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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  July 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kimberly: right now, new details of the man accused of strangling his stepfather. . questions over his criminal history plus -- it's a crime. kimberly: a family left homeless and heart work in. now an infant is dead. who the child's grandfather thinks who is responsible for the death. and lawmakers ready to head back to work. what republicans are saying about health care. >> now come abc 7 news at 11:00, on your de
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it is a crime that rocked a quiet community in bowie. new details of a man who the police say was struggled by stepson, and this is the first time he has faced a murder charge. melissa dipane he is at the live desk with the latest. to the: according charging documents, beverly is being charged with the death of his stepfather. in 2005 he pled guilty to second-degree murder and served little more than four years of a 20 year sentence. do it" isu i would what the police say he told his mother after he allegedly struggled his stepfather. policeter 8 a.m., bowie responded to the home. arrived, theye found the
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ronald pinckney. they believe that their stepson, "i told you i would do it," been declared his stepfather was "dead in the garage." beverly ran from the house. the police were on the lookout for a maroon minivan and found it in landover. after a brief traffic stop and chase, he crashed his minivan and ran on foot. the police caught up with him. bowie police had been called to the house a month earlier when they were fighting and beverly had his stepfather in a chokehold until witnesses stopped him. ofnesses found pictures beverly alongside his dead stepfather. beverly likely will have a bond review hearing tomorrow afternoon. because of the charges come he will likely stay on a no bond status. melissa dipane, abc 7 news. kimberly:
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the police investigating a double murder this evening on silver hill road at and a shopping center. officers were called to the scene at 7:30, when they found two men with gunshot wounds. one of the men try to get help after he was shot. >> one of the victims left where he was shot and went to popeyes seeking help, and that is where the fire department and officers discovered one victim. kimberly: the other man was found in a nearby alley. one man died at the scene, the other at the hospital. the police are offering a reward for information. tonight, sharing members and searching for answers, family and friends of the man who was shot and killed while driving on the beltway a week ago laid him to rest today. was shot andr he killed, the police are getting more tips and they have followed every lead. they still have not made any arrests.
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rest today, decked out in redskins gear to honor his love of the team. >> he was a proud, happy, jolly person. he was always trying to make life better for you. we want to say thank you for all of your love and support, and just remember pappy. he was a good guy. kimberly: investigator still don't know if this was a targeted killing or road rage or random crime. they are asking for anybody with information to call. betweenlopments possible tries between the president's campaign team and russia. donald trump junior revealing tonight he met with an attorney from the kremlin because he believed the attorney had information that could help his father's campaign, involving connections between russia, the dnc, and hillary clinton. we have a closer look at what was done. reporter:
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said i was asked to have a meeting bind equipments who i was told might have information helpful to the campaign. he agreed, asking trump's son-in-law jerod kushner and paul manafort, the campaign manager, to attend. the meeting took laced two weeks after donald trump won the campaign. he said that no details were provided and when he realized the claims were just a pretext, he finished the meeting. the legal team said the president did not attend and was not aware of it. the president is still getting questions about how he dealt with russian president vladimir putin last week. "i strongly pressed president put in about meddling in our election. he vehemently denied it." >> the president absolutely did not believe the denial of president put. tom: they discussed working toge
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cyber security unit," drawing criticism from both sides of the auto. who try to a bad guy undercut our democracy and is doing it all over the world. >> we might as well mail ballot boxes to russia. that is not an answer. he later said it does not mean they can happen. kimberly: after taking the fourth of july off, congress gets back to work this week. the senate returning tomorrow, the house tuesday, the number one focus to replace and repeal the affordable care act. it has been a difficult fight for the gop, and now even those of the president's party are doubting the chance of success. >> my view is it's probably going to be dead, what i have been wrong. i thought i
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kimberly: lawmakers will also discuss a budget deal. if they don't reach a new agreement before september, we could be facing yet another government shut down. i hope he got a chance to get outside tonight. what a beautiful live shot of the jefferson memorial. it was a gorgeous night outside. but we are looking at a big change, dangerous heat coming in. brian: a little bit of heat and humidity tomorrow, but it will build even more later in the week. the bottom line is there is a lot of heat bubbling up, the high pressure off the coast. what we will noticed as we go through the time is the jet stream is going to lift northward come along the heat from the south and west to really bubble up and come to our new cover the woods, bringing high heat, excessive heat, possibly dangerous heat. we will have feels-like temperature's possibly 105
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greater. tonight, not bad. upper 70's. tomorrow morning still comfortable. the heat and humidity builds through the afternoon, highs near 90. a dry and decent day. enjoy it. the big heat is coming. kimberly: a different kind of heat out west, growing urgency in the fight of dozens of wildfires. more than 40 fires raging on right now. firelifornia, the whittier continues to jump highways and destroy buildings. thousands of people have been evacuated, including 80 children at a summer camp that was damaged by the flames. homeowners are surveying the damage. >> we've been here for 12 years. kimberly: there is some good news, and that is so far no injuries have been reported. with more heat and dry air in the forecast, he continues to be a tough fight for crews.
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is now faced with heartbreak. baby girl-month-old found dead in a van and a gaithersburg parking lot. as detectives try to figure out what happened, the family says they believe all of this could have been avoided. q mccray has the very latest. such a heartbreaking story all the way around. q: yeah, kim, heartbreaking to say the least. the family has been dealing with hard times recently, dealing with setbacks. and again this morning, at 10:30, another tragic blow. this is brooklyn ruth. gaithersburg police are investigating her death. her grandfather is devastated. >> my granddaughter was always laughing, trying to talk. q: michael said his family hit hard times recently. they have been living in a van parked in this motel 6
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lot on quince orchard road. it'll brooklyn was in the van with her family when she got sick. by the time paramedics arrived, she was not breathing. what did you remember the most about brooklyn? >> her laugh. she always try to talk and grab your hand. i never saw her crack. she was that good of a baby -- i never saw her cry. she was that good of a baby. q: brooklyn was only four months old. they put the blame on the montgomery county crisis center. he said his daughter applied for housing twice and was turned down. >> they said another four months. it is a crime to deny her a house. q: i reached out to the county for its side of the story, but it is the weekend and we are not expecting a call back until tomorrow.
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results. the earliest they could come it is monday. until then, that is the latest from gaithersburg. i'm q mccray, abc 7 news. off-duty maryland state trooper is being credited with stopping a shoot out in wicomico county. securityer was working at a restaurant when a shooting began between the two men, shooting at each other. the trooper approaches, one of them start shooting at the trooper. the officer fires back with his service weapon, hitting that man. both men involved died of their injuries. the trooper is on administrative leave, which is routine. a fire destroyed a home in southeast d.c. is now ruled a case of arson. this happened on wheeler road near valley lane. many people, including children, are without homes. firefighters say the flames and smoke roadie shooting out when they got there. one firefighter suffered minor injury.
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still to come -- it is like black friday, coming much earlier. what you need to know to get the best deals when prime day kicks off tomorrow. >> it grabbed me like this and pulled me and hit the back of my head. kimberly: don't let your kids do this. this 19-year-old camp counselor awakened by a bear.
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kimberly: now a look at the war on terror, president trump getting an update on the situation in mosul. he tweeted that the cease-fire in the iraqi city is holding. successfully reclaimed the city from isis. u.s.-backed forces are now targeting another part of syria, which is the de facto capital of isis. onewake-up call that 19-year-old will never forget, attacked in his sleep by a black bear. we want to
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this colorado teenager is ok. but shaken. who wouldn't be. camp,ks in a summer sleeping outside by a lake with four campers when the attack happened. he said he woke up to the bear trying to pull him out of his sleeping bag. >> it grabbed me like this and pulled me and dragged me. when it was dragging me felt it like it was going on forever. toberly: he said he was able hit the bear and break free. other members of the group helped scare the bear off. the teenager had to get nine staples in his head to treat his injury. other than that, just scratches. come a close encounter florida man speaking about his close call with a gator. he was diving for golf balls when he found himself in the jaws of a nine foot alligator. he thought fast about how to escape. >>
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him,d dead and rolled with and then the thought came to me to start punching him. kimberly: yep, punching him. he wrestled the reptile until he was free, getting away with just a bite on his arm. wildlife officials say he did the right thing, saying that seing for a gator's eyes or no is the best way to get her to let go -- in case you are ever diving for golf balls with alligators. consumer side with a alert, shoppers gearing up for christmas in july, amazon prime day with deals beginning at 9 .m. tomorrow. we'll be every thing from speakers and tv's to clothing and candy. the best way to get ready for an item that you want, sign up for alerts only smartphone app. the sale is forcing other retailers to ante up. willrt, target, and kohl's announce their own deals.
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wednesday. we have been bringing you development as the police are working to track down dozens of takingke and atv riders over local street and scaring drivers. today, a tweet from the d.c. police chief that some riders they got off the streets. --k at these very dangerous dangerously cute children. they jokingly tweeted saying, thanks to community tips, mpd caught up with these atv riders. some were even wearing helmets for safety. wonder if they can pop wheelies. brian: when we had those scooters, we pedalled. nowadays they have batteries. kimberly: yes, they do. it is going to be hard this week. the heat is on. brian: today was beautiful, tomorrow will be hotter. tuesday and beyond it's really
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the time that you need to check on friends, the elderly, take care of your pets. we will probably get advisories midweek. earlier, this is a picture of the capital, i noticed the moon was out there, the waning moon over the capital. a beautiful shot. outside right now at this hour, 78 degrees, the wind out of the east northeast, eventually shifting more southerly. with that switch, that will bring in more heat and humidity, and it will be stickier. how will it feel? tonight is comfy, green, not a problem. creeps in. muggines tuesday and wednesday, the extreme heat builds and it will be downright oppressive. the temperatures are coming up, the humidity as well.
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through thursday. 97, 98, 99, feeling like 100 or greater. tomorrow morning, low to middle 60's across the dmv. isolatedls hit that an sparkle south and west of town, not out of the question, but i think the book of us stay dry. tomorrow evening, melted and showers, but nothing sticks around. -- mountain showers, but nothing sticks around. tonight, mainly clear, comfortable evening. tomorrow we develop some of the heat. tomorrow morning about 71 downtown, 61 fredericksburg and martinsburg. tomorrow, a strange shower chance, near 90, but we feel the heat tuesday. tuesday 96, hazy hot and humid. you will feel it wednesday
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thursday. a few thunderstorms may fire off each and every afternoon, nothing widespread. by the middle of the week we could have excessive heat warnings and advisories, at times with temperatures feeling like 100, 105 plus. that will be with us through friday. the weekend we may get a quick reprieve saturday and sunday, but then the heat continues into next week, just not quite as intense. we have had 17 90-degree plus days this year, and it will be hot this week. kimberly: the ankle roll. robert: you have had it before. kimberly: normally get snaps back and recovers, but not in this case. robert: it happened again. the sixers cannot get rid of the injury bug. and the nationals fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by her local toyota dealers. robert: nats in their series finale with the braves after getting shutout saturday. the first today, anthony rendon to left center field gap. rtwo runs -- two runs score. pitcher joel ross
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afternoon parent injury. chris heisey off the wall. anthony rendon hustles around and scores. 4-3 nats after that. in the fifth, nats getting some insurance, matt wieters singles up the middle, ryan zimmerman scores. daniel murphy scores. nats win 10-5, ending the first half of the season on a good note. again, formerened suffered an has injury. last year's number one pick missed all of last year after it injury. this is scary. steps on the back of brown's foot, goes down holding his left leg, everybody in the building holding their breath. a high ankle sprain. you will miss the rest of the summer league, fultz.
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the house, danny from 106.7 the fan will give us his take on the nationals, and otto porter making all of that cash. 11:35, right after the news. the knicks continue their search for a new general manager. the former cavs gm took his name out of the running. danny is pacing. he has a lot to say tonight. robert: he does. kimberly: coming up, spider-man at the box off
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>> good evening, peter. kimberly: it was more than a good evening, it was a very good weekend.
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