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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  July 13, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now, "good morning washington " on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. autria: the latest information coming out of a remote pennsylvania town overnight. larry: now, air force one wheels down in paris. the tough convsa
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and battles here at home. been warninge have you about all week long. the dangerous he is here.veronica johnson is tracking single-digit -- triple digit temperatures. good morning to you, washington. i am autria godfrey. larry: i am larry smith. stay cool, hydrated. let's just say indoors. all: done! larry: i will do that. veronica: we say dangerous heat. during the summertime afternoons, you see that for maybe 2, 3 hours, but this will be several hours from noon until 7:00 p.m., triple digit ratings, and that is why get so dangerous. here is under a heat advisory for the danger you can see already what it feels like. the feels-like temperature or the heat index
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already traded 85 is what it feels like up in marvel right now. arlboro right now. look at this -- 102. that is tomorrow. nice conditions for the weekend. today is because of the heat, tomorrow could be because of some severe storms. always a good time to follow is coming to the text alerts. go to >> breaking details of the case of a missing young man in pennsylvania. investigators say they have now found at least one set of human remains. it was found in a shallow grave overnight. a person of interest posted bail on
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of jail for less than 24 hours. here is a look at the man who disappeared last year -- last week. now'm sad to say we can identify a 19-year-old of middletown as one of the people that was found buried in that race. there are additional human remains inside the grave. we're not done yet. adrianna: gunshots were heard the night of the disappearance. he is locked up on a $9 million bail. larry, zia. studentsousands of were evacuated because they bomb threat at ucla. police have determined the threat was unfounded. autria: prince william county, two people taken to the hospital after they were shot. abc 7
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police investigated, and they tell us the shooting was not random. both victims were taken to the hospital, and they are expected to be ok. larry: in just a few hours, prince william county board chairman corey stewart likely announcing a bid for u.s. senate. stewart has only officially announced a press conference at 11:00 this morning. upset at gillespie earlier this year. he is expected to challenge senator 10 game -- senator tim kaine's seat. sign up for text alerts at autria: it is the day ahead for president trump. he is that you with french president emmanuel macron. they will be talking counterterrorist and offense. later today, he is holding h
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broke about his son allegedly meeting was a russian lawyer to give him an edge in the 2016 campaign. all of this aspect here at home, the gop gets ready to unveil a new land to repeal and replace the care act. --replacey is live the affordable care act. sam sweeney is literatesam: the pressure is on for the republicans to get this done and done before he left to president done and done right. before he left, president trump said he will be angry if it is not done when he comes back. low-cost health plans that will include less coverage. arepublicans need at least 52 gop senators to passes. suzanne collins of maine and rand paul are almost certainly no. rand paul
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not a repeal but simply a patch job. a do or die vote could be seen. we will have to wait and find out. live on capitol hill this morning, sam sweeney. back to you o the studio. larry: that'll back at home for president trump. autria: there calls for impeachment. in the meantime, adrianna hopkins is here with more. adrianna: it is being called a longshot, but congressman has taken the first formal steps to impeach. the firing of fbi director james comey constitutes as obstruction of justice and comes on the heels of the revelations about donald trump jr.. the congressman acknowledges the unlikelihood of republicans moving forward on the impeachment, but he says he hopes it spurs them to change. larry, autria, back to you. autria:
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congress photo will be held off until republican steve chris cooley's -- steve scalise can be a part of it your he was shot on alexandria baseball field last month. a former first lady delivering a message of courage. the award she presented at the spy's last night. plus am a joke made about a champion from prince george's county that is not go well. veronica: stormwatch 7 on weather alert today because of dangerous heat, but we could be on weather alert tomorrow because of severe thunderstorms. we may see power outages coming up after the break, coming up with "good morning washington"
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veronica: that related all about the heat. tomorrow, it will be all abou
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of our heat wave. we could see triple digit heat index readings across our area. like 100eady feeling degrees, and it will hold until about 8:00 p.m. the sun is just coming up. 70's, near 80pper degrees already. at reagan national, we get close to record he's. you see dulles baltimore all getting close to the record heat mark today. aroundout later today 1052106. mentioned, the possibility of strong thunderstorms tomorrow and where we can see power outages. prince frederick, d.c., manassas, warrenton, even leesburg and gaithersburg, we have to do hour-by-hour with the upcoming
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tomorrow,. julie? julie: working eastbound along 66, i-27-minute ride. the slow is so far is 95 in virginia coming out of dell city. a 22-minute commute heading into the springfield interchange. and the possibility of real delays. he -- he restrictions could add an additional 10 minutes to 15 minutes to your travels. john gonzalez keeping an eye on the rails. we will keep an eye on the accurate orange and silver lines are single tracking. that is your traffic watch. back in 10. we will update your ride on the road and rails. >> will never see this again in your life. larry: that is true. spinning out notes for
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how long it took to find of someone was trapped inside that atm. i should not laugh. and 7 on your side protecting your money this morning. the scam going around right now and healthy are trying to use
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>> this is a stormwatch 7 weather alert. 15tria: the only air now at 6: , and that weather alert coming from nearly triple digit temperatures. the mercury building is so hot, you will feel it during your commute. julie: is live -- john is lit with the details. john: people are already feeling uncomfortable here at the vre station. take a look at the abc 7 weather app. 70 degrees already. the problem with transportation, you see the steel tracks, when it is hot, trains have to slow down because the tracks expand, it is called a sun kink,
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like a kink in your neck. that could be dangerous. there was a son restriction yesterday. we are waiting to see the same today. what we are waiting for in a parking lot at lawrence virginia is more and more. waiting in their cars for the trains to rely. yesterday, there was a 20-minute delay. people would rather wait in their car. this is nick, who parked next to us, mobile truck 7 -- mobile trak 7. do what you can come away until the train is close. john: what was it like yesterday? nick: it was ok for me only coming down from lorton, but those in fredericksburg, it was pretty frustrating. john: frank that ac. thanks, nick. folks are trying to look cool, dress
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to 40trains will slowdown miles per hour when the temperature is over 90 degrees. we know it will be hotter than that today. autria: back to you inside. johnny, you can let nick know deborah johnson is tracking the forecast. and keep in touch with the entire stormwatch 7 team online and with our free app. larry: a 7 on your side alert from d.c. police. if you fall for this scam, you could be out hundreds of dollars. mpd is warning people that can't artists are posing as protests -- as professionals who revere vehicles that only last a few days. tools like crowbars. you do not use crowbars to prepare a car. they were found
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wisconsin in georgetown. autria: this week's friday -- prime day with amazon's biggest sales they in history. sales were higher than on black friday and cyber monday combined. the biggest seller was amazon's echo followed by fire tablets and a programmable pressure cooker. larry: this is the news everyone has been waiting to hear. reitman coming to tysons. the approvals finally given to the capital one redevelopment corporate headquarters. please include not only the redmond but also a theater and game center. autria: a celebration of all things sports. the espy awards included some big winners including simone biles and russell westbrook, athletes, tv, and mo
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all playing presenters last night, and a special guest, former first lady michelle obama. tonight toi'm here honor a remarkable hi woman. autria: peyton manning got to show off his comedy chops, and even got a little date in on an athlete from prince george's county. so dominanty are that kevin durant told me he wants to play for the next year. [laughter] oh, come on, it was funny, take a joke. kevin durant responded on twitter after the show, and that is all he had to say. there it is. this is all he had to say. later on a sour, a germantown espy'o was not at the last nights, but we betting it is not long until he is. he has already fought and
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bottles. that is coming up here on "good morning washington." and the reason the former first lady was there is she was kennedy-shriver, who won the arthur ash awards. larry: i cannot believe how big it has become over 25 years. note is a huge, grammy-like event. in my case, watch the previous. autria: and recaps. larry: exactly. by noon today, it will get nasty. veronica: when we talk about temperatures with humidity is high, we see a greater risk for medical emergencies around the area. yes, we know it is summer and is supposed to be hot, we talk about it all the time, but we still see the medical emergencies. any conditions you have weather asthma or respiratory illnesses, it is al
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humidity. make sure you drink plenty of water, state in the ac or shade. the monkeya look at readings, already running at 72 degrees, and dew points come our indicator of moisture in the air. tomorrow as well very soupy. some thunderstorms tomorrow as well as high heat and humidity. still running in the 90's tomorrow. it is feeling on a muggy side if not more comfortable by sunday. make sure you don't text alerts from stormwatch 7. ext, and you'llt get all the advisories and warnings should they be issued. tonight, 92 degrees, and even by lunchtime, a triple index heat value. anywhere between 100 and 106 throughout the area today. yes, i would hit the pool. julie wright was telling us maybe not as l
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you may want to go after about an hour, hour and a half. storms again likely on friday, delivering high winds and heavy rain. we'll talk more about that in 10 minutes. julie: all right, v.j. on the roads this morning hopefully you have a cooler packed with cold drinks and water. right now on the capital beltway, you will find a slow ride on the 95. a crash on 16 has already been pulled to the shoulder, but it is a 23-minute ride north. 66 and five the beltway a 13-minute commute heading in range.r the roosevelt averag an engine just like in the winter can be drained quickly if it is over three years of age whether it is the cold or in this case the heat come as a key that mind. , so the ac checked -- heat keep that in mind. have the ac checked. under inflated tires c
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the fleet quickly. travelgovernment ride to to miles coming out of chevrolet. that is our traffic was. back with the next 10 minutes, and we w z2f6ez zi0z
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y2f6ey yi0y
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. "gma" firstorning's look, the mother who feared for her baby cozy life as they waited on an overheated plane. >> it was extremely hot, and everyone was complaining. >> after a delay, the flight crew allowed durant owen -- her coolwen the plane tooff off. that is when -- but she reported, and that is when they got caught again. >> he made a cry i never heard before command his coloring,
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have never seen before, he was screaming, and just stopped, and my son went limp in my arms. >> we have more at 7:00 a.m..
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>> this is a stormwatch 7 weather alert. that stormwatch 7 weather alert -- the extreme heat. we are expecting temperatures that feel like more than 100 degree of. this morning, we are on your side. good morning to you, washington. i am autria godfrey. larry: i am larry smith. it is hot outside. let's start with veronica johnson with the details. walk us through the day. veronica: the heat index x in some locations already running around 90 degrees. brexit come if you are still having it, you want to have something that is more refreshing this morning. maybe something on the lighter side for the afternoon hour, so after lunch accordingly. to 80 --tional close in fact, look at
6:32 am
degrees right now. alexandria, upper 70's. arlington, virginia with a heat index right now running around 90 degrees. later today starting at noon, 1:00, triple digit readings. we will stay there for several hours, not just one or two locations, but throughout the entire area. make sure you stay hydrated and pack accordingly. we will head to kidd o'shea and meteorologist eileen whelan who are handing out water for today. kidd: that is correct, v.j. it is one small bottle of water, but as these metro riders come off today, they have to walk possibly downtown. yes, we want to hand out, gives you some free water on your walk but also remind people how important it is to hydrate today. eileen: it is really important to remind you of our heat. safety tips temperatures will be
6:33 am
-- heat safety tips. temperatures will be soaring into the 90's. upper 90's today. we are sitting out here, 79 degrees. our hourly timer tells us at 10:00 am it will be 91, 95 degrees at lunchtime. we have a few isolated thunderstorms, but hydrate. you cannot do it enough. we will be back out here in 20 minutes, and i believe we will have a special friend who will be joining us. kidd: that is right. let's get inside and look at the roads. julie: i think it is also important to notice what kidd and eileen are wearing -- light-colored clothing. avoid the dark dollars. right now, right into the sunshine, outer loop of the beltway, only a 19-minute commute for 270 right now. ofht into the sunshine off 66, coming from the west, almost a 40-minute
6:34 am
and the sun inbound towards the capital beltway. thankfully, no accidents to report. we had a situation i-95 that has been cleared to the shoulder. back on the brakes through woodbridge heading north. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes. we will update your ride on 270. autria: new developments this morning. a transgender woman hit by a car in the district. larry: he says that now in jail, and police looking into the possibility that this is a hate crime. ryan hughes is live with more. yan: good morning. the victim remains in critical condition. we are told she is unable to speak, but she is expected to recover. this is the area she was mode down by that car. -- mowed down by that car. k street northeast. her friends tell us she was celebrat
6:35 am
fourth of july, men tried to -- then she was hit by the car. arrested mr. anderson, charged with aggravated assault while armed. police believe he intentionally used his car as a weapon. right now, they are investigating this is a possible hate crime. the victims friends telling us they believe she was targeted. >> they are women having conversations with men always the time, they do not get run over. trans women of color tend to experience crimes that are always over the top. and anderson is expected to make his first court appearance later today. at that time, d.c. police expect to release more details, and we are hoping to find out what the argument was about and what led to the accident. live in d.c., ryan hughes, "good morning washington."
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the time right now is 6:35. and called customer support in the past six months, listen up number,name, phone account password come home, and email addresses have been compromised. affects 6ys this million users, but a third-party security firm that found the breach site as many as 14 million could be affected. p. are urged to change your i.n. right now. autria: thank you. police responded to unusual call at the bank of america in corpus christi, texas. a contractor was changing a lovely room connected to the atm and ended up getting stuck inside with no phone. so the workers sent help messages to folks using the atm by sliding notes through the machine slot. many people thought it was
6:37 am
a joke, but luckily, someone took it seriously and called police. >> it turned out we could hear a little voice in the machine. >> i have never seen it in my life, somebody stuck in an atm machine. it was crazy. autria: officers had to kick down the door to the contractor out. he was not hurt, but he was stuck inside for 18 hours. larry: my goodness. that is a long time. can you imagine? "i got my cash." autria: i would be looking around for a hidden camera. larry: 6:37. after years, it has finally happened -- i iceberg the size of delaware is free in the sea. veronica johnson has more on that next. she is also tracking the dangerous heat. everything you need to know to stay safe as we get close
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what's better than an iced or frozen coffee
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on a hot summer day? nothing. dunkin's got all your favorite flavors this summer. keep cool out there, kids. america runs on dunkin'.
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veronica: come to your tv is a look at. it is one of the largest icebergs ever recorded now floating in the nrc -- antarctica see. -- floating in the antarctic sea. one trillion tons of
6:41 am
enough to make up the size of delaware. it is largeis that enough, glaciers will end up in our oceans, and we will see more sea level rise, which is why scientists are keeping a close eye on this. if you were to see it all melt, it would be about 4.5 inches of melting with so much taking place, think about it this way, if we see a water continue to warm with global climate change, we will continue level rise around the world, that will be encroaching the shorelines because water expands when it warms. today, we will be warming around here. 96 the high. temperatures afternoon, some areas even topping out at 98. it will be hot today, so it will be on weather alert. isolated thunderstorms, more widespread tomorrow that could be isolated, severe across the area,
6:42 am
possibility of seeing some punting on the roads and even some high wind. keep that in mind. today is about the heat, tomorrow is all about the storms. the storms could come early tomorrow, starting at about 1:00 , a high threat, and even going into 8:00. after that, a moderate threat of storms for friday. if you are going to the james taylor concert, you want to pack accordingly. make sure you have got not just the umbrella but a nice poncho drive.u we have a nice change on the weekend coming of intent, julie. -- up in 10, julie. julie: a 25-minute rising from 17 to quantico. 66, sky track 7 trying to stay cool. the on a 66, looking at commute coming inbound from manassas, no accidents reported, but heavy, slow, and steady they are in the capital beltway. back over to the
6:43 am
side of the beltway, the outer loop, a 21-minute ride out of college park heading to 270 check the tires some. the battery, this heat can definitely drain the battery. aaa, three of the four most expensive car repairs have been in the summer. it all comes down to your car's cooling system. is job is to keep the car from overheating. if that happens, you could lose your ac, a number of things could happen. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes. we will update your writhing on 395. autria come over to you. autria: breaking overnight, a grim discovery during what police have found on a pennsylvania farm as they look for four missing men. after june the senators failed to gain support with their last health care plan, they will try to do it today with a revision. i am sam sweeney on capitol hill. i will break it down next.
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>> this is a stormwatch 7 weather alert. , as we: air, 6:46 temperatures feeling like triple digits. veronica johnson is tracking everything you need to do to stay safe, and john gonzalez is tracking your morning commute, which is changing because of the hot weather. >> this is a homicide. make no mistake about it. there are additional human remains inside that grave.
6:47 am
announcing they have discovered at least one human body. as well. amber alert good morning. >> good morning to both of you. i will slide out of the way this morning. you guys can see what we are -- looking at this morning. right behind us here is part of the area. investigators have been searching for four days for the missing man. jimi tarose men is patrick, a rising sophomore at loyola university, last seen july 6.the is one of the four men who went missing over several miles last week. in a midnight news conference, authorities confirm one of the men, 19-year-old dean finocchiaro, has been found dead. no
6:48 am
patrick. the remains were found by a ruralr dog, found on a farm in new hope, pennsylvania, where we are this morning, owned by 20-year-old cosmo dinardo. the is in jail right now, charged with stealing one of the missing men's cars and trying to sell it. a newsexpecting conference where we are standing right here this morning. back to you. autria: government thank you very one of the 16 marines killed in the mississippi plane crash was from frederick, maryland. the mother of staff sergeant william -- confirmed the news on facebook, and such he is grateful to everyone who offered condolences. larry: two people taken to the hospital after a double shooting. abc 7 cameras were
6:49 am
there. police say the shooting was not random. both victims were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be ok. autria: abc 7 tracking brand-new details about what is next for prince william's county board chair cory stewart. he is likely announcing a bit today for u.s. senate. stewart has only officially announced a press conference outside his home in woodbridge at 11:00 this morning. he helped now president trump's campaign effort in virginia and nearly upset gillespie for governor. says he isdispatch" set to challenge senator tim kaine's seat. abc 7 will be at a press conference this morning, and you can find out what stewart has on cap as soon as we do. fun of for our text alerts at sign up for our text alerts at larry: president trump will meet with french president macron, and later he will hold
6:50 am
announcement of his son allegedly meeting with a russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign. all of his of the gop announces a new plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. sam sweeney is live with what we expect to see in that bill. sam: larry, good morning. gop senators are keeping it as they try to repeal and replace obamacare. later on today, republican majority leader mitch mcconnell will release that plan that is revised and much different than what we saw in the last couple of weeks. pressure. as a new hesident trump is saying will "be very angry" if republicans do not pass health care. we should see as increases from obamacare added back into the plan to help aid the poor. we should also see more low cost health plans that will offer less
6:51 am
republicans need 52 of the gop senators to make this past. two senators are likely know, that is rand paul and suzanne collins of maine -- susan collins of maine. we do see a do or die vote by early next week. reporting live on capitol hill, i am sam sweeney. back to you in the studio. sam.a: thank you, we are on top of the abc 7 stormwatch weather alert. temperatures will be soaring air triple digits. the mercury going so high, you might feel it during your morning commute. vren is live at the th station. maybe it is wishful thinking, but it is not too bad when you are in the shade. that is where we are in horton, virginia. -- lorton, virginia. when the heat hits the steel
6:52 am
shift in the tracks, creating a curve. that is a big no-no. yesterday, this line, the fredericksburg line, has a heat restriction, which means when it is over 90 degrees, the trains have to slow down to 20 miles an hour, and that means delays for the commuters. vre has not done that just yet, but everyone we have been talking to on the platform anticipate they will make that restriction. look at this lovely lady. you know how to beat the heat. does that really work? [laughter] >> absolutely, it does work, it does reflect the rays from hitting my skin. john: back to you inside. autria: i like her little parasol out there. larry: absolutely. autria: but seriously, heat exhaustion can happen. veronica: exactly. people at times have been overcome by it.
6:53 am
make sure you keep those electrolytes up. getime you start to lightheaded, nauseated, it is way too late. get inside and cooldown. 82 degrees right now, that is the feel like temperature in d.c. 78 in other neighborhoods, annapolis coming in at 81 right now. that is the feels-like temperature. by the time we get to the 95 to 103, over 100 degrees for several hours. tomorrow, we start tracking some storms. today, their are isolated between 1:00 and 5:00. tomorrow, watch what happens after 1:00. the storms. start marching in, gaithersburg, warrenton, eastbound by 3:00 am already on top of d.c., areas like la plata and waldorf. by federal :00, storms still in
6:54 am
still in the area. we will get a lot of rain from it. a better weekend coming your way. we will be cooling down with less humidity. we will talk about this over on news channel 8,. right now, i will toss it to my friends, kidd o'shea and eileen, who were handing out water. eileen: we told you earlier that found!d -- look we mw" joe!.m is iced coffeee today. cool.trying to stay if you are planning maybe a run or something, this would be the time to do it. eileen: definitely. as the sun gets higher in the sky, bronco was showing us the hourly forecast, already in the 90's by 9:00 this morning. kidd:
6:55 am
people are heading to work early, they have warned the right clothing, so people are making sure they are ready for the hot day. how are the roads and the rails out there, jules? julie: we are heating up for sure. people are sitting in the heat to get past the problems. northbound i-95 making your way past 610, that is the remains of a crash. flashing lights are tying of the left lane northbound out of fredericksburg. southbound on the bw parkway coming up maryland, the accident is blocking the left lane. use 90 as your workaround. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes with another update on the road and the rails. right now, we will try to cool you off because you have got to remember about the pets. do not leave the pets in the car. single to sox, our wjla abc 7 pet of the day, chilling hawaiian style of in potomac,
6:56 am
maryland. we want to see your pet pix. send them to us at aloha, socks! larry: we want to introduce you to a germantown boy who could be on the stage at the espy's. autria: jackson is skating like a pro. he has a rare autoimmune disease. after months of rehab, the germantown native is now on the road to recovery. god.on: i trust in he said to me i could do it. larry: besides hockey, jackson also plays basketball and baseball. autria: wow. in the fall coming over football, but in the summer, you go for food. kidd and i were out to get a sleepy at the menu for redskins fans. a lot of the focus -- using food and drink from local vendors. you can see c
6:57 am
such as the menu board and quicker food preparation. with a bowlhat cup on top of it, you can have your soda pop or water and your chicken and fries all in one hand. larry: in one hand is the key and then one
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking right now, president trump has arrived in paris. a high stakes meeting with the fresh president in the middle of that firestorm over his son's e-mails about that meeting with a russian lawyer. the president is now coming to donald trump jr.'s defense. breaking news, a major break in the case of those four missing young men. what police discovered overnight on that pennsylvania property and what we're now learning about the person of interest back behind bars. abc news exclusive. the mother who feared for her child's life when they were stuck on a plane during a heat wave is now speaking out. >> i thought i was going to lose my son. >> she's now ranking for changes in her first television interview only on "gma."


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