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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  July 5, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> now, "good morning washington" on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. larry: a tragic update after an officer is ambushed at her own command center. adrianna: plenty of you heading back to work after the holiday, veronica johnson and julie wright have you covered. good morning, washington. i am adrianna hopkins. .arry: i am larry smith let's get started with our forecast. sure,ca: a big change for we will not see the high heat today. we have finally broken the heat wave after six back-to-back days in the 90's. today, i
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even taking a look at some of the cameras you can notice the high humidity and patchy fog. a.m. ands at 7:00 upper 70's by late morning. here is what is going on, high-pressure is just to the north of us so we have an east wind kicking in. we have a weather front just to our south that will meander around this area and areas of southern and central virginia over the next couple of days, giving us a chance of showers and thunderstorms, our best chance tomorrow through friday mid day. showers dotting the area, and maybe some afternoon thunderstorms coming our way with a high of 84 to 85. what day this week can you go out and go poolside? coming up. julie: right
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today isunfortunately, not the day to dillydally around because we have some serious problems on the outer loop. 95 at 495 from the john henson highway to the bw parkway, a 30 minute commute to travel about three miles. two right lanes are closed. , activity bw parkway at the good luck road overpass and that is what is tying up your commute. also find a stalled car on the bw parkway at 32 heading into fort meade, tying up the left lane of the highway. is blocked offt between capitol street and mlk junior until further notice. 66 not looking too busy right now, at of manassas to the beltway about a 25 minute drive.
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hastings. melanie: breaking news from new york city and that is where we have just learned that a police officer shot in an ambush has died. the female officer was sitting in a vehicle in response to a recent shooting when a suspect walked up and opened fire right into the window. officers shot back and killed the gunman who was trying to flee. to be aperson believed bystander was shot and that person's injuries are not life-threatening. we will bring you more details as they come in. the female police officer shot in an ambush attack has now died. larry: breaking right now, a busy night for d.c. police with violence all over the district. at least seven shootings or stabbings going on. one on galveston
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southwest that julie just reported. our abc 7 crews on the scene have been told one person died after being shot and they only have a vague description of the suspect. prince george's county police investigating a homicide in darrell drive that on darrell drive in suitland. -- on darrell drive in suitland. a man was pronounced dead on a scene and no word of a suspect. adrianna: crews fought a fire in rockville on tallahassee avenue and it was an electrical fire that started in a shed. on the this morning people's conditions. larry: two fires in prince william county, one on senator court in lake ridge. no one was hurt. about four miles away
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on riggs court in woodbridge, a fire broke out near the back of the home and the family thinks it may have started from their grill not being fully out. no one was hurt but the family is displaced. adrianna: preparations for the fourth of july celebration on the wall is being called a huge success. buses blocked the memorial bridge which was closed to traffic. trucks were deployed to prevent anyone from using a vehicle as a weapon, and those efforts kept people safe. the fireworks went off smoothly. the national park service is already looking ahead to another exercise, keeping us safe for the next fourth of july. larry: -- sam: breaking news coming in from the korean peninsula. north korea putting out a brand-new video
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claims is an intercontinental ballistic missile launch. they tested that nuclear capable icbm yesterday that could be .apable of hitting alaska rex tillerson says it is an escalation of the threat against the united states and the world. the un security council is holding a meeting on that later. larry: president trump is getting ready to head overseas for his first trip -- second trip as president. he is headed to warsaw, poland. after that mr. trump will head to hamburg, germany for the g 20 summit where he will have a highly anticipated face to face with the russian president. parents outraged, developments as the fbi joins the investigation into a charles county teachers aid and coach accused of abusing students. all our long we are bringing you a look at last nig
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fireworks all across the country, our first in pittsburgh.
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adrianna: take a look at -- veronica: take a look at this, this is what more than 20 inches of rain in an hour can do. people are feeling the effects of massive floods in china. it still could be a few days until the downpours move out. unfortunately, more rain is on the way for that area. we do have rain in the forecast for today, tomorrow, and friday. your pool forecast not looking to bring good. tomorrow a little -- not looking too good. tomorrow a little better. , ok and sunday, downright gorgeous. for this morning, yuck.
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humid, spotty, light showers moving through the area. low-to-mid 70's from frederick, maryland two fredericksburg. weekend when we get rid of that weather front and our temperatures will be in the 80's, but today, 85 and high humidity. to 83 for manassas and leesburg. today and tomorrow, humidity at their highest but by the weekend it will start feeling nice. better weather for the ballgame. saturday, the first pitch at 4:05 as we take on the atlanta braves. i will take you hour-by-hour in 10 minutes. julie: we are still dealing with this crash on the outer loop of the beltway, 295/495 heading towards greenbelt at the good luck road overp
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three minutes. 495, the crash continues to block the two right lanes on the beltway as you head in the direction of college park. it started as a stalled vehicle that was struck and now the right lanes are closed. 32,bw parkway northbound at blocking the left lane. lanes are open coming across the hour a castilla bridge but galveston -- anacostia bridge, but galveston is still closed. there was a shooting and it is blocked between south capitol street and mlk junior until further notice. an easy ride from the beltway trying to get past edsall road to the 14 street bridge. i will be back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride in southwest. adrianna: fourth of july
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chaos, the video just coming into our newsroom from the inner harbor. this
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6:15, following must-see video out of baltimore. fourth of july celebrations turning chaotic. this is coming from our sister station. the reporter in the middle of that sin police were not letting one into the harbor, only out. police were able to clear things up. outave calls to find exactly what happened and we will let you know as soon as we hear back. breaking news stories from here and all around the country on my twitter. larry: parents in charles county coming to grips with a terrifying investigation into carlos bell, the former teacher's aide coach accused of sexually assaulting children while infected with hiv.
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-- he worked at j.p. ryan elementary and coached at marine mcdonough. >> we talked to them a lot about strangers and teachers. touch, whatbad makes you feel comfortable and whatnot. larry: police have and then -- identified at least seven victims but believe there are still more. adrianna: look at this video out of florida, a car explodes after a driver fills it with propane tanks and drives into a building. >> he intended to do damage. he raced his car in at a high rate of speed and this apartment where five people are, apparently planning to kill them. adrianna: the driver died on the scene. he and the woman inside got into a fight earlier in the morning. a high-speed chase and the dramatic end caught on
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officers went off -- after the driver of a stolen vehicle, ending with a pet maneuver, causing the vehicle to crash along the side of a building. two men got out and were arrested. larry: on street parking will cost you more in bethesda, raised from two dollars an hour to $2.25 an hour. rate increases for parking garages will start over the weekend. they will increase from one dollar an hour to $1.25 an hour. 42, andes 11, 35, 36, 47 will rise from $.80 an hour to one dollar an hour. adrianna: montgomery county taking a big step toward going green, putting in new switch on the department of corrections solar system. it will supply more than 60% of thbu
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entire year. larry: at 6:18, and look at last night's fourth of july celebration in orlando. the 40th annual fireworks at the fountain, 150 thousand people coming out to fight rough 150,000 people-- coming out to fight rough weather early in the day. two capitol police officers credited with stopping a gun man at a congressional baseball game were honored. >> i am greatly honored to be here. thank you for the award. thank you. i appreciate it. larry: she was not able
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attend the ceremony so her supervisor received it on her house -- on her behalf. steve scalise, one of the senator shot remains in the hospital. what do you do on the fourth of july when fireworks are out of the picture? adrianna: how about this? this is an entire town popping bubble wrap. this is in down eval in northern california. people cannot set off fireworks because they are smack dab in forest,le of a national so they started their own tradition, a bubblewrap red carpet that is yours for the stomping. got a get creative. veronica: i love that, that is brilliant. when they grow up and moved to other parts of the country they will take that with them. larry: 6:20 right now. changes today. veronica:
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next couple of days. we will be tracking rain chances fairly high for tomorrow. if you missed out on the fireworks, look at it this way, still a lot of summer left with mother nature's fireworks. we have two months left until we get to labor day. the weekend looking nice. some gusty thunderstorms tomorrow, that is the big focus out of the forecast. the storms could be fairly heavy and gusty. we are tracking very light spotty showers in montgomery county and even frederick county in virginia. we will see this rain continued to spread eastward. we will get a little bit of a break after about 2:00 this afternoon and for tomorrow, we will have more stronger storms coming through during the afternoon hours. we could get quite a bit of rain from any of those
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rainfall can vary from a quarter of an inch to over an inch. the weekend, lower humidity and cooler temperatures by sunday. julie: things are heating up on the roads. travelingme problems from john hansen highway toward the bw parkway. let's start off with your rails, silver line toward rest in east dealing with delays. this crash has become almost a 51 ride from 214, central avenue toward the bw parkway, a five .ile stretch of slow traffic the activity pushing everyone to the center and left to get by. delays on the bw parkway north of 32 you to a stalled car in the left lane. galveston street still blocked off between east capitol street and mlk junior for a police investigation of an overnight shooting. delays heading into
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especially coming in about off the 50, not that bad this morning. a three to four minute ride from the new york avenue, kenilworth split. out toward east capitol street, almost an eight minute ride. we will be back in the next 10 minutes. larry: it is 6:23. broso-called phrama returning to court. fireworkslast night's across los angeles, you can see tons of shows going on along the san fernando valley fios is not cable. tons of shows going on along the san fernando valley and we believe everyone deserves faster internet. so with fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs 20 times faster than most people have. and it's just $79.99 a month online for the first year. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years.
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she's got me cornered. how big is she? make the call! save up to $1000 at the star spangled sale. havertys. life looks good. >> you are watching "good morning washington" on your side. adrianna: the trial of the so-called pharma bro continues today. linsey davis has details in the gma first look. >> and this morning's gma first look, just one day after prosecutors asked a judge
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gag order, march grilli appeared to -- on his live stream. prosecutors made a motion to gag in the trial for securities fraud. he said his attorney brought down the house. the prosecution is also asking the court to ban him from central media, his attorney objecting, but outside court friday told cnbc he should stick to his right to remain silent. >> i would very much appreciate it if he did not talk to the press. >> at 7:00, nancy grace late -- ways and live.
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>> from abc seven this is a breaking news alert. >> my brother is shot. larry: you are hearing the moments after a
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ambushes a new york city police overnight and the bronx and we have learned that officer has died. glad you are with us, i am larry smith. adrianna: i am a hopkins in for autria godfrey. a lot of you are heading back to work after a long holiday work -- weekend. veronica: today we will be in the 80's and it will be very muggy so prepare yourself for that as we get ready to step outside. the humidity, very high so the air is kind of soupy. he have broken our streak of 90's that started at the end of last week. the next time we are in for the 90's, tuesday of next week and we have only got two days back to back around 90. now a string of 80 degree temperatures heading our way, 80's from the northeast quarter of the country to 90's around charlotte. in the
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mid-atlantic into d.c. where tomorrow, with enough humidity there could be some strong and maybe severe thunderstorms. cloud cover, just spotty showers along areas of 66 toward warrenton. we will hit a high of 85, 86 by friday, no high heat but not the kind of whether you want to wash the car in. wait for the weekend, it will be delightful. julie: you and that carwash. right now around the capital beltway -- one day i will get a picture of veronica doing the car wash. delays.ine in reston, outer loop of the capital beltway at the good luck run -- road overpass. we have two right wing's black -- block. al
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ride headed north from 214. bw parkway, this stalled vehicle still there at 32 tying up the left side of the highway. northbound 95 a little slow coming out of dale city but the 17 mile stretch will cost you 17 miles of travel to -- 17 minutes of travel time. sam: 6:33 right now and brand-new, dutch officials say ofse involved in the downing a flight will be prosecuted. the dutch did not identify any possible suspects, however last year they said about 100 people were out there they wanted to talk to. it is believed the rocket was fired from rebel controlled ukraine that came from russia. russia denies any involvement. the
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amsterdam to kuala lumpur, malaysia. adrianna: the u.s. and south korea holding a last-minute wrestled really while you were sleeping, 24 hours after north korea successfully launched what it claims was an intercontinental mental -- ballistic missile. happening today, president donald trump heads overseas for his second foreign trip as president. larry: his first stop is warsaw, poland. emily row has more. emily: after a fourth of july celebration at the white house -- >> our country is doing really well. emily: president trump heads to poland on the way to germany for the g 20 summit, and all eyes are on this sitdown with vladimir putin. >> he is in a precarious position because one of the only friends he has is vladimir putin, in the
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emily: after praising him and the past -- >> putin likes donald trump, i consider that an asset. emily: will the president press him on the u.s. -- the russian hacking of the u.s. election? the white house will not say either way. last week, downplaying the meeting, calling it a normal, bilateral discussion. russia billing it as a full-fledged seated meeting, detailing a full agenda raise -- from the war on terror to sanctions placed by president obama. the russian hacking of the election, the big elephant in the room and another item on the agenda, how to deal with north korea. larry: look at last night's fireworks celebration in jersey city
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they took place in the exchange place district. they are usually held in liberty tok but the mayor refused have them held there because he was so mad at chris christie and did not want to be "held hostage" by policy. fireworks on
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veronica: i just love seeing fireworks the day after. this was a beautiful sight across the area. this was phoenix, arizona last night but you can bet the fire crews were watching closely because monday night a fireworks show at a casino started a brush fire. justy was hurt, but another example of the dangerous dry conditions taking place out west. they are abnormally dry so it does not take much to see those brushfires get started. locally, we are getting abnormally dry. have not had any substantially -- substantial rain over the past 30 days. for fairfax,
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montgomery, even howard county are seeing abnormally dry conditions and in terms of the rainfall coming our way, we could have anywhere from a half to 8/10 of an inch of rain, maybe some areas picking up an inch. right now we are expecting some for tomorrow. morning,wers this could see thundershowers later this afternoon with temperatures pushing up to 85 degrees. the high heat may be over but not the high humidity. with the humidity staying high tomorrow, a chance of severe thunderstorms with some ponding on the road. 88 on saturday with humidity following to delightful conditions sunday and the beginning of next week, 86 degrees is what we are forecasting for sunday. julie: a little bit of sprinkles moving through the area. we can see a little bit of
6:41 am
traveling on the east side of town due to the fact that we have a crash that continues to block the two right lanes, an hour commute from 214 to the bw parkway. it started off as a stalled vehicle that was struck and now the two right lanes are blocked. also notice the inner loop rubbernecking delay, all lanes are open on the south side but unfortunately rubbernecking delays will keep you on the brakes headed toward 50. we also have delays now because of a stalled car on the baltimore-washington parkway at 32 that continues to block the far left lane. 295 from the cell -- from the beltway headed to southeast, about a 14 minute ride. metro says due to an earlier train malfunction outside largo town center we have delays on the silver line toward reston. we will update your ride out of greenbelt. larry:
6:42 am
6:41. following the breaking situation out of new york city, a police officer shot and killed, the 911 calls just coming in. 24anne: it was a violent hours in prince george's county. three homicides authorities are invest
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>> you are watching "good morning washington" on your side. adrianna: staying on top of the breaking news out of new york city. larry: a police officer ambushed and killed, just in, the radio transmissions following the shooting. sam: police are calling this a clear assassination. the audio calls for help are tough to listen to. this happened in the bronx around 12:30 this morning. a 34-year-old gunman walked up to the window and shot her in the head, police calling it an unprovoked attack. these are the seconds following those fatal shots. >> shots fired. >> what is the location?
6:46 am
sam: she was a 12 year veteran of the service and her killer was shot dead by other officers. we will stay on top of the shooting and other breaking news situations on news channel 8 in a few minutes. 6:46, areaking news at busy night for d.c. police, violence across the city. seven shooting or death investigations going on across oney quadrant of the city, on galveston street turning deadly. one person has died and being shot numerous times and they only have a vague description of the suspect. we are dealing with a deadly morning in prince george's county. shooting,an overnight the third homicide in less than 24 hours. suzanne kennedy is live at police headquarters in palmer park. suzanne: good morning
6:47 am
in prince george's county, investigators looking into three homicides taking place in a 24 hour period. night ont, 1:25 last the 2500 block of darrell drive. police responded to a call of a shooting. an adult male was found in a grassy area between several apartments and was pronounced dead on the scene. in the 7300ternoon block of landover road a man was shot between a liquor store and a gas station, walked to a local hospital where he died. authorities have obtained surveillance video they hope will lead to a suspect. around 6:45 yesterday morning police responded to a welfare check on kayak avenue in capitol
6:48 am
trauma to the upper body, that person pronounced dead. in none of these cases have any arrests been made so prince george's county police are you -- are asking if you know anything about these events that you give them a call. live in palmer park, suzanne kennedy. sam: 6:48. must-see video out of baltimore this morning, fourth of july celebrations turning chaotic, large fights breaking out in the inner harbor. this is coming from our sister station. the reporter said police were not letting one -- letting anyone into the harbor, only out. no word on what started these brawls. we have called police to find out and as soon as we have word we will report to you. adrianna: two fires overnight in prince william county, the first around 9:30 in lake
6:49 am
police say they saw a fire on the roof but were able to put it out in less than 15 minutes. no one was hurt. about four miles away in rex court in good bridge -- woodbridge -- briggs court in family believes it cause -- take a look at this, multiple bears spotted roaming around a front royal neighborhood. if you come across a bear, remember, you should walk away slowly, do not run. you can try to keep the bears away from your property by removing birdfeeders and securing your garbage. adrianna: i am running, that is my instinct. seven on your side consumer alert, those fourth of july steals and deals getting better after th
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melanie hastings is in the newsroom with more. i can give you my shopping list? .elanie: you can indeed we have hit the turning point where retailers are trying to clear out space and get ready for the new fall inventory and that means big savings for you. now that the fourth of july holiday is over you will find rock-bottom prices on outdoor items. things like tents and hiking dutch summeruthern clothing a great buy and also bathing suits. if you are looking for outdoor furniture, best to wait a little longer. amazon also already slashing prices up to prime day. thousands of items will be marked down starting at 9:00 p.m. monday, july 10, and continuing for 20 hours. larry: you do not have to tell me twice. a foggy forth in san
6:51 am
francisco, look at this low ceiling for the celebrations, but the show still went on. just a little hard to see. adrianna: this is our favorite fourth of july story for the morning. take a look at this, st. luke's hospital in missouri celebrated the fourth by dressing up their newest arrivals in red, white, and blue. couples who welcomed a new edition said it is a fun way to celebrate america and their baby's birthday. dresses that babies for every major holiday so we will check back in with them at halloween, and christmas time. veronica: and i understand they were playing some soothing patriotic lullabies for the babies. are there any soothing patriotic lullabies? larry: no fireworks. veronica: you can change the tune of anything. it is pretty muggy out there and we have wet
6:52 am
the roads are a little wet. weather,el anticipating a few showers and thunderstorms around the area, especially west of town by 3:00. out through areas of southeastern virginia, if you have travel plans, and tomorrow, this is 5:00 to 6:00 in the evening hours. on friday, early in the day until midday, southern maryland especially and down to the northern neck, your best chance of storms, as well as richmond. today, 85 degrees, a few showers and storms so keep the umbrella handy. .ou may want to keep a hanky does anyone use a hanky anymore? extra ac on for today. tomorrow we are expecting strong and isolated severe storms. temperatures this
6:53 am
the low 80's but with such low humidity, it leaves us with a sunday that will be delightful, 86 in d.c. the next 90 does not show up until the middle part of next week. right now we will go to eileen whelan. .ileen: good morning i cannot wait until that humidity drops this weekend. look at my hair. it is so incredibly super the out here, is the best way to describe it. upy out here, is the best way to describe it. rosemary and glenn had to get off to work but a few people out here, much quieter than normal. i think people stayed up a little late watching fireworks last night so sleeping in. is 70 six degrees, but this is our stormwatch 7 weather app, the dew
6:54 am
74. the air is a must completely saturated. it is overcast and that is a good thing right now. i wanted to show you quickly the doppler radar because this is a good tool to have. .ust a few spotty sprinkles i will zoom in to our location in arlington, not seeing too many showers here but to the west and fairfax. that could cause some slower morning drives. julie wright, my friends that i met earlier were like, we love you and we love that julie wright. julie: thank you. on the roads, unfortunately that pattern of rain moving through the area is causing some problems. the outer loop of the beltway as you try to work your way around over the good luck road overpass, a jackknifed tractor-trailer.
6:55 am
get by on the outer loop. wazers haveh 7 checked in with some delays. says if you can bail out and stick with a combination of glenarden, it will save you almost an hour of commute time. your ride ondate 295, the bw parkway headed toward 32, that is where we have a stalled car blocking the left lane. block in the next 10 minutes he being a close eye on your ride through greenville. kidd: ed sheeran has announced he has quit twitter. he said the negative feedback from online trolls ruins your day and it also makes him worry about why people dislike him, which, what is there to dislike? adrianna: i love him. kidd: he plays good music. adrianna:
6:56 am
free. kidd: couldn't be a nicer guy. people who take the time to write negative stuff, i have never understood. and moven't read you on. sometimes when you look at those people, they have two followers. they are just on their and that is all they are doing. a new midyear report says more americans are streaming music, reaching 75.8 billion streams a year. drake has the top for total consumption. ed sheeran, "shape of you," tops the list of songs. time for your 62nd express. -- 60 secondss express. >> we have just learned
6:57 am
new york city police officer shot in an ambush, has now died. the suspect walked up and opened fire through the car window. >> a car is shot. >> the holiday marred by violence and preach george's -- prince george's county, three homicides in a 24 hour period. to the quickly spread house, flames coming from an attached shed. >> fourth of july celebrations turning chaotic, large fights breaking out at the inner harbor. --bears spotted rolling spotted walking around a front
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good morning, america. breaking news, the u.s. and south korea fire back overnight after north korea's missile test. now testing missiles of our own as kim jong-un taunts america calling his launch of that intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the u.s. a package of gifts on independence day. high-stakes showdown. president trump about to meet face-to-face with russian president vladimir putin. the two leaders squaring off for the first time. the white house saying the president won't go easy on the russian leader. will trump confront putin on the russian meddling in the u.s. election? breaking overnight, a terrifying shooting in new york city. two police officers ambushed while on patrol. >> my partner's shot. my partner's shot. >> shots re


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