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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  July 19, 2017 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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the surveillance video a couple of hours ago. this is happening in the 46700 block ofizen -- 4600 block of eisenhower avenue. alison: abc7 has been following the developing story since it broke in the morning rush. the northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg with more on the video and the arrest. jeff? jeff: we will get to that in a moment but breaking news. alexandria police announcing 58-year-old earn inest stickal, of mechanicsville, maryland, taken into custody and charged with the road rage shooting. we don't know where he was picked up yet but it was by the m.d. state police. -- the maryland state police. we know the victim is 33-year-old, woman from bladensburg, maryland, she remains in stable condition. the surveillance video we were referencing. this is from a local business at 8:00 at the
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clairmont and eisenhower and it shows the black chevy s.u.v. makes the turn from clairmont to eisenhower and petering out before rolling to the corner and up on the curb. the shooting victim, female driving got out of the car. they heard hour shots. the authorities searched for the suspect for hours and a witness says he believes the argument started on the beltway between the suspect and the victim. then things turned violent. >> i think she hopped out of the car and tried to confront the guy. he didn't say anything. she opened up the door and he started shooting at her. >> this took place at thestop light here at intersection of clairmont and eisenhower. a
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helped the woman after she got out of the vehicle. rushed to a hospital and remains in stable condition. two men chased after the suspect's vehicle enough time we are told to get license plate number. a man is now in custody for this road rage shooting. we have more at 5:00. until then life in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: all right, jeff. it sounds like a lot of people stepped in to help today, too. a lot of you first heard about the story through an abc7 text alert. sign up for the text alerts at you can also see the video, more of this on the website, we are in the middle of a potent heatwave. the summer sizzle is going to get worse tomorrow. one way to cool off is swimming. even if it's intense competition. josh knight at the northern virginia swim league all-star
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hi, josh. josh: this place is incredible. there are so many people here. they are literally about to start the meet. let me step out of the way. talk you through it. blew the whistle. the swimmers are on the blocks ready to go. that is officially the beginning of all-star relays here for the northern virginia swimming. the largest swim league for summer in the nation. they are off to a quick start. the pool is the only place you want to be on a day like this. spectators are out here braving the heat as well. the rest of the evening, it does not let up quickly. the lows don't get cooler either, dropping to 75. then the next two days are it hotter.
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mid-90's but the feels like in the triple digits. that is the story for us tomorrow for friday and right on into the weekend as well. we have a lot of fun stuff to show you around here. basically a tent city that has been built for parents and the swimmers. more races to show off as well. a lot in the next two hours. back to you. nancy: sounds fun. thank you. chipotle in sterling is back open after closing for a day with dozens of people saying they got sick after eating there. the health department says 30 to 40 people reported feeling ill after eating at that chipotle. officials from the health department will be checking in throughout the day. they are trying to determine whether the norovirus is to blame. it's not food borne. a rash of raccoon attacks in arlington but it's one homeowner's to blame for the no garbage pail policy. stephen tschida has more on the policy after a
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two raccoons attacked me. they were chewing at me and clawing at me. stephen: greg had seen them around the neighborhood but he didn't realize how vicious and determined they can be. >> trying to get in the house as i was closing the door behind me. >> spent the morning at the hospital. since the raccoons got away there is no way to know if they are rabid. he received rabies shot and received treatment for numerous scratches and bites. this is the second attack here in as many weeks. in the past ten months we know of four incidents where the raccoons mauled residents. i was stunned and shock and in disbelief. stephen: coming out of this front door is where it went down. ten minutes ago i heard from animal control officers from arlington. they are going to take a much more aggressive approach to curtail the raccoon po
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but they say the key component is containing the trash that is put out six nights a week. they say they have to keep it limited. they have to control that trash out here. that will discourage raccoons and perhaps encourage them to move on. alison: a man is fighting for his life after he was shot in a home invasion in district heights. but the police have not said if martin was an innocent victim or a possible robber. martin's father said the home where the shooting happened has been a neighborhood hangout for years and he knows that something saw something -- someone saw something. >> i don't know what transpired. i wasn't here. but if it's a group of y'all all of y'all should have been shot. he had friends. where were the friends? no one came to the hospital. alison: martin is currently in
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critical condition. nancy: a babysitter who fell asleep on the job and left children to wander by themselves has been found. officers were called saturday after neighbors found two kids in a parking lot. when they went inside they found amanda sue allen asleep. and why they were collecting her information, she slipped out a window, vanishing until today. allen is now facing felony child neglect charges. alison: a brazen attack at a community park in wheaton. police say 15 m.s.-13 gang members responsible. as montgomery county reporter kevin lewis explains the two victims were nearly killed because of what they were wearing. kevin: a wednesday evening. two men walked to a restroom when ms-13 members confronted them. police say the
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15 in total, led the men through the woods to this secluded lake where they photographed, punched, kicked, stomped and choked the victims. some using large branches during the beating. knives were pulled and death threats made. when two people happened upon the ambush, sending everyone running away. >> ridiculous. kevin: leonard takes his son to the park nearly every week. >> those two guys were probably thinking, this might be in it. but then when the two people came by, like the grace of god came and helped them out right then and there. kevin: so far the park police caught and charged four of the 15 suspects. some as young as 16. this man's mother respected to one of the men. did he seem like a nice guy? >> yes. never an issue. if i had known that i would have told my mom to evict them. >> ms, hit squad, latin king, bloods. kevin: on monday the top prosecutor testified before councilmembe
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sudden search in gang-related -- the sudden surge in game-related crime. >> i don't know that we have a real idea of the full extent that there is gang crime in the county. kevin: the police say both victims were wearing clothing similar to that of a rival ms-13 going. 11 suspects still at large. in wheaton, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. nancy: new at 4:00, supreme court allowing president trump's administration to request strict enforcement of the ban on refugees until a lower federal court rules. despite that, the high court is leaving in place an order that allows refugees formally working with the resettlement agency in the u.s. entry to the states. alison: new stricter inspections of electronics for flights that start in mexico and come to the u.s.. the department of homeland security is requesting anything larger than a cell phone go through a separate screening process. tablets and computers will be individually checked before being allowed
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the president's advisory commission on election integrity had the first meeting. they are evaluating any voter fraud that may exist. many states including virginia are planning to withhold voter information citing privacy reasons. the president questioned that. president trump: if any state does not want to share the information, one has to worry what they are worried about. i ask the vice president, i ask the commission what are they worried about? there is something. there always is. alison: the vice president is leading the commission. democrats want them to rescind this controversial request for voter information. nancy: the president saying the senate should not leave until they take action on healthcare. that is message in the lunchtime meetings after the senate failed attempts to repeal and replace the affordable care act. megan hughes has a look at the negotiator-in-chief new attempt to rally a vote. reporter: president trump
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president trump: any senator who votes against starting debate is really telling america that you are fine with obamacare. reporter: trying to persuade all republican senators at a white house lunch to stay until the august recess to get to a deal. >> the people of this country need more than a repeal. they need repeal and replace. we were very, very close. >> mitch mcconnell grappling with the divided republican party but vowing to push forward. >> next week we will vote on the motion to proceed. reporter: will it be a straight repeal of obamacare or include replacement plan? that is unclear there. we could have a vote on either. reporter: taking no chances affordable care act policy holders, doctors, nurses, medicaid recipients apt others rallying against repeal. occupying offices and targeting g.o.p. lawmakers. presiden
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obamacare fail. >> just as they blamed president obama when he was in charge, they will blame president trump when he was in charge. reporter: the president is hitting his six-month anniversary in office with no major legislative wins. some in the white house hope if not healthcare, tax reform could provide that opportunity. in northwest, megan hughes, abc7 news. alison: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- if you think our political discourse is bad, check this out. [screaming] alison: oh, boy. this was in taiwan. you won't believe what was used as weapons in this brawl. fists, desk or chairs? or water bah -- water balloons? the surprising answer coming up next. nancy: today the saudi government stunning new course of action. what is next for this woman ahead. alison: wasteful spending. it happens in ever
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find out the biggest offenders in the latest pork report at
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nancy: more fighting on the floor of the parliament in taiwan. members flipped chairs, used air horns and threw water balloons. i don't know where they got them. had them ready t
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this is the second fight in a week. alison: that is crazy. a woman detained for wearing mini skirt in saudi arabia has been released without charge. the video of her went viral and the police arrested her for wearing immodest clothes. in that country women traditionally have to wear loose fitting clothing and cover their head. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. the hijab coming to a cell phone near year. thanks to a 16-year-old. a saudi girl told the uni-code consortium of the idea that develops new emojis. so after they built it,
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accepted it and unveiled it to the world on emoji day which was monday. nancy: good for her. the u.s. navy punishing a sailor after he hit on board a ship prompting a massive search and rescue operation. peter mims disappeared on june 8 aboard the uss shiloh. the navy originally thought he fell overboard and used u.s. and japanese ships to scour the sea. he was eventually found hiding on board. the navy says he actively took steps to avoid detection. he was given a nonjudicial punishment admiral's mast. wild wakeup call for a family in missouri after a police chase ended in a driveway. look at that. the police tried to pull over the man in the white car for expired tags. took off and crashed in the s.u.v. then got out of his car and climbed on to the family's roof. luckily no one was seriously hurt
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alison: one stunt that shane mcmahon was not prepared for. the helicopter he was supposed to ride in was forced to make an emergency landing in the water on the beach in new york. he was on the way to visit family and the chopper started to make strange noises. the pilot made a safe landing and they were picked up by emergency responders. the cause of the malfunction is unclear. the biggest summer swim league in the u.s.. northern virginia swim league. nancy: today all-stars are competing. josh, with the heat even at the pool you have to be careful. josh: you really do. on a day like this, the only people at the pool are people in the event. this is not planned b
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you may recognize this boy. this is brian van de graaff ice son ready to swim. tony, how are you feeling? >> i'm not nervous. this is our second time on this. i'm doing backstroke. josh: walk this way with me. they are getting lined up ready to swim. if they are lucky they are camped out under a tent.
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this is an important sign to get hydrated and get to a pool place. we have a lot more to show you around here. more races. we will get in the tent city and get to know the people. alison: the heat and the humidity, 95 in leesburg. it's 94 in washington. doug: it's 92 at joint base andrews. the feels like temperature between 101 and 103. we have had the cluster of the thunderstorms in the northeast.
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this may push off across the by a. that is all we see so far. the main story is the heat and the humidity. 72 to 79 is the forecast low. feels like temperatures are holding in the 80's. looking ahead to tomorrow. may be a degree higher for the weekend. the thunderstorm chances tomorrow. get to friday and saturday, 30 to 40% chance in the afternoon and the everything to give us brief relief from the summer sizzle. the way it feels outside is 102, 103, 104 at times. here are the 90's.
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a strong cold front will come through and dry front. what we see happening high fresh canada to be a pleasant break. look at this. the sunshine, low humidity and the mid-80's. hang in there. four more days and then a break. thank you, mother nature. nancy: thank you, doug. alison: still ahead at 4:30, how much should the government spend on aquatic plant control programs? they actually exist. you might be surprised. how many millions of dollars go to that and other earmarks? kellye: i'm kellye lynn in montgomery county where high school volunteers are branching out to hel
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alison: a group of high school students in montgomery county is improving the lives of children in need. nancy: as kellye lynn shows us in "spotlight on education," volunteers are branching out with time, guidance and love. >> the more you fold it the stronger it will be. kellye: at the mcgruder mashup summer camp students are folding, cutting and gluing handmade fidget spinners. >> i hope to provide unique experiences for the kids they normally don't have. kellye: kyle is cofounder of branch out
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decided to help form an organization that comes to the aid of needy kids. >> i like when we do a homework altogether. kellye: he gets homework help after school for branch out tutors and assistance is at five sites monday to thursday. >> they offer stem robotic workshops. 30 volunteers serving throughout the year with a goal of becoming role models to those at risk. the program reached underprivileged students in china building the confidence and encouraging them to reach for the dreams. >> to develop a passion for something.
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students helping students. in bethesda, kellye lynn, abc7 news. alison: we are told that it targets people court placed, expelled or suspended. great program. nancy: absolutely. still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- not one but two finds. you won't believe which star studded city the beast fossils were found under. >> a vote on controversial bridge crossing. but what does it do? we explain next. alison: new at 5:00. >> 3-2 popped up. alison: check it out. the crowd goes wild. when a fan catches a foul ball until they say who it is. why the mood changed so suddenly when i join you at 5:00.
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>> updating breaking news from the top of the hour, an arrest after police say road rage led to a shooting in alexandria this morning. the shooting happened in the 4600 block of eisenhower avenue, just inside the bottom of the beltway. the suspected shooter here ernest stickell of mechanicsville, maryland, turned himself in to the maryland state police in frederick t
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been rushed to inova fairfax hospital where her condition has stabilize. michelle: at a time when many families are pinching their pennies trying to save cash, how is congress doing on that front? according to a watchdog group, not well at all. nancy: the sometimes controversial organization that document what is it deems wasteful spending came out today with the annual report on how lawmakers give cash to pet projects. abc7 chief political correspondent scott thuman gives us a look. scott: if faye, the pig, looks bored at a capitol hill press conference, there is a reason. it's the release of the annual pig look a look at what is labeled "wasteful spending" out of washington and this group becoming a sad old routine. >> pork barrel spending is alive and well in the nation's capital. scott: for the senator that brought light to the issue, she r
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easy. >> our nation's debt is approaching $20 trillion. scott: the largest set of the so-called earmarks attached to spending bills relate to defense, the citizen against government waste claims there is $5 million for aquatic plant control program, $6 million for a center in hawaii to promote better relations with pacific and asian nations and $5 million for a grant that in the report worked to retore theaters and opera houses. >> we have a ban on earmarks now. we ought to stick to it. scott: despite the ban there are ways around it. last year the group says there were 123 earmarks. this physical year is up to 163. cost of $6.8 billion. there is plenty of fat to be cut. >> $70 billion other dollars for defense while other social programsre
4:33 pm
balance priority. scott: the number of the projects that the group called pork is down from peak years but the dollar amount per earmark has gone up. in that respect the group says the prom to only getting worse. in washington, i'm scott thuman. michelle: the summer heat is in full swing. i was on a soccer field for five minutes on a story and you could feel it. doug: you can climatize to be inside in the cool that quick but takes longer time. not able to do it all when there is relentless heat and humidity. this is day one. four more days to go before a break from the pattern. maybe five days. we'll see a break before next week. the sky looks like this. very few showers. a cluster of thunderstorms is around anne arundel county. the coastal areas of the western shore of the by a is getting rain -- of the bay getting rain. it's 92 in reston.
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rain. 94 in woodbridge. that is part of the story. the other story is the high relative humidity levels where we derive feels like temperatures. it feels like 103 in washington. 101 in quantico. 103 in leesburg. the values will stay in same or rise a little bit over the next couple of days. so interestingly, we have a cell develop here north of annapolis. in the past hour or two, it spread out to the west. boundary. we have a somehower that is weakening to the coast. area of the -- we have a shower that is coming weakening to the cost. that is it for the rainfall. so outside of that it will be warm and muggy. 72 to 78. feel like the 80's overnight. tomorrow we do it again with the air temperatures in the mid-to-upper 90's. feels like 102 to 103. smaller chance of rain. we check the weekend and ten days in a little bit. nancy: oh, my. th
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you know there are limited options crossing the potomac. backups on every bridge, every morning and afternoon. we have a look at the options discussed today when it comes to easing your commute. brianne: trying to get people moving and ease congestion is a regional goal. but the leaders were here behind him for the transportation planning board to talk about ten key initiatives and whether or not they would be worth doing further study on them. to find out if in fact they would do just that. keep people moving faster. they will look at the in-depth expand express lanes to other part of the beltway and the interstate 270. the new express bus services and expanded regional commuter rail. the one initiative is a northern bridge potomac river crossing. trying to help with the always
4:36 pm
congested american legion bridge. the public and the public officials today showing the issue creates a regional divide. >> it would reduce congestion. >> not only do the residents support a bridge, northern bridge by 68% it's more than vass and d.c. >> so today the planning board did vote for further in addition on the ten projects. what does it mean? will we see it come to fruition? we outline that tonight at 5:00. brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: the d.c. police searching for another man caught on surveillance video exchanging gunfire in northeast last week. one of the bullets struck a 1-year-old boy. they a
4:37 pm
and charged him with assault with a dangerous weapon. investigators are also looking for a third person of interest. happening today meeting ward eight no crack down on violence. they are hosting a town hall to get the communities involved the public safety. it is 6:30 tonight. the fate of 11-month-old charlie gard now in the hands of an american neurosurgeon. a brain specialist completed two-day examination on charlie and the findings will determine if the baby lives or dies. charlie has a severe genetic illness. he can't see, hear or breathe without help. the british doctors want to take him off life support but the parents are fighting to keep him alive.
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>> he is our flesh and blood. michelle: if the doctor believes an experimental treatment can save his life the infant will be sent to the u.s. to receive it. nancy: resur jent housing market as the summer heats up. construction on the new homes, housing starts picking up at a rapid pace in june. the commerce department said it went up 8% after three straight days of decline. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a subway tunnel dig leads to a mammoth find. the second historic discovery they found. you won't believe where they used to roam next. michelle: still ahead, a record year for d.c. speed cameras. 1 million tickets issued in 2016 alone. find out how much money that adds up to. now here is veronica johnson with a look at the summer sizzle on "good morning washington." >> thanks,
4:39 pm
washington" -- get ready for another sizzling, dangerous heatwave. will it be the hottest of the summer yet? >> plus, o. j. simpson one step closer to freedom. we are live in las vegas as the former football star goes before the parole board. >> keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning starting at
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nancy: this is in south dakota. michelle: researchers pulled a mammoth out of the ground after two years of digging and they estimate it's 22,000 years old. the job isn't done yet. it will take several years to clean the skull. michelle: this is delicate work that requires teamwork. to make sure you don't break it. nancy: be careful. michelle: yeah. speaking of mammoth, can you imagine one walking down hollywood boulevard? nancy: the crews found mammoth follows sills and bison that are dating back 10,000 years. michelle: this will take a while to put it together and enjoy it but soon they will be
4:43 pm
was like. >> 10,000 years in l.a., maybe waiting in traffic the whole time. michelle: possible. next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- one million speeding tickets issued by the d.c. traffic cameras. you won't believe how much money that has generated. nancy: plus, we are less than 24 hours away now from one of the most anticipated parole hearings. o.j. simpson. what is at stake in the earliest he could be released and the surprising popularity
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michelle: the afghan robotics team is getting ready to head home but they are not going home empty handed. the girls almost didn't make it to d.c. for the competition after being denied visas. today they were presented with the congressional records of the participation and they were awarded silver medals for the crous achievement. nancy: fantastic. if you are in a rush to get home or out tonight take your time. in d.c., nearly 1 million speed camera tickets issued last year c
4:47 pm
$100 million. that is a record number of the tickets issued. money collected in revenue. in total, the d.m.v. drivers were hit with 2.1 million speed camera tickets last year. since 2007 d.c. issued 5.4 million speed camera tickets and collected $536 million. a lot of millions in that. michelle: a lot of money. tomorrow is a big day. the parole hearing will be watched across the country. o.j. simpson fighting for his release from prison. nancy: he has been locked up for nine years following an armed robbery. maggie rulli has what to watch for tomorrow. maggie: after nine years at the prison in the nevada wilderness, o.j. as muchson could soon be a free man. the former heisman winner and movie star goes before parole board. >> count one, conspiracy to exit a crime. guilty. malhe was slapped with 33-year sentence for a botched robbery against bruce and his friend. he claims he was just trying to get back
4:48 pm
memorabilia. >> i didn't know i was doing anything illegal. i'm sorry. i'm sorry for all of it. maggie: now 70 years old. simpson has been a model inmate. the victim from the robbery tells abc he plans to speak in support of simpson. the prosecutor who helped put simpson away expects him to get paroled. for the six commissioners on the parole board memories of 1995 may be hard to ignore. >> not guilty of the crime of murder -- maggie: he was famously found innocent in brutal slayings of his ex-wife nicole brown and her friend ron goldman but later found personally libel for deaths in civil case. >> he is o.j. simpson. there is a factor that remains. >> the jury said he cut the throat of his ex-wife and stabbed ron goldman 30 times. how can this parole board let him go if they have any conscious
4:49 pm
maggie: prison officials praise him as a model inmate and says he always call garce "sir" and that he lost weight and got in great shape behind bars. maggie rulli, abc7 news. michelle: paroled or not, one thing for sure. o.j. simpson is a popular guy. it's likely to lead to a big spike in the value of o.j.-themed memorabilia. there is no shortage of the items available from the heisman trophy to the hall of fame. everything in between. >> this is a conversation piece. ultimately when you collect, okay, you have an o.j. signed jersey in your office or a helmet. people will come in and say my gosh, where did you get that? michelle: if you are wondering the items that seem fascinating to buyers is anything signed while he was behind bars. even available for super collectors evidence from the robbery case that
4:50 pm
later listed for sale. nancy: we are learning about the police involved shooting that took a minneapolis woman life. newly released transcript said justine damond called to report a possible sexual assault when the officers harrity and noor were startled by a loud noise. shortly after she approached the window and noor fired across the car killing her. >> how can a woman out in the street in her pajamas seeking assistance from the police be shot like that? noor has declined to be interviewed. the district attorney spoke out last night saying there will not be a grand jury. he will decide if he will prosecute the officer involved. michelle: go to the "live desk." larry smith with a look at "abc7 news at 5:00". larry: coming up tonight a warning before you hit the gy
4:51 pm
the injury that more cyclists are seeing. closure for the family of a couple missing for 75 years. where they were found after leaving their six children just to milk cows in the meadow. "7 on your side" to help a bride in a mind weeks before her wedding. see you in a bit. michelle: "7 on your side" consumer alert. bad p.r. did not take a toll on united airlines. the profits surged in their second quarter when the airlines made national headlines for dragging a passenger off of a plane. of the $818 million profit up 40% compared to last year. they were able to raise prices and keep filling seats this spring. 71 million passengers for the first six months this year. nancy: unusual question for you. how much would you spend on birkenstocks? $799? the sandal company believe it
4:52 pm
addition collection -- limited edition collection with hand crafted sterling silver buckling. $799. i don't know about that. michelle: yeah, i know about that. definitely no. nancy: back outside to josh knight. michelle: checking the swim meet in greenbriar. i bet you wish you could jump in the pool. josh: i wish i could. show you the crowd. they are about to take off. dry the start to the relay. check out the fans getting ready for this.
4:53 pm
there they go. it has been incredibly competitive around here. this is not just the sunshine today. this is about the humidity. talk about the feels like temperatures. it feels like 103. so we are just shy of advisory criteria. even though there is not an advisory this is the heat you have to take seriously. we are not able to cool off overnight. the temperatures will stay in the low to mid-70's. in some places in the upper 70's. we go throughout the next few days the warm overnight turns into hot days. 98. 97's.
4:54 pm
be cautious. you can't just drink water one day. do it for the next few days. this is the freestyle. we finish up the event. this is a close finish. we have more coming up. more there the fans. give me a good cheer! with that i will send it back to you. nancy: thank you, josh. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- am von prime day in the books but some are disappointed with the bargains. the five items and then some you can ignore on
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john: amazon is more popular than ever judging by record sales from the third annual amazon prime day. we know you can find great deals on toys, electronics and many more items at amazon. what about grocerys? not so much according to a report from you have to wait for shipment and plus you often have to order six or more of the same item. do you really want ketchup in the mail? money watch also says it's not a great place to buy hardware and tools. you usually need those immediately. plus you want to feel a hammer or saw in your hand before you buy. also, furniture. money watch says to see and sit on a couch before you
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order it. sometimes amazon is more expensive from brick and mortar stores. we compared prices and they find amazon is not competitive with the grocery and cleaning supplies. it found all deter jent, mr. clean and and murphy's oil soap were cleaner in local supermarkets. the purchase of whole foods they will get aggressive in groceries but for now the corner supermarket still has advantages so don't waste your money. i'm john from abc7 news. larry: new at this hour, arrest and look at the road rage incident as it unfolded. a local chipotle scrubdown and back open. the number of the customers thicken there rise -- sickened there rises dramatically. aggressive raccoons strike
4:59 pm
and the latest victim has a story and his attackers try to get inside his home. announcer: from abc7 news this is a breaking news alert. alison: in the last hour and a half, the police announce an arrest for the alexandria road rage shooting. surveillance camera caught a woman's s.u.v. rolling to a stop moments after she was shot. it happened on the connector in rush hour. the northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg live on the scene with the latest today. jeff: authorities say 58-year-old ernest stickell of mechanicsville, maryland, turned himself into authorities this afternoon at the maryland state police headquarters in frederick where he currently remains in jail. that shooting happening before 8:00 this morning. right at this intersection. on the ground here, you can still see the debris from the medical equipment, the wrappers from the medical equipment used to help the woman shot in the shooting. currently, in the hospita
5:00 pm
stable condition. this surveillance video captures the moment after the shooting before 8:00 a.m. this morning. the driver of the heavy s.u.v., 33-year-old woman from bladensburg, maryland, slowly turns the vehicle onto eisenhower avenue where it slows in the middle of the road before finally coming to a stop on the cush. the woman shot multiple times in the upper body gets out of the vehicle where witnesses say a man on a bicycle stopped to help. >> the guy was holding the lady with a gunshot wound. jeff: stephen works at a tire shot across from the shooting scene and believes an argument between the suspect and the victim started on the beltway and then escalated when the two vehicles got to the stoplight at eisenhower and claremont. >> he pulled next to her. she gets out of the car and asked what is happening. why road rage? opened the door. he didn't say nothing. he started shooting. >> i get inside the office and i hear four shots from


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