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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 12, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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>> stick around for "g good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump jr. speaks out. >> i probably would have done things a little differently go after releasing those stunning e-mails revealing he was eager to accept russian help for his father's campaign. the president comes to his defense. what we're learning about the russian lawyer and the music promoter whose e-mails are at the center of it all. president trump's personal attorney joins us live. tornadoes tear across the midwest. massive funnel clouds and winds up to 80 miles an hour damaging towns as flash floods stranded drivers. a new emergency issued this morning as the severe weather threat spreads across half the country. amazon announces its prime day is the biggest
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in amazon history even larger than black friday. wait till you hear what topped the list of best-sellers. dramatic rescue. the incredible moment this group of strangers form a human chain saving swimmers trapped in a rip current. dozens of good samaritans pulling them ashore. the heroes whose quick thinking saved lives. and we do say good morning, america, on this hump day. what day is it? how about that image? >> i almost said hump day. >> hump day. >> how about that image. all those people quick thinking to save a family trapped by that rip current. >> i mean, what quick thinking it was and you know what, they did. all got out safely. so incredible. such a powerful image of selflessness working together and they are all heroes. we'll hear from them later in the show. we will begin with that breaking news out of washington. president trump is defending his son don junior after the release of those
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about the trump team's willingness to work with the russians to defeat hillary clinton. these macy's, the first flames. they are now the subject of intense interest from four separate investigations including special counsel robert mueller. the revelations have rocked an already chaotic white house. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl is there. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. donald trump jr. has firmly denied doing anything wrong, but he is now acknowledging that it may not have been a good idea to meet with that russian lawyer. >> in retrospect i probably would have done things differently. >> reporter: in his first interview since the story broke donald trump jr. said it was a snap decision in the heat of the campaign to accept that invitation from someone he was told worked for the russian government and had dirt on hillary clinton. >> things are going a million miles an hour. you know what it's like to be on a campaign. we just won indiana but talking about a contested convention. things are going a million miles an
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maybe this is something. i should hear them out. >> reporter: don junior released e-mails showing he was told the russian government wanted to help his father's campaign and that he was willing even eager to accept the russian help. the e-mails detail how a trump acquaintance and publicist involved in the miss universe pageant in moscow said the russian lawyer had, quote, official documents and information that would incriminate hillary and her dealings with russia and would be very useful to your father. adding, this is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of russia and its government's support for mr. trump. don junior responds, if it's what you say, i love it. six days later the meeting at trump tower was on. don junior, trump's son-in-law jared kushner, now a top adviser at the white house and then campaign manager paul manafort all sat down with the lawyer
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wasted 20 minutes which was a shame. >> reporter: there is no evidence the lawyer actually provided any information on clinton and, in fact, she denies she did. but the meeting appears to contradict denials from trump advisers that the president himself or anybody on his campaign had any contacts whatsoever with russian officials. >> are there any ties between mr. trump, you or your campaign and putin and his regime. >> no, there are for. it's absurd and no basis to it. >> did anyone involved in the trump campaign have any contact with russians. >> absolutely not and i discussed that with the president-elect just last night. >> i have nothing to do with russia. to the best of my knowledge no person that i deal with does. >> reporter: on capitol hill, the e-mails have reignited talk of alleged russian collusion. >> these are his words, not mine, his. this was an attempt at collusion. >> reporter: hillary clinton's former running mate raiseded stakes even higher. >> this is
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false statement and maybe even potentially treason. >> we haven't caught a glimpse of the president since the story broke and today is the third straight day without a single public event on the president's schedule. now, there is a tweet, though, just a few moments ago from the president about this. he says my son donald did a good job last night. he was open, transparent and innocent. this is the greatest witch-hunt in political history. sad. robin. >> up early tweeting again. all right, jon, thank you. the meeting with the kremlin connected lawyer is just the latest contact we're learning about between top trump associates and the russians. we also know former national security adviser michael flynn, attorney general jeff sessions, and jared kushner all had contact with the russian ambassador. kushner meeting with the head of a state owned bank there. our chief investigative
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with a closer look. >> reporter: at the center of all this intrigue is a goofball music promoter who says he once worked for michael jackson and somehow became the go between for the russians and donald trump's inner circle, a man by the name of rob goldstone. on his facebook page, rob goldstone's videos show him as a devil may care international traveler. >> the heat is on in saigon. >> reporter: more a lovable clown than a scheming political operative. but goldstone came into the trump orbit helping to promote and stage manage trump's miss universe pageant in moscow in 2013. working for the son of a russian billionaire, all three of them goldstone, the son and trump in this photo making plans for the pageant. when the son made a music video he got trump to make a trademark appearance. >> you're fired. >> reporter: it was goldstone's e-mails last year that set up the fateful meeting a
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described as a russian government lawyer, bringing high level and sensitive information that would incriminate hillary clinton. this morning in moscow the lawyer, natalia veselnitskaya, told abc's terry moran she does not know why trump was told to expect that she had any such information about hillary clinton. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> translator: listen, i never had any compromising information against hillary clinton. >> reporter: it was all a misunderstanding, she claims. the meaning took place one floor below the office of donald trump sr. and democrats wonder how could it be he says he only learned of it in the last few days. days after donald junior scheduled it it was revealed there would be new information about the clintons. >> i am going to give a major speech on probably monday of next week and we're going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the
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i think you're going to find it very informative and very, very interesting. >> it doesn't stand to reason that the president of the united states didn't know about this meeting. >> reporter: especially since trump knew well from his experience at the miss universe pageant in moscow that goldstone worked with his billionaire business partner, who is known to be close to vladimir putin. in one of his e-mails to donald junior goldstone wrote i can also send this info to your father but it is ultra sensitive so wanted to send to you first. so far there's been no comment from goldstone but he will be an important witness for investigators. not only did he arrange the meeting but friends say he was also one of the few who attended it and that he has a clear memory of just what happened. >> let's talk with the president's lawyer, president trump's lawyer jay sekulow. thank you for joining us this morning. we saw the president's tweet this morning. he says his son is innocent, open and transparent. so does president trump believe
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it was appropriate for don junior and jared kushner to meet with that russian lawyer after receiving those macy's. >> look, the president -- i got to be clear, the president wasn't aware of the meeting, did not participate in the meeting, did not attend the meeting and was only made aware of the e-mail, actually reading the e-mails, seeing the macy's was yesterday when they were released but very, very recently is when the lawyers, our legal team briefed the president on this. so that was very, very recent. so here's what you have and you've been in had situation. >> i asked if the president thinks it was right, if he thinks it was appropriate. >> it's not illegal. i've had the conversation with the president whether he thought it was appropriate or not. here's what i will tell you that the meeting that took place is not illegal. these kind of meetings take place, hillary clinton's campaign, as you know and the dnc received information from the ukrainian government against who then republican nominee donald trump. so the meeting itself and what took place at the meeting doesn't violate the law. the president was not aware of it. donald trump jr. said in
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retrospect he would look at it differently today but put yourself in the position they were in, in the middle of a campaign for the presidency of the united states and as you know, you have dozens of meetings every day. this was a 20-minute meeting and evidently the meeting was arranged for one purpose and the lawyer, natalia, said she didn't -- >> let me stop you right there, jay, because you mentioned people being in meetings. in fact, other campaign operatives have been in meetings like this and done very different things. when al gore's campaign got a stolen briefing book they called the fbi. i can't believe anyone i've worked with in campaigns if they got an e-mail saying the crown prosecutor of russia has information, official documents and information that would incriminate hillary and her dealings with russia that would be useful to your father and part of the russian government support, an adversary of the united states. he gets that e-mail and says, i love it. the president believes that that's appropriate? >> no, i didn't say that. the president was not aware of this, george, until very
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saw it yesterday. so to put this in the president's lap i think is really inappropriate. number one, as i said, the president wasn't aware of the meeting. didn't attend the meeting and did not find out about the e-mail exchange until very recently and no one saw on my side -- i had not seen the e-mails for instance as one of the lawyers until yesterday. >> that does raise another set of questions. "the new york times" is reporting this morning the president's signed off on the initial statement on saturday on the initial statement from don junior on saturday but didn't mention the e-mails and didn't go into any great detail, in fact, was misleading about the meeting so the president signed off on that statement. does he feel he was misled by his son and by jared kushner if, indeed, they didn't tell him about these e-mails that they both received? >> the president didn't sign off on anything. he was coming back from the g20, the statement that was released saturday was released by donald trump jr., i'm sure in consultation with his lawyers. the president wasn't involved in
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that. >> "the new york times" says he was involved. you're disputing -- >> that's incorrect. >> that from "the new york times." >> yes. >> you saw this whether he knew anything about the meeting at the time. the statement from the president which came out, he made the statement right before the meeting after the e-mails had been received by don junior. let's listen. >> i am going to give a major speech on probably monday of next week and we're going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the clintons. i this you're going to find it very informative and very, very interesting. >> that raised a lot of eyebrows. you are 100% confident that no one in the campaign, not don junior, not jared kushner, not paul manafort, no one in the campaign told the president anything about these e-mails, anything about this meeting before it happened and he will testify to that under oath? >> well, i'm not -- to one is testify -- no one asked him to testify under oath on this. i don't know how that is coming into the picture. there
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meeting. was not aware of the meeting, did not participant in it and was made aware of the e-mail exchange when it was released yesterday. he was briefed on it earlier by his legal team but very recently so the president -- i'm not worried about the president testifying on anything here because the fact is the president wasn't involved. so -- there's another aspect of this, george, and that is, if you look at the situation as presented in the e-mails, there is no illegality. most of the lawyers that have come on the networks have acknowledged this isn't illegal. so to put this statement about the president coming under oath on what? i mean, that would be the question here. so -- >> we know it's being investigated by the special counsel and i was asking whether you thought whether the president thought it was appropriate, not whether it was legal or illegal. >> you keep saying -- everybody knows the president is being investigated by the special counsel. that's not true. there's no investigation -- we had this conversation a couple weeks ago. the president is not under investigation by the
7:14 am
counsel. so i mean you keep -- it keeps coming up as a foregone conclusion except it's incorrect. >> i'm not sure you're right about that but we'll have to leave it for now. >> i would know a little about it. i'm one of the lawyers. >> we will find out. jay sekulow, thanks very much. robin. >> all right, george. for more now we'll bring in our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas and speaking about the special counsel, robert mueller, you're finding out he is putting together quite a team and a large one at that. >> reporter: robin, good morning. that's right. mueller already has a staff of 16 attorneys with more in the pipeline. these are skilled prosecutor, experts at unraveling conspiracy, financial crimes and taking down the mafia. robin, there are already dozens of fbi agents digging into the russia probe. i think it's fair to say no one in president trump's orbit has ever seen the kind of scrutiny they're now facing. >> how do you think this latest revelation concerning don junior is going to impact mueller's investigation? >> reporter: now, sources familiar with how counterintelligence investigates are conducted t
7:15 am
after, possibly as early as this week, are any records or e-mails related to that meeting. down the line these sources expect there will be requests for interviews but investigators will first want the written and digital records. also sources tell me to expect mueller will take a look at whether trump has business ties in russia. why? because the people who reached out about alleged negative information about hillary clinton include people that the president had a financial relationship with in regards to the miss universe pageant held in russia. >> far from over, thanks very much. now amy has the other top stories starting with an iceberg breaking away from antarctica. >> one of the largest ever recorded has just broken away from an ice shelf in western antarctica. the size of delaware and believed to contain 1 trillion tons of ice. scientists were expecting this because a large crack formed years ago, divided over whether this has anything to do with climb change. well, the u.s. military has released video showing the first successful test of the so-called
7:16 am
against an intermediate range missile. it managed to intercept a missile fired near hawaii. that destroyed similar to those being developed by north korea. well, an unusual move on capitol hill as the senate struggles to pass health care reform. majority leader mischa mcconnell announced he is cutting summer vacation in half forcing senators to work through the first two weeks of august. a very advised health care bill is expected to be unveiled tomorrow. the american league has won its fifth consecutive all-star game. they needed extra innings last night until mvp robinson cano's home run in the tenth. the final score, 2-1 but the game no longer determines home field advantage in the world series. and finally it is hard enough getting on to a train packed with commuters each morning but imagine this. a guy in australia, well, he got quite the chilly reception when he wheeled a full size refrigerator onto the platform at the station and squeezed on to the train with it. well, it didn't stand for very long. he was promptly kicked off by security and
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that is cold. >> ooh. >> you got it. >> also the cost of the refrigerator. you know what, maybe he did what i'm about to talk about next. maybe he did amazon prime shopping day and didn't get the delivery but it was breaking news about the massive shopping day, amazon prime day, breaking the company's record. it was bigger than black friday and cyber monday. it was the biggest day ever in amazon's history and rebecca jarvis is here to tell us more about it. >> it was an incredible day for amazon, for the world of shoppers, the most popular amazon device sold that day, the echo dot. some other big sellers, this finish all in one max espresso machine, soothe and glow sea horse and follow the giants book trilogy and finally a repeat best-seller from last year's prime day, this programmable pressure cooker. yes. that was a repeat from last year. the most important takeaway here, though, is amazon's dominance, knife year
7:18 am
didn't have a prime day. now it's the biggest sales day of the year, likely a billion dollars in sales in one day. >> i want that pressure cooker. i want that. >> did you look at the stats on this thingy. >> what is it about it? >> seven in one pressure cooker and can make yogurt. it does it all. here, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute. what a deal. >> i'll be honest with you i'm listening to all the things it can do and i can't even put the food in it. >> all right, you two, thanks. rob has a look at those tornadoes and flooding out in the midwest. >> we had six reported tornadoes. this is one in conroy, iowa. and another one in north dakota. a multivortices tornado. time now for your uv index. 0vor. time now for your uv index.
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heat index: near 100 degrees winds: southwest to west 5-10 mph overnight: quite warm and humid lows: 72-79 winds: southwest 5-10 mph thursday: hot and humid, pm thunderstorms possible 30% highs: 93-98 heat index: 100-104 degrees winds: wsw 5-10 mph and coming up here on "gma," a closer look at the man behind the headlines, donald trump jr. and his relationship with his father.
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da! grandpa!! got it! get everyday low prices on everyday essentials, targetrun and done. ♪ from newschannel 8 morning news, this is a good morning update. >> good morning, i'm melanie hastings. breaking this morning, a fire in a hyattsville home.two people were sleeping in the home. when the man was getting ready for work, he heard popping noises and smelled smoke. they say that the fire started in the chimney but the couple said they lived there for more than 30 years and i've never used it.
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investigation. police in prince georges county are investigating yes, another shooting the cameras there on easton street in temple hills just after 2:30 this
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' with two egg and cheese wake-up wraps for $2. enjoy two freshly made oven-toasted wraps and keep on running all day long. america runs on dunkin'. outside this morning, it is much he already with a lot of cloud cover around early on. some cloud cover, an isolated sprinkle, big storms for the midwest, way and fizzle out but we definitely have blowoff cloud cover. temperatures in the mid-90s but when you factor in the mcguinnes, it will feel like 97 by 3:00, 101, and at times could feel like 104 degrees.
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hydrate, don't overexert yourself, and were light colored clothing. this morning, and earlier crash has been moved to the west shoulder inbound or westbound 66 to 123, still finding
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champ peyton manning hosting and former first lady michelle obama will be there and jarrius robertson will be honored and you can watch live starting at 8:00 p.m. on abc. >> always a special night. you were so funny. you were leaning in. >> i had not seen it before. also right now donald trump jr. defending himself over those explosive e-mails about his meeting with the russian lawyer. this as the senate republicans try to finish a revised version of their health care bill. majority leader mitch mcconnell says they'll reveal it tomorrow and hope to vote on it. 71 wildfires are burning across the u.s. most of them out west, scorching more than 900,000 acres forcing thousands of people to evacuate and keeping an eye on the heat this weekend which could spark more dangers. rob is tracking it all. closer look at donald trump jr., the oldest of the
7:32 am
trump children and at times has had a strained relationship with his father. now that being put to a test. tom llamas with more. >> reporter: good morning. don junior and his meeting with that russian lawyer have become a focal point in the investigation into russian collusion. it shows the lengths he'd go to to help his father even though growing up in donald trump's shadow has not always been easy. >> nothing i would do to endanger this country. >> reporter: overnight one of the president's staunchest defenders his oldest son don junior having to defend himself. as a trump he's no stranger to the spotlight. his father and mother ivana famous since he was a boy and family business always part of their life. >> when we were 6 years old i'd call. he'd be negotiating with the ceo of a major bank and he would make them wait. he would take the call from us. >> reporter: but when mom and dad the new york tabloids had a field day with the messy divorce. caught in the middle don junior just 12 years old who reportedly didn't speak to his father for a year after the
7:33 am
>> did you ever try to hide your flame? >> i'd be lying if i say i didn't especially when i was younger. there were times when you didn't want to have to deal with everyone making those assumptions, however ignorant they may be that i would introduce myself as don to avoid the last name at all costs. >> reporter: he followed in his father's footsteps and want to the wharton school of business and said he and his sister got in on their own merritt. >> we grew up with kids whose parents donated the wings. >> reporter: after college don junior didn't immediately join the family business. he became a bartender in aspen, colorado and has admitted he had a wild period. even getting arrested for public drunkenness in new orleans. a break from his father who doesn't drink. but don junior would come around. joining the family business. and appearing with his father on the hit show "the apprentice". >> before "the
7:34 am
before the you're fired, he would say the couple has five children. while his father relaxes with a golf club don junior prefers a hunting rifle. these photos sparked outrage when they killed an elephant and leopard on a safari. hunting one of the ways don junior connected with conservative voters across america. becoming one of his father's biggest and most popular surrogates. >> congratulations, dad. we love you. >> reporter: and don junior also one of the biggest critics of the investigation into russian collusion. >> there's no evidence pointing to it so i mean to me it's without a question, you know, reads and smells like a witch-hunt because i have no other proof or evidence to show otherwise. >> reporter: that was just last month. when we spoke don junior told me he barely speaks to his father anymore because he knows h
7:35 am
own son was hurt recently, the president was calling three times a day to make sure the grandson was okay. >> so, tom, you were there every day at the campaign and got to know don junior pretty well. when you've seen these revelations about the e-mails and meetings how does that fit in with the campaign you were covering? >> you know, it doesn't completely surprise me. one, don junior was a political neophyte and new to this. that's not an excuse but he was new and two, conventional wisdom hillary was going to win the election and, three, his facet a culture, you can do anything to win. we have to win. you have to remember what happened during this time. the father welcomed the hacking of the e-mails into hillary clinton. he also would do anything. he accused ted cruz's father of linking him to the jfk assassination and brought the clinton accusers to the debates. this is somebody who would do anything to win. i'm not surprised by it. >> tom llamas, thanks search. new developments in that desperate search for four -- those four young men missing outside of phil
7:36 am
interest, but releasing him on bail. as they continue to search his family's property for possible evidence. abc's eva pilgrim is on the scene there for us in bucks county, pennsylvania. she has the latest. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. today marks one week since that first disappearance, investigators scouring this area this morning. no named suspect, that person of interest who was behind bars is now once again a free man. the search for four young missing men outside philadelphia now centered on this field. fbi investigators using a backhoe digging large holes sifting soil by hand appearing to measure and photograph what they're unearthing. >> i think that it's very important to hang on to hope until there is no room left for it. >> reporter: authorities now naming the son of the property owner 20-year-old cosmo dinardo a person of interest in the mysterious disappearance of these men.
7:37 am
19-year-old jimi patrick was last seen wednesday. >> he was such a good person. everyone deserved a jimi in their life and now he's not here. >> reporter: tom meo, 21, 22-year-old mark sturgis and 19-year-old dean finocchiaro, all missing since friday. >> it's hard. it's -- we're all -- we're all just shooken up by the whole thing. we're all -- we're scared. we just want to know. we want to know something. >> reporter: authorities zeroing in on this farmland following a cell phone ping, later finding two of the missing men's cars nearby. one found in an abandoned garage neighboring the field. the other found in a shopping center parking lot. today investigators marching side by side combing through every inch of this field. at one point even putting up a walled tent working inside. >> what we're looking for is information that connects these four men together that may connect them to the property we're searching, connect them to cosmo
7:38 am
monday on an unrelated gun charge has a history of mental illness, released overnight on bail. and authorities say that they have confirmed that they've brought in cadaver dogs to search this area. they say they've gotten tons of tips, they still need those tips to come in. we have reached out to the dinardo family and their lawyer. they have no comment this morning. robin. >> eva, thanks so much. all right, coming up, the story behind this incredible rip current rescue. good samaritans chipping in right there. we'll tell you the warning signs of the waters turning dangerous and what to do if you're trapped.
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back now with that incredible rescue, dozens of people grabbing hands forming a human chain to save a family caught in a rip current. new alerts being issued and abc's paul manafort is in seabright, new jersey, with more. good morning, paula. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael and when beachgoers first saw all of that commotion about a hundred yards in the water some thought it was a shark attack. this all happened after 6:00 in the evening so lifeguards had gone for the day, the only day to reach those folks and save them was to form a human chain. it's a testament to the power of the human spirit. 80 strangers coming together to form a human chain 100 yards into the
7:43 am
all to save the lives of ten strangers who were swept out to sea by a vicious rip current. tearing them away from the shore. >> i have a never seen anything like it in my entire life because without them i wouldn't have my family. >> reporter: roberta and her three sons were being george boarding when they found themselves drifting farther away from the beach unable to paddle back. tab that and her wife were the first to spot the boys floundering trying to rush to their aid. >> once we heard the screams we went to them. she went to one. i went to the other and we got stuck. ourselves. >> reporter: and that's when the cries of human chain formed among the hundreds of beachgoers in panama city. derek simmons leading the charge. >> let's try to get as many people as we can to grab hands, grab wrist, we just kept yelling at the beach, people we need help. i'm just an average joe, not a part of the military, i'm not a part of the coast guard. if somebody was dying in front of me i would do anything i could to prevent it.
7:44 am
from up and down the beach joined derek and his wife jessica. >> it was remarkable. pretty amazing sight. as we were swimming back with the members of the family, it was just really humbling to know that all different races and genders and ethnic groups were willing to sacrifice their life even if it wasn't swimming all the way out to be a part of something to save a life. that's pretty amazing. i know that i was very humbled by it. >> and rip currents account for roughly 100 deaths every year. sadly 31 people have lost their lives already in 2017 so how can you stay safe? experts say look for a couple of things. if you're in the water and see a change in the color of the water or if you see a line of seafoam or a line of seaweed all of those could be signs of a possible rip current. you guys, if
7:45 am
rip current your first inclination may be to swim toward the shore. do not do that. swim parallel to the shore. we saw the testament of the human spirit but also the power of mother nature. >> very timely message. it's warm out there in the weekends and that young men said he's not in the military or any of these things and thank you very much. but he is a hero. >> derek simmons is his name. he is no average joe. >> no, he's not. >> we were getting chills, i know anybody listening to it, what he was saying, wow. >> could hear him tell that story all day. >> so glad everybody is all right. coming up on our big board, is your face -- is your face the future key to unlock your smartphone. what apple and samsung are planning and how secure it is. can you imagine your face? they got makeup on. i can't touch them. ere's a mome. and now with victoza®, a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill,
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here in the big board the phones of the future. could you soon unlock your iphone using your face? according to a new report apple is testing 3d face scanning technology. >> the big question, how safe is it and jason tanz is the site director at wired. it's been almost five years since they introduced the touch sensor. where are they with this? >> what seemed totally science fiction five years ago is completely commonplace and boring. we're all used to just unlocking the iphone with your fingerprint. there are also retina scanning
7:50 am
>> there's facial recognition devices in the samsung s8 so there's more and more of this stuff. the thing is that these feel like security features but they're not. they're actually convenience features. and in a lot of ways, just a simple alphanumeric password is more secure? that's the difference. i'm glad you said that. you have to think about the safety and you're saying not so much. >> the tricky thing if somebody takes your fingerprint, you can't change it. you can change your password. it turns out it's possible for people to get your fingerprint. researchers at nyu school of engineering and michigan state who have come up with master prints that they say might be able to unlock a whole bunch of smartphones. >> oh, boy. >> digital way. >> right, exactly so it's much safer to just use a password that you can change if it gets cracked. >> i feel sorry for anybody who tries to take my face, though. >> we'll be right back. >> poor fella.
7:51 am
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get zero percent for seventy-two months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade-in. offer ends soon. and we're back. another fire breaking out this one in san jose. a structure or home burned there. another one damaged and another one south across san diego, this one three firefighters were injured. 71 large fires burning at this hour. some monsoon flow may bring relief but also lightning strikes and it's still
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by pfizer.
7:56 am
from newschannel 8, this is a good morning washington update. good morning, washington, i'm melanie hastings. we have breaking news, a police shooting in old town. they felt newschannel 8 one of their officers were assaulted at king street. that officer pulled his gun and opened fire. no one was actually hit. the officer was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and we are learning a suspect is in custody. our john gonzales is on the way to the scene for more
7:57 am
we will check in with him on newschannel 8 just as soon as he gets there. also, a late night shooting leads to a police chase in fairfax county. the pursuit ended when two suspects bailed out of their car on hazel ferguson drive. police say they were suspected in a gun battle in centerville that left bullet homes in a car and townhouse. police say one man has been arrested and they are still looking for the second female suspect. more summer heat is on the way, here is brian vandergriff. >> outside this morning, it is muggy already with a lot of cloud cover early on but we look for sunshine today, an isolated sprinkle. what we have seen her big storms in the midwest holding together, coming away with some blowoff cloud cover. temperatures are in the mid-90s, but when you factor in the mcguinnes, by 3:00, 101 and possibly later at times it will feel close to 104 degrees. hydrate, make sure you don't overexert yourself, and were light
7:58 am
brian, more activity this morning on the roads. a closure for folks in leesburg near crimson place. be sure you follow police direction there. and entering the beltway near the woodrow wilson bridge, heavy volume delays in both directions, looking for a report of a possible incident there and an earlier saul
7:59 am
z2cpsz zi0z
8:00 am
y2cpsy yi0y good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, donald trump jr. speaks out after releasing those explosive e-mails showing he was eager to take russian help for his father's presidential campaign. the president is defending him. what we're learning this morning. new this morning, is this the new black friday? amazon rings up the largest shopping day in company history and with billions of dollars lost at work while everyone was shopping online. parenting alert. the little boy injured at the trampoline park. his mother posting this photo as a warning to every parent. his awkward fall. what every parent should know about young kids and trampolines. married. inside julianne hough's stunning wedding, the
8:01 am
carrying the rings and a daddy/daughter dance that will have you cheering. and winter is here. it's the final countdown to the blockbuster "game of thrones" premiere. jon snow, jamie and the cast answering the big question, who is really ending up on the iron throne all ahead as we say good morning, america. ♪ >> "game of thrones." good morning, america. happy wednesday to everybody out there. we have a great hour ahead. >> we certainly do and we're helping you get in shape with our final installment of the full body fit. this morning it's all about, oh, yeah, work it out. all about the abs and the secret to toning them actually starts in your kitchen. another reason to get the pressure cooker. >> it's like a pressure cooker out there. >> we have the science behind the best moves. first today's top story, presen
8:02 am
son don junior over those explosive e-mails that show he was willing to accept russian government help to defeat hillary clinton. we want to go to jon karl for the latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. in his first interview since the story broke, donald junior acknowled acknowledges it might not have been a good idea to meet with that russian lawyer but firmly denies he did anything wrong. >> in retrospect i would have probably done things differently. >> reporter: it shows he was told the russian government wanted to help his father's campaign. and that he was eager to accept any dirt that they had on hillary clinton saying in one e-mail, i love it. and here on "gma," a member of the president's legal team defended don junior but insisted that the president knew nothing about that meeting that he and his top campaign aides had with the russian lawyer. >> the president wasn't aware of the meeting, didn't attend the meeting and did not find out about the e-mail exchange until very rent
8:03 am
glimpse of the president here at the white house in days. he hasn't had a single public event on his schedule for three days, but he has now tweeted a defense of his son saying my son donald did a good job last night, he was open, transparent and innocent. this is the greatest witch-hunt in political history. >> likely to base questions when he has that press conference with the french president. amy is here with the rest of the rundown. >> this morning the governor of mississippi is warning people not to remove debris from a field where a military cargo plane crashed monday killing 15 marines and a sailor on their way to california from north carolina. investigators are now combing through a five-mile area searching for clues on what caused that plane to nosedive. they say to foul play is suspected. there are new doubts this morning about a picture some claim proves amelia earhart survived a crash in the pacific. it shows the pilot and her navigator in the marshall aisles after they vanished in
8:04 am
claims he has evidence proving that image was published two years earlier. amazon is reporting its biggest shopping day ever after its prime day. the world's largest on line retailer racked up more sales tuesday than it did on black friday and cyber monday. orders doubled. the coke dot, the most popular item, also in high demand, robin, a programmable pressure cooker that she's going to be getting soon and an espresso machine. another retailer is struggling. children's clothing chain game bore reannounced it is closing 300 stores nationwide as it restructures in bankruptcy. federal regulators are investigating the apparent electrocution of a texas girl who dropped her cell phone while taking a bath. 14-year-old madison co's family said she grabbed the phone when it was charging which left a burn mark on her hand. the american
8:05 am
all-star game in major league baseball but it is this moment that has so many talking. george springer was interviewed on national television. he's a spokesman for the stuttering association for the young. after the game he discussed the importance of speaking out. >> you know, i can't spread our message to kids and adults if i'm not willing to put myself out there. i understand if you're going to stutter, i don't care. >> springer has had a stutter since he was a boy but says it will not stop him from having fun. finally a tennis fan caught up in the battle against the poncho. take a look at this fan at wimbledon. bracing for a downpour but couldn't manage to get it on bravely fighting for it for 44 seconds. had some help from someone sitting next to him before finally declaring victory. a lot online are comparing it to former president george w. bush's struggle with his poncho during president trump's
8:06 am
i think it works better with nacho but i tried. >> first reach in a while. >> but like what else was i going to do? silence. all right. it isn't poncho easy. >> second time worked. >> second time around. >> the song again. trampoline dangers, how young is too young for your kids to jump. an exclusive look inside julianne hough's incredible wedding. the moment her groom saw her for the first time. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench?
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♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along welcome back. [ cheers and applause ] what a great audience. my gosh. your day is about to get even better because sara haines is here with some "pop news." [ applause ] >> i'm actually geeking out for andy serkis so i stopped him in the back and now you'll get to meet him. it's a treat. okay. so -- >> stick around, andy. >> this guy -- okay, i'm going to try not to be news tered. time now for "pop news." clint eastwood is calling on a trio of real-life heros to star in his new movie and it's about them. anthony sadler, alek skarlatos and spencer stone who stopped an armed terrorist on a paris-bound train have been tapped to play themselves in the "the 15:17 to paris." eastwood set out on a wide ranking search for actors to portray the americans but ultimately chose the trio to join the film at the last minute.
8:12 am
the office actress jenna fischer and judy greer from "jurassic park." other people play heroes and he wanted to go straight to -- >> i love that idea. >> isn't that neat? you talk about someone who can capture the moment. >> they're playing themselves the whole time. >> there is a younger version of them too played by other actors but what an opportunity. >> wow. yeah. next up, a "pop news" exclusive. "black panther" is clawing into theaters february 16th, 2018 and "entertainment weekly" is sharing an exclusive first look. chad wick bozeman takes the cover along with michael b. jordan and lupita nyong'o, one of my favorites and the cast including angela bassett as black panther's mother and "walking dead" danai gerrera. it will add to the legacy of the big budget
8:13 am
a predominantly black cast and hits newsstands this friday. >> can't wait to see it. >> yeah. i love this lupita nyong'o. >> but the entire cast. very strong. >> legend. and finally, this is going to be my favorite. one ohio couple turned back time to celebrate their tenth anniversary. take a look at their totally rad '80s photo shoot. in homage to their love steve and danielle van horn said they bought outfits for only $6 at a local thrift store and that mustache is totally real. the high school sweethearts and parents of three set the bar high for their 20th anniversary and he's certain they'll do something big to celebrate. >> i already love them. anyone that has this big of a sense of humor. >> like "the goldbergs." >> yes, but real life. that might be their christmas card. well, sara, as always, thank you, my dear. thank you very much.
8:14 am
and we're going to turn now to that important "gma" parenting alert about trampolines. a mother revealing the potential dangers. young kids can face by posting this picture onbehind to share what happened to her own little boy. we spoke to the mom and linzie janis is here with that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this mother posting a photo of her son in pain. that photo shared more than 230,000 times on facebook. she says she's speaking out not just because her son was injured on a trampoline because what his doctor told her about that injury left her shocked. this is the grief-stricken face of 3-year-old colton hill after breaking his femur bone jumping at an indoor trampoline park. >> no mother, no father ever wants to see their child the way that we had to see colton. >> reporter: his mom kaitlyn hill posting the photo showing scolden in his body cast on facebook. after his doctor told her the american academy of
8:15 am
recommends children under the age of 6 never use a trampoline. >> we were shocked because this indoor trampoline park specifically advertises for young children. >> reporter: colton had his accident at sky zone trampoline park in tampa. in a statement to abc news, the company writing, our thoughts and prayers are with the injured child and his family. guest safety is our top priority and we are investigating how an incident of this nature might have occurred. it's not just young children who get injured using trampolines. the consumer product safety commision estimates more than 100,000 people were treated in hospital emergency rooms for trampoline-related injuries in 2015. it's also aware of a total of 21 deaths between 2009 and 2013. in the last five years, the number of trampoline parks in the u.s. has risen from 35 to over 600. as of now, there are
8:16 am
regulations for trampoline parks. but the industry has put together a set of voluntary safety standards. >> we do offer education and training to make sure that individuals responsible for maintaining an operating the parks are qualified to do so. >> reporter: kaitlyn says she's sharing her son's story in the hope that others will think twice before letting their toddlers jump. >> we as parents need to be aware they're not safe. we need to protect our babies. >> reporter: hill says her son's doctor told her a toddler's bones are too fragile to take on the stress of repeated jumping. her family was following all of the safety rules and was really surprised the park was advertising toddler time for these little kids despite the recommendations against it. >> great she's sharing the message so other parents can know. thanks so much. to you to the wedding making a lot of headlines. "dancing with the stars" judge and actress julianne hough got married over the weekend and
8:17 am
exclusive first look in this week's cover story and abc's diane macedo is here, all the juicy details for us, good morning, diane. >> reporter: they had a custom mirror dance floor, and makes sense given this was a lot to show off from the killer moves to the beautiful decor but the showstopper was the bride. so check out the never-before-seen video of the groom when he first laid eyes on her. ♪ >> she's so beautiful. >> reporter: the heart-stopping moment when nhl pro brooks laich sees his bride for the first time. >> i love it. >> reporter: didn't judge julianne hough looking absolutely stunning in a marchesa gown. >> let me see it. oh, my god. >> reporter: the couple said i do over the weekend in coeur d'alene, idaho. >> love the outdoors. she loves this part of the country and there was a real vibe of being out in nature and celebrating each other. >> reporter: she was given away by
8:18 am
served as groommen and the cutest 3wr50idal party members were lexi and harley, the couple's two spaniels acting as ring bearers. all this as 200 family and friends cheered them on including "dancing" pro mark ballas and "breaking bad's" aaron paul with an outdoor reception. >> she is a child of the mountain west and she really wanted to have a wedding that kind of summed up that kind of open western beautiful out in nature feel. >> reporter: the perfect backdrop for moments like her dad/daughter dance. and more on that custom antique mirror dance floor under a canopy of trees and more than 2,000 lights and candles. the picture perfect start for julianne and brooks' new life as husband and
8:19 am
video from julianne's cover story from the "entertainment weekly" app. my husband is thrilled we're talking about this after her wedding. this wedding had it all and capped it off with fireworks. >> her father has some moves. >> twirling around the dance floor. now we know where julianne and derek get it from? we wish the happy couple all the best. outside to rob. >> we got a great crowd. check them out. the humid, humid day. little slow. muggy, going slow. you're from bend, oregon. you look beautiful. a little more humid -- >> i look beautiful? thank you. >> a little more sweaty and humid than in bend. >> absolutely. >> welcome to new york. summertime here and heat advisories out across kansas city to st. louis. des moines, and across the carolinas too and the humidity is going to make it feel like it's 100 degrees in chicago. 98 degrees in
8:20 am
we had heavy rain across northern chicago this morning. cook county seeing 7, 8 inches and roads closed there. might see another round of thunderstorms from omaha to cleveland or erie, pennsylvania. heat index: near 100 degrees winds: southwest to west 5-10 mph overnight: quite warm and humid lows: 72-79 winds: southwest 5-10 mph thursday: hot and humid, pm thunderstorms possible 30% highs: 93-98 heat index: 100-104 degrees winds: wsw 5-10 mph >> it is now time for the final installment of our full body fit series and this morning, it's all about toning those abs which is not just about doing
8:21 am
ready to rock some rock hard rock star abs this summer? seeking to slay with your six-pack, then it's crunch time but according to sports medicine doctor, jordan metzl, diet is key. >> great abs are built in the kitchen. >> reporter: at the gym research showed that the recipe for success calls for more than just sit-ups. >> everyone thinks build abs do sit-ups but we're not interested in that anymore. we're much more into the concept of building your core muscles in the front of the spine, the abs and low back muscles. >> plus strengthening core muscles can reduce back pain so your new indomitable ab nominals will not only make you look great in that swimsuit but make you feel better too. the m
8:22 am
those rock hard abs, the man behind that fitness motivation, shaun t. thanks for bringing people to help us out. >> they're here to work and hope the people at home are ready to work. >> it's not all -- ab workouts have changed over the years. what are some of the new things. >> not about crunches anymore. i've been doing this for years which is compound movements whether running, jumping to apply metrics or even doing ab work you have to always think about your core. it's not really about the six-pack but the core, the front and back of you so whatever you do at home, whatever workouts you're doing even if you modify it think about squeezing and tightening your core. one of the actives i do is if i were to go punch your stomach -- >> you flex. >> i would go out. >> no, you wouldn't you have a good core. s that ahe how you find it. a lot don't know where their core is. you have to find your core first and once you find it i'm telling you you'll be on it. >> you brought people to
8:23 am
what are some of the demonstrations? >> i'll tart with this. what i like to do is tell people don't just get on the ground and start doing crunches but a standing move. it fires up your core. the heisman blade, find your balance and use your entire core so make sure you warm up your ab muscles just like you do every other exercise. >> i got to try that. i've never done that before. the heisman -- >> just hop and kick. >> hop and kick. >> hop and kick. >> go, michael. >> okay. >> my core is fired up, man. now, what else? >> i'll step back here. this is the running lunge twist. so what happens here is i like to get people in the plank position and hold up your body. really engage the obliques as you come up. susan will modify. if you don't feel like jumping in any workout, don't worry, you can always stay low impact. >> all right. it's good for you. it's good. i won'
8:24 am
if i did that then i would rip the back out of this suit. we don't want to see that. i'm not talking about the jacket either. what do we have going on here. >> this is an isolation move. this is a switch kick extension so what this does you press your lower back into the floor and engage your lower abs by pressing your lower back into the floor so every time you do an ab exercise if you take your belly button or take that and push it into the floor, hands are up. shows up and i'm eliminating this movement because this can strain your neck and people bring their chin to their chest and that's not what you're supposed to do. this will keep you in a good position to engage your core. >> a lot of times you're not working your core. that engages your core. then we have our final group over here. >> final, i love this exercise because a lot of people used to obviously do a lot of sit-ups but this is something you keep everything tight in, alternating kick up top and work your upper abs and
8:25 am
time by doing a twist. all of this is really to help you really just transform your body and you have to do everything from the core up through and that's what exercise is about. not about gaining that back but being as strong as you can and everything comes from the core. >> what if somebody has to modify it. >> modifications are good. one of my new workouts i use a chair in the entire workout so you can -- you don't have to get on the floor but always have something to do and don't be afraid to modify. modifications are great and some are even harder than the regular exercise. >> help me find my core. hit me. >> there you go. there it is right there. shaun t., thank you so much, man. coming up from "star wars" to the "planet of the apes," actor andy serkis is here live.
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> from abc7 news, this says a "good morning washington" update. >> i'm melanie hastings, good morning, washington. we are following breaking news out of alexandria. our john gonzalez just arrived n the scene in old town. john? >> melanie, we're live right in the heart of old town alexandria. large police presence. they're showing the scene. this says the corner of saint asap and king street where just before 7:00 this morning there was a police involved shooting. here's what we know. an alexandria police officer was assaulted, was injured and that discharged their weapon. no one was hit. we'r t
8:28 am
this case has been apprehended. all of the circumstances relatig to this assault and this police involved shooting still up in te air. we still don't know everything right now. we're still trying to get an update, but that's the latest here in old town alexandria. i'm going to send it back inside to brian van de graaff. >> outside this morning it is muggy already. a lot of cloud cover early on, but we will look for some sunshine today. could see an isolated sprinkle. we've seen some big storms to te midwest, and temperatures will e in the mid 90s this afternoon, but when you factor in the mugginess, by 1:00 it will feel like 97. >> possibly this afternoon it could feel close to 104 degrees. hydrate and make sure you don't over overexert yourself and wear light colored clothing. >> also check on elderly neighbors and the young. >> we have two issues for you in the beltway through montgomery county.
8:29 am
boulevard, a stall reported off to the side of the roadway, but no accident activity after connecticut avenue blocks most f the right side. melanie. >> all right. thank you. you can get more
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "gma" and it's a great wednesday here in times square and i have something for you all. have you ever read a text message that left you completely confused by all the abbreviations? >> every day. >> yes. >> tbh, so have i but nbd, you know what that means? to be honest. >> nbd. no big deal. >> there are 16 social media slang terps you really should know by now. that's the name of the article. >> you should know by now. >> if you don't know them i will be extremely disappointed and we have a couple right here at the desk.
8:31 am
anchors do with some of these. okay. tfw. >> too fun whatever. >> too fun whatever? is that right? >> i don't know. >> i honestly wish it was that but it's not. that feeling when. >> herzer is better. >> did you all know that one? >> we're changing it. >> i like yours better. >> whatever. >> you got to know this one. >> oh, i learned this one shaking my head. >> shaking my head. >> shake your head, george. >> george, did you know that? >> not really. >> you didn't know that. >> come on. you had to have known that one. >> come on, dad, smh. >> okay. this one here -- >> i know that one. >> not so fun whatever. >> you are so into that. >> do you know this one -- >> not suitable for work. >> not safe for work. >> who is texting that? >> you see how george saidot
8:32 am
i like you, george. >> what is george sending that he knows that. >> i don't know. ask yourself, people. >> i don't know. >> the fact that george knows that one has me -- >> yep. >> shaking my head, yes and the last one, whoever gets this, you'll be good. >> tldr. >> tldr. >> someone is taking share head. >> everyone is smh'ing. >> to long, didn't read. >> wow. >> in a text. >> when people answer my teches. >> first of all i'm offended if you send me this taking the time to send you -- >> tldr. >> those are some of the things and i have one for you, dwts. >> "dancing with the stars." >> there we go, bam. >> i got it. >> whatever. >> that's why you were the
8:33 am
master. >> we don't know it, you ago like you can coach it. >> i don't have one of those but i do volunteer an emoji yi to explain this next guest. >> you're happy. >> you know our next guest is the man behind golem in "lord of the rings." king kong and the villain in "star wars" "the force awakens" and back as caesar -- told you i would be nervous -- "war for the planet of the apes," please welcome andy serkis. [ applause ] ♪ >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> you got to take my seat. so excited. >> andy, hi. >> you are just -- >> i started crying earlier like a little teen girl meeting one
8:34 am
best actor that has lived during our time that a lot of people don't know and you learn about him, you will be fascinated. you seriously are a genius. >> oh, wow. >> i will try not to do this the whole time. >> how do you top that? >> i mean there's not much more you can do to impress me. i have a question where you have a chance. we had steve zahn and woody harrelson. we heard you dance. >> well -- >> we saw that. >> no, there's a move that i've never heard of that he loves called the madison. >> well, listen, i don't know if you remember the original film of "hairspray." >> this is the thriller -- >> there you go. look. >> that's "hairspray.." >> and this -- i was so taken with it that my wife and i fell in love with this move so it's very simple. i think you should do it with me actually. >> oh. [ cheers and applause ]
8:35 am
>> go for it. >> wish me luck. come on. [ cheers and applause ] >> okay. >> so what you do is you do this, as you saw it there you go like this, one, two, three, four, five. [ applause ] >> yeah, man. look at you. you're good. three, four, five, six, seven, eight, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. [ applause ] >> you just made my whole life. >> your life was just made. >> i just told him that. >> amazing. >> we've seen "hair 13r5i." how about we see a little "planet of the apes." >> caesar, we've been searching for you for so long. we heard you had
8:36 am
command base but we could never find it. some of us started to think you might be dead. >> i did not start this war. i fight only to protect apes. [ cheers and applause ] >> incredible movie. i watched it last night. i got a chance to see it last night and you are on -- capture technology is amazing. you've been on the forefront of this. where can it even go from this? this is so real. >> i mean, look, the way it's evolved over the last 17 years i think it is since i first started talking with capture technology, it is what it is, a technology that allows actors to be anything. that's the most exciting thing, it's the most liberating tool of the 21st century for an actor because you can go from playing a golem 3 1/2-foot hobbit to a gorilla. it doesn't matter what color, shape, tall, short, fat, you know, man or woman you can play
8:37 am
it's the most liberating tool. >> did you help design it now? you learned so much about it. >> i don't design the characters but i do have a company in the uk called the imaginarium and we are trying to push the boundaries of it. now we've worked with it in big budget movies but can you apply it to all sorts of thing, video game, virtual reality, mixed reality. next generation storytelling is kind of what we're really interested in. >> steve zahn talked about it. he was here yesterday. he talked about how physically challenging it was and watching this movie yesterday, it looks like it is a serious constant workout. >> yeah, yeah, i mean, it is physical and it's -- you know, the thing is there's two different things with a character like caesar. that's us all as apes. we do these ape cams. >> what is ape camp is, if you're creating a believable troupe of apes they have to relate to each other. a hierarchy, structure,
8:38 am
caesar is an evolved ape because they're not just apes but apes that are ee o evolving because of the drug that's been coarsing their through veins so easier is not only -- so much to tell you really but, you know, i'm not only played him from infancy all the way through his life which is the most incredible journey, you know, over the course of three movies but he's also evolving, so as he goes from being purely a chimpanzee to almost this human-like being and with that comes how do apes begin to form language, how do they start to physically become more municipal-like and how do they emotionally become more human-like so those are the sort of things we worked through these long improvisations in april fools' day camp. >> so cool. how fascinating. you never hear of anyone do that type of research for a character where you have to study an animal and imagine how they would evolve. like it's mind blowing. >> woody harrelson -- it really is. woody harrelson -- [ applause ] -- plays your nemesis in
8:39 am
together. he said that as sara said earlier, you're like the greatest actor he's ever worked with. >> so true. >> well, i don't know about that. that's -- that's amazing coming from him because he's genuinely -- i was so excited to work with him. he is a brilliant arc and such a lovely man and really honest individual and lives life by his creed. he's a truly great man and his character in this movie is so powerful because you want to hate the guy because he is quite -- he leads in a brutal way but he is -- when caesar and the colonel meet it's all about their -- their kind of bizarre respect for each other because they know they're both trying to ensure the survival of their own species and so there's a kind of link between them and a strange fascination and understanding so although caesar is full of hatred for him and the couple woody's character is for him, there's this bizarre sort of understanding and recognition for each other. but woody is
8:40 am
magnificent human being and as an actor we became good mates on the film and had some wild nights out. >> in our next segment. [ applause ] >> it is wonderful having you all here. now sara has something to talk about on "the view." >> i can just die now. >> and the movie, "war for the planet of the apes" hits theaters on friday. thank you so much. [ applause ] tomorrow, we'll try out the movie's technology and we'll watch ginger zee transform and that's going -- >> there you go, ginger. coming up next the "game of thrones" cast coming up. we'll be right back. ♪
8:41 am
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all right. we've got a weather report right now from chloe from kane county, illinois. what happened last night. >> six houses got hit by lightning. >> and flooding going on. >> yeah. >> should we see that video? >> yeah. >> there it is. a half foot of rain and water rescues happening. that's what's happening around , hot and humid, isolated pm thunderstorms 30% highs: 92-97 heat index: near 100 degrees winds: southwest to west 5-10 mph overnight: quite warm and humid lows: 72-79 winds: southwest 5-10 mph thursday: hot and humid, pm thunderstorms possible 30% highs: 93-98 heat index: 100-104 degrees winds: wsw 5-10 mph
8:44 am
this weather report brought to you by consumer cellular. thank you, chloe. congratulations to you for passing the boars and you're from illinois as well. your name? >> taylor. >> from taylor back to michael inside. >> thank you, rob. and it is "game of thrones" time. the series returns to tv this weekend. it's already been six series with jaw-dropping death, dragons and scary white walkers, winter has finally arrived and jesse palmer, well, he had a chance to sit down with the cast. >> when it stands in our way we will defeat it. >> i have to say around a year ago this time last year, i sat in a room with some of you and you told me to my face that jon snow was dead. he wasn't coming back. i may or may not have believed you. told all my friends. are there any big lies you want to get out of the way right now? >> no, it's not a lie. technically he was technically dead. >> something
8:45 am
still got his annoying sister to deal with. >> and for jaime lannister, he's now back home, all three children now dead. there's this amazing look on your face at the end where it's not a look of admiration or love for your sister. >> that's the beauty of being so blank faced and then people can just read into it but that's the whole point. i'm not going to tell you what he thinks because then i would give away what happens. >> for your character, for the most part now you've been on the other side of the world with da nerys. >> we're here to mess stuff up. polite way of putting that. >> everything feels like a of coming to a short of a very shen dough. what can fans expect. >> more blood. >> each scene can vital and the story that is exchanged -- this season is so much about the story.
8:46 am
with this is the pace at which it moves. it becomes a completely different tv show from the one you expected. >> quick show of hands, how many of you seriously are still surprised your character is still alive? that's everybody. one of the things i've loved about the show, the fighting scenes and the battle scenes are amazing. but talk to me about the choreography that goes in to some of these battle scenes that we see because it just looks incredible. >> it feels like mayhem when you're doing it. trying to do as much as you can in reality rather than just in a big green box. that makes a huge difference. i think audiences respond to that in people have watched the trailer. a lot of people talking about this online but apparently there is a bigger battle keen in season seven. i've heard the biggest we've seen yet. >> i think there are a couple. >> a couple? >> yeah. >> not just one. >> well -- >> i'm writing that down. okay, so i'm just going to go around and tart with you and go this way and quickly j
8:47 am
will sit on the iron throne. >> we'll start with you. >> daenerys. >> brown. >> i don't think anyone will sit on it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," jesse palmer, abc news, los angeles. >> well, debbie, jackie and lori made sure i had my concessions ready which is sunday on hbo. thank you, ladies. i'll eat these and watch the show. the five items every woman needs in their makeup bag.
8:48 am
8:49 am
one of those mornings, trish. many women face an overstuffed makeup bag and our audience, we asked awe and they brought theirs from home. let's see them. let's see the makeup bags. oh
8:50 am
trisha, they look pretty full. >> they sure do. >> we have the perfect person to help makeup artist and entrepreneur, please welcome trish mcevoy. [ applause ] >> look at that. author of "the makeup of a confident woman." always, always, always love to -- >> so nice to be confident and not have to have to spend a lot of time at it. >> not at all. you'll help some people out here. >> yes. >> and so as we said people have brought their makeup bags. and one of you is going to come up here and trish is going to make over your makeup bag so you're going to pick a number because the women in the audience have a number and the number is 13. who has 13? oh, come on up. >> come on up here. all right. so what's your name and where are you prosecutor. >> aim iva and i'm from sweden. >> oh, ava from sweden.
8:51 am
your bag. >> let me see. >> as you're looking at it, what are some things -- oh, my goodness that she definitely doesn't need. >> well, first things first can we talk, one, two, three, three mascaras, ava. ava. >> why? >> i'm going to just put that right over here. one, two, three, four, five eye shadow, all the same color. >> no, they're not the same. >> she says they're not the same. >> well, they're all beige. they're all the same. okay. now we have one, two, foundations. you're killing me. >> i am? two brushes for the cheeks. >> yeah. >> oh, my. and more -- >> things she does not need in her bag. >> she needs one, maybe two of them but she's got multiple. she has three mascaras and we're not finished. >> ooh. >> i have a lot of
8:52 am
>> why do you carry so much? why do you have so much. >> i thought this was just a few things. >> okay. >> minimal is different for everyone but all you need are five products. what you need, one -- >> let's go over here with rosa. thank you very much. you can come with us. you can come with us. >> for you, minimal. >> she's got that. >> thank you. >> you said, trish, you believe only five products you need and rosa has on those five products. >> all you need is five products. one, even out your complexion with a bb. what this does it gives you sun protection and coverage, moistry says and brightening, one, two, cheek color. >> blush. >> why is blush important? >> it brightens the face. three, under icon sealer that brightens the under eye. very, very important.
8:53 am
and spf gloss. but last but not least mascara. one. you need one. one. and real quick, for the guy, for the guy, what's a must for the guys. >> for the guys spf on the lip, spf on the face and believe it or not a bb if you're red, splotchy or have uneven pigmentation. >> we're equal opportunity here, men and women. trish, thank you very much. ava, thank you very much for being a great sport. hey, wait a minute, wait a minute. everyone here, everyone here is going home with aone of trish's mascaras and they are fantastic. [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by safelite auto glass. america's largest vehicle glass experts. >> thank you, trish. appreciate that. ah. so sweet. have a great day, everybody. >> from abc7 news this is a "god morning washington" update.
8:57 am
melanie hastings with a check of your top stories. a man is in just but a female suspect is still on the loose after a light night shooting in fairfax county. police say the suspects shot ata house and a car in centreville and then fled in a vehicle befoe bailing out. nobody was injured. >> and a devastating fire overnight on willow hill drive. the couple who lives there tells us that they woke up to popping noises and the smell of smoke. both of them did make it out safely. fire officials say that fire likely started in the chimney bt the cause is still under investigation. >> well, bring on the summer heat. here's brian van de graaff. >> outside this morning it is muggy already. a lot of cloud cover early on, but we will look for some sunshine today. could see an isolated sprinkle. we've seen some big storms fizze out, and temperatures will be in the mid 90s this afternoon but when you factor in the muggines, but 1:00 it will feel
8:58 am
3:00, 101. at times today it could feel close to 104 degrees. hydrate and make sure you don't overexert yourself and wear ligt colored clothing. >> still trying to recover on te top side of the beltway outer loop and inner loop. >> i-95 to connecticut avenue, and we had an earlier crash just after connecticut and before georgia that blocked at least te right lane and right transition lane still seeing heavy volume delays for folks leaving the 270 spur to get past the accident activity. melanie? >> trenice, thank you. you can get more news, weather and traffic updates over on newschannel8. stay cool and have a terrific wednesday.
8:59 am
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