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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  July 23, 2017 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and breaking overnight. trailer tragedy. at least eight people found dead in the back of a sweltering hot trailer with no air conditioning. parked outside a texas walmart. >> we're looking at a human trafficking crime here. >> 20 other people found in critical condition. the details we're learning this morning. ready to talk. jared kushner, donald trump jr., and paul manafort heading to capitol hill this week. speaking to lawmakers looking into alleged ties between the trump campaign and the russian government. what they hope to learn. severe storms. causing flooding in the midwest. roads and bridges washed away.
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hail battering streets. high winds uprooting trees. leaving tens of thousands in the dark. >> don't ever come to kansas/missouri. >> what to expect. >> oh, my goodness. >> for the week ahead. and memories about a mother. to the world, she was a princess. to two young boys, she was simply mom. >> we felt incredibly loved. harry and i. and i'm very grateful that that love still feels there. >> almost 20 years after her death, princes william and harry sharing their intimate stories and priceless moments. good sunday morning, everyone. we want to thank you so much for joining us. we do want to get right to the breaking news overnight. a horrifying discovery in a walmart parking lot in san antonio, texas. >> shortly after 12:30 local time, authorities got a call
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claimed to have been approached by somebody asking for water. when firefighters responded, they found a horrible scene in the sweltering trailer section of an 18-wheeler. with many people dead and many more in serious or critical condition. >> we want to note. at least two children were in there, as well. air ambulances were called in. to transport people to the hospital. many of them suffering from heat stroke or dehydration. police are now calling this a case of human trafficking. >> abc's kenneth moton is in dallas with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. this is now a major federal investigation here in texas. the details are still coming in. here's what we know. overnight, police in san antonio say they found at least 30 people inside a tractor trailer in a walmart parking lot. alert employees called 911 after they spotted people spilling out of the truck, desperate for water. inside, a horrific discovery. eight people dead. first responders say 17 were pulled out
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life-threatening injuries. the rest, less critical. all the victims suffering from heat-related illnesses. the majority, adults in their 20s and 30s. there were at least two young children. >> we're looking at a human trafficking crime here this evening. department of homeland security is involved. they're working with us. homicide will work with them to determine the origin of this -- this horrific tragedy. >> reporter: san antonio police say this morning they don't know where the truck came from or where it was going. but the driver has been taken into custody. they have not confirmed the nationalities of the victims. but we do know i.c.e. is now a part of this investigation. police are searching for people that ran from the truck into the nearby woods. the trailer had no air conditioning.
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we know temperatures here in texas have been in the low 100s. it had to be unbearably hot for those victims. dan and paula? >> kenneth moton, thank you. as paula said, a horrifying story. we're going to move on to politics. president trump faces a tricky choice. sanctions have been slapped on russia. >> the administration was against this legislation, so will trump sign the bill? which has overwhelming bipartisan support? it comes in a week where his son, and his son-in-law, will be meeting behind closed doors with russia investigators. >> the president had ten tweets this weekend, blasting everything from tweets, bringing up his power to pardon. defending his son. >> george is standing by this morning. we send it first to abc's david wright at the white house for us this morning. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan.
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retooled its communications operation. they're still struggling to clear up the message. this week end has already brought several new controversies and questions. ♪ in a ceremony full of pomp and naval tradition -- >> ship's company, attention. >> reporter: president trump sought to highlight his efforts to make the u.s. military bigger, better, and stronger. >> american steel and american hands have constructed a 100,000-ton message to the world. >> reporter: trump made no mention of the fact that the "u.s.s. gerald ford" came in late and overbudget, by nearly $3 billion, 25%, though he has been critical of those cost overruns before. on this occasion, he asked for the sailors' help, in passing a new budget that calls for an extra $74 billion in military spending over two years. >> so call that congressman and call that senator and make sure you get it. [ apau
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and by the way, you can also call those senators to make sure you get health care. >> reporter: the commander in chief appearing to order men and women in uniform to support him politically. that's a break with tradition. congress is not making it easy for trump. adopting parliamentary rules that will require 60 votes on major portions of the republican health care bill. the senate and house also agreeing on saturday to force the white house to get their approval before easing russian sanctions. a provision the administration has lobbied against. as trump's son-in-law jared kushner heads to capitol hill this week to be interviewed behind closed doors on the russia probe, the president asserted on twitter that all agree the u.s. president has the complete power to pardon. but trump insists he's not even thinking about doing that because, he insists, the only
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crime so far is leaks against us. now last night, the president's personal lawyer, jay sekulow spoke to reporters in denver where he's attending a conservative conference. he insisted the trump legal team is not looking into the question of pardons because he says it's not an issue. some legal scholars suggest that the constitution was unclear on whether the president could pardon himself. and some have suggested if he were to do so, it would provoke a constitutional crisis. dan and paula? we want to bring in chief anchor george stephanopoulos. he'll host "this week" later this morning. good morning. we want to talk about the issue of pardoning. that david wright just spoke of. jay sekulow, the president's lawyer says, he doesn't know where this came from and says quote what's going on in washington is an attack of the president. at the end of the day, whether or not the president is
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tweeting about it, can the president pardon himself? >> that question has never been tested. no president has tried it before. most constitutional scholars say he cannot. no person is above the law. it's the finding of the justice department's office of legal council in 1974 during the richard nixon case. that as not been tested. "the washington post" did report this week that the president's team was looking into the question of pardons. the president had asked, according to "the washington post" about whether he had the power to pardon himself. >> the white house has been wary of the bill to sanction russia. do you think trump will sign it? >> hard to imagine he will not sign it because it has overwh m overwhelming support. i think it passed 98-2 in the senate. it will be on the house calendar by a provision that makes sure it passes by more than two-thirds votes. when you have a bill that
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iran, north korea. hard to imagine the president won't sign it. i will be asking the president's new press secretary sarah sanders about it on "this week." >> speaking of shakeups, anthony scaramucci, known as mooch, is the new communications director. i know from your time in the white house, as communications director, how much can this aerlt the course of the administration? you saw mooch blowing kisses to the media. seemingly warming up to them. >> anybody that served in the white house communication shop, has a joke. shared across partisan lines. whenever something goes wrong in the white house, it's a communications problem. there are often other things going on behind it. it can make a bit of difference at the margins, you know, to have a friendly face out there. the real issue is what will those people say? will they tell the truth? can they defend the president's actions? what will be happening on the rest of the president's agenda? if things are not going well in
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won't make a difference. >> george stephanopoulos, thank you. >> thanks, george. >> george has a big show this morning. three exclusive interviews. one on one with jay sekulow, trump legal team leader. new white house press secretary sarah sanders. after the big white house shakeup. plus, the senate minority leader chuck schumer. later this morning on "this week." right here on abc. thank you, george. we want to move to the severe storms, high winds, torrential rains tearing across the country. causing problems from the east coast to the west. >> kait parker filling in. >> it's been such an active weather pattern. that we've seen a tremendous amount of damage, like in d.c., powerlines down, causing power outages to thousands. wisconsin, roads washed out. a state of emergency was declared. this morning, severe summer storms. striking across the country after more than 330 severe
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weather reports this weekend. >> holy cow. >> reporter: days of rain giving way to flooding in the midwest. rivers continuing to rise. roads washing away. this bridge in iowa, gone. and in illinois, more hail. torrential rain and powerful winds uprooting this massive tree. one woman's backyard creek growing into a raging river in just a few hours. and those heavy rains, knocking out the power for nearly 100,000 homes in missouri and kansas. and surprising one traveler visiting from across the pond. >> don't ever come to kansas/missouri. this is it. this is what you come to. >> reporter: and residents down south. >> oh, my goodness. dude, what is this? >> reporter: also bewildered by the precipitation. >> wow, babe. this is nuts, man. >> reporter: the streets of new orleans flooding. resident using canoes instead of cars.
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so coming up in just a couple of minutes, i'll have a further look at the forecast. today, the threat is more widespread. not just for isolated areas. we're looking at an even bigger area. it's some of the same spots that have been already hit. we could see more problems. >> great to have you. we want to move to a mystery that police are trying to solve in louisiana. >> here's the question. what happened to the wife of a fire chief? her body was found in the burned-out remains of the couple's home. it wasn't the fire that killed her. eva pilgrim is on the story. eva, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is a twist that no one saw coming. a fire at the fire chief's house. his wife found in the rubble of their home. her body so badly damaged authorities had to use dna to identify her. but despite those flames, a surprise clue survived. leaving a question mark as to how she died. a louisiana mystery heating up. a fire chief's wife dead, killed in what looked like a tragic
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new information showing it wasn't the fire that killed her. >> i can't imagine it. i can't fathom it. i can't put it into words. >> reporter: for a week, most assumed 49-year-old nanette krentel dmid the fire that destroyed her home outside new orleans. the coroner making a bombshell announcement during her memorial service. >> we got the information as everybody else did. >> reporter: the autopsy revealing a gunshot wound. the coroner not giving a cause of death but saying the death was not caused by the fire. the st. tammany's sheriff's office investigating. at this time, not calling the incident a homicide nor saying if there are any suspects. >> the likelihood that this is a suicide i think is reasonably low. the fire was set to cover up the homicide. >> reporter: the fire chief, steve krentel was reportedly at work when the fire call came in around 2:30, friday, july 14th.
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>> typically, if you have someone shot and then a house set on fire, it's not a stranger. it's someone in her life. >> reporter: for now this community gathering around her husband. >> we're going to do the same thing we have been doing. we're going to rally behind our brother at his time of grief. >> reporter: as they all wait to find out what really happened to nanette krentel. the state fire marshall is looking into one of the key questions. how did the fire start? it's an answer that could provide a critical clue. >> sad and mysterious story. thank you. the new information in the fatal police shooting of a yoga and meditation instructor in minneapolis. >> justine damond's fiance is speaking out. about their final conversation just moments before she died. ariel chef is here with more. >> reporter: this morning, don damond is givinging his account.
8:15 am
>> the death of justine is a loss to everyone who knew her. >> reporter: don damond is speaking out for the first time since the press conference following justine's death. in an interview with "the new york times" a grieving damond says he is still trying to fill in the blanks of how and why she died. he was in las vegas for work when he got a call from justine shortly before midnight. panicked about noises she was hearinging from the alleyway behind the home they shared. damond says he told his upset fiance to call 911. >> female screaming behind the building. >> reporter: on thursday, authorities releasing the transcript of the australian yoga teacher's call. i can hear someone out the back, she says, i'm not sure if she's having sex or being raped. damond staying on the phone with his fiance until police arrived. asking him to call her back before they said good-bye. but that would be the last time they talked. damond saying, i have played this in my head over and over. why didn't i stay on the phone
8:16 am
with her? what happened next, no one could have predicted. damond says by 12:45, he received a call. not from his fiance. it was from police, saying a woman had been shot. they believed it was justine. flying home first thing the next morning, damond remembers thinking, there's a glitch in the matrix. i just know i'm going to wake up from this nightmare. both officers in the shooting have been placed on leave. and on friday, the major forcing police chief janee harteau to resign. but was defiant after calls for her own resignation. >> i will not be resigning. >> reporter: don damond says he'll spend today at a bridal shop, looking at the wedding dress she would have worn. their wedding date was just a few weeks away. they were set to get married in hawaii. it's a tough day in the weather department. we want to check in with kait parker. who is in for the vacationing rob today. hey, kait. >> this is a pattern that's been extremely active. because of the stos
8:17 am
west to east, we have flooding issues. that could continue, as well. as severe weather. this is the area. the ohio valley on into the mid-atlantic, once again today. we could see some microbursts. we're talking about heat a lot. this is a serious story. it's dangerous heat. not just a little bit warm outside. excessive heat warnings across the midwest and into the south. that will persist today. your heat index in little rock today, 107 degrees. which is just insane. very, very warm. a
8:18 am
>> so if it's any good news for you in new york, you're going to see a little bit of a cooldown. by monday, we might struggle to get out of the 70s. >> hallelujah! >> a little icing on the cake. >> those poor folks in little rock. 107 with the heat index. >> you go outside, it's dangerous. you can't leave anybody in the car, dogs, pets, humans, for any amount of time. >> always good to repeat that. >> great advice. thanks, kait. let's kick it over to ron for a look that the other headlines. good morning, ron. >> hey, there. good morning to you, paula, dan, adrienne, kait. good morning, everyone. we're going to begin in washington state where a colorado man has been arrested in the death of his 12-year-old son.
8:19 am
dylan redwine was last seen in 2012. on a court-order visit with his father, mark redwine, who was going through a bitter divorce at the time in 2015. hiker's found the boy's skull about ten miles from the father's home, which led police to the father as a suspect. redwine has denied any involvement in his son's death. osecutor's decision not to of seek a third trial against a white university of cincinnati police officer who fatally shot an unarmed african-american motorist. the now former officer, ray tensing shot sam dubose. during a traffic stop two years ago. tensing says he feared for his life. two juries were not able to come to a unanimous verdict. on murder or manslaughter charges. overseas in london, the parents of 11-month-old charlie gard are due back in court for what may be the final ruling on whether their son can travel to the u.s. for experimental medical treatment. the court hearing is set for
8:20 am
hospital treating charlie showed new scans on the sick infant made for quote sad reading. arizona senator john mccain's daughter shared the first image of her father since he revealed he was diagnosed with brain cancer. writing, amazing hike with dad this morning. mccain was diagnosed with brain cancer after surgery for a blood clot removal over his eye. and detroit is launching a new initiative to attract or try to attract public schoolteachers. a 50% discount on houses purchased through its auction program. detroit is trying to fix two crucial problems. filling 450 openteaching positions and empty homes. and finally, it was a record-breaking day at the british open on saturday. south african golfer branden grace becoming the first player
8:21 am
ever to shoot a 62 in a major championship. he did it in his first round. jordan spieth of texas leads by three strokes going into the final round today. grace is is tied for fifth. seven strokes back of spieth. spieth, a heck of a golfer, going for his third major. i'm pulling for him. >> i know what you're going to be doing the rest of the day. >> i'm going to be watching spieth win the open, i guess. >> a little bit of golf. a little bit of baseball. we got a full day of sports for you. >> and then tonight, maybe hockey or something. wrong season. >> i think it's the wrong season. >> paula off and running. thank you ron claiborne. coming up, a nightmare for any mother expecting. an american woman goes into early labor while on vacation in mexico. how the family claims the newborn was held hostage until they shelled out $30,000. plus movie makers making news at comicon with a sneak peek of the justice league trailer.
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molly: for this sunday morning, it is another hot and humid afternoon. we're seeing sunshine hea, and a time low today in the lowt 90's. still pretty unsettled through
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activity off to our west. a little bit of a boundary to our west will bring in additional gusty thunderstorms. we are under a severe risk of thunderstorms until 2:00, fredericksburg on east, and ultimate. potential for gusty thunderstorms one of the main impacts, heavy rainfall and also gusty wind. definitely something to factor into your plans. after about 2:00 today, you really need to be paying attention. keep an eye to the sky. . . enjoy the end of the .
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welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. happening right now, a horrifying discovery. sad news overnight. dozens of people, including at least two young children, were found inside a sweltering hot trailer that was parked near a walmart in san antonio, texas. many of those people are dead. and many more serious or critical condition. air ambulances were called in to ferry people to the hospital. police are calling this a case of human trafficking. also happening on this sunday morning, a big cleanup. crews are rushing to remove mounds of coal that spilled into the streets when a train jumped the tracks near shreveport, louisiana, causing 30 cars to
8:31 am
they say it could be days before that is opened back up. and terror concerns for the first time. northbound lanes on the golden gate bridge will be shut down during the san francisco marathon, keeping drivers away from the runners. the concern comes after terror attacks elsewhere where drivers plowed into the crowds. 30,000 runners and 80,000 spectators expected. we start this half hour with an american couple speaking out about their battle with a mexican hospital over the fate of their newborn son. >> the woman went into labor 12 weeks early. while on vacation. now the family is claiming the hospital would not help them or release their preemie until they handed over tens of thousands of dollars. marci gonzalez joins us with more. >> reporter: the baby wasn't due until october. so the parents got the okay from their doctor to take that trip to mexico. never imagining their son would arrive so early or that a hospital would, as they describe it, hold them hostage. this morning, baby beckham ralph is finally in indiana, after a
8:32 am
pound preemie's life, but to get him released from this mexican hospital where he was born. >> it was held hostage. hospital hostage. >> reporter: beckham's parents on a babymoon vacation in cancun, tuesday, 1 weeks from their due date when mom went into labor. the hospital refused to admit her until they paid $3,000 up front. from there -- >> we want $4,000. >> reporter: the excessive expenses. >> we want $7,000. >> starting piling up. >> we want $8,000. >> reporter: charges for the newborn, and unexplainable fees, including one for $4,000 just for the parents to see their son. >> we realized the gouging that was being done. >> reporter: the family calling it extortion, saying the hospital refused to take their health insurance and threatened to stop treating beckham, unless the bills, totalling about $30,000, were paid in full. >> they were threatening literally to put him on the
8:33 am
with -- i mean, it was complete strong-arm tactics. >> reporter: the hospital disputes the the family's claim, saying they never threatened to stop caringing about the newborn. adding, quote, we didn't care about the money. the family says with help, they scraped together doctor 30,000, and $18,000 for an air ambulance. to take baby beckham to a hospital in indiana. >> i've just seen a picture. i love him already. >> reporter: where he's now being cared for close to home. his grandparents thankful for donations as well as help from the state department and a local congressman that made the transfer possible. they wouldn't say much about beckham's health, other than he's slowly progressing. dan and paula? >> we're all pulling for little beckham. despite that ordeal. marci, thanks for your reporting from los angeles. now time to check in again with kait parker, in for rob marciano. we're taking a look out west, kait? >> yeah, the dry conditions persisting. no changes there.
8:34 am
california. it's not very big. it's close to some homes. as you can see in this video here. that fire hose trying to wet everything you can around your home. here's the deal. we're still seeing the hot conditions. we have fire weather alerts across nevada. up into oregon. this high pressure that has taken hold, it isn't moving. fire weather conditions with the winds and heat continu >> this weather report has been brought to you by petsmart. i like that one. >> keep your pets inside if you live in those hot locations. >> great reminder. thank you. >> thank you, kait. >> don't leave the kids in the car or the pets, too. great reminder. thank you, kait. appreciate it.
8:35 am
william and harry speaking candidly about their mom. nearly 20 years after her death. the stories you may never have heard before. >> some really endearing anecdotes there. and big news from comicon. ryan gosling and harrison ford talk about the sequel to "blade runner." dan is anticipating this news. that's straight ahead in "pop." runner." dan is anticipating this news. than this german shephard. dt hey, big guy! that's why at petsmart we carry royal canin breed health nutrition formulas. tailored nutrition and uniquely designed kibble for their specific needs. now spend $40 on royal canin and save $10 on your next purchase and when you buy any bag of dog or cat food we give a meal to a pet in need. petsmart - for the love of pets. when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside.
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welcome back, everyone. can't get enough of that embrace right there. prince william and prince harry are now opening up about their mother. sharing personal stories at the diana they knew nearly 20 years after she lost her life. >> adrienne has been taking a look at the personal stories the princes are sharing. >> william and harry both saying they were really nervous sharing this documentary. william vows it will be the last time they speak as openly and publicly about their mother again. she was the people's princess. but for diana's sons, prince william and prince harry, she was simply mum. now, nearly 20 years since her passing, the two grown princes are sharing their
8:40 am
memories of their mother. >> you and i are both in the photograph. you're in the tummy. >> reporter: the candid recollections are a part of a new documentary featuring never-before-seen images. >> her 20th anniversary year feels like a good time to remember all the good thing about her. and hopefully, provide maybe a different side to her that others haven't seen before. >> when everybody says to me, so, she was fun. give us an example. all i can hear is her laugh. she was one of the naughtiest parents. she would come and watch us play football and smuggle sweets into our socks. it was like walking back from a football match and having sort of five packets of starbursts and just the whole shirt was bulging with sweets. >> she organized, when i came home from school to have cindy crawford, christy turlington and naomi campbell at the top of the stairs. i was probably a 12 or 13-year-old boy with poster of them on the wall. i went bright red.
8:41 am
i think i pretty much fell down the stairs on the way out. >> reporter: william and harry opening up about what it was to be the pride and joy of a princess. >> we felt incredibly love, harry and i. i'm very grateful that that love still feels there. >> it was that love that even if she was on the other side of a room, as a son, you could feel it. >> just a sweet, sentiment from both sons. both of them having a really great regret not taking more time talking with their mother on the phone that very last phone call the day she died. and all the things they would have said. >> and the anniversary. 20th anniversary of her death is august 31st of this year. some endearing moments. i love them sharing her sense of humor with the supermodels showing up. >> she was funny. >> that was quite a move. >> i love how they called her naughty. she was a naughty mother. >> a naughty mother. but a beloved, beloved mother. >> a beloved figure in history. she'll never be forgotten.
8:42 am
ideas we'll have supermodels for him at any point. coming up here on "gma," ben affleck setting the record straight at comicon as his future as the caped crusader. and is it ice cream without guilt? could this be the best news possible this morning? how halo top will have you eyeing a whole pint to polish off. only one pint at a time. >> we'll put to it the ron claiborne taste test. >> he can down some ice cream. test. >> he can down son ice cream. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur.
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you don't have to be the kind of person who dresses up as a power ranger to be interested in comicon. you just have to be a lover of pop culture. >> not that there's really anything wrong with dressing up. i highly endorse it. but this weekend, the stars have
8:46 am
fans getting a massive treat. our jesse palmer right there for all the action. ♪ >> reporter: it's the day movie fans have been waiting for. >> you're waiting in line for everything. >> reporter: hollywood descending on san diego saturday. >> we have wrapped around the building once. so we're good. >> reporter: thousands lining up for news on the biggest blockbusters in comic-con's hallowed hall "h." d.c.'s heaviest hitters came ready to deliver justice. unveiling a sneak peek of the justice league team up. >> how many of you are there? >> not enough. >> reporter: the cast posing for a supersquad selfie before taking the stage. ben affleck setting his future straight. as the caped crusader. >> i'll so thrilled to do it. i know there's a misconception because i didn't direct it maybe i wasn't enthusiastic about it. it's [ bleep ] amazing. >> reporter: and gal gadot delivering an announcement or her own. a sequel to this year's superhero smash. meanwhile, marvel assembling their own superteam.
8:47 am
the 'vengers. with new intel on its upcoming infinity war. and superpowers, if they're not your thing, how about star power. harrison ford and ryan gosling hitting the place for the sequel 30 years in the making. "blade runner 2049." >> i think we have great script. it was exciting for me to revisit the character. >> it's a dream the to walk into a universe like that that is already so fully fleshed out and then have the opportunity to help sort of expand that universe. >> reporter: not just the big screen. netflix smash "stranger things" previewing new tales from their small indiana town that are sure to send chills down your spine. >> i felt it everywhere. >> reporter: with one day left here in san diego, one thing is clear, there's a little something for everyone. plenty of surprises still to come. for "good morning america," jesse palmer, abc news, san diego. >> coming up, much more from the cast of "blade runner" on wednesday right here on "gma." i'm looking forward to that
8:48 am
anticipation? >> ah, 12, 13. >> off the charts enthusiasm. >> mm-hmm. coming up on "gma," champion swimmer michael phelps up close and personal with a great white. ahead of the race of his life. it's finally happening, people. all of the hype. straight ahead in "pop news." a great white. it's finally happening people. when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet coke, dr. pepper, and pepsi hear you and we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. atmore than one flavor, oruch texture, or a good clean salad is so much more than green. and with panera catering, more for your event.
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for 125 years, we've supported as they've rewritten the future. and to all who seek their true potential, we say, let's get it, america. ♪ i scream. you scream. >> we all scream for ice cream. >> as we head into "pop news" paula has very serious and well-stated priorities. she wants you to move fast through everything else to get to the ice cream. >> i said none of us should talk so we can get through it. >> two ways. >> we have each gobbled up a bunch. let's talk about shark week first. kicking off tonight with an intense battle of man versus beast. >> this is going to be awesome. >> that's the man. >> that's the man himself. michael phelps diving in to get up close and perso
8:53 am
white sharks before racing one. we've been talking about this, anticipating it for at least weeks. yeah. phelps all in. the most decorated olympian of all time. 28 medals under his belt. he might have met his match. he's using a special microfin. to help him swim like a shark. monofins. the microfins are what he's putting on his feet. he can swim five miles an hour. a shark can exceed that to maybe 25. moving on. we're all getting to ice cream at the end of this. we want to give a shoutout to our friend, jesse palmer. all tangled up in the new project. he's voicing one of the characters, a castle guard for king trevor in "tangled" the series. jesse's character is an on-hand assist for the king who rivals rapunzel's father,
8:54 am
he exercises pranks. wait. that's not jesse. he'll be in the movie. it's exciting. we're happy for him. it spins from the 2010 film. so, what's up, jesse? pretty cool. it will air on the disney channel. and "dancing with the stars" pro turned judge and her new husband are sharing awesome pictures of their honeymoon. how about the this snap of her canadian hockey husband, brooks laicht, getting a little workout in with julianne as the barbell. it's so romantic. they're vacationing in a superluxurious private island in the seychelles. it costs, oh, $11,000 a night. dan and paula, you like that accommodation, right? >> stars, just like us. right? $11,000. >> give me $11,000. i'm going to do a lot more shopping. speaking of shopping, you might want to head to the local store and get some of this. we've been celebrating national ice cream month. this week, we're going to let
8:55 am
eating the whole pint at once, not as though we have never done that before. halo top ice cream is between 240-360 calories. high in protein. low in sugar. birthday cake. red velvet. the company's -- justin wolverton is here. >> is that it? >> i don't know. this is strawberry. you're a lawyer. how did you get into ice cream? >> first, i was a lawyer. so i had to escape. >> yes, yes, you needed a break. >> and then, for me, it was basically sugar was the culprit. i couldn't eat a lot of sugar. i tried to make a stevia ice cream in my home. >> you could eat a whole pint. >> i could never not eat a whole pint. but it was -- whether it was the full-cali stuff or not. >> are you going to be making gallons soon? >> is this meant to counter muffin top? >> can we use that?
8:56 am
>> yeah, if i find myself having to wear man spanx after this, i'll call you. or my lawyer will call you. thank you very much. delicious. appreciate it. >> thanks for watching, everybody. have a great sunday. george has a big show. an exclusive with sarah sanders, the new press secretary. an exclusive with sarah sanders, the new press secretary. molly: we do have the threat for severe weather as we go through the afternoon. this is a look in frederick, maryland. notice the great-blue skies. right now, it is not looking too bad. satellite and radar -- showers and thunderstorms will also are west.
8:57 am
that will be requiring as we -- weathera batch of new that will be going through for it the yellow shaded counties are under a slight risk for very severe storms. hour-by-hour today, notice out daytime highs in the low 90's. humid.till hot and only about a day away from a cooldown, so that is definitely a good thing coming up. showers and thunderstorms, heavy rain, and also gusty wind. futurecast, coming this outcome others an uncertainty between models. just one computer showers to our west and to our south. through 4:00 today and also by the clock, showers and thunderstorms likely in the d.c. metro. just a heads up as we go into the afternoon and evening hours. you definitely need to be paying attention to the changing conditions.
8:58 am
to watch the showers and storms. daytime high today 94 degrees. by tomorrow, a few pop-up afternoon thunderstorms. out temperatures in the low 90's. by monday night, a front moves through, and that will cool us off by tuesday. it looks like a great afternoon to spend some time outside. not only are we sunny, but we are feeling much cooler. the dew point is going to be lowering, the nationals return home, so that looks like a great forecast. heat and humidity returned late week as well as a chance for a few thunderstorms. that is a look at your forecast. enjoy the end of the weekend.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this week, with george stephanopoulos. starts right now. >> the russia investigation heats up. president trump does, too. as special counsel robert mueller digs into trump's finances, the president lashes out. his white house cries foul. >> he doesn't want the special counsel to move beyond the scope and outside of its mission. will trump try to fire mueller? pardon his friends, family, himself? plus, smiles on the outside. seething on the inside. sean spicer exits the white house. >> what are you trying to accomplish with your staff shakeup? >> make america great again. >> president trump makes his finance friend anthony


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