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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  July 12, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> now, "good morning washington" on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. larry: a devastating house fire in prince george's county. autria: we understand the was in side when it happened? right.hat's started when the fire before 5:00 this morning. they did here at the smoke alarm and they were able to get the house at they are doing ok. they are talking to the fire investigators right now. downw hill place is closed because there is a tremendous amount of equipment here. the district
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fire department, hyattsville fire department and kentland are also here. they are working to put up the smoke because there are hotspots putting -- hotspots. the home is gutted. a firefighter spraying the burden would. right know, the cause of the fire is unknown. the homeowner say they believe the fire started near the rear of the home, and you're the chimney. which is strange during the summertime. the homeowner told me that they actually have never used that fireplace so they are not sure exactly why if i would start on that side of the home that it is all under investigation. iporting live in hyattsville, am john gonzalez and autria: let's get a check on the forecast. veronica: i am ringing you the
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that is ocean city, maryland. if you look closely currently you can see some of the cruise during the beach maintenance. we have a west-southwest breeze off the land. 89 degrees right now in ocean city later today. 92 degrees tomorrow. 87 -- 97 degrees on friday. friday is the best chance for storms the beach. keep that in mind if you have travel plans. locally, our temperatures are going up. close to 90 degrees. around 10:00 a.m. this morning. we are up to the triple digits today. it will feel more rest of what interesting in the forecast area and coming up in 10 minutes, we do talk abouou
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in the area. not just today that each day this week. roads,right now on the northbound 95 is congested out of stafford towards 610. the problem is a stalled car. it was moved over to the shoulder area. all the lanes are open but it is a 23 minute ride acquire.nd towards 610 the westbound 370 tying up the center of the road towards 270. authorities tell me they are run this crash blocking westbound 50 as you approach arrington road. of 2301, you can reconnect with 50 past the accident scene. that is the traffic but
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-- that is the traffic watch. autria: county -- shots fired in centreville. led police onpect a chase for miles before taking off on foot. sam? sam: good morning. we have moved locations. location where the happened. a number of shots were fired and they did hit homes. this is off lake braddock road. in theple were involved shooting. police did give chase and it is end eight minutes away on hazel ferguson drive in fairfax county off lee highway by the fairfax county parkway. they bail out of the car. a
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able to get away. it was an all out manhunt to look for the woman but they are told this morning that the scene is clear. the woman is still on the run. if you have any information on who she is or where she is, contact police. adrianna: breaking overnight in prince george's county, police are investigating another shooting. were there after 2:30 where a man was shot little times but he was conscious and breathing. yesterday, police announced all of the officers will work 12 hour shifts in an effort to combat a spike of violence in the county. 12 people have died this month. back to you. overnight, hundreds of airpor
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workers say they have been trying to negotiate over wages, scheduling, workloads and safety but there is no response from the company. it is unclear how the strike will impact passengers and flight. donald trump jr. has released his entire email chain meeting witho the a russian lawyer. in these emails, the subject ine states "russia clinton." jared kushner was also in attendance but trump jr. says it is nothing. lawmakers disagree. >> the investigation, nothing is proven yet but we are beyond obstruction of justice in terms of what is being investigated. we are million to perjury, false statements and potentially treason. larry: he responded
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yesterday.s olympic games are coming to the u.s. but we don't know when. and taking a live look at fairfax county, we will take a look at the wicked hot weather. tomorrow will be bad but there is hope for the weekend.
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what's better than an iced or frozen coffee on a hot summer day? nothing. dunkin's got all your favorite flavors this summer. keep cool out there, kids. america runs on dunkin'.
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veronica: get your errands and exercising done early today. things will be heating up very quickly. maryland, 70 five degrees. light wind. laurel, maryland is actually mostly cloudy now but we will see clouds break up in 2-3 clouds. we may have an isolated thunderstorm.
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similar today as the heat continues to build and it will be slow-moving. we do see more storms coming friday that will be area wire -- areawide coverage. inside afternoon it kind of day. we have a 60% chance of storms on friday. that is fairly high. friday, it is not the best day to be poolside. but the weekend, we will be back out there. 103 degrees this weekend with the heat index value in d.c. st. louis will also be getting is the higher temperatures. tomorrow will be the hottest day out of the heatwave. we do
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result of a couple of fender vendors that started off early this morning. , blocking the right lane towards 26 to connect. there is a fatal crash that they close westbound 50 at arrington road. all westbound lanes are so closed and the crash occurred this morning involving two vehicles. there, you do go north to 301. that is back towards the bay bridge. closer to home. the lanes are open. a 30 minute ride from 28 towards 495. back, we update your ride into d.c.. larry: today, the trump hotel was hacked. your information coming in.
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>> you are watching good morning washington, on your side. seven is on your side with a warning if you have stayed at a trump hotel recently. your credit card information may be compromised. the credit card chain announced that the program uses to make announcements -- to make reservations has been breached. from november 7, this year, march 9 watch your credit card statements for fraudulent activity. was not information affected but hackers could have your name, address and phone number. by the way, this is the fourth time that hackers have gotten credit card information from trump properties. a chair a confirmation hearing today for trump's friend for the fbi director. they will hear testimony from christopher wray. he will answer questions
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how he would handle working with the trump administration. it'll put the firing of james the we will let you know what happens. larry: all hands on deck on capitol hill. the senate delaying the august recess by two weeks, hoping to get more done. gop leaders say they don't need that long to finalize health care. they say revised version should be in the senate's hands by tomorrow and their hope is for a vote next week. autria: the emmy-winning drama "home" will be filming in virginia. production will start this fall around richmond. virginia is the only state to offer a tax credit and a grant for the film industry. check this out. quite a scene in fauquier county. a bridge collapsed under a ups truck. these photos are from the scene in catholic. the bridge did have a weight limit of four tons
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truck alone without packages could way five tons. airbag -- to cost the airbags now saying they are part of a solution to be exploding airbag problem. it impacted vehicles dated between 2005-2012. they have a drying agent that they claimed would solve the problem but apparently did not. go to for specific makes and models. autria: good news. los angeles is hosting the olympics. too closelyok because we don't know when. paris and l.a. were the only cities in the running. they're both winners and they will each get to host but it isn't being decided who gets which game sit
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until september. neither said he wants to host in 2028. 2024 only. the mlb all-star game wrapped up while you were asleep and it would take more than nine innings to settle this one. five nats players took part. including mac server. enjoyed --ke out in judge.on and a fun moment. snapping a picture with the umpire, who was officiating his 5000 game. it did take extra innings. a go-ahead home run and the american league wins this 1, 2-1. larry: check this out, bryce harper wearing heartfelt footwear. it was a message of respect for the late marlins pitcher who was
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an amazing talent and several players wore shoes honoring his memory. wait until you see the classic miami styles the boys and their wives were rocking on the carpet. miami bryce. autria: hopefully there was a white jacket involved. but no jacket for us today. nothing with sleeves. if you can.ip-flops larry, short shorts. go.y: there you for a could go we are getting crazy, it must be the heat. is theng we do need rain. the rainfall deficit for the area, here is how much rain we into get through thursday friday morning. and then we are not done. so any
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thunderstorms when it is as saturated as it is, they will be efficient at producing rain. we did see a storm or two in the area yesterday. more than two inches could fall by the end of the work week in ec, leesburg and frederick. that is round two and it is just the potential but we could have. you get the idea that we could get a bit of rain. the same area where we do have the drought. all of the areas in yellow, dunkirk and around waldorf and and evens germantown west towards manassas and front royal. all of those areas are abnormally dry. this morning, a few showers are headed our way. pennsylvaniaover swings into ohio with her is a stronger cluster of storms and this area around pennsylvania is where the storms will be the strongest. there could be a storm or two coming
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maryland in the county there. martinsburg and germantown are a possibility as well. these will be very spotty but do carry the umbrella. 96 degrees is the high today. we start out 81-87 degrees today. the sky. a few clouds with more thunderstorms coming your way by the end of the work week. a very pleasant weekend. the weekend looks dry and it will feel comfortable. almost as amazing as last weekend. if you can remember that far back. flip-flopsed to wear today because of the heat? i am accommodating that. around the beltway, lanes are open at the wilson bridge. travelingpoint out southbound along d.c. police to 95, kenilworth avenue, headed back out towards pennsylvania avenue. an 11 minute ride at this point
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along minnesota to reconnect at that point. definitely we do have delays building. 50, a two mile backup. it will cost you a little bit of time towards the kenilworth avenue split. of frederickut this morning, southbound 15 and 66 eastbound with all lanes open. no accidents to report. a slow ride with a 30 minute commute heading towards the beltway. that is the traffic watch. we will update you on your ride with 95.
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you'busted tail.rd. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america. >> you are watching good morning washington, on your side. larry: the story of a youngster who was hurt on a trampoline serves as a reminder to the potential danger of using that device. the details inas the gma first look. the grief stricken face of a three-year-old after breaking his femur bone jumping at an
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trampoline park. >> he let out the worst scream. >>'s mom posted the photo showing colton in his body cast on facebook after his doctor told her that pediatrics recommend children under the age use aiatrics never trampoline. he had his accident in temp up. the company wrote "our thoughts and prayers are with the injured child and his family. is our top priority and we are investigating how an incident of this nature might have occurred. " keepe tell you you can your family safe at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look.
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because we've got fun for everyone in the family. adventure-seekers -- check. magi-questers -- yep. never-grow-olders -- double check. the only thing we're missing is you. great wolf lodge. everybody in. >> now, "good morning washington" on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. autria: a busy morning a breaking news. take a look at this. flames are destroying a prince george's film with the roof gone. abc seven is on the scene we take you there live. larry: in fairfax county, 81
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we are live in the neighborhood when it all started. we say good morning to you here on this wednesday morning. autria: this morning we are trying to beat the heat. let's get started with veronica johnson. for autria: we have had good practice this week. here we are on day three making with temperatures this morning going -- temperatures today rolling through the 90's. it will be hotter today. mostly cloudy right now. hey, if you are heading out in , the moonwo hours will be up so you will have -- you willning have a gorgeous morning. fort belvoir, fort washington, all in the low 70's. but 80's in d.c.. and it is the one spot that will be the hottest
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both days coming up will come close to what the records are. tomorrow, we start at higher levels. we do have good practice here because we are in day three so we don't have to find all of the other ways to keep cool today. maybe you will be off. somebody who has ways of keeping cool is brian van de graaff. brian: we are trying to stay cool. at the waterfront, 70 nine degrees. the dew point is 69 degrees so
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the heat index value today could reach 104 degrees. exercise early. one thing we tell you back to do here, exercise early. it is a little bit cooler in the morning. people running early. check out waterfront -- check out water parks. in the heat of the day, sunscreen and keep yourself coated with that and don't forget sunglasses. we will get through this but don't overdo it. it is nice at here and you should join me by the waterfront. julie: i am happy you decided to go with the shirt.
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you where with that shirt this morning. on the capital beltway, lanes are open. no problems at the wilson bridge but authorities say they are checking for an incident on the night street tunnel. westbound, lanes are open. i hope you have the ac pumping. we are headed back towards the capital beltway. on 395, a ride towards the 14th street bridge. no accidents, just volume. authorities tell me they are investigating this crash which has closed a portion of 50. traffic is being diverted up to 213. and we do reconnect back towards the bay bridge. we will update your ride on 270 coming up.
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adrianna: the president is tweaking this morning about his son, donald trump jr., the interview last night. he tweeted "my son did a good job last night. he was open and transparent and innocent. it is the great his witchhunt in political history. sad. " on trumpman has more jr.'s and reaction from lawmakers. >> donald trump jr.'s emails. fire where there is already smoke. >> this is moving into perjury and false statements and attentional each reason. >> donald trump jr. was salivating about the potential getting information from the russians. it is certainly evidence from collusion. >> it showed that an acquaintance told them that
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they did offer potential documents and it would be useful to "your high levelying it is information. minutes later, trump jr. responded and said thank you, i appreciate that. if it is what you say, i love it . >> is that evidence that the trump campaign knew that russia was trying to interfere? >> no, i don't think so. >> in retrospect, i would have done things differently. two months after that meeting, he dismissed suggestions that they had anything to do with russia. >> it is disgusting and phony and i can't think of a bigger live but that goes to show you what the dnc will do. live to win. >> and a statement from the
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high quality person and i applaud his transparency. " morning, on twitter, a battle ending with a lawsuit. suing president trump. in the 90'satures but it does feel even hotter than that. raqqa jo
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autria: back at 6:40. we had tickets to get you into the citi open when it comes to d.c. rock creek the forest center and all you have to do right now is be at -- is to be the seventh caller. good luck. thinkca: it is hard to about playing tennis when the weather is so hot. this weather can be taxing on us which is why so many folks are already outdoors to exercise this morning. this morning, hayes. we do see cloud cover. your temperature right now is into the 70's.
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airport under the high clouds. today, more uncomfortable than yesterday. more oppressive. the same thing for thursday. thursday, we do have temperatures through the day forecasting dangerous heat. there will be storms coming our way i the end of the week. if you are landscaping, try to get this done early. friday, we are taking that off the table immediately because of the lift that will be moving in. there is one pocket in pennsylvania. it could come swinging through the area. that will be prior to lunch time. the best chance for storms will be the weather makers that we are tracking. no rain for the weekend but as we get into the weekend with any concerts that will be taking place -- like james taylor
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drenching coming through the area. we'll downpours. so pack accordingly. julie: problems now on northbound 95. this is a 32 minute ride. they are being pulled over to the left shoulder. to the before you commit fairfax county parkway. two cars did collide. the activity is on the shoulder. backed up intoo woodbridge. 395, congested north of landmark. a 17 minute ride right now. authorities are checking on a crash from the 9th street tunnel to head eastbound on the freeway. we will be back in 10 minutes to keep a close eye on your ride in virginia.
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larry: the all-stars are shining bright. autria: it took more than nine innings to decide the all-star game. the rede styles on carpet. you have to see the guys and their wives. this helmet in hyattsville, maryland is destroyed this morning. take a look, an early morning fire. coming up, you hear from the
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>> now, "good morning washington" on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. autria: raking that -- breaking this morning, a fire destroyed a home. authorities are on the scene in hyattsville. as is john gonzalez, talking to people who helped escape the flames. john: good morning. the cul-de-sac this morning in hyattsville is closed. you can see the apparatus behind me. as many
6:47 am
number of them on the scene. they are putting out hotspots. you can see the fire on the second floor here. they are spraying the hoses up top as they do keep getting flareups. the fire started before 5:00 this morning. the homeowner was sleeping inside and she says her longtime boyfriend was getting ready for work. he started hearing popping sounds. went out.moke alarms they did get out before the home was consumed. there they are. here is what she told us minutes ago. >> i was asleep. he was getting dressed to go to work. there was a popping sound. the smell ofsee the smoke. in the house.
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john: the couple told me they could hear a loud popping from the house. that was near or inside the chimney. they say it is strange because i have lived here close to 30 years and they have never even use the chimney so they are not sure why the fire with start. the cause of the fire is under investigation. also on top of breaking news in fairfax county as bullets hit a house and car on big yankee lane. in centreville. larry: a chase for miles before the suspect took off on foot. sam sweeney is live. -- sam: you can see there are several townhomes here. and several of them were hit by bullets. the two people involved did take off. police did give chase through
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we are in centreville now but they did catch up with the suspects. it was eight minutes from the scene. a man was caught that a woman was able to get away. from its county police did work with this all night long. successful att getting that woman into custody. if you have information on who she is or where she is, contact police. back to you in the studio. autria: abc 7 is your one-stop shop for the breaking news. breakingn for news alert text messages. larry: if you stayed at the top hotel, your information may be compromised. that includes the trump hotel in d.c. if you booked up
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this year, watch your credit card statements for any fraudulent activity. personal information like your past number and drivers license number -- that was not affected. but hackers could have your name, address and phone number. the first time since 2014 since they have gotten information from trump properties. autria: another lawsuit against trump because he is blocking people on twitter. they claim that he violates the first amendment when he blocks people who criticize him or his policies. seven people are listed in the lawsuit including a woman from d.c. >> it is about preserving a constitutional right. it is about the principle. it is something guaranteed to everyone in the country. >> the white house has admitted are the president tweets public statements. larry: the majorly
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wrapped up while you were asleep. it took more than nine innings to settle this one. max scherzer struck out aaron judge in the first inning. a nice strike out here. here is bruce harper -- here is bryce harper. watch this. this is nelson cruz having an at that picture with the umpire who was officiating his 5000 game. cano,innings -- robinson the go-ahead game-winning home run. he was also the m.v.p.. that the guye plays with his cell phone in his pocket. right? putting it in his back pocket? larry: let's stop the show and take a picture just like him. autria: while we do that, there is more news. the nap were looking fresh.
6:52 am
-- the nationals were looking fresh. this was posted to facebook. here is bryce harper. he wanted the miami vice look. larry: you did it. autria: he isn't the only one looking dapper. ryan zimmerman looking fine in miami. and we have max scherzer and his , a little more subdued and understated. daniel murphy with his wife and two kids. take a look at that. -- son is a mini dan you'll is a mini daniel. wife and allth his of their kids. it is looking group down there. they clean up nice. veronica: let me say that i feel for the ladies. any ladies who have to put on makeup and be out in the hot
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it is hot but it is another thing when you have humidity asked in with everything and you feel like you're melting which is why this is perfect. you feel like the wicked witch -- i am melting. autria: that explains it, the heat. at the playground, if you take the kids, keep in mind that with the metal slides, they have metal slides in playgrounds. if you're running, get out early. perfect pool weather. cautionary on the playgun
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today. high pressure out there right now with clouds. later today at lunch, 92 degrees with the heat index. by 2:00 today. already at 95-96. travel weather today, isolated showers and storms. that is everywhere through the .id-atlantic if you're headed up to new york city or philadelphia, there could be delays for that area as storms step in. 70's up to the north. and there on sunday, there is a look at the 10 day forecast. much improved by the weekend. we will talk more about the weekend on newschannel 8. in with theing delays. it is a slow boat traveling around town.
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in college park towards 270. 95 out of else phil trying to work your way through there, a 14 minute commute and even on the baltimore-washington parkway, delays coming south down out of laurel. worth of travel time. sky track 7 is above 66 into the bright sunshine. you are below speed as you travel in through centreville, leaving fair oaks and eastbound towards the capital beltway. let's stick with the -- let's stick with that ride. a crash pulled to the shoulder, a 41 minute ride from potomac mills headed in towards the beltway. the inner loop is jammed out of maryland. a 14 minute commute headed over towards alexandria. that is the traffic watch. i will be back in 10 minutes to update your ride on 270. it now, something to keep you cool. this is good morning to our pet of the day, sammy. melissa sent us this p
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she wants to get outside and play. be thewant your pet to pet of the day, so do we. send us a picture. guys? cute. autria: what is going on? kidd: the rock could be running for president. autria: why not? kidd: he has julie's vote? julie: oh my gosh, yes. filed overwork was the weekend from west virginia. the rock has not commented on the recent filing but in the past he has said that the idea of running for president has come up more and more. autria: in this day, anything goes. president rock. to putin andld go raised his eyebrows.
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newlyweds with the cliche and jessica simpson? [laughter] kidd: we finally got you in the shot when you picked up your clicker. the show is falling apart. that's ok. autria: just like nick and jessica. [laughter] now producers are spilling the beef. jessica's dad was the brains behind it being on the air. the marriage was falling apart. showa: my favorite reality ever. bring it back. kidd: more hotness express a few minutes away.
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>> stick around for "g good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump jr. speaks out. >> i probably would have done things a little differently go after releasing those stunning e-mails revealing he was eager to accept russian help for his father's campaign. the president comes to his defense. what we're learning about the russian lawyer and the music promoter whose e-mails are at the center of it all. president trump's personal attorney joins us live. tornadoes tear across the midwest. massive funnel clouds and winds up to 80 miles an hour damaging towns as flash floods stranded drivers. a new emergency issued this morning as the severe weather threat spreads across half the country. amazon announces its prime day is the biggest


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