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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  July 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> they are not really telling me anything, and that bothers me. kimberly: straight ahead, a mother's struggle for answers after her son was gunned down. she is investigating on her own. the next step for the senate's revised health care hill. why senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has put off a vote tonight. the national ca 10-0 lead start to disappear. could they hold on in cincinnati? >> now, abc seven news at 11:00, on your side. kimberly: kept
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lead to her own investigation into her son's killing. thank you for joining us. i'm kimberly suiters. her son was shot and killed last week in chillum. terry russell sallee said that her son was a gentle giant who lived for playing football and coaching little league, always willing to offer a helping hand. >> he would go above and beyond to help people. night sheast saturday said her son left a nice game and went to a home in chillum. she said her son was shot four times in the chest. the police told her that robbery seem to be the motive, but she did not like the pace of the police investigation. >> they are not really telling me anything. and -- and that bothers me. melissa: she did
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upsetting. based on her investigation, she said nobody called the police for three hours. did they say why? >> one guy said he heard shots in the neighborhood all the time. business.t minds his melissa: she cannot shake the irony that her son who helped so many others was not helped in his final hours. >> my heart blleds. to this very moment, my heart bleeds that he could have possibly got aromatic assistance. melissa: she is looking for answers in the shooting death of her son. if you have information, you are asked to call crime stoppers. dipane, abc 7 news. sayerly: investigators 23-year-old helen hargan shot and killed her mother, pamela hargan
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afternoon in fairfax. neighbors are still shaken to see the crime tape and hearing about what happened. >> just cannot imagine what goes through somebody's head to do something like that. >> it shocking this can happen. kimberly: neighbor say that helen moved in monday after her sister moved out last week. they were not in the home at the time of the shooting. in from capitol hill, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell delaying the vote of the republican's revised health care bill. senator john mccain will begin arizona next week, recovering from surgery for a blood clot. the delay gives leaders of the bill more time to shore up support. a few republicans planning to vote no already, a third no vote would have defeated the bill. much more comfortable today, sunday will be even better. let's get a first l
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knight before gets crazy hot again. josh: exactly, not too far off. beautiful today and tomorrow. still really nice outside, the at the wheel lit up national harbor, settling in for one of our nicest nights in a while thanks to this high pressure. sitting off to the north, northwest, that allows us to get the wind from there and that allows us to have drier, not as a muggy air, and generally cooler. today we hit 90 degrees. overnight, should be cooling into the 60's, low 70's. right now feels like 81 in d.c., 78 warrenton. still definitely extra warmth. tomorrow morning, 73 in the district. further outside of town, starting in the 60's, nice and comfortable. it is a h d
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a lot of sunshine. really moves back in and so does the humidity and thunderstorms. i will time that out coming up. florida, a massive single in the land o'lakes neighborhood near tampa. the authorities are keeping a close watch after this sinkhole swallowed two homes. nearly a dozen families had to be evacuated, left helpless watching to see if their homes were next. emergency officials say the hole is filled with mud and dangerous toxic debris. nearly a dozen families had to be evacuated. today, many wore a skilled at home by the police to grab last-minute belongings. of sprinklers, that is all firefighters say would have taken to stop a deadly fire that killed three people in a honolulu high rise that do not have any sprinklers.
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to rescue his elderly mother. four people including a firefighter are in serious condition. >> how is it possible they don't install something as inexpensive and effective as a sprinkler system? there is anger. kimberly: the tower was built in 1971, before hawaii required sprinklers in high-rise buildings. a study found that it would cost less than $5,000 to install them in each apartment. in alexandria, a fire burned through an old warehouse on burnside place. firefighters say the trash and recycling facility had lots of wood and combustibles inside. it is not clear how the fire started, but firefighters are preventing smoldering and flareups. sending a message. after we showed you this video of atv's, dirtbikes
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and mopeds flooding the streets, arlington and national harbor come after weeks of searching, d.c. police seized 62 off-road vehicles. q mccray shows us what they have done with them and the message the police hopes that it sends. theideo released by metropolitan police department says ride illegally through the city and your ride will be crushed. d.c. police destroyed 62 all-terrain vehicles and dirt bikesi recently confiscated. n june, dozens were caught on camera flying down k k street in northwest. the problem is not just in d.c. it's an issue dmv-wide. also back in june, we showed nearly 100 atv's roaring through national harbor in maryland, with riders popping wheelies. pg county police issued a warning. >> they are creating lawlessness in the county. q:
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share as well. >> we know these individuals are also doing it for the showmanship aspect.\ q: q mccray, abc 7 news. kimberly: 7 on your side as we track the fallout from the airbag recalls and bankruptcy announcement. takata has asked a bankruptcy judge to stop the governments of hawaii, mexico, and the u.s. virgin islands from prosecuting them. the company also wants to bar hundreds of individual lawsuits from going forward, arguing they would jeopardize efforts to restructure, including its sale to another company for more than $1.4 billion. legal up, the president's bills are piling up stop what the russian scandal is costing his reelection campaign already. what makes this boat very special
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[shouting] kimberly: this is as close as the protesters could get in new jersey today, there to protest the golf course's owner and guest president trump. the president sent several tweets about the economy. in one of those tweets he called ties between his campaign and and we look at where those things stand tonight. reporter: president trump enjoying another round at the golf club in new jersey. but he cannot get away from the alleged criminal connection -- kremlin connection and the meeting don jr. had last june with a russian attorney he was told was offering documents and information that would incriminate hillary. the president's son insists nothing came of the meeting
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also attended by jerod kushner and the campaign chair. >> this is all of it? >> this is everything. reporter: but there was more. >> we have seen changing narratives. reporter: turns out it was not just the russian lawyer. , ao there was this man ofsian-american once accused being a soviet counterintelligence officer, but told the u.s. he was not trained as a spy. trump know days after the tower meeting, the russian lawyer turned up at a congressional hearing about seata, with a front row reserved for her by a republican consultant with ties to the trump campaign. trump's florida campaign chair. turned out ats his golf course with a message for the press. >> it is all this
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trump propaganda that is not true. his supporters believe him, not you. kimberly: filings with the federal election commission show for thep campaign paid lawyer of donald trump junior $50,000 last month, two weeks before his meeting with the russians was revealed. the filings also show the campaign racked up more than between in legal bills april and june, nearly double of what it spent the first three month of the year. disclosures reveal the fundraising committee paid nearly $210,000 to companies thatthe president owns and he has $12 million in his campaign war chest. girl robotics team from
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late last night for a three-day competition that begins tomorrow. their trip was in jeopardy after their visas were denied twice. president trump said he intervened to have them brought into the country without visas to let them compete. at that fuels itself set off from paris today for a six-year journey around the world. the energy observer will use turbines, andwind a hydrogen fuel cell system to power its vessel. which costtic boat, a little more than $5 million to make, produces its own hydrogen through electrolysis. and it does not move fast. josh: it is kind of funny, wind turbines. that seems like an antiquated idea, but pretty cool. the heat taking a little break for us today. really
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, and today we only topped out at 90 degrees. you this to show you, the last two days, reagan national topped out at 97. this is a nice change from where we have been. 88 andrews, 87 dulles. a bit of a break from last week. a beautiful evening. the time lapse, a nice sunset, dropping into the low 80's come into the 70's, and by tomorrow morning we could be waking up in the 60's. for some of us, 61 winchester, 62 martinsburg, 65 closer to dulles. stillwithin the beltway, around 70 degrees, but a big improvement from the last couple mornings. we were starting in the mid to upper 70's those mornings, so this will be a refreshing tomorrow. tomorrow, thing stay quiet, a lot
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last few runs starting to see some showers around d.c. not out of the question we get a quick shower, more than likely a dry day. where the rain is more likely as to the southwest of woodstock, the shenandoah valley, specifically the southern end. most of us will see a dry day tomorrow around the district. monday is a different story, 7:30, the rain pops up early in the morning, but especially closer to launch time. we hang onto the chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms through the majority of monday. tuesday another chance of that. enjoy the drier weather tomorrow. 91 the high temperature, and not to humid, so feeling nice. when you get out of the pool, almost a little cool feeling. a littleas and d.c., cooler along the bay, but still
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humidity creeps up monday and tuesday, really getting into next week. back into the serious heat, not too bad to start the work week. this is the heat index, close to triple digits again by friday of next week. just even more reason to make sure that you enjoy tomorrow. high of 91, not to humid, the chance of rain and storms again for most of us monday. some hang around tuesday. continuing to heat up into the end of the week, but another cold front friday brings a good shot of rain and thunderstorms, but it means these are more comfortable as we work into next weekend. kimberly: the weather is going to get hot. venus did not. robert: nio, she was very cold today. venus comes up short, but still amazing. sports is next. and the nationals and reds are next.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: bad news for joe ross today, dusty baker announcing ross will undergo tommy john surgery wednesday in texas. nationals-reds tonight. daniel murphy with a liner deep to left center, off the base of the wall.
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first, will score. 1-0. , anthony rendon almost into the same spot. this one goes over the wall, a two run shot. command, max scherzer outstanding again come six innings, gave up three hits, struck out 10. the bullpen, which made it interesting, but the nationals stillwon, 10-7. o's-cubs. addison russell with a rocket deep to left, gone. it's a solo shot. cubs lead after that. in the fifth, the bases, jason heyward deep to left center. one hop off the wall. all three cubs score. 6-0 cubs. o's fall, 10-3. tennis, soon serena williams will be a proud mother
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now she continues to be a proud and supportive sister as venus look to make history today against garbine muguruza. she was trying to become the oldest woman to win a grand slam in the open era at 37. things began to unravel in the first set, muguruza with the break point, the forehand goes long. set point, venus showing some cracks, backhand into the net. muguruza takes the set, and it was downhill from there, venus running out of gas. that shot originally called good. reviewed and was long. it is garbine muguruza's second grand slam title. for venus, despite the loss, still an amazing a couple estimate. >> my team has been here for me day in and day out and my family as well. i love you guys. a lot of beautiful moments the past couple weeks. >> and a message for serena? >> i miss
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i tried my best to do the same things you do, but i think there will be other opportunities. i do. the redskins are on the clock, two days and counting to reach a long-term deal with quarterback kirk cousins. if they do not reach a deal, that begs the question, will he stay or will he go? after cousins finishes the season under the franchise tag. earlier this week, erin hawksworth caught up with former roentgens quarterback joe theismann and asked him if you think a deal will be done next week. joe: i thought when derek carr got his $125 million contract, i thought that might spur a little more movement with regard to kirk. i would love to see him stay a redskin, but if a contract is not get done in the next week, i would be very surprised if kirk coin
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robert: oh, my goodness. soccer, gold cup, usa-nicaragua. usa team in control. a nice pass, past the goalie for the first international goal. us wins 2-0, finishing in first place in group b. the knockout round starts next week. and the spirit filled to the houston dash. and the valor loss to the soul. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit
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kimberly: happening tonight in indianapolis, a woman who called off a $30,000 wedding three party for the homeless. through a party for the homeless. she called homeless shelters and they brought in guests. guess dined on the meal. an historic moment at a disney fan convention. take a close look at these women. 10 disneybehind processes -- princesses reunited onstage. they are part of a scene involving silverma
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