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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  July 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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agree with president trump's ban on transgender people in the military? go to to watch results live on the screen there. you can see the numbers starting to change. the white house called it a military decision. >> this is a disruptive policy that erodes military readiness and unit cohesion. michelle: some lawmakers are not happy with the president's decision to tweet the news and not discuss it with them. >> i want a strong military but we should have a hearing not a tweet. >> i think it's shameful. michelle: it delivers a huge blow to president obama's legacy of reversing sexual discrimination within the armed forces. also the decision comes exactly 69 years after
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desegregated the military. jonathan: reaction has been fast about the change of policy. people are questioning if the president even had the authority to do this. stephen tschida continues our coverage near the pentagon. stephen: jonathan, president trump's twitter rant announcing this major shift in the military policy apparently surprised the pentagon. it shocked members of the transgender community. >> a frightening away of tweets for the white house for if active transgender member of the military. >> this is my career. this shares me. >> the rearers sal to allow members serve openly. >> 15,000 kids who have signed up to serve their country and are now discarded by someone who does policy b
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whim. stephen: on the streets of the capital, many believe that president trump is trying to turn america's attention from the myriad of the controversy his young administration faces. >> you can shoot a gun and protect the country why does your gender have anything to do with anything? stephen: for the lieutenant commander he will continue to go to work. >> there are company commanders, drill sergeants, special operators. we are out there serving honorably and with dignity for the country. this is a surprise. stephen: ucla did a study and it does estimate there are as many as 15,000 members of the transgender community currently in the u.s. military. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. on the hill, the senate failed to pass a bill that would have repealed but not replaced obamacare. this is the second build to fail since the debate began yesterday. it does continue at this hour.
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replace affordable care act defeated last night. >> alcohol may have played a role in the deadly wrongway crash on rout 50 near the bay bridge. it killed christine parks of severne and hui xu of herndon. westbound lanes were closed for most of morning as the police investigated. we spoke to a survivor of the crash. >> i didn't expect anyone to. there was a center divider. this is ridiculous. michelle: alex and his girlfriend are shaken and bruised but know they are lucky to be alive. happening now in northeast washington, the police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man on the anacostia river walk trail.
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if you have information, call the police right away. also happening now a huge night in soccer. jonathan: this is big. 75,000 tickets sold to watch manchester united take on barcelona f.c. this is a big vent. they use their feet instead of throwing. josh knight is joining us now in middle of all of it. before you were outside the stadium. now you are inside. you have a good seat. >> this is a magic trick for us. i want to bring you in here. how often do you see fedex field look like this? this is cool. the match starts at 7:00. they are expecting 70,000 people here. so, of course, manchester united and the football club barcelona getting ready for this. how excited are you? >> excited to see the best team in the
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>> who are you most excited to see? >> all of them. all of them. >> this is not the norm for the united states to get the guys here. >> it's not. >> coming from bulgaria to watch the game. >> the traffic is a mess. in rush hour. everybody trying to get here. expect the family to get home later if they are in the landover area. we are having a great time. back to you. >> all right, thank you. michelle: awakened by the sound of gunfire. why police share video of a drive-by shooting. jonathan: there is a little too much there. police need help to crack the
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steve: it's gorgeous now. but bigger changes on the way moving to tomorrow night. more on how much rain we could see around the d.m.v. in a few minutes.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. michelle: police need help finding and identifying a man accused of exposing himself on a metro train. take a good look. a woman reported he exposed himself at the minnesota avenue station last week. he is accused of similar crimes in the past. if you have any information or you recognize this man call the metro transit police. a different kind of indecent exposure. this one from a porch firefighter. -- porch pirate. jonathan: a california woman says the order does delivered and someone caught the package. the thief caught on home surveillance videos in more than one. >> i saw him bend over and then i thought it was funny. bearing his rear end. jonathan: plumber fashion. michelle: thinking the same thing. jonathan: they believe the surveillance footage should catch him. could you bend over, sir, we want to identify this. they blew up the emblem on his t-shirt and th
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anything else. jonathan: not the rest of it. michelle: families at the n.i.h. clinical center had special visitors today. storm troopers. 11-year-old marcello has diminished immune system. he has been making the trip for last seven years. after the storm trooper visit he was carrying a lightsaber and a big smile. >> that is happiness and joy. we are here to have fun. that is what this place is. it keeps your mind. it if you want make you think of the doctor's anointments all day long. michelle: that is so important. the children at n.i.h., private non-profit home for children with the rare and the critical diseases. it helps more than 1700 families. jonathan: staff volunteer there are amazing. who doesn't love baby pandas? this is a group of young pandas enjoying themselves
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a day of kindergarten. let's just stop and watch. look at that. look at this. chewing on that. bamboo stuff. classroom at the conservation and research center for the panda in china. fully equipped playground. the pandas begin the day with the bamboo shoot breakfast before they head out to play. the tire will take hours to figure out. they will have a good time doing out. michelle: so cute. jonathan: my gosh. sigh it's music -- say it's music to your ears. the new apple creation that will help those struggle toking hear to take calls and -- struggle to take calls and listen to music. michelle: this is all caught on a body camera. we'll show you who won next. jonathan: skytrak7 flying over fedex field. this is a big soccer game tonight. two teams barcelona and manchester square off and
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it only holds 82,000. it will be a packed house tonight. back after on mi came across this housentry with water dripping from the ceiling.
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jonathan: look at the backseat. you can see flashes from the backseat of the car. gunshots are fired in a home in silver spring. the detectives releasing the video because it happened july 17. 3:00 in the morning. the investigators want you to see the video. they are trying to identify the car. they found the shell casing in the street. nobody was injured. a couple convicted in a love triangle sentenced and convicted to jail. brianne carter has been in the courtroom all afternoon and joins us with the latest on the case. brianne: today here court testimony lasting more than three hours in the sentencing case. number of family members of the victim seeking before the judge handed down the maximum sentence for both defendants in the case. take you to what happened inside the courtroom in the last
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they were both sentenced to 30 years for killing 73-year-old cecil brown in 2014. the two were convicted of the second degree murder for beating brown to death in april. at the time of the murder, brown was married to cecil. but had a relationship with the other. in court today the prosecutors arguing that parnel brown was cold and calculated. and seatful. the defense lawyers for both spoke to the character saying they were both willing to help other people. they both had a look of any history of violence. the courtroom was packed with brown's family and many of them giving victim impact statements before the sentences were handed down. we spoke to the family members about what they felt the minute the 30-year sentence was given. >> it is putting a backpack down. like a backpack that you have been carrying full of weight. you finally got to put
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down 30 years is what we were praying for. he did what we asked him to do. >> prior to the sentencing the lawyer filed a motion with the judge to acquit and file for a few trial. that was denied by the judge. we heard from both defense lawyers in court. saying they both plan to file an appeal in this case. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. amazon is hiring. the company looking to fill 50,000 positions across the u.s. they have plans to make thousands of on the spot offers august 2 when it opens ten new shipping sites including the one in baltimore as part of the job stay. google wants to help prepare the workforce of the future. the president of the search engine ph
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announced an initiative in block post. it will be invested in the u.s. and europe to chain job seekers and improve working condition for those employed. >> a new hearing implant will let the users take call and stream music from the devices. the announcement came today. apple is partners with cochlear limited to produce the device that got approval in june. it will have external and surgically implanted components much like the hearing aids. they will launch the implants in september. this is must see video. of course from florida. they have gators. that is a gator. the boynton beach police officer trying his hand on the gator wrestling caught on body cam. he found the gator at the front door and he called 911. the officer responded but didn't wait for the trapper to get there. he used the previous training he had. captur
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put gator cuffs on him. put him in back of the car, drove him to the canal and released him. good job! michelle: gator cuffs? jonathan: trappers get them -- steve: did he put him in the car? jonathan: literally. then it smelled like gator all night long. michelle: jonathan has all the little details. jonathan: they are all over florida >> the training came in handy. steve: thank goodness nothing like that around here. this is nice this evening. michelle: great weather for soccer. steve: nats play and soccer tonight. folks still enjoying themselves it there is plenty of sunshine out there now. if you have the beach going plans and you are planning to leave tomorrow, to enjoy the beach on friday, you might want to reconsider. stay closer to town. it will be a lot nicer here. this is slightly
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average. the baseball game. the temperatures are around 80. at least by 7:00. whether you are taking in the game or just taking a walk outside, there are no worries at all. there are added clouds to the north and west of us. the mange event well north and west is the bigger weather maker. as we move late in the day tomorrow and friday. wakeup temperatures tomorrow are upper 60's to the lower 70's. a bit more humid. the clouds will increase. we may see some tomorrow afternoon. the highs will approach 90. noontime tomorrow looking good.
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moving in day on friday heavier rain south of d.c. that is likely to produce one, two, three, or maybe even four inches of rain. this is a washout for thedy on friday. the weather alert on friday. citi open on saturday. lower 90's by the end of next week. jonathan: thank you. michelle: looking good. jonathan: you know what time is it? michelle: football time. jonathan: one day of the camp coming together with the football players. hot out there, too. erin hawksworth at the training camp in richmond. you are hitting the pads already, really? erin: you know it! all right. guess what? breaking news already. one of the redskins best players on the pub list. we will tell you who it is, what the injury i
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to think, camp hasn't even started yet. we're back after this.
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ends we just learned that tight end jordan reed placed on the pub list with a toe injury. we don't know the extent of the injury but we hope it's not as bad as the nationals' jayson werth toe urge that has seen him out for months. fans here are ready for football! josh norman enters the second camp with the redskins. he brought a soccer ball to richmond again. norman and safety will blackman were out here playing soccer earlier today. when it's not all fun and games out here in richmond. there will be position battles and jay gruden talks about the competition in the press conference earlier today. >> i feel great about the depth. the challenge is get everybody the reps. to find out the best 53. this is the most important thing. utilize the time on practice field. the preseason games we have to manage the playing time effectively to give them opportunities to show what they can do. we pick the right 53 for
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philly. erin: a special day at nationals park. unveiling of the 2018 all-star logo. look at this. the capitol dome is visible. the commissioner manfried in attendance and mayor muriel bowser and zimmerman. a stunner for katie ledecky. she lost for the very first time in the world championship today. she placed second in the 200-meter free. but she is human after all. back to you. jonathan: i can't wait for football season. steven: around the corner. you are talking act summer is halfway over. i'm like stop saying that already! look outside right now. we move to the next ten days. al 8 -- 88 tomorrow. weather alert on friday. citi open this weekend. better for next week. michelle: thank you. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up
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tonight, president trump's sudden and controversial ban. the president banning all transgender people from serving in the military. describing the, quote, burden they cause. this after holding that lgbt flag during the campaign. so why the president's abrupt change now? also new reporting tonight on the em battled attorney general, jeff sessions. the president taking aim again today. sessions seen leaving the white house, and we ask, when doesn't the president simply meet face to face with his a.g. instead of this public takedown? the deadly plane crash on an american highway. the interstate closed. the stunning video tonight. th


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