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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  July 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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incriminate hillary clinton. he replied, "if it's what you say, i love it." in an interview with nbc news denied working for the russian government and said it was her intent to discuss u.s. sanctions and not the campaign. >> it's possible that maybe they were looking for such information. >> the e-mails are leading to more questions as the probe into the russian meddling in the election continues. larry: reaction was swift on capitol hill. this is what tim kaine had to say today. >> we are beyond obstruction of justice for what is being investigated. this is moving to perjury, false statements and
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larry: brad bell has more reaction from capitol hill. brad? brad: we were up here on the hill when donald trump jr. sent out the tweet literally, you could see people grabbing at the phones to read what was in the e-mails. democrats think this is what links the trump and the trump campaign to russian interference. >> showing clear collaboration between the russian government , russian agents and the trump campaign at the highest level where it's clear that the russian government is weighing in to help elect donald trump.
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at 6:00 we talk to those about this development and t are some who no matter what still support the trump. larry: we are in a heatwave. the clouds are out and the sun is out but we haven't reached the hottest day of the week. go to doug hill with a check of the forecast. doug: larry, the sun was out for more powers this afternoon in the west. they are getting hit from heavy storms win chester to southeast of hagerstown. show you the big picture story now. when we get the situations we are never sure if the storms will hold together all the way on the march to the d.c. metro area. there are severe storms for another 15 minutes.
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we will keep an eye on this. it's going to cool to 81 in hagerstown. it's 92 in washington. 91 in quantico. when you factor in the moisture it feels several degrees warmer. 95 in washington. 96 in quantico and fredericksburg. 98 degree feels like temperature now in leesburg. but a little cooler in winchester where there is heavy rain and it still feels like 93 in cumberland. the story for next hour or two, we will keep track of the showers and the thunderstorms as they make their way east to southeast toward the metro area. as we get into the early everything hours here we will see most activity come to an end. looking ahead to the day planner hours the temperatures will hold in lower 80's tonight. it won't turn cool. it's muggy in fact. we look ahead to the next few days it's 96 tomorrow. it will feel like 10
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afternoon storms possible. afternoon storms on thursday. the hottest and the most humid day this week. highs of 98. feels like the temperatures are up to 13. friday -- are up to 103. friday storms will cool us off. larry: okay. talk to you soon. prince george's county have seen a dramatic number of murders in the last week and a half. the police department moving to 12-hour shift to bat a spike in crime. q mccray is live from the police headquarters in palmer park with more. q? >> this is a huge development. i found out there have been 49 murders in prince george's county this week but that is one less this time last year when they had 50. the crime is about the change. but what changed is the recent uptick in violence. prince george's county is experiencing a spike in violent crime. more than ten people have been killed in a week. the police department is doing something about it. >> this afternoon, the agency is moving to 12-hour
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q: officers are compensated with overtime with two to four hours added to the work day. department officials say you can't put a price on safety. >> you can look at the homicides and say is there anything that is done to prevent it from happening? we can play that game all day long. at this point we want to put officers on the street. q: the residents had mixed opinions about the change when we told them about the development. >> that is good. at first, we knead more officers on the street. >> i think 12 hours is mentally, physically exhausting for any police officer. q: we found out there are cadets in training right now but they won't graduate for some time. the half-day shifts start immediately. even with the extended shifts the residents need to do their part as well. >> we need people when you get upset to take a breath. walk away. consider the consequences of you pulling that gun and pulling the trigger. our officers will be out on the streets. we want the community to feel
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at ease. q: it's important to note that the prince george's county police department is hiring so if you are looking for a job you are encouraged to apply. the new shifts start today and will continue. live from prince george's county i'm q mccray, abc7 news. larry: thanks. d.c. police tweeting out that today is relisha rudd remembrance day. they followed up with relisha isn't forgotten by d.c. at the highest level. the chief newsham in the picture. relisha rudd releasessed in 2014 allegedly kidnapped by a janitor from the homeless shelter where the family lived and she has never been found. alison: big talker today is word the f.b.i. won't be moving to a new building anytime soon. that comes after the general services administration says without federal funding it simply can't happen. >> to me this is an abuse of power by the trump administration
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president trump is acting as if he is the legislature as well as the chief executive and he is not. the f.b.i. building is old and three locations were being considered for the new f.b.i. headquarters. now they are out millions of dollars. jeff goldberg is at the springfield site with the reaction from virginia and maryland's governors to this. jeff: they are not happy. they were hoping it would be moved to springfield to give thousands of jobs and economic boost. now leaders in vass and maryland are dis -- virginia and maryland are disappointed after today's decision. for more than 40 years the hoover building in downtown d.c. has served as the f.b.i. headquarters.
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terry mcauliffe says they have spent millions of dollars to relocate it to springfield, south of the 95/495 mixing bowl. >> we have all been working hard and to pull the plug with no notice is disgrace and typical what is going on with the trump administration. jeff: the general services administration saying in a statement today the budget gap of nearly $900 million remains to get the project done. >> we have two maryland sites. i don't think virginia was in the competition. >> maryland governor larry hogan is referencing the two finalists for a new headquarters in prince george's county. locations in greenbelt and landover. >> we're disappointed with the congressional delegation, most of whom are democrats who
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it done. mad at all of them on both sides of the aisle. jeff: he managing a deli in springfield a few miles from the proposed virginia site that could have a regular lunch spot for thousands of f.b.i. employees. >> we were optimistic about them potentially moving here and naturally we are disappointed. jeff: it does not lessen the need for the new headquarters but mcauliffe said he is done to put forward effort to relocate the headquarters. we have more coming up at 6:00. until then, live in springfield, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: okay, jeff. thank you. the local politicians from the county level to the congressional level have something to say about the f.b.i. headquarters staying put in d.c. if you want to read statements go to the website larry: well, it's a new bridge over t
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traffic a dream or does it have a chance to become a reality? alison: plus, this was the scene at the local airports last night. we are looking into how a building in leesburg could create flight delay chaos. we are gearing up for the all-star game tonight. we'll take you live to miami where the nats are strongly represented. lisa: the takata air bag recall expands but it includes air bags th i am totally blind. and i live with non-24, a circadian rhythm disorder that can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the people, places, and things i love. the people i love have always been there for me. and now, i'm there for them, too. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424 to learn more.
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alison: the f.b.i. joining investigation into what caused a deadly military plane crash in mississippi. is a marines and one navy corpsman died when the plane slammed in a soy bean field last night. marine corps spokesman said the plane experienced a mishap before the crash but couldn't say what it was. no foul play is expected. larry: months ago the "7 on your side" i-team told you about another potential recall coming from takata. now it's happened. senior investigative lisa fletcher in the newsroom with the developments. lisa? lisa: our investigation showed interim documents and high-level interveer views with t
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interviews with the engineers proved that the replacement air bags would fail. that is proving to be the case. the company added 2.6 million vehicles of the recall of 80 million worldwide. the vehicles added contained the air bag inflators with a drying agent called a desiccant. it -- today, the national transportation safety national highway safety administration showed it is still a hazard if not replaced. they use different drying agents and this recall does not involve all inflators with a decembersy can't. i'll -- inflators with a desiccant. but the premise of our original investigation with those at the highest level of congress told us they believe all versions of the desiccated inflators will eventually be recalled. the engineers told us there is no drying agent to stabilize
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to inflate the air bags. there is more information on weber. -- more information on alison: this is the free slurpie day at the 7-eleven convenience store. this is the 16th year for the promotion. this is the perfect day around here with the slurpie. temperatures in the 90's. get a free slurpie. you have until 7:00 tonight. larry: we have time. i'm there. alison: a good day for it. doug: this just in. severe thunderstorm warning in effect for frederick county and clark county in winchester extended until 6:00 now. 60-mile-per-hour winds. we will check on the doppler to give you updates. in the meantime, we were treated to one of st
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cruising in a boat, on the potomac in a breeze to the formerly dark hair. enjoying every minute of it. >> we are looking over to the rosslyn area of arlington. this is a beautiful afternoon. it's a much different story to the west where the stronger storms. look at the heat index value across the area. feels like 98. it's middle 90's for the fredericksburg. wednesday and thursday there is added heat and the humidity. i have been in d.c. for 22 years and this is the first time i have taken a riverboat tour. this is something that you don't want to miss. i'm glad we are on the georg
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early everything on the potomac. at we head closer to the memorial bridge. i'll be landside at 5:35. but now back inside to chief meteorologist doug hill. doug: totally cool. looks fun. we'll be back to you shortly but give everybody an update. the severe thunderstorm warnings in effect until 5:15. they have been extended until 6:00 now as the storms continue to hold together and move east/southeast at 15 to 20 miles per hour. there is rain and hail possible there as we go forward. zoom in to give you the timelines here. this continues to frog town at 5:28. over the next 20 minutes, the storms will continue to march southeast.
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pay attention in gaithersburg, reston, district or manassas. 6:29 in the district and then bowing to manassas. brief cooling. all it will do is add to the lightning. charged up storms here. this is going to wash it out heading toward the by a later tonight. there could be leftover showers approaching hagerstown later tonight. the forecast for most of area is partly cloudy, warm and muggy with the isolated, stray showers and the thunderstorms. lows in the 70's. i wouldn't be surprised if it stayed closer to 80 for a low in downtown washington. looking ahead. 96 tomorrow, feeling like 100. 98 on thursday feeling like
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103. a stronger cold front will lead to improvement over the weekend. it will be warm and seasonably so. 91 degrees and sunshine on sunday. looking ahead to next week, it's typical july stuff. around 90 and a chance of thunderstorms monday and tuesday. we will look ahead to the rest of next week and we will see temperatures holding in the lower 90's with the values two or three degrees above average. it's typical summer stuff but we keep an eye on the storms north and west of the city. see how long they hold together. they could make it to the district. alison: thank you very much. you can get weather alert to your phone. whether it's about the heat or potential storms just go to and sign up. alison: still ahead here, how the morning drink choice could lead to a longer life. larry: and we are talking all-star baseball live from miami where five national players ready t
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larry: a big game. and creative way a wife told her husband she was a match to donate her kidney to him. but first, veronica johnson as what we are working on tomorrow for "good morning washington." veronica: thank you, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington" -- brace for the heat. how high temperatures will rise. how long it will last and what you need to do to stay safe. >> plus, don't forget about your pets. the best way to keep the furry friends cool and protected all summer long. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning starting at
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alison: a big night. exciting night for baseball fans. the all-star game. larry: erin has why it's an even bigger night for nats fans. erin: it's so fun. there are five players in the all-star game and that is the first time the nats ever sent five players so it is big. it all goes down tonight in miami. last night we were treated to quite the show from the yankees rookie stud aaron judge who is having a historic season. festivities continue today. this afternoon, all of the mlb all-stars were paraded through miami. there is daniel murphy. waving to the crowd with the family as may made their way to stadium where we find this guy. bryce harper on the red carpet rocking the all white look. does it look fam
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he told mlb network his tailor wanted to give him the don johnson "mime vice" look. very nice there. they are calling it the miami bryce look. there you go. for more on tonight's all-star game, let's go down to miami where we find matt lincoln at marlins park. not a bad gig, matt. i'm jealous. how is it going? >> the fans are trickling in. if you believe the biggest star is not bryce harper's hair. it's aaron judge. he hit four miles worth of home runs yesterday. >> the baseball has done away with th
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winning will have advantage for the world series. so the pressure is off. others are just like the rest of us in awe of baseball talent in one place. >> when we were first all-stars and an all-star i'm like a kid. >> i feel like a my gid walking around -- midget walking around the guys in the clubhouse. >> the most important thing to do is spend time with the other players here. learn from them, spend time with them. build relationships. >> the nationals starting line-up is set and it will look like this. bryce harper will hit third and play right field. murphy is fifth. and max scherzer will start on the mound. stephen strasburg coming in on the bullpen. erin: matt, with max scherzer on the mound, what do you think aaron judge i
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strike out or go yard? matt: well, i will say that max scherzer is a much tougher pitcher than the batting practice guy who was throwing last night. after watching this kid do what we did last night nothing would surprise me. erin: he has been so fun to watch. thank you, matt. have a good time tonight. matt: thank you. larry: erin, thanks. still ahead at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- emergency law improved in the district. the big change that momma's law makes to save animals. alison: problem in leesburg that left hundreds of people sleeping in airports across our area. how it hooped and what -- happened and what lessons are being learned. >> plus, montgomery and loudoun counties are in a dispute. what they don't see eye to eye on.
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5:30 pm
kevin: traffic along the american legion bridge is notoriously dreadful. so the loudoun county board of supervisors is pushing for construction of a second bridge to expand the potomac river here. 15 miles north of the beltway. in turn it would connect route 28 in virginia with the inner county connector in maryland. >> this is an issue that our county has been on record opposing from day one. kevin: montgomery county council president despises the idea and today he penned a pointed rebuttal arguing that a second bridge would support suburbans sprawl, disrupt the neighborhood and harm the agriculture preserve that has 500 farms. >> do we have congestion on 270 to the american legion bridge? you bet. it's unacceptable. the council supported real solution to addressing that. this is a fantasy. the second crossing. i will
5:31 pm
>> still, many motorists support this. >> i'm job hunting. i don't apply for jobs in virginia because of the bridge. it's that much of a hassle. >> i hope they build it. i don't like it. it takes me an hour to get there. with traffic, it takes two and a half hours to get home. i hate it. >> the reality is even if funding is secured and the approval is put in place it could be years if not a decade before the construction is complete. along the potomac river in montgomery county i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. larry: checking the top stories now, calling him a high quality person, president trump is defending his eldest son. donald trump jr. released what he claimed are the e-mails leading up to the e-mails last year with a russian lawyers and they offer the trump campaign high level and sensitive information that would damage hillary clinton.
5:32 pm
times" was about to publish a story about him. alison: the f.b.i. is not moving anytime soon. the trump administration scrapped plans to relocate the bureau to fairfax or prince george's county. the hoover building home to the f.b.i. for 40 years now is crumbling and cannot be well protected. larry: the largest automotive recall in history got bigger. takata added 3 million vehicles to the recall of the irbag inflators as a 12th death is linked to the shrapnel. alison: they are looking for a man who they say has been taking knows up girls' skirts. this man, jennings, caught in the act in sterling. with a woman and witness confronted him, he took off. if you see him, call the police. larry: the scene reminiscent of snowstorms. people wrapped in blankets sleeping anywhere that they could at reagan national airport as well as dulles and
5:33 pm
but this is no weather disaster. this is caused by a problem in leesburg. richard: richard: joins us live -- richard: richard: joins us where where it began to explain. good evening. richard: hey, good evening. behind me is the f.a.a.'s air control center. this is where they control the high altitude flights and five states. when it had to be evacuated, that is when the problems began. the ground stop meant downed planes, stranded passengers and oh, yeah, frustration. >> that something was miles away on the f.a.a. air traffic control center in leesburg. a huge repair job, fumes wafted inside. we have nine but probely nasty according to a spokesperson forcing evacuation of 50 people.
5:34 pm
richard: this was not the first time it happened in august of 2015. there was a computer outage that originated from this facility. it caused delays up
5:35 pm
but the grounding action is better situation than having planes flying around in the air with nowhere to go. live in leesburg, richard: richard, abc7 news. alison: thank you. coming up next at "abc7 news at 5:00", four men missing in pennsylvania. a search for them is underway. now police say this is becoming a criminal matter. larry: plus the way a tennessee man found out that he and his wife are a perfect match in more ways than one. alison: new at 2:00 tonight -- new at 6:00, scary images of a woman dangling from a fence at the mexican border. the full story including who left her there at "abc7 n
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steve: this is dry an hot and humid out here. there is a different story to the we
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until 6:00 p.m. clark and frederick county in virginia. winchester and berryville. this storm is likely to contain the gusty wind and heavy downpours and frequent lightning. be on the lookout for that. take a look at the feels like temperatures around the area right now. it's 98 degrees in leesburg. feels like 95 at reagan national. the same in fredericksburg. five-day temperature trend from the stormwatch7 shows the daytime highs tomorrow around it 6. it will be around 98 on thursday. that is going to be the hottest day of the week. then the heatwave will come to an end on friday. thanks to a cold front. for the first half of the weekend we are back to the upper 80's. but then next week we are back in the 90's. you are watching "abc7 news at 5:00". back af
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larry: the father said his son was a practicing muslim but never spoke about isis. the prosecutors said he swore allegiance to isis and provided document to terror group. he served three tours overseas including iraq and afghanistan
5:40 pm
. >> i was shocked. he came back from iraq with p.t.s.d. he never talked about isis or anything like that. larry: the court records said he lost his security clearance for a year and they believe he acted alone. alison: four young men remain missing and the search continues. larry: the police say they have a person of interest but there is no sign of the men. abc's maggie rulli has more. maggie: a massive search underway for four young men missing since last week in pennsylvania. the district attorney suspects foul play. >> we are using anything from the major construction equipment down to the finest sifting equipment. maggie: officials say a cell phone ping led them to the roughly 90-acre farm out
5:41 pm
authorities including the f.b.i. looking for you and they are bringing in heavy equipment like backhoes, that is not good. >> now they have a person of interest. denardo and they say his family owns the land in question and he has a history of mental illness. he is arrested on unrelated gun charge and the bond is set at $1 million. >> i have never seen a gun case in the country where the bond was set at $1 million. that tells you something right there. >> they are stringing together the sequence of i vents. the first man patrick was reported missing on wednesday. two days later his friend tom and mark didn't show up for work. that same friday 19-year-old dean was spotted getting into a car and hasn't been seen since. >> i never thought this would happen here. maggie: police found two of the
5:42 pm
garage that backed up to the search area. the district attorney says all four families have been holding a vigil at the edge of the search site the entire day. maggie rulli, abc news, new york. alison: coming up at 5:00, why the morning cup of joe may do more than help you get ready to face the day. >> big damage that is getting a lot z2e2bz z1a2z y2e2by y1a2y
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alison: hours ago the d.c. council unanimously passed emergency legislation called "momma's law." it is aimed to protect animals. it's named after a dog in the petworth neighborhood that was left out in the cold and was hungry. they pleaded for someone to rescue her but the existing laws did not deem the conditions bad enough to justify the rescue. the new law will make it possible. >> if it's 32 degrees or below, you would have to ensure that the animal is warm outside or bring it inside. if it's 90 degrees or hotter, you would have to ensure that it is in a cool enough place if it remains outdoors. alison: animal rights activists are praising the n
5:46 pm
well, they are convenient for all types of cleaning but not every wet wipe is fit for flushing. when the wrong ones make it down the drain, they can create a lot of problems for the district sewage. that is why the d.c. officials passed a law against flushing them. as melissa dipane explains, congress may have something to say about that. >> they remove your makeup, clean your hands, and hiney. water and sewer says the district has a big problem with wet wipes clogging sanitation pipes. >> if you're not sure, don't flush it. put it in the garbage. >> d.c. officials passed the law to make sure the companies that make the wipes mark them as either flushable or non-flushable. to prevent the wrong wipes from clogging pipes. >> the law says do not label flushable as something that is not flushable. that is pretty straightforward and simple. melissa: d.c. is the first in the nation to pass such a law. it will go i
5:47 pm
year. members of congress getting pushed back from the paper products lobby that wants to block the law before it starts by threatening to add riders to local spending bill to wipe the wipe law. some in congress say they shouldn't be involved the local issues. >> it's not as if congress held hearings on this or talked to residents or constituents. melissa: and every clog costs money from clearing equipment to the man hours its takes. it all adds up. a recent big clog involving nearly 2,400 tons of debris including the wipes cost the d.c. water and sewer $100,000. a cost that is covered by the d.c. water customers through the water bill. there is only talk of overturning the law. if it should happen, this congressmember says the city would give up. melissa dipane, abc7 news. larry: "7 on your side" with a health alert. have you had your daily c
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coffee? if you did you may live a little longer. two studies published this week and one suggests coffee lowers the risk of dieing from all causes. the other study found those who drank several cups of coffee a day had a lower risk of death. from coffee to wine, a rare find in a new jersey cellar that has -- new jersey cellar as some salivating. it's dating back 130 years and it was found with whiskey, cuban cigars. the collection was boarded up in prohibition and forgotten. it's now included in tours of the former home that is now a museum. alison: how cool. larry: the owner said it tasted like a sweet sherry. alison: that is really neat. new at 6:00, a d.c. beat cop connecting with the community like never before. his tool of choice a camera. the stunning photos and
5:49 pm
says they are making a difference. plus tracking fall-out after the news that the f.b.i. won't be getting a new headquarters. all the stories and more on "abc7 news at 6:00". larry: okay. let's go to weather. warm today and only getting warmer the rest of the week. alison: yeah, hot for sure. right, doug? doug: indeed. the hottest day is thursday. at this moment it seems like every time i come on i have a new severe thunderstorm warning. there is a new one to talk about. extends through clark county and loudoun county. go to the big map to show you the picture. the yellow box here, the polly -- polygon is under warning until 6:15. there is plenty of thunder as the storm moves east/southeast. some of the rain spreading east of leesburg. closeup now to show you a timeline that is around 5:47. 6:05 for middleburg. then broad run at 6:26. a lot of lightning and the possibility of hail. a little hail that is
5:50 pm
to make a move across 17. so we will see this system hold together a little while longer. the bigger question is will the entire area of the showers make it to the d.c. metro area. we are seeing the northern end that is starting to dissipate a bit. but the southern section with most of the activity looks like it will make it maybe even to prince william county and farther west there are more showers and storms to keep an eye on for later this evening. isolated to scattered will be the coverage of the storms. the temperature wise and the humidity wise this is what it feels like outside right now. 95 in washington. 96 in quantico. it feels like 96 in leesburg. it's very warm and very muggy through the night. for tomorrow feeling 96. feeling like 103. scattered afternoon storms. hot and humid for friday and a cold front bringing better chances of storms for friday afternoon. we check a ten-day outlook coming up in the 6:00 hour. back to you. larry: okay, doug. a tennessee man found his wife is a pe
5:51 pm
ways than one. alison: not only is she his soul mate but the soon-to-be kidney donor. steve has been sick most of his life. diagnosed with kidney diseases and doctors told him he wouldn't make it to 30. when his wife heather found out she was a match, she made a custom baseball card to deliver the good news. >> a recipient. >> of course i'm going to donate a kidney. seeing how hard it is on a loved one. it makes sense. >> my wife saved my life. i don't know how i can thank you enough but i wanted to try. alison: they hope to have the transplant surgery at the end of the month assuming it goes well in the preop testing. we will follow the story for you. erin: i love that story. awesome. alison: erin is here to talk about sports tonight. erin: i have always had so much respect for gymnasts and how much time they spend in
5:52 pm
to be at an elite level gymnastics requires huge amount of dedication. but that is not a problem for this young seventh grader in gaithersburg. she is not afraid of hard work. scott abraham has our rising star. scott: it's time for take-off. seventh grader kayla has been involved with gymnastics since the age of 2. >> when i was little my parents put me in. i guess like i started to like it. scott: she has embraced gymnastics becoming a rising star in this sport. her name on the national radar while kayla is dreaming big. >> i want to try to go to the olympics. also do college gymnastics. scott: for a 13-year-old she is a really good gymnast. already at the junior elite level. she is considered one of the top 25 gymnasts in this coun
5:53 pm
she is on the right track and her head coach kelly hill is a believer in her potential. >> she has above average talent, which is good. she takes that talent and does everything she has got to maximize her skills and potential. scott: kayla loves to be in the gym, practicing six hours a day, five days a week and she is hoping to inspire the next generation of gymnasts. >> i is a go for -- i say go for it. it's fun. have a good time. scott: the future gymnast could be from the d.m.v. i'm scott abraham with the rising star. erin: good stuff! do you know someone overcoming adversity to excel in athletics? you can e-mail us and that person could be featured in an upcoming story. six and a half hours in the gym. wow! alison: we will see a lot
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larry: republican lawmakers will be getting a shorter summer break, mitch mcconnell pushing the august recess back if they want to repeal and replace obama care. the latest now from capitol hill. reporter: republican leaders will stay in washington for now, feeling the pressure on health care, hoping to check off the list of challenges facing congress, the promise? repeal and replace. mcconnell: we will be in session the first two weeks of august. reporter: donald trump tweeted that he could not imagine washington would dare to leave without a health care bill ready to go. senate republicans are plotting the decision -- are applauding the decision. >> i do not know many americans who get to take a whole month off. to get a newing bill and a new cbo s
5:58 pm
work. >> they can spend two more weeks, two months, two years, as long as this bill continues to cut taxes on the very wealthy and hurt working americans. the bill is going to be as unpopular as it is today. you are killing people! reporter: speaking out against the bill, widely unpopular. senators finding themselves staying in d.c. and, perhaps, being forced to. a responsibility to help before literally obama care comes crashing down around them. reporter: abc news, capitol hill. news,: now at 6:00 on abc in coverage
5:59 pm
plus, the fbi headquarters is not moving, and officials are not happy. and we are in the middle of a heat wave get the chance for storms. we are finding it out, now. atouncer: now, abc 7 news 6:00 p.m., on your side. alison: for a second straight day now, we are all feeling the heat any time we walk outside, but it is only going to get worse from here. anchor: chief meteorologist doug hill is here. we are keeping an eye on the cluster of thunderstorms, and the warning will expire, but downstream, there is another one in effect for a bit longer. let's show you what we are talking about, and area coming out of clark county. the second one remains in effect
6:00 pm
the southeast, and the center isl be in marshall, and 6:28 the time of arrival in haymarket, and then finally, it will be in the area of manassas and of few areas that are light outside of the storm, but some brief then gusts and a little bit of hail, as well. looking into southern pennsylvania, a number of showers and storms. as a move towards sunset, they should diminish a bit, but the door is still open for some storms to reach part of our viewing area, and some lightning may be seen as we go into this tuesday evening. tomorrow, and we will update day heat and day four, at the index will be around 100 degrees with a chance of thunderstorms as we head through the day, and on thursday, the heat index will with around103 thunderstorms possible, and then


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