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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  July 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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commit another crime and support from the community in their decision. at the hearing there was no mention of simpson's previous acquittal in the death of his wife nicole and friend ron goldman. tom roussey picking up team coverage now outside the newseum getting reaction to today's decision. tom? tom: tom: we are talking to people and there are parents explaining to their kids at the newseum who o.j. simpson is. they weren't born when it went down two decades ago. this was already making the news on today's newspapers. probably the front page of all the newspapers tomorrow. we talked to folks to get reaction to the fact that o.j. simpson is a free man again. this is what they had to say. >> my opinion is this is the justice system.
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>> for what he was sentenced for at this particular time the parole was just. >> we were talking to people by a suit. that is the suit he was wearing when acquitted on the murder charge. now we are talking about him all the time later. reporting live inside the newseum, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. alison: thank you, tom. we are following breaking news out of los angeles where the lead singer of the group linkin park was found dead this afternoon. the coroner's office says chester bennington was found dead in his home. right now it appears he committed suicide. bennington was married with six kids and 41 years old. sign up for abc7 breaking news text alerts anytime at larry: shifting gears and tomorrow is set to be the worst day of the heatwave. doug hill has the f
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two today. day three tomorrow. high heat, high humidity. one day a little different than the others if you factor the highest temperature and the highest moisture level. it will be tough any way you cut it. heat advisory in effect across the region until 7:00 this evening. check the numbers. 97 degrees in warrenton and washington. 95 in frederick. peoples like range from 102 in washington and 106 in quantico. through the day tomorrow we start in the 80's, and hit upper 90's. afternoon thunderstorms are a possibility. muggy. part of the region may be placed in a heat advisory again. we talk about the weekend and the next fen days. in the period there is a noticeable cooling. i tell you when to expect that in 13 or 14 minutes. is
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sounds. "noticeable cooling." doug, thank you. we know that children are among those who need to take extra precautions in the heat. not easy to do at camp. kevin lewis picked up the stormwatch7 team coverage. live in stevensville, today. kevin? kevin: we are at camp wright where it is 93 degrees. the camp has a number of the jugs of the s.p.f. 30 sunscreen, sprinklers, slip and slide. campers just cleared out of the pool and that is providing reprieve. it's toasty at the camp on kent island. >> like 100 degrees. kevin: 6-year-old and 250 other campers kept cool in the pool. >> today is really hot. if i wasn't swimming i would be really hot. kevin: despite sitting along
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barely a breeze to savor. instead water colors and s.p.f. 30 sunscreen to help fight the heat. >> people are wearing a hat. encouraging sunglasses and water. >> the nurse ellen says the sweat has been the biggest. >> we have had a huge, huge run on the heat rash. we have been using gold bond. >> another hurdle is the wooden cabins that don't have air conditioning, let alone electricity. battery powered fans a hot commodity says the camp director. >> we keep everybody healthy to make sure the sprinklers are going and the water coolers are full and full of ice. kevin: the director adding she is fielding phone calls from mom and dad to make sure the kids are okay. this is one cabin. look inside and flash back to childhood. we are starting
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that there will be a cookout at 5:30. that is where we are heading. we'll try to bring back a burger to the newsroom. alison: that sounds good. enjoy that. download the stormwatch7 app for the phone or the tablet to keep an eye on temperatures or the storms that may pop up. larry: developing now. high-tech plans to get you from d.c. to new york in 2 it it -- 29 minutes. elon musk tweeted he has verbal approval to build an underground hyper loop between the cities but he didn't say who the approval came from. bill de blasio said it's the first he heard about it. more on how it would work at 6:00. alison: today, senator john mccain took to twitter to thank people for the outpouring of support since the announcement he has brain cancer. he also wrote this. unfortunately for my sparring partners in congress i'll be back soon. so stand by. maggie rulli has a closer look at the arizona republican prognosis.
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>> i can't think of anything i've done since 1999 politically or personally without doing without john. maggie: to the colleagues who find themselves on the other end of a fiery argument. >> this country needs john mccain now more than ever. maggie: both sides of the aisle say they are praying for john mccain. he has represented arizona in congress for three decades has been diagnosed with an extremely aggressive brain tumor. >> i was in tears when i heard it. >> senator mccain, as we know, never shied away from a fight. i assure you he isn't the going to back down now. >> he was a prisoner of war in vietnam for five and a half years rand for president twice. last week he was challenging his fellow senators on the floor. >> let's get some work done. >> ever the fighter, the day after he announced his diagnosis, his office is back to business as usual. releasing a strong s
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recent actions in syria. on twitter he jokes that his sparring partner better watch out because he will be back soon. >> senator graham says mccain even called him three times this morning. yelling at him to buck up. in new york, maggie rulli, abc7 news. larry: analysts are joining parallel between senator mccain's diagnosis and that of the late senator kennedy who was diagnosed of the same type of cancer in the middle of a healthcare debate on the hill. they advised to repeal and replace the affordable care act would leave 22 million more americans uninsured in the next nine years. alison: in other news now, a handyman is behind bars behind counterafter police say he molested children while he was on the job. police say jerbeth palma assaulted at least three children ages 4 to 11. and detectives believe there
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11 years now as an independent con tacker. police want to hear -- contractor. police want to hear from you if your children may have come in contact with him. a mother is dead after she crashed the dump truck she was driving in a utility pole. it happened this morning at the intersection of white house road at harry truman drive in prince george's county. coworker says the victim was fairly new to the job. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the accident. larry: police searching for a person who shot at a driver. this is the third instance of someone shooting at a car in the area since the beginning of the month. another shooting at the beltway on pennsylvania avenue was deadly. the third came yesterday in alexandria. brad bell is live in laurel. the police don't think they are connected in any way. brad: right. they are not s
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reasons to believe they are not in any way connected. the driver was not injured. what is disturring is this happened out here on one of the busiest highways in the country. >> at the i-95 rest stop near where it happened, they weren't surprised to hear of the violence. the people used to get in an argument and come to fisticuffs. now it's to shoot. brad: a commuter heard a loud noise but didn't realize he had been hit until he arrived at work. that is when he saw the bullet holes on the driver side of the vehicle. state police releasing no additional details. >> it's disgusting. horrible. no regard for human life. brad: the incident is
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2 shooting on the d.c. beltway near pennsylvania avenue. which claimed the life of lombray who was found shot to death in the distinctive car stopped stopped in a travel lane on the highway. no arrests have been made. police continue to ask for help. the sources say at this point the detectives are certain that the two shootings are unrelated. not linked. for those driving today, there is more than one possible shooter still roaming the roads. >> you have to watch. they want to return evil for evil. that is not the way to live. we need to love each other. brad: you heard the spokesperson for the prince george's county police there say they are looking for tips. the maryland state police are also looking for anyone that has any information on what happened out here. on
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the morning. 3:45 a.m. please give them a call. we will stay on the story. if there is new news we'll bring it to you. in laurel, brad bell, abc7 news. larry: thank you. the man accused of shooting a woman in another road rage incident in alexandria yesterday waved extradition. ernest stickell appeared in court in frederick county this morning. he turned himself in 24 hours ago after the shooting on the eisenhower connector off the beltway. the woman he is accused of shooting is expected to survive. alison: police are still trying to solve another case of road rage along i-295 in southwest washington. this happened at the height of rush hour. the morning of may 28, 2015. 50-year-old pedro alvarez was shot and killed. another person in his car was injured. police never found the car involved or identified any suspects. >> we love this job. we love this department. i plan to continue to do so
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larry: coming up, the battle growing between the president and his attorney general. >> later, you saw it first on action. now final out the changes that a community is making to tackle trash after a series of raccoon attacks. >> we are live at the national air and space museum in downtown d.c. where i am sitting on the stairs of the mars rover. coming up, we will climb in the cabin. maybe hop in the driver's seat to find out why the vehicle is important and what it relates to with fifth graders across your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory.
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i'm the one clocking in... when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. there. i can even warm these to help you fall asleep faster. does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store.
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larry: firefighters rushing to capitol hill after a water main break started flooding basements. they went door to door. stephen tschida is live on the 600 block of east capitol street with the latest for us. stephen? stephen: about two minutes ago we learned from a member of the repair crew what the likely culprit is in this ruptured water line. you can see it there. apparently,
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by the heat. it was 10 feet in the air. it broke and went into a basement apartment. saturating a stately capitol hill home. so much water, it ventured in the basement in search of the possible victims. no one was home at the time. we caught up with the occupant after he ventured into his water logged home. >> pretty much gone. basement was flooded out. i lost about everything. >> the flood hit the house next door as well. >> got the water shut down. the broken line prompted the cut off of the water to several area buildings. the occupant of the flooded out apartment says he has renter's insurance but he can't replace everything which was lost.
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>> we expect the repair crew to repair the line and get the water restored to the neighborhood. no word on the damage estimates but we understand this will be a big clean-up. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. >> the only person around that doesn't have the tv coverage. alison: but 48 years ago today, half a billion people were watching as neil armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon. larry: back on earth, nasa has its site look like on mars. brian van de graaff is live where nasa showed off the mars rover today.
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>> we will talk to the guy that put this together and learn about it and why it will help the students. this darren from the visitor complex. >> yes, sir. brian: a prototype that you put together that is for kids and you are targeting fifth grade. why fifth grade? >> that is the mars generation. that is what we want to target. we launch in mars this year and we are excited about that. sends out a free ticket to every fifth grader in the nation to downlad it at fmars and get a free ticket to come out here. what we did to complement it is build concept rover. kids can come out and see it and look at it and hopefully say i want to drive something like that. in space.
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rover complex. the forge alongs and look around. but there is a component here that is a laboratory in the back. >> something we did different is the rover is a scout vehicle. this a rolling laboratory. what we want to do is say if we built both? this is a scout vehicle to work in the laboratory. come back, reattach and continue on. >> cool stuff here. for fifth graders download the ticket and get involved. you are the future of the space exploration. alison: mars generation. okay. thank you. >> doug is here to talk about the heat. can you believe we are only in day two? of the heatwave. larry: no i thought it was day eight. doug: if you compare the heat and the humidity, days above 90 to the recent years we are well
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others. this just gets to you. we will get out of this for monday and tuesday this is the story going forward through the weekend. this is hazy, hot and hume. the latest for you along the advisories. a heat advisory until 7:00 tonight. it will expire as the feels like temperature will drop as well. the numbers for you. 97 degrees is the air temperature at reagan national. 94 in hagerstown. 92 at the puxon river. fredericksburg is feeling like 100. it feels like 106 at quantico. it's a tough afternoon. there is nothing locally
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the line is moving southeast. there is enough energy there it will hold together for three or four hours moving southeast. there is no rain tonight. hazy and hot and humid. hour by hour the air temperature will drop. look at what happened. staying above 80 all night long. feels like temperatures are 85, 86. the heatwave continues. 30% chance of the thunderstorms. saturday there are more storms that could be near the severe weathers. there is a slight risk. but there is a good indication that the severe weather is likely in some part of the area. take you through the day on saturday. according to the modeling.
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bubble and pop. there are still showers and the storms sond and monday. lower 90's by monday. this is a break. monday and tuesday, delightful temperatures. the lower humidity. we get to thursday and friday and we will see that the temperatures come up a little bit. but this is not the day after day for the humidity. not to say it won't happen. but in the short-term there is nothing to look forward to. >> nice. we like that. >> forget the boarding pass. you just need your fingers to fly reagan national. >> we explain that. >> we will check the phone for the emails, social media and the missed calls. >> why you might not want to keep your phone by the edge of your bed. >> police locate
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young people who disappeared after robotics competition here. i'm sam ford. story is coming up. larry: but first a look at what is coming up tonight on abc --
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larry: new developments in the search for members of a u.s. robotics team that vanished after a competition in the capital.
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spotted crossing the border to canada. sam: d.c. police today put out the image of the six young people who disappeared tuesday at the end of the first globals robotics competition. from 150 countries that participated. they stayed in dorms and in a statement today, first global the sponsor wrote chaperon of team burundi reported to the first global representative he was unable to find the group of six students. chaperon returned to the dorm story where the entire team were -- dormitory where the entire team were staying thinking they were on another shuttle bus to the dormitory. but the six left the room key in the chaperon's bag and took their clothes. today, d.c. police reported two of the six were seen entering ca
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we spoke to the first officer who said the first they knew the young people were in the u.s. is when they contacted them they were missing. the chaperon is on the way back to burundi, obviously without the young people he brought. burundi is still recovering in a civil war the lasted 12 years and claimed estimated 300,000 lives. reporting from northwest washington i'm sam ford, abc7 news. president trump: he should never have recused himself. if he was going to, he should have told me and i would have picked somebody else. alison: coming up, the art of humiliation as the president takes on his attorney general. [sirens] larry: later, training with police.
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face every day. alison: but first reaction tonight from las vegas after a parole board decision to let o.j. simpson out of jail nearly two decades ear
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alison: o.j. simpson was granted parole and we have a look at what some people had to say. >> o.j. simpson a free man. he learned he will walk out of a prison after a decade behind bars. >> i grant you parole. >> simpson could not hold back tears. sharing it with his sister and daughter in the room. he was acquitted in 1985 in the trial of the century. the brutal murders of his ex-wife nicole brown and ron goldman but he couldn't avoid legal trouble. arrested in 2008 a brazen and a violent robbery at las vegas casino holding men at gunpoint in a fight to get o.j. memorabilia. today he opened up about the day and told the parole board he wasn't the violent one. >> i am no danger. i never pulled a gun on anybody.
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i never been accused of it in my life. >> simpson stayed defiant he was not in the wrong at that casino. >> it has been ruled legally by the state of california it was my property. they have given it to me. >> he went so far to say he was set up, put in jail because the real criminals put him there. >> the story seems to be backed up by a victim in the case. bruce told the parole board that o.j. simpson was not the violent man that day. >> i have known o.j. for a long time. i don't feel he is a threat to anyone out there. he is a good man. >> o.j. expected to be released october 1. when he is released it is expected he will move back to west florida where his children live. in nevada, con train -- john trainer. larry: thank you. closing arguments are expected tomorrow in the case of a man
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roommates. jeffery neal according to prosecutors killed delano wingfield and another man. but neal's attorney says it's self-defense. we will let you know what happens in the case. developing now, a rift between the president and the attorney general. president trump in an interview said had he known that sessions was going to recuse himself he would haven't hired him. as scott thuman explains that is raising more serious questions. >> he wore the hat early on. he was the first senator to endorse then longshot candidate trump. but this hasn't sat well with the president. president trump: sessions should have never recused himself. if he was going to recuse himself he should have told
5:34 pm
would have picked someone else. scott: sessions tried to sidestep any controversy today. >> i have honor to serve as attorney general and i plan to continue to do so. >> hi thinks that the attorney general is his lawyer. attorney general is the lawyer for people of the country. he had no ohio but to recuse himself. >> surprising. i hope the president and presume he had the conversation with the attorney general personally. scott: what do you do if you are the attorney general after that? >> that is something that they should talk about. he has been unafraid to openly criticize others like sean spicer or stephen bannon. >> do you worry about th
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continued relationships from the administration that seem to be trained? >> no. i think everybody is an adult and they will work it out between themselves. alison: christopher wray's nomination to become f.b.i. director heading to the full senate. this is after the senate judiciary committee unanimously approved the nomination. wray won bipartisan praise for pledge to never let politics get in the way of the f.b.i.'s mission. he would replace james comey who president trump fired. larry: common is hit with a -- chon is hit with a -- chon exxon is hit with $1 million fine after showing reck lest disregard for sanctions imposed. they said they did nothing wrong
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fundamentally unfair. alison: still ahead at 5:00, questions about whether the panels used in the london apartment building may be wrapped around a maryland hotel. >> how they are putting kids on the right path for successful career in cyber security and that story is coming up. larry: at 6:00, unexpected side effect of the damaged dam. the sudden rush that had mr. flocking to cash in at "abc7 news
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brian: welcome back. 97 degrees. 97 degrees right now on the national mall as we are baking out here. we have several more hot days to go.
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look at the forecast for the next several days. more of the same tomorrow. temperatures in the 90's. 97 tomorrow as well as saturday. both days will feel like 105 or greater due to humidity. next few days thunderstorm chances. the best chance is probably saturday and sunday. about 40% chance both days. that doesn't mean it's a done deal. but the best chance on saturday. keep an eye on it. monday the heat will start to break and tuesday and wednesday of next week we will get a little relief from the high heat as the temperatures
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larry: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. delta began experimenting with the fingerprints instead of boarding passes this year. it's expanding the program for any eligible sky miles member who is has enrolled in the clear program. they will also allow people to use fingerprints to check a bag. alison: we have more on the rash of raccoon attacks in a neighborhood in arlington. you saw the story first on 7 and today the homeowners association plan osto start capturing raccoons. right now there are no plans to have people stop putting garbage out in bags which many complain is the root of the problem. larry: a lot of them are made of
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larry: we are on the road to being a plastic planet. we have 9.1 billion tons of plastic since 1950. everything from the bottles to the packages, crust materials and even -- construction materials and cars and clothing. but most doesn't break down when thrown away. three-quarters of it is in landfills. if you piled it up, it would cover manhattan, look at this, in more than two miles of trash. alison: wow! you think reseekalling is heing -- recycling is helping but the dent is incredible. still to come here, side side after new concerns about the -- "7 on your side" after new concerns with sleeping with the cell phone nearby. larry: getting a firsthand look at the many challenges
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the police
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alison: today marks five ye
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a movie theater in colorado. dozens of owes were injured when a man started shooting in a midnight showing of "the dark knight rises." some of those who responded that night took part in a vigil last night. >> celebrating life. i have come with the friends i was there with. celebrating the ones who saved us as well. >> to come back five years later and get to know the victims again. share a tear with them. and get to know them better. it means a lot to us. it really does. alison: the shooter in that case received 12 life sentences at trial adding up to more than 3,300 years behind bars. larry: the fairfax county police department took time today to give us a behind-the-scenes look at what officers face on the streets every day. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg took part in today's m
5:46 pm
jeff: after a quick lesson in class, it is time for the room full of reporters to suit up and begin the simulation of what it's like to conduct a traffic stop. >> no traffic stop is the same. there is no such thing as a routine traffic stop. jeff: here is the scenario. we are pulling over a driver for expired tags. that driver played by an actor is not happy to see police. jeff: can i ask you to put the phone down for a moment. we're having a conversation here. the fairfax county police officers evaluate many factors when conducting a stop. where to stand, how to speak, even where to write the citation. >> put the clipboard or the ticket book here, you can write and keep an eye on them. jeff: a method that officers use in a traffic stop is firmly place the hand on the trunk. make sure it's closed and make sure the fingerprints are on the vehicle should something happen. jeff: after a bit more hassle, the traffic stop is done. >> i'm trying to complete a job.
5:47 pm
make sure we all go home safe at the end of the night. jeff: the next simulation is responding to a call of domestic violence between brothers. again played by actors. [yelling] >> you fell! jeff: finally a 911 call about a drunk and belligerent man with a weapon at a bar. >> leave me alone. jeff: police officers say each of the encounters -- the bar, the road, the home -- are always different in some way. >> we are going into dangerous situations where people's emotions are volatile. jeff: and they say always require vigilance and patience. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: tonight, investigators who helped identify remains after the september 11 attacks are in london helping identify some of the bodies from the massive apartment fire last month. 80 people died after a refrigerator malfunctioned.
5:48 pm
now they are learning that the same panels may be on the marriott in baltimore inner harbor. the company that makes them features that hotel right in the brochure for the aluminum panels. even though the own materials say it's not recommended for use in buildings more than 40 feet high. that hotel is 33 stories. larry: wow! "7 on your side" with a warning tonight about where you keep your phone while you sleep. new research shows 53% of young adults and the teens leave electrical devices on their bed. fire officials say it could lead to a fire if the phone overheats. >> if your phone overheats there are steps to take. >> flip the breaker but never touch it. it could burn or harm you. call 911, the fire department.
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sears is teaming one amazon to sell the kenmore appliances. you can seek the do vices on the echo. alison: this is time to talk more about the weather and the white. the heat goes on. larry: and on and on and on. doug has more. doug: sometimes we have periods where it is warmer and more humid than you want. the heat advisory is up. there is high clouds. it's hot and humid. there is a breeze along the boardwalk here at the national harbor. that is helping a bit. it will stay muggy. it's 97 at the
5:50 pm
that is part of the story. the other part is the moisture to make it feel like 102 in washington and 104 in annapolis. through the evening it will stay muggy. it is very humid. even in the city it's in the mid-80's. the heat index value is warmer than that. it will stay that way overnight. we don't have the warnings or the advisories. the showers today we had a brief one over the northern neck to the middle pennsylvania of the northern virginia. most is north. for us is just muggy, warm and humidity. we are starting out to the 80's and then feeling like 104. we will see if we issue advisory for the heat. either way is close and uncome fortable, too.
5:51 pm
severe weather in spots saturday afternoon. i will give you this much. we get a break from the heat and the humid on tuesday! that is it. back to you. larry: a long time to wait. erin: then it looks like it's going back up. cousins tweeteding -- tweeting today and many fans thought he was golfing with the 49ers head coach kyle shanahan today. but really kyle is kirk's brother. and the don is his father. why is this relevant? there is speculation that kirk may want to play for shanahan after this season so this made rounds on twitter today. this week's team player is a three-time c
5:52 pm
of the year. meet anna. jeb stuart high school accomplished what nobody in school history has ever done. >> this was an infamous to win it. >> she recorded hat-trick in the raider's 3-0 victory en route to the program first conference title in 40 years. >> we had a great group of girls ready to get it done. >> over spring break she was here with the younger players to work on the technique. >> in the senior seas
5:53 pm
seven assists which led her to receive the spring all-met player of the year. >> it felt great. >> she is a three-time conference player of the year. >> to see us win the championship isn't a surprise. you are this week's team player. >> she is inspirational. we wish her all the best. >> thank you. larry: instead of a toy or a book, how about a college gift card when you need a baby present? alison: a look at the trend how students are hacking their way to a better future next.
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alison: virgin
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easier to give the gift of college money. gift card for the 529 account are now sold at the toys r us and babies r us stores. virginia has the largest 529 program in the country with more than $60 million in assets in two and a half million different accounts. nancy: they are asking students to do something odd. hack into computers. but ryan hughes shows us how it is preparing for the future >> middle school students are fielding questions they learned in the last five weeks at summer camp. >> what is mine craft. >> they are introduced to the computer programming how to guard against themselves. >> the 17-year-old is the master mind behind the hackathon. a volunteer with with the
5:58 pm
training center. >> making sure they are job ready. >> they are learning in the basics. >> just to name a few. >> the fifth grader here won with the team at a cyber security competition in capital -- greenbelt. >> we got his advice and what he does. >> they are exposed to the careers in the industry of the cyber security. >> in largo, ryan hughes,
5:59 pm
nancy: right now at 6:00 -- michelle: a flood of water floods more than the street. alison: and incredible promise. d.c. to new york in less than time than it takes to get a pizza delivery. >> i'm sorry it happened. >> when he will leave prison. >> now "abc7 news at 6:00". michelle: first at 6:00, warning in place. >> there are days before we see the relief. >> day two here about finished. we still have a heat advisory in effect until 7:00.
6:00 pm
fall. 97 on the thermometer. the moisture levels to make it feel warmer. stilling like 110 now. 99 in washington. 107 in annapolis. overnight is warm and humid. inside the beltway is around 80 degrees. but it's feeling warmer than that. tomorrow is right back in the upper 90's. the heat index values over 100. a better chance of storms for saturday. next week is when we see the relief. michelle: thank you. local camp like camp wright in stevensville are taking precaution. there is a mandatory two-hour rest period in the heat of the day and the battery powered fans for the campers. but not all the heat risk easy to spot. ahead, what we found when we


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