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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 18, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now." the president forced to change his health care slogan, after losing the support needed to even vote on the bill, republicans are looking to just repeal obamacare and replace it later. and the minneapolis police department determining why two of its officers' body cameras were not turned on when a woman who called to report a crime was shot and killed. her family grief stricken a month before her wedding. a wild encounter while walking the dog. >> a man and his german shepard attacked by a bobcat. a neighbor runs in to help only to get bitten by the animal. and what's being called the most ien
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who got the boot? our chief international, local bachelorette analyst. >> jack. >> is here in "the skinny" on this tuesday. it is july 18. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> he is known worldwide as the analyst. see him back there. >> he is the man of "the bachelorette." >> kind of like vanna white? >> fascinating episode of "the bachelorette." >> everything's bigger in dallas. so intense. >> as you would know. being from that area. >> that's true, dfw. adrian's here with us while diane is hiking kilimanjaro this morning. and the health care bill that has failed after two more republicans have vowed to vote know. >> mitch mcconnell says he will
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push for a repeal bill. and work on a replacement for obamacare over the next two years. he plans to bring it to a vote in the coming days. mike lee of utah tweeting last night three and kansas senator jerry moran will not support the latest gop bill. it had already lost the support of two other republicans. president trump firing off a tweet, calling on republicans to immediately repeal obamacare now and work on a bill later. just hours earlier, with the vice president at his side, the president acknowledged the challenges of passing the revised bill but remained optimistic about getting it done. >> i think we're going to surprise a lot of people, but they're pushing very hard. the republican senators are great people, but they have a lot of different states. some states need this. some states need that. but we're getting it together. and it's going to happen. right, mike? i think. >> that didn't sound confident, and i guess there's a reason for that.
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the senate democratic leader, chuck schumer is calling on republicans to work with democrats on fixing obamacare, he released a statement overnight saying this second failure of trumpcare is proof positive that the core of this bill is unworkable. >> well, you know what? in light of all of this and the votes and all of that you think about the fact that no matter which bill we have in place, current situation, a lot of people are choosing to opt out of medical insurance. they just can't afford it or whatever they're paying for it is simply not enough, and they're not happy with it either. it's just a matter of what we can do to make it better for all. >> it could bring out something good though, for once, maybe, there might be, both parties working together on health care. >> i love your tentative optimism. >> it's great optimism. it could possibly, they tried the option of just doing it by themselves, the republican party did. it did not work. it so far has not worked. so why not try to come up with something together. >> democrats have made it clear they
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obamacare repeal. so this will be interesting. >> as we know, failure is an option. >> not a very good one. >> we'll see how that all plays out. we're going to turn our attention to the midwest and something else we've been following. there's plenty of outrage in minneapolis over the shooting of an unarmed woman whose wedding was set for next month. >> this is a sad story, a memorial of flowers growing outside justine damond's home. she was shot moments after police officers arrived on the scene. but everyone wants answers. family and friends, mayor and police chief are asking what went wrong. abc's linsey davis has more. >> reporter: a minnesota man is demanding to know why his fiance was shot and killed after calling 911 for help. >> the death of justine
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loss to everyone who knew her. she touched so many people with her loving and generous heart. >> reporter: justine damond was originally from australia. a yoga and meditation teacher seen here talking about her spiritual journey. >> i'm originally from sydney australia. >> reporter: she was getting married next month, but late saturday night, she called police to report a possible assault in the alley behind her home. she exited into this alley way and walked toward the street to meet the officers in their squad car, responding to her 911 call. minneapolis star tribune reports damond in pajamas approached the driver's side. the officer in the passenger side opened fire through the door. >> shots fired. >> reporter: damond's future stepson is outraged. >> my mom is dead because a police officer shot her for reasons i don't know. >> reporter: both officers are on administrative leave.
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a transparent and independent investigation, saying i understand why so many people have so many questions at this point. >> i am heartsick and deeply disturbed. i have a lot of questions about why the body cameras weren't on. >> reporter: the city rolled out body cams last year after calls for transparency following the shooting of philando castile. in nearby st. anthony. that officer was acquitted on the incident captured on dash cam. but in this case, no body cameras were rolling and no dash cam captured the incident. a father and son leaning on each other. >> we lost the dearest of people and we're desperate for information. >> reporter: one big question, why weren't those body cameras turned on. the policy states they should be on before any use of force and any contact with a citizen. linsey davis, abc news, minneapolis. >> it's a terrible story. >>
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join the search today for a man swept away by a flash flood in arizona. nine other members of his family were killed. just an inch and a half of rain from a thunderstorm eight mile upstream sent a six-foot wall of water thundering down the canyon. three generations were celebrating a birthday at a popular swimming hole in the tonto national forest. >> translator: it's something that we wish was a dream, a dream we could wake up from, to know that they are okay and that they are alive, but we know it's not. >> and a go fund me page has been set up to raise money for the family's funeral expenses. it's exceeded its goal of $50,000 in just one day, compassion pouring out. and in the nation's mid section today, temperatures will soar to 100 degrees. with heat advisories and warnings in effect, temperatures will average five to ten degrees above normal with little relief in sight. these could be the hottest days so far this year. there is a new clue in the
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of two girls in indiana. police released a new sketch of the suspect in the murders of abbey williams and libby german. the girls went missing in february after a hike on a nature trail. their bodies were found the next day. police have released an image of the suspect they say libby captured on her cell phone. and in arizona, a wild scene captured on video as a bobcat attacks a man and his dog. a good samaritan actually jumped in to try to help. and then the bobcat bit him on the hand. eventually the bobcat runs away but was later located and put down by wildlife authorities. they say the cat tested positive for rabies. but the man, the dog and good samaritan are all expected to be okay. >> that bobcat was holding on as he was spinning around trying to get him off. >> crazy. another animal story. this one's a little bit friendlier. a guy on new york's island says his dog wouldn't even run after a tennis ball. so imagine his shock when the dog ran into the water to save a
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deer. >> that is storm dragging the fawn toward the shore. >> oh. >> when he got there, storm nudged the deer in an attempt to make sure it was okay. >> oh, my goodness. this is like lassie. the fawn was taken in by animal control officers and is expected to make a full recovery. storm has been enjoying treats ever since. the dog is living up to its name of being a retriever and almost like lassie mixed with a st. bernard. >> and making sure the fawn is okay. storm still won't play catch with a ball. >> no, he's got bigger fish to fry. he's got to be a hero. that's the cutest video i've seen all year. i could watch it 75,000 times. >> not 85,000 times? >> maybe that, too. coming up in "the skinny," paddleboarding with sharks. see which a-list actor tmz spotted fearlessly facing down two great whites. but first, singer r. kelly
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under fire for reportedly holding women against their will. that story next on "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by car by car
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at least six people were injured after a roof collapsed at an atlanta restaurant. one man was treated at the hospital for a head injury. dozens of people were inside the restaurant when about 40% of the roof gave way. the cause of the collapse is being investigated, but authorities say heavy rains may have weakened the roof. now to a deadly plane crash at a golf course in arizona. it went down near long bow club. in mesa. it crashed about a half-mile off the end of an approach of a runway. two people aboard the plane are confirmed dead. not much left after that terrible crash. no word on the cause. we're going to turn our focus to explosive new allegation against the three-time grammy winner. >> the parents of several women are accusing r. kelly of holding several women against their will in what's being
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cult. wls has the story. ♪ >> reporter: with success has come some ugly allegations. now the singer is accused of controlling and abusing young women who lived with him. the allegation are outlined in a buzz feed report by chicago music critic jim derogatis. >> i think it's stomach churning. i'll tell you the most disturbing part of it besides the women being in pair ill, the entertain industry continues to, as the kids say, cosign r. kelly. >> reporter: in december, a concerned mother called johns creek police department in georgia, alleging kelly is controlling her daughter and a part of a cult. no one was at the house at the time of the check. in january, cook county sheriffs did a well-being check in which the parents related that they were concerned that their daughter was being held against her will, along with another young lady. at the visit, officers related she was fine and did n
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be bothered with her parents. derogotis interviewed those parents as well as the parents of another woman and three women who had allegedly been part of kelly's circle. >> they must turn and face the wall when another male enters the room. and their cell phone is taken from them so they can't contact family or friends. they are told how to pleasure him sexually and in encounters he records. >> reporter: r. kelly has had legal issues amid his grammy-winning career. in 2002, he was charged with child pornography. he was acquitted. there have been several other cases settled out of court against r. kelly, involving sex with underage girls. leah hope, abc 7 eyewitness news. now kelly's attorneys have responded saying mr. robert kelly is both alarmed and disturbed at the recent revelations attributed to him. >> that statement went on to say that mr. kelly unequivocally denies such allegations and will
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work diligently to forcibly pursue his accusers and try to clear his name. a statement there from his lawyer. when we come back, "the bachelorette" analyst, jack, is next. "the bachelorette" analyst, jack, is next.
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny oh, yes, skinny time. what? >> skinny in the house. >> skinny in the house. it means our weekly bachelorette update, rachel, visiting the guys' hometowns last night. >> it was an emotional scene indeed overnight. our chief analyst, bachelorette correspondent, contributor is here. >> keep it going. there's really nothing quite like, thankfully, there's nothing quite like the hometown
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episode. four guys, four guys, eric, peter, dean and the analyst pick brian. >> yeah. >> it is time to roll that beautiful bachelorette footage. eric's hometown. some basketball in baltimore, maryland. they finally get to meet his family. there was lots of love in the room. everybody was really getting on. eric is coming on strong, down the stretch. the family was just lovin' rachel. eric actually told one of the family members i really love this girl. so it's all going well for eric. >> yeah. >> next brian's hometown. analyst's pick, brian, down in miami, may as well play some dominoes while we're there. >> the bone yard, yeah. >> before meeting the family. it's important to have mom on rachel's side when it comes to brian's family. because mom apparently has, didn't have, wasn't down with
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that was, she was outta here at that point. >> they hated each other. >> they hated each other, basically. at one point, brian's mom told rachel, if he's happy, i'm happy. if not, i'll kill you. and then they go outside. brian actually says, rachel, i'm in love with you. so that went pretty well for brian. next, peter's hometown, madison, wisconsin. they're going to meet some of his bros at a little local watering hole. then it's home to meet the family. peter's mom basically told, wound up telling rachel, he may not be ready to propose. >> oh. >> now that's a problem for rachel, because she says, i'm looking for a proposal at the end of this whole thing. i'm not putting myself through all this if i'm not coming out with a rock. that's basically what she said. >> that's basic bachelorette 101. >> bye, peter. >> and then we get to this whole scene, next, aspen, colorado. dean's hometown.
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this was heartbreaking. you got to feel bad for old dean. the family, first of all, his father has become some kind of sikh. so while rachel is talking to dean's sister, dean was basically trying to confront his dad there in his best purple outfit about their past, their family's troubles, his mom had passed away, et cetera, et cetera. you get the idea. it did not go well between dean and his father. you really got to feel bad for dean. anyway, next rose ceremony. brian gets the rose. the analyst pick, brian, he got a rose. eric, he got a rose. >> ooh. >> now it's down to it. here it is. peter gets the rose. you know what that means? dean, no rose for dean. emotional. everybody's crying on the way out. you get the idea. dean gets in the car. three dudes left. >> dean is crushed.
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bachelor. >> well, i mean, then you might have everybody running for the doors, basically. >> we'll talk about it. we have a bonus round of "the skinny" coming next. round of "the skinny" coming next.
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny it is time for our bonus round of "the skinny." >> the close encounter with a pair of great whites. rob lowe out paddleboarding in santa barbara with his son matthew edward when this happens. >> can we take a moment and pay attention to rob lowe's dad bob?
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>> dad bod? he doesn't have a dad bod. he's hot. >> he has a bod that's hot. tmz caught these images of not one but two great whites in the water. >> he's been in the ocean his whole life and has never seen a great white until now, calling it an absolutely once in a lifetime experience. >> you can have it. >> i agree. we're going to read this straight, because, you know, this is big news. snoop dogg expanding his marijuana empire. >> yeah. the rapper, actor, of course he's a businessman. he's a business, man, offering a new line of premium water pipes. >> aka bongs. >> feature hand-blown models. >> aka dav rigs. they're called
3:57 am
mothership, rocketship and spaceship and starship. they range in price from $129 to $279. >> he offers his own line of cannabis products including edibles, concentrates which he launched in colorado two years ago. this video has nothing to do with any of it. >> absolutely nothing. it was prior to his legal business in colorado. >> we appreciate it. finally to strong words from actor chris hemsworth about charlise theron. he says theron would make a perfect fit as the first female james bond. >> he says the 41-year-old beauty could beat the blank out of me. he pointed out that she embodies 007. >> and she scares the hell out of me. >> while he has put her forward for 007. british actor daniel craig is
3:58 am
the role for the fifth time. >> he changed his mind. theron would be fantastic. ♪ i can do what i want to do.
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, the republican health care bill collapsing. after two senators say, they won't back it. the new plan repeal obamacare without replacing it right away. we're live with the very latest. the family is demanding answers after police shot and killed a woman after she called 911. what we learned about one of the officers overnight and previous complaints about him. major mistake involving student loans. why billions of dollars of debt could be wiped away leaving students with no payments. fire engulfs a highway after a collision. the crash and massive explosion caught on camera.


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