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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  July 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kimberly: right now, flames and smoke filled the sky as a crash brings the beltway to a screeching halt. [shouting] kimberly: protests and arrests, part of a protest and counterprotest in charlottesville. >> it's an awful situation. kimberly: a surge in violence. the police say that he killed his stepdad and took a selfie with the body. this is just one of nine murders in seven days. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00 am on your side. kimberly:
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a family shattered tonight after a father was found strangled in his garage. the police say his stepson committed the horrible act and posted a selfie of the crime on twitter. that steps up now arrested after a miles long police chase. the family speaking for the very first time minutes ago, and they are in a state of disbelief as you can imagine. >> i'm shocked. everyone is shocked. no one understands. family one of the many seeking answers and prince george's county. the county has seen nine murders in just seven days. melissa dipane has been following the story and is live at the latest crime scene in bowie. police say all of these crimes have one thing in common. police say that tense relationships are at the heart of most of these murders and people should work on handling d
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nonviolent way. scroll through the pg county twitter feed, and there it details of arrests of multiple murders in the past week. >> i don't understand why people are finding themselves in a place where they are resolving disputes. with a death melissa: the first incident was a random crime, a father of four shot and killed while driving on the beltway. that suspect is still on the loose. through the week to the most recent murder and arrest happening this morning at this where a woman reported that a man had to thengled his stepfather. police are not releasing the name of the victim or suspect, the suspect tweeted a picture of himself and next to the deceased victim, the latest in a string of interpersonal relationships gone wrong. >> i'm asking the community to be wary of these kinds of disputes that are
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if you find yourself in traffic, if you find yourself with someone acting very odd over something very minor, walk away. don't engage in that. despite this murderous week, pg county police say the murder rate is down this year over last and they say the murder closure rate is around 80%. melissa dipane, abc 7 news. kimberly: the beltway slowly returning to normal after this fire snarled traffic for more than three hours. this started at about 5 p.m. when a blown tire ignited. it took firefighters 90 minutes to knock down the flames. becausewere slowed there was a 50 gallon propane tank on board. thankfully, nobody was hurt. [shouting] >> we have declared -- kimberly: controlled
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charlottesville, more than 20 cover protesters arrested as they squared off against about three dozen armed klansman. at the center of it, the debate over confederate monuments and their place in modern society. q mccray reports from the center of the swirling storm. >> please move from the front. will be arrested. q: the ku klux klan rally, chaotic. thousands of protesters descended on justice park in charlottesville, virginia. forral of them arrested preventing kkk members from practicing their first amendment right. kept thein riot gear groups apart amid heckling from the masses. kkkore than 40 armed members showed up, but their message was heard loud and clear. at the center of the
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lee statue. there is a push to have it torn down. the ku klux klan don't want to happen. >> people don't like our history, we kindly ask you to leave america. q: in the crowd, opinions about the statue were split. >> i think the statue should stay. >> i don't agree with anything they have to say. q: what opinion on the clan was unanimous. >> it's really dangerous. statue,it comes to the the people here are fighting over it. there will be a hearing in september, at which point it will be decided whether to tear it down or leave it in place. from charlottesville, virginia, q mccray, abc 7 news. kimberly: city crew spent the scrubbing the statue. somebody had spray-painted the statue
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rally and counter protest in new haven, connecticut, ending in four arrests. that protest centered around a group called "the proud boys," who promote "western culture." many others described them as part of the old right. in the deadlyts shooting in a busy part of georgetown. this happened on water street your the whitehurst freeway and key bridge. this happened about 3 a.m. the police found a 19-year-old shot to death and a person with him critically injured. so far the police have not revealed a motive or made arrests. a judge has denied bond to a leesburg man accused of selling top-secret information to china. he was linked to the cia kevin mallory's home two weeks ago. document show mallory was a covert cia operative from 1990 until 1996.
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revoke bond, saying his history was my craft makes him a flight risk -- his history with spycraft makes him a flight risk. president trump was at the g 20 summit where there were fierce protests outside and meetings inside. president trump when face-to-face today with china's president amid growing tensions over north korea. >> i appreciate the things you have done. very substantial problem we are all facing, a problem that something has to be done about. kimberly: just a for the meeting, the u.s. military sent over the korean peninsula alongside fighter jets from south korea and japan. follows north korea's tests earlier this week of its first intercontinental ballistic missile. russian president vladimir putin released -- believes president trump accepted his
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the u.s. election. trump reportedly pressed putin on their first face-to-face meeting about that yesterday. trumpd that president still knows they met up. new video tonight in the war on terror. forces rescuing hadivilians in mosul who been trapped after isis blew up their homes. iraqi soldiers say they are tens of meters away from retaking most all. the operation to retake the city from the terror group began last october. new video tonight of the four men in custody in greece accused of a beating death of an american forest, bakari henderson. they were hiding their faces as they were led into court. anderson was with a gr
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out, spilling into the street. friends and family in texas say they are in shock. >> just trying to share positive memories of bakarai. he has brought so much joy to our lives. kimberly: henderson had just graduated from college and was in greece working on a photo shoot for a new clothing line. fireworks lit up the sky over the potomac river tonight as 68thandria celebrated its 2 birthday. she looks pretty good for being that old. the big show was the culmination of a daylong celebration in old town. could be a reason for all of us to celebrate. brian van de graaff joins us with a look at the perfect day on tap after a beautiful evening. brian: we don't just pass out these perfect days lightheartedly. tomorrow is a near perfect 10,
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comfortable feel, the temperature slightly below where it should be. perfect weather sunday, low humidity. get out and enjoy it. a big-time warming trend is headed our way for the work week. outside right now, the capital wheel, 75 degrees, very comfortable. tomorrow morning, upper 60's downtown, low 60's in the burbs. a great day tomorrow for anything outdoor, maybe baseball, nats-braves, 1:35 first pitch, temperatures in the mid-80's. more on the forecast and a bit. kimberly: still ahead, a glitch that sparked a rumor that had hundreds lining up looking for free electricity. an update on the baby giraffe in baltimore who has spent his entire shortly fighting to stay alive. video shining a different light on the deadly crash involving tennis star venus williams.
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a driver is facing criminal charges after the police say he caused a deadly crash early this morning on south henry street in old town alexandria. lostolice say the driver control and slammed into another car. a passenger in that car died. two other people were hurt. of the deadly car crash venus williams was involved with. the police released the video the tennis player's accidents and have since said that williams was not at fault. lawyers are fighting the current lawsuit filed by the victim's family. >> she still entered that intersection on a green light and she had a right to be there. >> a grandfather is now gone forever because of the collision miss williams caused. kimberly: the investigation is still ongoing. williams is currently of the u.k. competing at wimbled
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looking for her sixth championship. traffic alert and bethesda where northbound lanes of rockville pike are closed. they will stay closed until 5 a.m. monday. this is the first of five weeks of closures to allow for demolition work under the road to create a tunnel between walter reed hospital and the medical center metro station. itsking of metro, it has own closures. the biggest will be on the blue, orange, and silver lines. no trains are running between federal triangle and foggy bottom. trains are single tracking in spots, putting a 20 minute gap between trains. in tennessee is dishing out an apology after social media posts had hundreds lining up to get their utility bill paid. formerhad spread basketball player zach randolph was donating $1 million to pay pe
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their kiosk services had a glitch. the company closed the problematic kiosk and reopened them later. an update to a story we have been following in maryland. baby giraffe julius is intensive care. sinceraffe has struggled being born last month and got a plasma infusion from a giraffe in ohio shortly after being born, but now it has irregularities in his blood work, which veterinarians say is a serious concern. there is under breweries are taking a step to going green by using recycled water. 30 brewers will use treated wastewater for the brew. it is believed to be a first in the state. the ultra treated water will go through rigorous testing once the brewing process is completed. i still cannot wrap my head around that. i know the sciences there.
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it. brian: just don't mention it. pretend we don't know. kimberly: good thing we have chlorinated pools. brian: exactly, tomorrow will be in the 80's, the humidity will be low. by the middle of next week, we are back into the 90's. outside, the next couple days, tomorrow's high, 87 is what we are dissipating. without the humidity, it will actually feel like 87, go figure. so often the temperatures theylly feel the way should because of the moisture in the atmosphere. monday, back to 90, pretty warm. monday the humidity is still somewhat in check. it's tuesday that we really build and you notice it tuesday as the temperatures soar into the mid-90's. outside right now, low 70's college park, quantico 75, upper 60's from
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gaithersburg, 68 luray. the dew point, which tells us how muggy there is, 50's annapolis to downtown. when he gets to that level, it is the pleasant category. withy evening, in july day a pleasant dew point is a bonus. tonight, 60 to 68, just a few clouds, feeling more refreshing through the evening. tomorrow we warm up again, but the storm chances are nill. no storm chances, dry, lots of sunshine, should be a gorgeous day. no real heat index sunday. monday, 90, feeling may be light 91. fast forward to the and wednesday, look like the feels like temperature will feel at times like 100 degrees, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. quick showers hit or miss. the next chance of rain
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can i, may not come until possibly late next week, -- the next chance of rain, more organized, may not come until possibly late next week, friday. monday still solid. then the heat and humidity jump up. notice how we see the isolated storms chance. i don't think the better chances will be until friday. scattered showers and storms friday, the best shot of rain. could carry into saturday, but we need the rain and will help bring the temperatures back down so next weekend will be back in the mid-80's. a rare pleasant july day in washington tomorrow. kimberly: get out and enjoy it all day long. brian: yes. kimberly: the nats having a struggle. robert: yes, and the wizards will not be saying goodbye to otto porter. strasburg struggle today.
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porter jr. by brooklyn, through four years, making him the team,t player on the making $28 million per year. the one bright spot for the wizards was jerod cunningham from morgan state, 7-12 from the field, finishing with a game-high 26. wiz fall, 91-88. not a good look for the nets today, struggling mightily against the braves. top of the third, stephen strasburg had a scare. stras's lines it off hip. one replay, it's a direct shot. few warm-up pitches, he was ok, but still struggled.
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with their second hit of the game. after three.e atlanta also playing good defense. nats with a chance to score in the third, murphy's line snared by a diving brandon phillips. nats hut out, 13-0. o's-twins, jonathan schoop deep to left. omber 18 on the season, 2-1 's. sixth inning, many machado with a shot down the line. manny machado hustles into second with the double. o's win 5-1. at wimbledon, roger federer continues to find the fountain of youth. he won in straight sets. second-seeded novak djokovic
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has struggled so far this season, trying to find himself again at wimbledon. the 12 time grand slam champ wins in straight sets. he moves on to the round of 16. alex ovechkin made it official a second time, already married, but they had the wedding today, tying the knot with his wife. the ceremony took place right outside of moscow. the whole thing was documented of course on instagram, pictures and videos. congrats to the great 8. soccer, d.c. united all for a couple of weeks. , heating upma today in the 50th minute. no score. the centering pass to dwyer. 1-0 usa. panama scores the equalizer in the 60th minute and the game would finish in a 1-1 tie,
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earning one point in the standings. , thesoccer, women side spirit and orlando pride. spirit on the attack. the pass, left foot, perfect placement into the corner of the net. she would get a penalty kick goal later in the game. the spirit finish in a 2-2 draw. and the mystics fall on the road to the connecticut sun, 96-92. beautiful wedding pictures from alex ovechkin and his wonderful bride. kimberly: beautiful. coming up, a panda's wild tumble. ♪ introducing the new sleep number 360™ smart bed. the only bed smart enough to change sleep as we know it. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you comfortable. and snoring...
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kimberly: must-see video tonight from the national zoo. many tumbles, a learning curve for the giant panda cub. the zoo says don't worry, this is all part of bei bei's development. bei bei turns about two years old in six weeks. we have this on our facebook page. it looks like it would hurt. robert: and it looks like fun at the same time. brian: and he
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