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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  July 18, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] autria: breaking overnight, flames shooting from a rowhouse. firefighters rushed to the hospital. the investigation and road closures you need to know about. larry: the republican health bill collapsing. the fallback option now that replacing obamacare is off the table. autria: today's forecast looking like a carbon copy of yesterday's. yes, that means more storms on the way. good tuesday morning. 6:00. i'm autria godfrey. larry: i'm larry smith. we were talking coming yesterday i took my nap, i woke up, there were the storms that you were talking about. veronica: they fired up so quickly it was amazing.
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same story for today. we could see the heat and humidity, the storms starting to build. meanwhile, we continue to talk about the heat wave. this one is going to rival the last, maybe even surpassed it in many ways. i'm really focusing on the end of the work week, with what will be i think excessive, if not, dangerous heat coming our way. 78 degrees in d.c. that 78-degree temperature, imagine it around 80-81 starting out, that is where friday morning is likely to be for temperatures. today, the possibility of isolated thunderstorms. it could produce high winds once again. just sit over the same area producing more and more rain and giving way to flash flooding. temperatures today, upper 80's by lunchtime. there are the low to mid 90's with your storm chance starting around
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i temperatures through the northern quarter of the country, northeastern quarter of the country, charlotte at 90. 86, raleigh. we will talk more about our storm threat coming up in 10 minutes. angela: on the roads, we have quite a bit going on with the capital beltway accident. we are cleaning up from the closures we had in montgomery county. woodfield road has reopened, that is a bit of good news for the start. we do have some delays on metro. we are dealing with quite a bit on this tuesday morning. green line delays to branch avenue. i want to get to the capital beltway first. we've got this inner loop crashed southbound on the inner loop of the capital beltway approaching 450 in the lanham area. two lanes are blocked. we are being told they will reopen momentarily. you are dealing with those delays back to the bw parkway.
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serious crash in the clinton area. red coming up from brandywine. you will see the accident activity and we are blocking lanes here, as well. that is the latest from traffic watch on this busy tuesday morning. larry: we are following the breaking news this morning out of d.c. autria: flames shooting from a rowhouse in northwest blocks from the convention center in the shaw neighborhood. suzanne kennedy is live with the latest. suzanne: good morning. it is these rowhouses right here, this 1, 209, and the two next to it that is most significantly impacted from overnight. this is video from 1:00 this morning, when this two alarm fire started on morgan street. there were about 100 firefighters and 20 pieces of equipment brought in to deal with these overnight fires in the row houses. it started in the rear porch of
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initially impacting the units on the rear. the fire quickly moved inside. smoke and heavy water damage to all of these units. two non-life-threatening firefighters.o the red cross is assisting. we had an opportunity overnight to speak to one of the homeowners whose unit is impacted by the fires. >> most of the flame was on the back end of the alley, the alley end, that is where the flames were. i could see the flames coming out of the rooftop area. a lot of smoke. mostly smoke, 11 billowing smoke. -- a lot of billowing smoke. suzanne: this is the situation right now. the d.c. fire department remains on the scene in case there are any flareups. authorities telling us four units, as many as 14 tenants impacted by what happened overnight. reporting live,
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breaking overnight, the gop retooling their health care plan yet again, this time scrapping it after two republicans said they would vote no. senators mike lee of utah and jerry moran of kansas have announced their opposition. moran said we should not put our stamp of approval on bad policy. that triggered a late-night tweet from the president, calling on republicans to "just repeal failing obamacare now and start from a clean slate." that is just what mitch mcconnell is going to do. the senate majority leader said that he will push the senate to pass a clean repeal bill. he said he will hold a vote in the coming days. larry: we are staying on top of breaking news and fairfax county. police finding a body in a pond in centerville on trinity parkway. police tell us the body is an adult male, but it is unclear how he died. stay with abc
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and for updates. autria: a retrial getting underway today in montgomery county after a transgender woman is killed, allegedly at the hands of a longtime friend. londe is due back in court, charged with killing the woman in an alley in gaithersburg in 2015. the first trial lead to three days of jury deliberations, but ended in a mistrial. larry: the former teachers aid and coach charged with sexually assaulting children in charles will be the focus of a community meeting. was arrested last month -- carlos bell was arrested last month. he has admitted he was hiv-positive and is accused of creating child porn. the meeting tonight is in waldorf. the all-girls team from afghanistan competing inhe
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competition going back to work today. the team almost did not make it to the top competition after getting their visas rejected twice. the ladies shined on their first day of competition and will play three matches today. coming up, we will tell you how they will be honored after the games and. larry: one robot with a far more dubious honor. the scene in downtown d.c. pacing -- painting a much more dubious picture than expected. as for our immediate future, deja vu. the storms growing after a day of flash floods yesterday
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i wish i was there. belle haven country club, alexandria, virginia. a very light wind. it is again muggy outside. if you are hitting the greens or the pool, load up on the water. take an extra large
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container of water with you because it is going to be another hot day for us. we have checkmarks all the way through for pool days because of the high heat. there willomorrow, be storms across the area. yesterday's storms came in a hurry. your chance will start about 1:00 or 2:00 today. 50% chance and we will hold through the afternoon and evening rush. a lot of folks tell me they got caught in it yesterday. these are the spots right around i-95, a little bit of that east southeasterly wind. all the way toward prince william county and culpeper county this afternoon, we get up to 92 degrees. today, it is going to be the coolest or not as hot for the work week. we will have more on your weekend coming up. angela: we are monitoring quite a few incidents right now, veronica. good news on the capital beltway. all links of been
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we continue to see minor residual delays. it is on 295 and the bw parkway where we are starting to see a lot more volume, also on 66 inside the beltway through west falls church. let's give you a live look at interstate 66 on our traffic cameras. take a look at this. heavy volume delays coming from the prince william parkway. this is eastbound on 66 into centerville, where we have a crash of virginia 28. be alert for lane closures and the heavy gridlock delays. we want to update you on what is happening in the district. the crash we reported earlier, that is still there on east capitol street. lanes are blocked at 50th. you can see the solid red line. crashes northbound branch avenue. as you make a trip for the capital beltway
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you will run into this kind of gridlock delay. that is the latest from traffic watch. back in 10 minutes to update the capital beltway in fairfax county through the tysons area. autria: this morning, kirk cousins passing. back in 10 minutes to update the capitalthe quarterback stiff-ara deal with the redskins. what does that mean as we get closer to football season? first, a story not adding up. the shooting at agenda reveal party for a woman who was not even pregnant.
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because we've got fun for everyone in the family. adventure-seekers -- check. magi-questers -- yep. never-grow-olders -- double check. the only thing we're missing is you. great wolf lodge. everybody in. larry: new video coming in this morning of flash flooding in baltimore county. this is what it looks like in owings mills yesterday. a stream overflowing its banks and swamped a park filled with cars. the water getting so high that some people had to be rescued. autria: it was a similar scene in montgomery county. people in laytonsville dealing with up to 4.5 inches of rain. down the trees and power lines along with flooding caused problems during the evening commute.
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three different areas. >> everything is blocked off. they've got one roadblock, the water is high. you don't know how to get to where you need to go. >> i know where i am here. i will just have to walk to my house. autria: that woman had driven to her zoomba class. you can stay connected with stormwatch 7 anywhere you go. grab our free app for weather alerts anytime you need them. a bizarre shooting investigation that caught national attention. larry: a woman who said she lost her baby after being shot at her own gender reveal party was never pregnant. adrianna: really weird here. the woman, who was shot in the leg, claimed to have lost her unborn child as a result of the injury. now she is coming clean, saying she was not pregnant to begin with. 8 people were hurt and one person was killed once an open fire at the party. police can only
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why that woman pretended to be pregnant. they are speculating about possible charges as well. it appears she gave them leads and information she knew was a lie. we are staying with this one as it unfolds. we will update you as soon as we hear anything. larry: thanks. a new jersey police officer suspended from the fourth after dashcam footage appears to show him beating a teenager. the 16-year-old drove away from police and crashed his own car. the video shows the end of the pursuit and then the officer, joseph raymond, getting out of his car and punching the teenager repeatedly. that teenager ended up needing an ambulance. the officer was also charged with aggravated assault. autria: developing now, the police chief in prince william county, virginia is speaking out about deadly shootings in the county.
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prince william county jumped from 10 in 2015 to 22 last year and that has people worried. >> we know that we had several drug-related murders. we had some gang-related murders. we had some domestic related violence. autria: so far this year, there have been three murders in the county, the latest happening at potomac mills mall. citizens should be alert and should contact police if they notice suspicious activity. larry: the redskins and quarterback kirk cousins failing to agree on a long-term deal, so he will again operate under the franchise tag. with that, he will make $24 million this year and becomes the first quarterback in nfl history to play under the franchise tag for a second straight season. it is a one-year deal, he is guaranteed either an average of the top five salaries of other quarterbacks or 120% of what he made last year. i explained that because the
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again next year and, if they do, he will make a jaw-dropping $34 million. for one season. autria: we are covering new oversight for metro. the house voting to form a new safety agency by nearly unanimous vote. virginia and maryland already signed off on the new commission. the fda is overseen metro safety on a temporary basis since 2015 and will continue to do so until the new commission is in place. driver has quite a story to tell. his last pickup of the night turned out to be a woman going into labor. the woman began to experience strong contractions. because the couple does not drive while observing the tobath, they called an uber bring them to the hospital and then this happened. we don't have the sound. ok. anyway. they had the birth. autria: she went into labor. larry: there you go. autria:
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well. larry: hope so. autria: what's going on with the weather? veronica: let's take a look. we are talking about the countdown to the great american eclipse. more and more information on our facebook page. around be 80% eclipse here. other parts of the country will from the pacific northwest all the way down to south carolina. the date is august 21. it is going to be amazing. 4:01, it willl start, it will end. hopefully, you will not be on the road, you will be somewhere to enjoy it with the family. as far as temperatures go right now, 78 degrees, the humidity is out. it feels like 81 degrees already. slightly higher temperatures even to the south. areas that had the rain yesterday seeing a little bit of patchy fog this morning.
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to see more of the same from yesterday. the showers, the thunderstorms in the same locations. you can see some of the storms blowing up. i will soon write in a little bit. you can see in gaithersburg around 5:30 this afternoon, fredericksburg, the storms will not be widespread. isolated, slow-moving, we could get similar high winds like yesterday. all of this as we've got an area of low pressure off the coast. it is a south southeasterly wind for today. the high heat is expected to continue. some more storms could be having an impact on your weekend. i will have more details in 10 minutes. angela: on the roads at this moment, we are tracking a serious accident in the brandywine, clinton area for folks northbound. we are also dealing with quite a bit of volume delay
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on the interstates connecting with the capital beltway. interstate 95 in virginia, you will see quite a bit of activity. i want to update the situation we have been following on east capitol street. the crashes westbound east capitol street. it is at 50th street northeast. we are blocking two lanes. we have quite a bit going on in your neighborhood trying to get to d.c. 295. you will encounter speeds as low as 11 miles per hour southbound once emergency the bw parkway. let's give you a live look at traffic flow on interstate 66. it continues to be a problem. the major delays eastbound coming from the prince william parkway. even though the accidents have been moved over to the side. you are on the brakes passing duke s
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pentagon city. that is the latest from traffic watch. autria: science fiction meets science fail. the said site in georgetown is a mall cop robot needs a little helping hand from us mere humans.
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when what it's about,.c., but they don't know. you have to live here to know, to feel the people, to feel the places, and most of all, to feel the rhythm of our city. we're pirates, painters, poets, and partier, sometimes all at the same time. we embrace the old and welcome the new. we like to experiment and defy the norm. we all love to sing, but we dance to different drummers. they say d.c. has no soul. well, we not only have soul, we have heart, and we show it every day. this is our town. these are our neighborhoods. and we love this place as much as you do. ♪
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>> you are watching "good morning washington." >> the fiancée of slain minnesota woman justine damon pleading for answers from minneapolis police. >> her family and i have been provided with almost no additional information from law enforcement. >> late saturday night, she called police to report a possible assault in the alley behind her home. the call came in at 11:28 p.m. minutes later, officers reported they had opened fire on the scene. this morning, independent investigators are working to learn what happened between those two calls. there is no dashcam video of the incident and both officer
6:27 am
cameras were turned off. >> i have a lot of questions about why the body cameras were not on. >> we will talk live with the minneapolis mayor coming up. abc news, minneapolis.
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>> now, "good morning washington" on your side. autria: two breaking stories. take a look at these claims. a huge firefight overnight in the district faces more than a dozen people from their homes and sends two firefighters to the hospital. larry: the new health care bill all but dead, the push to repeal obamacare without a replacement now. i'm larry smith. autria: i'm autria godfrey. we could also see some storm's pop up in the day ahead. veronica johnson is getting things started for us. veronica: that's right. if we are similar to yesterday, those storms could be fueled by high humidity. we could see downpours across the area get again today. that is going to be later. this morning, we are looking at a sky that shows a little bit of moisture in it. it little bit hazy. temperatures will be going up into the lower 90's.
6:31 am
it is 95 degrees and higher through the weekend and early next week. those storms, there will be a few at the beach. fort now, i have you dry tuesday, wednesday. the numbers coming up locally will be around 87 for a high temperature at the beach as storms start to brew. our first chance will be around 2:00 or 3:00, angela. you can see the downpours starting to come down. we will talk about how much you can get in about 10 minutes. angela: i have miami relative, veronica. i will not be caught as i was ,aught -- i have my umbrella veronica. i will not be caught as i was caught yesterday. we have major gridlock on some of our arteries connecting the capital beltway. we want to start y
6:32 am
this is the capital beltway. we are pretty obligated to these delays as you had in from silver spring to college park merging with interstate 95. the speed is going to continue all the way past georgia avenue as you had passed the mormon temple. let's give you another quick look of interstate 66. no change with this situation eastbound on interstate 66. the problem is we have a crash further east as you travel towards centreville. you will run into the accident activity at 28. quickly on the maps to update you on what is happening in the district, east capitol street is a major problem with that accidents that continues to block lanes. , we are dealing with a stalled car in the midst of those lanes. be alert for metropolitan police to get you around that. autria: thank you. breaking right now at 6:32, gop leadership scrapping the newest health care bill
6:33 am
instead, they plan to repeal obamacare without an immediate replacement. larry: sam sweeney is live on capitol hill to break it all down for us. good morning. sam: larry, good morning. republicans needed 50 of the 52 gop senators to get the health care bill passed. we knew rand paul and susan collins were out from the beginning. last night, two more senators from the gop dropped out. a statemented saying, "we should not put her stamp of approval on that policy." chuck schumer tweeted victory saying, "this is proof positive that the core of the bill is unworkable." president trump did not wait long either to respond saying that republicans should repeal obamacare now and work on a new health care plan starting from a clean slate. this morning, majority leader mitch mcconnell says he will put forth a vote for a full repeal. this is the same vot
6:34 am
place in 2015 that passed, but the difference is now that they knew that obama would veto that in 2015. this time, that is not the case. we will see if gop senators will stick with a dead in 2015 -- stick with what they did in 2015 and stick with a full repeal. adrianna: the time is 6:34. new developments, the woman at the center of bombshell allegations against r&b singer r kelly is speaking out. she said in a video that she is not a hostage were brainwashed, as her parents claim, but she says she is in a happy place. her parents spoke to buzzfeed news, who wrote an article accusing r. kelly of having a harem of women and starting a cult, holding several women hostage in homes in chicago and atlanta. two of the women say they
6:35 am
love with r. kelly and because the age ofey are consent, there nothing more police can do. autria: an incredible explosion after a truck slams into another one. incredibly, no one was hurt in this. one vehicle was carrying steel products. the other, just paper and paint. the cause is under investigation. larry: a robotics team of teenage girls from afghanistan will be honored tonight in d.c. they will be congratulated tonight at the afghan embassy. the only arrived on saturday after president trump helped them secure visas in time for the competition. despite their hardships, the in rounded out a win one. they will play three more matches and round two today. autria: a sad sight to see along the georgetown waterfront. a robot hired as a mall cop at its career come to an end when it fell in a fountain. op
6:36 am
saying steps are the best defense against the robot apocalypse. the company who supplied it said they are sending a replacement free of charge. [laughter] the workse storms in for this afternoon. coming up next, a look at the bizarre designs yesterday's
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veronica: come take a look at this shot. if you were sent us this screenshot. he was flying from new york to washington dc. his flight had to literally loop around yesterday's thunderstorms. yesterday's thunderstorms.
6:40 am
storms over the west virginia -maryland border. it goes up and then comes back down and that it comes into the d.c. area. other than the added time, his flight was still pretty smooth. the pilots do a great job. they want to keep you safe, of course. thunderstorms are always good to admire from afar. by air today, i do think the impacts will be minimal. storms popping up during the afternoon hours. the best threat between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. from the d.c. to the new york city corridor. we could get some more downpours across the area. later today, we will see the isolated storms. there is d.c. once again around the border of west virginia and virginia. as we get into the day tomorrow, same scenario. a slight chance of thunderstorms around the i-94 corridor. saturday, we are tracking storms and some extremely high heat. today gog
6:41 am
to 92. by the weekend, 95-96 you really will take you hour-by-hour with the upcoming weekend were cast in just 10 minutes. angela? angela: we wanted today to be terrific tuesday on the roadways and it is that way for folks through fairfax county on the capital beltway. we are in the green from the springfield mixing bowl all the way back to 66, the dulles toll road come all the way back to the american legion bridge. cross your fingers. it is not going to last. it is a good time to get out on that stretch of 95 and 495. let's go to the live pictures right now. this is 395 northbound from the springfield mixing bowl. we are not finding any accident activity. volume-related delays up for the landmark area in toward pentagon city and the 14th street ridge. you were going to see this major gridlock. we are not seeing heavy gridlock on 295. for folks and clinton
6:42 am
two accidents. you can see delays getting better on 301 through brandywine. we are going to send it like to john gonzalez in laytonsville, where we had some earlier troubles. i understand we are now open on woodfield road, john. john: that's right, angela. this this 01's again up and running. it is the morning after. floodwaters have receded. there are still some tree cutting operations going on at this hour. wait until you hear how much rain fell here in upper montgomery county. we will tell you all about it. a two alarm fire in the district keeps firefighters very busy. this is some
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(heavy breathing and snorting) no, no. the running of the bulldogs? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money aleia saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> you are watching "good morning washington" on your side. larry: we are following breaking news out of d.c. autria: flames engulfing a row house in northwest. suzanne kennedy is there live on morgan street with a new look at the damage.
6:46 am
opportunity to move around the we can these units and see the extent of the damage by the light of day. this is 209 morgan street northwest. this is the unit where firefighters say the fire started around 1:00 this morning. it very quickly spread to this next-door neighbor's unit and this one may be a total loss, as well. let me show you the video from overnight, all of this starting at around 1:00. authorities quickly upgrading this to a two alarm fire. that meant that 100 firefighters and 20 pieces of equipment were brought into combat this blaze. it started on the rear porches, but the interiors of all of these buildings have also been , orcted, the by fire, smoke water damage. we know that two firefighters received nonlife threatening injuries. we know there are four
6:47 am
units that are impacted. a total of about 14 people are without a home. varying degrees of difficulty here for people. smoke or water damage in their home. a lot of people in this neighborhood were out helping each other out. this morning, they are already beginning to clean up. reporting live, suzanne kennedy. autria: suzanne, thank you. if you were just linking up with us, the gop health care bill collapsing. senators pulling their support. mike lee of utah and jerry moran of kansas have said they will not vote yet, meaning the bill officially has no chance of passing. moran said, "we should not put our stamp of approval on that policy." there will be plenty more on news channel 8 when we switch over in 13 minutes. larry: new video coming in overnight. look at this flash flooding in baltimore county. this is what people saw in owings mills after the downfall
6:48 am
the water getting so high that some people had to be rescued. right now, people in montgomery county are still cleaning up after the storms. they were not hit as hard as baltimore county. john gonzalez is live with the latest. larry, things getting back to normal slowly here this morning in laytonsville, maryland. this area got a lot of rain. over 4.5 inches of rain. three separate sections of woodfield road busy. we are set up at one of the spots where there was flooding. one of the small creeks jumping its banks. you can see some of the residue, what is left over from standing water. you can see the ground over there, it almost looks like someone came through and combed the grass, that is from all the rising water that came over onto the roadway. they
6:49 am
again. three different locations. it was not just the floodwaters that created problems in upper montgomery county, it was also downed trees and power lines. i don't live terribly far from here and i can to you that the rain came down fast, it was coming down hard about 35 minutes ago. they have reopened woodfield road here. you have a lot of mud in the area. right now, all is back up and running, as far as traffic goes. it was a fast-moving storm and it left its mark last night. autria: johnny, thank you. on your sideys when severe storms hit. sign up to get weather alerts sent to your phone. larry: he is being called a miracle. a man caught up in those same floodwaters in arizona that killed nine people surviving. he nearly broke down the motion describing the moment hdi
6:50 am
>> you just pray you make the right decision. i don't want to make it seem ,ike an ungrateful to be alive but i just wish they were too. larry: with his dog on his shoulders, they made it safely to a rock. one person is still missing from those same floods. developing now in fairfax county, a body in a pond . the body is an adult male, but it is unclear how he died. be sure to stay with abc 7 and for updates as soon as they are available. larry: charles county, maryland, a community meeting will be held about the former teacher's aide accused of assaulting children. is believed to have assaulted at least 10 children. he is also accused of producing child porn
6:51 am
is hiv-positive. the meeting is tonight at the first baptist church of st. charles in waldorf. autria: vending machines could be getting a whole lot healthier in prince george's county. a bill to expand healthy drink and snack options is up for a vote today. it would require that 50% of items in vending machines on county property meet the american heart association standards. adrianna: there may soon be a new anti-trump group, this one made up of boaters, kayakers, and paddleboarders. the coast guard will periodically cut off access to about two miles of the potomac near the trump off course. no watercraft when the president and other senior officials play golf. this area is very popular.
6:52 am
.ses the area most of the time, the area would remain open. larry: the redskins and quarterback kirk cousins failing to agree to a long-term deal of the deadline yesterday, so he will again play under the franchise tag. he will mcconey $4 million this year. make $24 million this year. don't cry for kirk. we could be doing this all again next year if the redskins don't give him a long-term deal. if they franchise him for a third year, he will make a jaw-dropping $34 million for the season, and other words, $2 million per regular season game. per game. kidd: this is good for kirk? larry: he wants a long-term deal, the security of it. salary-cap issues, what you do think -- what are you doing? kidd: that is a lot omo
6:53 am
autria: that is how larry breaks it down for us. [laughter] veronica: popular destination is down into the islands, windward islands. the get that. yesterday, tropical storm don forming in the atlantic. coming up in this late today time. wednesday afternoon, it hits areas around belize. if you are going there on vacation, find some inside stuff to do. just get creative. we are going to keep an eye on don. what will impact the u.s. is the high heat and humidity. 91, we are forecasting today. the higher heat just west of us. saturday's temperatures will be even higher. this is a look at your evening as we top out around 95-96. if you were going to the d.c. united versus houston game,
6:54 am
that could slow the game. that game is on news channel 8. 5k, hereity twilight is what i'm worried about. the high temperatures during the evening hours, which is why the heat waves are so hard. if you are going to be running in it, at least it is evening. 97, the heat index at 103. dangerous heat for monday. on the roads right now, terrific tuesday continues through fairfax county around the capital beltway. what a great morning to get out right now. we are clear all the way from this point, moving around to interstate 66. get out there now. inner and outer loops looking good. not too bad in prince george's county. i do want to go back to one matt , this problem we haveee
6:55 am
we continue to block lanes with this accident. east capitol street at 50th street on your way to 295. we will run into speeds 11 miles per hour. we have a stalled car along the way to add to your distractions this morning. now, let's step outside and give you a live perspective of what is going on. this is our one slow spot on the capital beltway from prince george's county into montgomery county. college park into new hampshire avenue, you are on the brakes whole way. headed into well fairfax county as you cross the american legion bridge. that is the latest. autria: think so much, angela. we want to say good morning to k our pet of the day. this is a great shot of bentley. if you would like to see your pet on the
6:56 am
pictures. kidd: i bet he is a troublemakers with the ladies at the dog park. autria: with that little get up. what is going on? kidd: remember when we told you that the voice of kermit the frog was being replaced after 30 years? we are learning more about the reason why. the longtime voice of kermit, steve whitmire, says he was let go from disney because he spoke up about changes being made to kermit that he felt were against what creator jim henson would have wanted. sources close to the muppet studios say the departure had more to do with steve whitmire's unacceptable business conduct behind the scenes. it sounds like he was very difficult to work with. inney took over the muppets 2004, i think. it is disney. i don't know that you really question disney on what they do. they know what they are doing.
6:57 am
year. it sounds like this guy maybe got a little too into the didn't get the memo that when you are working for another company, it does not matter what you think. did they go into specifics over what the changes were that were being made to kermit that he did not agree with? i did not know kermit had changed a whole lot. [laughter] kidd: what direction are you taking kermit that was so off the charts? [laughter] adrianna: that's why i don't believe him at all. there is something more sinister going on behind the scenes at the muppet studios. kidd: 16.1 million people watched "game of thrones." hbo's biggest premiere in history. we have much more
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, health care collapse. two gop senators deal a fatal blow to the republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare. a major defeat for president trump. he responds just repeal it now, replace it later. brand-new details about that bride-to-be killed by police. >> shots fired. we've got one down. >> what we're now learning about the officer who reportedly fired from his vehicle as the victim's fiance speaks out. >> our hearts are broken. >> demanding an explanation. the mayor of minneapolis joins us this morning. bombshell claims. the parents accusing superstar r. kelly of holding their daughter against her will. >> my daughter is severely


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