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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  June 30, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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bronx hospital. you can see a shot right here from outside the hospital. there are reports that as many as four to six people were shot. also we are getting reports from abc that the shooter is dead. it's being reported the gunman may have been a former employee. a lot of people are leaving the hospital as they try to secure the area and bring everything under control. a lot of developments on it. stay here for update it. jonathan: a huge presence by police after go people on the lower level of the hospital were shot to death. it was confirmed two people were did. then they searched room by room in the hospital look for someone described to be in a doctor's coat. that is why some of the folks there identified him as a former employee of the hospital. two people were shot to death, there could be more. other people were shot and wounded. they do not have a final tally but the good news is we are reporting now it's confirmed that the gunman is dead. we'll try to get more information about what happened
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right now at 4:00, a plane crash on one of the busiest froways in the country. 405 in santa ana and short of the runway at the airport. alison starling is monitoring the situation from the "live desk." that is incredible video. alison: this was a stunning scene. the abc affiliate in los angeles is reporting that two people were taken to the hospital after this crash. it happened right during the end of the busy morning commute there out in l.a. area. about 9:30 this morning. the 405 is one of the busiest roads in all of southern california. it was a cessna 310 that went down and witnesses described that plane as flying out of control before crashing. at least one person, one eyewitness there recorded it as that person went down. we want to warn you that this video is disturbing for some viewers.
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alison: really just an unbelievable scene there in california. here is what we are hearing about what happened there. immediately people started pulling over. they started calling 911. they were even running up to this plane as it was burning hoping to find and help survivors. again, right now the latest is that two people are citeddicly injured and at the hospital as we speak. what is hard to believe about this is the plane clipped just one vehicle that was on that busy roadway. we're going to continue to monitor this throughout the evening. for now at the "live desk," alison starling, abc7 news. jonathan: also developing this afternoon, police warning a.t.v. and the dirt bike riders after they took over national harbor in d.c. over the weekend. nancy: the message heading in the holiday weekend, police are watching. jo
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they are taking action. that is what they are telling us. abc7's nathan baca with renewed effort to catch these people. there are a lot of them to catch. nathan: there are now, jonathan. police are saying that they are going to be using their own a.t.v.'s on the street to track down the a.t.v. riders and the surveillance video they have is able to show the faces of some of the riders. the police say they need your help identifying some of them. police gave the first look to the public of people they believe are involved in last weekend's incident in the national harbor. in video all over social media, the a.t.v. riders drove to the sidewalk, blocked the intersection and stopped the traffic along national harbor. the police are not having any of that this holiday weekend and pledged to stop what they are calling lawlessness and anarchy. it's a great day for them.
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tuesday when someone knocks on the door and says not only are we here, we have a search warrant for your bike. nathan: the police here say what is increased patrols may be decreased patrols in other neighborhood. reporting live, nathan baca, abc7 news. nancy: the d.c. police trying to track down riders of 50 people they want to talk to. they are offering $250 for the tips that help out with the situation. we are posting this online at so you can get a closer look there. jonathan: this was the scene back in april. you remember this. it was a massive fire burning in college park at an apartment building still under construction. today is a different scene. demolition is underway. $40 million in damage is now cleaned up. that building is a complete loss. on the ground, prince george's county was taking video as ll
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prompted the biggest response in their department's history. if you want to see abc7's original reporting on the story and more of the incredible fire video, head over to and search "college park fire." nancy: take a look here. this is what the fourth of july is supposed to look like on the national mall. fireworks and family enjoying america's birthday. today the d.c. police outlined a security plan to keep everyone safe. abc7 d.c. bureau chief sam ford was there for that update. sam? sam: you know, it's not just about the national mall. d.c. has three parades. for example on the fourth of july there is one barracks row on capitol hill. palisades in macarthur boulevard in far northwest and fourth of july parade on downtown constitution avenue. a lot going on here. today they had a news conference here to talk about safety. a long holiday weekend, the backdrop of the city's police and
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hundreds of thousands -- fire cadets and hundreds of thousands of visitors. the nation's capital will be a busy place. the fire department demonstrated proper use of grills for cooking, which fireworks are illegal and legal in d.c. and the fire and the emergency services chief says this is a busy time of year for his department. 12,000 calls for service. last year this time alone. many calls for burns caused by fireworks. >> you have one out of every four that happens to children. the goal this year is to say that how do we keep the fourth of july safe? >> we want you to enjoy yourselves but we want you to be safe with your families and friends. sam: police chief peter newsham says the terrorism wise there are no threats to the d.c. region at this point. we have more on this story coming up on the "abc7 news at
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the fire safety tips regarding grills and fireworks. reporting live from north west washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: see you at 5:00. thank you. heat and humidity returning in time for the weekend with a chance of storms. we have it all for you. doug hill has the forecast. hopefully it won't last too long. doug: just brief showers and thunderstorms. the only exception is tomorrow afternoon where the storms are numerous. that is the only day of the weekend we have concern about. check this out. ten minutes ago in hagerstown, 90 degrees. now it's pouring down rain and 71. why? show you the doppler radar. a little area of the thunderstorms that track out of berkeley county west virginia 20, 30 minutes ago and now going through hagerstown area. that is it for the rain action. west of town. just south of fredericksburg through the lower blue ridge. a couple of showers there. like last night most will dissipate with the heaviest activity out of the hills and stay north of the metro area. otherwise a hot a
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evening ahead. it shows the showers dispainting. overnight there is a light shower in spots. improving weather conditions until we hit the afternoon with the storms. it's hot out there. low 90's. look what it feels like. 100 in leesburg. 94 at quantico. the heat and the humidity is here to stay for a while. we will let you know everything you need to know about the weekend forecast in a few minutes. jonathan: thanks. today all eyes were on msnbc's "morning joe." nancy: that is after the president took to twitter with his own commentary on the hosts' tweets many found offensive. jonathan: back and forth. sam sweeney has the new day in the on-air and the social media feud. >> i think it's been fascinating. frightening. said for the country. >> he packed five lies in the tweets. >> postponing vacation, mika brzezinski and joe scarborough fired back at the
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at :00 a.m. -- 7:00 a.m. on the air. >> he attacks women. >> he has fragile, impetuous child like ego we have seen over and over again especially with women. he can't take it. i saw it happening yesterday in real time. we talked about the time maggie: cover. >> it one only air. penned an op-ed calling in the mental state of the president. scarborough elaborated on the show. >> without getting into great detail i would say somebody is at the top of his campaign last summer said to me we are all really worried about his emotional state. this guy is not the same person he was a year ago. sam: the president tweeted back watched low rated "morning joe" for the first time in a long time and fake news.
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an "national enquirer" article. i said no. but they tweeted back saying it's a lie. they said that mika brzezinski never had a facelift. on both sides of the aisle they condemned the president as well. last month they both said that trump offered to officiate the wedding and the couple declined the offer. sam sweeney, abc7 news. nancy: a lot of reaction to this. business experts saying if you tweet like the president you may not last for long. you could get fired or punished. watch what you post because the employers can look at your feeds. final suggestion from the other experts. make sure you are up to date with the privacy settings. jonathan: developing in prince george's, there is a deadly day on the road. vehicle crashed at 9:30 this morning. not much left of it. this is near
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this is video from the skytrak7. the car went off the road and caught fire. in accokeek, another terrible crash and it's not the first time this happened where a man was killed last night. we explain what happened today and nearly a decade ago. >> a deadly collision. car parts all over the intersection. show you indian head highway that is moving. all the lanes reopened eight hours after the accident. we captured three vehicles towed. one a camaro. and another is perhaps a mustang. so
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they were speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. one vehicle struck the minivan at time drive and route 210. the driver of the van taken to the hospital. the driver of the striking vehicle transported and expected to survive. they have been working to stop high speeds on the road for decades. this is the same exact interception where eight people were killed in 2008 after an illegal drag race. the speed limit is 55. but the witnesses telling us that the cars were going much faster. in accokeek, maryland, john gonzalez, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00
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together. nancy: plus your chance to help crayola name their newest color. jonathan: a "7 on your side," health alert. new warning about lyme disease. i hate ticks. you won't believe how unreliable testing is now. the stunning amount of time that the disease is missed before you head out camping. >> he is called the boss but a 17-year-old gang member facing decades behind bars for a brutal attack. coming up, how the prosecutors scored a major conviction.
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take cover! shots fired. jonathan: new developments from baton rouge. police showing the moment they were ambushed almost a year ago. gavin long is the man with the gun. the police eventually killed him but not before three officers were gunned down. nancy: dash cam video capturing a high speed chase out of wisconsin. look at this. the man the state trooper is going after pulls over and just when the trooper thinks it's all over, this happens. >> he rammed my car. nancy: reversed the car in police cruiser but it did not help him get away. th
4:17 pm
him into custody. the officer was not hurt. jonathan: a brutal attack caught on camera leads to a gang conviction but the prosecutors turned to a tactic they only used once in the past eight years. ryan hughes right now in rockville to explain. what did they do? ryan: the gang statute passed a few years ago to make it easier to prosecute gang members. it's hard. in this case, surveillance video helped the prosecutors take down who they call "the boss." 17-year-old wrapped up in ms-13 for four years now. >> these men ran for their lives, took sanctuary in the mall. >> surveillance video shows terrorfying attack playing out in the parking lot at the mall. two brothers baited and chased by a group of ms-13 gang members. >> because they were wearing the wrong colored clothes, thought they were members of a rival gang.
4:18 pm
ryan: the montgomery county state attorney says only 16 years old, jose salvadar was in charge and ordered them to be killed because they were wearing red. >> he was the boss, the orchestrator, the one calling the shots. ryan: the victims' tires were slashed, they were chased and one stabbed in the backside. he is seen wearing an s.o.n. shirted, a montgomery county outreach program encouraging teens to get out of gangs. late yesterday jury convicted him of assault charges and gage -- gang participation. >> it was the second time that the statute is used in montgomery county. ryan: the brothers are lucky, only suffering minor injuries. the stabber pled guilty serving six
4:19 pm
for zaldabar he faces up to 63 years in prison and will be sentencedded next month. live in rockwell, ryan hughes, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. nike plans to start selling sneakers on amazon. it's working on a pilot program to launch with the ecommerce giant. they will begin with shoes and clothing and other items. that may grow if customers keep coming back. they will. right now it's only available for third party sellers and they want to cut out the middleman. recall for mazda car owners. the brakes on certain mazda 6 cars from 2014-2015 could fail or do the opposite and hold the car in place. not letting it go. especially when you want to move. the mazda 3 from 2014-2016 is also affected. nancy: crayola is feeling blue. a shade of it anyway. they are asking for your help to name a recently discovered
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shade of blue. i like discovered. like they went on an expedition. it will be added to the company's crayon correction. dream come blue. bluetiful. jonathan: well done! nancy: blue moon bliss. reef for the stars. star spangled blue. voting begins in less than eight hours and ends august 31. jonathan: so friday around here, isn't it? nancy: bluetiful. jonathan: what is old is new again. sony is going back to vinyl records for the first time in 30 years. sony switched over to the cd's in 1989. with the demand for vinyl picking up, it will start pressing records again. we can say "records" and mean it. combined with the other countries some forecast upward of $900 million in the vinyl record sales this year. big seller. nancy: what is old is new again. last year beyoncé came out with lemonade and today jay-z came out with his new album 444. the title track
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a four minute and 44-second apology expressing regretted for cheating on his wife. he talks about his mother's sexual orientation and takes jab at fellow rapper kanye west. it's only available for download on the title streaming app. interesting promo. jonathan: get a lot out of his chest. nancy: look out for it, folks. jonathan: talk about what is happening. it's 4:20 here. we want to know about the weather. doug: hot and humid, hot, summer day. cool story with hagerstown going from 90 to 71 be the storm. there are very few out there. most of the area is hot and muggy throughout the night. this is a look live at the sky. washington dulles control tower in the background. the udvar-hazy center. the cloud you see above is the top of the thunderstorm many, many miles northeast over hagerstown. that is what it looks like from a distance. so, wasn't that a bette midler
4:22 pm
jonathan:♪ from a distance i just put that out there. food for thought. like yesterday we have showers and storms and other showers south and west of the fredericksburg. tomorrow morning is cloudy. through the day is the clouds and sun. hot and humid. this looks as if we have gusty winds from the south. once this blows through the winds go to the south. the westerly winds are not the cool winds. hot winds. it's less humid on sunday and monday. by tuesday the humidity
4:23 pm
back. tomorrow there is a marginal chance of thunderstorms but shouldn't turn severe. fourth of july, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, 60% chance of storms tomorrow afternoon with the cold front. 90 for a high. it will feel warmer. nice weather on monday. hot and humid stuff around the area. the next ten days for you. several days in a row. 90 to 91. it won't be exceptional heat and humidity but uncomfortable. at the end of the period for next week and next week we will settle around the 90-degree mark. typical early july weather. nancy: thank you very much. next, a "7 on your side" health alert. the lines this summer is in the past. you won't believe how the current methods are unreliable. see the report before you go
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newborn abandoned in annapolis. the child is in good health. the search is on for the mother.
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nancy: if you see one of these on you, you are at risk for lyme disease. some experts predict this could be one of
4:27 pm
but in the health alert we explain the testing might not be reliable. reporter: they are small and dangerous. ticks are hard to spot but so can lyme disease they carry. >> i caught a glimpse of a bullseye rash on the back of my right arm. i didn't know what it was at the time but i took a picture of it. after i got home i contacted the doctor. >> 300,000 people are diagnose noticed every year. >> i was so weak i couldn't chew my food or dress myself. i couldn't walk from one room to another. i had problem finding words. i had cognitive issues. after seven or eight tests the lyme test came back positive. reporter: right now the tests for lyme disease don't always detect it in the early stage. in the first three weeks of inspection it only detects
4:28 pm
the c.d.c. tells abc news researchers are trying to develop a new test to better diagnose it early on. >> lyme disease testing can be negative in the first month following inspection because we're waiting for the human immune response to mount in response to the infection. reporter: when diagnosed and treated quickly, it's easy to get rid of. if left untreated it could cause effects from severe arthritis to memory loss. >> the patient is still having symptoms and the test comes back negative it's important they communicate with the healthcare provider. jonathan: yikes! still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- ransom wear is hitting the forefathers. nancy: the hack coming up. plus -- >> just hours old, baby found abandoned outside an annapolis home.
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jonathan: some senator and republicans were hoping for a healthcare bill today.
4:32 pm
nancy: trump suggested a new strategy and we so the updoubt. >> the white house is hopeful the senate will get something done soon on healthcare. >> we are fully committed to push through with the senate. >> but no revised bill to consider. a few new proposals are appealing to some healthcare holdouts. now a possible sweeteners to fight the opioid epidemic and an option to keep obamacare tax on wealthy inves stores. on the other end of the peck sum, some push proposal to allow insurance companies to offer the cheaper plans that do not cover the essential health benefits. >> a complicated subject. we have discussions going on. we are optimistic we'll get there. >> the president tweeting another idea friday morning. suggesting
4:33 pm
immediately repeal obamacare and come up with a replacement at a later date. rand paul tweeting back support of the idea. but another congressman appearing on cnn said that is not the way to go. >> no. i think it's repeal and replace. >> there is a new house bill that shows medicate would see reduction of 35%. with the bill already unpopular among the public, many members are bracing for the pushback from the constituents. >> several laws will go in effect tomorrow in the d.m.v. and the officials want you to step on the gas in virginia. drives can be fined for going too slow. in d.c. the mim
4:34 pm
tick up to $12.50. one dollar increase. the law passed last year will raise it to $15 by 2020. the minimum wage increases in maryland going up to $9.20 there to battle the opioid crisis, they will be required to keep the treatment naloxone on hand. and in virginia starting tomorrow women will now be able to buy a year supply of birth control at one time. finally schools will teach young drivers how to interact with police in a traffic stop. jonathan: a lot of folks at home getting ready to take a trip. they want to visit somebody. long weekend ahead. they need good weather. doug: generally pretty good. best chance of rain and thunderstorms in the next four days are tomorrow afternoon. we have clouds that are hot and humid. go to the radar and track the thunderstorms we have. here is what we have on
4:35 pm
side. a lot of thunderstorm activity there. expect a hot and a muggy evening and a warm and a muggy overnight. this is what it feels like around the area. 93. feels like in washington. 94 in quantico. 92 in annapolis. feels 101 in leesburg. air temperatures tonight will slowly fall. even at 11:00 tonight in the city it will be 82. feel a little bit warmer than that. the future cast shows the showers possible tomorrow but the afternoon hours with the showers and the thunderstorms are more likely as thed cod front pushes through the area. not fun to deal with. good news on the other side of that. sunday and monday with a cold front south we have the westerly winds, they will be drier and sunny and hot. not so much humid on sunday and monday. we will highlight those and
4:36 pm
days. nancy: we have update from the breaking news from the top of the hour. the shooter at the hospital in the bronx in new york city identified as dr. henry bello, a doctor who used to work there. in this case one other woman was killed. at this point she has not been identified. but two dead in all of this. including the gunman who took his own life. however, this was not before injuring several other people. that is according to the police in new york. a lot of developments to this story. stay with abc7. we'll have an update at 5:00. here at home, heartbreaking story in annapolis. abandoned newborn left on a doorstep. brianne carter is live with that story. brianne: nancy, it was along this busy road here in annapolis. just around 6:30 this morning. police called here after the baby just hours old was found abandoned on a doorstep. now according to annapolis police, they say take a look at the
4:37 pm
the infant taken to the hospital and said to be in good help. that is the latest for police. but tonight the search is on for the child's mother. the newborn's mother may be in need of medical attention or may be the victim of the crime. folks in this part of annapolis are concerned but thankful the boy was found safe. >> we have a good community here in annapolis. but for him to be left behind like that, somebody knows something. somebody knows somebody was pregnant yesterday and they are not today. brianne: in maryland there is a safe haven law so no child should be abandoned and left alone. we have more on that coming up tonight at 5:00. brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. police k9's are affected by the opioid epidemic. in baltimore, police officers are now being trained to save their dog's lives if they overdose in drug investigations from what they sniff. officers wll
4:38 pm
symptoms and administer life-saving naloxone to the dog. nancy: a cyber attack discovered this week and it took down the phone system but the tours are not affected by this. clearly, though, something to keep an eye out for when you look at that. still ahead, venus williams involved in a deadly crash and now a potential lawsuit. we will break down what happened after the french open. jonathan: two tons of lettuce seized at the border. only this stuff is not lettuce. the major drug bust. see what is really inside coming up next. now here is adrianna hopkins with a look at what you can expect on "good morning washington" next week. adrianna: thanks, guys. monday on "good morning washington," how to look gorgeous for less all year round with the must-have essentials on clothing, makeup and jewelry. >> plus, check out the ultimate reading guide. we have the best books to read
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you won't want to miss. >> keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes monday morning at 4:25 on "good
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nancy: interesting story. the feds seized two tons of lettuce. but it's not lettuce. jonathan: in disguise it's marijuana described as l
4:42 pm
there were 5700 packages trying to cross the border to texas. the drug-sniffing dogs not fooled by the lettuce thing. why lettuce? in february, remember we showed you this. 4,000 pounds of weed disguised as limes. >> they have to get better paint. jonathan: yeah. the dogs, they are smarter than that. they use their nose, not the eyes so much. nancy: the amount of produce coming over the board smugglers hope to sneak in but it's not working so well there. jonathan: twice they have been caught. what is next? nancy: next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- venus williams. a family wants to hold her responsible after a deadly car crash. breaking down what happened days after the french open next. jonathan: plus, taking down a confederate monument in st. louis. but inside crews find a time capsule. >> like indiana jones. lifted it up. there was the box. jonathan: find out what they found trying to get into
4:43 pm
battle of gettysburg 100 years ago. what did they find?
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4:46 pm
jonathan: venus williams is being blamed for a deadly car crash. nancy: a 78-year-old man was killed and now they look to find out who is at fault as they file suit. reporter: the police stress it was an accident but still fault of venus williams for a car crash that killed 78-year-old and seriously injured his wife. >> she is devastated. this is the man she loved. she has been married for 35 years. she is devastated. >> the family now filed a lawsuit. >> the accident happened on june 9th, days after the seven-time grand slam champion was eliminated from the french open. >> rescue 67. responning to area 63 -- responding to area 63. vehicle accident. reporter: according to the police report williams had a green light when traffic forced her to stop in the middle of the intersection. a witness said
4:47 pm
turned red with her s.u.v. in the middle of the intersection. when she was able to drive forward she stepped in the way of an only coming car. linda, the driver of the car her light was green and never saw it. this morning she has not been ticketed or charged. >> unlikely that she would be determined criminally responsible for death of the man. >> williams tells abc7 she had a green light. she calls it an unfortunate accident and extends her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one. in new york, maggie rulli, abc7 news. nancy: "7 on your side" consumer alert now. americans not spending more despite making more. from april to may, the spending went up 10th of a percent. as you can imagine the savings rated
4:48 pm
jonathan: u.s. embassy in beijing, lifting a 14-year ban on the u.s. beef import originally put in place over the fears of mad cow disease. a 100-day action plan will be part of a testing period. the first shipment arrived last week. all right. let's go live to the "live desk." alison starling has a look at what to expect at "abc7 news at 5:00". alison: tonight the item investigates after finding it looks like changes in the paperwork after a firefighter and the corrections officer were arrested in a prostitution sting. plus, new development in the case against two teenagers who are charged in the deadly fire in tennessee. why finding a key may be the key to keep everyone on time monday on v.r.e. have you ever seen a 1
4:49 pm
newborn? 16 pounds! i don't even want to think about it but we'll show you one coming up tonight at 5:00. back to you. jonathan: redskins are already scouting that one. nancy: you know it. jonathan: thanks. alison: see you soon. jonathan: history buffs are waiting to see what is inside of a time capsule from 1914. this box found as the crews were dismantling an item and one item expected to be inside is the maggie -- the magazine. the capsule is expected to be unsealed privately in the next few days. nancy: an interesting story here, too. former obama's childhood home in indonesia has been turned into a museum. pictures and the books and much more are still at the house where he lived from four years from age 6 to age 10. his family moved in, in 1967. president obama visited his
4:50 pm
childhood hometown while on vacation. they lived there while his mother was researching for her ph.d. jonathan: $1,500 stolen after a bank rejected a family's request to turn it into bills. the coins had to be counted and placed in the rolls first. they were too much for blank to handle as-is. it was going to be saved for grandparents wanting to take the grandchildren to the disney land park. >> also look to see if you are being followed. >> they were only to recover a third of the money. the good news is that disney trip, we last checked. still on. good for them. >> ed never turn garth brooks down if he wants to play for you. >> ♪ a dream is like
4:51 pm
nancy: i like it. garth brooks putting on a special show for the astronauts flying above in the international space station. he brought his guitar yesterday to houston and play "the river" and learned all about space life. jonathan: he made country cool again in the 1980's. nancy: he did. i'd become an astronaut to sit around and be able to have a special show just for me made by garth brooks. >> you couldn't get me to float through a tube. no way. nancy: not even for garth? jonathan: not even for garth. let's talk about the river we got flowing here. steve: the heat and the humidity is back. for those who don't like hot weather. we have at least ten days to get through and then the rest is summer. not trying to be a bummer. but i don't like it. it's not so bad out there. it's a little breezy. we will take it. it
4:52 pm
90 in winchester. my mic is not on. now we're on. >> all right. it works better if you turn it on. >> right! >> so friday. >> happy friday. steve: t.g.i.f. 's 85 in hagerstown. take a look it at the heat index values. they are cooling down a little bit. it's still hot. if you have showers and the thunderstorms. in hancock you are getting out of the wet weather. if you see a shower pop up in the neighborhood it won't last long. we head through the day tomor
4:53 pm
d.c. for the stronger storms. it doesn't mean part of the metro won't see the storms in the afternoon. 3:00, this is what it looks like for 6:00 p.m. if you have the barbecue plans you could see stronger storms moving east of d.c. it clear things out. highs tomorrow is 90 degrees. overall a warm day with the heat index values closer to 98. fireworks start at 9:09 and shouldn't be a problem to get them started. jonathan: thank you. under the law that created the c.i.a. in 1947, there was a clear line to stop the agency from domestic activities. such as spying on americans. after the 2001 terror attacks there was widespread support for extra security even if it stepped on constitutional protections. some worry would the governmental agencies take the power t
4:54 pm
answer may be yes. >> essentially every administration starting from f.d.r. up through nixon had surveillance authority in their power in order to go after the personal enemies and go after the political opponents, journalists, lobbyists. they had officials and influence. >> it's outrageous. i think that it should have led to removal of the people in the intelligence community. who authorize that behavior. even if it went all the way to the director of the c.i.a. jonathan: you can join "full measure"
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john: "time" maggie: says echo can make your life easier if you buy accessories. check out the phillip hue lighting kit to adjust the lights with your voice. it suggests the echo beat. it will let you control the heat or the ac with your voice. and the echo compatible smart locks that will unlock doors when it recognizes your voice.
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what if it turns into the howe the computer from 2001? it doesn't listen, you will say doesn't it stink? the website joy of says turning echo on and off often figures the speaker problems. you can bluetooth it to the external speaker so it still works. look into it so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. abc7 news. >> now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: a swarm of a.t.v.'s and dirted bikes taking over k-street in d.c. and national harbor as well. police think it was the same group that hit both areas last sunday. they want your help to track them down. nathan baca has photos to help you
4:59 pm
nathan: they have more cameras looking for the a.t.v. riders but the surveillance camera at the gas station captured the faces. the police need your help. video all over social media shows the dozen of the a.t.v. and the motorcycle riders charging through national harbor last weekend scaring pedestrians and the motorists alike. >> crazy. i hope they slow them down. there are kids here walking around. anybody can get hit or hurt. nathan: now they are revealing the face of who they think is responsible. >> they are creating lawlessness in the county. >> not just prince george's county. the police say the same group charged throughd neighborhoods. police say they already identified some a.t.v
5:00 pm
and they hope people recognize those and these gas station surveillance picks. >> this is the first of the pictures and the identifications that will be made. >> the police plan to use their own motorcycles and the a.t.v. to catch illegal riders but there is a cost of increased patrols for other neighborhoods. >> when we dedicate the resources we take them from some place else. >> these increased pal tros are not just hit -- patrols not just hitting national harbor. they have increased patrol in hyattsville and suitland. reporting live at national harbor. also we'll have increased pictures at the pictures will show those people that were the a.t.v. riders. again reporting live here at national harbor, nathan baca, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. report of another driver behaving erratically on the roads. pulled ten prince g


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