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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  July 28, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> now "good morning washington" on your side. arehe ayes are 49 the nays 51. autria: high drama on capitol hill. the gop health care bill failing. the celebration in the streets and where do republicans go from here? larry: alos, coming up at 6:00, a weather alert day. veronica johnson, later today we could be looking at nasty storms. veronica: a long duration.
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moving through. this morning, some patchy fog in the way some light showers. but, wow, it has been a wet mont h already. over now this go around is a friday-saturday event. the entire area under a flash flood watch. things will start to finally wind down around saturday afternoon. for today, of the gumball a kind umbrella kindig on berli of day. a good soaking with some steadier rain coming our way during the overnight period. this area of low pressure in the ohio valley and southern indiana and western tennessee, it will make it's way eastward. that rain, several ways will
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here is away this looking at right now. a few scattered thunderstorms that could produce heavy rain in gaithersburg, baltimore and around d.c. the it starts to fill in in latter part of the day around 5:00 or 6:00. we'll talk about the washout saturday. julie: well, right now we are talking about a sticky situation outbound on 66. because this tractor-trailer was loaded with gummy bears. you get it, larry? this is my best material, friday morning. outbound 66, leaving the capital beltway, continuing towards nutley. two left lanes are getting by this tractor-trailer, and according to police, loaded with gummy bears. it's causing quite a bit of a slow down fr
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eastbound all of your lanes are open. no problems as you continue inbound towards the capital beltway. i t hought i was on to something, sticky, gummy bears. a 13 minute ride heads towards 270. i will be back in the next 10 minutes. larry: such a candy girl. i'm awake. overnight, celebrations on the streets. people cheering as the senate votes down the plan to repeal parts of obamacare. autria: the pivotal moment coming when john mccain votes no. eliciting cheers in the senate chamber. the skinny repeal failing in that dramatic early morning votes. sam sweeney is the russell rotunda. this is a huge blow to president trump's agenda. anon president trump ran
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the republicans had denver promising -- has been promising the repeal or place. last night, it failed. he came down to three senators f maine andllins o mai also john mccain. onspent 60% of his ad time television saying he would repeal and replace but then he voted no. the senator did release a statement early this morning saying we must now return to the correct way of legislating and ll back to committee, hold hearings and receive input from both side of the aisle, heed the recommendations of the governments and produce a bill that finally that delivers a formal health care. chuck schumer took to the floor and they had some pretty powerful words. >> now, imagine many of our colleagues on the other side are celebrating.
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pretty happy about all this. -- but the american people are hurting. and they need relief. >> i would say to my dear friend, the majority leader, we are not celebrating. we are relieved that millions and millions of people who would've been so drastically hurt by the three proposals put forward will at least retain their health care. and president trump didn't wait long to respond. he wrote on twitter, three republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode and then deal. president trump called senator john mccain on the senate floor but that was not enough. when
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capital this morning, he said it is time to move on. [cheering] opponents cheering in the streets after they got were the bill failed. our john gonzalez talked to them this one. strong reaction on both sides. john: that is right. wherecheers not far from we are standing this morning at union station where this is going to be a talker all day lo ng. after seven years of trying to kill obamacare, the latest effort has fallen flat. as that vote was coming down inside the capitol, this is what was going on outside. >> use our voices as a collective together and we will always win. aohn: that there is camill ofris, the senator
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california. they gathered outside the capitol for hours during that hearing. well, the protest turned into a celebration. >> things really exploded when we found out that the vote had close. and it was just a, you know, celebratory, electiric, ecstati. can't say enough. we were shocked when we pulled out her phones after this was over at 2:45 in the morning. fully of energy. going back to senator john mccain. after the vote, orrin hatch told reporters "he's different, but i have great empathy for him and what he is going to. hrough. he's a brother." russia isg right now lashing out of the u.s. after the latest round of sanctions. the kremlin ordered th
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cut. the same number of people who staff the russian embassy on wisconsin avenue. the foreign ministry seized holiday properties used by u.s. diplomats. putin flexing his muscles here. we will keep you up-to-date on how this unfolds. county police heading out to a popular trail after woman was stabbed in the neck. thishabit around 7:30 -- yesterdayround 7:30 morning. this woman was walking to work in it appear the attack was unprovoked. she's going to be ok but you will see at a patrols on the trail beginning at 7:00 this one. autria: 6:08. breaking overnight, commuter chaos. 50 people hurt. a train slamming into a pack station. the emergency response coming up. stormwatch 7 is tracking severe weather. veronica johnson is
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yes, we have been talking about it. i weather alert today possibly through the day tomorrow. as we continue to see streams and rivers continuing to rise. tracking heavy rainfall with a system that is kind of rare for this time of year when you do not have a tropical system and we don't. acting like a nor'easter. the risk of flooding in an isolated thunderstorm. as things ramp up, we have your commuter forecast going from green to red by the afternoon rush. morning, we are fine. here's the way it's looking. if you're going to be traveling, watch the rain, 4:00 today. that rain just north and east of the center of low pressure. so, likely does me some delays around richmond and up towards new york city. then for saturday, it is the beach areas that will get slammed. but
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for sunday as we clear out. today's high 84. tomorrow only 74. got to put a jacket on for that. julie: you got that right. i might have to pull out my uggs. ey street -- ael -- tractor-trailer. delays from the capital beltway. eastbound university boulevard at piney branch for a crash. some traffic is able to get by under police russian. bac-- police direction. "good morning washington
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>> you are watching "good morning washington." adrianna: breaking news from overseas. a commuter train crashed in barcelona, spain, during rush hour. 54 people have been injured, one person
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apparently the train did not brake when it enter the station and hit the buffers. this is under investigation. once we get updates we will pass them along to you. larry: breaking this morning, a popular island vacation spot evacuated but not because of the weather. crews doing construction during the ocracoke island cut power to all 10,000 people visiting there. they're working on a bridge and they drove a steel caison through the main power supply. oops. no word when the electricity will be back on. everyone has been ordered off the island by noon today. police searching for the gun man who killed a man and his puppy wednesday morning on the anacostia trail. a man on a bicycle fire though shots. that your williams had been walking with two dogs. he's a professional dog trainer. a v
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>> he was a sweet, dea humble person and he loved his dogr. >> hurt, mad, anger. why would someone do this to him? >> senseless act of violence. larry: police do not know if it was a random crime or fallings was targeted. they're still searching for a motive and only have a vague description of the suspect. autria: breaking news out of alexandria, a 17-year-old charged with shooting three people in a car in a del ray neighborhood. all three victims are expected to recover. police not respecting the -- releasing the gun men's name because of his age. no motive. gunfire happening two blocks from the scene of last month's ballpark shooting. a shooting thein left her one-year-old hospitalized is expected in court today. derek damon watson was arrested on july 18 a week after the
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hospital the day after the shooting. larry: new developments concerning the former teachers aide and coach charged with sexual abuse. information session will be held tonight. carlos bell accused of assaulting several male studens and admitted he is hiv positive. the information session will be held at 7:00 tonight in waldorf. another information session will be held at 7 p.m. on august 16. autria: 6:18 now. new this morning, body cam video is outworn by an officer who responded to a crash in florida than involved tennis star venus williams. the footage shows several officers on the site. one officer asked ways of she was injured. she said, no. she she entered the intersection but then stopped when a car made a turn in front of her. an edgeley man was killed in that wre -- an elderly man was killed. after
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that she unlawfully entered the intersection. larry: the ravens losing one of their players. john urschel resigning about the studying about the health impacts of football. days after a study into degenerative brain disease show it affects 99% of football plays. that condition can only be diagnosed with an autopsy. of the 111 nfl players brain study, 110 showed signs of the disease caused by blose to the head - blows to the head. was an hour ago that dozens of bicyclists went on the autism.beach event for veronica: though saturday is going to be the worst day. looking soggy for most of the day. rain will start developing off to the west and make it's way eastward. they're ok for today and for sunday.
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everywhere. first thing out the door, if you headed to the beach, this is the way it looks right now. some clcoud out there this morning -- some cloud cover. 74, dropping 273. 73 in ocean city. later today, highs around 80 degrees. for saturday and sunday, in the 70's. it will be cool. riding in that race, you will need a long sleeves. some showers and storms for saturday. a fair amount of cloud cover with lots of rain. as far as sunday, we go back to sunshine. in the 70's locally. d.c. at 72 degrees. here.on the darker orange gaithersburg, annapolis, prince evenrick, east of 95, ocean city will see some high winds with this storm and that means
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heavy rain travel delays for today. additional rainfall can lead to more flash flooding tomorrow with those high winds east. best time period for the rain after 12:00 and through midnight. a long duration of rain we will deal with. again, so cool for saturday but at least we bump up to 80 degrees on sunday and close to 90 next week but that comes with low committee. -- low humidity. i'll take that. julie: on the highway montgomery county, eastbound university boulevard headed towards the capital beltway. this is where we have the crash. they had traffic squeezing by to the left. police officer is still there at piney branch, eastbound along university boulevard. our other stories to the west on 66 coming in from the capital beltway headed out towards nutley street.
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morning's tractor-trailer that was full of gummy bears. traffic was able to squeeze by to the left. on the service road you squeeze by to the right. outbound 66, look for delays leaving 495 towards nutley street. that's our traffic watch. i will be back in 10 minutes. larry: thanks. a war of the words. communications's director firing off -- a new insight into the white house. first, fighting to survive, one woman's terrifying brush with a
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>> you are watching "good morning washington." larry: a woman survives after coming face-to-face with death. she was attacked by a great white. now she's telling us how she managed to live through the ordeal. >> an exclusive interview with the attack victim leanne erickson and her boyfriend who saved her life. >> i'd start to paddle for the wave
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me. >> i celtic grab me and pull me down -- i felt it grab me. i remember thinking about my kids and him and trying to push the shark off me. i just started digging -- i felt like i was digging out of jello. >> that was the shark's eye? khy do y do you think the shar let you go? >> it could have been me hurting it. >> might've had a bigger chu nk of her flesh.
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>> this is a stormwatch 7 wa eather alert. autria: some places could see as much as 3-4 inches of rain. this morning we are preparing you to face it. good friday morning to you, washington. i'm autria godfrey. larry: we finally made it to the end of the week. and things are
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over three inches around the d.c. area. the dm seeing some of the highest rainfall amountsv. hard to believe that here we go again, another system. we are dedicated to keeping your head of this early weekend soaker. make sure you layer your alerts. make sure you get the text al erts. enter your phone number and click on stormwatch 7 alerts. some areasinches in and even isolated amounts, that could top out higher than that. the wind, there will be some. but really it is about all the rain we are going to get. this real soaker coming in. that means that the ground me -- may be compromise. we saw some old trees that could come down. the winds could top out at 20
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degrees. we'll push into the 80's on the other side of it. showers and storms coming our way for the afternoon and evening hours as things ramp up during the overnight period. so, if you're going out this evening, 8:00 or 9:00, it is going to be a real soaker. cloud cover today, not a good pool day. not tomorrow. we have the check marks for sunday and monday. more on the citi open and how about the washington nationals forecast? julie: we hope we get that in. instead of traveling in the rain and all that traffic headed downtown for the game, you might want to take metro's green line. the accident is headed towards the beltway, eastbound university boulevard. to the left. westbound all lanes open. we have problems on 60 with delays westbound from the beltway headed back out towards
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tractor-trailer crash that has two left lanes getting by and the far right lane open. now traffic watch 7 wazers checking in at kenilworth avenue. 295,hose northbound on checking for crash. heads up, working her way towards south capital street. back in the next 10 minutes. larry: thanks. breaking overnight, emotions running high as the senate votes down president trump so-called skinny repeal. it failed 49-51 thanks to john mccain who ran on repeal or replace. they were cheers and gasps both in senate chamber and along the streets outside capitol hillt. sam sweeney is on thehill. right now, a war of words. autria: following some infighting and the white house that has become very public. adrianna: it is pretty juicy
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are talking about this one and it is public because white house communications director anthony scaramucci called a reporter and asked for his sources. scaramucci then vented about the situation saying "he made a mistake of trusting a report. it won't happen again." the reporter works for "the new yorker." during this phone call which was on the record, scaramucci threatened to fire the entire communication staff to stop leaks. trump'sci also called reince priebus, a paranoid schizophrenic and made up a word combining those two. he seems to blame them for the leaks. what he said about steve bannon is so sexually explicit it is not repeating -- worth repeating on the air. scaramucci believes that reince priebus prevented them from joining the administration up
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a lot of infighting going on. autria: president trump's attorney general speaking out overnight from el salvador. jeff sessions responding to criticism. it's kind of hurtful but the president of the united states is a strong leader. he's steadfastness determine to get his job done. and he wants all of us to do our jobs. and that is what i intend to do. autria: trump blasted session saying he never would have position ifor the he knew he was going to recuse himself from the russian investigation. larry: on the heels of this drama cut check out the new york post cover. survivor white house. autria: a trial date set for the two women accused of killing kim jong-un's half-brother. a judge says the two women will stand trial october 2. they are accused of
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nerve toxin on his face. the two claimed they thought it was a prank for a reality show. if you fly delta, your international options got limited. come september, it announced it is no longer flying to or from venezuela. the country has been sinking deeper into a political and economic crisis. delta says it is no longer worth it to fly there. it was already down to a once weekly flight from atlanta. those will end september 17 it larry: the nationals -- a storied game in southeast, blasting five home runs. there were four home runs in a row. that ties a record. brian goodwin, bryce harper, ryan zimmerman and anthony rendon all went yard. the nats hitting a total of a franchise record 8 home runs in the game as they embarrass the brewers. kicked them out of town 15-2. wow. now, "g
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has another potomac nationals giveaway. caller 7 winning tickets to tomorrow night's game. good luck. autria: from baseball the football, kirk cousins in the apostle it -- in the spotlight. why people have it all wrong. we have the latest and training camp. the new outlet for people hit -2rd by this week's ef turner. how soon will we be willing with -- dealing with powerful storms
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veronica: people hit by this week's ef-2 tornado on kent island have a place to go for help. a disaster center opened yesterday and it will stay open to next thursday. you can go there to apply for aid through several government agencies. unfortunate, there is more rain coming our way. you can see at for all the latest forecasts. right now we have got very little taking place on greater. light misty sh
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owers taking place around annapolis and ocean city. woodstock seeing some light showers. this is a snapshot. whencenario of noon today we are going to start to see those isolated showers and storms. become more scattered by 3:00 and could be quite intense. the one area we have to focus on is south of d.c. for the stronger thunderstorms. then areas across northern maryland where there could be some very heavy rain. this is 7:00 this evening. i mention some folks reaching out to me and social media, saying am i going to get out of town at 7:00? likely to be some delays. it is not going to start winding down until noontime saturday. julie: still looking at accident that occurred on the inbound stretch, eastbound university boulevard. past piney branch road, you want to stay to the left. westbound, all lanes open
6:42 am
busy cleaning up a tractor-trailer crash. you can see they are still cleaning up a lot of the debris. traffic squeezes by to the right. new problem to report on 210 at farmington road. a car blocking the left lane. back in the 10 minutes we will update your ride in the northwest. autria: 6:42. using tradition to save babies lives. the old idea they use in finland that you could soon see in d.c. sam: autria, health care flat lines overnight. john mccain gives that crushing defeat. we'll break it down next when "good morning washington" continues.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington." >> this is clearly a disappointing moment. not celebrating. we are relieved that millions and millions -- autria: the latest health care push from republicans falling flat. larry: the ski
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and that pivotal moment coming here when senator john mccain walking up to the rollcall and voting no to cheers in the senate chamber. the skinny repeal failing and that early morning vote. sam sweeney live in the russell rotunda. what a big blow to president trump's agenda. ran his campaign on defeating obamacare with repeal and replace. six months in, he came up short in what is he humiliating blow for not only the president, for the gop. it came down to three senators -- lisa murkowski, susan collins and the stunning no vote from john mccain who ran his campaign on repeal and replace. vice president mike pence, paul ryan trying to convince john mccain to vote yes. the president even called john mccain on his cell phone on the senate floor to try to convince him. the
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not good enough for the american people. mitch mcconnell and senator chuck schumer took to the floor after the bill with some pretty powerful words. >> i imagine many of our colleagues on the other side are celebrating. appy about ally hha of this. people are american hurting and they need relief. >> i would say to my dear friend the majority leader, we are not celebrating. we are relieved that millions and millions of people who would have been so drastically hurt by the three proposals put forward will at least retain their health care. the president also stayed up late. it did not take him long to respond on twitter at 2:25 this morning. he said
6:48 am
foreig48 democrats let the amern people down. as i said, let obamacare fail. mitch mcconnell said it is time to move on. [cheering] larry: that was the scene outside the capital, a cheering crowd celebrating. the group of demonstrators out there since yesterday awaiting the decision. >> we did it with the power of the people, coming together, fighting back, standing up for >> right here in our nation's capital and all across the country. and tit was an incredible display of democracy in front of the capital. larry: that celebration lasted until 3:00 this morning. demonstrator sadie were shocked to learn how late it was. autria: stay with abc 7
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care debate. we will have what comes next on air and whaonline. happening right now, fairfax county police heading back out to a popular trail after woman was stabbed by a stranger. the attack happening yesterday morning and she had to work. john gonzalez is live in vienna where officers will be out in the next few minutes with an update. john: they are already here. arrived at the scene and fairfax county police are already back here at the scene of the crime. likeis where pretty much, you said, 24 hours ago, this woman was using a path that runs next to vienna metro station. in fact, police say she was walking to the metro station headed to work, when she was approached by a man from behind and stabbed in the neck. extremely disturbing situation. this is on the corner of sprague avenue and vaden drive,
6:50 am
the vienna metro station. you can see the jogger. everyonee stopping they see passing out flyers, talking to witnesses, possible witnesses. hoping to collect information. they do not have a whole lot to go on. not even a great description of the suspect. there was early reports that the man may have been wearing a hoodie. the victim did not get a good look at she is expected to make a full recovery after being stabbed in the neck, but police will be off air for several hours talking to as many people as they can, try to collect more information about this crime that occurred just about this time yesterday at 7:00 yesterday morning. larry: thanks. developing this morning, all fireball rides are shut down after that deadly crash at the ohio state fair. all rides at that fair closed. breaking
6:51 am
morning. an 18-year-old was killed and seven injured. had just enlisted in the marines and was preparing to report for basic training. autria: 10 till 7:00. a two year debate over whether the change the name of -- the high school falls church is over. late last night, the school board voted to change it. the school is named after confederate general. the board says the new name reflects the county's diversity and the change will happen before the start of the 2019 school year and will cost the district $700,000. a prince george's county officer convicted of assault will be sentenced in a few hours. the whole thing was caught on dash cam. another officer is running after a suspect. that's when hernandez chases the man down and plows into him. amazingly that suspect was not hurt but hernandez faces 10 years in prison. larry: the
6:52 am
for day two of training camp in richmond. twice a day practices because the first game as a couple weeks iaway. kirk cousins is the big story. addressing the media since signing on. $24 million. is rolling thes dice but he does not see it that way. >> i don't know i have ever bet on myself. i think i bet on the system and it has nothing to do with myself. just going out and playing and talk about how off season the ball is in the team's court. 17, ball one to week is in my court and i have to play football well. larry: the first preseason game coming up august 10 against the ravens. autria: 6:52. good look for all of you fans who have national stick us tonight. my gosh. veronica: 7:05. i
6:53 am
it looks as though -- a wave of rain. lot of folks amy up about travel. if you're traveling after 2:00 with a flight, it's going to get a little sketchy. the later he goes, the more likely you're not going to get out. if you can get out before 2:00, you're ok. now, for tomorrow, the rain should start easing up by noon. take a look at your forecast. areas of heavy rain in the red, not likely to happen, that game. cool with isolated showers coming our way for tomorrow. cautionary. we can move it to green. green on sunday. delightful, perfect day for baseball. hopefully get a couple of wins as we take on the colorado rockies. look at all of the green here. this is the flash flood watch the covers the area. starts at 2:00 today and goes until 2:00 saturday. very long period. and that is because of the
6:54 am
the heavy downpours coming our way during the overnight. so, folks, if you can do anything around your house to prevent the flooding from taking place, do so early today. late today. temperatures drop into the 70's and we will be lucky to get into the mid-seventies tomorrow. citi open terminate, rock cree k park. the vested get out is on sunday. -- the vested the day to get out is on sunday. julie: right now i knew problem in virginia. this one is an overturned vehicle. along braddock road at 123. again, a lot of fire and rescue responded to the scene of this crash. on the westbound stretch of braddock road. under police direction, some traffic is able to get by. traffic on 123 cannot crossover braddock road.
6:55 am
involves one vehicle overturned. braddock road impacted with all traffic inbound being forced to turn onto 123. we have a cleanup that continues on the outbound stretch of 66 at nutley street where a tractor-trailer -- the mainlines to the right and the service road. and a crash on farmington road in the left lane. i will be back in 10 minutes to update the ride in fairfax. adrianna: d.c. lawmakers are hoping a simple cardboard box can fix a major problem. they are called baby boxes and packed with supplies and a foam mattress for babies to sleep on. the issue they are trying to address is sids. d.c.'s infant mortality rate while on the decline, is still pretty high at 27% higher than the national rate. and this is what these boxes look like. finland has offered the baby bo
6:56 am
but the american academy of pediatrics tax force says there is not much evidence to say whether it is the boxes or the prenatal care and education in finland that is responsible for the low numbers. u.s., new jersey, texas and colorado all have programs offering baby boxes. the councilmember who proposes, she is expecting and she things one of the major problem is that people do not know how to put their baby to sleep. you do not have pillows are stuffed animals. back, flat, done. larry: education. adrianna: the cardboard boxes it easy. not many options. kidd: jennifer aniston is returning to the small screen for a new tv show about morning tv shows. she's teamed up with reese
6:57 am
company. the show is being pitched to streaming networks and hbo. someone is going to wrap it. two big names. jennifer aniston's first returned to the small screen since "friends." supposedly it is about the new york tv morning shows. on a national level, but can you imagine jennifer aniston being one of the anchors, reese witherspoon? maybe they go head-to-head. i think it sounds fabulous. locked upy, hulu some it's was a deal to bring tgif back. some of your favorite shows like step-by-step and perfect strangers. full house. moving over to news
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good morning, america. breaking news, a massive blow overnight to the republican plan to repeal the affordable care act. senator john mccain casting the deciding vote to kill the new bill. as he crosses party lines. >> so now, mr. president, it's time to move on. >> the president fired up over the results saying, let obamacare implode. open warfare in the white house. president trump presides over a west wing in chaos. his new communications director launches a profanity-laced tirade against the chief of staff. trump's inner circle now in turmoil. new details about that state fair tragedy. inspectors checking the ride just


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