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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  July 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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nancy: some places saw several inches of rain overnight and through the morning commute. those showers continuing at this hour and there are still some on the way. alison: so this evening, abc7 has team coverage for you. stormwatch7's meteorologist steve rudin with the recently extended flood risk. nancy: you also see melissa dipane with a look at what the first round of storms brought but let's start with steve in the forecast. steve: the flood watch has been expanded until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. on top of that, we have two areas with flash flood warnings at this time. it includes part of prince william county, fairfax and southern maryland, st. mary's county until 7:00 this evening. more rain is on the way. we will show you the wide view first. widely scattered showers south of the d.c. metro. head toward the north where we have heavier rain falling at this time. head to annapolis area. it's very wet at this hour. however, nothing that is severe. not detecting any thunder. no lightning. however, heavy downpours are likely to continue as we
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into the overnight. they will be on and off. as we head down toward the d.c. metro area, just around the tysons area, that is where we have heavy rain at this time. but again, nothing that will cause any problems. at least not right now. we'll talk about what is going on for this evening. temperatures will eventually fall in the 70's. we will see widely scattered showers with heavier downpours and even a few isolated thunderstorms. let's head over to dumfries, maryland, right now where abc7's melissa dipane is. she joins us now where the biggest problem appears to be swollen waterways. melissa? melissa: yeah, absolutely. we have driven from arlington to south prince william county. we have seen gray skies, blue skies and we have seen swollen waterways. like you said, the creek here, you can see how high and fast it's moving. you can see where it was earlier today
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us by a viewer in falls church, virginia, area, where a fallen tree came down earlier today. crews were working to move it out of the way. then to manassas. youngs branch creek this afternoon after all the rain we got this morning. that area had flooded the roadway. but when the rain stopped, that water level dropped. you can see it won't take much more water to bring that water back up and over the road again. now back out here live. that is what first responders here in prince william county are trying to tell people about. they are concerned when we get the next wave of rain, you will see water covering the roadways. if you do see water covering the roadways, stop and turn around. don't drown. live in dumfries, melissa dipane, abc7 news. alison: always good advice, melissa. thank you. don't get caught in the rain without an umbrella. stay ahead of the weather with the stormwatch7 app. it's on google play and the app store. it's just one way to get updates when you are away from the tv.
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assistant and coach in the county with hiv charged with assaulting students and making child pornography. nathan baca is outside a meeting right now with an update. nathan? nathan: that is right. the board is meeting right now behind those closed doors. they just started their meeting. they are expected to hear from superintendent dr. kim hill about the latest on carlos bell. that latest is trying to figure out there will be more charges against him. 30-year-old carlos deangelo bell faces additional charges. right now he is just charged with production of child pornography and assault. but because he could be facing additional sex crime charges due to the fact that investigators say he confessed to being hiv positive, while sexually assaulting children. at least that is according to what police are saying. now the question right now, the parents have questions b
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getting answers right now from there because the parents are not allowed inside. we went inside right before this meeting. we asked the school board members -- what are you hoping to hear from the superintendent? so far they are not saying anything. we will be out here. if we get answers from the school board we will bring them to you live. reporting live from la plata, nathan baca, abc7 news. nancy: nathan, thank you. today house majority whip steve scalise remains in the intensive care unit at medstar washington hospital center. his condition downgraded to serious yesterday as doctors are worried about an infection. scalise was shot in the hip at a g.o.p. baseball team practice the day before their annual charity game has undergone several surgeries. at one point doctors were uncertain of his prognosis. he had been improving since then but suffered this setback yesterday. president trump is on his second trip overseas arriving in hamburg for the g20 summit for the meeting
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20 richest nations. there have been multiple protests across the german city. at one point police using water cannons on protesters who started throwing bottles and rocks. maggie rulli has the high-stakes meetings taking place now and in the coming days. maggie: using tear gas and water cannons, german police battle thousands of protesters demonstrating against capitalism outside the g20 summit. as president trump touches down in hamburg, he is greeted with a formal handshake from german chancellor angela merkel. hours earlier, merkel took what sounded like an indirect dig at president trump saying, "in globalization, there must not always be losers where there are winners." at almost the same time, president trump had a subtle slight of his own against germany. president trump: the west became great not because of paperwork and regulations but because people were allowed to chase their dreams. maggie: the two don't see eye to eye on trade issu
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climate change, both major topics at this year's g20. also high on the list, north korea. president trump: this is a threat. and we will confront it very strongly. maggie: and russia. on friday, president trump sits down with russian president vladimir putin for the first time. but today he avoided placing the blame for last year's election hack solely on russia. president trump: i think it could very well have been russia but i think it could well have been other countries. maggie: 17 u.s. intelligence agencies have concluded that russia meddled in the 2016 election, trying to help then candidate trump. the president's having dinner with the leaders of south korea and japan tonight. but again, all eyes are on that big meeting with putin happening tomorrow. we are told the president is preparing by reviewing briefing books on u.s.-russian relations. maggie rulli, abc news, washington. nancy: among the scenes of the g20, a bizarre protest today that looked more like a zombie apocalypse. take a look at this.
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hundreds of zombies lumbering through the streets there crawling and walking slowly. the symbolism of the protest to drag people out of the political dead and apathy. the protesters there covered in clay hoping to get people to pay attention and get active. in the meantime, the man who heads the office of government ethics now resigning. walter shaub was awe pointed to a five-year term in 2013 but he has now put in his two weeks' notice with his last day as july 19. he posted to twitter the resignation letter he sent to the white house. he will be joining the campaign legal center, a non-profit group. alison: well, would you park right on your lawn if it meant you could do it for free and not get ticketed on the street? well, that is what is going on at least in one part of bethesda. abc7's montgomery county reporter kevin lewis with the reason behind the lengths some are going to for the ticket-free parking. kevin? kevin: hey there. this neighborhood we are in now goes by the name
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it's off wisconsin avenue, really close to the metro, restaurants and shops. so to prevent commuter parking, a lot of signs in the neighborhood read "permit parking only." a rule that is in effect 24/7. now recently, montgomery county transitioned from paper visitor passes to a robust digital system. residents now have to register every guest's license plate in advance, which they say is a big hassle. parking enforcement now patrolled in vehicles equipped with license plate readers. that means they can cover more ground in less time. many homes don't have a driveway so in a pinch, parking on the front lawn has now become the safest bet. we spoke to one woman who had a visitor ticketed over the holiday weekend. >> i think what they thought about doing a more efficient way of keeping people out of the neighborhood using our block was a good idea but the efficiency for t
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doing it outweighs the benefits for us. i think they should think about constituents and the neighborhood and make it more comfortable for us. easier for us. kevin: and you are taking a live look right now at one of the front yard parkers. montgomery county says the old paper permit system had plenty of flaws itself. the county adding it's open to public input and hopes they can find some type of happy medium here. live in bethesda, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: all right, kevin. thank you. coming up next here at 4:00, the popular children's snack that is now being recalled. jonathan: police a prince george's tennis star takes on wimbledon. nancy: a bizarre play chronicling a rabbi that pleaded guilty to spying on women. the reason behind the work is next. [barking] >> 167 on the front seat, buddy. alison: a puppy rescued from the s
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you won't believe what it took to find the owner. that is just ahead. nancy: make sure you stay with abc7 throughout the afternoon as more storms roll through and the flooding risk persists. if you can, log on to and subscribe to the stormwatch7 text that when it comes to hospital romances,nows the more complicated, e better.
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"7 on your side" consumer alert. and clif bar and company is issuing a voluntary recall of some snacks. some of them are marketed for children. the chocolate mint, the clif kid z-bar protein chocolate mint and the protein chocolate chip flavors could have the presence of nuts in them. that is not made clear on the label, which can be dangerous for those with nut allergies. you can see the box numbers and the product information online at nancy: caught on camera here, a woman snatched from a sidewalk in los angeles. watch here. she is thrown into a van. surveillance cameras capturing the moment as a man and woman argued on the side of the road. then he opened the door to the minivan and grabbed her by the hair. he threw her inside. when she tried to get away, he shoves her back inside. police believe the two know each other but it's unclear what motivated the kidnapping. alison: wow! a rabbi convicted of spying on women at a ritual ba
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the subject of a play. a controversial choice to tell the story of what led the rabbi down that path. richard reeve spoke with the playwright. we are hours away from tonight's performance, right, rich? richard: that is right. the stage door here right behind me. there is the eastman studio theater on the gallaudet campus. this is called "struction fictions." it takes place a couple of years after the scandal that brought down a highly respected synagogue rabbi. the rabbi for 25 years was a spiritual leader in georgetown. in 2015, he pleaded guilty to making secret video recordings of 52 women who were undressing before using the ritual bath. in the play, he is confronted by four women,
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the victims. some people say it's too soon after the crime to present a play like this. but others feel it's important to present a version of what happened. playwright a.j. campbell says the play touches on the question what it means to be a jew, but it's also about power and the courage of the synagogue members. >> they had every chance in the world to sweep it under the world. retire him. let him go to israel and write, work at a jewish school but they didn't. they showed tremendous courage. that is the kind of thing we all should do when confronted with a story like this. richard: yeah, campbell hopes that her play will be part of the healing process. now we did reach out to the attorney for most of the victims out there. they did not return our phone calls. coming up at 5:00, you will hear from the man who plays the disgraced rabbi on stage. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of an attack that killed five
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officers. today, their colleagues honored them at the ceremony. a private donor unveiled a new memorial dedicated to the officers. the shooter in the attack was a military vet who says he was upset about the recent police shootings of black men. in georgia, a mother in custody questioned after four of her children and their father were found dead. all of them stabbed. it was just outside of atlanta where this grim discovery was made. the mother is now a suspect in this. the children all appear to be younger than 10 years old. one other child in the home was also injured and rushed to the hospital where serious injuries. alison: nearly four years after that deadly asiana plane crash in san francisco, new video shows the landing and then the evacuation. it's a 47-minute video. it shows the crash and then it shows everyone trying to escape this burning plane. three people died. 187 were injured. the boeing
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the runway slamming in the rocks. well, tesla shares are having the worst week of the year as production is slowing. the c.e.o. sent out a tweet saying they hoped to produce a lower number per month than anticipated. nancy: this is an issue we talk about a lot this year, the danger of leaving pets in a hot car. this time it was caught on video. [barking] >> 167 on the front seat, buddy. 167. nancy: 167. you heard him say it. that's how hot it was inside the car. i was in georgia when police arrived at a parking lot to save the two dogs in danger. one of the dogs was so overheated when the police opened the door it became aggressive. i later had a heat stroke seizure. urgent medical care was able to cool the dogs off and keep them hydrate
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didn't show up until she was paged. she was at a nearby movie theater and she is now facing animal cruelty charges with animal control taking the dogs. alison: well, a rare earthquake shook people from their beds earlier this morning in western montana. the magnitude 5..8 quake was felt all the way in seattle. no one was seriously hurt. damage was limited to broken dishes and items knocked off of store shelves. nancy: police released new footage from the moments they first arrived on scene to the deadly gatlinburg wildfires in november. the entire town in tennessee engulfed in flames. you can see the dash cam video. it shows officers, first responders speeding through town over the blowing embers. incredibly dangerous. putting their own lives at risk to rescue hundreds of people trying to get away from the fire. >> it's the police. mandatory evacuation. please leave the property.
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go! nancy: trying to get them out. 14 people were killed in the wildfires. another 175 people were hurt. damage from all of that estimated at more than $500 million. just last week, charges against the two teens accused of starting the fires were dropped. alison: also in tennessee, a daring rescue. nearly 40 people were trapped after flash floods swept through a state park. a helicopter crew was able to air lift all of those trapped on a gorge. one elderly woman with that group is still missing. the search for the missing woman was called off overnight but we understand it continues at this hour. nancy: in the meantime here at home, we have had rain of our own that started overnight. it's continued throughout the day, steve. steve: a lot of rain depending where you are. some have seen quarter inch and upward of three or more inches of rain since midnight last night. let's take a look at the weather bug network for you. this
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indication of where the heaviest rain is located. three and a half in hay market. woodbridge, almost three inches. two inches in ashburn and waldorf with more on the way. we now have a flood watch in effected for the entire area. area in the darker shade of green. you will notice darker, brighter shades of green. prince william county and then over to st. mary's county. that is where we have flood warnings at this time with more rain on the way. this one for manassas until 6:00. the other one i talked about in southern maryland for st. mary's county, that extends until 7:00 this evening. but keep in mind, if rain falls over the areas once again, i would suspect that they will once again reissue the warnings for those areas. looking for heavy rain around the annapolis area, around arnold. nothing severe but heavy downpours across the bay. all this slowly moving off toward the north and northeast. another cell just to the south of springfield. that is now beginning to dissipate. that is good news as it
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nothing severe once again but just enough to wetten the roadways. of course with the capital beltway over here, a little bit of rain goes a long way when it comes to the rush hour commute in terms of slowing things down. widen the view out a bit for you. our focus of attention, this area over here is where our skies have already started to clear a little bit. it may allow for the formation of thunderstorms with areas of heavier rains. should any of the storms develop, expect gusty winds and heavy downpours. it's not going to last very long as they advance to the east. temperatures are cool irthan we normally would be for -- cooler than we normally would be. 73 at frederick. 77 at dulles. only 79 at reagan international airport. overnight, upper 60's to lower 70's. a flood watch does continue until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. areas of heavy rain are likely along with a few thunderstorms. this is our freshly updated future cast for you. things may flare up acording to this model by 7:00 -- according to this model by 7:00 or so.
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montgomery county, fairfax, loudoun and in the district. that is round number one. we may see scattered showers in the morning just in time for the rush hour commute before finally clearing things out. that means lower humidity levels for the upcoming weekend. highs tomorrow to make it in the upper 80's to close to 90 degrees in many locations. the pool outlook is upper 80's with lower humidity on saturday. sunday a beautiful, beautiful day. if you like it hot and humid, don't worry. it's back come monday and tuesday of next week. alison? alison: okay, steve. thank you very much. still ahead at 4:30 -- a local tennis star taking on wimbledon. we go to his prince george's county roots and tennis club as they watch on. scott: i'm scott taylor in the "7 on your side" help center. we are starting a phone bank, a very important one on workers' rights. so if you have an issue where you work,
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703-236-9220. we open the phones at
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scott: welcome back, everybody. i'm scott taylor in the "7 on your side" help center. we have a very important phone bank going on right now. these people are from the washington lawyers committee for civil rights. they used to be the employment justi
4:26 pm
ago. they are here to answer your questions if you have an issue in the workplace. now they also offer what we call "workers' rights clinics." these are the volunteers you will see here. they are here to answer your questions. the phone bank opens up at 4:30. we want to take a special look at one young lady's issue that these folks helped out with. take a look. the employment justice center in the district protects and promotes the legal rights of low-wage workers. they offer workers' rights clinics and that is where sara found some help. >> my employer did not pay me properly. she did a mixture of unpaid and low payments, below minimum wage. there was also no overtime. then i was told about the e.j.c. and also about workers' rights, especially pertaining to those in
4:27 pm
so i went to the e.j.c. for help. eventually they led me to danielle. scott: danielle, a lawyer is now helping sara. she points to e.j.c. to point her in the right direction. >> once you get up and go and learn more to what you are entitled to and what they can do to help you and all of your options, you feel more empowered. it's less embarrassing. scott: they cover it all from unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, medical leave, workers' compensation, harassment, wrongful termination. >> just ask about your rights. i didn't know what mine were until i went to the e.j.c. i'm really glad i did. now i know what i'm entitled to. scott: so happy that the folks here were able to help out sara and her issue at work. by the way, take a look. the phone banks aren't open yet but some of you have
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calls. that's terrific! 703-236-9220. i will be here. these folks will be here until 6:30. give us a call. nancy: all right. early bird gets the worm, right? next at 4:00, paintball in the streets of d.c. one neighborhood's ongoing problem and a plea for help from police at the shootouts continue. brad: it is a big day at a locate -- local tennis facility as one of their own is playing at wimbledon. alison: is it brad? wow! nancy: john mcenroe. alison: and a new find off the coast. we'll have more when larry and i join y
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: abc7 on storm watch this everything with more rain coming in. nancy: flood watches extend overnight for most of us. we are back with meteorologist steve rudin in the weather center. steve: more rain on the way. clearing to the west of us and little more sun. it's only active to make the atmosphere unstable. heavier rain likely moving to the 7:00, 8:00 hour for par
4:32 pm
not the entire area. just parts. show you what is going on with the flood watch posted for the entire metro area. it does include the district. arlington. alexandria. also montgomery county, loudoun county. prince william county also. but also within prince william county we also have a flash flood warning. make it just a flood warning for you. that is until 6:00. another one for st. mary's county until 7:00 this evening. if we find more rain over the areas it's likely the warnings will be extended if not expanded larger. show you ma is going on right now on the stormwatch7 satellite and radar. heavier action around the annapolis area, across the bay bridge. if you know anyone who is traveling early to get to the delmarva beaches right now, not a pretty picture on the bay bridge. the focus of attention to the west of us around the i-81 corridor. woodstock, front royal and winchester. if these flare up they are likely to move across the metro area by 7:00 or 8:00. we will ep
4:33 pm
the weather center. coming up we will take a look at what to expect for the rest of the week tomorrow. then in the upcoming weekend. i promise we have nicer weather on the way with the lower humidity and comfortably warm temperatures. more on that in a few minutes. nancy? nancy: we look forward to that. thank you very much. "7 on your side" now with workplace rights. snow your rights. if you have any questions about what is going on where you are employed call the abc7 help center at 703-236-9220. you see the team of volunteers there who will be there until 6:30. 703-236-9220. if you have any questions about your workplace and potential problems. michelle: a prince george's county native played in round two of wimbledon today. some of the biggest plans gathered in college park to watch. maryland bureau chief brad bell has the story. brad: the future greats of the game w
4:34 pm
their own. playing an ocean away. he is a native son of prince george's county. he is only 19th years old and playing today in a second round at wimbledon. it all began right here. >> i met him when he was 4. brad: director of high performance tennis frank sals czar coached him from the early age on the courts like the juniors playing today. tiafo's dad worked here and his young son's talent responded early on. >> he was born and raised here in this facility. >> getting to the second round of wimbledon was a major league forward, marking his first victory in a major tournament. one of the cool things about the junior center champion center in college park is tiafo is not the last hopeful. look at the kids. all hoping to be where he is now. >> those watching today will tell
4:35 pm
>> it's cool. if you stick with the dream and you dream and you can do whatever you want to do. >> i want to be like him. i want to go to grand slam and try to be a professional. brad: part of the lesson is to fight through adversity. he lost today but his coach predicts greater achievements are ahead. in college park, brad bell, abc7 news. nancy: this just in the newsroom. the search is on for an uber drive accused of sexual assault while on the job. this happened in hyattsville on june 26 in the area of queens chapel road and hamilton street. police say he was driving a dark colored toyota rav 4 with a virginia license plate. that is where the attack took place. he is no longer an active uber driver. michelle: a paintball gun shootout leaves behind a huge mess in a d.c. neighborhood. if you get hit it's no fun. but if they splatter on a house or a car, it gets e
4:36 pm
uglier. this is an historic section of anacostia where shootouts have broken out in the past three weeks now. dumpsters, cars, buildings and even people have been hit. >> i wonder what happened to the door. we got back and we saw blue paint all over the windows. michelle: the residents reached out to the police station an the list serves and they tell us they are working to identify everyone involved. nancy: if you are looking for a side job, driving for uber or lyft, a popular choice. which one pays better? consumer reporter john matarese has a look so you don't waste your money. john: how would you like to make extra money in your free time? more and more people are signing up to be uber and lyft drivers. which is better? how much can you make? teach valentine is just -- stephen valentine is just out of the army. since he has a
4:37 pm
camry he figured that ride sharing would be a great way to earn extra income driving for uber or lyft. >> i wanted to find out which you could earn the most money and which has better benefits. >> at first glance they appear to be similar with uber being popular in many cities. but then when you dig deeper you find there are a few differences. >> i love it. john: vicky has been supplementing her print shop business as a driver for uber and lyft for the past four years. >> it's a general tee you will generate -- guarantee you will generate cash. john: she has done better with uber because it's in more cities and more well known. but lyft has an advantage. it encourages people to leave a tip. >> there is a tipping feature. >> they will let you lease a car instead of wearing out
4:38 pm
>> the advantage to leasing it is that. not putting the miles on your car. it's extreme mileage. >> but leasing lowers the take home pay. nerd wallet compared services and said lyft is at $11 an hour but tipping can bring you more. uber's average pay is $15 an hour. you can also deliver food through uber eats and get paid for if you drive a fancier car. with both you make the most money in the peak times. friday and saturday night. >> i have had four people throw up in my car. >> in the end, nerd wallet gives an edge to uber. it says to earn $50,000 you must provide 60 uber rides per week or 80 rides a week with lyft. the ride share jobs are not just for young people. uber says many of the new drivers are over the age of 50. interested? both companies have signup sections on the website so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7
4:39 pm
nancy: next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a familiar's car found swallowed up in a sinkhole. >> we work hard for what we have. this is our first big purchase. >> the emotional statement of support the family has for the person who stole their car. michelle: a christian based company faces fine over smuggling artifacts. how many religious items hobby lobby is accused of buying. and now kidd o'shea has a look at what is coming your way friday on "good morning washington." kidd: thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington," are you about to get fired? the serious warning signs that your job may be on the line and what you should do about it. >> how a woman's big question led her on a journey of spiritual fulfillment. >> keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes starting at
4:40 pm
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4:42 pm
nancy: people are calling this a classic case of karma. family of three in new mexico waking up to find the only car stolen. michelle: but turns out the person who stole it didn't get far. a woman drove it in the sinkhole. they found drugs and personal items that leads them to believe she was living out of the car. the out
4:43 pm
owner the most they hope the thief gets help. >> i hope she has an opportunity to sober up and get clean. >> i sheared heard -- heard she was living in it. she needed it more than us >> the woman who stole it took off and is still on the run. nancy: ahead at 4:00, capital bike share says the customers are saving money on transportation. you won't believe how much it claims in a survey. michelle: blue the growing list of -- plus, the growing list of international airlines
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scott: hey, welcome back to our "7 on your side" help center. it's right up there on the wall. these guys are from the washington lawyer's committee for civil rights. let me tell you, the phones have been ringing off the hook. we are talking about wor
4:47 pm
they also have clinics that you can attend, too. you can walk right in. some of the things we talk about, what are the options if you are injured on the job? i don't know if you know but you can receive up to two-third of the average weekly wages for as long as you are unable to work. to receive workers' comps benefit you must give your employer notice of the injury in 30 days. those are just some of the questions that my gang here can answer until 6:30. all you have to do if you have an issue at work with your employer, call 703-236-9220. we'll be here until 6:30. michelle: a couple of months ago homeland security banned passengers from having laptops in the main cabin of planes from ten airports overseas. now the ban is lifted if certain security measures are met. abc7 transportation reporter brianne carter is at the "live desk" with the la
4:48 pm
allowing laptops to fly again. brianne: michelle, qatar airlines becomes the fourth airline to have the ban lifted following three others including turkish and emirates airlines. this means personal electronic devices including laptops will be carried on board those flights bounds for the u.s. qatar airways now have been approved by the t.s.a. to have met the new requirements of the u.s. department of homeland security guidelines. as you may recall in march, the u.s. imposed the ban on direct flighteds originating at ten airports in eight countries overseas after concerns that bombs could be concealed in electronic devices. now, of course, this comes after last week where the department of security having security protocols for all the flights in the u.s., passengers and planes as well. back to you. michel
4:49 pm
education secretary betsy devos is facing another challenge. 18 states and the district are suing her for delaying for-profit college rules. the rules were put in place by the obama administration to erase the debt of students defrauded by the colleges. devos calls the rules unfair to students and schools and wants to delay the july start until they can be rewritten. nancy: rex tillerson is now part of an investigation whether his former company misled investors of the impact of climate change according to the new york attorney general. what is not clear is if tillerson will be forced to face questions under oath. hobby lobby agreed to pay $3 million fine for buying thousands of ancient artifacts and smuggling them in the united states. many of the 5,500 ancient iraqi tablets and other items were sent to stores and corporate offices labeled as ceramics and
4:50 pm
in 2010 they spent $1.5 million on the artifacts and in a statement, the company says they have been acquiring historical bibles and artifacts since 2009. michelle: now go to the "live desk." larry smith has a first look at "abc7 news at 5:00". larry: we are following a developing story out of the white house. the head of the office of government ethics resigned this afternoon. a disruptive passenger gets into it with a flight attendant. what this woman wanted. another photographer snaps a picture that has us wondering how the ducks ended up in the squad car. move over pokémon go. a new game coming to town to have you changing your tune. we explain at 5:00. michelle: thank you. a crowd in the u.k. cheered on prince harry as
4:51 pm
work. he attended encouraging happy minds event this morning. before speaking at the event prince harry met with charity workers for companies that focus on children with mental illness. he and his brother and the duchess of cambridge created a charity to create awareness in the u.k. nancy: a "7 on your side" consumer alert. businesses in the u.s. adding almost 160,000 jobs in june. hiring has slowed this spring. the federal report due friday expected to show closer to 180,000 new jobs last month. michelle: mortgage rates are back on the rise. a surge of a tenth of a percentage point means the average 30-year fixed rate loan reaches the highest level since mid-may, 3.96%. a year ago the same loan was
4:52 pm
translating to thousands over the life of a loan. for your new home how about a poker table from the old trump taj mahal? maybe the crystal chandeliers or a grand piano? sound good? everything from inside is up for sale as the hard rock's owners look to revamp and reopen the atlantic city new york. hard rock bought the closed casino in march for $50 million and hopes to open next summer. nancy: i have been looking for a crystal chandelier for my apartment. a company behind capitol bike share says it helps users save money. according to the customer survey they save $630 each year. 65% use the bike to commute to and from work. others use it to get to a metro rail or a bus stop. i like to take the bikes out. you have to watch out for the rain, though, because there is no place to take cov
4:53 pm
>> it's so muggy out there. steve: it is humid. the weekend is growing closer and it will dry out nicely. this is the weather bug camera. the skies are darkening a bit. there is another round of way on the way. we have a flood watch in effect for the entire viewing area until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. then embedded with the watch we have a couple of flood warnings that are in effect. first one until 6:00. this is for manassas and fairfax and prince william county. then we head to southern maryland where they have another flood warning in effect until 7:00. heavy rain committing the bay. moving toward the north. this here is the bay bridge. this is over the bay bridge an hour ago. so better news if you have any, if you know anyone commuting across the bay to go to the e
4:54 pm
this is the area we are watching now. off to the west of us. it may flare up looking another chance for another round of storms to go across the area early tonight to the early morning hours of tomorrow. take a look at the ten-day outlook coming up in a few minutes. nancy: thank you, steve. next at 4:00, the bizarre fad of the summer snorting chocolate. why some people think it's a good idea. and the health
4:55 pm
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alison: a bizarre health alert. teens are snorting a new chocolate-based powder. t.j. holmes has a look at the risk. reporter: new way to get a buzz from something inexpensive, wildly available, perfectly legal and teens love it. chocolate. chocolate-based product, cocoa loco is a powder that users can snort. >> it's crazy chocolate because it's chocolate mixed with other things that create a crazy effect. >> the product is a blend. cocoa powder mixed with other ingredients found in energy drinks. they claim it can produce an elevated mood and a state of euphoria similar to the feeling of ecstasy and can give you a steady rush of energy and motivation that is great for party goers to dance the night away without a
4:58 pm
party, dance and have a little extra energy. that is our market. >> it first showed up in the european nightclubs last year. but nick anderson is hoping to bring it to the forefront of the u.s. party scene. >> i didn't consult with medical professionals. i just saw what was going on with europe. no health issues. it's been out two or three years. everybody seems fine. it's very popular. there is really no negative publicity i felt we are good to go. reporter: but many wonder is it safe? well, nobody really knows. the f.d.a. isn't even sure if it falls under its jurisdiction yet. telling abc news the f.d.a. will need to evaluate the labeling, marketing information and/or any other information pertaining to the product's intended use. larry: right now at 5:00, a closed door briefing is underway on a sexual abuse case that rocked a local school system. abc7 is there now gathering that new information. protes
4:59 pm
with police a president trump returns to the world stage. and offers a new take on nato. whale of a tale to tell on the fourth of july off ocean city. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: right now 7 is on stormwatch7 as a chance of more rain heads our way. meteorologist steve rudin is in the stormwatch7 center tracking the forecast. what is the latest, steve? steve: we are gearing up for another round of wet weather moving to the everything and part of the overnight hours. we should note we have a flood watch in effect for the entire abc7 viewing area until 2:00 in the morning. within this watch we have a couple of warnings that remain in effect. right now for fairfax county and over for extreme southern maryland. show you what is going on. it's quiet around the beltway now. but the focus just to the west of us. we are looking at somehowers and thunderstorms that are beginning to flare
5:00 pm
together will make their way through the immediate metro area moving through the everything hours. we will talk about what to expect for the rest of the week in the upcoming weekend. i promise you. we have nicer weather on the way for the weekend. more coming up in a few minutes. alison: thank you, steve. reminder download the stormwatch7 app for your smartphone or tablet at the itunes or the google play store. larry? larry: new developments tonight in investigation into allegations that a former teacher's aide and coach with hiv was sexually abusing children in charles county. the school board just finishing a hastily scheduled meeting in la plata and nathan baca is there with the latest. nathan? nathan: we asked for


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