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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  July 5, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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b. wade elementary school in the spring of 2016. he volunteered for assistant coach for track club known as "the comets" made up of kids from 15 to 18. detectives are working to find out if he assisted with other sports throughout the area. that where they need your help. police started investigating bell in december of 2016 when they got a tip from a parent. he was led go from charles county schools. right now bell is accused of sexually abusing ten children. charles county sheriff office is again asking anyone out there who may have had contact with him or if your child tells you they had contact with him, they would like to hear from you right away. in the newsroom, jonathan elias, abc7 news. back to you. alison: developing now at 5:00, sabre-rattling after a north korean missile test. larry: emergency meeting of the united nations security council wrapping up where military action was not taken off the table. overseas the u.s. and south korean troops conducted jointed exercises that included
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after the pentagon says north korea tested intercontinental ballistic missile. the u.s. analysts had not seen before. alison: it's believed that missile is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and could possibly reach part of the far western u.s. this provocative act by north korea shot it back to the top of the president's agenda. larry: it has world leaders searching for ans answer. scott thuman is in the satellite center with what is being done. what can be done? scott: it's being analyzed as breakneck pace. they are trying to determine how to response. you have harsh reaction from the u.s. at an emergency meeting of the united nations. ambassador nikki haley saying time is short and action is required to avoid a catastrophe. resolution being drawn up as we speak. a signal of strength and possibly u.s. reach by north kore
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fire power. all as president trump now overseas trying to further align a united front and assess options. >> if your are president trump, what is your level of concern right now? >> i think he has to be very concerned. range of this intercontinental ballistic missile reaches out and touches us in a bad way. you have to assume the worst case. >> former secretary of defense peter brooks says choices rain from preemptive strikes to diplomacy but pressure on the chinese on their neighbors may be most effective if they choose to help. >> that is the challenge. countries have different interests in north korea that we have. we want peace and stability. reunification. do the chinese see it that way? not necessarily. scott: what if financial hardships and even potential russian intervention don't do the trick? >> one thing ke can do is say if you a
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few missiles and you may have a few nuclear weapons. we have enough to completely obliterate you. scott: but kim jong un is said to be unpredictable and many hope his desire for long-term regime would outweigh any military moves. >> they have the ability to do damage to us for sure. we have the ability to destroy them. scott: while many in washington would like to see disarmament of north korea that seems unlikely. kim jong un said wednesday that the weapons program isn't up for negotiation. in the satellite center, i'm scott thuman, abc7 news. larry: thanks for that. president trump just arrived in warsaw, poland, ahead of the g20 summit. tomorrow he will meet with leaders from central and eastern yurm before flying to germany. at the g20 he has the first face to face meeting with russian president vladimir putin. tens of thousands of protesters are expected to fill the streets of hamburg in the two-day summit. alison: now a stormwatch7's weather alert for you as parts of the area are seeing storms now. we have
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those could become severe. stormwatch7's meteorologist steve rudin tracking all of this for us. hi, steve. steve: hi. the heaviest rain is well south of the d.c. metro to the fredericksburg area. this is looking through the weather bug camera at belle haven country club in alexandria. cloudy skies now. swing over to the maps to show what is going on. capital beltway here. we are looking at the heaviest rain south of us. head in closer up to frederick county. it's beginning to settle down a little bit. widely scattered showers remain around the capital beltway. it's try. at least for right now. we can't rule out showers moving through the evening hours and down south of us, that is where we are looking at the steadier rain. stafford to fredericksburg. even a few embedded areas of heavier rain off around west of us around the remington area. coming up we will take a look at the forecast for the overnight hours and we are tracking showers and thunderstorms for the day tomorrow. freshly updated fut
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minutes. alison: all right. we'll see you then. developing now investigators are looking for the cause of an explosion that took place at eglin air force base near pensacola, florida. no one was seriously hurt but the blast destroyed a lab that was in a building there on the base. for several hours people were warned to stay indoors because of this. look at the large cloud. it contained methyl chloride. that chemical has dissipated. larry: the fallout from the gory photo of brian sean -- katy griffith continues. she had an hour-long interview with the secret service a month after she released a photo of herself holding a severed trump head. alison: an assassination is how the new york police commissioner is describing the ambush that killed 48-year-old officer miosotis familia. the harrowing moments after the shooting caught on the police
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happened and what we know about the gunman. scott: the frantic call coming over the radio after midnight from officer miosotis familia's partner. police say familia was writing in her notebook when the suspect walked up to the window and shot her in the head. the shooter was this man, they say, alexander bonds seen here in a previous mug shot. responding officers catching up with him a block away killing him after a brief shootout. >> she was on duty. serving this city, protecting people, doing what she believed in and doing the job she loved. >> authorities now looking for a motive. the 34-year-old bonds had a violent past sentenced to six
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year in prison for armed robbery. there were other arrests, once in 2001 he was accused of attacking an officer with brass knuckles. they are also focusing on 11-minute antipolice rant he posted on facebook last september. the excon complaining about his treatment in prison and about cops getting away with killing people. familia, 48-year-old mother of three, 12-year veteran of the force remembered by those who had kind encounters with her. >> i heard it this morning. it really touched me. i knew her. i knew her. i knew her. scott: according to the f.b.i. more than 20 officers died this year as a result of crimes nationwide. scott goldburg, abc news, new york. larry: sad. new details on the man that escaped immigration agents monday leading to three-hour manhunt in sterling. abc7 learned marlo danilo rivas-mendez has been deported several times before. jeff goldberg just stepped out of a courtroom where mendez face adjudg
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jeff? jeff: rivas-mendez made his first court appearance in alexandria. a short hearing. no friends or family in attendance. but as you referencedded we learned that rivas-mendez had been previously deported from the united states five times between 2007-2016. 27-year-old marlo danilo rivas-mendez, a native of el salvador was recently arrested in loudoun county on charges of being drunk in public. according to a criminal complaint, loudoun county contacted i.c.e. that placed immigration detainer on rivas-mendez monday, two days ago. on monday afternoon while being transported from loudoun county to the ice facility in -- the i.c.e. facility in fairfax, authorities say rivas-mendez told officers his handcuffs were too tight. officers stopped the vehicle on the dulles greenway in the ashburn area and opened the door. after loosening the first
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handcuff, rivas-mendez allegedly struck an officer and escaped on foot. the pursuit lasted for more than an hour but he was taken back into custody. this morning another immigration detainer was placed on rivas-mendez. but before he goes through immigration or deportation proceedings for the sixth time, he will have to face charges for taking off from officers on monday. live in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: thank you. this month work will begin to elimination a major bottleneck for northern virginia commuters. the work is focused in crystal city at the intersection of 23rd and south eades street. the abc7 transportation reporter brianne carter joins us live from there with what is on the way. hi, bri. brianne: hi, alison. well, at this hour it's not looking bad. burr a morning commute is a much different situation. we have traffic moving in all different directions. but in the morn
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traffic doesn't go anywhere. now a new plan to fix it. backups and building frustrations at a busy arlington intersection. >> that road was full in the morning. >> to alleviate that this month, arlington county plans to make traffic changes at the intersection of 23rd and eades street in crystal city. the plan calls for adding a designated right turn lane from northbound eadse to 23rd to reduce the number of backups in the through lane. but to create the turn lane three parking space will be eliminated. k umar runs the 7-eleven at the intersection and is concerned about the impact. >> it's going to hurt my business. i don't know what to do. brianne: the plan calls for a right turn lane on southbound eads as well. to do that, this bike share location will need to be relocated. the lanes along 23rd will also be
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instead of two through lanes for jefferson davis highway the right lane will become a turn lane only. >> what can you do, though? if they get rid of them, they get rid of them. brianne: if project was expected to begin this week but arlington county saying with mother nature and the potential for rain they plan to start the restriping and the reconfiguring of this intersection next week. in arlington, brianne carter, abc7 news. larry: okay. thank you for that. coming up still at 5:00, caught on video. shoplifter caught red handed and then held at gunpoint. what happened next to allow him to get away? alison: plus five days, five deadly shootings in prince george's county. for one family it's the second time they have had their lives shattered by violence. larry: a big change to the price of parking in one popular downtown area. alison: first, though, a surge in complicated and expensive rescues on a local hiking trail. what they be behind this
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at 5:00".
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larry: a scene repeated dozens
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the air to rescue injured hikers on a billy goat trail. it's a problem joing in the last few -- growing in the last few weeks. josh knight reports a lot of the incidents may be preventable. josh: we are fortunate in our area you don't have to get too far out of town to be in wild ernest and have trails like this. trails like the billy goat trails and others are more challenging than people expect them to be. it's like we are in tu urban of -- too urban of an area to find a trail with rocks that is so steep. but officials say the most important thing to do is be prepared. >> the key to preventing injuries on the billy goat trail knowing it's a rugged trail and coming prepared for it. don't wear sandals or flip flops. you ought to wear ankle size hiking boots. >> coming up at 6:00, i want to show you more of the billy goat trail and take you to the water where a lo
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are performed. i want to introduce you to a 7-year-old boy who says still, get out to check out nature. all of that cooing up in a bit. i'm meet -- that is coming up in a bit. josh knight on the potomac. alison: we'll see you there. district heights teen become another all too familiar statistic of the fourth of july holiday. a firework exploded in the 14-year-old's hand. severely injuring him. witnesses say someone threw the explosive at the teen and when he tried to catch it, it went off. more at 6:00 tonight including the impact the accident is having on the young man's high school plans. also a fireworks accident in chicago turned deadly. investigators say a father was lighting off the fireworks with his son when a cluster of explosives hit him in the face. an ambulance rushed him to the hospital. but it was too late. >> a grill was named for a fire that damaged a lorton home. the two parents, four children and the fam
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alison: a note back here locally. if you didn't get a chance to see the fishworks last night you have it another -- fireworks last night you have another opportunity. city of annapolis is doing a show. they had to cancel because of the weather and tonight's he is beginning at 9:15. larry: showers out there already. will they be clear? steve: i'm confident they will get them in. last night was such a close call because we were watching the showers. they pretty much did not move toward east of the beltway on the western edge. we got ours in. in annapolis and southern maryland the showers wouldn't budge. fingers crossed to get it in. and old town alexandria has their fireworks this saturday. fun there. and ocean city, maryland, now. everyone has gone home after the fourth of july holiday weekend. but still a nice day if you don't mind a little cloud cover. head to ocean city. 76 degrees. the winds are out of east a
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temperatures out there right now are hanging in the lower to the middle 80's where we have had rain like in hay market. that is where the temperatures are in the middle to the upper 70's at this hour. cooler in winchester. now at 72. the heat index values because it's muggy and the dew point levels are up. it feels like 90 in downtown d.c. if you have anything or outdoor plans in the next hour or so, and you are planning to be downtown d.c., or arlington or alexandria stay well hydrated. of course, be aware. we have the heavier showers the south of d.c. metro. the capital beltway, the wet weather is easing a little bit. district and fredericksburg is where we have little heavier rain. dale city to triangle. southern maryland around waldorf area, heavy rain at this hour. not a tremendous amount of thunder or lightning but the downpours will continue for at least the next hour o
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this may lead to localized flooding. keep in minds this is not a huge area we are talking about. the cloud tops at 30,000 feet. capable of producing some wet weather as we move through at least the next hour or so. otherwise around the capital beltway, inside the capital beltway, district looking at widely scattered showers at this hour. that is how it will remain here moving through the everything and in the overnight. let's talk about this evening if you have the outdoor plans. temperatures slowly fall through the lower 80's. just around 80 by it:00. the sun will set at 8:37. nighttime lows in district around 75 degrees. it will be cooler northern and western suburbs, upper 60's to the lower 70's. that is what you will wake up to in the morning. you head out the door, grab the umbrella and the rain gear. it's not going to be a total wash out. 5:30, 6:00, wet weather for the rush hour commute. especially around the beltway. college park to alexandria, waldorf again loo
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area of heavier rain. 12:00 noontime hour, freshly updated. and notice a band of showers that especially if north and west of d.c. montgomery and frederick county and by the busy rush hour commute home tomorrow, stronger line of thunderstorms likely to move from montgomery county to loudoun county. south across the district. and this will make a very slow go for the rush hour commute. once again this is for tomorrow evening. if you are planning ahead. talk about your day planner for tomorrow. the temperatures upper 70's to lower to the middle 80's. there are the showers and the thunderstorms. looking ahead to the weekend it's better out there. lower humidity. lots of sunshine. upper 80's on saturday. sunday is around 86 degrees. take you out to look at the ten-day outlook for stormwatch7. upper 780's to -- 80's to 90 on saturday. cooler on sunday. next week is more typical for the washington weather. temperatures in the upper 80's to the lower 90's. tomorrow everything the models show we could look at the areas of
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flooding and that will coincide with a busy rush hour commute. we will keep you updated on abc7. as always, good time if you don't have it already, download the stormwatch7 weather app. alison: a bit of a mess. thank you. still ahead right here, a significant clue in the 80-year mystery of amelia earhart's disappearance. larry: plus, how a shoplifter held at gunpoint managed to escape and it's all caught on video. >> heading to downtown bethesda, pack extra quarters. i'm kevin lewis with the reason coming up. alison: a night of comedy on abc -- we'll be right back.
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alison: rehoboth beach officials have a new policy. the beach is now banning tents and large canopies. only umbrellas and tents for babies are allowed. it's also enforced at other
5:25 pm
sunset beaches. >> it's now a bit more expensive to snag a parking spot in bethesda. kevin lewis has the parking price hike. kevin? kevin: most people are not thrilled. one man pointing out that the shops and the restaurants charge an arm and a leg and he put it that the parking prices should stay stagnant. most of the increases took effected today and added up to a quarter more an hour in most spots. the street parking will cost $2.25 an hour. county owned surface lots in downtown bethesda will charge $1.50 an hour. county owned garages depending on how prime the location is will charge between $1 and $1.25 per hour. late this afternoon, we reached out to the montgomery county department of transportation asking why the increase, who approved it and how much added revenue the county now expects to bring in. so f
5:26 pm
we are live in downtown bethesda, i'm kevin lewis. alison: all right, kevin. thank you. still ahead at 5:00, it could be a major breakthrough in the search for amelia earhart. we will show you the new picture shining new light on the 80-year-old mystery. and where it's been hidden away for decades. larry: i can't wait to see that. also we talk about this here how a shoplifter got caught red-handed and held at gunpoint. still, managed to escape. brad: it wasn't just the sound of fireworks echoing around prince george's county. i was gunfire.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: right now growing concern over a surge of violence in prince george's county. since saturday five people have been shot to death in the county. for a family this is the second time they were struck by violence. maryland bureau chief brad bell is following the developing story for us. brad: outburst of violence causing pain and anguish. in this community here. i just talked to a neighborhood who called out to me and said she is frightened by what is going on. the most recent murder happened early thi
5:30 pm
18-year-old tyrek walker was gunned down in front of this apartment building in suitland. a mile away, the crime hit hardest. tyrek walker's family faced with burying a second teenage son four years ago. his 15-year-old brother then was murdered by people who wanted his shoes. >> four years ago we lost one. now we just lost another one. it has to stop. when will it stop? trump needs to get guns off the street. brad: a violent weekend beginning saturday when 55-year-old adriano lombre was killed as he drove the beltway, seemingly innocent victim. the killers so far on the loose. police pleading for help releasing a new image of the victim's distinctive car. >> we know that there were drivers out there. it's the beltway. we at the time had no one call 911, which is really unusual. so we are looking for those tips.
5:31 pm
he is 5'3". tired of people taking advantage of him. brad: we can also tell you earlier on saturday in brandywine there was another home invasion where the person breaking in to the house was shot and killed by someone inside. we are told that that homicide will likely be ruled justified as well. the fourth of july, people in the community will say they thought it was fireworks. it wasn't. in suitland, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: brad, thank you. in d.c., the police are working overtime as e
5:32 pm
district. in one ten-hour stretch 11 people were shot. a 12th person was stabbed in eight incidents across the city stretching from southeast to northwest. amazingly only one of the attacks turned deadly. one person shot several times on gasoline we have ston street. police don't believe they are connected. now to new developments out of flint, michigan, today. the man charged with stabbing an officer at an airport was in court today. prosecutors say 49-year-old amor ftouhi ambushed the officer. in the attack, officials say ftouhi referenced syria, iraq and afghanistan. the attack came five days after he entered the u.s. from canada. he tried to buy a gun but couldn't. that is when he bought the knife. larry: an investigation after a shocking discovery in philadelphia. that is where police say they found a small closed casket on a sidewalk. inside it the embalmed
5:33 pm
no skeletal remains. found across the street from the cemetery. the police are talking to the cemetery to find out how it got there. alison: a terminally ill child cannot be moved to the hospital at the vet can for legal and medical reason -- vatican for legal and medical reasons. little charlie gard has a rare genetic condition. doctors say the 10-month-old cannot see, hear, move, cry or even swallow. his parents lost a legal fight to prevent doctors from turning off life support. both the pope and president trump have tweeted support for gard's family in recent days. larry: we have must see video now. a miami store clerk taking the law in his own hands stopping a man from shoplifting. you have to look at this. watch the guy in the red shirt stuffing shoes in his pants. moments later the score clerk pulls out a gun and puts it to the thief's back forcing him to return the shoes. his coworker calls po
5:34 pm
off the man for a second, the guy takes off. the clerk chases him but the would-be thief still got away. we guess without taking the shoes with him. alison: a man's garage lit up like fireworks on the fourth of july. the mission man didn't light the fireworks intentionally. apparently the garage caught fire when the homeowner used a smoke bomb to try to get rid of wasps he had. when firefighters arrived the garage was engulfed in flames and the smoke could be seen for miles. coming up, is it the clue that will finally solve the mystery of amelia earhart's disappearance? where the picture was found hidden away for decades. larry: and the 10-year-old from d.c. who has a special way of inspiring other children to get involved in science and technology. alison: and new at 6:00
5:35 pm
bizarre. it's being called disgusting. a congressman's selfie videos from a former concentration camp and the angry response. larry: but first, adrianna hopkins has a preview of tomorrow's "good morning washington." adrianna: thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington" -- >> the dating game can be tricky when you have kids. the seven key steps to introduce your children to that new someone special. >> plus, look to make extra cash. we put uber and lyft jobs to theest to to find out which is a better side hustle. stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes starting at 4:25 a.m. on "good
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steve: her we are wednesday everything already talking aboutup coming weekend. alexandria's 268th birthday celebration on saturday. don't forget the fireworks display starts at 9:30. if you are going to hang out
5:37 pm
in oldtown alexander be prepare for a stray storm in the mid-afternoon hours that shouldn't amount to a lot. temperatures are in the middle 80's. talk about the rest of the weekend. maybe you are going golf, or playing tennis or hanging out at the pool. lower humidity by sunday. take you out to look at the ten-day outlook next week. temperatures are upper 80's to the lower 90's. nighttime lows from the upper 60's to the middle 70's. back after this.
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5:39 pm
michelle: a northeast d.c. student wants to change the face of science, technology, engineering and mathematics or stem. sasha hopes to inspire young girls through a character she created named sasha savvy. >> i go the pace university where my major is information systems with a maynor in marketing. i am the author of the book. it is about a 10-year-old girl from washington, d.c. who has, who is trying to decide where she wants to go for camp. she goes to a coding camp. >> the idea came from her own experiences. >> i was trying to look
5:40 pm
stem role models. women of color. >> i got rejections from agents. michelle: afterthey told you no what did you do? >> i launched a kick-start campaign that would help me publish the book. michelle: she didn't take no for an answer. in four days she reached her goal and has sold a thousand copies since the june release. now she spends free time encouraging the young girls to pursue careers in the tech world with the classroom visit she hopes to spark new confidence and curiosity. >> i think because the stigma is a lot of girls and minorities are not interested in stem, i think this will show them they can pursue this career if they want to.
5:41 pm
michelle: she hopes it will allow her to create a series to get girls interested in stem. she became interested in high school. it can start very young. larry: it's exciting. good for her. michelle: providing a character to look up. alison: she has creativity. you don't always have both, stem strength and creativity. cool. michelle: very talented. larry: bright future. thanks. just ahead at 5:00, caught on video. smarter than the average bear but not after picnic baskets. alison: first, though. 80 years after amelia earhart's disappearance a new picture has emerged. this one was taken after she left on the fateful flight.
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
alison: developing now, five days after being forced to hold her 27-year-old son on
5:45 pm
hour flight a her getting apology from united airlines. the mother said she bought the toddler a seat for the flight because she is too old to qualify for a lap child. but while sitting on the plane a man told her he had been given that seat as a standby passenger. when she tried to talk to the flight attend and didn't she was told -- flight attendant she was told that it was full. >> i started to remember the stories about the violence, i'm asian and scared. i felt uncomfortable. >> the mother paid full price for the ticket but the gate agent never scanned the boarding pass for the child. larry: 80 years ago amelia earhart was going to the first woman to fly around the
5:46 pm
but now there may be a new answer involving imperial japan. marci gonzalez explains. >> sending out on the most dangerous aeronautic feat attempted. marci: 80 years after vanishing after attempting to be the first woman to fly around the world. >> weeks of search activity produced no clues. amelia earhart was gone. marci: the history channel revealing what they say is a possible new clue to help explain what happened to amelia earhart. >> you think this is amelia earhart? >> that is right. marci: a former federal agent saying in the national archives he uncovered this undated photo on the marshall islands in the south pacific. >> there are only two caucasians in the picture. >> experts analyzing the photo saying the man on the left bears a striking resemblance to earhart's navigator noonan. >> the hairline is the most distincttive characteristic. >> they believe on the comparative photos and length of the hair the person facing away from the camera could be
5:47 pm
the mass towed behind the ship matches the length of earhart's plane. with the photo and other documents the history channel special airing sunday makes the claim that earhart may have been captured by the japanese military. >> if they thought she was an american spy she could have met with a much more horrific end than we ever thought. >> something that the japanese officials denied an the u.s. officials have it no confirmed any of the show's claims. marci gonzalez, abc7 news, los angeles. alison: fascinating. larry: what do you think? close enough? alison: yeah. you see the man's promile for machine hers -- profile more than hers. larry: you think back to those times. what are the odds of a caucasian with that airline being in that spot? yeah. alison: amazing. volvo has decided to hit the brakes on gas-only cars. the swedish auto maker announcing in 2019 all the new vehicles will have an electric
5:48 pm
motor. this make them the first to fully forgo combustion engines. they hope to sell 1 million hybrid or electric cars by 2025. tonight at 6:00, a teen suffers a severe injury from backyard fireworks. was in prince george's county. we are live with the investigation in the terrifying accident. selfie videos from auschwitz? a congressman causing controversy tonight. we have the stories and more coming up at 6:00. larry: well, caught on video. an intruder who is smarter than your average bear. a colorado man says he was asleep when this fellow ransacked his house. deciding on a snack from the fridge. you can see he opened like a pro. >> walk around the house. he checked every vacant room. every door open. larry: he came in through a window cracked open. the park rangers say the same bear pulled similar tricks in the past and ultimately they had to put him down.
5:49 pm
fredericksburg has even the owners baffled. last friday someone walked in to river run antiques and walked out with a fountain. not a tiny item. valued at $9,000. we are told surveillance cameras missed the whole thing somehow. larry: wow! must-see video for you, reminder to store the gasoline properly. west yorkshire fire and rescue in brito sharing this video -- in britain sharing this video. the gas began leaking and the vapors built up and ignited by a fluorescent lamp. no one was hurt. alison: yesterday a indiana family didn't say happy birthday to america, they celebrated the birth of a few family members as well. >> ♪ happy birthday
5:50 pm
>> long ago. alison: there you go. 93-year-old man his daughter and grandson share the same birthday as america. so it's not just a holiday, a family affair. larry: red, white, and blue the birthday color every year. alison: but you get fireworks for your birthday. larry: i don't in november. oh, well. steve rudin, how about you? steve: no. i got a month. month later. august 4 for me. talk about what is going on for me. weather bug showing the national harbor. cloud cover hang around with a few showers. the showers are south of the d.c. method row area. this feels like summer should. the peoples like temperature of upper 80's to 90 now. if you have plans outdoors for the early everything hours take it easy. make sure you stay well hydrated.
5:51 pm
the stormwatch7 satellite and radar. showers to waldorf, warrenton around fredericksburg. showers continue moving through the evening hours. the showers are breaking up north of us around the frederick county area. urbanna now are dry. heavierband now stretching from lake ridge to waldorf. this will continue to move toward the east. not fast. capable of producing heavier downpours as we speak. this is the future cast tomorrow in the evening hours. the d.c. petro area and 6:00 and 7:00, heavier rains likely around the d.m.v. with the thunderstorms. the forecast tomorrow the highs will make it to the upper 70's to the lower to the middle 80's. temperature trend looks like this. we are going to heat things up as we move in the upcoming weekend. with t
5:52 pm
levels. by the middle of next week we are back to 90 degrees. larry: okay. thank you. robert is here with a check of sports. robert: cool coach of the week. we brought you mike jones a couple weeks ago the high school coach of the number one draft pick p fults. we have another drafted. his former coach was so excited almost as if he got drafted himself. today we bring you eric singletary, the coach of the week. this was the moment everything changed for josh hart. hart's aspirations of becoming an nba player have become reality. drafted 30th overall by the l.a. lakers and this man. eric singletary was there when it happened. >> see him on the phone with magic johnson. my favorite player of all time. it was overwhelming moment. >> singletary has been rooting for josh since high school. not just as a prospect bu
5:53 pm
a student. in the phone call, flashbacks of the long journey he has taken with josh. overcoming everything that he did as a young age propelled them to develop him as to young man. robert: but on draft day singletary became anxious, hearing every name called but not josh hart. >> i was crossing my fingering and thinking san antonio possibly. so once the picks started going by, you just start to get a little nervous. robert: but eventually it was called and singletary has coached an nba player. >> you think of the foundation you put in a man like that who gave a lot back. so you feel personal pride to see him reach a level. the ultimate level. 60 jobs on the drafted night. for him to be one of those guys filled my heart wi
5:54 pm
robert: there was a time that sidwell friends wasn't known for athletics. the obama kids went there but it will change now. larry: little bit. alison: great. thank you. still to come -- montgomery county is about to vote on something that could make them the first in the country to do something. larry: next on "abc7 news at 5:00", how it would impact current and past college students and their families. fios is not cable. and we believe everyone deserves faster internet. so with fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs 20 times faster than most people have. and it's just $79.99 a month online for the first year. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years.
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alison: how would you like to save hundreds of dollars paying off the student loans? it may be possible if you are a montgomery county resident. nathan baca reveals a new program that would be the first of the kind in the entire country. nathan: college loans inspire fear and loathing among students hitting the books at montgomery county college in rockville.
5:58 pm
a lot. we are all young. >> student loans scares me. nathan: montgomery county plans to take some of the fear away. they will be the first county in the country to bring loan interest down. >> we put a bill in annapolis to give montgomery county the authority to refinance student loans. nathan: loan relief could help out students at the college bookstore where the prices can certainly add up. dede mcaffrey saved big. >> refinancing it went down a lot. nathan: there is a lot of debate including whether it will go only for the montgomery county schools but they are set to vote on the idea in the coming weeks. reporting in rockville, nathan baca, abc7 news. jonathan: now at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- a teen hurt by backyard fireworks in prince george's county. we are live on the sce
5:59 pm
now. michelle: plus, rising tensions with north korea as president trump heads toump for the g20 summit -- heads to europe for the g20 summit. jonathan: new concerns about the billy goat trail. that's next. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: we start right away at 6:00 with new information about a former's teacher's aide and coach accused of sexually assaulting at least ten students in charles county recently. he also revealed to police he is hiv positive. michelle: we just learned that carlos bell the man who told police he has hiv worked for the charles county department of community services in 2008. he worked for an aftercare program that provided services for j.p. ryan elementary school and william b. wade elementary school. jonathan: last year he volunteered as an assistant coach for the track club known as "the comets." police want to know if there are other children who are potential availali
6:00 pm
we have information on the website, go to live look now on a cloudy, humid day in d.c. if you walked outside at some point today you know being a sponge feels like. the extreme heat is wrapping up. but we are wrapping the chance for isolatedded rain and thunderstorms to move in the area. michelle: let's get to stormwatch7's steve rudin for the timeline for all of this. steve? steve: the clouds are beginning to increase and thicken over the national harbor. the skies are getting darker. this is the camera looking toward old town alexandria. where are the showers right now? mainly south of d.c. over manassas, over toward the waldorf area. here is the southern portion of the capital beltway near springfield. we will head in a little bit closer. all this slowly, slowly starting to drift off toward the north. so if you have the plans in old town alexandria or downtown d.c. in the next hour or so, bring the umbrella with you because you are likely to see wet weather. here is the forecast as we move through the evening hours. temperatures slowly fall in the 70's. after that, the temperatures are not going to


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