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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 18, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, the republican health care bill collapsing. after two senators say, they won't back it. the new plan repeal obamacare without replacing it right away. we're live with the very latest. the family is demanding answers after police shot and killed a woman after she called 911. what we learned about one of the officers overnight and previous complaints about him. major mistake involving student loans. why billions of dollars of debt could be wiped away leaving students with no payments. fire engulfs a highway after a collision. the crash and massive explosion caught on camera.
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we say good morning on what's turning out to be a busy tuesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm adrienne bankert in for diane macedo. breaking news, the collapse of the latest plan to overhaul health care derailed by two more republicans who refused to back the bill. >> well, now the gop leadership is changing course looking to repeal obamacare now and figure out a replacement later, much later. abc's elizabeth hur joins us now with the very latest. >> reporter: kendis and adrienne, good morning to you. for seven years republicans have promised to repeal and replace obamacare. but this morning, the chances of that happening with the current bill appear to be over. overnight, two key republicans delivering a fatal blow to the gop health care bill. senators mike lee of utah and jerry more ran of kansas announcing their opposition. moran saying w
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our stamp of approval on bad policy. it needed the support of at least 50 of the senate's 52 republicans but with a total of 4 republican senators declaring their no vote, the bill appears to be dead on arrival. giving democrats a reason to declare victory. senate minority leader chuck schumer tweeting this second failure of trumpcare is proof positive that the core of this bill is unworkable. >> right now we have no consensus. >> reporter: the vote scheduled for this week was already on hold after senator john mccain's health scare this weekend frustrating president trump who as candidate trump made this promise. >> to immediately repeal and replace obamacare. >> reporter: in a late night tweet the president again called on republicans to just repeal failing obamacare now and start from a clean slate adding democrats will join in and it's possible president trump gets that repeal.
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mcconnell now says he will hold a vote on a straight repeal with a two-year delay to make that transition. whether mcconnell will have the gop support even on a straight repeal is unclear. democrats have already said they're not on board. kendis and adrienne in yeah, senator john mccain will not be there for that vote. thank you. president trump is dismissing his son's meeting with a kremlin lawyer as simply politics. most would have done the same thing to get information on an opponent but sean spicer issued a denial and appeared to contradict the president and donald trump jr.'s e-mails which clearly stated it was set up to get incriminating information on hillary clinton. >> there was nothing as far as we know that would lead anyone to believe that there was anything except for discussion about adoption and
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act. i would refer you back to counsel on that. >> one of the president's allies is now questioning the legality of the meeting. chris christie said it was probably against the law for trump junior to get opposition research from a foreign country but he added it's too early to jump to conclusions. now to the high-level talks over two russian diplomatic compounds seized by the obama administration as punishment for election meddling. a senior official says they're close to reaching a deal for the u.s. to return the properties located in new york and maryland. but there's no word from the state department on the progress of the talks. russia has threatened to retaliate if the compounds are not returned. the trump administration has informed congress that iran is complying with the nuclear deal that allows sanctions to remain lifted. but in making the quarterly certification officials said that again that if iran is in default of the spirit of the deal, pointing to its ballistic
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terrorism, candidate trump had vowed to rip up the nuclear deal, but officials say the administration is now considering fixing flaws in the agreement. there are new details in the police shooting of an unarmed woman in minneapolis. just a month before she was to be married. the officer who allegedly fired the fatal shot has three prior complaints on file. abc's linsey davis has more. >> reporter: the fiancee of slain minnesota woman justine damond pleaded for answers. >> we've been provided with almost no additional information from law enforcement. >> reporter: late saturday night damond called police to report a possible assault in the alley behind her home. >> female standing behind the building. >> reporter: the paper reports damond in pajamas approached the driver's side. the officer in the passenger seat then opened fire through the driver's side door. >> shots fired. we've got one down. >> reporter: that officer identied
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two-year veteran of the force. independent investigators are working to learn what happened between those two calls. noor and his partner are both on administrative leave. the city rolled out body cams last year after calls for transparency following the fatal shooting of philando castile in nearby st. anthony but in this case no cams were rolling and the dash cam didn't capture the incident. >> like you i have a lot of questions about why the body cameras weren't on. >> reporter: this community is asking why police took their neighbor and friend. >> we've lost the dearest of people and we're desperate for information. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, minneapolis. >> searchers admit it would be a miracle if they hope to find an arizona flash flood victim alive. the search resumes at daybreak for hikter garnica who was washed away. his wife and three children were among the nine family members who were killed. the extended family was celebratg
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tonto national park and the search ended because of a threat of another flash flood. flash flooding is possible throughout arizona and parts of nevada today with monsoon season in full swing there. and accuweather's paul williams says it's not the only nasty weather in the forecast. >> good morning. interior will sizzle a bit but it's the monsoonal moisture that we're most concerned about at this point. we look for widespread afternoon/evening thunderstorms for tuesday right along the arizona and new mexico line then starting to ease away further to the north. that's going to be the pattern of concern for the rest of the week. get this, heavy thunderstorms continuously fueled by that push of monsoonal moisture coming out of the south. massive urban flash flooding and sudden flooding in desert washes. i'm meteorologist paul williams from accuweather. i've got friends who live in the
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really rough weatherwise. the missing paperwork that could lead to billions of dollars of student loans being erased. developing right now a restaurant's roof collapses with people dining inside. details on injuries and what's being blamed. a bobcat latches on to a man's arm. the vicious attack caught on camera.
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that would be a police car speeding down a north carolina highway on the wrong side of the road. the officer was heading to complaints of road racing. several of those drivers were arrested. state police are now, though, reviewing that video of the state trooper going the wrong way there.
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american doctor continues his examination of a terminally ill british baby at the center of that legal battle. it's a critical step in charlie gard's ongoing fight to keep him alive. they want to bring him to the u.s. dr. michio hurano must tell a judge if the treatment will help. investigators want to know the cause of a deadly plane crash on an arizona golf course. it went down at long bow golf club in mesa killing two people. just look at the devastation there. the pilot reported mechanical trouble but was unable to reach the airport. the plane completely flattened. also at least six people injured after a roof collapsed at an atlanta restaurant. three of the injured were treated at the hospital. one for a possible head injury. dozens inside the restaurant when 40% of the roof gave away. while they were dining. the cause of the collapse being
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authorities say that heavy rains may have weakened that roof. tens of thousands of americans who have been unable to pay off their private student loans could wind up seeing those loans erased. it's a possible outcome of a legal dispute involving national collegial student loan trust, one of the largest owners of private student loans. debts could be erased because of missing paperwork and incomplete ownership records. >> some people saying a mistake. others saying lucky. >> hallelujah. exactly. you can tip your uber driver. today is the first full day of that feature and just today uber matching all tips as a way of thanking its drivers. riders will be able to add the tip after they rate them at the end of a trip and you can add the tip up to 30 days afterwards. so you better have a real good impression if you're giving it a month later. r. kelly firing back after allegations surface that he was holding women in a cult. what the singer is saying. a massive
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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer so we're thinking that's not where that balloon was supposed to come down. >> nope. >> yeah, it landed in the street near a town in philadelphia. no one was hurt thank goodness. the road was closed for a couple of hours. once it was out of the way, the street was open to traffic again. those traveling on the ground this morning should watch out for flooding in the southwest and upper midwest. roads will also be wet along the gulf and southern atlantic coast and parts of the interior northeast. >> flying airport delays are most likely in phoenix, las vegas, minneapolis and new orleans. well, there is a new clue in the search for the killer of two girls in indiana. >> police have released a new sketch of a suspect in the murders of abbey williams and libby german. two friends found dead in february after a hiking trip. authorities say the sketch is based
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witnesses who were on that trail the same day as those young girls. police had previously released an image of the suspect they say libby captured on her cell phone. a stunning development in that deadly shooting that happened at a woman's gender reveal party near cincinnati. one woman was killed and eight others including three children were injured when two men opened fire at the celebration. now, get this, police now say a woman who claimed to have lost her baby after being wounded wasn't even pregnant. authorities claim their investigation has been hampered by witnesses passing information they know to be lies. >> just a strange situation from beginning to end. well, here's another strange thing. r. kelly denying allegations that he's holding women against their will. the claims against kelly come from the parents of several women. they were first published by buzzfeed. they're claiming kelly is controlli controlling, abusing and
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do certain things for r. kelly. his attorney saying that he is very disturbed by these allegations and unee givably denies them. no charges filed against him. the women involved in the allegations are all of age. we have new video ofa bobcat attacking a man and his dog in arizona. a good samaritan jumped in to help and the bobcat then bit him. eventually the bobcat runs away but was later located by wildlife authorities who say the cat tested positive for rabies. the man, the dog, the good samaritan all expected to be okay. in china the dramatic video of that crash between a van and a semi truck. the truck appeared to hit the van causing a massive explosion. the van was loaded with paint and paper. the truck was carrying steel products. the driver of the van says he didn't see how it happened. he just heard a big boom. amazingly no one injured. police are investigating. the world's best golfers getting set for this year's british open. it starts o
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other sports from espn. good morning, it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett. neil everett. very impressive, very entertaining, summer league in las vegas. >> yeah, the lakers are the best team of the teams that are at the summer league. lonzo ball didn't play in the championship. has a groin injury, strained calf. will have an mri. he was your mvp. kyle kuzma, impressed. magic johnson said we're hoping we could get and they got him in the d'angelo russell mozgov trade. he played at utah. so he was the mvp of the championship game. ball, the mvp of the league. magic johnson all happy. not sure if they'll have a championship banner ceremony for the flag they won in vegas. wade davis in the ninth trying to protect the lead. runners on the corners, davis, not the throw he
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can't handle it. run score, 4-2 now. fans in atlanta ready for some more runs. later in the at bat matt kemp bringing in freddie freeman home. braves now down 4-3. bases loaded. two outs. fans think they've got this one but they don't. johan kamargo flies out. that's the end of the game. davis protects the lead and the cubs win it 4-3. >> we should probably just said good-bye. >> exactly. back to you. >> before last night's game, the houston astros led an important part of the team know it may be gone but not forgotten. >> two months since carlos beltran last played in the outfield. he's been a designated hitter. his glove has died of loneliness laid to rest in a service held by pastor brian mccann. beltran says the funeral made him actually laugh. >> the ball manager and he both
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this saying that's what teams are for. to have fun. >> all right. well, up next in "the pulse," for sale, the tallest house in america. how tall is it? and why is it a tough sell? picture proof why robots don't make good mall cops. dad: flash drives? yup. that's dad taking care of business. laptop setup? yup. but who takes care of dad? office depot, office max. this week, all hp ink, buy one get one 30% off. ♪ taking care of business
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buried just under the surface, the answer to it all. ♪ we want to need each other. ♪
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♪ time for your tuesday morning "pulse" and start with a pretty strong dog, we might say. a kite one as well. >> oh. >> also a deer. that's the dog. his name is storm dragging a fawn that was drowning straight out to safety. >> this one took place on new york's long island when storm got to shore, he nudged the little deer in an attempt to make sure that the animal was okay. look how sweet. >> yeah, look at that. so the fawn was taken in by
4:23 am
expected to make a full recovery. as for storm his owner says that he usually doesn't even run for a tennis ball but he knew enough to go fetch. >> just amazing. i mean, amazing that the deer was in the water, like bambi and lassie together. >> cute. >> all in one beautiful viral video. >> would make a great movie. what may be the world's tallest single family residence, yeah, is for sale. >> the falcon nest in prescott, arizona, is ten stories tall and has 6200 square feet. >> wow. >> practically vertical. there is an elevator, we should point out. not a walk-up. adrienne, like your place. >> seriously. >> the views of the town are spectacular. the interior also very modern. >> yeah, i only go up six floors. this is ten stories. you dot to have an elevator once you get past seven. falcon nest is a tough sell. it has been on the market for a few years and the asking price recently cut in half to just 1.5 million. >> not a bad deal considering
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>> 6500 square feet. now to the demise of a security robot designed to keep people safe at a washington, d.c. complex. >> yeah, well, after just a few days on the job the robot was taken down by a water fountain. the oddly shaped bot fell in the water and couldn't get back up. >> ah. >> it has no limbs so mere mortals had to come to the rescue. >> the bizarre image sparked a flurry of tweets attributing the mishap from everything to baptism to suicide. i think paul blart would be proud. his job is safety in "mallup wid morning washington. it's july 18th, and get ready for another day of 90 degree heat. your forcast is moments away. but first.. here are some of this morning's top stories. a major shift on capitol hill as the gop effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act, collapses. two more gop senators came out against the revised health care plan last night- me
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enough votes to pass. now-- majority leader mitch mcconnell says he will push lawmakers to vote on a measure to repeal obamacare without an immediate replacement. president trump tweeted a response last night encouraging republicans to repeal obamacare and then work on a replacement later. the tweet also called on them to forget the current proposals and work on a new health care plan from scratch. good morning washington. toss to eileen - repeat of yesterday (pop up afternoon storms) - 6 days of oppressive heat & humidity (95+; feels 100+) - a break comes next week today: partly sunny. hot and humid. afternoon thunderstorm possible. highs: 89-94 winds: se 5-10 mph tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. warm and very muggy. patchy fog. lows: 69-75 winds: s 5 mph wednesday: hot and humid. stray pm t-storm. highs: 91-94 winds: ssw 5 mph
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breaking overnight. a huge fire tears through a row home
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washington and spread to a second. it happened around 1 o-clock this morning in the 200 block of morgan street. that's near the convention center. we have learned that 2 firefighters suffered non-life threatening injuries as they battled the flames. investigators tell us that smoke detectors alerted residents inside, allowing them to escape. the fire displaced 8 people. we have a reporter on the way to the scene and will have a live update coming up at 5 o-clock. covering metro this morning - the house has approved a new safety agency for metro by a nearly unanimous vote. virginia and maryland already signed off on the new commission, as has the u-s senate. the federal transit administration has overseen metro safety on a temporary basis since 20-15 and will continue to do so until the new entity can meet it's responsibilities. a new report on rising sea levels pinpoints areas that could be hardest hit -- and that includes several communities on maryland's eastern shore. the community of "crisfield" is on that lis
4:29 am
capitol of the world! we talked with residents who tell us they aren't surprised by the report because floods at high tide are becoming more and more common. the report by the union of concerned scientists claims maryland will be among the hardest hit - with 22 communities expected to be inundated at least 26 days a year. planners with the eastern shore land conservancy say towns like crisfield will have to retreat to higher ground. here is a story that may be hard to believe. a woman in the u-k was preparing for eye surgery to fix chronic dry-eye when doctors found the problem. it was her contacts. the 67-year-old woman had 27 contact lenses stuck in her right eye. she told them that sometimes she had been wearing monthly contacts, and sometimes whe went to change them and couldn't find t.
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put in more. the case was published in the british medical journal. even if you have monthly contacts, doctors dot advise you to take them out daily to clean them. it's xx and we're just getting started. breaking right now. crews are on the scene of a serious house fire in northwest-- that injured two firefighters. this is the scene in the 200 block of morgan street, near the convention center. officials tell us that the fire swept through one row-home and spread to a neighboring home. two firefighters suffered non-life threatening injuries, but all residents escaped. again-- we have a crew on the way to the scene and will bring you a live update at the top of the hour. good morning washington.


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