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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  July 17, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now, "good morning wa
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fire overnight. is notwhy a new poll painting such a pretty picture for democrats. get ready for the heat and humidity to make a comeback. -- on the kym johnson is veronica johnson is predicting a return of the heat. larry: let's start with the forecast. the weekend was fantastic. it is about to change. veronica: exactly. it is about to change. out of this week, it is going to be the most comfortable day today. take advantage of it. we are trending toward more heat . the days are getting hotter and hotter. the heat index will be up around 100 degrees. some storm chances, which is typically th
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this time of year with the higher heat and humidity. 76 right now in d.c.. the temperatures are running 5-10 degrees higher than yesterday at the same time. today, what will it feel like? 96. it is going to be the coolest out of the week. or not as hot. we have a system well to the north and west. we will track a pattern change coming up. angela: julie wright is on vacation and she has taken everyone with her on vacation. we started up monday morning in a great fashion for you. not seeing any issues for you.
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smoothly. trouble spot is going to be interstate 66. this is what you are going to encounter. we are improving with those delays from manassas. once you get to centreville, this is what you will find. accident activity moved to the shoulder. since our last update, we have gotten rid of the crash. we still have the crash eastbound on 66. we have ramp restrictions in that area. we are dealing with volume delays. there are going to be slow speeds approaching wrote one. we will be back in just a few minutes to give you a ride. this morning, a very busy night for firefighters in montgomery county. firefighters were called to a fire in clarksburg. that is where they found a
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up in flames. they were able to put the fire out before it spread too far into the house. no one was hurt, but there was about $50,000 in damage. smoking material or an unattended grill may have started the fire. autria: thank you. problems for the white house. president trump's approval rating now at an historic low not even six months into the job. the new abc news/"washington post" poll finds that only 36% of americans think he is doing a good job. it also shows americans have a low opinion of democrats. only 37% say the party stands for something, most say it is just anti-trump. happening today, a meeting with russia back on the books. a state department official will sit down the kremlin deputy foreign minister today in d.c.
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meeting last month in st. petersburg because the u.s. treasury department reinstated sanctions over the ukraine crisis. larry: gridlock over the gop health care reform bill postpone it indefinitely. the key players expected to vote on the legislation, senator john mccain, is in arizona recovering from surgery. clot thaty the blood he had removed was more serious than they initially said. today, final preparations for the fairfax county school board. the vote was supposed to come this week, but board members say they needed more time to deliberate on a change. be sure to stick with us at
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kids at back to class, but today, parents in montgomery county, have a chance to rack up on items at a school supply sale. students and staff collect and donate items as they cleanout lockers and desks. the drive begins at montgomery high school and 9:00 a.m. renewing and remembering at arlington. sam sweeney is live. sam: good morning. the 21st annual renewal and remembrance day. landscapers and their families, specifically, come to take care of arlington. you can see some of the trucks already lining up. take a look at their video. they come out, they fertilize up aroundthey clean the gravestones, they aerate the lawn.
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everything. they give a hand to the people who work tirelessly here all year round. this is an honor for those who come do it. the 21st year. it is an exciting time. it is open to the public. it begins at 7:00 this morning. there will be several ceremonies . an outpouring of love and remembrance for martin landau. a losd on saturday at angeles hospital. it was due to unexpected -- after ans during surgery. he gained fame in the
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impossible" tv show and won an oscar for "ed wood." autria: carrie fisher was named a disney legend. a warning as you head out on the beltway. the new tickets being given
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what's better than an iced or frozen coffee on a hot summer day? nothing. dunkin's got all your favorite flavors this summer. keep cool out there, kids. america runs on dunkin'.
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least we had the weekend fun outdoors without the high heat and humidity, but it is back to work on this monday. that means back to high heat and humidity. temperatures across the area right now, the heat index running 5-6 degrees higher than the actual temperature. nats park, 76 right now. it feels like 82. like 79.lls, 74, feels later today, we will approach 90 degrees. yesterday, we touched right
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90. it will feel more like 95, 96 degrees in the afternoon. we don't have any showers and thunderstorms at lunchtime, but we do at 6:00 p.m. we have a higher threat late this afternoon and into the early evening. tuesday, we are right back up there. ,he heat index temperatures mid-to-upper 90's across the area. we will talk about our cool down coming up in 10 minutes. angela: on the roads, we are heating up. are sluggish at this hour. i want to get you started with a look at what is happening on interstate 95. we are actually on 66. this is where we have cleared a couple of accidents. we are still with that crash, however. ramp restrictions as you merge in with 66 eastbound.
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you are going to see some break lights from the earlier accident activity. this is the big picture map. we are starting to fill in with a little bit of color, especially coming from the east side. your speeds are as low as 14 miles per hour. that is the latest from traffic watch. larry: this morning, president trump's travel been causing heart ache in prince george's county. the story of an adoption stopped in its tracks. first, tragedy out west. the deva
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veronica: take a look at this. in arizona, search operations continuing after deadly flash floods turned deadly over the weekend.
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missing and the weather threat is still up for that area. elizabeth hur is following the very latest. >> with crews in the air and search dogs on the ground, rescue and recovery operations stretching in today three in central arizona. >> our trail is blocked off. >> this woman cop the frightening scene on her cell phone as a flash flood sent water, debris, and mud rushing down a mountain into the river below. >> the mom is in the water. >> i witnesses say dozens of swimmers caught offguard, held onto whatever they could to stay alive. >> finally got rescuers on site. >> four people were rescued and flown to hospitals with hypothermia. >> one witness said he looked up and saw a wall of water coming toward him. >> authorities
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that at least nine people, including two children, were killed. >> this is the worst flash flood accident we have had. >> when it rains up here, it really pours, it knocks down trees. >> the flood triggered by torrential rain in the area pounding this waterfront restaurant and uprooting trees in nearby neighborhoods. unfortunately for the same area and across arizona, the danger is not over yet with new flash flood watch is in effect through this evening. abc news, new york. travelpresident trump's ban hitting close to home for one couple in greenbelt. it put their adoption of a refugee on hold. he is now stuck in a refugee camp in ethiopia. their foster child was supposed to arrive on june 26, the same day the supreme court sent guidelines to approve the travel ban from six predominantly muslim countries. >> nobody has given
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any answers as to why our foster child is not with us. >> they are not looking to bring violence, they are looking to escape violence. larry: the couple hopes the state of a white blocks -- they hope the state of hawaii blocks the travel ban again when it goes to the state supreme court. see the patches divers welded onto the hull below the waterline of the uss fitzgerald. the navy must decide whether to repair the ship in japan or bring it back to the u.s. repairs are expected to take about a year. in hawaii, the navy welcomed the fitzgerald's sister ship to the fleet. it is named after the first medal of honor recipient of world war ii. there are now 63 early part class --
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63 destroyers. larry: aaron carter plans to go ahead with his meet and greet with fans after spending the weekend in jail. he faces misdemeanor charges of dui and pot possession. he is a former child star, best "aaron's his album "i wantnd his hit candy." .eorge romero died yesterday he was 77. autria: some star wars legends getting huge recognition at the d23 expo. especially carrie fisher. >> her timing was impeccable, except for in this case. she should be here. but she would want us all to have a good time and laugh and not be sad. autria:
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emotional words there. fisher died after filming her jedi." le in "the last the film is due out in december. oprah winfrey is also among the honorees. she has produced and starred in many charges -- roger asked for jitney. she will costar -- for disney. as mrs. whichr for disney. veronica: the anticipation on that one. autria: the humidity building. veronica: can we go back to the weekend please? autria: i know. so nice. veronica: perfect weather this weekend. not so much for the week. friday is going to be the hottest day out of the week. you talk about heat index values in the triple digits. today, we ar
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emoji day. out the door, short sleeves. there could be a pop-up shower coming our way. isolated. it could be strong this type -- time of year. mid 70's already this morning to around 80 degrees. we are into the mid-to-upper 80's by lunchtime. close to 90 degrees later. 89 in d c. 84, raleigh. likely to have higher south.tures virginia beach running at 79. in a moment, we will take a look at the beach forecast. monday, tuesday, wednesday for the work week, the best chance for showers will be each afternoon. today, they could last into the evening. you are looking at moay
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outer banks. becoming very isolated through the day. once again tomorrow, we will do it all over again. here is the beach forecast. monday, tuesday, wednesday, maybe some cloud cover. we have heat for the weekend. 91 degrees on saturday with a chance for a shower and thunderstorms. dry and very hot on sunday. the cooldown comes the early part of next week with temperatures in the mid-80's on wednesday. angela: on the roads right now, it is the perfect time for you to jump in if you have to commute. we are not seeing any major traffic troubles for you and we hope it continues. now and get into the action so you will be a part of what is going to happen later. let's give you a look at what is going on. interstate 95 in virginia. you are going to run into your slow spots woodbridge -- spots. woodbridge down
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hour. if you are making the right on southbound 270 heading into germantown, you were going to get as low as 32 miles per hour. the trip from frederick, that is where we have our bigger delays for folks making the southbound ride on 270. the capital beltway is doing well. you are going to run into a attle bit of snag -- a snag pennsylvania avenue. your trip from fort washington, heavy and slow on indianhead highway. no accidents for you, so still a great time to get in on the action for this monday morning. veronica johnson will be back to let you know what your day is
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larry: officials just north of tampa, florida are keeping a close eye on a huge sinkhole that has already swallowed two houses. the "gma" first look. >> a massive sinkhole just north of tampa, florida swallowing two homes. neighbors capturing the moment the roof comes crashing forward. the sinkhole is stable, officials say.
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next emergency. officials call it the biggest sinkhole in at least three decades. the gaping sinkhole is 225 feet wide and 50 feet deep. lake. big hole and a and we are in the middle of it. >> the disaster area is now filled with mud, sewage, and toxic debris. look, abc"gma" first news, land o'lakes, florida.
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>> now, "good morning washington" on your side. autria: you better slowdown down. new speed cameras going into operation. larry: what president trump just accomplished that no other president has done in 70 years. it is monday morning. i'm larry smith. autria: i'm autria godfrey. we are starting off the work week with heat and humidity. let's send it over to veronica jo
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here we go. the kids are at home. hopefully, you have lots for them to drink, maybe it big case of water. some water activities. it's got to cool off. maybe in the backyard. today is going to be the coolest day of the next five. you will notice much more humidity in the area. high humidity stays with us all week long with the temperatures going up. friday is looking like it is going to be the hottest. there will be a slight chance coming up on tuesday and wednesday. a few high clouds across the area. later today, the temperature tops out at about 88-90 degrees. a 30% chance of showers and storms today. take the 89-degree temperature with the humidity, your heat indexes 96.
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wednesday, thursday, friday running in the triple digits. we will talk about a break from the heat and where the storms could be setting up this afternoon. gotten we certainly have a break today. this monday morning has been an excellent traffic morning. i want to give you a live perspective. take a look at this. interstate 66. our eastbound lanes sluggish for the most part. once we get past all the accident activity. we mentioned three different accidents on interstate 66. as we go back to our maps, we will show you what is going on for the most part as you get closer to the centreville interchange. one of the accidents remains on the shoulder. we have some slow traffic through that stretch as you approach virginia. 29 miles per hour here. closer to the metro station, we are at 33 mi
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that is eastbound on 66. i want to take you back to southern maryland. the ride on 210, indianhead highway, we are down to 12 miles per hour through fort washington and we are looking at branch avenue, 33 miles per hour. upare hopefully getting back to speed. that is the latest from traffic watch. autria: a traffic alert if you are hitting the beltway. larry: suzanne kennedy is live in mobile trak 7. a new hot spot for tickets in prince george's county. suzanne: we are exactly where it is happening. we want to give you some information. we are between branch avenue and allentown road right at the exit onllentown road exit sign the outer loop of the beltway. you can see right here in front of us there is a white ford explorer parked. that is where the camera is. it has
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. it is being deployed today. it is kind he now 10 and 15 outets -- it is cranking 10-15 tickets. tickets will be given to motorists they go 12 miles per hour over the speed limit. tickets to be given out starting august 7. it is a work zone. they want motorists to slow down and they want them to drive 55 miles per hour. when they put the cameras in place, they say they are able to reduce speeding up to 90%. branch avenue, outer loop of the beltway between branch and allentown road. ,eporting live from the beltway suzanne kennedy. adrianna:
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now, the search for answers after minneapolis police officers shot and killed an australian woman who called 911. she was calling to report and assault -- a possible assault near her home and at some point, her.ficer shot and killed the officers were wearing body cameras that were not on. the mayor did offer condolences to the victims family. over to you, larry. the start ofmarks the first annual international robotics competition. a group of six girls from afghanistan will be front and center. their visas were denied twice before the president stepped in. the state department won't say why their visas were denied. afghanistanor to says they may have feared that they would have overstayed their visa. >> it is important t
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they should not impact the relationships and the people to people connections. on if there is no word any other countries faced the same hurdle as the afghan team. they entered a robot that can recognize blue and orange and sort balls into correct locations. autria: now to wimbledon, where roger federer has done it again, winning his eighth title on the grass. the won in straight sets, his record 19th grand slam title. he never dropped a set the entire tournament and the 37-year-old does not look like he is slowing down anytime soon with the u.s. open waiting later this summer for his chance at winning his 20th grand slam title. larry: a deal with kirk cousins up in the air. the new wrinkle for the franchise order back and what that means for his future with the redskins. the heat is on its way back. ve
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veronica: no surprise that it is a new work week for us. a new heat wave. this is the hottest time of the year for the washington dc area as we move through this second, third week of july. out there this morning, a little bit on the muggy side. here is a snapshot of it. the computer guidance giving us a temperature of 86 degrees. your heat index temperatures running mid 80's. most neighborhoods by 9:00 a.m. this morning. it will feel i can was 92-96. 92 around college park. herndon, 96, later. the could be isolated showers and storms. switch.
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the chance will be mainly areas around montgomery county, bethesda. the chance will start to diminish by 8:00 or 9:00. maybe still a shower or thunderstorm hanging on. angela: you mentioned it is the start of a new work week and we are doing so in great fashion. free for a lot of the capital beltway, but not delay-free now. interstate 95 toward new hampshire avenue, you are going to see plenty of brake lights continuing. not to takeo decide the capital beltway and go with the rails, we do have trouble spots for folks on the silver line. malfunction ater tysons. we are looking at drive times and lower speeds.
6:42 am
gaithersburg. you are trouble-free in terms of incidents. autria? autria: thanks, angela. it is an kultur versus delta this morning. why she is squaring off with delta coming up. kidd: 36%. -- john: 36%. president trump's approval rating. we are asking one word to describe why. we will talk about it coming up on "good morning washington." hundreds of people are showing up to arlington national cemetery to work.
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countless ailments. countless hours. and guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field with a bsn from strayer university. a nursing program created by and for nurses. let's get it, nurses.
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larry: president trump hitting an historic low. autria: our question to you, do you approve of the job president trump is doing? right now, john gonzalez is live in silver spring
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the reaction coming in this morning. john: good morning. six months since donald trump became president of the united states and the numbers are in and they are not good for the commander-in-chief. only 36% of americans believe he is doing a good job, according to this latest poll. take a look at some of the other startling numbers. this was a poll conducted by the "washington post" and abc news. 48% disapprove strongly of the job the president is doing. 48% believe the country is now weaker. 46% trust the president dealing with foreign leaders. 44% believe russia did help president trump during the election. we have been asking folks in downtown silver spring what they think. i've been asking folks to write on our "good morning washington" board one word to describe why they believe the approval rating
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is the lowest it has been in 70 years. not our opinion, but one gentleman wrote, "incompetent." this gentleman was on board with trump saying he is being picked on. racist, dishonest. one gentleman said, "trump being trump." one lady said, with you like him or not, his twitter have it has been brash -- have it has been brash. larry: thanks for that. gridlock on the hill. the vote of the gop health care reform bill postponed indefinitely. right now, one of the key players expected to vote in favor of the legislation is missing. senator john mccain is in arizona recovering from surgery. autria: a twitter battlst
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conservative commentator ann coulter and delta airlines. adrianna hopkins has more on the bitter back-and-forth. adrianna: social media has declared delta the winner in this one. it started yesterday when delta gave away ann coulter's preferred seat. she tweeted this. this is just a few of her dozen tweets. delta eventually fired back. they tweeted this. sorry youter, we are preferredceive the see you pay for and we will refund your $30." social media saying delta came out on top of this one, kind of bash ann coulter for her tirade. larry:
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in pennsylvania, 1500 people gathering for a vigil to remember four young men shot to death and burial a farm. 20-year-old cosmo dinardo admitted he set the men up and kill them when they came to the farm to buy marijuana. now, the healing process begins for an entire community. isit is overwhelming, but it meaningful to know that some new people cared about these boys. >> it is a process. we are all healing together. larry: dinardo agreed to plead guilty to four counts of first-degree murder. in exchange, he will be spared the death penalty. his cousin was also charged. inria: a tough week maryland. julian the draft had to be humanely euthanized after health problems.
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took a sharp decline this weekend. such events prevent in the future. larry: a happy ending for an injured bald eagle found in d.c. he is now back flying high in the sky. the bird was found on the ground a half-mile from the police academy where two eagles have been nesting under video surveillance. the eagle was treated at a center in delaware. it has been tagged for identification and release. rescue crews will be back out in central arizona searching for one person missing after a weekend of deadly flash floods. autria: at least nine people were killed. one person capturing the moment water rushed down a mountain into the river below, one woman holding onto a tree branch. >> the mom is in the water. autria: dozens of swimmers held
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alive. four people were rescued and flown to hospitals with hypothermia. flash flood watches remain in effect until this evening. larry: it looks like kirk cousins and the redskins will not reach a deal on a long-term contract before the deadline today. he will play in the franchise tag this year, under which you will make a nice $24 million. he will become the first quarterback in nfl history to play under the franchise tag in consecutive seasons. hecannot sign elsewhere, but is guaranteed the average of the top five salaries at his position. that is what that means. he is open to doing a long-term deal after the upcoming season. autria: today, a push to renew and remember at arlington national cemetery. sam sweeney is live with what is coming up in the day ahead. sam: good morning.
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national cemetery. today will be a lot of people coming here to work. you see this sea of yellow vests. these people are part of the association of landscape professionals who come every year to help spruce up the grounds at arlington. i want to introduce you to one of the families who have been coming here for 14 years. what brings you down every year? >> we love to come down to volunteer, to give our efforts. we have been coming 14 years as a family. it started when we were little kids. sam: what will you be doing specifically today? >> some crews will be liming, some will be doing irrigation, hard scape, plantings. myself, personally, we will be doing the sustainability and recycling cleanup. sam: thank you so much. there will be a number of ceremonies
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run throughout the day. back to you in the studio. larry: all right. autria: you were saying it is good they are out there today. veronica: exactly. it is just going to get hotter this week. it is always good when there is one person who is the sunblock police. poolside, every day this week with high temperatures, a good time to get out and hit the pool. for the next three days. the could be showers and storms. that showersmind could be seen around 3:00 or 4:00 today. today. 90 degrees is what it will feel a.m. y 10:00 starting at noon today, 95 is the number. watch how long we stay at 95. up
6:54 am
these numbers are likely to be in the triple digits starting on wednesday. upper 80's at 8:00 this evening. the hottest time of the day between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. today. your highest chance here is around 6:00 p.m. for showers and storms. we will keep it until around 7:00 or 8:00 this evening. dry conditions as of today for thursday and friday. look at the heat. 96 degrees. it is going to be one hot next seven days. angela: wow. , it is an veronica excellent commute for the most part. we are starting to see usual delays filter in around the capital beltway for folks making the right on interstate the six -- 66, the accident is still here on the shoulder once you get into the centreville
6:55 am
heavy traffic northbound on 28 trying to get to interstate 66. once you get there, pockets of slow traffic. 24 miles per hour through this area. 26 through fairfax. if you are making the right this morning on interstate 95, you are doing ok for the most part. once you get to the capital beltway and merge into the outer loop, we have speeds as low as 14 miles per hour. the usual gridlock approaching new hampshire avenue. for folks making the right on the rails today, no service disruptions for you, but you will run into delays on the silver line. largo town center, heading that way, we have delays. just one malfunctioning train. kidd o'shea is here to get us "in the now." kidd: the hbo website crash during the "game of
6:56 am
season premiere last night. app users of the hbo now also reported problems to do with buffering. adrianna, you are the only one on the desk who watches the show. adrianna: i did not want last night, so i hope everything is all a go. as soon as work ends. [laughter] autria: every time you show a clip from this show, it is literally the exact same clip, people running through snow about to attack one another. adrianna: yes. kidd: that is the show. adrianna: it is a huge part. [laughter] adrianna: "game of thrones" is very secretive, so they go and film in these remote locations and they only show you the same ,ew shots because, otherwise you will pick it up too much. they are at an advantage because the book series is over.
6:57 am
and writers of the show on their own tangent, so they really don't want you to know anything. i know you guys don't care. [laughter] kidd: we're going to start season one. ryan philippe was hospitalized for a leg injury over the weekend. he currently stars in the usa network show "shooter." he was supposed to be here on "good morning washington" to talk about his hit show. he is a longtime fan, back to the "cruel intentions" days. i'm very sorry for your injury, but i'd be lying if i didn't confess i was going to be bragging.
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good morning, america. new this morning, our brand-new poll showing president trump at a record low approval rating and the clear message from a majority of americans about his twitter account. the president is getting better marks on the economy as the stock market soars and this morning a major new setback on the health care bill. deadly flash floods. nine members of the same family swept away by a wall of water in arizona triggered by torrential downpours as monsoon season gets underway. the new warnings this morning. new overnight, this yoga and meditation instructor fatally shot by police after calling 911 to report a disturbance near her home. major questions this


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