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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  July 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tonight, more rain is on the way. stormwatch7's steve rudin is tracking it for us with the latest. steve: another round of heavy rain this evening and overnight. around the capital beltway now, no problems at all. the rush hour heading to a close. but we have a tornado warning until 6:15. culpeper and madison, that is the area under severe thunderstorm warning. this is doppler radar indicated. the storm, the cloud tops of upward of 40,000 feet. this is set to expire at 6:15. i have a feeling moving through the evening hours because we have had daylight heating and the sunshine that popped out in the past couple of hours or so we are
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the area. that will mean potential for flooding across the d.m.v. we talk more about that coming up and looking ahead to the upcoming weekend. i promise that things will improve. >> all right, thank you. get a warning anytime there is a weather threat where you live. just go to to have an alert sent to your phone. alison: now a developing story in germany tonight where water con non-s and tear gas were -- cannons and tear gas used to quell anti-capitalist protesters where president trump and the other world leaders are meeting. tomorrow, president trump will meet face to face with russian president vladimir putin. they will focus on trade, globalization and growing crisis with north korea. president trump: i don't like to talk about what i have planned but severe things we
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it doesn't mean we are going to do them. i don't draw red lines. alison: defense secretary james mattis trying to calm news. today he said north korea's first intercontinental ballistic missile test is provocation but it does not bring us close store war -- us closer to war. that may be of little conflict to those with family in that region. jeff goldberg joins us. you were talking to people today about how the korean community reacting to this. jeff: people are paying close attention to the tensions between the north and the south. it's been ongoing for 65 years. for that reason the situation is viewed very differently by people here than by many in
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asia. >> following a north korea's successful test of the ballistic missile this week, many koreans are grow more concerned about the military conflict and the impact on north korea. >> vice president of the korean american association of washington in annandale. why her fears are growing that is not the case for many living in south korea. >> we do not worry about the war. >> and he agrees. >> everything is an act in north korea. >> he says relatives in south korea view the recent moves by kim jong un as the bluster they have seen for decades. >> don't worry. they don't care.
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it would become certainly led the punishing attack by the north to south korea where millions of people live 50 miles of the north korean border. many in seoul. casualties could be in the tens of thousands. >> several people we spoke to say the top priority are power and survival. both could be lost if the military conflict takes place. many people we spoke with believe for that reason north korea does not ultimately want war. live in annandale, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: happening now the charles county board of education wrapped up a meeting about carlos bell. this video was recorded moments before the doors were closed and the superintendent updated boor members about the case. -- updated board members about the case. carlos deangelo bell is a teacher'sai
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with hiv accused of recording substitutes. he worked at a school and also volunteered with the charles county comets track and field team. it's opening night for a play about disgraced rabry that lid georgetown's -- led george-tone's synagogue before his 2514 arrest. the play is "constructive fiction." the playwright a.j. campbell says the play asks what it means to be jewish and highlights the courage of the synagogue members. >> they had ever opportunity to sweep it under the rug but they didn't. they showed courage. that is what we should do when confronted with a story like this. >> he pleaded guilty to recording dozens of women an sentenced to six and a half
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the play has showings for the next three nights at the easton studio theater. nancy: this is just in from medstar washington center tonight. alison: louisiana congressman steve scalise has undergone surgery for the management of infection. the hospital says the procedure went well. scalise is in serious condition. he was one of six people hurt when gunman opened fire at congressional baseball practice in alexandria last month. michelle: take a look at the picture. police hope you can help find this uber driver who is accused of sexually assaulting a woman on the job in hyattsville last week. he was driving dark color toyota rav 4. he is no longer an active uber driver but he is still on the run. alison: two men are dead after
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that started overfirework. itrage out in the parking lot after midnight. police sources say minutes earlier they were setting off fireworks near a car. so far the police have not released information about the suspect. michelle: caught on video. police diving to water to save people trapped in a sinkerring car -- sinking car. they got a big boost from people nearby. y'all plus a mother and a daughter beaten after the attack was caught on video. michelle: and tonight experts from the employment justice center taking your calls about workplace rights. call 703-236-9220. they will be taking c
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alison: just in from fairfax county police are looking for vandals who caused $20,000 in damage to white oaks elementary school in burke. investigators believe the vandalism happened late sunday or early monday morning. you can see the vandals damaged a brand new playground they had there. a shed. and then they set several small fires insi
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michelle: investigators don't know what or who started the massive fire in houston. the fire spread from a warehouse to a car dealership destroying at least a dozen vehicles. nearby transformer exploded in the fire. knocking out power to thousands of homes and businesses. fortunately no one was hurt. alison: we have an update now in what was shocking video that went viral. man who apparently was angry over a chicken sandwich beating a woman and then punching her teenage daughter. police in georgia arrested the man and the whom two joined in on that attack. >> i started drying when she call -- crying when she called. it's an emotional day. a good day. very good day but it brings it back. somebody said maybe you will sleep better tonight. i think that will be while because all i do is see him hitting her. alison: the couple has been charged with battery and child cruelty. michelle: also caug
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a close call for a nun inside a brooklyn cathedral. it starts when a shirtless man walks in a sanctuary and begins screaming at a nun and threatening her. she wanted to run but wouldn't because she didn't want to leave a parishioner alone with him. >> she can't help you. i'm going to kill you. i started to scream. >> here is what happens next. organist nearby hears the screaming and scares the man off. so far that man has not been caught. coming up at 6:00, increasingly common sight. dolphins playing in the bay. but it could be a critical sign about the health of the critical water shed. alison: but first, a car slams into a sinkhole. why many are saying this is a beautiful example of karma.
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in the sinkhole was stolen. albuquerque police found drugs inside the car and believe the woman who stole it had been living in it. she took off from the scene. so far she has not been caught. alison: caught on video. police saving two dogs' lives. this is what they found under the hot georgia son. take a look. [barking] 167 on the front seat, buddy. 167. alison: that is 167 degrees. officers were able to read through the cracked windows, and open the doors and rescue the dogs. one of them had a says sure being cooled -- seizure while being cooled down. they are both okay now and have been taken from the owner who has been charged with animal cruelty. michelle: surprise video off the coast of ocean city. those are whale sharks that you see. the largest known fish species.
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north. this is the first time anyone can remember seeing them near ocean city. and brad bell reports this comes as we see more surprising video in the chesapeake bay. brad: caught on camera encounters with dolphins used to be a rarity but not anymore. they are being spotted even in annapolis and north of brie bridge. solomon island fish irmen says he sees them almost every day now. people enjoy spotting groups at more than a hundred at a time they are asking why they are here. >> the university of maryland chesapeake biological lab part of a dolphin watch team, we don't see any right here but so
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biological lab launched an app so people can report them. this is almost all the bay. >> we hope it's get healthier. >> keep your eye on the surface. brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: "7 on your side" getting you answers about the rights at work. experts from the employment justice center in the help center to take youral calls. 703-236-9220. if you want free answers to any questions you have give them a call. you have ten more minutes. phone lines are open until of:30. alison: now must see
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>> this is tough to see what we are seeing but i'm walk you through it. this is what police saw when they dove in a creek to save two people in sinking car. several bystanders jumped in and lifted the car enough for officers to shatter the windshield and pull the woman and the man to safety. the woman died in the hospital. the man is alive but he is still in the hospital. >> brave actions. alison: we had a tornado warning. steve: we did. doppler radar indicated. no indications we had tornado on the ground. i is canceled now. that was ahead of schedule so good news there. we have thunderstorms popping up for the nextel hours. look outside. if you haven't been outside or looked outside there is
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this is belle haven country club. sunshine making the atmosphere unstable. that is the name of the game moving through the next three or four hours. we have two hours and 20 minutes of daylight. before the sun will set this evening. around the capital beltway there are no problems at all. just garden variety showers around potomac to reston. this right here is a newly issued flash flood watch. excuse me, flood warning. until 12:15. prince william county and manassas. the attorneyed -- attorney warning this is where it's -- the tornado warning this is where it's going now. there are heavy downpours and gusty winds. it will move east around 25 to 30 miles per hour. if this continues to move east
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likely impact fredericksburg. at the top of the 7:00 hour. head to the southern maryland. st. mary's county. the rain is not there now you are under flood warning until 7:00. if we find areas of heavier rain in southern maryland i wouldn't be surprised if the warning is extended. for the rest of us under a flood watch until 12:00. early friday morning. temperatures ribbert now are 78 at dulles. 79 in reagan national. manassas 81. area of heavy rain before midnight and patchy fog.
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by early tomorrow morning there are widely scattered showers for the early morning commute. then skies will clear a bit to allow for potential isolated thunderstorm for the day tomorrow afternoon. 88 for the high tomorrow. we'll make it to the lower 90s monday and tuesday next week with the night time lows to range from lower to
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erin: we begin at wimbledon and scary moment for american tennis player part of the number one ranked doubles team in the world. she was approaching the net when she slipped and immediately started crying and screaming in pain. medics and trainers came over to help her. they stretchered her off the court. nearly 20 minutes later. she is being treated at a nearby hospital with a gruesome knee injury. prince george's county native saw his wimbledon run come to an end. he lost in straight sets to the tenth seed in the second round match. final voting for anthony rindone to make the final spot an
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all-star roster ended today and urn fortunately he did not make -- unfortunately he did not make the cut. with the mlb trade deadline rooming at the end of the month expect the nationals to be linked to every closure in baseball. reds iglasies is the latest on the list. he has 15 saves, with an e.r.a. under 2.0. bullpen has clearly been an issue all season long for the nats. after rainout last night washington is back at it again tonight at nats park starting a four-game series with the braves. michelle: might be wet again tonight. steve: indeed. another round of thunderstorms on the way moving through the evening hours. latest on the severe thunderstorm warning. culpeper, madison counties. it will eventually impact fredericksburg and stafford in the next hour or so. michelle: thank you, steve. "world news tonight" with david muir up next. alison: join us at 11:00
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have a grea
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tonight, breaking developments. protests and chaos at the g20 as president trump arrives. thousands descend on the summit. many fighting the global economy. police and protesters clashing in the streets. water cannons, tear gas and now mounting injuries. hour team in the middle of to it. also tonight, the meeting with vladimir putin is now coming with president trump offering his toughest words yet aimed at russia. but when asked who meddled in our election, how the president responds on the world stage. the new findings tonight inside the airport disaster in chicago. the catastrophic failure. panic on bofrd. we have surveillance video


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