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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  July 17, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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that it is showing signs of raining itself out. so good news. but the flooding continues there. tu same situation with the heavy flooding. it's quiet weather wise behind it but we will monitor the montgomery county issue in the next hour or two. we are keeping a storm west of frederick. this is 96 in fredericksburg. the next four days are warmer and humid. it's uncomfortable so. with more tomorrow chances i will point out. patchy fog in the area of the rain. the changes from 90 tomorrow and the mid-90's for the rest of the week. alison: breaking right now the
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all-clear given after police say a man rammed a car in a barricade outside the capitol. the bomb squad twice deadnated the trunk. >> this is all clear. traffic is moving smoothly. this is behind me where the police say a driver purposefully hit a barrier and a police cruiser. the driver of the black car truck a barrier and the cruiser at 11:45. a drive and police officer suffered minor injuries. the entire area around the capitol was locked down. hundreds of people were told to stay indoors or get off the
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streets. >> this is my first experience. it's scary. >> vermonts disrupted the trunk of the car twice. blowing it open to determine if it contained anything dangerous. they found nothing. they charged the driver with assault on a deadly weapon. incident and the lockdown left people unnerved on capitol hill. >> i don't know. i used to work in a school so i am used to lockdowns from time to time. >> there does not seem to be a nexus to terrorism but these are serious offenses. >> four months ago a person crashed a car in a cruiser and ran and that ended with the officers opening fire e
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>> we will alert you when it breaks and sign up at to have alerts sent to your phone. >> this is video that showed five dozen of the vehicles that were scrapped. this is as gajs of people taking over the city streets. >> if you are not going to ride in the proper manner don't ride at all. >> i am all for it. if they sell it back, somebody else is on the road. >> the d.c. released pictures of it 90 people wanted for illegal riding. you can find them online at
5:04 pm >> eight months after a school bus plowed in a row of card killing six people an emergency audit yet to begin. after the crash, investigators found the department of education missed safety warnings that could have kept the driver off the road. audit of the systems was requested in april. the education officials say they will request bids soon to begin the process. >> lock your bike and check it twice. growing number of thieves are naughty; not nice. that is a warning from arlington police after a round of the hay-end pike thefts over the weekend. >> what we are hearing is that online thieves -- bicycle thieves are speaking a lot online. they are targeting areas where the bikes are plentiful.
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a secure lock. if you have a valuable bike you may want to keep it inside at all times when you are not on the road. >> as the popularity of cycling grows, another trend grows with it. >> he says two high-end bicycles one that is worth $2,000 stolen from the garage in his office in rosslyn. an abc7 employee had two bike stolen from a bike storage locker in a building on wilson boulevard and rosslyn that was a $2,000 loss. >> it's a robust sales market. the thieves can get them and move bikes to the variety of places. >> arlington police have seen increase in the bike thefts compared to last year. >> we see if increase in the summer because more people are out using bikes and more people look online
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bikes. >> a lot of people don't understand the scope. >> mike works at fresh bike in boston and some bikes will cost $5 s.u.v. to -- $5,000 to $7,000. organized thieves will often car arlington. >> the bolt cutters could get through this quickly. we heard from the property that manages the building on wilson boulevard. they are aware of the situation and working with law enforcement. alison: president trump is at the white house trying to turn the page
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revolutions about the son. but a new shows him with the lowest six-month approval rating of any president since polling began 70 years ago. more now from emily rau. emily: the white house kicks off the made in america week. fielding questions to trump about the products outside the u.s.. >> it's not opiate for me to comment about a business. >> more questions about donald trump jr. agreeing to meet with a lawyer with kremlin ties and russian lobbyist that was a foreign intelligence officer. the white house maintains that don jr. did nothing wrong. >> the first thing you are hearing is don jr. did nothing wrong. >> the
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of americans think that it was inappropriate meeting. president trump's healthcare bill is stalling with americans say they prefer obamacare in a two to one margin. >> it's two to one more popular. this has stalled in the senate. >> trump supporting the bill making phone calls and trying to secure votes. >> there is new video regarding the double murder that took place in suitland last week. in this video they get out of
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they believe they were approaching sims and douglas. then a man runs to the car and drives in the direction of that shooting. police believe they may have played a role in the shooting. call the police if you recognize them. larry: the must see video. alison: they are putting full faith in the ability to stop a bullet. larry: nancy chen joins us from the "n.f.l. live" to explain. -- from the "live desk" to explain. nancy: we got this with the headline assassination attempt to the c.e.o. the grand finale is the bullet fired at the c.e.o. with a thin piece of glass. the c.e.o
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technology that the military used for years and it uses a thin fill tom apply to any existing window rather than the heavy glass you see associated with bullet resistant. >> we have to protect the emergency responders and the police officers. those that need protection are vulnerable. >> this technology is not cheap. while it's cheaper than installing the thick heavy glass it runs around $2,000 per window. dramatic to see. >> thank you. alison: coming up, a community at risk of being washed away. >> in came out of nowhere. search for survivors after a flash flood rips through a family event killing at least nine people.
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what happened moments before the s.u.v. ended up lodged in the roof of a home. >> will the potomac mills nationals continue to play woodbridge or will they be moving out of town? we have a quest your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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larry: the team will need a new stadium so they are trying to figure out where it will be built. q mccray is live with the hunt for a home. q mccray? q: he says that place is outdated. this is home of the potomac nationals but not for long. the fans are not happy. >> i wish th
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them. i go to a couple of their games. q: we spoke to the owner over the phone and he said negotiations for a new stadium struck out so they are looking for a new home. he wouldn't tell us where. we did some digging and they found out that the possibilities. the team is more than welcome in spotsylvania county. arlington county is out. alexandria is in. >> this is not a bad idea. >> they played at four mile run park as alexandria dukes. sean murphy is all for a comeback. >> that would be exciting.
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community. >> i reached out to alexandria city hall. they are staying open minded about a potential move to the city. >> the video of a rare phenomenon. this is a fire rainbow. this is caused by sunlight hitting the ice crystals in the sky. >> this is a time lapse from earlier this morning in pay shore, michigan. shot f
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it was visible far south as the u.s. from michigan to new york. doug that is the latin lesson for the day. this is cool to see. to have these thunderstorms in july it rains itself out. this is looking live at the high school. we have an area to watch. there is a flash flood warning in effect. mainly for laytonsville area. there was a storm that rebuilt and rained. there are otherazes that we are keeping an eye on. it is slowing a tendency
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notting hill move in a hurry. this is heavy in laurel. the over area is going to sub vide. we have heavy rain. not drifting east. this system doesn't move much. it will rain and rain and you will get two or three inches to cause the flooding. machine storms will diminish as the sun is lower and it will set this evening. 87 is what it feels like in leesburg. feels like 97 in quantico. the air choyts get higher and we'll have more of a chance at showers and
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this is very warm and humid. you can count on the area of the patchy dense fog. it will feel more like 95 or 96. there isn't any rain for thursday. it's just hot and humid. it's tropical weather season. we have a new one. tropical storm don. in is way out in the eastern atlantic. 500 miles southeast of barbados. there are top winds to aruba. it's unclear if it will make a turn to the western caribbean or it will hold t
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for the next ten days we have 90's like last week and the week before. it's 90 tomorrow. 95 on wednesday. 96 on thursday and friday. we are in the mid-90's until next week. this is a good weather news. the longer term models showing the fairly cool air for this time of year. by the middle to the end of next week we may have a string of three or four days that is beautiful, sunny, dry, low humidity and lower temperatures. >> thank you. a family has a tie to an actor. >> plus there is a devastating story. there is a ter
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warning. larry: shocking scene. s.u.v. that is lodged in a roof and what happened moments earlier. alison: tonight in primetime -- but first, adrianna hopkins has a look ahead at tomorrow's "good morning washington". adrianna: thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington," the unique new strategy to stretch the paycheck further to lead you on a path to financial freedom. >> before you hit the trails and rough it in the great outdoors don't miss the ultimate camping survival kit. >> keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning starting at 4:25 on "good morning
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larry: take a look at this. that is a car buried in the roof of the house. the driver flew off a pole and hit a house before slamming into a roof. driver did survive but the rescue was complicated. no one inside the house was hurt. i took the first responders hours to remove
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alison: we are learning that a flash flood overwhelmed a swimming hole and the children were three generations of the same family. >> the floodwater rushed in quickly. the swimmers were caught off-guard holding on to whatever they could to stay alive. >> this came on quick and there was no reaction time. >> they were celebrating the birthday at the swimming hole. they are ranging in age of two years to 57. the husband hector is still missing. monday dozens of the volunteers continuing to search for him.
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found. they can't stop looking until he is found. >> the officials say that the storm was violent. >> unleashing an inch and a half of rain per hour in some areas. this happened after there was burned by a wildfire. a flash flood continues forst most of area. >> a sword from a battle that made history that has a connection to fare ris buehler. alison: and a man throwing a child to traffic. the quick thinking that allowed the child to escape unharm and the moments that the strangers chased the man down.
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>> announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: time may be running around for coastal cities around the world. a new report pinpoints the areas expected to be the hardest hit. it includ
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communities on the eastern shore including crisfield. brad bell is there tonight. this is a andly growing problem. brad: it's not an entirely new notion. we have been talking about it for a long time. people have known the towns would be endangered. but they are finding that communities will be affected. crisfield is barely above sea level now. you can see the glenwood evans crab packing company. you can see the bulk head. that is where the normal high tide stops. they only have a foot to spare. this is long called the crab capital of the world is at the end of the road where eastern shore meets the bay and the bay is pushing farther to the shore. crisfield native tammy
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becoming more and more common. >> i don't think it will be here much longer it's sad. >> barbara's familiar lay runs the ferry boat to tangier island where she grew up. she sees the sea level riding. >> it's hard to believe. everything changing the tide. >> both women worth in the area that ion cysts say will frequently be underwater in two decades. the new report by the union of concerned scientist claims maryland will be among the hardest hit regions in america as the sea levels rise with 22 communities expected to be inundated 26 days a year. the eastern shore land conservancy says towns like crisfield have to retreat to higher ground. >> they have time for serious planning to look at what they want the community to look like in the future. >> tammy and barbara say to them it doesn't look like much of a
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>> this is our business down here. >> it's sad. we don't have nothing. there is nothing here. people won't invest close to water if it will be flooding. this is the newest condos here. they have been built up on the stilts out of the water. if you look over you can see the old style construction built down near the water. it's not a reason for panic but it is according to the planner the reason to abandon that construction and go to the you newer kind and get buildings raised up higher. alison: the crews have stayed busy to set up a perimeter
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swallowed two homes there. the scene is hazardous is they can't begin clean-up. it's hazardous due to septic tank and water contamination. it could take months before things could return to normal. emergency officials call it the busiest sinkhole in three decades. it's 225 feet wide and 50 feet deep. larry: wow! checking the streets around the capitol are back open after a man intentionally rammed his car in a barricade this morning. both driver and capitol police officer suffering minor injuries. the car was searched for explosives but nothing was found and terrorism is not suspected. alison: the police in arlington are telling bike owners to be alert following a string of the high end bike thefts. several bikes worth $2,000 each stolen from a garage storage locker. the police have
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arrest. larry: president trump has the lowest approval rating from any president after six months in office. only 36% of americans say he is doing a good job in a new poll. the 48work say the u.s. leadership in the world is weaker since president trump took office. alison: a community is demanding answers tonight after a beloved woman was shot by police after she called 911. justine diamond called to report an assault in the alley behind her minneapolis home. she went outside to explain to the officers why she called them, she was shot by one of the officers in the car. the body cameras were not turned on. >> she undoubtedly will be missed by the family. she was loved. we will miss her. >> i am heartsick and disturbed.
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cameras were not on. >> they started to use the body camera of after last year's death of castile shot and killed by a cop. both officers involved in the it shooting are now suspended with pay. >> in colorado springs a 30-year-old is under arrest for throwing a 2-year-old to a busy roadway. this happened friday night. drivers were able to avoid the 2-year-old so he is okay. >> the baby stood up and i was like oh, my god. it's the kids. larry: in that video, you can see the husband and the bystanders chasing the man down. that is the child's 30-year-old cousin who is in custody and charged with attempted murder. alison: terrible. mi
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decision for redskins quarterback kirk cousins. he will play this season and it will be an nfl first. q: police need your help to find this guy who they say is armed and dangerous. "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice is next. larry: video showing a police video out of control after the officer passed out. now concerns there is something wrong with the car. coming up at 6:00, "7 on your side" takes a look at whether any local police forces use the type of vehicle.
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steve: watching thunderstorms now. no active thunderstorm warnings. if you are in the laurel area looking for downpours at this time, little thunder and lightning. looking ahead for the next three days 90 tomorrow. in the middle 90's on wednesday and
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the summer is definitely here. it's monday but it's never too early to look at the weekend. 96 on friday. by sunday it's hot and humid. daytime high around 96. the ten-day outlook. once we get through the upcoming weekend we will stay in the middle 90's for monday next week and cooler by the middle of next week. you are watching "abc7 news at 5:00". we are back after this.
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q: welcome to the "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. i'm q mccray. we have an alert from the prince william county police department. they want him off the street. he has a gun and they don't want him to use it. here he is in action with the hood on and the gun out. puts it to the clerk's head and pushes it behind the counter. he wants cash and the worker does what he is ordered to do. he gets the cash door and he is on the way out. pointing the gun at the clerk one last time before running out the door. the police hopes someone will recognize his mannerisms and think think he is between 16
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and 24. 5'5" with a medium build. call the police department if you have information about the suspect. now take a look at the wall of justice. the metropolitan police department is looking for anthony. a.k.a. "dink." he is accused of beating up his roommate, breaking his rib and knocking him unconscious. they searched for darius jackson who is accused of slamming his ex-girlfriend into the wall by her neck and put a gun in her face. prince william county, facing a malicious wounding charge for beating and biting a woman. in calvert county the police look for ryan watson who is facing attempted robbery and burglary charges. danielle evans is also wanted for burglary. if you have any information about the fugitives call police. "7 on your side" fighting back against crime. i'm q mccray. larry: well, piece of the civil war history feared lost forever turned up in a boston attic. this
5:42 pm
colonel robert shaw played by matthew broaderick in "glory." he was the commanding officer of the first all black army regimen. he died in 1863. the war was recovered after the war from confederate officer and given to shaw's sister. the sword was found last year by her great grand children. >> i said uh-oh. there are three initials on it. r.g.s. >> oh, this is the sword! >> well it is on display now in the massachusetts historical society. the director called it if holy grail of the civil war swords. alison: how cool is that? coming up next at 5:00, look out. the near miss caught on camera. why this crash could have been worse. kimberly: km
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on your side." can we talk to y hundreds of dollars on youmy car insurance. saved me huh. i should take a closer look at geico... (dog panting) geico has a 97% customer satisfaction rating! and fast and friendly claims service. speaking of service? oooo, just out. it was in. out. in! out. in!
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that was our only shuttlecock. take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more.
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early this morning a driver crashing through a fence before hitting a car and then the gas bump. it happened in washington state. amazingly the gas pump did not catch on fire. the driver was not badly injured. they believe he was drunk. larry: today the maryland state police are cracking down on the cars going too fast in the work zones. new speed cameras will be enforced on the bridge over suitland road. for knows the drivers caught speeding 12 miles or more will get a warning. starting august 7 you will get $40 ticket. the speed limit in the work zone area is 55 miles per hour. alison: tonight "7 on your side" with an alert about charter buses. summer is primetime for weddings, camp trips, winery tours. how do you know who is really driving your bus? "7 on your side" consumer investigator kimberly suiters brings us the second part of the monthses'
5:47 pm
kimberly: the first time we went to look for the owner of d.c. we searched public records, knocked on doors for d.c., maryland, virginia and found ray, in this unlisted address on leesburg pike. kimberly: ray? kimberly suiters, "7 on your side." can we talk to you. >> sure you can. but without the camera, please. kimberly: he did talk to us off-camera and argued that the two customers who complained for at fault for canceling the bus services without notice. burr the family said the charter bus did not show up on the morning of the family wedding. >> i was astonished to listen saying it's not acceptable. >> the martial arts instructor said the bus that did arrive had no air conditioning. >> the service endangered the lives of young children. kimberly: we found that he doesn't own buses himself. he is a broker. without a required passenger of transportation broker license. we told the department of
5:48 pm
january. they did not find criminal charges but he faces civil charges. >> he is not licensed. he is a crook. he is not supposed to be in business. >> one lawsuit has been dropped. the mounting legal fees weren't worth the fight. >> but one month after the first investigateive report they got a phone call from ray. >> very apologetic. >> a check for $1300. >> it was a shell game and we wouldn't have had the time to go through.
5:49 pm
>> he said his person who works with him took the money and he wanted to make it right. ray promised us he is not in the bus business anymore. but we wound him again in the same building he has always been in, this time under a different name. so we had a "7 on your side" producer call. this time it looks like a legitimate business. he asked about ray and inquired about booking a bus. how do you know who is behind your bus? unless you get a good referral from a trusted friend or news investigation, you might not. >> the blankets filled with love were dropped out the medical center. the messages of the encouragement came from people who visited the local subaru dealers. alison: l
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it was an active day. larry: a bit of rain and now it is going to change again. still have heavy downpours. doug: the first area to investigate we showed you 20 minutes ago. this is building to the city. zoom in to give you detail now. will is heavy rain now to kenilworth avenue and we are seeing the heavy rain to push across the line to northeast. this is raining but it is coming out in buckets. the second area is active frederick westward. it is showing heavy downpours and the possibility of hail.
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we have feels like temperatures of 97. it feels like 91 in hagerstown. 9 it 3 in washington -- 93 in washington. 92 in annapolis. tomorrow morning 60's to the mid-70's for the wakeup temperatures. early morning to late night fog in areas that got heavy rain. we will break in sunshine. we could see thunderstorms pop tomorrow afternoon. we get through the night hazy, warm and humid. maybe repeat of that to wednesday. the big change for wednesday and thursday temperatures jump to mid-90's. feel if it's over 100 both wednesday and thursday afternoon. hot and humid this weekend. back at more with 6:00. larry: robert with sports. and the big news. robert: there is a constant. kirk cousins made a lot of
5:52 pm
that is the constant. they failed to reach a long-term deal agreement so he will play this season under the franchise tag. he will be the first quarterback to play under the franchise tag for two seasons. he is interested in a deal but it could be harder than it sounds. here is joe theismann. >> the redskins will have one year, roughly 15 to 20 free agents in 2018. a lot unrestrict and six starters. so when you sign kirk cousins to a massive deal, you just can't think about signing one player. you have to look at the overall aspect of how it will affect your football team going forward. players come and players go. time for everybody.
5:53 pm
this is a balancing act the redskins trying to do now. robert: shortly after the deadline pass the redskins president released a statement saying we made kirk cousins an offer that included the highest guarantee amount for signing a quarterback in nfl history, $53 million. it would have made him the second highest paid player by average in nfl history. it went on to say despite the repeated attempts we haven't received on offer from kirk's agent this year. we are hopeful a long-term deal will be signed in the future. there you have it. riedone named player of the week. he has gone 7 for 11 since all-star break sitting .636. the nats are wasting no time today against the reds. bryce harper lines one sharply to right. that is gone. 123 on the season. he is a beast. next batter, ryan zimmerman dich to left. that is the most all time of ho
5:54 pm
history. nats win this. there could be a contract situation in the future but for now he will just make $24 million. sorry, you to settle. larry: oh, man. better cut back.
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alison: well, today, 400 volunteer landscape professionals were out in full force to beautify one of the most sacred grounds, arlington national cemetery. ryan hughes was there and shows us the efforts. ryan: from sanding to shoveling. hundreds of hands working as one to beautify the sake ret ret -- sacred ground. >> this work is so meaningful. >> they lend the expertise for the annual renewal and remembrance day. >> it gives us a chance to show our appreciation to the veterans and their families. ryan: many of the volunteers are vete
5:58 pm
irrigation system. supporting trees from the strong storms. planting flowers where many of the country's heroes rest. this is the 21st year landscapers have been volunteering their time. for many, it's turned into a family affair. >> the dedication here everyone fallen here keeps us coming back. >> there are 50 kids here and this is a chance to learn about the sacrifices men and women made. >> you get to see people from other places that you would never meet if you didn't come. you get to honor people who have fallen. >> the day of service swelled from 50 volunteers 21 years ago to now more than 400. >> we are
5:59 pm
the sacrifices they made. ryan: and make sure it stays in pristine condition. ryan hughes, abc7 news. alison: a loud boom and the all-clear given after a driver rammed a car into a capitol hill barricade. what police say happened. michelle: this is $1 million worth of marijuana. the unusual place it was hidden. alison: "7 on your side" investigates a potential hidden danger in police vehicles that could put officer' lives at ris -- officers' lives at risk. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. michelle: we begin tonight on storm watch as the pop-up storms bring a lot of rain and even hail to some part of the area. alison: chief meteorologist doug hill in the weather center. are there still storm threats out there? >> heavy rain and lightning but it's not severe
6:00 pm
the first area pushing and building southwestward to the city. this will drift downtown in the next half hour and diminish. we have a second area that we are tracking in frederick. this too makes a slow drift. it should diminish in the next couple of hours. outside of that we don't see packtivity. >> areas with the rain may see the patchy fog. the highs near 90. chance of a go-around tomorrow afternoon. the rest of the week, weekend and the next ten days comes your way in 15 minutes. michelle: see you then. roads are reopened after this hour after a driver rammed his car in a barrier and injured an officer. michelle: this happened at


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