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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  July 7, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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prompted him to kill his wife and injure a good samaritan in prince george's county last may was just that. on the following day, he shot three people, killing one in bethesda before murdering a third person in aspen hill. the wife of one victim telling tordil in court this afternoon, "in a fair battle my husband would have had you on the ground in two seconds flat." the aspen hill murder victim fought with such might, police found her dead with tordil's glasses her hands. the judge calling the actions cold and calculated. she then sentenced him to life without parole. >> he wrote in writings. we mentioned in court. he was apologizing in advance to the innocent people he might kill. he knew what he was about. he wrote about what he was about. the execution took place over two days. the thoughts and the planning went on for
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kevin: eulalio tordil declined to speak at sentencing today. public defender did say the client had deep remorse, sorrow and regret. to recap, tordil will die in prison. we are live in circuit court in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. larry: as kevin mentioned tordil will be sentenced for his wife's murder in prince george's county on september 6. there is no mystery to what will happen there. prosecutors already said the former federal protective office her get life without parole following his guilty plea last month. be the first to find out when news breaks. sign up for breaking news alerts at alison: the weekend is far from a washout. look at that. a beautiful shot there of the capitol. meteorologist steve rudin has a first look from the stormwatch7 weather center. steve: it's gorgeous out there now. on the warm side. maybe
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leesburg is 91. 89 in quantico. we have showers and the thunderstorms out there. they are well west of d.c. over to the wall to show you where they are located. garrett county, extreme western maryland where the action is located now. the strongest storms are moving out of ohio to west virginia. and it appears that at this point they are going to miss most of the metro area. however, later on this evening we may see a few showers and thunderstorms that creep in the immediate metro. i don't expect they will last long. i don't expect they will become severe. talk about baseball. if you are going out tonight to the game. odd time start. gain teed. 8 degrees. the first pitch coming home it will be 80. lower levels and next week we will break up the heat and the humidity and we have more coming up in a few minutes. larry: talk to you soon. now breaking news
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where massive protests overtaken the streets near the g20 summit. police are using water hoses, armored vehicles. six helicopters and police boats to keep the unruly scene away from world leaders. 200 uniform officers on the scene attempting to keep order. no word on injuries or arrests at this point. alison: that was the scene outside. while inside today's summit there was a monumental moment. president donald trump face to face with vladimir putin. emily schmidt takes us inside the two-hour and 15-minute meeting that was only expected to last a half an hour. president trump: it's an honor to be with you. thank you. emily: pleasantries aside, trump met with one of the influential adversaries. president vladimir putin. president trump: we look forward to positive things happening for russia, for the united states and for everybody concerned. emily: that is the last we heard from president trump before the closed door meeting.
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white house official in the room, secretary of state rex tillerson, president trump began with a tough topic. >> the president opened the meeting with president putin by raising the concerns of the american people regarding russian interference in the 2016 election. they had a very robust and a lengthy exchange on the subject. the president pressed president putin on more than one occasion involving russian involvement. president putin denied such involvement. emily: according to tillerson the leaders discussed cyber security, terrorism, north korea, ukraine and syria. one known result,en agreement to a cease-fire in southwest portion of syria. >> the cease-fire has been entered into. i think this is our first indication of the u.s. and russia being able to work together in syria. >> earlier president trump met with mexican president enrique peña nieto and quickly
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about his promise to build a southern border wall. >> you want mexico to pay for the wall? emily: emily schmidt reporting. larry: russian hackers are blamed tonight for infiltrating computers a at nuclear power plant in kansas. the "new york times" reporting the hackers mapped out the computer network for the wolf creek nuclear plant. investigators don't believe the hackers manage to access computers that control operations. the abc7 i-team is taking an in-depth look at the vulnerabilities in our power grid at 5:30. alison: we have an update on the violent inauguration day riots. today a man became the first person to be sentenced for his role during the riots. his name is dane powell. he will spend four months in jail. after a judge suspended the rest of his three-year sentence. during the inauguration hundreds of protesters of course took to the streets. they damaged many businesses in d.c. back in january, more than 200 people were arrested and ultimately
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larry: a manhunt for a serial purse snatcher tonight who has been targeting montgomery county classrooms. in many cases the victims were teachers. maryland bureau chief brad bell in rockville with the crime alert. brad? brad: one of the things they are still trying to figure out how does he get into schools like twin brook elementary school in the day care centers? some cases he has been confronted and he said i'm part of the cleaning crew. people want to explore that and then he vanishes. it's not a hugely serious crime. but if you have ever lost a wallet or a purse and your cards and your i.d. and everything inside you will understand why this is being taken very seriously. courtney still can't figure out how the purse snatcher got in to her daycare center office, found her purse and got out without being seen. >> it was a rough day to say the least. brad: it got rougher because the thief headed straight to this grocery and spent $513 before the cre
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>> it's a huge pain in the neck. i had to replace my i.d. i didn't have a driver's license, a bank card. i didn't have any cash. >> security cameras got a good picture of the thief that day in may but it has not seemed to slow the serial purse snatcher down. he has done the same thing again and again to 11 different victims. look at the map. he targeted schools and day care centers from silver spring to georgetown. >> goes into unattended classrooms, locates a purse. bag. takes either the wallet or the entire purse from that classroom. quickly goes to the local stores and starting to purchase merchandise with the stolen credit cards. brad: he has been caught on camera in stores at least four times. today police are releasing the images. somebody they figure out there has to recognize the man who has now fraudulently charged more than $13,000 on stolen plastic. >> i hope he is caught soon
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neck for everybody involved. it's unfair. brad: it's unfair to her. one thing that is still vexing her, she hasn't been able to replace her health insurance cards for herself and for her daughter. her purse was stolen in may. we will stay up on the story and we will let you know if the pictures we put out lead to tips and arrests. in rockville, brad bell, abc7 news. larry: thank you for that. a chilling scene as the georgia mother accused of killing four of her children and her husband face a judge. you could see isabelle martinez smiling and giving a up thises up. as you can imagine -- giving a thumbs up. the people next to her were baffled. martinez through her interpreter says she will represent herself despite the judge's recommendation she take advantage of court-appointed attorney. alison: follow federal immigration law or lose federal dollars. that is the blunt message the u.s. attorney general jeff sessions sent a group of cities in a letter yesterday.
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letter but it's a sanctuary city. today, some local cities say they are prepared to go without federal help. abc7's nathan baca live in one of the cities which is rockville. nathan? nathan: well, alison the city of rockville is one of the latest to say to the police officers they will not be working and trying to get immigration status from the people. but the attorney general jeff sessions is saying that may put federal dollars in jeopardy and including dollars that the city uses for the same officers to get bulletproof vests. >> rockville is a very diverse community. one in three of the residents were born outside the u.s. >> rockville's council was the latest to declare themselves what is some call a sanctuary city. >> our police officers don't ask about immigration status if they are a victim of a crime or pulled over for a traffic stop. >> but u.s. attorney general jeff sessions thinks otherwise. writing in a letter thursday sanctuary cities put the lives
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residents at risk by shielding criminal illegal aliens from federal immigration authorities. the policies give sink ware to criminals -- sanctuary to criminals not law-abiding americans. rockville uses federal grant money to pay for the handicapped crossing signs and sidewalks around the area metro station. the attorney general is not threatening the grants yet, other grants from his department will help pay for police officer bulletproof vests. >> these pressures and laws make it so there is a wrong idea about our communities. >> larson leads the montgomery county hispanic chamber of commerce. >> by imposing sanks on the sanctuary cities are you saying you don't want the tax dollars? >> to be clear, rockville has not lost federal grant money at this point but they are trying to determine what jeff sessions's ne
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comes to sink ware cities. nathan baca, abc7 news. alison: coming up -- [beeping] you think that is annoying? we'll tell you what finally silenced the alarm that spent 13 years in a family's law. it wasn't a dead battery. larry: plus, unleashing a bear. how the curious bear ended up in a lap of hungry before destroying it. alison: the latest sightings of a bear just ahead. >> a busy road in montgomery county. disruptions and something
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cigna. together, all the way. alison: rail service slowly returning to normal after the tracks were shut down so a bomb robot could get out there and check out a suspicious package. this was at the b.w.i. rail station. marc and amtrak service was suspended for a couple of hours. ultimately there was no threat and delays will linger the rest of the day. larry: major road closures in hours for a massive project that will
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outside the walter reed military hospital in the name of improving access between the hospital and metro. abc7 transportation reporter brianne carter live with what is in store. brianne: well, that is right. this is 355 at the intersection. it's very busy. but a different scene starting tonight lasting throughout the weekend. and five consecutive weekends of a portion of that road being shut down. that is not the only change that drivers, pedestrians, cyclists will not only see but hear. along 355, you can see the construction across from n.i.h. but soon you may feel or even hear it. >> it will be more like pop. it's not a major noise. but it will seem bigger because we're including explosives. >> they will start blasting in the ground below 355 to create the space for new elevator sht
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medical center metro station. prior to the blast, horns will go off to alert of blast and traffic will be halted. >> it's not going to be in rush hour. we are not planning for weekend blasts but there may be down the road. there may be anywhere from two to five blasts a week. brianne: this is part of the larger 355 brac crossing project that includes digging a new pedestrian tunnel under the road to make it safer for pedestrians like joe moore who have to cross with traffic. >> a lot of times the lights, only like 20 to 30 seconds to get across. it's not enough time. >> it comes as the need for the pedestrian and the bike safety increases. since the brac changes, the pedestrian crossings have more than doubled from 3,000 to 7,000 a day.
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>> take a look here. it's busy. across the wray where the lasts begin on the 17th. the entire project will be completed in 2021. >> thanks. let's talk about the weather. we are heading in the weekend. we have had off and on rain for so many days. >> at the end of the line. that is the good news. however, later this evening in early, early tomorrow. we may see rain. the baseball game will start on time tonight and it should be nice for most of the game if not all of the gape. looking to national harbor, a few clouds here and there. if you have dinner or barbecue plans, a
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beltway it looks like a firm go. i would go for it. the temperatures are on the warm side. it's borderline hot. feels like 92 now at the reagan national airport. it is middle 80s in cumberland. you will notice that nothing around the metro area. way to the west of us, garrett county and western maryland. there is a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00. we had a thunderstorm warned on an hour and a half ago but didn't amount to a lot. there is nothing around the metro area. if you have outdoor plans, maybe going to the pool, good news. but west of us is where the line of thunderstorms will exit from ohio to west virginia. now the track taking it toward south and east. the immediate metro area, we don't see much of a threat for us. however, we will watch it here. the good news, it looks like the storms are fizzling out
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bit. stronger storms are embedded there with the gusty winds and the heavier downpours and the cloud tops at 25 to 30,000 feet. the temperatures fall through the 80's and the 70's. we will see showers. there is no flash flooding is possible. we will update that. the temperatures will fall in the 70's. we move through the late night hours. early tomorrow morning. waking up, a nice start to your saturday. the temperatures around 71 in bethesda. lower 70's in the upper marlboro. same in woodbridge. manassas is upper 60's. tomorrow the highs on the warm side. upper 80's. however, the humidity level are going to begin to fall. the change in the stickiness factor. awesome for sunday. the future cast, we will move you through the day tomorrow. waking up bright and early. saturday, no problems at
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i would not reavian plans. the better day for delmarva is sunday. the surf of temperature is comfortable. the ten-date outlook from the stormwatch7. temperatures around 84 in town on sunday. 90 on monday. a lot of folks like the heat and the humidity. 25 for tuesday. the heat index values closer to 100. this looks like a quiet and a calm week ahead. so we will take that. get through the worst of it. west of d.c. and then the weekend. what could be better than that. alison: you could take the week off next week. it's calm and -- steve: i'm be here. it's subject
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alison: job security. still ahead, the nuclear power plant is hacked and what it exposes about the infrastructure. larry: a bear locked inside a benz. how it happen and how the luxury car fared in exchange. i'm jeff goldberg and we have how a bear sighting caused a stir. that is coming up at "abc7 news a
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alison: it is becoming a surprisingly common sight these days. this is the middle of fairfax. larry: a bear taking a walk, through the community. the first sighting was a couple of blocks from the inova emergency room in george mason university but he has made more cameos. the northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg on the hunt tonight. jeff? jeff: on the hunt. good one, larry. fairfax county wildlife officials are getting calls about bear sightings recently. a lot this week including quite a few today in the area by george mason university. on july 4, a bear came ove
5:25 pm
in city of fairfax. everybody enjoyed the show. it was a lazy afternoon on the fourth of july. >> the neighbors called us to tell us the bear was headed this way. >> teresa schaefer gathered her grand kids, looked out the window and saw the bear on a lazy stroll. >> walking. gracefully. jeff: taking his time. >> yes. wasn't in a hurry. quite of neat. jeff: in 30 years of living in the neighborhood in the city of fairfax, schaefer says this is her first bare -- her first bear sighting. >> i wanted the kids to see. >> were your scared? >> no. >> the little guy made his way across the street and passed lisa's house. >> scampering around. he was cute. i thought i'm glad i'm not outside on sidewalk. jeff: with everyone in the neighborhood tracking the bear, including a fairfax city police cruiser trailing right behind -- >> i don't know if they were guiding them or he was guiding them. jeff: the bear eventually
5:26 pm
the green acres senior living facility near george mason university. this bear was spotted this morning about two miles away near robinson high school. and just last week, this bear appeared in a backyard in fairfax station. it's unknown if these are all different bears or the same one. >> it was a cool thing for the fourth of july. made it special. >> teresa schaeferer would be happy to see another bear in the future on one condition -- >> from the inside of my house. jeff: no question about that. now fairfax county wildlife officials say this is not uncommon to see bears in the area. they are looking for food in the spring and summer. they recommend taking down the bird feeders. don't leave trash or food unoccupied outside. when it comes to the trash, the recycling bins and the trash bins, make sure they are closed as tightly as you can. live in the city of fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. larry: thanks. wel
5:27 pm
owner learned the hard lesson about not leaving his door unlocked. a bear managed to get inside mercedes-benz and trashed it. look at it. not only was the interior ripped apart but it smelled awful as well. >> the bear got in on the uphill side. >> he freaked out. >> once he gets that reupholstery done, he won't leave his car unlocked anytime soon. alison: he had good taste, the bear. larry: didn't pick my car. alison: expensive tastes. still ahead at 5:00 -- the first lady who considered running for congress. we go one own one to find out what is next for dorothy mcauliffe. larry: plus a massive fire ripping through oakland. what we know about the building that is now charred timber. alison: first, though, the critical lesson we are all learning after russian hackers got into the computer system of a u.s. nuclear power plant.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: historic meeting in hamburg as president trump meeting face to face with russian president vladimir putin. the two-plus hour long meeting
5:31 pm
cease-fire. reportedly trump pushed putin for answers about the russian efforts to influence the election. putin tried to reassure him that russia made no such efforts. the high stakes meeting today between putin and president trump comes as the tensions escalate over hacking of the critical u.s. infrastructure. alison: this week, reports that a u.s. nuclear power plant in burlington, kansas, was the subject of an attempted hack, has some cyber security experts looking forward russia. the senior investigative reporter lisa fletcher is here. is there evidence that russia had a part in this? lisa: no digital fingerprints but suspicion may be warranted. i sat down with the vulnerability of the power grid and what they see as the end game. this is the nation's electrical grid. 55,000 substations pushing power to 200,000 miles of
5:32 pm
high voltage transmission lines. cyber security experts call at it target waiting to be hit. >> a hacker about quitely skilled can -- adequately skilled can cause more damage than a bomb. lisa: john miller is research officer for the company silence and says an international outage by an enemy state or rogue hacker is not implausible scenario. in 2015 hackers took doing the power for a quarter of a million people in ukraine. unprecedented move that has been widely blamed on russia. a year later another hit to ukraine's energy system. shutting down one-fifth of the power in kiev. this one called crash override. believed to be the latest cyber weapon tied to hackers associated with russia. >> the most concerning thing about the crash override is it's autonomous. so it could be theoretically deployed on a wide scale. and set to go off at a certain time. create quite a b
5:33 pm
while it does that. >> last week an international cyber attack shut down corporate computers from ukraine to the u.s. they believe the russian hacking group dubbed sand worm may be involved. >> the biggest indicator there will have been two major reconnaissance for attack efforts that hit western european and u.s. systems. they are demonstrating an interest in burrowing in. >> he says it would be a mistake to think there are ethical or moral boundaries russian hackers won't cross. >> they have continuously violated every norm in this situation. that we thought existing. crossing the line to become more aggressive in this space. >> but it's not for the immediate effect. they could turn the power off for 24 hours. a lot of the activity is abo
5:34 pm
the psychological effect, about the perception of the incidents. it's not that dissimilar from how terrorism works. it's not always about violence. it's about the people's reaction to that violence. >> remember when we talk about the hacking of critical infrastructure, we are not just talking about the grid or the nuclear facility. we are talking about but not limiting to energy banking, transportation, water, pharmaceutical, mining. government. some of areas have already been targeted by russian reconnaissance efforts. alison: and the fear of being vulnerable. lisa, thank you. great report. a solid jobs report today that could boost confidence against slowing economy. u.s. employers added 220,000 jobs in june. that is the most jobs added in four months. it pushed unemployment up a tick from 16-year low to 4.4%. larry: d
5:35 pm
the rescuers identifying two of the bodies found after a five-story apartment building collapsed south of naples. crews have been digging mostly by hand to find sen people reported missing. authorities are looking at whether the collapse is caused by recent renovation work. alison: take a look at this. this was the scene in oakland, california, morning. wow! firefighters battling massive flames out there. the fire ripped through a building under construction or was under construction. the flames were so strong smoke could be seen from miles away. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. larry: just ahead -- [beeping] my goodness. silenced after 13 years. how this alarm was finally pulled from a wall. and who made the battery inside it that is still working? alison: we all want to know that. coming up next, she says she won't run for congress right now but she might not be
5:36 pm
one-on-one with virginia's first lady next in working woman. >> a church's school is in jeopardy of being shut down. the pastor says he has to get himself a lawyer and he plans to sue the county. i'm q mccray with the full story coming up. alison: and now autria godfrey has a peek at what to expect monday on "good morning washington." >> thanks, guys. monday on "good morning washington." still receiving the obnoxious robo calls? why the do not call list is no longer working and what you can do to fight back. >> plus, going vegan is not as hard as you think. check out the seven easy tips for first-time vegans before you take the plunge. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes monday morning at 4:25 on "good morning the moment you could put this iyourselfment. in the driver's seat of a new mercedes-benz. come to mgm national harbor and enter the choose your ride giveaway. the more you play, the more chances you earn to win your share of $350,000 in prizes including a new mercedes-benz convertible, sedan or suv.
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join m life rewards and enter the choose your ride giveaway for a chance at your share of $350,000 in prizes and freeplay®. this is monumental. steve: all right the weekend is here. we are gearing up for a busy one. it will feel so much
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there over the next few days. lower humidity. going to baseball game tomorrow 88 degrees. start time at 4:05. sunday looks better. the start time just past 1:30. the temperatures are middle 80s. loy humidity. abun and didn't sunshine. more important, it's going to stay dry out there. let's talk about the alexandria 268th birthday celebration. they got fireworks. 9:30 tomorrow night. make sure you check them out. the temperatures will be in the upper 70's to the lower 80's. always a fantastic show. it lasts about 20 minutes.
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alison: a few weeks ago we spent time with the first lady of maryland. but now it's virginia's turn. terry mcauliffe and his wife dorothy have six months left in richmond. we sat down with the first lady to talk about what she is proud of and what the mcauliffes will be doing next. [applause] this is where virginia first lady dorothy mcauliffe seems to be happiest in her role. raising awareness about ending childhood hunger in virginia. >> making sure that they have access to the meals their families depend on, they depend on in the school year in the summertime is so important. alison: mcauliffe says 300,000 kids in vi
5:41 pm
calls food insecure. this became her favorite cause. bringing breakfast to schools and helping provide meals in the summer. as a mother of five, it was a natural fit for her. >> it was really as parents first. i had always been focused on the food policies from the start. the day our first daughter was born. alison: dorothy and terry mcauliffe have been married 29 years. as they wind down their time in office she is grateful her two youngest children are still teenagers had been on front lines of public service. >> no matter what your circumstances is, there is always someone you can reach a hand out to, to help. that is the le san we hope we taught our kids. alison: a few months ago, governor mcauliffe hintedded his wife was the next to run for office, considering challenging representative comstock next year in the tenth district. >> since she thought about it, she is interested in it. alison: you said you are not going to run for office. what do you think you will do next? >> i chose not to run for that office.
5:42 pm
says for now she will remain focused on the job at hand. but -- >> so you are leaving the door open to run for something? >> you never know. like i said, politics matters. if we don't run, someone else will run. if we don't think of it as a negative, politics is a way to affect policy that affects people's lives. alison: the mcauliffes will be coming back home at the end of the terms leaving richmond and returning to fairfax county. as she told me, we raised our kids here in northern virginia and it will be good to be back home. larry: great story. alison: yeah. larry: well done. alison: interesting perspective. we'll see what is next. larry: absolutely. there is something. alison: yes. she left the door open. larry: absolutely. nice job. well, coming up at 5:00, the silent night for the first time since george w. bush's first term. what it took to silence an alarm that went off like clockwork every night. alison: plus, caught on video. armed men storm in a carry-out restaurant. the hunt
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alison: welcome back. let's get back to breaking news in germany. live pictures of the scene outside the g20 summit. the crackdown continues at this hour after what was a wild night of protests. right now only a few hundred protesters are left outside the summit. many have been taunting police officers, though. those officers were using the water cannon to try to control the crowds a little bit. so far, no reports of any serious injuries but it still continues to be an active scene in germany. larry? larry: caught on video, two armed men holding up a carry-out straws in mount ra near. and richard -- mount rainier. richard reeve has more. richard: two masked men walk in to the carry out and grab personal items of two employees. watch the guy in the blood hoodie on the right screen.
5:47 pm
male employee head and rifles through his pockets. stuffing whatever he can in the pants. the second robber on the left side of the screen with the white mask. the gun out. begins grabbing the female employee by her arm and then the smock. they struggle. he begins to pull a ring or several rings off her fingers before pushing her in another room. only then do the men take off. you see the female employee quaking with fear. the detectives have very few leads. if you have information, the police want to hear from you. alison: wow! so scary. rich, thank you. this week could be a frustrating one. we help you navigate the maze of closed station and single tracking. >> this weekend the big story is on metro. the track work continues. you thought you were rid of safetrack? not exactly. the station affected with this will be
5:48 pm
on the blue, orange, silver lines. the weekend shut down. the favor triangle to foggy bottom. federal trianglal to foggy bottom. stations affected are the metro center, mcpherson square and farragut west. planning the trip downtown and around town, think accordingly. this will is a nice weekend on the bike. back to you. >> all right. thank you. >> this is a quirky story but it gained national attention. the alarm clock went off inside a wall every day for 13 years. we were going to let you hear it. but 13 years is a long time. it's already stopped. the clock fell when the homeowner lowered it to a wall to hear where to punch a hole in the wall for a tv plug. since we told you about the story last month a contractor saw the story and wanted to help the poor people. so they went to the lynn
5:49 pm
family home. >> i see the clock with the sigh brant numbers and it -- vibrant numbers and it's stuck on a wire. >> you got it? >> yep. here it comes. oh! >> no! >> what kind of battery is that? >> rayovac. >> i'll say it again. the name of the battery is rayovac. the battery was corroded after all that time but it was still running. that is remarkable! larry: incredible. alison: the lynns say the clock silenceed now will have a place of honor inside their home. i wonder if they will miss it? larry: in a way, look like up wait a minute. alison: it's part of their life. larry: what happened. exactly. i'm rayovac i am working on an ad campaign now. alison: you can't buy that publicity. alison: right. alison: let's talk about the weather. we are heading to the weekend. we are hoping for less rain than this week. steve: your wish is my command. it's on t
5:50 pm
the shower activity tonight. lingering showers tomorrow. look outside. bowle haven country club. alexandria, virginia. blue skies and a few clouds. golfers are out there enjoying the temperatures. 90 at reagan national airport. dale city reporting at 89 degrees. show you the stormwatch7 satellite and radar. all the action is north and west of us where they have the thunderstorm watch. that remains in effect until this elfing. newly issued severe thunderstorm warning for west virginia. we are watching this cluster here as it advances to the south and the east. i may impact winchester and martinsburg in the next hour or two. they are fizzling out.
5:51 pm
should settle down tonight. take a look at what is going on for baseball game. the temperatures are in the 80's so a nice night ahead. we are looking for look for temperatures to warm up. the ten-day outlook. step out of the way. if you like the heat and the humidity, you got it. tuesday is around 95 degrees. temperature will cool to the lower 90's. stay in the 90's for most of next week. larry: thank you. alison: thank you. erin, has everybody recovered from the nats rain delay? erin: i mean it's still a story today. isn't it something? alison: it is. erin: unbelievable. larry: you look great despite being up really late. erin: cassidy buyer, a junior at west potomac high school made a verbal commitment to swim for cal berkry. one of the top swimmer ins the area and scott abraham takes us to alexandria for
5:52 pm
ricing star. >> my family threw me in the water at a young age. scott: good decision. she is a world class swimmer. >> the desire to want more and want to improve and feel the accomplishment. >> she was the youngest member of the u.s. national swimming team and nearly made ruo olympics placing third in the 200-meter butter deploy and finishing fourth in the 100-meter butterfly. >> after the race, it was painful. not what you want. hart breaking. >> the olympic dreams put on hold. >> i didn't think i'd be able to be more motivated. >> a lot of people forget she is a teag
5:53 pm
reaching the ceiling yet. the head coach has been around a lot of different swimmers over the years and he knows that she is one special talent. >> her focus, her drive and the ability to race. she is so competitive. she has a great feel for the water. >> and a bright future ahead. >> to have as many goals as i can break. >> to make the olympics is out there. >> tokyo 2020. watch out for cassidy. >> the d.m.v. is a hotbed for swimmers. awesome. i love to see it. keep an eye on her and watch her as she develops. larry: 2020. who knows. >> thanks. larry: next up he fought for our country and then fought for his life. >> now the wounded warrior has a home all his own built specifically for his ne
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nancy: for wounded veterans getting back to their lives at home is an important milestone. after two tours of duty, surviving i.e.z the explosion and five years of rehabilitation, u.s. army staff sergeant christopher walker is able to settle down in a new home made specifically for his needs. melissa dipane has more as 7 salutes. melissa: the sun shining through the rain. it's embolic for the last -- symbolic for the last few years of christopher walker's life. walker was on his second tour of duty in afghanistan where his job was to identify and dispose of i.e.d.'s. >> it was a large i.e.d. under a vehicle. a vehicle that was struck. i remember bits and pieces of it. another normal day. go out and do your job. i just went out. i was unlucky that day. melissa: the i.e.d. blast took his left leg, both his ars,
5:58 pm
face. burst his ear drum and nearly took his vision. five years of recovery and rehabilitation. today, the gary sinise foundation gifted sergeant walker with a brand new specially equipped home in alexandria. home was built to his specifications, including wider hallways and bathrooms and an ipad that control everything from raising the blinds to lowering the temperature. >> it's like open space. everything is lowered to meet me so i can get to the sink and not try to stand and balance on one foot. i can cook. melissa: the house newly furnished includes memories from the past. like the safety glasses he was wearing the day he was hit. >> if it wasn't for those i'd be blind. if you look close you can see where the fragmentation went through glasses. >> the house is a new beginning for sergeant walker, his daughter and his girlfriend who he meat in the rehabilitation at walter reed. >> i want to know it's mine forever. incredible
5:59 pm
to have something that is done. nothing to worry about. >> in alexandria, melissa dipane, abc7 news. larry: wow! we thank you for your service. if you would like to share that story we'll post it to the facebook page shortly. michelle: he struck fear in part of maryland in a shooting spree. and tonight, eulalio tordil gets his sentence. what his victims say they will always remember. trump -- president trump: it's an honor to be with you. alison: with that, the highly anticipated meeting began. what happened when the doors closed and the cameras went away? michelle: just outside the doors. g20 protests turning into riots in hamburg. we will show you the damage done and how police are
6:00 pm
announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. alison: life in prison without the possibility for parole. that is the sentence for eulalio tordil. michelle: he is the man who killed three people last year including his wife in two different maryland counties after going on a shooting spree to grip the area. county reporter kevin lewis in the courtroom when tordil was sentenced and is live now with how this all played out today. kevin? kevin: tordil's image of him smiling before he fired is in their brains. they say he was upset about the crumbling marriage and the mounting financial issues. one of many angry notes to his late wife gladys reading, "i attempted to talk to you. but no, you went ahead with a temporary restraining order." months later tordil who worked as a federal police officer killed his wife and i


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