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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 6, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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years ago. the life-sized bust is wearing the crown found next to her remains and a replica of her mummy is on view to the public. a team spent ten months on the project using 3d technology and forensic archaeology. and it's believed to be the biggest house in texas has sold, final lay. >> it is 48,000 square feet, and including a bowling al eye, home theater and a self-sufficient master swroo master suite with spa and hair salon. sits on is 1118 erics oacres ofd $52 million to build. >> the recent tax appraisal was $7 million. spent a lot of money. >> a wee bit gaudy for my taste. >> theis is 27 miles south of dallas. second time
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auction. >> looks kind of versailles. >> you said you wanted a hair salon in your master suite. >> i'm going to need a hair salon, believe me, believe me. golden fields, i believe in french. >> oh, wow, nick watt dropping knowledge on us this morning. a player loses his cool at wimbledon. and we're celebrating national fried chicken day with chicken parmesan waffles. first, here's a look at today's temps. "world news now" weather. brought to you by lysol. ♪
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whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. two, one. >> and three times was the charm for spacex. the private space company launched a communications satellite last night from the kennedy space center. two earlier attempts were stopped just ten seconds before liftoff by technical issues. it's the third launch for spacex in two weeks. a former hawaii five-0 star is issuing a comment. daniel day kim said he couldn't agree with a contract with cbs
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that he and another actor of asian descent left because of lower pay. cbs says it offered kim and park large increases. turning now to another multi-million dollar dispute. >> angel hernandez is claiming blatant racial discrimination is keeping minority umpires from getting the league's top jobs. t.j. holmes has more. >> reporter: angel hernandez has been calling balls and strikes as a major league umpire for nearly 24 hours. >> a call from angel hernandez. >> reporter: now's calling foul against major league baseball. the cuban-born ump is suing the league for racial discrimination, pointing the finger at joe torre. according to the lawsuit, since tory's arrival, there's been only one non-white
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and the 55-year-old says he has not been promoted to crew chief despite having more experience than nine of the ten. he alleges the bad blood between the two men started in this game back in 2001. joe torre was outraged over this call. getting in hernandez's face, joe torre was tossed from the game. >> something happens to one of the teams. >> reporter: hernandez claims torre took to the media to insult him. hernandez just wanted to be noticed over there, and once he assumed his role, the notion that hernandez wanted to be noticed permeated his evaluations as an umpire. >> it's hard to know whether joe torre is holding a grudge or not. when you look at the history of baseball and the way grudges are held, it doesn't seem so ridiculous after all. and abc news has reached out to hernandez, the
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as well, and joe torre. so far, no one's commenting. >> these kind of disputes not unprecedented in baseball. >> no. and tennis player daniel medvedev is offering his apology after bowing out at wimbledon. >> he wasn't happy with the chair umpire, so he reached into his wallet and tossed coins at her before leaving the court. now he claims that we shouldn't be reading anything into this. >> oh, no? >> he says what is that quote? >> he thought it was good luck dropping change on the court? >> he says i haven't thought about it, and that's not why i did it. then why did you do it? >> look at it, watch as he walks away. he's like, hmm, take that, ref. but no, we shun reouldn't read anything into it. >> he beat wawrinka the other day. >> maybe owe thought thehe thot
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♪ welcome back. it's national fried chicken day, what better way to kick it off than with our own "world news now" cookout. >> and to help us ring in the fun, we have owner of sweet chick. >> thanks for having me. >> last year we went to your restaurant, and you taught me how to make baked fried chicken. now you're mixing it up. >> we are known for chicken waffles. we can also use it as a vehicle for so many other flavors. we brought you our parmesan chicken waffles. we put basil, parmesan in the waffles themselves. >> this one has a kick, right?
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condensed milk over it. that's my favorite chicken waffles. >> i like that not only is the chicken a little different, but you're incorporating it into the waffles as well. >> we want to have as much fun when it comes to chicken waffles. fun dish to eat. whatever we could think of and as crazy as we could get, let's try. >> speaking of which. >> speaking of which, i'm from new york. i ate a lot of general south chicken. >> there's something in that waffle. >> that's broccoli in the waffle. >> it's healthy fried chicken. >> exactly. we have to keep it healthy, keep it balanced. >> do i get to taste it. >> yeah, go for it. >> you know i do. i'm going to take a really big bite. and we have a cool slaw coming up. >> so the cool robbie slaw is one of our sides we do. it's summertime, hot. general tso's. >> that's really good. >> can i have
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>> yeah, go for it. >> there's going to be no chicken left by the end of this. >> this has a lot of chilies on it. >> don't be a wimp, nick. >> you can put those chilies to the side. you don't want to hurt yourself. >> mm. >> so the summersides, cold robbie slaw is great. >> what is cold robbie? >> cold robbie is like a cabbage, slightly sweeter than normal cabbage. it looks kind of funny. >> that's that thing there, right? >> it's already peeled already. what we're going to do is put some mayo, make our dressing first. >> mayo. >> dijon mustard. >> we have like 40 seconds. >> pickled -- craisins, oh, they're cher ease. >> let's go ahead.
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in. >> look at that. there we go. >> you are great, great job, nick. >> that enough? i'm starting to grate my hand. >> i've done this beforehand, to give you a little bit of a break. there's the cold robbie as well. >> now we mix it all up? dau, d dun, dun, dun, dun. you sing while you mix it up, right? okay. >> that looks rather nice. >> yes. and the finished product right here. >> your finished product is slightly better than yours, diane. >> they look exactly the same. >> that looks amazing. >> while it's cooking, gets you hot, it's national flied chicken day, maybe you're having a barbecue. i'm going to make a nice cocktail. this is called our sunday candy. we're going to do some gin, one ounce of gin, there you go. are you ready for that? lime
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st. jermaine. and we did a raspberry emulsion. >> that looks nice. looks really pretty, too. >> just wait. it's getting really pretty. mix that up. so. >> can i eat your waffle while this is happening? i'm going to try this with the >> i made you guys some lemonade. we do a special lemonade of the day every day. >> can i have the chicken as well? >> that's spicy stuff right there, let pme tell you. >> all right. >> let's do the pretty. >> oh, wow, we've got flowers in our drink. very sfis kwatsed. to national fried chicken day. >> cheers for the chicken. >> that's good. >> i think you got a little spicy. >> john seymour, the chicken is awesome, the cocktails are awesome.
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these recipes at our website. >> pretty good. >> cheers. >> well done, john. >> i like it too. yum. >> what is that?
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rescue workers only trust dawn, because it's tough on grease yet gentle. i am home, i am home, i am home ♪ beelzebub ♪ for me, for me >> ready? ♪ >> it's better with your hair. [ laughter ] >> jealous of my head-banging ability? >> yes. >> if you are jealous of my head banging, wait until you see this one. this is in aurora, illinois. commemorating "wayne's world." >> that makes me feel so old. >> they decided to go all the way and attempt for a
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1,000 people to head bang in unison. >> the previous record, 300 some australian teenagers. guinness has not yet verified this. but there are a lot of people. >> i appreciate the people who went the extra mile and showed up in wayne and garth costumes. >> plaid. >> yeah. >> by the way, the mayor got involved in this one. so congrats, aurora. we will await the guinness world record results. >> are you too young to have seen that movie? >> no, i did see that movie. my favorite part was the licorice in the car. i tried to convince my parents to get one. moving on to something else i tried to convince my parents to get, a dog or a cat. but these people did and the results are hilarious. the dog is much bigger than the kitten and probably thinking
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this thing's harmless. nope. the best part is >> the side eye. >> is he still there? can he see me? can he see me? >> that's rather lovely. >> it's kind of like us at the anchor desk. >> i could sit here and watch this for the next hour. >> but we can't, because we have another cool thing to get to. >> oh, do we? >> this is out of italy. a field artist decided to get fancy with one of the fields ahead of the g-20 summit and created this sculpture, maybe you call it? of vladimir putin. it's over -- >> i don't recognize vladimir putin unless i can see his nipples. i want his shirt off and then i know it's him. >> i will let the artist know how you feel about that. he cut it off just above the nipples, but he did get the blue eyes in there. it's over 400 feet wide. that's a massive carving.
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farmers? austrian farmers, coed farmers, this is our second austria
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this morning on "world news now," president trump is europe. >> with a major diplomatic mission lying ahead of him at the g-20 summit, the president makes his first stop in poland this morning. but is the warm reception genuine or part of a white house deal? with terrorist numbers dwindling in mosul, tensions are rising with people having to strip down to show they're not isis in disguise. and yet another pr headache for united airlines. a mother who purchased a seat fo


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