heating, and that will end at 8:00. and then less of a threat for sunday. dry for monda
6:53 am
during the afternoon, may see some isolated showers start to fire. a look at the temperatures today, close to 90 degrees. with that higher humidity, sticky, unbearable. and you want to stay somewhere where it is cool because today is code orange air quality. likely tomorrow as well. there are your showers and storms coming to the area. there's d.c. for sunday time period, during the afternoon. i will back out of the way see you can see the sunday forecast. look at this heat wave that continues into, probably through tuesday and wednesday of next week. julie: right now we have some better news for those traveling in montgomery county. that crash along 29 northbound near randall road and cherry cleared. has al lanes are now open andl we will take you to virginia. northbound 95. there has been a change as well. the vehicle which crashed in the hov lane
6:54 am
still overturn your the prince william parkway. the change, though, is that traffic in those express lanes by using thet right shoulder. northbound 95 express lanes, the right shoulder getting through, and it is backed up for those coming northbound out of dale city. almost backed up to quantico. northbound 95. the main nine, we had emergency equipment responded to the scene. they were tying up the left lane. again, early morning start already off to a slow one northbound i-95. a lot of bailout traffic on route one. for those on the tough stretch of the beltway, lanes are open between college park and bethesda. i-66, the exit we showed you at fair oaks is pulled to the shoulder. now it is a 31 minute ride headed eastbound towards the capital beltway. metro is having a chair problems. delays towards new carrollton due to a train malfunction. that is our traffic watch. back within the next 10 minutes for another update. now my favorite part of the day. we did to say good morni
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yes, just like my husband. we have all been there. thanks to nicole for sending of this picture. your pet could be the pet of the day. autria: little hampton. 6:55. and kidd has got a big announcement. kidd: we want to say congratulations to linda, waking up a big winner. always week long we have been qualifying people for a trip to the espys. linda, guess what? autria: she is getting round-trip airfare, hotel stay in the tickets to the epsys. have fun celeb spotting. kidd: thank you for watching. in-z dropping a new album what some are calling his most honest of them, confirming and -- apologizing for cheating on
6:56 am
questions unanswered that for years we have all debated right here on this desk. jay-z puts to rest with one album that is just 10 tracks and under 40 minutes. only available on title. getting very good reviews. now you are in the now. it is time for your sticky second -- you 62ndr express. >> the president's tweets. >> call him the cyber bully in chief. >> it is beneath the dignity of the office. >> crime scene technician still taking photos. authorities responding to our report of a stabbing here. a death investigation. in it's early stages. >> car parts strewn across this entire section. three cars appearing to be racing. one of the vehicle struck that minivan. the
6:57 am
under arrest. marvin brown junior is accused of inappropriate contact. police say he texted a female student and touched her. brown coached at north county high school in glenbury. >> not only do the nationals blow a lead to the cubs, but trey truneurner's wrist is fractured. autria: it is expected to be the biggest fourth of july getaway ever. when we had over two news channel 8, julie wright will let you know everything you need to know. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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good morning, america. firing back, brand-new response from the cable tv host targeting president trump's vicious twitter attack as republicans blast the president's tweets. >> obviously i don't see that as an appropriate comment. >> the white house not backing down as the gop's push to repeal and replace obamacare stalls. now the president's counselor kellyanne conway here live. holiday travel alert. a record number of americans hitting the roads and sky for the fourth of july. the best time to drive and how to beat those airport lines of what could be the busiest flight day of the year. as severe storms move east and those wildfires spark a state of emergency out west. abc news exclusive. venus williams now blamed in a car crash that led to a death. what she's saying about the


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