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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  July 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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there are friends in west virginia seeing gusty thunderstorms moving east. most will fizzle in the evening. tomorrow is a hot and a steamny day. upper 90's with a chance of gusty afternoon storms. larry: stay connected with the stormwatch7 team no matter what your weekend plans are through or the stormwatch7 app for your phone or tablet. you can always check the facebook and the twitter feed. alison: all right, larry. we have more on the heat in a few minutes but first, a shakeup in the white house press room today. sean spicer is out. and sarah huckabee sanders is in. it all started with spicer resigning reportedly out of protest of the hiring of new york financier anthony scaramucci. our chief political correspondent scott thuman is here. my first question is are you surprised by this? scott: i'm not surprised he quit. i am surprised it was over this issue on th p
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but those of us who deal with sean a lot know he found himself to be fair and put himself in a difficult position. often no win when you consider his team would put out one message that would be contradicted by the president himself with a tweet or late night statement. that was difficult for him. he put out a tweet, the first public statement from sean that it has been an honor and privilege and he'd stay on through august. the new communications director who sean supposedly quit over was asked now that there has been a change, will we return to the tradition of the nearly daily on camera briefings which have become rare of late. here is what he had to say. >> if she supplies hair and makeup, i'll consider it. i need a lot of hair and make-up. i don't know. maybe. this is the press secretary. i'm up here today because this is the first day. we may. i have to talk to the president. i like consulting with the president before i make decisions like that. alison: so this was seen as a reset.
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white house with the messaging? scott: well, it is possible. they have a big week ahead next week. vote on healthcare. there are more hearings on russia. if scaramucci is able to focus the messaging and make sure that everyone is on the same point. possibly. but we have to wait to see. this has been a work in progress since day one. we are just seeing a changing of some of the pieces on this puzzle board. larry: we'll see what is next. alison: scott, thank you. larry: okay, guys. maryland representative elijah cummings is heading back to work following a heart procedure. cummings under went a heart valve replacement in may that developed infection to put him back in the hospital. cummings has not said when he plans to return to capitol hill. alison: baltimore is the host of this year's national naacp convention. the group's leaders will discuss the issues directly impacting african-americans. in the past the president has spoken at the convention but this year president t
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some say they are disappointed with his decision. >> the republicans and the democrats, independents, socialists, whatever. he is the president for all the people. not just for a section of people. alison: the white house gave no explanation for the decision but spokeswoman said the president would be happy to have dialogue with the civil rights group. some convention go eithers say they will voice the concern about efforts to repeal the affordable care act. larry: in the last hour, the d.c. police caught up with the man they believe is a bank robber. they think he hit three banks in heart of downtown d.c. in minutes. stephen tschida picks up the story now live from northwest. stephen? stephen: we heard from the d.c. police and they believe they caught him. the same suspect believed to ha
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attempted to hit two other banks all within a matter of minutes. >> it's inconvenient. i hope nobody in the bank was hurt. that is the most important thing. >> the first and the only successful robbery in the 500 block of 12th street northwest. that went down at 9:22 this morning. then 12 minutes later an attempted robbery at bb&t bank in northwest. 25 minutes after that, another attempted bank robbery. this is just a block away on 17th street. >> really? this morning? did they find the people? stephen: the braising bank robbery and two attempt -- the brazen bank robbery and two attempts in the height of rush hour surprised some customers. >> i hadn't heard of any before in this area. >> they found the people. we have a good suspect description. a man in if 50's. close crop hair. seen getting in a cold or a
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off and heading north. the factors may have contributed to the quick arrest. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: we have new developments in the murder trial for a man accused of killing his own roommates. juror just got this case. our d.c. bureau chief sam ford live at the d.c. courthouse. after being in the courtroom for today's closing arguments. sam in sam: today they talk about the male love triangle. about bodies found in the attic and the backyard. hammers used as murder weapons. and a pair of socks. in the closing prosecutor fulton noted that the three had been friends since middle school. then came roommates as 20-somethings in this house owned by neal's family on eighth street northwest and perhaps the pressure of rent, bills and adulthood changed things. defendant neal killed a week apart hammers to te
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young and wingfield. no more motive than that was offer and defense attorney madden said neal was at the center of a male love triangle. jealousy he said led young to kill wingfield and in a fight to the death a week later he told neal he had done that and neal won that fight. neal confessed to that when he turned himself into police. he told them when young attacked him young was naked except for socks. the prosecutor today noted both bodies were found nude. one in the attic, the other in backyard and it was not young but wingfield found wearing socks. it did not bring the matter up before the case went to the jury. the jury broken for the day and they are expected back on monday. reporting live from d.c. superior court i'm sam ford, abc7
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alison: indian head highway is back open of a an accident this morning. charger and a mustang crashed head on causing a fiery collision that killed the two drivers. it's unclear if speed played a factor in the crash but the residents say the speed cameras need to be added. larry: for months we have been telling you about the danger of the takata air bag inflators on recall of the air bags. now honda and mazda are fighting back against the recall of the inflators that takata added 2.7 million vehicles to the recall list last week. the companies are filing notice to avoid the recall. ford said there is no evidence the recall is necessary though government says they pose a safety risk. that said, today police in australia announced they believe faulty inflator caused the death of a man driving 2007 honda c.r.v. in sydney. alison: back at home and getting back to the
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sizzle now. bad news if you look for relief in rockville, the rockville swim and fitness club says the spray ground is closed until further notice because of a problem with a pump. q mccray live in southeast washington where the other folks are trying to stay cool tonight. hi, q. q: hey, what is going on, guys. it's roasting out here right now. can you tell by the beads of sweat rolling down my massive forehead? it is 121 degrees. that is how hot as fault is. that is not stopping people to come out to enjoy truckaroo. a bullpen a block from the park. people enjoy all kind of foods oh. how are you say staying cool? >> i have a cool lemonade and a around witch. q: that looks -- a sandwich. >> that looks good. you can get a turkey sandwich
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but imagine being in this heat. and not being able to sweat or process hot temperatures. well, the boy i'm about to introduce you to is an everyday reality for him. mcnamara loves to play and laugh just like every other 8-year-old. in a heatwave, he has to be cautious. >> dip in cold water or something cold it will cool my head down for a long time. >> he has ectoderman dysplasia, a disorder to make it hard to deal with the heat. there are 150 vacations of the condition. >> -- 150 variations of the condition. >> i don't have teeth. i have dentures. >> he doesn't have sweat glands. so temperatures in the 100's, staying cool is key. >> we freeze t-shirts to put them in a cooler and he can swap them out every 30 minutes. >> others use misting fans, cooling backpacks, portable a.c.'s, water is
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nearby. the national foundation for his condition annual conference happening now in falls church. giving families an opportunity to learn and children to make life long friendships. because as he has learned sometimes people aren't always kind. >> people might tease you because you don't have teeth or your hair is light. they call you, you look like a grandpa or something. breathe, be confident. you won't notice that other people are there. q: this has to be one of the bravest little boys you will ever meet. when it comes to truckaroo here, you have plenty of time to enjoy yourself. it's open until 11:00 p.m. it will also have live music performing shortly. reporting live from a block away from nats parks, -- nats park, i'm q mccray, abc7 news. >> it's very hot but it's worth it. larry: coming up
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had people lining up for blocks today in georgetown? later, a whale winds up on the banks of the sienne. we are the story behind the images. alison: the cost of helping babies born addicted in the middle of the nation's opioid crisis. >> how can nothing in your heart tell you nothing to do anything when someone is crying out for help and you are telling them you won't help them? larry: what happened when this woman's fiance started to drown that police say is beyond heartless. your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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larry: it was utterly imhumane and cruel as a man drowned in florida. they can't file criminal charges because florida law does not require people to give or call for help if someone is in distress. >> he got in deeper water july 9. five teenagers were recording it. >> we are not going to help [bleep] there the police don't know why he went in the water but when he did, there was a small group of the teens watching from the bank down that
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>> laughed at him. told him they weren't going to help him or rescue him. >> laughed at him the entire time. >> it broke my heart for someone to sit there of age to know if someone needs help, crying out for help and you do nothing. >> the fiancée was there five days later when the body was found. >> how can nothing in your heart tell you to do anything? >> the state attorney office released a statement condemning the video but saying prosecutors could find no law violated. the five teens posting the interview have been identified and interviewed but there is no punishment. alison: new information on the accident involving a navy ship. seven navy
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uss fitzgerald collided with a cargo ship in japan. the preliminary investigation places the blame on the navy say the crew failed to understand and acknowledge the cargo shim was approaching and did not take evasive action. larry: three of the last crew members of the uss arizona seeking an honor they say is overdue. they met with president trump and say the lives were saved as a crewman on a nearby ship pulled them and others to safety in an attack on pearl harbor. >> he didn't get a medal of any kind. >> he was supposed to
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>> an emotional scene. >> brian is joining us. monday we start to transition. we have chances for the thunderstorms better than we have had in the last couple of days. don't cancel the plans but you may have to duck inside. we are under a heat advisory and it will be posted for saturday and sunday. national harbor you can see the haze and the mugginess in the atmosphere. yesterday's high of 98 is the warmest of
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this feels outside like 104. we are not alone. it feels like 90 in frederick and hagerstown. the only spot cooler west is the area seeing the showers. there is light rain for woodstock. the friends in inwood through west virginia to push east/southeast. i think these are going to fizzle. this is hot and muggy out there but it's minimal. anything you do is hot. it's 85 degrees downtown.
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70's in the burbs. the runners, we talk about exercise in morning. if you out at 6:00 a.m., 79 to 80. the ticky atmosphere in place we could see feels like temperature in the morning. go early as possible. there will be 50 to 60% chance. it will come together in your neck of the woods and know it's strong to severe. we talk about running early. there is a nighttime run in crystal city. twilighter 5k tomorrow night. hopefully
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if you are heading to the beach on saturday. feature storm chance. looking beyond the early portion of the week, monday isolated storm chance. winds shift. tuesday's nat home return should be nice. low humidity. mid-80's. we have a number in the 60's. get a p r parka, larry. alison: i love the low humidity. the heat is not starting crews from starting a paverring area. larry: why a mom's sweet craving could be bad for a baby when the child is born. >> thousands of books on the shelves inside the frederick county public library.
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i'll explain coming up. >> but on abc -- larry: now adrianna hopkins has a preview of monday's "good morning washington." >> thanks, guys. president trump's son-in-law in the hot seat. stay with us live as jared kushner faces the senate committee on capitol hill. >> obsessive compulsive disorder. could the flu or strep trigger that in your child? >> and keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes monday morning starting at 4:25 a.m. on "good morning was
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alison: back with this. 150 of them, the when took part in look alike contest in key west. larry: the search is on for a person who donated a box of books to the public library. there was also a picture book
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by the cover. they news one didn't belong. >> we discovered this. this shouldn't be delivered to the library. smack between two novembers a photo album titled to grandma and grandpa with love. >> seemed like a gift. inside the black and white photographs from 1960's tell a story from a young girl aging over the years. >> there is a color photograph from the wedding. they had been donated before but they offer historical value to the county like this one. they dated back but they believe it was donated by mistake. >> the virtual branch administrator
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his own to solve. finding the am bum owner. >> if gifter might want it back. >> as/fare i want it back. i would want it back. >> frederick, ryan hughes, abc7 news. alison: so many memories in the book. larry: yeah. yeah. get it back. >> still ahead at 5:00, what had them lining up for block despite a summer sizzle. >> caring for babies born already addicted in the opioid epidemic. >> "7 on your side" at it again.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". larry: this looks like a scene from a movie. but this happened in china. two people died and 55
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were hurt when gas blew the roof off. 12 of those suffered serious injuries. alison: wow. back at home, a big pile of garbage is building up in d.c. we sent out i-team investigator scott taylor to continue attempts to clean up the city a district at a time. >> this bothers me. >> i pay taxes. >> there are car doors and trucks. sodas. >> this growing larger by the day. >> this attracts rodents, raccoons, animals that will cause harm to another human being. >> i want it moved asap
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i contacted "7 on your side." >> the property is owned by the capital petroleum group. >> i'm scott taylor with "7 on your side." why aren't you cleaning up the trash pile there? >> the cashier didn't know but she provided us with the name and number. a spokes certain said they didn't know who dumping the trash but they would get it cleaned up. >> wi called the d.c. police. the commander of the sixth district david taylor met us at the site with the environmental crimes unit. >> the police have made 50 arrests with the illegal dumping and them involved involh
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office the city came out and clean-up is underway. we will keep an eye on the property. the neighbors will too. >> quit treating d.c. like it's trash. out is not trash. >> look live and there is a difference from last week. we wanted to say a big thank you to everyone two helped us take care of this. a team effort. if you have a big trash pile d.c. can fine you so clean it up as soon as you can. larry: a big difference. thank you. new information tonight about a plan to build a natural gas pipeline through virginia. west virginia and south carolina. th
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impact statement on the atlantic coast pipeline and it found 600 mile pipeline would have adverse effect on water, forest and other habitat. dominion energy says it provides a clear path to get final approval next year. larry: we have new developments in the debate over charlie gard's future. cit iticly ill -- critically ail baby boy in england that want to bring to the u.s. today a lawyer told them at a precourt hearing that the latest brain scan gave a sad reading. that is when gard's mother broke down in tears and his father yelled "evil" at the attorney. they wish they had been given results privately rather than at a hearing. alison: as the adult opioid addiction continues to sweep the nation, there is a growing number of babies born addicted to the drug. we have a story about the rising cost of taking care of babies suffering from
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withdrawals withdrawals from opiate. reporter: every 25 minutes a baby is born suffering from opioid withdrawal. as more mother take prescription painkillers like opioids while pregnant. >> people began to look and they found it was a bigger problem than we anticipated. reporter: cost for taking care of babies with n.a.s. is skyrocketing. a new study by "addiction" found in 2012 it costs u.s. hospitals $316 million. five-fold increase from 2003. >> 4-month-old, pretty tight in the neck. >> n.a.s. clinic in cincinnati. >> in the last year we saw 3,000 and 400 of those were new patient visits. reporter: the average hospital
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n.a.s. is $67,000. 19 times more than treating other newborns. babies with n.a.s. require on average 15 days longer stay in the hospital, than babies without opioid addiction. bipartisan group of senators introduced a bill that would use medicaid to help treat babies exposed to opioids. the senators have deep concerns about the current republican healthcare bill that repeals obamacare since their state rely on the medicaid expansion that was made under the law that helps with opioid addiction. on capitol hill, i'm michelle macaluso. larry: there are potential impacts of what you eat when you are expecting. women who eat too much sugar when pregnant could increase the chances that the children will develop allergies and asthma. queen mary university in london studied 9,000 women and the children and found that pregnant women who ate a lot of sugar nearly doubled the children's risk. alison: do you wanted to know wh
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there is an app for that. a group of students at m.i.t. created a new app called pick to recipe. take picture of the food and the app used a.i. software to tell you what ingredients were used in making that food. they are working out the kinks. it's only right 65% of the time. you could try it out on the m.i.t. dem me page. larry: still impressive. alison: uh-huh. larry: coming up at 5:00, a warning about what you can expect when major work begins at reagan national airport. alison: but first, 7 salutes a retired marine working now to help others in need. larry: at 6:00, why doctors ordered this musician to play his guitar while operated on his
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brian: looking to the beach upcoming. we have folks on the boardwalk and enjoying sunshine. it's warm out there. even at the shore. the temperatures are in the mid-90's. it's warm here and warm at the shore. if you are heading to the beaches keep in mind we are looking for both temperatures to be in the upper 80's. just isolated storm chances daily. around here the storm chances are greater. some could be strong to
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alison: tonight 7 salutes a retired marine who started an organization to help his fellow service members. as jonathan elias shows us the marine was deployed with a kit so now he trains dogs to -- k9 so now he trains dogs to help those in need. jonathan: from the quiet home in woodbridge, lifers are being saved. >> wait. jonathan: but retired marine christopher beattie and the organization semper k9. >> the uniqueness is to train any dog we accept to their potential. >> good job! jonathan: dogs he rescues from kill shelters that have sat waiting and never getting a home. >> we train the dogs to be a cool for the veterans to provide confidence and independence for them to get
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the things they miss and what they love and do things to enhance the quality of life. >> he knows dogs. as a marine his partner was a k9. deployed together. worked together. he knows how they can be game changers. that is why he started doing this. to show other what is a dog can do. >> help me out more than i can tell you. >> the marine jonathan alexandria talking about his service dog. >> she means everything. jonathan: he injured his leg and back and semper kit gave her to him. >> besides my family one of the valuable things to me. she built my confidence and she made me comfortable functions day-to-day. jonathan: chris spends hours every day training new pup byes that he recently picked up. his wife publishes the maggie: -- publishing the magazine to spread the word. for one purpose. >> he is a guide, warrior buddy to give you confidence to know are you are not doing
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if you'd like more information on semper k9 we have a link to all of it at if you have someone we should saluted e-mail jonathan. larry: a great story. still ahead at 5:00, changes on the horizon for people living, shopping in popular part of bethesda. >> lining the street of georgetown in the middle of the day in the heat.
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larry: where he will, the summer sizzle didn't keep fans lining up in georgetown. brianne carter explains why they spread across two blocks of m street in the heat. brianne: standing in scorching heat. >> it's very hot. worth it. brianne: in a line stretching down the block. >> i was surprised. but it doesn't deter me from waiting. brianne: all for a georgetown pop-up shop. filled with merchandise from a popular rapper. >> exclusive merchandise. i don't know. brianne: they got up early this morning and drove
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georgetown from york, pennsylvania, to get a piece of clothing only available at the pop-ups happening in d.c. and new york. >> just sold out of the vinyls. brianne: in line before the doors opened and it was still three hours outside before they were let in. >> i was happy we got here that early. >> for some it was worth being here at all costs. folks who don't even live in the d.c. area making a five-hour drive to make sure they could get in to the pop-ups. >> kendrick is the voice of our generation right now. he is main stream right now. he has always had a big impact on me. i thought i'd come and support him. brianne: he has been listening to the music since he was 5 and said he had to be here to get the gear. >> he is a big influence in my life. i love him. i'll wait here forever. brianne: the pop-up shop is open until 7:00 tonight. ahead of the show at the verizon center. in northwest washington, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: wow! dedicated fans out there today. meanwhile, c
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to start repaving bethesda avenue in front of bethesda road. between arlington and woodmont avenue. right now it's scheduled to start monday and will run each night from 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. it should take five nights to finish if the weather cooperates. larry: the metropolitan washington airport authority wants to make sure you are ready for major construction work at the reagan normal airport that is expected to begin next fall on the $1 billion project. what will notice most is construction on the lower level of terminal "b" and "c" where you pick up the rival. traffic patterns begin to change this fall through next year and the whole project won't be done until 2020. alison: covering metro tonight with a reminder of waterproofing work over the red line over the weekend. the medical center and the bethesda stations will be closed. starting tonight at 9:00. bus shuttles are offered between grosvenor and friendship heights but should be back open on monday morning. larry: red line to red
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check out the pictures from the smithsonian conservation biology institute. i can't even read. i want to look at him instead. two litters of the red pandas born in the last month at the facilities. the moms are nutmeg and moonlight. but the cubs don't have names just yet. alison: cute as can be. larry: i think just cute. cute 1 and cute 2. alison: you were distracted trying to read. larry: i was! alison: look at this. the eyes are not deceiving you when you see this. a beached whale! well, it's not real. it's a coupleture -- sculpture. they installed this in the shadow of notre dame trying to raise environmental awareness by awakening the child in everyone who is still puzzled about what is real and what is not. larry: i was fooled. wow! alison: big time. larry: well ahead at 6:00, as sand dune threatened to consume a family's home for the second time. how it's happening and how they are trying to fight back.
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[bleep] chaotic chase down a beach streamed live to facebook. what happened inside the car that brought it to a screeching halt. the man taking over communications at the white house. that is ahead at 6:00. plants and trees are turning into ash because of a fast-moving forest fire in new jersey. alison: firefighters are battling what is now a massive blaze. right now it's ripping through the wharton state forest. it's already burned through 1,000 acres. the fire started thursday. no injuries so far have been reported. larry: fourth full day of the detwiler fire in california. thousands are under vac wation order and it's already left thousands of acres in mariposa county bare and covered in ash. so far, 58 homes and 60 buildings have been destroyed. the fire is threatening 1,500 others. the fire by the way is only 15% contained. alison: meanwhile around here we are heading to weekd.
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larry: yeah. it's a mess. brian van de graaff is in stormwatch7 weather center with more. brian? brian: first, don't cancel plans just yet. it's hot this weekend for sure. the swim meets are moving earlier tomorrow morning because of the heat out there. the storm chances probably after 2:00 each and every avenue. let's go to the maps. we have been watching a few to the north and west. a lot of those begun to fizzle. that is not great. look to winchester. hefty shower earlier. it's fizzled down to hardly anything. around here we are dry. deeper to the evening as the storms move east and not much of a factor. hitting the golf links it's going to be a warm and a muggy everything out. but i don't think there is weather to slow you down with the showers or the storms. the chance increases quite a bit saturday and sunday. we are under slight risk of saturday and sunday afternoon. we talk about that coming up. if you are heading to see chris stapleton at jiffy
5:51 pm
the hot side. a stray storm or two possible in the afternoon. but i don't think all of us will get in on the action. gusty winds and heavy downpours and hail. the temperatures mid-90's. that is the story for the next couple of days. the heat will continue to bubble up. cooler air for canada is moving in here. coming up at 6:00, we talk about when it arrives and how refreshing it will feel. back to you. larry: okay. thanks. alison: erin is here now. what is going on? erin: it's rising star time. the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra effort. tonight we introduce you to a young man who has the will and the desire to push through the darkest days. here is scott abraham with our rising star. scott: last year, just outside fort drum, 23-year-old cody irons was involved in a motorcycle accident that would change his life forever. >> my left arm was just gone. my right one had severe
5:52 pm
fractures. scott: cody an army specialist who served as a combat medic would lose his right arm due to infections. >> what happened happened. i remember laying there thinking what am i going to do? what is life going to be life? scott: he now spends his days as a patient at walter reed. four days he comes here to the naval support activity bethesda pool to rehab. >> it never ceases to amaze me. just hearing he was surf offing and kayaking. there is nothing he is not going to try. it has been a little over a year since cody's accident. his growth over the last 12 months is amazing. cody fully embraced his new normal, refusing to put any limitations on what he can do with sport. >> there hasn't been anything that stopped me from doing anything i wanted to do. scott: a former high school athlete cody is itching to compete again. he has already done an army ten-miler. >> you have to step out of your comfort zn
5:53 pm
it's easy. it's the easy thing to do. you really have to challenge yourself. >> proving nothing is out of reach. i'm scott abraham with our rising star. erin: wow! what an inspiration. there are rising stars all around us. if you know someone overcoming adversity in the athletic arena contact us. they could be featured the upcoming story. cody is so inspirational. alison: remarkable. learn so much from him. erin: yeah. larry: that much time and have that passion. erin: i'm in awe after seeing that. alison: me, too. larry: easy to say okay. erin: throw in the towel. good for him. >> thank you. coming up tonight at 6:00, the unique way a man was able to let doctors know he was still okay during brain surgery. larry: this is amazing. but first, a woman on the verge of learning her fate after hiring a
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nancy: breaking news out of new york. these are pictures of breaking news. a small plane landing in the east river. you can see it's being towed. we don't know details further than that. a great pan out of the shot to check it out. this is going on in new york. stay with us. here on abc7 and for an update on what happened with the plane in the east river this afternoon. in the last half hour the woman who tried to hire a hitman to kill her husband, and the former escort was sentenced to 16 years in prison. >> 16 years in prison for dolly. a former escort now being shackled after guilty in a murder for hire slot. her defense arguing for leniency. >> probation to no prison. that is what sh
5:58 pm
after what she has been through. it's all part of a project that she, the husband and the former lover had written together. >> it was the purpose of it. >> you were asking. >> yes. but that hit man is really undercover cop. the police recording the whole thing they pretended the hit worked. they did elaborate crime scene and telling dalia her husband had died. the jury believing that time she was acting. today sentencing is years in the making. officl
5:59 pm
2011 was thrown out over a tainted jury. then the 2016 retrial resulted in a hung jury. in 2017, during her third trial, she with us found guilty again. michelle: right now at 6:00. michelle: at sixty multious months, sean spicer is out at press secretary. alison: a shocking video. restaurant explodes and the common item that may be to blame. >> yeah. michelle: the wild chase down a beach streamed live. what brought the chaotic scene to an end. >> "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side.
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a big shake-up. sean spicer resigning after president trump naming anthony scaramucci as the communication director. alison: scaramucci insists there is no bad blood. >> it speaks volumes to who he is as a human being and team player. he wants to clean the sleet for anthony. i appreciate it and love him for it. this is a difficultvation to be in. i applaud his efforts and i love the guy and i wish him well. i hope he goes on to make a tremendous amount of money. >> meanwhile, today anthony scaramucci named sarah huckabee sanders as the new press secretary. michelle: but it is the departure of sean spicer that has the city buzzing. jeff goldberg has reaction tonight from northwest washington. jeff? jeff: you could make the case that sean spicer was the most well-known price secretary in modern history. his daily press briefing became must-see tv for millions of americans.


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