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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  July 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> we are on storm watch tonight at 6:00 watching for another round of rain and storms. causing some damage in northwest d.c. we have live team coverage of the rough weather. was one of the genuine people on television. lost the battle, but won the war. ow friends and family are removing the life and legacy of d.c. news legend, jim vance. announcer: now abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> did you notice the rain quite a break from the a line of storms toppled
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advisory is still in effect right now, but the larger threat is the next round of storms. watch with live team coverage starting with meteorologist josh knight. i see it's another deluge here. of wind with it, but nothing severe. here is a good picture of what is happening outside, usually camera, we could easily see to the woodrow wilson bridge. barely see the capitol wheel. temperatures dropping down not rain totals getting up to n inch, close to.8 in rockville, bowie, 2/3. let me show you the rain right now. dealing with severe weather. the rain comes down very helly and some lightning with it as well. gusting 40 to 50 miles an hour, so just below severe criteria. you can see here, the colors for ohio and west virginia counties. that's a severe thunderstorm watch. actually one in place for our area. let's talk
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is, a at's really all it few thunder and lightning strikes. that's about it. more of that as we get farther to the southwest. let's zoom in closer to d.c. and you'll notice this, we'll pause this. rain making its way to the west side of the district. for that t ready leiter rain right around the national mall. you can see the left side of the to the west side, we are looking for things breaking down some. some heavy rain moving through here, i think this is our best chance to see some really gusty winds, again, those are staying a bit farther to the south. this round right now pushing through for us. bit a lull.tle around 10:30 to 11:00, we are going to see another push. have s one that we currently and then another opportunity for some heavy rain. tonight, plans for keep the umbrella handy. temperatures staying for us 70's to und the low even 80 degrees in a few places. tomorrow, with he do it all over more thunderstorms. we'll time it all out for you and talk abo a
6:03 pm on the way coming kimberly: the heavy downpours are catching some people off arlington this afternoon. a soggy ryan hughes picks up or storm watch coverage. ryan, i have two umbrellas in our car. lend you one, buddy. ryan: we saw the dark clouds moving in and in a second, the skies opened up drenching us and everybody else. take a look right now. the rain is still falling a little bit. their umbrellas, a couple of minutes ago, let's show you some video. up and skies opening sheets of rain coming down. people running for cover. we saw an hour ago, people were out here exercising and running and, my, things really change. people are also going to dinner onight, so pack that umbrella, keep an eye to the sky. as josh mentioning out here live again, it's just rain. we have not heard any thunder or lightning, that's some good news. ryan hughes.gton, back inside to you. kimberly:
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northwest. a toll on power crews scrambling to get the power back on after a tree utility pole and live wires all fell down. melissa continues our team coverage with a look at the damage. melissa. melissa: we are at the intersection of glen brook, give you a to better view of this giant tree. look.a it took down a power pole and hard to get working the power back on to nearly 300 customers in the surrounding area. a er should be restored in few hours. they do want folks to stay out of this area so that they can work. here live, as for the giant tree, crews say that off the power and secure the power lines as quickly as they can. can do that, y they'll cut up the tree and move it out of the roadway. have for now. kimberly: our q
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dry tracking the rain inside. out there? roads q: here is a last look. down i-66 and eading eastbound, but our trek in the rain really started around 5:00 this afternoon, but 5:30 when we started hitting the rain in the area.tilly we went west to bristol, jivey ube for a little bit where thousands of people have their tents up and umbrellas up, getting ready to watch chris stapleton take the stage at 7:00 p.m. in the meantime, they're trying to stay dry. we made a u-turn headed back down i-66. right now and we are approaching the fairfax area and the traffic is starting to here.up i'll tell you what we have been -- ng, though is a lot of when it's this wet out here, the rain coming down as ha
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safest to t's always slow down and keep a safe carance between you and the ahead of you and also keep your headlights on if you have your we doield wipers going as right now. so that's the latest live out mobile track 7 driving back to airfax, kim, you. kimberly: good advice. stay connected with the storm watch 7 team here on air and at you can also download the storm watch 7 app to keep up with all these weather changes and look for instant updates on our pages.k and twitter new at 6:00 tonight, sadness in family.. news for more than 45 years, wrc jim news in orted the washington and this morning, the broadcast legend lost his short cancer.with earlier tonight, ryan hughes filed this report showing us how is being d anchor remembered. ry:
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uring some of the most challenging times. >> it was like losing a family member. right on, spot-on news. legend and ce, a institution in washington, d.c. >> he has been a city person. on saturday morning, the 75-year-old and longtime anchor battle with his cancer. the station's president and eneral manager released a statement, "for more than 45 years, jim vance was not only 4, but l of nabih berri of the entire washington area. his smooth advice, brilliant and unforgettable laugh a ves each of us with tremendous avoid. his reporting took him all across the country. e is best known for his unique style on the anchor desk. was one of the genuine people on television. could speak to anybody. ryan
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maureen bunyan says vance was a leader and understand the challenges of being an african-american. competing at stations, but always respected style.k and >> he met people, he talked to people, he was open to people nd they responded to him in kind. ryan: last month his face was unveiled on this famous mural. thankful he got to see it before he passed. i'm so thankful. ryan vance earned numerous awards over his storied career has certainly left his mark in washington. abc 7 news. imberly: like many of you, i grew up watching vance on tv and as an intern i lernd from him come true for me not only to anchor with him from ime to time but also to become his friend. vance loved to right for the news, but more than that, he andd to ride his motorcycle he loved t
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new developments now from hill, the house and senate have reached a bipartisan deal for new sanctions on russia. the bill mandates congressional review and any attempt by the or p administration to ease end sanctions. the measure also expanded against iran ions and north korea. for set president president trump began his day by sending out nearly a dozen tweets. called his pardon power complete, blasted leaks and attacked hillary clinton. president then traveled to norfolk to attend the commissioning of the navy's carrier, the t u.s.s. gerald ford. president trump: now you are to witness the moment when art incredible work of becomes the pride of the united symbol of and a american power and prestige no in the world you go. kimberly: three
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hree years late, rather, the navy's most expensive carrier is not even finished, with testing still d complete, the ship's first deployment is not expected until 2020. the topic of president trump whether to work with or hallenge the administration loomed large during virginia's first gubernatorial debate of election.l >> i believe that our president is a dangerous man. empathye that he lacked and he also has difficulty telling the truth. nd it happens again and again as we say on the eastern shore, he lies like a rug. president is doing things good for virginia, i am oing to work to make sure we get things done. i don't agree with everything the president says or tweets and have made that clear, but my focus is on virginia. kimberly: virginia is one of only two states, the other being new jersey, picking a new governor this year. virginia is considered the most of the two with democrats expected to
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he governor's mansion in trenton, new jersey. a thunderstorm warning just came in. let's get to josh with the latest. thank you very much. i want to pull this up for you. e have a new warning in place for parts of prince george's, southern anne county. this severe thunderstorm also apable of winds up to 60 miles per hour. if you're in any of those orange boxes, take cover. ightning with those storms and damaging winds possible. more after the break.
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kimberly: the man best known or playing mccauley culkin's father in the "home alone" movies has died. old.heard was 72 years heard earned an emmy nomination
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for a guest role on the so as a corrupt detectivend played tom hank's rival in the "big." a consumer alert to tell you about. to e u.s. airlines agreed pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines to settle government claims they violated aimed at protecting consumers. american airlines, delta and between 200 toay $400,000 for violations. documents recently released by the department of transportation. coming up next, a very wet start to the weekend. is tracking the rain moving into the area right now. that's n
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kimberly: some teachers, parents, and students felt it important to brave the summer sizzle today to protest
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mall protest was one of at least 15 rallies around the country. protesters say the proposed udget cuts and focus on school vouchers puts public education at risk. >> the funding that they're is a way of dismantling and privatizing schools. they serve the kids immediate vulnerable kids. kimberly: she denies she is against public education. a speech this week, she of the ritics defenders stat we need to get back to the top story. the thunderstorms are rolling in? josh: and ramping up a little bit. a lot more energy to work with basically. so q just driving through some of the lighter showers for us at 66.s point on things are coming down a bit heavier across
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some improvements at the national harbor, you can ook closely to the woodrow wilson bridge. the line of storms are coming in one close to, this fredericksburg and moving to southeastern prince george's stronger ones. two areas that didn't get the first round of rain from earlier today. you can see as we look here on map, we do have some counties in those colors for you that could have some issues. where we do have the heavier rain coming down across the bit of nd quite a lightning as well. the other thing we are going to here, as we work down to the southeast, around fredericksburg, we have just ing else that has come down, too. we have a severe thunderstorm well as a tornado warning in that box. so i do have to zoom in and look a few different things. right now we have that tornado warning in effect until 6:45. we zoom in, it does include
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fredericksburg. so chancellorville, that lvania, two parts of as well. right around fredericksburg right now to the south, that red want to focusat i on at this point. for e pull it up quickly you the tornado warning and what centralsay is for south stafford county in northern virginia, southeastern city of central sburg in virginia and northeastern spotsylvania county as well. so severe thunderstorm warning now capable of producing a ornado located near sports veina and fredericksburg moving east at 40 miles per how were. what we're finding here, this is radar indicated, so what i want do o is switch over and i apologize, i'm going to have to switch around a couple things nd be able to track this storm a little bit better for you. hat i'm going to try to do is stoom in here, in
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and ed and green arrows colors, a little different than what we're used to looking at. this is where we're able to find if there is any rotation in the storm. let me move it for you just a bit. here the reds and greens are coming together. that's where we have winds that are blowing in opposite directions. blowing in e opposite directions, that's where we say radar indicated, best chance we get a spin-up happening in this thunderstorm. it's a severe thunderstorm 7:00, but then until 6:45, we have the toronto warning as well. in this red box, let me get this back off of here we can see this red box. you need to take shelter right now. to draw you a little shape to show you where we're for the potential of spinning up. i want to zoom in even closer to give you a better sense for where we are talking about. i'm u are in, i apologize, not exactly sure, right along
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spotsylvania, it's in this notch. that's the most likely place to something spinning up. just off to the west of nterstate 95, if you're familiar as well, around route 17. 95, e route 17 runs into another spot where we could be running into -- our best chance in thatomething spin up area. orange urn it off, our box, is that is a severe thunderstorm warning and our red box is a toronto warning as well. talking about right around 208, crossing 208, that would be our most likely place. i want to put this scope tool back on here again so we can switch over from just looking at radar to looking at the doppler portion of the radar. again, what that means, that's what direction everything is moving. area, i'llere in this circle it again where we could see our biggest issue, this spot here, around 208. we're still talking to the
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95, rest of route 1 at this point to see our issue. warning in onto effect in this red box that goes on for us until 6:45 in the evening. bit, just to a give you a bigger idea, that orange box with the severe thunderstorm warning, that's for much bigger part of our area, so that is going to include redericksburg down to spotsylvania, farther south into county.vania the red box with the tornado warning, a much smaller area. keeping a close eye around it. 208, youre around route see this notch, the best chance to get some rotation going on, to be the area to really be careful. if you're in that part of the 208,ox specifically around just off to the west or southwest of beliveau, that's here we have our best chance that something could spin up across the area. again, of us, once everything moving through has been relatively tame for lat
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this evening, but this is one of those spots that didn't get that first round of thunderstorms, so a lot more energy for the thunderstorms to work with that are moving in here now. to be orm is going warring its way across interstate 95 here shortly. eep in mind, we have these radar loop updates about every five minutes. so it takes a little bit for hat newest information to come in, so you can imagine, this is now to bit closer interstate 95. i'll zoom in again, there is our in.est update coming we're starting to lose a little bit of that really good signature that would show us could have some rotation in there. let me put the scope tool back so you can see exactly where we're talking about. what it is, the red is going to the radar.away from that's tells us that the storm, raindroplets with the radar the green moving the
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together, that's our best signature when we talk about doppler-indicated looking clouds.ion in the again, it's right in this area where i do think we have the that andce for some of maybe even, sometimes what happens is along these thunderstorms, these lines of happen in more than one place. you get some rotation on one end, maybe a little bit farther you can get a bit more somewhere else. so keep a very close eye on we do have where more or less this small notch that is working its way into the there.ight around again, route 17, close to route right around bellvue and bellvue and een smiths mill is the area where we re likely to have some rotation. this warning until 6:45. we stay on air until the warning down. set the stage a little bit and give you a wider picture of what is going on. to the red box to see where
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is. you can pick where the intense storms are if you check out lightning.the there is quite a bit over for us in prince george's county. pause at the end. prince george's county working county.toward calvert it's obvious we're talking about this region down here, closer to fredericksburg, closer to where we ia county have a lot more intensity. we're getting a lot more lightning. means for us is the are really strong. we're talking about those really strong updrafts. that means is that the air is really unstable meaning once you get to a certain level in atmosphere. it wants to shoot up straight in the sky. we're talking about a that's 60,000 feet tall. there is a lot
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to work with. along with the lightning that is lot of those really tall clouds or updrafts, we will get hail wrapped up well. in as you get high enough in the sky and you start to get freezing temperatures. we're able to do is move around a little bit and try to get an idea of how this storm is put together. what you can see here, all of those reds that go way up to feet, that gives us a really good understanding that this storm has a lot of power, a are taking fts that that rain, some very heavy rain the sky. up into that's a good indication for us at how powerful this storm is bigger issue when we talk about a tornado warning is rying to find that actual rotation in here. let me zoom in. it can be really tough with all on radar. i'll turn off the radar for a thatd to see exactly where red box is. this is the area if you're in here, you want to
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home. you want to be on the lowest level of the home away from the windows. i know we have storms like this, it can be exciting. it can be interesting. you want to look out the windows on. see what is going if you're in this red box specifically closer to bellvue, e 95 around close to 208, those are areas where you want to make sure you take cover. from those windows and you want to be in the most interior part of your house. for that is ain that if something, if the tornado or if straight line some pick up some trees, rocks and throw it through the windows that you're not around broken glass, that can be a very dangerous situation very quickly. zoom out very quickly, orange box with the severe thunderstorm warning and our red more likely to have some rotation showing up in -- in radar as well. dunkirk, you're just about up for thos
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to be moving g farther off to the southeast as well. so let's put some arrows on here you. you can see calvert beach, part of ederick, all this severe thunderstorm warning. this one not showing any rotation. straight line winds could be up to 60 miles appear hour. this one close eye on as well. the most cause for concern. et me work our way back down here and see who is part of this again. it's a little tough to see with from radar.ed i want you to get an idea of the structure of this thunderstorm as well. chancellor, a lot of the lightning, but it's on that leading edge where we're most bit y to have a little morrowtation in this thunderstorm. i'm going to draw on here where some of the reds and the greens coming together. best indication of where we might have a little spinning action in this stourm. kimberly: i'm back in the eather center with josh and looking at this. i want to give you a moment to
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came down e down and hard. i covered tornadoes for eight years in oklahoma city. people there are used to this. here we don't have sirens warning people, right. so what immediate area do people shelter right now for this toronto warning. turn off the radar again. where we're looking i think specifically within this box and you can see they just changed the shape of the box. it is now going to be for areas bellvue.the south of let's due in way here. we can get a few more town names in here. you can right across, this is parkway be spotsylvania and right to route 17. you see that red line on the screen, let me see if i can draw a little bit on here for you. kimberly: let me jump in here. coming down warning at 6:29. radar indicating and they're potentially?hail josh: some hail in there. kimberly: in the spotsylvania county area. they want us to make sure we know so we
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they're continuing that warning. where you see all of that parts of 95, that's where we have the toronto warning in place for. see exactly what this storm looks like and where it is heading. it's right along interstate 95 nd ultimately the whole thing is pushing farther over toward the east. a lot of times what happens with the thunderstorms, they'll get a ittle bit of rotation and it doesn't last all that long, but still if it holds together long quite a bit of damage. looking for u are the hook eye


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