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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 5, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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from years of abuse at guantanamo bay. and justin trudeau amirs ppears have moved on from his bromance with president trump. a highlight here was his socks. he outdid trudeau wearing socks decorated with canadian mount eyes ays and maple leafs. ofrmts n now to our blanket coverage of the festivities. >> for the tenth time, joey chestnut won the nation's famous hot dog eating contest. he took down 72 franks and buns in just ten minutes, beating his own world record by two. he averaged one hot dog every 8.3 seconds. >> what an athlete. what an athle
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repeat winner, nikki sudo has won the mustard belt eeating 41. >> he trains like an athlete. >> i'm very aware of his training regimen. and while the humans were chomping down on hot dogs, on coney island, a corgi named chompers was the top dog in san francisco. i won the hot dog eating contest there. he went into other dogs' territories to grab their franks. >> i think this should be a dachshund competition. >> if it was down to you, that's what it would be. >> it's a hot dog dog. >> that's sweet. >> they're cute either way. coming up, the latest vacation tripped, call it airbnb for your car. how much can you make by renting out your vehicle to travelers.
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♪ country's biggest fireworks show went off without a
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barges. security was pretty tight to get into the viewing area. it was also tight to seat concert and fireworks on the national mall in washington. it featured performance by the beach boys, the four tops and blues brothers. and big question today. would you hand the keys of your car to a perfect stranger? to avoid having to pay for parking? >> no. >> what about at the airport? >> no. >> that's what a new car sharing service is asking you to do. >> their slogan is get paid to park. you'll get free parking while another traveller rents your car. >> reporter: if you're flying out of town, a big expense before you take off could be to park your car somewhere. >> we're in the airbnb of vehicles for you. >> reporter: you park your car here and someone would be able to rent it while you're gone. >> our mission is to eliminate useless waste of vehicles. what
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leaving their car where another renter's coming in and renting a car from a traditional rental car company. >> reporter: a traveler can reserve it via app, website or phone. you get paid based on how many miles the renter uses your car. when you return it's waiting for you and has been washed. you can get in on rental rates for someone else's car, for a lot less than conventional rental rates. i'm really picky about my car, and the thought of a stranger driving it? woo. there's a bmw, audi and mercedes benz. >> we have our million dollar insurance policy that will protect the owner. >> reporter: they carefully document the condition at every step. your car can't cost more than $50,000, or have more than 95,000 miles on it. just as airbnb is changing rentals and uber and lyft are changing short
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trying to change one of the added costs of travel. you just have to be okay with a complete stranger tooling around in your car. dave koonce, abc news. and i just got a flashback of ferris bueller's day off. >> i'm not cool with a stranger driving my car. >> what if i wanted to drive your car? >> you're not a stranger, i know you, vaguely. >> i can drive nick watts' car. >> i have a pickup truck, and they told me they don't do pickup trucks. >> your car does not meet the list. but there are other services that do that. they let you rent out your pet instead of boarding them. don't want to pay for boarding for your dog, lend them to a stranger who wants to take in a puppy. >> i would take a puppy. we'll check in with kendis on his vacation. >> we're told he's working on his fitness bod. yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth.
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now, for some unknown reason, kendis is hanging out in canadian this we canada this week, but it wasn't that long ago that he met up with fitness expert, shawn t. in central park. >> let's sit back and watch this unfold. ♪ >> i'm excited. going to have a picnic with our whole "world news now" team. champagne, cake, i might even eat. >> surprise. there is no picnic. it's time to work out, man. let's go. >> what did you guys set me up with? >> are you ready? >> y'all remember shaun t., the once overweight college kid who
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only to turn it into a multi-million fitness industry with videos like hip-hop abs and of course "insanity." and he did the impossible, proving he could get even me to look coordinated. for a few seconds. >> come on, come on. >> well, he's back. >> i'm always happy to see you. >> not when i have a botdle of champagne and my cake and ham hocks and good greens. >> you have hammocks hocks in ? >> every good picnic has a ham hock. >> it takes that hard core insanity feel, so people can really get a great workout in a short amount of time. >> shaun week is like a best-of. featuring his best as well as new ones. >> i've got the perfect music.
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>> here we go. give my a little jog out. come on, flex the feet. >> you insulted the "world news now" polka. let's get some real music on. >> i want you to go slow. lift, i want you to get those knees up. get them up here. let's push it up, ready? hop, hop, and then you're going to throw it here, get that leg up here. >> these are core. >> you stop talkin' and do my workout, come on. so you're going to lift up again with your knee and kick and touch your toe and back to the other way, kick and touch your to toe, then and then kick. look at that, look at that. even if i push you, you shouldn't fall. come on, let's go. you're good, you're good, you're good. you did good. but i want to show you some chair exercises. >> that should be easy. >> so people should understand think don't have to go to the floor to
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get your hands behind your head like you're doing a crunch. lift both knees and bring it down, engage your core and down. >> there's no core. >> there is a core, now what i want to you do is hold it up. ah, ah, hold it up. you can also do be really good ab exercises that will be high impact on the floor and here, so you do alternating kicks. >> can i do a workout with this? >> keep doing it. keep doing it. >> i need -- >> people ask me if they can get a workout, i just make them go lo longer so they can see the work will get done. keep going. what we're going to do is show you how to do a real plank in the chair. so basically, you willy ha'll h chair at home and be like this. >> a plank is ten seconds, right? >> it's however long i say, and the way you talk it's going to be five minutes. >> ah, i can't go
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>> so kendis, you have a choice. you can either do another round of my exercises or you can eat on tv. ♪ because i'm fat >> so, ladies and gentlemen, i'm not about depriving yourself, you should really enjoy your food, but this is out of control, this is not what you should do. because then it's going to be so much harder to get your results when you work out. >> want some? >> absolutely not. anyway, so, if you want shaun week, you can go to shawn t. then you can get amazing results with me, because that one is way out of control. >> seriously, it's red velvet. >> go, bye. >> i wanted him to put the cake in his face. >> in shaun t.'s face? he's too busy eating it. the one day you let yourself go you eat a whole red velvet cake. >> it was kind of
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coming up. >> it's award winning. >> sometimes it's so hard to say good-bye. ♪ to yesterday >> we weren't talking about boyz ii men?
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to illness. lysol disinfectant spray kills viruses that cause the cold & flu. ♪ time for "this happened", and we're starting off with a headmaster in england who is having a hard time saying good-bye to his staff and student ises at the e students at the end of the school year. >> what we need is more time. what we need is ♪ one day more ♪ another day another destiny ♪ one day more >> and to the complete shock of almost all of the audience. >> something they're joining in, right? >> yes. some of the staff members get up and join him in verse. but the students
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as if to say what the heck is going on, and eventually, they join in too. >> this is the kind of thing that could be really cringing terrible but is actually quite good. >> no, it's amazing. it reminds me of the wedding scene from "love actually" where they pop up and play "all you need is love". >> well done, mate, well done. standing ovation. [ applause ] >> chris wheeler, everybody. thank you, chris. >> that was lovely. next, actually, i think this is possibly my favorite story. >> ooh, even better than the singing principal. >> friend of the year award. one roommate was in the apartment in new york city, the other roommate calls him up and says dude, dude, you've got to tidy up my room, i'm bringing my date back. so what the roommate does is rather than tidying, he creates a shrine to princess diana in the guy's bedroom. >> in the bedroom.
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♪ like a candle in the wind >> he's bringing a date home. and she's going to walk in to see this on his nightstand. >> now this has been retweeted thousands of times. [ laughter ] >> now we -- >> we don't know how the date reacted. >> that's true. >> or maybe the date never made it. maybe the guy was just full of bravado, and he was thinking he was going to get her back, and he didn't. >> or maybe he just wanted his room cleaned. well, now he has some candles to go along with that. >> i love that. that's my -- >> we have to keep an eye on this, though, because i'm guessing there's going to be retribution coming his way. >> we should have been covering this all week instead of the hot dog eating stuff. finally to something way more important. a seal creating waves of his own. there he is. >> is that him on the boat? >> on the raft, not so happy t
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>> he's not, he's kind of lying back saying leave me alone. >> they spot him around there all
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this morning on "world news now," kim jong un's so-called gift for america. >> the timing of north korea's missile test apparently deliberate, as we learn more about their nuclear ambitions and how this latest icbm launch reflects their efforts. meanwhile, the u.s. and south korea conducting joint exercises in response to that threat. we'll have the full story ahead. u.s.-backed forces are making progress against isis in iraq and syria. but in afghanistan, senators visiting troops for the holiday are calling for a renewed mission, saying the strategy of don't lose just isn't acceptable anymore. and back here at home, an


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