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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 19, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, one last shot to repeal and possibly replace obamacare. the group of republican senators meeting with the president today after his signature promise fell short and the president's late night tweets about an undisclosed meeting with vladimir putin. a vigil moments ago in australia remembering the woman shot and killed by police in minnesota. plus, new details released overnight from one of the officers involved. wildfire emergency. an entire california town evacuated overnight as firefighters work to gain control of the flames. a family breaking their silence overnight after they say a flight attendant kicked them off an airplane because of what their 1-year-old
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we do say good morning. we've made it to the midweek mark. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'mle erielle reshef in for diane macedo. republican senators headed to the white house after failing to deliver on their promise to overhaul health care. >> the stinging defeat followed by repeal only effort. there's enough opposition to sink that bill as well. now, president trump says it's time to let obamacare fail. abc's janai norman tracking the overnight developments right now from washington. good morning, janai. >> reporter: good morning. the president has sought to deflect responsibility even trying to blame democrats for that senate bill failing but in the end it was republicans who tanked the latest plan. republicans promised to repeal and replace the affordable health care bill.
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with a group of republicans pulling the plug. >> i've certainly disappointed for seven years i've been hearing repeal and replace from congress and i've been hearing it long and strong and when we finally get a chance to repeal and replace they don't take advantage of it. >> reporter: it was a staple on president trump's campaign. >> we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. >> reporter: vowing to repeal and replace but in the face of a legislative failure, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell plans to hold a vote early next week on a repeal only bill. a plan that appears dead on arrival as three republican senators have already said they'll vote against it. >> we'll let obamacare fail and then the democrats are going to come to us and they're going to say how do we fix it? how do we fix it? >> we'll vote to repeal it. >> reporter: they voted more than 60 times to repeal all or part of obamacare but that was when president obama was in the white house and had veto power to stop it. some are
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moderates concerned that could leave constituents hanging. >> i do not think it is going to be constructive to repeal a law that at this point is so interwoven within our health care system. >> reporter: and today president trump has invited all gop senators to the white house to talk were health care and to plot a path forward. erielle and kendis. >> that's going to be quite a lunch date at the white house. janai, thank you. we have new information this morning though about a previously undisclosed conversation between president trump and the russian leader vladimir putin at a g20 dinner in germany. >> it took place hours after they sat down for their official meeting. sources say the only other person who knows what these two men talked about is putin's translator. the president fired off a pair of angry tweets last night calling the story fake news. he said the media is trying to make the dinner look sinister and also called the story, quote, sick. >> the
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trump jr. may be heading to capitol hill as early as next week to testify publicly about his meeting with the russian lawyer. special counsel robert mueller has given congress the okay to question don junior and former trump campaign chair paul manafort. now, mueller and lawmakers are looking into russian election meddling and want to hear from everyone who attended that meeting. a man president trump once accused of giving our country away to china is the president's choice to be ambassador to russia. former utah governor jon huntsman has been normally nominated for the post and served as ambassador to china for two years under president obama. then citizen donald trump criticized his free trade policy with the chinese. >> family and friends have been paying tribute to the australian woman shot and killed by police in minneapolis. they silently gathered to mourn the death of justine damond, this morning on a beach in sydney. meantime, one of the officers who responded to
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initial 911 call is now detailing the incident. officer matthew harrity was in the squad car with noor. he claims he was startled by a loud noise nearby and damond walked up to the car. that's when he says officer noor fired from the passenger seat through the open driver's side window striking damond. the officer then began cpr. damond's father in australia is now pleading for the truth. >> we only ask that the light of justice shine down on the circumstances of her death. >> officer mohamed noor has not given a statement and cannot be compelled to speak out about it. investigators are asking for any possible witnesses to come forward. the lights are flickering in yosemite national park because of nearby massive wildfires. the detwiler fire is interfering with the park's main power source. it has also destroyed at least eight structures and threatens hundreds of hopes. the nearby town
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have with its 2,000 residents evacuated this morning. from space you can see the smoke stretching all the way north into idaho. and the yosemite valley is filling with smoke. check out these images from four hours apart. half dome shrouded in smoke by the afternoon. to the south and east the monsoon season is hammering arizona with a flash flooding watch in effect overnight. there are heavy watches and flash flooding nearly every day in arizona and other parts of the southwest. accuweather's paul williams says the forecast isn't good for the entire western u.s. good morning. we still have fire danger as well as a flash flood threat. high fire danger now is reaching throughout central and southern california covering all of nevada, a good chunk of utah up towards montana and the northwest. in addition to that we're looking for numerous thunderstorms throughout the four corners
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the monsoonal moisture coming out of the south so yet extended problems with urban flash flooding as well as sudden flooding and desert watches. i'm accuweather senior meteorologist paul williams. well, still ahead right here a makeup product for kids pulled from the shelves. the serious concerns about what could be in the cosmetic. new this morning, a family of five booted from an airplane. the parents say it's all because of what their 1-year-old daughter did. plus, a power line suddenly explodes. what caused it to happen.
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that explosion was caused by a couple of mylar balloons making contact with a
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line. it actually knocked out power to nearby residents in long beach, california, for several hours. the power has since been restored. quite a scene there. police in pennsylvania are skeptical about a claim that quadruple murder suspect killed two other people. cosmo dinardo is charged with murdering four young men who went missing outside philadelphia this month. investigators say dinardo also claims he killed a man and woman in philadelphia years ago. police are checking their records but call the claim sketchy. one of o.j. simpson's victims in the armed robbery incident that sent him to prison will attend his parole hearing in nevada tomorrow. that victim will be speaking on simpson's behalf. simpson is hoping to be paroled after serving nine years. if simpson wins parole he won't be set free until october. 9 the former nfl star has reportedly lost a lot of weight since he was last seen four years ago. and former house speaker dennis hastert is out of prison. the i will noil republican se
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that case revealed hastert had sexually abused teenagers while coaching wrestling decades ago. he must undergo court ordered sex offender treatment and also faces two civil lawsuits from men who claim hastert abused them as boys. demanding an apology after getting kicked off a jetblue flight, the family claims they were booted without explanation after their 1-year-old started kicking a passenger's seat. but the airline said the adults in the family were making threats and the children had nothing to do with this. the family was given a refund and they caught another flight the next day. when we come back, you can catch a foul ball. you can't catch a break. new jersey governor chris christie makes a great grab at a baseball game but the crowd made it clear they're not impressed. a goat on the lam after a break-in caught on camera. you don't want to miss this.
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new hampshire a group of bison brought traffic to a standstill. the big beasts about a dozen of them escaped from a nearby farm. neighbors think that they were frightened by loud roadwork and then took off as you see here. the neighborhood came together to round them all up. >> no bison on our road map this morning. but there could be flooding on the roads in the upper midwest and the southwest. four corners region. watch out for wet roads along the gulf coast. flying, airport delays are most likely in phoenix. a couple in iowa is hoping the tragic death of their young daughter can be a warning to other parents. >> yeah, their daughter was born healthy on july 1st. a week later her parents say she stopped eating. doctors diagnosed the newborn with a form of the herpes virus which led to the meningitis then took her life. it's believed she contracted the virus from a kiss.
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specialist about this. >> how common is it for a baby to be kissed by someone and get the herpes virus? >> it's pretty rare for a baby to get hsv from a kiss but it does happen. >> her parents both tested negative for the herpes virus. they are warning other parents to be careful when letting people kiss their newborns. charlotte mckinney's british doctors say they haven't been convinced by a u.s. neurosurgeon who says he can treat the 11-month-old. the specialist examined charlie on monday. he suffers from a rare genetic disease. british physicians say charlie has irreversible brain damage and life support should be removed. his parents want him to have experimental treatment in new york. an amazing discovery from switzerland. two bodies that may have been frozen inside a glacier for 75 years of what appear to be a man and woman were recovered in the swiss alps. it's believed they are husband and wife who v
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their 79-year-old daughter says the couple went out to feed their animals that summer and never came home. makeup to young girls may make them kiss. just shine shimmer is linked to asbestos linked to cancer. it was sent to a lab for testing. it was sold by the justice clothing chain which has pulled it from stores and online. other just shine products were okay. colorado police say a gang of kids vandalized a bunch of offices near denver but it's not exactly what you think. here are those kids in question in air quotes. their goats and they were caught on camera and smashed the glass, windows here in this area of colorado. police say the goats just banged their heads right into the glass until it shattered. the kids are on the lam. get it. >> the puns are plenty. maybe they saw their
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actually and that's what they were kind of ramming. >> okay. >> my explanation. now to some sports. rookies with five nfl teams will be reporting to training camp today. >> can you believe it? and for baseball we get some highlights right now from espn. you can't actually see it but max and i are both wearing red shoes. >> if you want to see it i can show you. >> we do have time for this, though. baseball. >> baseball and some really good baseball. some prime time performers like clayton kershaw, dodgers taking on the white sox. third inning. balk on a pickoff attempt. the umpire said you were leaning too much home. that's enough. he didn't like it. he would try again in the seventh. this time he successfully picks off tim anderson and it would be called -- anderson would be called safe. they review it, second time around, out. he struck out 7 over 7 to win his eighth straight. dodgers have won 30 of their
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bryce harper and mike trout and they didn't make us wait long. top of the first. harper doing his thing. solo shot, 405 feet over the head of mike trout. trout would have an answer to that. bottom of the first. that one went 448 feet so 43 feet beyond harper's shot. tied it, two in the bottom of the eighth. ryan zimmerman. base hit, harper from third. >> also walkoffs in boston and san francisco. you never know where you'll have a great night of baseball. watch "sportscenter" every night. >> all night long. hey, speaking of baseball with a little tinge of politics a well-known politician was in the right place at the right time last night. new jersey governor chris christie was at the new york mets game. >> so his seat was right there near home plate. perfect for snagging that foul ball. you can hear it. those hearty boo
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fans realized christie wound up with the ball. they didn't stop even though he gave it to a kid and signed it for him as well but can we look at what a nice grab he had there. >> very agile. >> yes. >> i mean you can't hate on the athleticism that took. >> took him just reaching out. >> i know but he didn't have to stand up. all right, up next in "the pulse," was "jurassic park" misleads? what researchers are saying about the t-rex that changes everything. it's not just for the playground anymore. where tag is actually an organized sport. people make money on this. >> yeah. right now on our facebook page, the big debate. the lpga's new dress code causing controversy. that's on (woman) when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza®, a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar
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♪ it is your wednesday "pulse," and how we almost had a weather forecast made in political heaven. >> tropical storm don has been churning on its way to the caribbean. and in the pacific a new tropical storm is actually also forming. this one will be named hillary. can't make this up, folks. this one only has one "l." >> you had don and hilary. tropical storm don has lost power. now just a depression. still sounds like a field day for social media. even though the names are chosen years in advance by an international group. we came this close to a rematch of don and hillary. >> oh the political irony. time to celebrate because it is national hot dog day. >> it's a national holiday. b
4:23 am
year. 7 billion during the summertime alone. >> many chains like some burger king and sonic locations are offering hot dog deals all day long. the most popular condiment. mustard, ketchup is popular as well but not in chicago. the folks at heinz are trolling on the windy city with this new item they call chicago dog sauce. take a look at it carefully there. >> oddly resembles ketchup. >> just ketchup but renamed it in hopes of bringing in the chicago folks. it's all a ruse in chicago. don't go for it. hollywood may have to go back to the drawing board to get a more realistic store. >> it's upending the chase seens from "jurassic park." t-rex could not run. the legs would not have been able to because it had such a large body mass. >> skeletal stress analysis showed the t-rex could go no faster than 12 miles an hour
4:24 am
not exactly the speed you need to chase down a prey. first dodgeball then tag. there's money to be made in our old games. >> so heck this out. the world chase tag league. present sport mixes tag with an obstacle course. it's apparently played in more than a dozen countries including here in the u.s. >> it's set up in rounds and if you avoid being tagged while staying inbounds you earn points tagging above the neck or below the waist. not allowed. >> wait, they have rules to this game of tag. >> they have rules and serious skill. >> yeah, and they're making money doing this. >> tag,up with good morning washington. it's july 19, 2017. we made it to hump day. your forecast is moments away-- but first here are some of the morning's top stories. the latest effort to repeal the affordable care act-- appears to be dead. three republican senators and all the democrats say they will vote "no" on a proposed bill to repeal obamacare without a prepared replacement. senate majority
4:25 am
mcconnell says he will still move forward with a vote next week. president trump slamming congress for not getting a deal done and says he will now just wait for the affordable care act to fail. a loudoun county chipotle is set to reopen after a health scare. it happened at the restaurant on route 7 in sterling. multiple people reported... getting sick after eating there. they say -- they experienced fever, nausea and vomiting. chipotle officials say the restaurant has been sanitized. good morning washington. toss to eileen - code orange air quality alert today - oppressive heat & humidity through monday - heat advisories may be issued late week/weekend - heat wave breaks next week today: hot and humid. mostly sunny to partly cloudy. highly isolated t-storm. highs: 92-95 winds: sw 5 mph tonight: mainly clear to partly cloudy. warm and very humid. lows: 71-77 winds: sw 5 mph
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and humid. partly to mostly sunny. feels like the low 100s. highs: 94-97 winds: w 5 mph
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developing now. a former staffer
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a former staffer pleads not guilty to cyberstalking a member of congress. juan mccullum is accused of circulating nude images of virgin islands delegate stacey plaskett and her husband. a judge released mccullum pending trial -- but said he must stay away from plaskett and her family, keep off social media, and remain in the country. a co-defendant also entered a not guilty plea. a criminal case in saudi arabia- now making worldwide headlines. a woman there has been arrested for a short video-- showing her in a miniskirt. the 6 snapchat video-- shows the woman wearing a crop top and skirt while sight-seeing.. in that area - saudi women traditionally have to wear loose-fitting clothing and cover their head. the current government relaxed some regulations on women. stil-
4:29 am
and cannot travel abroad without permission from a male relative. back in the district. police are on the look out for the people behind a series of paintball attacks in southeast! now - police want help finding this car of interest. it's a silver or tan ford fusion with maryland tags. there were 6 incidents involving paintball guns. 11 people were injured and police believe they were targeted at random. two people were taken to hospitals- and treated for non-life threatening injuries. it's xx and we're just getting started. the latest effort to repeal the affordable care act-- fails in the senate. and president trump has seen enough. what he is doing now-- as congress returns to square one. good morning washington. washington. - code orange air quality alert today - oppressive heat & humidity through monday - heat advisories may be
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issued late week/weekend - heat wave breaks next week today: hot and humid. mostly sunny to partly cloudy. highly isolated t-storm. highs: 92-95 winds: sw 5 mph tonight: mainly clear to partly cloudy. warm and very humid. lows: 71-77 winds: sw 5 mph


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